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A Mordian march to glory


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Hi all

So I started a WIP thread on my Mordians in the Forge section because it was being swamped by those over zealous pompous astartes.


Someone suggested I post here too.
To avoid double posting I thought I would focus more on the tourament I will be entering with it with just the occasion shout out when I've updated the original thread.

Quick background started with Mordians back in 3rd before taking a long (15yr) break. Had about 30 odd mordians and some praetorians. Since then I have picked up another 30-40 odd.
I've stripped off my 3rd ed paints and the paint from the models I bought and will be updating their scheme to fit with 7th ed.


The tournament is only 750pt single allied detachment FOC (no formations). So I am using it as an excuse to get all my mordians done even though I wont use them all.

The tournament will be 3 games and scoring consists of primary marker objectives, secondary [bRB] malestrom and tertiary points based on kill point differential as well as the usual 3 suspects from the main rule book.

The list I have in mind is

Lord Commissar w/ m. bombs
Primaris Psyker ML2
1 PCS w/ heavy flamer
3x Infantry squad w/ lascannons and GL
(1x sgt w/ m. bombs, 2x dedicated taruox)

That puts me at 750pts on the nose.

The tournament is meant to be somewhat friendly. The TO has already stated they will turn down any cheesy/OP lists (scatterbike spam, 2++/2++, 2+ FNP deathstars etc).

My goal with the list was to try and exploit IGs ability to spam somewhat useful troops at low points, whilst still having some mobility.

I'm hoping for a 4+ on the IG/AM WL trait list to either gain orders or relentless.
Also of note as allied detachment was designed not to be a primary detachment you do not receive the ideal mission commander rule.

I'm also hoping will ML2 I have a better chance of picking up that 4++ on the divination table.

30 relentless guardsmen w/ lascannons and 4++ sounds like fun :-)

Ill most likely be blobbing the guard unless I can see a reason not to do that for any particular game.

The taurox with their built in dozer blades and obsec will be running around grabbing objectives until they meet their demise (quite promptly I imagine).

The pcs will chill in the vendetta to grab end of game objectives and the vendetta line breaker.

I'm sure the wyvren needs no explanation ;-)

The tournament is end of January so I have a couple more weeks to get my models painted. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of practice games in too before then.


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They certainly take a bit more effort than cadians! But definitely more rewarding :-)

I suppose I should add these are only a small part of my IG force (some 4000pts worth).

Because the tournament is only 750pts I figured it was better to flood the board with multiple small value units than few high value units.

My usual Pask combo is a good 425pts worth. So I've opted with the budget option of LC to make sure my blobs dont runaway and hopefully deny an easy KP and slay the warlord compared to a CCS.

Anyways here's a few more for your enjoyment then







Ps. Excuse the quality of the photos I hadn't intended to publish them. Ill up the quality in future ;-)

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Those are beautiful. I love the old metal models, I recently got the Kasrkin that I had ordered. I have so much love for the old metals, I even have some of the old metal models for my space wolves, including logan and bjorn. 


Your paint job is amazing, how do you plan to protect it? Do you use a sealer?

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Thanks for the comments.

Im out of town on holidays at the moment but looking forward to getting back home and getting back into painting them all. I plan to base all the models once I've finished painting.

Disclaimer though I'm not really a fan of basing from an aesthetic POV, so I do a minimalist one that I find can work on a number of different terrians. I really need to investigate clear bases.


I had been considering sealing them. I was hoping that the paints these days don't chip as easily as I have grown accustom to just grabbing my dead plastic minis and unceremoniously placing them out of the way during the game.


Whats out there? I don't want to put something on them that makes them super shiny or dull and I still want to be able to strip them in future.

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Great models, best Mordians I have seen actually. As for the list, the only thing I do not like are the lascannons. While they are good with BS3 they tend to miss a lot. Also if you do not get relentless you will be gimped as mobility and objective capturing are concerned. Unless relentless is a primaris power, I am not farmilliar with the basic tables. As guard I rarely use psykers.

