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Now, of course ... just when you thought it was over slash we couldn't top it ... 


Iron Warriors Mortal Auxilia (Intelligence) Officer - literally Cloak & Dagger :D 







Whew! Now to work out what to do paintwise with these chaps! Other than, you know, *get cracking!* It's a true pleasure to have such characterful miniatures to work on :D 

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Oh, and one more ... for good luck :D 


Now, we've been umming and ahhing about what to do with the Sisters of Silence which came with the Prospero box for awhile. I know I want to include one or more in my Agents of th Sigillite warband .. but we don't really do 'stock' miniatures around here, and even as nice as teh SIsters of Silence are, it didn't seem like we should start with those :P 


I have *an* idea for a really neat story/concept figure, but I'll save that for once things are a bit further along. This Sister, which may be tied to that, happened when Umbral saw the Dark Elf Executioners I bought this afternoon [for a ompletely unrelated fantasy wargaming project], and voiced aloud the question "would one of those fine-as swords fit on the Sisters..."





Idea at this stage is that she's running around wielding an Eldar artefact sword for ... reasons. Because just as a force weapon is a psychically charged device which allows a psyker to project their psychic forceness into the person being struck ... well ... for a Null, projecting the Null-ness is presumably similarly damaging to the target [as well as disruptive/disorientating]. 

Might be particularly good against warp-beings and what not, as well :D 

So yeah ... that's what's on the painting-table atm. 

There WOULD be more, but it would appear I've bought out the FLGS's stocks of Neophyte Hybrids, Scions, and Greatswords for the forseeable future :/ 

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Just as Brother Dallo said, that conversion work is outstanding!!! The whole project is quite impressive, it's always cool to see true-scaling done so effectively (especially because I don't think I could ever do it). Keep up the great work.


Also, that Night Lord from page two is beautifullll :wub:

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No one can equal Forge World's volkite and power axe veletarii in my eyes, but your conversions certainly are a respectable contender.


As for these same veletarii being ready to do some trench cleanin', solar auxilia storm sections are equipped with both laspitols and close combat weapons in addition to their volkite charger/rotor cannon/power axe (at least in Horus Heresy: Conquest), so they're more or less WYSIWYG to boot.

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Thanks for the positive words, everyone. All power/credit to Umbral for turning our small mountain of 'spare' bitz and my occasional ravings into such lovely miniatures. 

Speaking of which ... 

First up, a heavy-weapon for the Iron Warriors Auxilia. I know that heavy-stubbers aren't really game-legal for Auxilia, but perhaps it could work as a rotor-cannon orsomething. In any case, RUle of Cool >>> Rules As Written ... Every Single Time. 


Man, those gorget-pieces form teh Greatswords kit are dead handy! 

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Next up ... I had a rather major realization last night about how to better integrate the Sisters of SIlence from the Agents of the Sigillite warband in, along with our long-talked about plans for Eldar. Now, obviously, due to B&C's rules, we can't necessarily show you what we're thinking in full ... but rest assured, it's pretty awesome :D 


Once we've actually sorted out the Eldar bits and pieces, we'll be sure to post a link to the Ammobunker thread wherein you'll be able to view them in all their Xenos glory.


The Executioners arms really do go quite nicely on the Sisters. Who'd have thought?


Greatsword is from the Empire Witchhunter we picke dup awhile back and still haven't used.


But the show don't stop there.

We appear to hav something of an aversion to leaving miniatures unconverted. The stock sisters aren't too bad, but why leave them unaltered? The simple addition of an Astartes-sized hand-flamer creates a pretty intimidating impression :D 


Posing's prety decent also


Although to be fair, for Imperial iconogrpahy in beautifully rendered forms, the cloaks and shoulderpads are hard to beat!




And en group-shot of the latest inload : three Sisters, and an Auxilia!


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I'm outta like, but the Sisters are looking awesome! :smile.:

All-g :D The actual human-interaction of a favourable comment provides *far* more spur for future endeavours in this vain than simply htting the like button :P 


I'll be keeping a close eye on yer Black Legion log if you're going to continue producing Truescales of the quality of that Mk.III Marine :D I'd been waiting to see somebody use a Sanguinary Guard torso like that before i went out and bought a box. 


