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The Shattered Heart Warband. Make it louder.


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Hey guys I just wanted to share my Black Legion. They are largely inspired by the fraters here, as well as a childhood full of White Dwarf magazine.


Progress is extremely slow, I am just a humble warrior. There is a lot more than this but this is all I have painted.


Thanks for looking feedback welcome!


Please excuse the sun glare and heavy washes.
















Moare troops






Berserker lord









And lastly an overview





And some fun shots from along the way to whet your appetite, and to bring back some chaos in ours lives.










You can see I'm really pleased with this guy.




Once I catch up my transports and dreadnoughts I will be ready to game. I also have a plague marine force in the works. Really just need to collect awesome centre piece models. I really want to work on my painting, so that's another thing too.


Hope you guys like the army. Its taken a long time to get this far, and I still have a long way to go.

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@ dragon lover - thanks and yes of course I've just been waiting for the thread to pop up.


When does it run again? All I can find is the loyalty and treachery one...


Don't expect too much of me though, i don't like commitment

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Starts some point in May. At the moment we're just in pre event banter mode.


Every little helps. We'd rather you painted a single unit of Terminators than vowed loads and didn't finish. Go check out the Burning Crown thread for more advice.



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Yes I have participated before it's great fun and I'm happy to have made my bed with the glory of chaos.


I will struggle to manage points though as I don't own the new codex. It's not my cup of tea. It's too bright and looks like a catalogue for Kmart of something. I prefer the older books and artworks. And miniatures. Although I may start collecting forge world at some point soon, as I have owned most off the plastic kits.


I don't know I may just continue to build characters, the new formations are given me plenty of direction. My work is probably better suited to the W.I.P forums, but I wanted to post it here first as I really enjoy the threads here and often read them for inspiration.


Check out my little plague force which is in pre production





Just need to get some bikers. Oh and some plague marine raptors, jump pack socerer will be my next character.


I want to paint them green with black shoulder pads, to show their allegiance to the Black Legion but I'm worried they'll look like try hard Sons of Horus or Salamanders.


So I don't really know.

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I think you can get away with black pads. They're a darker green than Salamanders, and not as turquoise as Sons of Horus.


If you need stuff pointed up for the ETL, drop me a line.



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The use of horns and bony spines on the backpacks and armour is very clever; it lends them a particularly barbaric look, yet is a very simple, unifying anaesthetic. Good work.


Cheers man its great fun too! Not sure whether or how to apply it to my termies though




Something like that









It takes forever because you need to try every single variation possible just in case you miss one *cue hysterical laughter


That's why I can't collect forgeworld. My head just explodes every time I look at the range and I need to have a nap to recover. Too many possibilities....

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I think you can get away with black pads. They're a darker green than Salamanders, and not as turquoise as Sons of Horus.

If you need stuff pointed up for the ETL, drop me a line.



Cheers for that. I'm keen to contribute where ever I can. But generally (in life) I'm more of an observer than a participant.

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Yes yes go forth and steal away. If everyone could build their chaos marine like this now that'd be great :D


The lascannon back pack works best I've found. I'll be using the plasma cannon one on my plague marines as seen here




This guy also sports plastic tube legs




But that's it. I'm out of tricks now ;)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks midnight! I'm a big fan of your flesh eaters from back in the day. Ditto.


Here is a shot where Blanche got a little too involved




He's like some dotting old father overseeing my work.


The mini's are really suffering from some too heavy washes, and later my washes started drying with a white residue in the crevices.


I'll continue to tidy up and review things. We'll be seeing a lot more of these guys as I spam all the boards :)


Trying to get myself organised for the ETL, need some parts and components.


In the mean time here is a quick review of my characters. I need to get started playing games so they can earn names and create a legacy.



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Great work here BrotherJim. I love the placement of the horns and the way you've made them look like veterans of the Long War. Also, your GS skills are crazy good. I like the details on the Nurgle Sorceror too. thumbsup.gif

Keep up the good work, and death to the False Emperor.

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Very nice conversions, and paint job.  Feels very evocative of the Black Legion.  I love the characters, especially the lightning claw lord.  Inspiring stuff!

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Hey wow thanks a bunch guys I'm flattered and humbled.

I'm not sure my greenstuff skills are very good though, I've been avoiding it like the plague (pun intended!)


But I can accept the fact that I can convert ok and my paint jobs are only very basic.


I was looking through the thread and thinking to myself "man I can do so much better then this" the mini's deserve more.


I want to read the Talon of Horus to help myself get into the proper frame of mind. Right now I'm reading The First Herectic. Once I do I will wave my banner in the Black Legion thread to be counted amount my brothers and for the glory of the Warmaster.


But at this stage my warband doesn't even have transports so it's taking a long time to cross the eye of terror on foot. :)

And we keep picking up strays.


So I want to write some fluff, and get a light box sorted so I can take some better pictures. Presentation is everything. Soon I will tidy up the troops but the rhino situation is really bothering me.


I suppose I will wait for the dark works to stock up on armour trim, or I will use the old forgeworld doors. Plus I have my plague transports to practice on, so I should start soon.


Thanks again for the praise, I'm at the dentist atm but I will review things later on tonight. I've got heaps more photos and nifty tricks to show.


Let the long war continue! Death to the false emperor! Let the galaxy burn brothers!

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Like what you have done so far, has given me some ideas for a new Nurgle lord that Im gonna start tomorrow when I find my greenstuff.


Keep practicing with the sculpting, (when I first started I hated it) eventually everything will 'click' and fall into place.

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Thanks again guys.


