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Duz's Custard Creams


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Well clearly its been a while since my last update... I'm also at a bit of a dilemma

Our local group is doing a troop painting event which is a month long and since I'm still unpacking I figured a good time to paint my custard creams because it's "only three models"

However I don't know if I should paint them like I have been or use contrast as the base for the ivory after having reasonable success with my terrain - see spoiler

Added more gold because the Imperium has no restraint


Second storey completed, waiting to decide how to do the floors though. Have some space wolf grey contrast paint showing up this week see how it goes

This would alleviate several concerns

1. I wouldn't have to airbrush anything and contrast is relatively quick for painting

2 I also wouldn't have to wash the models after the base layers

3 It also avoids the issue of the sepia wash being inconsistent as it ages...

The painter inside my says don't but the pragmatist says do it and I might expand beyond 3000pts of an assembled army with just 1 mini painted :ermm:


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I'm not loving it, but I also think the reds and blues need to be blocked in to give a fair assessment. It looks like it will work but right now it reminds me of my marines that you've seen. I hate that scheme until I get the blue and black blocked in because they help to bring it all together.

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Well the brains trust wasn't super helpful :tongue.:

So went and found a model to try it out on :wink:

Thoughts :


My original model


This is fantastic, what white are you using for the base? It looks similar to my corax-base sepia wash custodes at presents but way more crisp.

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I think it looks good - a promising start for sure :tu: All the detail on the model is a good candidate for the contrast paints. Thewarriorhunter has a point though, it will be difficult to give an accurate assessment without further work! I do think you're onto a winner so I'm looking forward to seeing it painted up.

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I plan on carrying it through to see how difficult it is to paint all the way. My concern is if I have to do touch ups later. I'm hoping Ushanti bone will be a close touch up paint.


The model is 1:1 skeleton horde and medium on grey seer

Which I had actually planned to use wraithbone but didn't check the can before I primed... So I will also do a quick version with the wraithbone and see what the difference is

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As mentioned I grabbed the wrong primer previously so got around to using the correct primer and painted again.

Here are the two models side by side. Both are skeleton horde with medium. One is grey seer undercoat the other is wraithbone.



Side note also purchased a Magna rack for these guys during the battlefoam sale. Now I have to magnetise their bases too :ermm:

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Well after settling into my new place and make space on my hobby desk I finally picked up a brush last night after a lot of procrastination


I forgot how much of a pain to paint these guys were! :sweat:

Didn't make much progress in the hour or so I painted last night... Not enough to decide which shade to go with anyways

Hopefully next time I pick up the brush I'm more motivated and make better progress

The gold that is painted is only the first layer, the second is more yellow and less bronze

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A little more progress last night

Got the base layer of gold down on both and some of the 2nd layer on the right

I think i know which one I am leaning towards at this point and slightly miffed the effort it's taken to decide. The non preferred might not be repainted for a while as a result :sweat:



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