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Alrighty, so ... with the Breachers just about done [with the xception of a few milimeters square of ink on the demo-marine, they're even finalized painting! Will get around to doing the glamorous photoshoots a bit later], it came time to move on to the next squad of 'line marines'. 

In this case, Seekers. Now whilst they might seem a little curious to include in an Iron Warriors army ... this is, as I'm sure you've gathered by now, anything but a 'normal' IVth legion force. 


The very notion of Seekers fits pretty well into what I conceive of as the overal BhutaGana operational philosophy. They attempt ot use tactics and forms of engagement that don't simply go for the straight-up attrition-warfare slugfest [vital, as the BhutaGana are not exaclty numerous nor in a position to rapidly replenish their ranks], but instead attempt to maximize their worth through more targeted operations. I guess you could say they might be the 'Ghosts' of the 'Battalion of Steel Ghosts', com to think of it. Also note the fine'as Tulwar made from one of hte Mk.IV close combat weapons - helps maintain the 'Subcontinental' flavour of the force :D 


This chap's also quite clearly kitted out - as are just about all of the IVth we've done, to be fair - for some measure of 'realism' in terms of the level of additional ammunition etc. he's bringing with him. 


Shoulderpad comes from the 40k Sternguard Veterans kit; one of the ones that *looks* like a Mk.III pauldron, but lacks the lower rim and therefore instead might be a Mk.VI that's been up-armoured with a rim. Nice pad, either way. Although the REAL challenge for Umbral was cutting around the Sternguard bolter ot replace with a Seeker bolter ... whilst still keeping the fine strap. 



Pretty decent Mk.VI torso work sculpting from Umbral, as well! Head's also from the Sternguard kit. Now that i've FINALLY worked out a reasonable skin-tone to do these chaps up in. 

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Ok, so waaaaaaaay back when we first started throwing around ideas for this project [well, its Heresy iteration], we decided to include some Wolves along with the Iron Warriors. The rationale [which at that stage might have been unclear] was that when the BhutaGana were cast out from their original legion by Perturabo's edict, Russ [whose forces were engaged at the same conflict] thought this to be a rather distasteful move, spoke on their behalf [hence why they were 'cast out' rather than messily dismembered as an example, decimation style], and helped to secure them the chance to 'redeem themselves' through honour. And, to 'seal the deal', ordered several of his own warriors to accompany them on their quest through the stars - both ostensiably to keep them loyal, and also to keep a record of what mighty deeds they might get up to [along with the subtle implication that Perturabo might not have his exiles 'disappeared' if it also means casuing a contratemps with another Legion]. 

You've already met the first one of these - waay back as like the first miniature in this thread. Running and wielding two axes with a very DETERMINED expression on his face. 

But Softpaw ... has been on the drawing-board for months. We were attempting to work out what to arm him with, and what base-miniature to use to get the right effect for terminator armour at the Truescale level. [because ... well ... there's not exactly a huge array of variety to draw from, and we were initally somewaht concerned that using one of the two Primarch options [Horus or Perturabo] might be a little *oversized* - and then there were the issues as to how to makae them err ... not the Primarchs]


But an order finally turned up in teh post today [and you'll love what Umbral's done with his part thereof!], and so it finally came time to put everything into practice. 


As you can see, we've tackled one of the most difficult parts of the conversion - namely, turning the Talon of Horus into *not* the Talon of Horus - by replacing the stormbolter [in this instance, with a heavy flamer; although a plasma-blaster was also briefly considered], and also shortening the 'fingers'. 


The various eyes on his armour have been de-pupiled, and the "XVI" turned into a simple "VI" [who'd have thought :P ]

And in the mean-time, World-Breaker has been replaced with an axe-head from ... I'm not sure, exactly. Might be the Iron Father. Unsure. We did consider several of the larger axes we had sitting around that were more obviously 'Space Wolfy' [with runes etc.] but ... they weren't big enough! [meanwhiel, the other option considered - grabbing a venerable dreadnought kit and taking the double-headed axe from there, possibly also whilst using the heavy shield ... well, i wasn't sure i could justify $80 for two components]

Fluff-wise, the explanation will perhaps be that the axe in question has been forged for him by one of the Iron Warriors techmarines whom he's now mobbing with. 


