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A Mordian march to glory


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  • 2 months later...

Geez it's been even longer than I realised since I posted here

I did have at least one game on the table with more terrain but haven't played on it since and it's now packed up as we prep to update the basement

I'll dig up a pic of that abysmal game later

Since the aforementioned game I haven't done a lot of IG hobby my experience so far is having me struggle find a tactic and list that will work for me in 9 th. Give the world right now I'll probably just wait until the codex drops before I think seriously about any lists.

I do want to finish painting the Mordians I started years? Ago now though, however I finally have some drive to paint my Custodes so trying to make the most of that.

That hasn't stopped me hoarding unnecessary models though this just came in today. So you know of I go MIA the missus has probably offed me :lol:


And for those eagled eyes amongst you yes a local store did somehow have him left in stock! :D



Finally, I just finished listening to Gaunts Ghosts: Honour Guard. I think it was my favourite one yet! :tu:

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GreenScorpion it was definitely at the upper limit I was willing to pay for it

I don't mind paying the extra 15 dollars to support local right now

Especially since I don't know if we will see him in GW stores any time soon


Nothing special for the terrain box I have a couple of manufactorum kits already I got this one to make a nicely delineated building with them

Side note found some acrylic sheets at the local hardware store. Ive heard of people mounting terrain on clear sheets vs wood boards so they don't have to base them and they use the mat as the underlying terrain. So I think I'll do that from now on.



Jud not sure not when I'll get it painted my basement where I airbrush, is packed up for the next month and it's getting too cold to prime outside now.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not a lot of progress lately

With the world being a crazy thing right now I've decided (yet again) to paint what ever I think i might be able finish in a relatively discrete amount of time

Which brings me to Raine she's literally been sitting out since the beginning of the year. I had set her aside because of all the detail on her. However after painting custodes trim last couple of weeks she seemed relatively painless :lol:

Finished blocking in base colours and did initial wash so now final layers and highlighting :D


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Well she's finished! Or at least mostly... Tried something new with leadbelcher and aggros Dunes contrast hoping for a rusty look and it turned gold :ermm:

So will have to revisit the base however happy with how she came out

Pain to build and paint but a stunning model! Can't wait to use her at some point (probably as a generic commissar though)


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  • 2 months later...

Geez it has been awhile since I painted something here :ermm:

I have been busy with home projects, my leviathan and another which I am yet to start an appropriate wip for yet ;)

However in my recently refinished basement I just upgraded my airbrush hood to this one and now have a dedicated space down there. This new hood is pretty nice and has me itching to try it out. Possibly on a certain flyer that featured on here a few pages back :D


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  • 3 weeks later...

Been a bit quiet here but I've been busy with a few characters. I've found right now they're discrete and fun enough to paint they're keeping my hobby mojo going.

It's also pushing me more back into wanting to at least finish of the 30 IG I'd started years back... That and seeing everyone else awesome work

Anyhow less text more pics

BSF characters:



And a teaser for project I didn't think I'd start any time soon


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Looking great!


Didn’t realise how dynamic that Sister model is! She’s a beauty!


Really nice paint job all round.


Will you be starting a Sisters force? Or is it a one-off?

Thanks I'm pretty happy with how she turned out tried a few new techniques with her too

The hair is contrast paints and the Cape in addition to a zenithal highlight base coat uses a brown and red mix to fill in the recesses instead of washes and came out nicely

A lot easier than wet blending since the consistency doesn't evaporate while you're painting



Yes I do now have a sisters army... I said I wouldn't do it until I finished my Custodes. However a friend was offloading them and looking for Scions. I had a bunch of them I hadn't touched in years so seemed like a fair trade. :D


I haven't started a sisters wip thread yet. I'm working up the zeal to go into that sub forum :lol: :sweat:

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Well it worked!


I’m sure your Sisters will look good.


I think we’ve all been there where we promised ourselves we’d finish one project before we start another..... until the new shiny arrives!


I’d be hesitant to join in with the Sororitas crowd too. They’re likely to purge you with holy fire for the slightest infringement!

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