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The Shattered Heart Warband. Make it louder.


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Ahh BluntBlade, my most loyal reader, are you confused? Excited? Excited and confused? Hehehe


I was going to update this thread so I edited the title and then I got distracted by the distracting things. So I haven't gotten to the recent updates.


I feel a lot better now that I have discovered my love for Slaanesh. Pink and black man, wasn't it always? I feel like I have my Chaos Warband sorted now (even though I'm yet to actually do it) and everything else is just, like, everything else.


There are a bijillion things I want to mention, but I will mention only one - I'm blaming Gamesworkshop. It's all their fault. How's a man supposed to get anything done with this hectic rapid release schedule. It was somewhere around 6th edition I lost my mind. I just couldn't keep up anymore. It was that Necron box of jump infantry that makes like 4 units from the one box. That was it for me my head just exploded and I just had to lay down and die.


But seriously its such an exciting time to be in the hobby. All of the coolest things are beginning to happen. I really want to get my army sorted and get on to the table top asap. I really enjoy gaming, and blogging too app, so I think it would be a rad as thing to do and I'd be pretty good at putting together some bat-reps. But that's a long way off really, I'm forever in turmoil about what changes may or may not be coming.


At any rate I don't want to keep two threads with the same material - and I have to be honest with you guys - I did murder my Black Legion terminators. They have been reborn as Sound Marines (i'm just calling them all that now)

It all comes back to building up their headdress. I've got lots of ideas for my bikes and oblits about puesdo powerhouse engines I could scratchbuild (ie: a box), twin turbo straight 6 affairs (a box with a circle) so I want to try some of these ideas out for sound machines instead aswell (on top of).


I think for the terminators I just want to move away from spikes and horns and more towards a streamlined chaos (somehow) and somehow I seem to be falling in the trap of just kitbashing them with BA bits. I took the round about way but so far they have BA axes, deathmasks, and I want to use the heads also.


I have been digging down the inter webs and uncovered some really amazing threads for EC and Slaanesh. I'm not sure how for I want to take things in terms of conversion - there is a lot of potential. For now I'm just invisioning my dudes all hard edges in cool jet black, with some demonettes in pinks down the front.


















I've got another box to make my noise marines so I'll just need to get the upgrade kits before the run out. Like the vehicle upgrades are gone now, such a shame I procrastinated for so long. Not sure whether to wait it out more or make my move soon. It's basically summer here now so I've been riding my skateboard a lot more, progress on the hobby will be slow but still consistent.

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As you should be.



My efforts to Make It Louder largely revolve around building suped up jet-engine-sound-machines. I imagine a physic shriek would have something of a jet engine's fierce screech and sonic boom effect.


This boils down to making squares and sticking circles on them. Circles and lines man; the nightmare continues.


I realised I could probably use the smoke grenade launchers to stand in while I develop my meathod. I had a little break through while I was thinking about how I would explain this. So I think I might bring up all my units, take photos, outline my plans and perceived problems.


I'll do that probably next week, as I've gone back to working on the whole for as one; enmasse. I much more inclined to work this way in an extreme army-builder mentality. Actually finishing miniatures seems to be anathema to me.


Anyway lets take a look.




We can see the engine (box/square) with the pipes coming out of it. So simple; so glorious. You can see I have done some work to clean him up, and he's now rocking the plasma cannon which I think works ok for a Sound Lord.


Here are a few more angles. It always takes the longest to make those initial steps, but now he is really starting to show potential.








Next I wanted to show you guys my bike idea.


It's basically this. A box with some pipes.






I have begun to consider how I might make a two part mold of this piece so I can use it for all my bikers.


Now the other idea.




I only got this one photo sadly. Basically this is what I would like to build from plastic. Finish with some cables running to the bikes/riders and embellish with trophies banners or capes.


But then I had my little break through idea.




It's difficult to see, but by mounted the pipes/exhausts/speakers on his pack, I can still have both ideas in one.