It's a pretty excellent pose [althoug hthe cape is going t obe ridiculous when it comes to our ship-terrain :S ] ; and the way he's holding that axe combined iwth the 'sizing you up' facial expression really does seem to suggest a challenge of sorts has been laid down. We actually measured him up next to the big Iron Hands robot, and they scale surprisingl ywell together - so expect ot see THAT confrontation some time soon... [umbral's notion for encountering it, having it shoot at him, followed up by "I THINK IT LIKES ME" provoked a lol]

Here's a scale-shot with a 'regular' truescaled Breacher Marine; and a Mortal from the Remembrancers. As you can see ... he TOWERS over an ordinary human; although isn't out of scale [perhaps surprisingly] with a truescale marine. Excellent. 


Oh, and as for why he's called 'Softpaw' - we figured the Wolves probably find 'ironic naming' conventions hugely amusing. He's both got a very spiky/deadly 'paw' ... and he's clomping around in terminator armour. 

Now the next quesiton, I suppose, is whether to get a few more done for the various other truescale projects we've got going :tongue.: 

[also, full credit to both Umbral and also to Migsula for doing something vaaaguely similar on his excellent Iron Sleet blog awhile back] 

Edited by Ryltar Thamior
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  • 2 weeks later...

Lest you people begin to think I don't actually paint anything ... 


First up, we have Shailajatu . I'll come up with a specialist rank for what he does [because continually rferring to him as "The Demo-Marine" lacks a certain linguistic finesse], but I'm reasonably pleased with the name. 'Shailajatu', in Sanskrit, means something akin to 'Rock/Mountain Conqueror'. An appropriate appellation for the chap with the handcarried ordnance charge. 


Human Remembrancer for scale. 


As can be seen here, Shailajatu is loaded up with supplies not just for himself - but also for the rest of his [previously pictured] Breacher squad. In this case, heavy bolter ammunition drums. 


Yes, "Drums". A fine Logistics Marine, indeed. And a fitting tie back to the way I see the Iron Warriors themselves operating [notwithstanding the BhutaGana's own ... variant modus operandi and exile status] 


However, lest he be thought to be under-armed, he's also got his trusty Phobos-pattern bolter. 


And, as can be seen here, has also got his standard Mk.VI helmet attached to his belt, should he be needing it. Sensible chap! 

So .. that almost brings the Breacher Squad up to [initial] completion - they're just waiting on one more Marine [who'll probably be done as a Squad Leader] to be at four, plus the Ribhus whom they'll be escorting [and, from there, another lot of Death Shroud terminators to make another up to five to actually have a proper squad]. 

Expect a more detailed fluff-writeup once I've done the conceptwork. 


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Next up, we have the Sergeant for my upcoming Seeker Squad. 


As we can see, whereas Shailajatu is a rather louder looking figure [the mouth open presumably to suggest that an area shortly in front of him is about to be exploded], this chap is a lot more taciturn. Although DEFINITELY not pleased to see you. Well, the enemy ... 


I actually wound up doing the powersword pretty much hte inverse of the colours I initially thought I'd be going for - and it's come out pretty pleasingly well, I think :D Full-gold does have a certain ... specialness which is kinda appropriate for a rather older Power Weapon that's no doubt been heavily relied upon and measued up to the standard each time. The curved blade also goes a bit better with the Indian theme. 



Stowage is, of course, vitally important on extended deployment - as Seekers frequently seem to be.


As is remembering to pack your sidearm ... with the shoulderplate [a Mk.VI design that somebody's obviously up-armoured with an upper lip] also helping to signify veterancy - as well as, with both the skull and the laurel wreath, remind us of who and what these Marines are. 


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But it hasn't just been Transhuman-Dread inducing Power-Armoured revenants that I've been finalizing the paint-schemes on. The Mortal Auxilia have had a few completions, too!


First up, the test-model for a Power-Axe equipped Storm Section. [and yes, there will be proper Sanskritized names, ranks, and unit-identifications in the medium future]


I really do rather like the grimey sootey aesthetic of these chaps - certainly helps to convey the feel that they've been at war pretty much as long as their Transhuman comrades. 


And there's that trench-running knife htat's something of a regimental custom/emblem.


I ummed and ah'd for ages about what colour to do the bakcpack units. Eventually just settled on black with brassy gold trim to both visually contrast with the rest of the miniature, whlst sitll incorporating Iron Warriors visual cues.