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Thanks much appreciated


Usually I like to make my own colour schemes but Mordians are one of the few I like the original. (Although I do have something slightly different in mind for my lord commissar ;-)


Relentless is a WL trait and I'd use it re-position my blob to try and avoid unwanted attention as much as possible (mainly assaults and heavy fire)


Prescience gives you TL (although it is warp charge 2 so only a 25% chance of getting it on 2d6) so that should hopefully give me at least 2/3 sucessful lascannon shots per turn as long as I get the power off.

I'm thinking I will try and run my pskyers by himself where possible to avoid the wrath of the commissar should he peril.


Also I probably didn't mention but this tournament you can only claim 2 malestrom cards per turn. Which means with 2 functional taruox and the vendetta I should be able get 2 objectives in a turn if necessary.


End of game might be tougher due to total unit count but I think I should still have more than your average SM list and I can always break out my LC and psyker.

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Excellent work and looking forward to seeing more.


I use army painter matt varnish but it is what is written on the can... Extreme matt. If you want something half/half then you might want to try a satin varnish but for the love of The God Emperor try it on a test model first ;)

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Thanks for the feedback and advice Elmo

So quick update on the hobby (I have also updated the WIP thread). We still have guests over for the holidays so hobby is limited still.

I have had more reinforcements arrive (ie I pulled them from the stripping dettol)


I've gone through the effort of filling in all the gaps with GS. Its tedious but good GS practice and given the effort I'm putting in repainting everything I think its worth it.

I plan on using this praetorian lieutenant as my lord commissar. He will be different from the other mordians. I plan on using colours based on a police uniform I saw when I was last in the states and something else different from the usual silver or gold for the armour.

I'm looking forward to painting him the most.


And here's a goodie for my fellow guardsmen


Old lord solar. I want to repaint him to his well deserved glory. If hes ready in time I will use him as my lord commissar for the tournament and as a company commander in future.

I was a bit devastated when I returned to the hobby to fins he'd been snuffed from the codex. I loved his fluff and unique rules.

Hopefully ill get a chance to do some more hobby before the weekend is over.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So a quick update.


Last weekend I had my first practice game against KDK.


The missions are on a 4x4 table and consist maelstrom primary, kill points secondary and the usual 3 suspects for tertiary. D3 scoring cards are counted as 2 points.


The maelstrom mission was out of the BRB where you started with 6 cards and lost one per game turn. Deployment was vanguard strike.


I deployed first. Given KDK isn't particularly shooty I placed my 30 man blob squad in the centre of my board edge flanked by 2 buildings. I managed to roll relentless for my WL trait and the 4++ and perfect timing for psychic powers.

I left my psyker out of the squad but nearby so he didn't have to worry about the wrath of the commissar.


My left flank had my wyvrens and two taroux.


To my right was my 5 man scion squad which I normally DS. However against fast moving assault armies I generally keep them on the board for the extra firepower straight up.


My opponent deployed is maulerfiend, bikes and daemons in the centre of his zone as far forward as he could to assault asap.


First turn I was able to immobilize his maulerfiend with a taroux shot. And do a bit of damage elsewhere but not as much as I hoped.


By third turn he had assaulted my blob squad and started wracking up blood tithe points.


My vendetta came on and managed to drop the pcs on an objective and the heavy flamer did its job of clearing it.

The next turn it switched to hover mode to help with backline objectives and trying to remove other units.


Unfortunately by end of game he had summoned nearly 500pts onto the board (at a 750pt game).

At which point we rolled for a 6th turn and I was tabled with all my tanks wrecked by bikes and my hovering line breaker vendetta blast out of the sky.


We counted the scores as if I hadn't been tabled and it was 7-13. Which I was fairly happy with all things considered.


I have 2 weeks left until the tournament. I've painted up all the special weapons, heavy weapons and NCOs.


All I have left is 11 guardsmen and basing.


Photos to come but I promised better quality which means getting out my kit.so hopefully I'll get around to that tomorrow and post some more WIPs up.

