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++ AUGUSTUS b'RAASS ++ pre-heresy BRASS SCORPION p.247

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Thanks guys, thanks to your suggestions and a couple of my regular hobby buddies here in the Hive Slums of Amsterdam, I've made several alterations and am very close to calling the Pyromagir done!










What do you think of him eh? Looks pretty nifty, wouldn't you agree? I'm very happy with how the gorget made him look like a small, chubby human. The only thing I'm still not quite sure about yet is the head - to hood or not to hood, that's the question....

What I am certain about is that his gorget needs a couple studs around the edge. Will do maybe tomorrow, as today is a beautiful day and I'm going to have a stroll with my son and wife in the fields. Cheerio!


@ BadgersinHills: That's an idea, but it would be an augmented bare head - which muffles the distinction between Squat and human....


@ Kizzdogs: Thank you, buddy!


@ Gederas: Why on earth would you scroll bottom up? Are you crazy?  ;)

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Definitely looking nifty; he’s like an Underhive Santa bringing warmth to gangers for the rest of their lives : )


Edit: spelled hangers instead of gangers

Edited by jaxom
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He looks sizzlingly good. I think the alternative head with single bionic eye you had on the previous page does look more human to me.

I think it's the goggles on the hood that look similar to some of the karadon faceplates.

So in the concept art is this instead of the dude with the braiser above his back or is that coming?

If it is I'd swap the arm and do the back mount as it's such a cool feature.

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I love him! I actually prefer the hooded head; prometheum is a pretty noxious substance and I’d imagine you’d want as much protection as possible. With that in mind, will you be painting all the cloth Asbestos white? :p
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The new nozzle looks better on this model, fits in well with the appearance of the Cult of the Redemptionists as well, which given they're all from the same planet, suits it perfectly.

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Cheers everyone! I'm excited to complete this Prometheum Guild in its entirity but for that I need to wait for my order of Delaque gang for the bodies. I'm planning on ggiving them Skitarii backbacks with a burning brazier, plus of course axes and laspistols as that's what the crunch dictates they should be armed with. 

While I wait for the order, I have started expanding on the Coin Guild Toll Collectors delegation. I've posted these earlier, but I've already created the Groveller bodyguards for the delegation:





The delegation also needs a Factotum, or Icon Bearer. Here's what I have so far, but I need some help for ideas:











What I need help with is the following: his icon. I already got the staff for the icon down, but the icon itself I have no idea for. It is supposed to represent the Coin Guild / Mercator Gelt as a faction, as representatives of Necomunda Hive Primus'  Lord Helmawr himself - those who collect taxes for him in the name of the Imperium and the Emperor himself. But how to represent that? I've already thunk of coins hanging from chains hanging from an Aquila, but an unsure as to how to create this guy. 

Anyway, suggestions and ideas are very welcome.

Also, how do you like him so far? I'm still to remove the handle of his holstered pistol, as he's already wielding a pistol that he therefore logically must have drawn from the holster....

Let me know!

Thank you and cheers,



@ jaxom: hahaha an underhive Santa! That certainly brought a smile to my face!


@ Mechanist: Thanks and yes, Iam starting to think a bare head is more appropriate as well. The concept art for him is the middle dude with the flamers as arms. I really don't like that guy, so I decided to not even try and mimick him. Except for the spindly flamer nozzle, there's nothing in my interpretation that comes from the FW concept.   


@ Swarbie8D: Ha! I think all the cloth will be Mechanicum Red - the prometheum guild is closely tied to the mechanicum, so that's what they'll wear, methinks!


@ Viridia: Thanks, and I guess you're spot on, there!


@ hushrong: haha yeah, that was quite the adventure!


@ Sandalphon: Thank you! Glad you like them and the thread as a whole -welcome! What do you mean with loose tiles and what is the 'base of the pyro'? 


@ BadgersinHills: Thanks! I'll keep that in mind when I make the final decision on the head. :)

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Great work here I really like the Pyromagir. 


I love how with a little work the Fantasy models can fit in easily in the 40k setting. What miniature is the Factotum from? Looks neat.


As for the icon I was going to suggest a big shiny coin but you already mentioned smaller coins. Maybe the Scale of Justice like the one shown in the Internation Revinue Service symbol?

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A big scale, with a weight stamped with House Helmwar’s symbol on one side that the collected coins are weighed against?


My thinking is definitely leaning towards something with a scale.

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Hey Augustus!

I really like your work on the Pyromagir. I would actually leave the hood on, 'cause - hoods ;)


As for the Factotum, What really striked me from the start is that his face is too lean for that lovely belly he sports. While I like the moustahe and a general seriousness of his face (definitely means business ;) ), I would plump-up his cheeks a bit.

Regarding the icon, the only thing hat came to my mind was a coin. Not very brilliant perhaps, but how about you check some collectors coins pictures on the net? There are some crazy ideas out there. Thieves, guilds, Assassins,...

Edited by Majkhel
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Cheers guys.