The Axe .. [i wanted to convey the impression fo something well-crafted which is actually cpable of taking down a power-armoured foe...]


I'm not sure *quite* what the Remembrancer's done to annoy him... 

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Also, for a Command Element somewhere ... [but in actuality, telling Shailajatu where to throw the next 'delivery']...


I like the fact that the Greatsword legs help to convey the idea he's a slightly better class of soldier [well, a more ornately dressed one, at any rate - as befits a chap higher up]. 


Also armed with a full-on sword rather than the simple knife of the regular 'line' Auxilia.


Although lest anybody get any 'ideas' about him - he's also equipped with a scoped long-rifle so as to be able to make a direct 'personal' contribution to the battle, even from further back with his Command Element. 


I see he's found the Remembrancer. 

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And now, for a Chap In Charge...


As we can see, even the officer is carrying [a slightly more ornate] trencher's knife. 


Whilst the chains about his neck help to signify .. well .. chains of command, and the fact that these folks are Iron Warriors [sort-of - long story] 



I quite like how the inking effect means it's an obviously decent coat that's still besmirched with the smae pressures everybody else is evidently facing



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And, because why not .. a pair of group shots. 


First up, the Mortals. 


And next, the five miniatures from this inload together. Pretty happy with how this lot turned out :D Definitely looks to me like they're part of the same overall force, albeit with enough difference between them tha the Mortals aren't simply 'mini-mes' of the Marines, and are recognizeably their own thing. 

How do you think we went? 

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Alright, so as we're all aware B&C has recently undergone a few ... changes; and now allows posting of Xenos bits and pieces in the appropriate sub-forums. The explicit ambit for these so far has been the relevant Xenos sections and The Forge. But I've as-yet seen no determination one way or t'uther as to the Age of Darkness part of the board [altlhough no doubt it'll become a thing once folk start doing Ullanor Orks - which I'm totally looking forward to, btw!] ... so with that in mind, here goes nuttin. [mods, if i'm in error posting Heresy-era Eldar in the Heresy sub-forum, this isn't an act of malice but rather misunderstanding and misapplication of 'first-principles' on my part.] 

A few weeks back, we mentioned that we were putting together some Eldar for use in our Horus Heresy narrative campaign. Not a full army, mind [we uh .. don't really do those with the exception of Umbral's Renegades - although his sheer number of Night Lords means he's probably not far off having a proper 40k army of 'em], but some potential pro/ant-agonists who'll play an interesting role in the struggle with Chaos that's about to hit our part of Ultramar. 

I'll start off with cross-posting what I put on Ammobunker back when we got 'em together. 

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First up ... wall-of-text of fluff thinking for how they'll fit in to our game, who they are etc.: [relates back to my Sisters of Silence]

"Basically, the initial idea I had once Umbral had the bright idea of seeing how an Executioner's Draich would look on a Sister, was that instead of how a force weapon [like a wraithbone sword or staff] conducts psychic force to grieviousy injure an opponent ... this *particular* sort of blade does the opposite - transmitting *pariah* energy [we'll have to come up wit ha fancier term for this] in a similar manner. Which ... obvviously would be highly unpleasant for any sentient being caught on the other end of it - and ESPECIALLY for a psyker, or a daemon, or other 'chaos-touched' individual [whcih, in the Heresy around Calth... there's quite a few of]

Now this provokes the obvious question. Why on EARTH would Eldar construct a weapon that works on such an inverse of their usual principles? 

Well ... 

What occurred to me was that there's quite a bit of scope for 'odd' elements to the Eldar in the 30k setting, for the simple reason taht they've just had an absolutely immense calamity strike their civilization - with all manner of desperate attempts either immediately prior to it, or post-facto, to try and sort stuff out and putthings as 'right' again as they can possibly be.

Now, with an immediate upsurge in psychic phenomena, warpstuff, and daemons running around, it's obvious that the logical counter to this is .. well .. 'Null' bits and pieces. Anti-warp. 

Something which I'm calling "The Void" [because that's, I guess, what it is - a 'void' where there should be souls, warp-energy, and all the rest of it].