This afternoon I am going to indulge my ego (and you kind folks) and i will update the thread with some WIP photos. 


The less i say the better, my ego tends to run rampant, but hopefully the pictures will do the talking.


I do enjoy sharing and talking about my work, its great in hindsight to have it all behind you.


But my work is very slow and i feel no pressure to rush things along. They happen when they happen. 



Hilariously I think the photos i snap at my desk are much better then the display photos i took.


Im glad people like the troops and chosen. You may see some subtle reflections of a certain Iron Warriors army that is well known to frequent these parts. I'm talking about the mighty 5th Grand Company Reborn, Insane Pychopaths unrelenting effort. I hold them in the highest regard and so i wanted some echos of his work to shine through in my army.


But then there are other things which i feel are my own. I dont want to go naming names or pointing fingers, as there are too many threads I draw on for inspiration, and chances are i will forget someone important.


anyway enough do dather, lets get on with the show.


It all started with an idea, a dream i had once. A vision of glory.

































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One of my favourite aspects of the project has been making press mold parts. Loincloths, ammo pouches, anything and everything. Using greenstuff parts allows a lot of freedom, you can remove the part before it fully cures, thus allowing it to be bend and flex a little, its also very easy to cut away any offending area. and finally you can select the depth of the part, either making it thicker or thinner. really allows for a lot of experimentation.


i'm now on a full blown quest to round up any unique parts i have left. I have also been receiving advice on making two part press molds, so i can begin making STC patterns of all the lost relic parts.


For example. Bolters with handles. soon they will be gone forever. Everybody is so pleased with new bolter/hand system, but not me. for one thing you miss out on the cool "keystone" piece. and secondly cutting those handles out of bolters and glueing them to hands is what started all this madness in the first place. its as though Jes was encouraging you to start converting.


anyway i tend to carry on like that. i can feel the drugs from the dentist wearing off, i had better take some painkillers and take a nap.



















http://s1272.photobucket.com/user/jimbo196/media/D1948A89-06C1-4C5B-AE57-C8BD4D856690_zps5luykmst.jpg.html'>http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y400/jimbo196/D1948A89-06C1-4C5B-AE57-C8BD4D856690_zps5luykmst.jpg[/ue minis RL]







im actually feeling kinda drowsy so i will come back and make some notes at another time.

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Alrighty this week i will update on the berserkers, then we are basically all caught up and i can move on to the my ETL vows.



One day i will write stories and do a proper job of presenting them, but they are still WIP for now.


the basic premise is that they were regular space marines who were caught in a conflict with my black legion. the exposure to chaos and ensuing battle caught the attention of the demi urge khorne and he blessed them with his gifts. the renegades went on to slaughter the berserkers they had been fighting against, took their heads and wore them around as masks. becoming the new shock troops for the Black Legion, they went on to slaughter the rest of the strike force they had only moments ago called brothers.


Their blood is thin and they were easily turned. 


basically i just wanted them to be super fast, hack and slash. now that the squad is done i can go on continusly making champions and characters in the manner i like.


soon more!



the first six.






worn as masks




or as trophies




the next six




the other three up front





thee whole gang





with their lord






I need to finish fitting all the masks, its quite fun actually jumping them all around, figuring out what looks cool and what doesnt (and why.)


its a neat idea and one ive been wanting to do for awhile.


next up -> Plague Marines!

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got a couple more shots of some favourites.



Thankfully the bereserkers were spared the wash debacle. so this is how they currently look. i painted the troops so far in lots of five or six, however i feel this is too many and doesnt leave me enough time to complete the miniatures over the course of the weekend. so i will henceforth paint in lots of three. three is the new five.


i decided to go with sandy bases so i can use sand weathering effects on my vehicles.












i like berserkers. i tried the tradition red, but it just didnt feel right. really happy i went with black.

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Thanks for the comment venomlust smile.png

I spent most of the weekend prepping my plague marines for this years ETL.

This will be my first vow. I'll need to check with dragon lover on the points, but it's pretty straight forward.

Plague sorcerer
5man plague marines plasma in rhino
6man plague marines melta in rhino.

Still undecided if I should paint their shoulder pads black or not. Actually feeling quite anxious about how I will paint them at all. I'm red/green colour blind so doing things by eye gets me nowhere.

I think I will just choose an appropriate green and then dry brush some vomit brown followed by bleached bone. Then I will paint the silver trim and all the details, with a good ol agrax earthshade wash.

(Any advice welcome!)

Here is an overview of my vow.


I started on the dreadnought f-f-finally. I seem to do ok at sculpting armour trim to look like frosting on your ice-cream cake. You know those frostie guns? Haha not exactly what I was going for. I want some angry bone looking armour trim growing all over the miniature.

Anyway here he is


I will dedicated the right side to practicing my armour trim. It still needs a lot of practice.


The left side I have hung some trophies in a nurgly fashion


At the back I have hung a dead loyalist. This will form part of a conversion, similar to my socerers backpack. Through foul magic and technology the plague marines seem to feed themselves through their dead enemies. I need to hang some cables and jazz it up a little more.


Badass low angle


This photo is very boring but I'm trying to puzzle out how I can make my transports into some scared nurgly shrine. It would be nice to convert them up the the same level as my troops. But I think I will just slap on some forgeworld doors and paint them up for the ETL. I can always convert a token "command" vechicles at some other point in time.


I was originally going to do some extra armour and sacrifical marines, but i didnt want to rip off IP every step of the way. I'm any case I keep telling myself I can leave the doors icons seperate, so I can keep my options open and give the project some prolonged life.

I really don't like finishing things.

I really hope you guys like image spam because boy I sure do!

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