Yesterday and today saw me work on a little project I and two Necromunda buddies embarked upon; to create a miniature for each other. I decided to recreate my Master Nautican for one guy (who joined me and one other guy in buying the Charonite Ogryns from Forge World to share the set and have theirs represent the subnautican, like I did with mine), and another will receive a Goliath Zerker. 

here's the recreated Master Nautican:









And this is very early staged of the Goliath Zerker, based on the Iron Golem... err.. Golem:







The resin right arm are the spare arm you get to go along with the Zerker I bought off Artel W last year.

Also, I listened to some feedback here and online and made the face of my Coin Guild's Skinflint chubbier:




Just a very minor detail, but it serves me well enough. 




@ Kriegsmacht: Cheers, buddy! The Factotum is of the Coin Guild (didn't I write that?). I love your scale of justice idea. Maybe not for this guy, then for the leader of the group. 


@ jaxom: Indeed, a very compelling image! 


@ Majkhel: I filled in his cheeck to become more chubby! Thanks for the coin idea, but that is a bit too on the nose for my tastes ;)

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Wonderful stuff!


Regarding the factotum, what about using the Iron Golem's tabards? They look like coins hanging from chains. I like the idea of a scale as well.


What about a second holster, specific to the plasma gun? The plasma gun is bigger than the holstered gun and the coin guild has surely sufficient coins to arm its representatives to the teeth would be my reasoning.

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Awesome updates. I don’t k ow if you have come up with an icon yet but if these guys are collecting tax on behalf of the imperium, maybe have an Aquila grasping and large gold disk, to represent coin. I like the suggestion of a large coin icon, it would look cool to have the double head eagle’s talons sinking into it. Makes it look more official and let’s you know the imperium will get what is owed.
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@ Sandalphon: Thank you! Glad you like them and the thread as a whole -welcome! What do you mean with loose tiles and what is the 'base of the pyro'? 



Hi! i was thinking was that after he fell out of the window onto the roof, you could possibly model a small roof tile on the the Pyromagir's base to remember the occasion.

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What about the earlier icon you used for your Water Guild banner man? (Forgot the name, sorry) Adding some fat to the cheeks was a great idea, the head was a good choice and this makes it better. Goliath Zerker looks great too!

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Cheers Aug! Nice job :)

I like the tendons on the 'zerkers neck. Not sure on the positioning of the left fist though. I tried assuming his pose and this fist seems rotated awkwardly. Too much in the same line as the right one I think.


Hushrong has a nice idea - the former icon of the Water Guild you've contemplated has the coin-thingies already dangling on the chains plus the Aquila, which is always nice. Alternatively, how about a Custodes Shield? Blocky and has a big round area in the middle. Can also be easily expanded if needed.
I've also stumbled recently on the Blood Bowl minis and found their beautiful markers/coins. Especially Lizardmen Gwaka'moli and ogre Gut Busters (the ever hungry maw). I know, I know - they still follow the 'coin pattern' ;)

Good luck :)

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Goliath Zerker finished. 

This is going to be a gift to my Necromunda hobby buddy Jonathan. I hope he likes it, as I do you!







@ Mendi Warrior: Hey buddy, welcome to the thread - I haven't seen you comment here, have I? Thanks for the idea re: the golem's tabards - but I'm going for the Iron Golem's Icon itsel! About a second holster; I'm trying to build these guys as WYSIWYG as I can, so a second pistol will be out of the question... 


@ hushrong: Hotdamn, I finally settled on an idea and lo! hushrong comes by and just blows me right off course yet. What an evocative, awesome idea! Hmmm.....


@ Sandalphon: Ah right! Haha that's a cool idea - but then he'd not very much jive with the rest of the guilders, would he? :)


@ Kriegsmacht: No worries at all. What do you think of the Zerker?


@ BadgersinHills: As a base for the one that hushrong suggested? Maybe I will! Good idea and thanks for reminding me. 


@ Majkhel: It is kinda rotated a bit awkward, but I wanted to convey a sense of weight to the metal fist, which even with the zerker's muscles will still be super heavy to carry - let alone swing- around. Re: your icon idea; KrautScientist did gift me a Custodes shield in his latest bits drop. Blood Bowl does seem to have some very nice looking kits eh? I'll ave another looksee. Thanks! :)

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Wait, you just casually whipped out a copy of your Master Nautican? That'd be impressive even without tha plasticard involved:D


I likd the goliath zerker too, but the coin guild guy! Nice. It's rare to see renaissance influences on a 40k mini (apart from blood angels), which strikes me as weird, seeing how most every other time period is represented some way or other

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@ Mendi Warrior: Hey buddy, welcome to the thread - I haven't seen you comment here, have I? Thanks for the idea re: the golem's tabards - but I'm going for the Iron Golem's Icon itsel! About a second holster; I'm trying to build these guys as WYSIWYG as I can, so a second pistol will be out of the question... 


Thanks, first time commenting. The Iron Golem's icon is the perfect answer indeed! I understand about the WYSIWYG. Eager to see the next steps. Your conversions are mindblowing :thumbsup:

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