I think I might focus on building a banner pole to mount on the engine to crucify a space marine on, to show as if the bike were leeching the life out of the corse and feeding it to the engine/sound/machine.


Skulls and screaming faces everywhere.



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Well it seems the vehicle upgrade sprue is my new best friend. Too bad I missed out on the chaos one. I may buy a pre-date and rhino just for the collection.


Anyway; I was searching for a little satellite dish bit. To mount on the side of m'lords puesdo engine. The dish would have a silimar effect to the pipes, fanning out above his head. Mounting two (one on each side is a cool way to mix up the conversion. (I think I kinda showed this in earlier renditions which I showed in the other thread.)


Hilariously; I thought I had a dish that was blue. So I was scanning my bits box ( I have recently put everything in one tray in one unholy amalgamation of all my bits) and my eyes kept coming back to this blue imperial icon I have. It kept happening so I thought "damn you! If you so badly want to be an icon I shall cut you in half and make of you an icon."




Immediately I love this idea. I love Aquilas. I love painting them, drawing them, everything. I love the Emperor's Children Sigil. The Single Winged Claw. I love Pre-heresy Emperor's Children, Post heresy, everything. I love that they were awarded the wear the Emperors own Aquila - and that they were the first to fall, completely independently, of their own reckless indulgence.


I even love the book "Fulgrim" which is unusual for a Mcniell book. I do get tired of his droning chant, as much as I admire and respect the man.


Back the the conversion; I love that the amplifier has split the twin-eagle in twain. At the very least it gives him a pious feel, like some unholy orator, thereby generating the idea for the baton. I see it more as a conductor's baton, would could lend him towards a Dark Apostle; a preacher of the Truth.


At any rate it's the perfect way to finish the pose and include the Sorcerers staff; which is a bit I've wanted to use for awhile now. Plus this side now feels complete whilst still being fairly ordinary and "empty"


Now to find the perfect face/mask/helm/skull to use as baton topper, and to track down my two amplifier dishes; for that "surround sound" effect.


To the bits box!

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The Emperor's Children deserve a novel by J. G. Ballard, as far as I'm concerned. I liked Wraight's presentation of the EC in transition, and I just love the"consider the aesthetics" line.


I totally approve of the conductor idea. I did have an idea for a Noise Marine (who may find a place in the BotL) which came entirely from the Bullet Farmer's rant in Fury Road. "Sing for the Phoenician! Sing for the Warmaster! Sing, brothers! Sing, sing, suiting!"


Alternatively, he could be like the Chaos equivalent of James Brown's reverend in The Blues Brothers. "Iiii seeeee, a whole lotta corpse-worshippers who neeeed the song of holy excess!"

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Oh man you're flicking all my switches at once. How good was the blues brothers I am going to watch that now and get inspired :D


I've been thinking more like Samuel E Jackon's character in pulp fiction quoting the gospel as he murders his victims. "And I shall strike down upon thee with great and furious anger - and you shall know - that I am the lord!" Hehehe


I think my dudes would get right off on preaching the glorious ways they will torture their victims as they slowing leech the life out of them. There was this book by James Clavel called "gaijin" about how the East India company discovered Japan and opened her up to trade. It was historical fiction and quite good actually part of a larger series.


Anyway there was this one evil tyrant samurai lord who would boil his victims in a pot and meditate to the sound of them slowly being boiled and screaming to death. It was a little bit macabre but I like the idea of a DeathSong that intrances humans and makes the demon stronger. And my chaos marines have become the bridge between these worlds.


Ahah yes tell me more! where can I find Wraight's stuff on the EC? I missed all that..? He's right up there.


I'm still stuck with the prologue to 'Scars'


"You must choose,

Demons and mortals alike may have dignity,

Only the vacillator, the equivocater, the cautious - only he has no place in the heavens."


