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++ AUGUSTUS b'RAASS ++ pre-heresy BRASS SCORPION p.247

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Is it wrong that every time I look into your thread I still expect to see new Chaos models? :teehee:


Awesome work with the floating palanquin, man. It's gorgeous.

He has abandoned his roots. Shameful.



True, brother. He has disgraced the Gods. 

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Is it wrong that every time I look into your thread I still expect to see new Chaos models? :teehee:


Awesome work with the floating palanquin, man. It's gorgeous.

He has abandoned his roots. Shameful.

True, brother. He has disgraced the Gods.

They aren't mad, they're just... disappointed.



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Oh hello!? The forum's alive! ALIVE!! It's been a loooong time since I got so many comments - which I take as a vested interest in this conversion. Thanks everyone!

Let's first address the elephant  in the room. 'Some' Frater think that I've abandoned my Chaotic roots - I can assure you I haven't. In fact, I'm going to redo all three of my 10-man Khorne Berzerker Squads. I converted those from Blood Warriors but neglected to replace their boots with power armour and it's been bugging me ever since. They also have less than ideal bolt pistols instead of the ideal chain swords, and regular axes instead of proper CHAIN AXES. They will therefore be sold, and I will be converting thirty renewed and properly armed and booted Khorne Berzerkers. (And as I hate painting red, I'm going to redo all my Khorne stuff into the original white-blue livery of the World Eaters). I've already bought a new Boxed Set of Blood Warriors and the Chaos half of that boxed set with the spider thingy. In addition, I have invested heavily in CHAIN AXES and some cool CHAIN SWORDS from Pop Goes the Monkey. 


So don't worry. You'll get your fix.



Now, onto the enormous feedback on the Pyrocaen Lord. I heard you. And I agree.


So I'm starting over.



I removed everything from the dias, and the skull-and-cog symbol from the torso. Then I set to work resculpting his legs. 






Much better, don't you think?

Anyway, onwards to the cloak. I also will replace the guiter string tubes that came out of his back with some really cool new stuff from Zinge industries. They've really upped their game and redid their website, and they're a much user-friendlier and better stocked company now. They are now reinstated as a hobby resource in my browser folder. :tu:

Let me know what you think.





@ Dragonlover: Yes he does. I plan on giving him only one though. Good to see you back. Post something on your thread and I'll be there! :tu:


@ jaxom: Yeah you're right. you've given me an idea: use a goliath head with a rebreather, and sculpt the hood. THANKS!


@ BadgersinHills: Totally agreed. 

@ noigrim: Totally agreed! :) I'll be sculpting a hood myself.


@ KrautScientist: I will definitely replace the head, and don;'t worry about the arms: they'll be unrecognizable when I'm done with them :) And of course -of course- I'll remove the names. It's just that that will be done after I have created the robotic book-holding arm in the front....


@ Metzonmbie: Agreed! :tu:


@ BCK: Done and done. What do you think?


@ DuskRaider: You're right! And considering I'm still going to do a DarkMech army one day...


@ Noctis Cornix: No, and you shouldn't worry. :p


@ DuskRaider: Oh, now it's on. It's so on.


@ Noctis Cornix: IT'S ON!




@ Majkhel: The pistol is gone. It's going to be a gun skull. Frees up his hand to point at a page in the book that'll be held in front of him by a robotic arm.. 

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You see, brother DuskRaider? All it takes is a little peer pressure. :tongue.:


But now, since the gauntlet seems to have been thrown down, I believe it would only be fair if I did my own part and contributed  and put some work on my Word Bearers.... :devil:


Looking forward to seeing your new beautiful Berzerkers, Augustus!

Edited by Noctus Cornix
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IF you were to keep the pistol, may I suggest perhaps laying it across his lap? Like a samurai would their sword, I could see this guy treating his piece the same. Perhaps lay one hand on it.


I really think you could have salvaged it without starting completely over. However, the new legs look great as well so not a huge loss.


It's on, eh? Is... is that a challenge?

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Oh wow, you pulled a full-on BCK tear down. The cloth on the new legs is a nice improvement! Something I would suggest doing with future conversions involving a good amount of sculpting work is to step away from it for the night and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning. It's a trick I learned while aspiring to be a comic book artist years ago and you will often see things that you didn't notice the first day.

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Updated legs look great. I’d echo previous comments about the arms - skitarii strike me as sort of on the skinny size, but some nice voluminous robes would counter that, and lend this model’s sillouhette size to match his status. WRT the hood - irrespective of the bare head or skitarii rebreather, I think the key would be to have a hood that hangs low on the face, obscuring the features more.


It’s looking really good so far, excited to see where you take it next

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Just wanted to chime in, I am absolutely loving all the guilders you've been working on, and the thought you put into the slaves and the current palanquin build you're doing is amazing. Great work on the greenstuffed robes/legs as well!

