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++ AUGUSTUS b'RAASS ++ pre-heresy BRASS SCORPION p.247

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Yeah, you've definitely fixed the stand, Augustus.


The fleshed-out Lord is really starting to gain presence. I like how dynamic he feels despite the sitting pose. Combination of the massive Goliath mask, the mace, wide spread arms and flames at his back already give him vitality and gravity.

Give us more :)

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Now THAT looks awesome. Is he going to be bald?


Edit: Oops, I forgot! Let me see what I can do about the whole Berserk-Off thing. It would be a real downer to go the same path as you, although you've picked the best bits for it. 

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Great work on the slave boys, and I love your take on the Prometheum Guilder!


Also need to say .... I think I'll have to steal your idea of doing (Guild-)specific Servo Skulls! Almost as cute as Gang (or Guild!) specific Ogryns :wub:  

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Thanks for the comments, guys and gals. 

Unfortunately my Zinge Industries ordr hasn't come in yet, so I'm stuck on the Pyrocaen Lord and cannot do any more work on him. What did come in was a special package from my Eastern neighbours. They say that whatever you do, do not mention ze Germans, but shucks to that: KrautScientist sent me an INQ28 care package!


As you can read he calls this 'not that big of a bits drop' - but he's far too modest as this is huuuuge! HUUUUGE! There's all kinds of amazing stuff in there, from a plethora of knives and swords in scabbard to laurels, chests, books, weird iconography, and some nice Skitari weapons. It's pretty amazing!

And it inspired me to work on another guild I've been planning: the Water Guild or Mercator Nautica. Now, you might be familiar with Necromunda Guild Represntatives, but just for those who aren't; they're miniature warbands that fight independently to but as allies for your own Necromunda gang. They all consist of a Leader or Guild Procurator, a Icon Bearer or Guild Factotum, and one or two bodyguards. 

Now, the Water Guild consists of a Master Nautican (armed with a needle pistol and stilleto knife) as a Procurator, a Syphonite (armed with a Needle Rifle as a Stilleto knife) as a Factotum, and a Subnautican (a brute armed with Open Fists - the same as the Goliath 'Zerker brute) as a bodyguard. FW pic for reference:

Hidden Content


So I set to work. Here's what I have so far. 

The Subnautican 
By far the simplest conversion of the three - it's basically a FW Charonite Ogryn with power fists instead of those scary weapons. 




The Syphonite
The first guy I worked on a couple month back, I bought a box of Atalan Jackals just for the helmet bit! I've been holding him back from here because I wanted to do one guild at a time... I'm not too happy about him yet though, so I am going to change a lot about him - especially his Cult Icon. 


And lasy but certainly not least...

The Master Nautican

This guy I'm super proud of - I extended the plasticard skills I learned form working on the Pyrocean Lord's dias' bookstand and created this scary guy:









Pretty nifty, wouldn't you agree? The syphoning needles are not attached with glue yet but with poster buddy - I will glue them in palce as soon as the Zinge wires arrive and I can fix them to his backpack with cables.

I'm super stoked to have aquired the skills to create my own miniature mechanical arms - and will be sure to use this skill A LOT in the future! It's actually not even that hard to do - it's just made of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm round and 1mm squared plasticard rods and superglue - all I used was that, plastic glue and a scalpel for sharp, straight cuts. It's super fiddly to do, but once the glue is dry it's actually a pretty strong construction!

Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think! 



@ BadgersinHills: Cheers for the encouragemenbts - will do!


@ Mechanist: Thank you very mucho, buddy! I hope they arrive soon enough too. 


@ Majkhel: Thanks, I agree! Glad you like it. Your comment about his being dynamic despite the sitting pose made me wonder what you meant untill I studied the pictures more closely - and I see what you mean. It gives him a sense of restrained power, wouldn't you agree? 


@ DuskRaider: He's not going to be bald - or maybe he will. In either case, it doesn't matter, because most of his head will be covered by the hood I will sculpt for him as soon as the Zinge Industries wires come in. Our Berzerker-off will hopefully inspire and encourage you and I to make the best of our available bits - and I'm sure yours will look fantastic!