These Eldar, then [whom we should be meeting the first of rather shortly], are a small group of very extremist souls who've decided that in order to fight backagainst hte literal Chaos that's about to be engulfing the galaxy, they need to turn to methods and prinicples otherwise considered anathema. Hence, weapons that are *anti-warp* [perhaps in the same way that some Necron tech is - reverse engineered or whatever]. Like the previously shown great big sword. [and, perhaps - still figuring this out - there might be 'soul-seared' Eldar individuals to wield them. We'll see. ] 

Oh, and they also need some Pariahs running around to make best use of them on their intended mission. Hence, enticing in a band of Sisters of Silence [in the retinue of the Agent of the Sigillite we showed some months earlier, et co, accompanied by some Malcador's Chosen and two Wolves].

Which may lead to a 'prequel game' of sorts  

Aaaaanyway. The extant field of Eldar fluff offers somewaht ... limited material to work with for what we're trying to do here. Not least because this is arguably the most 'heretical' thing for Eldar since Chaos Eldar [briefly mentioned, iirc, in the original WD127 fluff - and done quite some visible justice in your own excellent log] [in fact, it's perhaps EXTRA heretical, because there's no precedence, and goes completelyagainst the psychic nature of the Eldar race - even with shades of Necronry or Culexus...], but because I'm not really sure this is an area that's evere really been explored for Eldar inthe first place. 

And also because I wanted to bring my beloved Indian religious elements into even the Eldar.

So. With that in mind, I started working out how to tie the Eldar we're assembling to the Mahavidya Aspect 'Dhumavati'. For those of you non-Hindu folk out there in the audience, this particular Aspect is a Tantrik-associated form of the Goddess who's linked to 'hard times', a visual appearance of crone-ness and widowhood, the smoke of the funeral pyres of self-sacrifice [also thuslly the 'remainder' of what has otherwise been burned away], as well as the 'Pralaya' ['Dissolution'; 'unravelling of illusion'] which takes place at the end of a cosmic time period, the Crow, and the Void [in specia, the one which comes *after* the Pralaya, but I digress]. 

Or, in other words, a series of connotations pretty much directly appropriate for where we're going with these Eldar. [oh, and as an additional note, the association of Tantra with concept of 'transgression' is also pretty 'on-the-nose' for where we're headed, in light of how Eldar ar elikely to regard Pariahs and what not]

Now as this is likely to play out in terms of modelling ... obviously, Corvidae are going to be a bit of a prominent theme here. As may be smoke and mist. 

So with that in mind, there's a Razorwing Flock I sourced awhile ago to make a Gothi for some of my WOlves [which I never got around to getting started/even really onto the drawing board] - and the sets of feathered wings in the Scourges box I just picked up will also make for a grand addition. I'm thinking running a small groupof these Eldar as a sort of 'proto-Aspect Warriors' style contingent [not actually Swooping Hawks, just in case there's some confusion - perhaps they dyed out later on; with a 'Crow' or 'Raven' animal focus. "Void Ravens" perhaps  [i'm not aware if there's ever been a proper fluff-fleshing-out of the creatures which the Dark Eldar bomber of teh same name takes its epithet from]]; whilst the Mistweaver Saith [or whatever the name is] character from the Warhammer Quest line will make for the admirable basis for a Seer of sorts. 

In terms of how this plays into the game ... well, let's just say the Imperium doesn't usually like Eldar at the best of times. Although come to think of it, neither Imperial nor Eldar will be inordinately keen on some of the warp powered shenanigans we've *also* got in the offing. 

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Now, the actual Eldar miniatures themselves ...


Now, the idea here is for a sort of a 'champion' for their little band. Well armed, and hyper-dextrous in her chosen style of combat; about to plunge a spear right through somebody's sternum, follow up with the sword, and hten quite possibly throw the shorter blades on her back. All assisted by the grav-harness on her back. Very strong sense of menace


The basing material is from Leman Russ [loooong story behind where the rest of the miniature's wound up  - which YnneadWraith will also love!], and injects a real sense of dynamism into the miniature. Amazingly [to me at least] the whole thing balances with no additional weighting. 




Now as for where one of hte *other* scourge bodies wound up ... not quite so fortunate for this unlucky Eldar  Story-reasons will become apparent momentarily. But basically, think of this chap as an objective-marker. 