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Cheers, gang. 

Work continues on the Pyrocaen Lord, but as I am waiting for new stuff from Zinge, I can't show anything substantial as of now. So I painted the slaves for the Slave Guilders!



Mr. Hive worker who seems to be cooperating in a begruntled, yet complaced manner.


Mr. Crazy Hobo who is definitely NOT cooperating



Aaand the whole gang together as a team. 


Note that I did some neating up the contrast with extra highlights, and I also wrote stuff on the parchment of the purity seals - or in this case Legal Papers I guess?

Thanks for looking.





@ Dragonlover: Done, and done. :tu:


@ Noctus Cornix: Pictures or it didn't happen. In your thread, I mean. Also, peer pressure can indeed be a strong motivator - I've embarked on a whatsapp group challege with 10 buddies to train and do 100 pushups in a single sitting with no brakes by mid-May.  


@ DuskRaider: Maybe, but my idea is to create a servo skull toting the gun. And yes. Challenge. Khorne Berzerkers. 


@ BCK: hey, I learned that lesson form the best. 


@ k0nahrik: Don;t worry about the arms and as I've said; the head will be changed as well. :tu:


@ Hungry Nostraman Lizard: Well thanks! Also, you will be HNL from now on. I'm tired of typing your name! :D

@ BadgersinHills: Go get them - the detail is amazing!


@ Viridia: Thank you, mate! That's high praise and I appreciate it very much :)

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Alright, I did a little more work on the Pyrocaen Lord. 

Mainly I sculpted his cloak, made an armature to serve as the basis upon which to sculpt his sleeve; created a shock stave for it, started his head and his left arm, and -most importantly- the book he is reading. I also filled in the SoB names to appease some people. ;)







All patchwork held together with poster buddy, but the beginning's are all visible. Let me know what you think. 

Thanks for looking and your feedback!






@ DuskRaider: Why yes, yes I am. Do you accept, or do you continue your baseless (see what I did there?) slander?


@ BagersinHills: Thank you :tu:

@ Bjorn Firewalker: Cheers buddy! Glad you like them. :)

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I absolutely love everything on the last couple of pages, great to see you do necromunda stuff! The pyrocean lord is coning along great, good call to start over. Very cool.


And new berserkers?!? Yay! I hope you keep the color scheme from your old guys, I really liked that tone you used. Can't wait:)

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Would it be weird for a Power Guild lord to have his book surrounded by melting candles?

Yes it would which makes it super 40k and a sweet idea.


Looking ace Augs and the do over it paying off even though the first go was also sweet it's looking so spot on now.

Only real question I have is do you plan to make him a bit chunkier like at art as he's opulently sitting on a floating throne.

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Wow, that dais looks really cool. I'm not feeling the hand on the club, however. It may just be where you cut it off and it will look better after you sculpt the arm but for now it look like Mickey Mouse's glove. You've gotta cable up that glorified book stand, that would look so cool. I like where you're going with it, bud!








Let me see what I can do. I just dropped a grip on Titanicus terrain. Something Khorne related would be a welcome reprieve from Nurgle 24/7, though... especially since I haven't done anything Khorne related in about a decade, lol.

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And work continues on the Pyrocaen Lord. 

I sculpted both his sleeves and the back of his head (which will be covered by a sculpted hood in the future so doesn't need to be accurate) and I fixed the bulkiness of the book stand's mechanical arm (thanks go to Frater Majkhel for pointing this out)


Also, here's another piece of artwork I use as reference (not my copyright):


I cannot work any firther because I'll have to wait for a Zinge Industry delivery of posable wires. But he's close to finishing now!









I also create his servo gun skull - which will function as a placeholder for the fact that the unit has a laspistol.  







Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking and your continued support and feedback!




@ Llagos_Tyrant: Thank you - he's not finished yet, but close to it.


@ jaxom: Absolutely not - and I can guarantee you he will be covered by them!

@ ElDuderino: Thank yu but alas, no. I'll start over with the original 30K colour scheme of white and blue. 


@ Mejkhel: You were absolutley right about the book stand begin too massive. Thank you very much for pointing it out. I fixed it! What do you think?


@ Mechanist: Yeah he's going to be far bigger than in the artwork. My Pyrocaen Lord is very high up in the ranks, so that needs to be reflected in the opulance of his dias, wouldn't you agree?


@ BadgersinHills: Thank you! I'm still contemplating adding some wiring or cables coming out of his head. What do you think about that idea?


@ DuskRaider: Do you think I fixed the Mickey Mouse hand? Also, I'm glad you appreciated my joke ;) I'm looking forward to our little Berzerker-Off! Don't worry: bunny ears aren't mandatory!

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