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These Mordians are just so... Amazing.  If only GW invested half as much into IG plastic kits as they do into Space Marine plastic kits.  Is a plastic infantry squad, command squad, and heavy weapon team for even half of their myriad regiments so much to ask?  It almost definitely is, but I want it anyway.  I'd probably have to get a regiment of each.

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Yes Brazentooth we can only dream

I've been waiting for them since they first released plastic guardsmen in 3rd...


I finally finished painting enough models for the tournament in 2 weeks (approx half of all of my mordians)

Anyways here's a teaser before I get out my proper rig to get some decent shots


Next step basing ... admittedly my least favourite part of hobby but I think I will borrow some cues from UltraRich's thread.

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So this is a cheeky copy paste from the WIP thread...

So I have finished painting my Mordian contingent that I will be taking to the tournament in 2 weeks time.
All I have left to do now is some basing.

I had a practice game the other week and as I was rearranging my carry case I found an old commander I hadn't stripped yet.
So I thought it was a good chance for a before and after photo.
What a difference 16 years makes....




Special Weapons





I grabbed a flamer tank of one of the Cadian spures and a little bit of green stuff to make this "heavy flamer" Mordian.


Heavy weapon teams







Platoon Commander

Company Commander / Commissar

Lord Commissar

Mordian Company


Full Allied Detachment for the Tournament

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We've all got a model like that somewhere, sixteen years well spent methinks - well done duz you have a great army :smile.: I would say that leaving so many bases to the end was a mistake though, as that only makes it even more hassle. With something boring and a bit of effort like bases best to pick them off in small batches so it doesn't become a chore...


Still, bases are very important so as good as they look now they'll only look even better when based :thumbsup: Two weeks should be enough time before the tournament so you can kick some arse and look good while doing so :wink:

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Thanks WF!

Yeh I normally leave it to last because I usually attach my models to the bases at the beginning as I find it easier to paint with.
Also given my short cut basing methods it doesn't cause too much of an issue.

Case and point I had a some spare time yesterday morning and managed to get all my models based.

I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.

So now my small 750pt force for the tournament is done.
I still have about another 30-40 odd Mordians left to paint which I will attempt to finish after I take a quick break from painting.

I also included my Psyker which I had forgotten to include in my last group picture. I had painted this guy earlier, but only based him with the rest of my force for this tournament.

I had a quick practice game yesterday too against a player who had recently come across from Fantasy to 40k and picked up Nids.

It was a fun and fairly close game. I learned a few lessons about character placement especially when theres a flyrant around. He managed to target my Lord Commissar who hiding out the back of the blob and therefore the closest character for him to target. I managed to look out sir 8/9 wounds, however that 1 shot was instant death for the LC. Out of the other 8 wounds I only managed to get 1 save from my 4+ cover and he also managed to take out 2 SGTs and the Psyker...

Fortunately the blob didn't break and some luck on my side saw me table him turn 5. After tallying up the points he was actually ahead with Maelstrom and having first blood.

Was a fun game although an interesting nid list as most of his units including the 'gaunts were of the shooty variety. Which of course my guard was able to out shoot him.

30 Guardsmen (inc 3 lascannons) + Presience + FRSRF = stripping 2 wounds of a zooming flyrant who then promptly ran away the next turn

Who needs sky fire?? :wink:



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So now Ive mostly finished with my Mordians I think I might repurpose this thread to include my other painting projects

These include

Completing my Emperor's Wrath Formation

My Scions

Repainting my Cadains...

So I had some time yesterday and I had been pondering what colours to paint my enginseer

Having a GK army I didnt really want to do more silver power armour so I decided a bronze with a modified Metallica Mechanicus paint job could work

After not being able to completely envisage it in my head I do what I always do when I get to this point which is start painting - if I dont like the results I just strip it and start again






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  • 2 weeks later...

So the day of the tournament finally came two weeks ago.

It was a really fun event, with the 750pt single source allied detachment it was a good way to balance out a lot of the armies.
It reminded of me how the games would go against my mates when I was a teenager playing 3rd Ed.