@ Atia: Yeah, go for it! Creating Servo Skulls is a lot of fun!

Edited by Augustus b'Raass
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I saw the master over on Facebook and was blown away the other guys work a treat alongside him.

The Icon dude is possibly a little static I can see why your not happy. The pose reminds me of old 80 models with the slight crouch and nearly 2d positioning.

Have you got any other stealer cult legs to try out? The helmet is a great idea.

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Cheers, gang. 

I decided to redo the Syphonite. 






I didn't like the icon one bit - it only added to the staticity of his pose - which I purposefully chose. I want him to stand his ground and pose, so to speak. So I found this lantern bit and an image entered my mind where I saw this old lighthouse warden walking around the lighthouse in a storm with a lantern - and I found it immensely a propos to give it to someone associated with the water guild. I also redid the muzzle of his Needle Rifle into something that resembles that of the Master Nautican's Needle Pistol, and I gave him a backpack with a mechanical arm with a syphon - just like the master. I really love the guy now. 

Here's a group shot of the Water Guild Representatives so far!



I can'te really do any more as I have to wait on my ZInge order for the cabling. After that, it's giving them a couple Purity Seals and parchment and I think they're good to go. Man, inspiration has struck!

Do you guys and gals have any more ideas on what to do with these Water Guilders? Let me know, I'd love to source some ideas off of you :)

Thanks for looking and ommenting - it keeps my motivation - and this thread - going!



@ Atia: I knew you'd like them!

@ noigrim: Cheers, buddy :)

@ Markus_: Thank you! I love the project. I hope the inspiration stays, as he's far from finished. I'm waiting by the door for the ZInge order to get in! I agree on the CHaronite hands - they're crazy!

@ Mechanist: Ooof - I should really keep my discipline and post here first before I share anything on Facebook. Re: the Syphonite - I noticed your critique was mainly regarding the staticity of his pose, which isn't really a problem for me, but I see what you mean. Do you think the new Syphonite is also hampered by the 'standing' legs? I'd love to hear your thoughts (as I've been thinking about giing him a pair of Scion legs. I know I have a pair somewhere, but frustratingly couldn't find the bit this morning.... 

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Love them! The lamp fella is excellent, the lamp really makes him better. The old Aquila he had is lovely though, would look great for some Emperor's Children. The mechanical arms look excellent, the already creepy looking mini made even creepier. Charonite conversion is excellent, might have to get some of these now! :) 

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Wow, you're on a roll! :yes:

These new guys are fantastic, each figure just clicked into place and fits there. The mechanical arms are great. The Ogryn is just the kind of thing I'd imagine myself. The lord is tall and gaunt and all spindly-spidery. The deep-dive helmet on the icon-bearer is super-thematic! I can easily picture those in the middle of a dark, wet, eerily illuminated place similar to the cthulu feel. 


About the icon bearer - I think his bent legs are good considering the massive thing he has over his head. Or maybe he's mutated and twisted under this heavy suit? Lots of possibilities that need not (and perhaps shouldn't) be explained :wink:


About the pyro-lord - yes, that is what I meant :smile.:

Edited by Majkhel
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DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG. Those Guildmembers are sweet! The plasticard work is also awesome! It looks great and definitely adds a ton of awesome detail to the miniatures. Are they pretty sturdy?

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Alright, team, I need some feedback. 

Zinge has still not arrived, so I'm stuck with working on improvements instead of finishing the mechanical arms and the Promethean Guild's Pyrocaen Lord.

So here's what I did;


The Syphonite's gun had an uprgade of its barrel and has gotten a sight. The icon got a purity seal.


The Master Nautican got a purity seal. 



The Subnautican got syphons under his fists, which I imagine he uses as a Space Marine Apothecary uses his drill. And he got a putiry seal. I know, he's supposed to get wet - -but purity seals make GrimDark 40kishness and it looks cool!


