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A Mordian march to glory


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Had a quick intro game of 10th last week got me motivated to paint again. 


Thought I'd give the GG squad a go because it's a nice easy theme. Tried to use contrasts to short cut a few steps but not convinced it worked out how I'd like. So might be back to square one with Col. Commissar Gaunt. 







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Well after the bath I tried with regular paints and a technique I used for smaller cloaks and it fell flat. 




Someone suggested this painting video. So I've used some of the techniques in it to get this far and I'm pretty pleased. 

I used a 3:1 ratio of Creed Camo to medium and then a very thinned Elysian Green to do a glaze layer which I think has added some nice depth. 


Pre glaze



Post glaze




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I can see why you went with contrast paints, a lot of the texture on those models screams out for their use. The layering method looks way better though, now you have done it. I've avoided using GW contrast paints on larger flatter areas. The pooling I find a real issue (having similar poor results on my Rough Riders). I've switch to Vallejo Xpress colour for flatter areas (the horse hind quarters), as the longer drying time allows you to mop up any pooling and get a smoother finish.

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Yeh had to add some medium to avoid drying out too fast and doing it in small sections with a lot of dabbing up of excess paint. 


I ran out of medium so had to get some of the Vallejo medium instead because apparently there is no GW contrast medium at any of the 6 stores (including GW) within 30 mins of me. Works fine though. 


I haven't made much more progress with these guys. The uniforms have a surprising amount of details and it's scared me off for now while I work on some Shatterpoint models... 


I signed up for my first tournament in 3? Years which is beginning of September. It's a 30 player RTT, so with all the army construction changes I will probably have some painting to do between now and then. Especially finishing my Chimeras. 


Also this showed up today! Originally I was gonna do Minka with her rifle, I like that pose together. However, I don't think I'd actually be able to incorporate her into my army like that. So, I might have to build her with sword; thoughts? 




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As I was painting the Manticore yesterday a thought crossed my mind. I remembered I had a nib Basilisk. I decided it was a great time to build and paint it in my new scheme. This way when u stripped the old ones I'd have one available. So I built, based and panel lined today :woot:





Unfortunately, I also realised that the grey I had noted previously in this thread was either a bad batch that was the ring shade (having tried 2 other pots and it being significantly lighter in colour).


So now these are lighter my Leman Russes. Something I had pondered about doing and now the decision is made for me. No a big deal for these, but will be an issue for the Dorn :ermm:



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I also did a post shading layer on my Chimeras that have been waiting to be completed for a couple of years now :sweat:

The first one got hit with the wrong colour so I had to redo the shading and final layer. That was a tad annoying. 


By the end of the session my trusty old airbrush that has served me well, but has been limping along since covid is probably done for. I found water leaking from the holding tank after this afternoons session :blink:


Fortunately I saw this day coming and bought a spare one on a close out sale a little while back.

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