I ended up placing 25th of 60th overall. (23rd for generalship, and tied 8th/22nd - depending how you rank it for painting).
It was all really close with only a point or two separating each ranking in each category (generalship, painting, sportsmanship)

The break down was:

  • Round 1 Loss vs Tau

This one was definitely the roughest and also the one army I really didnt want to face. Happened to be my first game against the player who ended up placing 1st overall.
His list was the tau version of mine. Max troops to maximize firepower and drown the opponent in bodies.
He managed to outnumber my guard and also out ranged me. By the end of his first turn (he won the roll off) I had lost 24 of my 30 man blob squad even though they managed to position themselves with a 4+ cover save.
After that it was a matter of surviving and trying to grab Maelstrom points. I was able to grab a few objectives and hold off at the end not to get tabled. I was happy with this achievement.
I'm not sure I could have done much else against his list, Tau amongst a few other armies (Orks, Daemons, KDK) where if they get the jump on you first turn youre going to struggle for the remainder.

  • Round 2 Draw vs DE

This one I should have tabled him. Unfortunately for me his 5++/6+ FNP's managed to keep a few of his units alive that turn extra which cost me a round of shooting I could be have spent elsewhere.
It was a fun game though.

  • Round 3 Win vs SM

Thunderfire cannons hurt! (Which is why I want 3!! in my RG army) This round saw me going blow for blow against his thunderfire cannon trying to take each other out first. His other units weren't much of a hinderance because they were position on top of ruins with minimal mobility and LOS against my other vehicle targets.
I was able to take out these threats and stay fairly mobile to grab other objectives. My Vendetta came on in time to take out his Thunderfire cannon.

  • Round 4 Win vs AM/IG

An interesting list he had two wyvrens vs my 1, a banewolf, CCS w/ plasma in taruox and a 20 man blob squad with AC's.
This was the one round I didnt run all 30 in a blob. I rolled for the outflank WL trait and opted to put 1 squad in a taroux to outflank.
Fortunately I went first and was able to take out one of his wyvrens first turn with mine and the help of a taroux. Because of his deployment his turn saw minimal return fire as he had depoloyed defensivley out of LOS and reserved his 20 man blob squad.
Subsequent turns saw me immobilise his banewolf out of threat range, take out the second wyvren and slow down the advance of his CCS.
He had 2 scion squad DS in, but luck was on my side and they werent able to deal much damage when they arrived and I removed them shortly after.

  • Round 5 Loss vs Necrons

I feel like I could have played this game better.
Given my general meta isn't particularly big on xenos I dont come across Necrons, tau or orks often enough to find suitable strategies for my lists.
I didnt have first turn so deployed defensively on a multi level ruin trying to maximise LOS and fire power. Trying to shoot him off the board before he reached my ranks.
This didn't work obviously... First turn his C'tan managed to take out both Taroux autocannons, which meant they really were just sacraficial objective takers and LOS blockers. They both were destroyed the next turn after valiantly completing their missions.
Surprisingly my blob squad went for nearly 4 turns of combat against 5 wraiths, warriors and a destroyer lord.
It helped that the wraiths didn't have coils so I was punching first each round and my shear weight of numbers drowned him in rolls and my lord commissar kept everyone in check.

All in all a great event, the next two events are a 1000pt tournament and then a 4 aside team event at 1500pts.
I'm thinking of trying a list I have come up with incorporating the Emperors Wrath Artillery one for the team one.
The 1000pt one I need to see the players pack first because it appears they're putting a focus on slay the WL.

Meanwhile I have to finish magnatising my Manticore I just bough and I also got another 5 scions to bring my total to 2x CCS and 4x 5man squads. So mine chopping of my old models are required because I had initially modelled them as 1x CCS and 2x 10man squads.
Hopefully I can finish that company soon and post pics.

Anyways heres a few of my favorites from the day:

My army on parade

Fighting off some Wyches

Weathering the thunderfire storm

Overseeing the destruction of traitor guard

More of my battle pics here:

Photos of other armies here (the standard was pretty high given there was points awarded for painting):

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