Now as for what's on his head ... helm rom teh Executioner kit, with spikes added to make for a simulacrum of the Animus Speculum of the Culexus. Basic idea is that despite the physical restraints [one of which, if one looks closely, this Eldar is just about to slip out of - note the manacles being at different parts of the arms], the Sisters of Silence aren't going to be silly enough to just let manacles be it. So a helm which basically forcibly tortures due to channelling Null/Pariahness...well, that'll keep an Eldar incapacitated a.f right?


So how'll this be used...? Well, here's a hint [please excuse the average painting on the Sister - she's only half-done, to the batchh-painting process stage pre-detailing]


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Alright, now that the Ammobunker cross-posting from *looks at datestamp ... * TWO AND A HALF WEEKS AGO?! is over ... Here's some more recent material. 

The idea here is, once again, to present Eldar who are very different from those we're much more accustomed to in 40k. Part of this is due to the aforementioned different subculture these chaps are from [with hte whole Void sect thing]; but it's also due to this being the 31st rather than 41st millennium. Despite slightly odd things like the Howling Banshee mask which turns up in A Thousand Sons, I'm of the general opinion that things like the Aspect Warrior shrines and warriors that we're familiar with in 40k not really being as 'defined' in 30k sa they would later become - indeed, even the Path system itself is probably a lot more in flux before its standardization and broad-rollout on the Craftworlds. 

What that means in practise is that, like I said above, it's very possible that 30k Eldar will have different Aspects or Aspect-like groups [i'm particularly interested in doing a bunch of proto-Striking Scorpions to represent that shrine as it was when Arhra was its Phoenix Lord before Karandras took over, as an example] - not least because some of these will no doubt die out in the intervening ten millennia or wind up incorporated into other Aspects in an ongoing process of religious re-interpretation. And it also occurs that the technology employed by 30k Eldar will also be rather askew as compared to the Craftworlders. 

In my head, this means that wraith constructs will likely be quite different in some respects [less soulstones in use, due to Eldar no longer reincarnating [is that even fluff?] being a change that's happened a lot more recently in the past], anything tha we WOULD see in 40k is going to be a bit 'different', but also that it's quite likely a lot of *Dark Eldar* weaponry and cultural affectations will be in-play [on grounds that the Dark Eldar, in many ways, represent the pre-Fall Eldar who uh ... didn't stop the party due ot the massive comedown, but just kept on keeping on]. 

With that in mind, I see the Eldar who'd kept the Eldar martial tradition alive in an age wherein they could just have robots fight their wars for them as probably doing so for fun etc. Hence another point of connection wth the Dark Eldar, and support for not-necessarily-craftworld-based-Eldar using Dark Eldar weaponry - it's much hte same as post-apocalyptic survivalists using the hunting rifles, sportsriflfes etc. that folk used priorto the collapse rather htan being equipped with military-spec equipment as an analogy. 

Oh, and they're probably a lot *less* generally amenable to humans ... [which, considering how xenophobic/Mon-Keigh-phobic 40k Eldar are...]

Anyway, I'm rambling. On with the show!

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First up, we have what's quite possibly one of hte aforementioned Proto-Aspect Warriors. He's heavily armoured [kinda like a Dark Reaper], carrying a long-ranged weapon of high lethality and anti-armour capacity [kinda like a Dark Reaper], but scoped for sniper-accuracy [not really like a Dark Reaper]. 


Main parts that have gone into this mix are a Darklance from either the Kabalite Warriors or Scourges kit; a head from the Scourges; and a body from the Dark Elf Executioners kit. 


As you can see [or not], posing has this chap looking directly down the scope of his weapon. Excellent workby Umbral. 



Will see how he paints up, but in my head thus far, the demonstrably heavy Executioner armour from the base miniature will be used in a similar way to the Dark Reapers' 3+ saves [coz proportionately heavy/large plating on top of quite substantial mesh armour]; whilst the feathered and sleek appearance of the helmet might well suggest an avian nature for the Aspect [and certainly, birds of prey with their excellent eyesight are capable of identifying and eliminating a target from vast distances, albeit more 'up-close' at the end of it] - I did briefly consider something like "Black Eagles", although iirc Star Eagles are an already-established Aspect and it might be wise to avoid a double-up of totemic animals. Cockatrices might be a little too niche and lack an easy Eldar equivalent also :P 



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