Powerful stuff. That rings in my ears everyday.




With "Fulgrim"

It just felt that for once Mcniell was actually enjoying his writing rather than doing his day job. So much of his stuff feels like hard work to read and quite often puts me to sleep. (Literally)





I was actually in the middle of an update, here it is



Despite all the infinite variations, i seem to be favouring the winged icon. The Death Mask is my new go-to bit/face-mask for jumping around ahere and there. it works really well as a baton topper the jester vibe. I am nothing if not the jester.




I also like the fact he has the exhaust vents from the back pack tucked in there, tying him back to the troops conversion. Between the exhausts-speakers-launchers and dishes I feel I have a good pot of ideas to pull from for building up engines. It will just be a case of figuring out which versions work best for which units.


I am getting closer and closer to thinking he is finished. I will attempt to sculpt a screaming face on his left shoulder pad. I will leave the chest bare and paint the shield in a quartered scheme as I think they look rather knightly.


The last idea is to use a foul xenos weapon, which we all know is where it all started with this lot. It's an another idea I will be throwing around until it sticks.






Or Truly Badass




Same goes for my infantry lord. He needs a power sword. The next phase is to make pipes with my new tool and make this dream a reality. Need to order more green stuff. Let the procrastination begin!




How good is james brown though

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Path of Heaven features the EC quite heavily. I like when Chaos Marines are given a degree of loyalty or resistance to the spiritual side of their corruption. So in Path of Heaven you have some who are starting to go all the way in terms of how they use the Warp, but none of them are waxing lyrical about sacred depravity yet, and some of them try to resist.


But once they're past that stage, unfettered hedonism can make for an oddly boring character. Whereas if they really embrace their faith, that can make for some interesting narrative elements.


There is also a glorious moment where Eidolon gets held at knifepoint and everything about his reaction says "I'm so rigid right now."

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Aha thanks for that! I'm even more keen to read it now.


Yes agreed it gets quite boring very quickly once you/they completely cross the line. I'm always searching for a balance between form and function.


I actually despise/don't like most of the EC characters, but I am interested in making my own Slaaneshi space marine versions of them.



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Thanks Elduderino! Yes he's giving me that vibe too! I kept thinking I should space his leg now that I have clean it. Bad idea though - slippery slope! I'm going to sculpt a face on his leg so I don't taper with him.


I also removed his other foot so now I am compelled to try to make some Raptor toe claws.


The good news is he's nothing compared to my planned Abaddon count as.


Thanks again gents.

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Oh yeah Saul Tarvitz was cool, they were the days, when you were happily reading thinking they would wrap this up in 10-12 books (bahhahahahah) before the dark times, before the filler-chaff era.


Isn't that always the way though?


I've been thinking I will make my cultist from zombies, the old zombie sprue (current one) then I'll make a Typhus count as and I can run a zombie horde and they will be proper little tiny zombies. Once and for all settling the scale debate in my mind.


I'm really upset about the whole new scale in some of GWs miniatures and it's not something I seem to be able to accept. Especially the blatant and obvious CAD copy rips that are everywhere. But on the other hand they give us the Sisters of Silence and all the glorious genestealer cults and so it seems to be give and take. Or push and pull.


Anyway not for me man, oh no! I'm going back! Back to the old world! Before it's too late! (I've decided to collect some of the classic warhammer plastics over the new plastic fantastic.) it was a tough decision.


They other decision was to buy the AOS starter and murder it in and unholy fury of conversion. Finally putting my dremel to good use and hoping to hone my GS skill.


But I have dismissed that idea. Instead I will collect the old warhammer range and build little men for my chaos hordes Every time I build a character now he's going to have like ten little dudes to carry his stuff. One for his sword, one for his mask, one to clear peasents out of the way. A Slaaneshi Lord is nothing without his retinue in this day and age, living in the Warp, with the eye every watchful, one would ought to look ones best.


It's getting late here.

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