Now, here's what I need your feedback on. I also crafted him a mechanical arm with a syphon at the end - as I wanted to tie him in with the Syphonite and the Master Nautican. Does this work or not? I'm of two minds on it. On the one hadn - it very much ties him to his brethren - on the other, it looks kinda awkward like this - and that really is the only place I can attach the arm!

Soooo.... what do you think? Servo-arm on the Ogryn/Subnacutican Yea or Nay?

And lastly, I gave one of the Coin Guild Grovelers a bionic eye. I'm super excited about how well it turned out. And now I'm thinking of giving him a FW resin servo skull that I found hidden in one of my old bits boxes...




What do you think? Servo skull Yea or Nay?

Let me know! Thanks for looking and until next time.



@ Doghouse: Thank you! I'm pretty excited to have learned this skill - it's given me a huuuge boost in inspiration and confidence in my plasticard skills. 


@ Mechanist: Facebook pfff it's such a gaudy medium. I'm still not feeling it with instagram thoug - that's a weird app to use. The desktop version isn't as user friendly as the mobile version and I hate being on my phone all the time. Re: the alternative legs. I had a looksee around all the most likely bits boxes I have and just couldn't find it. Alas! I agree on the hunched over look and that it is weird - I'm very glad GW is getting over it but thought this Syphonite could be a homage to it? I don't know. It's a bit too late to change his legs now, although a guy on cough Facebook cough did show me his version on the Syphonite and i almost did. 


@ Kriegsmacht: Hey buddy! that's a long time ago since you posted here - good to see you're back for a visit :) To answer your question; no - they're just regular marine power fists - fom the vanguard sprue for the right hand and I believe the devastator sprue for the left. 


@ BadgersinHills: I know right? It's a cool icon - it was constructed from two Knight Aquilas. I'm glad I removed it though. And seeing as I have a :cuss ton of Emperor's Children sonic weapons stashed away for a future Slaaneshi project, I will take your idea into consideration!


@ Majkhel: Well, thank you! You're proving to be an excellent source of useful feedback, by the way. I relaly appreciate your visits and commetn son thjis thread. Thank you for that! And re: the pyro lord - good. ;)


@ Sagentus: Well thanks! I try 


@ +Chaplain Matthias+: START NECROMUNDA! It's such a good game. For all its flaws in production, it's one of the best systems to get you painting and converting without feeling overwhelmed. 


@ noigrim: Alright, well... agree to disagree on that? :)


@ PeteySödes: haha thanks mate. I don't recall you ever posting on this thread so thanks and welcome!


@ hushrong: Thanks buddy and yes, they are surprisingly sturdy - the thin with polystyrene cement and styrene is, it really melts the plastic and fuses it together. I dropped the subnautican and although yes, one arm clipped off - what broke was the superglued joint between the plastic base of the mechanical arm and the resin containter - the actual plastic arm was absolutely fine. I just had to clean off the superglue residue and reglue it into place and done. I expected it to be sturdier than it looks, considering the fiddly bits, bit I was positively surprised by the actual bonds. 


@ KBA: Thanks, KBA!

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Good stuff! 


I think the mechanical arm on the former Charonite looks good, but I feel it takes away from the brutal simplicity that the initial mockup had. Coin Guild looks good too, the eye is very nice and I'll steal that some time in the (grim and dark) far future. :) 

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That's awesome to hear about the plasticard. I need to learn me some of those skills. The servo arms you made on these guys just knock it out of the park in terms of cool factor and styling. It makes the old Iron Warrior in my heart envious with how tech savvy your guys are coming out. :)


As for the subnautican I like the servo arm. It def ties him in with the gang and I am just a big fan of your work making those. The my two cents would be make it a little bigger. The dude is a behemoth and I could imaging him using the smaller variants of construction excavator arms with ease as an extra servo limb. Maybe do something similar to an excavator but skeletonize it, have those servo-arms as it's hydraulics, and run some tubing. It would be sweet.

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