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  1. I know I'm relatively new around here, but I've been trying to branch out, so I suppose I'll show off my Fists. Here's the method to my madness. Spray Tamiya Camel Yellow PS-19 over unprimed model. This can take SEVERAL, VERY light coats as it can slide over the plastic, but white and black undercoats didn't get the desired effect. Spray with purity seal, testors dullcoat, matte finish whatever. Selective wash of equal-parts Gryphonne Sepia, Devlad Mud and water. VERY light drybrush of golden yellow to bring the colour up. Do metal/shoulders/Aquila as desired. Drybrush 50/50 Golden Yellow/Skull White for small edge highlights. Anyway, I've used more than a full Tactical Squad in finding this method, and this is what turned out DECENT. There are four more that were aborted very early on in painting due to wash issues, wrong colour entirely etc. http://i.imgur.com/fw2jbGu.jpg On the left we have my test mini, in the center the second one done. The second one done really bothered me and had me learn the hard way how difficult it is to get that consistency with yellow. Towards the right, Mr. Melty-face. A better attempt at consistency, but not as bright as the test mini. http://i.imgur.com/4PAzwGR.jpg Mr. Melty-face on the left. In the center, someone I was finally satisfied with, but still no measure of consistency. On the right, my first done tit-for-tat with kingmong's method. It just looked too orange for me, he's clearly better with his spray and wash than I am, so I took the easy way out. http://i.imgur.com/vxoHmm7.jpg Finally, the final model I'm satisfied with. I love it. Perfect yellow, smooth coverage, easy detail, simple blacklining. Love it. I can see how to do vehicles and squads from this method - like I said to him though, I can see why he sprays without the arms on! Can't wait to get started with more!
  2. Hello all! Originally I planned on calling this thread "Ikka does Sisters", similar to how some other Frater have titled their threads and then thought about that for all of a half-second before changing it because, well, you know. Anyway, I'm subscribed to the Imperium mag (US) and the Sisters stuff has just started to come out. My initial thought was to simply sell them, as I already have multiple armies and didn't really want/need another project, but then that weird little hobby part of my brain couldn't shut off. I have a lot of Inquisition models (or random models I label Inquisition) and had the old 3rd ed Witchhunters codex back in the day- why don't I just fold in the Imperium Sisters into my Inquisition stuff? So my second plan was to just paint up the Imperium models (comprising the Sisters Combat Patrol without the Rhino) and be done with them. I even had a paint scheme in mind, as I had finished a group of Malleus gene-guards this month and like the ivory armor that I gave them, so no stress on the painting front. A nice, simple little diversion from my competition Necrons/Knights armies and my Primaris SM casual army. Of course, the second plan was not to be. I received quite a few nice Xmas gifts of the hobby variety, pretty much incapsulating all of my current armies and projects (barring Knights). Tucked in there was the Cawdor Redemptionist box from Necromunda that I had put on my list as a last minute filler because I couldn't think of anything else, and I tend to grab Necromunda models as a hobby break for myself from my main armies. A great little box full of six religious wackos who will scream about the God-Emperor while trying to light you on fire and/or rip you apart with chain-weapons. Great sculpts with tons of character. What does this have to do with Sisters? Well, while I was happily putting together the first three Redemptionists, my thoughts turned to the Sisters Canoness I had just received from Imperium, probably because they are all crazy Emperor-botherers (according to Commissar Cain). Pulling up the SoB codex, I found the entries for the Missionary and Preacher- boom, I had just made a Missionary and a Preacher without thinking. I quickly grabbed the flamer-wielding Deacon and slapped a chainsword on his flamer to make another Preacher with a vindicator. This lead to my thoughts spiraling around about how the Redemptionist and Sisters would interact... which lead to a spate of Battlescribing, researching, and spending some eBay gift cards. So, I now have the contents of Imperium, plus a box each of the Battle Sisters squad, Repentia squad, and Novitiate squad now enroute to my house (or scheduled, for the next three months, in the case of Imperium). 1,000 points worth of Sisters and various Ecclesiarchy goons will soon be mine, with whom I will hopefully pound my friends to dust with for the God-Emperor in a Crusade campaign that I want to get going. This thread will chronicle the rise of the Order and possibly its battles, as I work out some background and start getting models made/painted. Army theme- I'm going for more of a darker take on Sisters than the codex colors. I'd call it Blanchitsu if I wasn't so intimidated by that label and the great painters who already do that style. Subdued ivory/bone, worn leather, oxidized bronze, that sort of thing as far as colors go, but with a marble base effect that I've recently tried and enjoyed. Lots of use of washes, because that's liquid talent that I don't have naturally and don't particularly intend on acquiring (I'm a fast, but mediocre painter who doesn't really like to paint detail/put a ton of time in models, though I love having painted armies). Background- A work in progress at the moment. I tend to require an army name before I go into the nitty-gritty of head canon, so right now I'm working towards that. My initial ideas are to have the Order revolving around penance much more than most Orders, a "We are all damned" sort of thing. Feel free to chip in any thoughts or ideas, this is still very much a nebulous army in my head (as I have all of four models for it in my hands at the moment).
  3. Hi All! I have not ventured into this forum much despite owning a few Inquisitors, I usually keep them more aligned with my IG collection and WIP as they generally don't have their own retinue. I had been holding out for a dedicated Custodes subforum and now with the release of the new FW Beta rules for ALL the units I've decided now is the time to start this thread. I do have a fairly reasonable collection so far, albeit mostly unpainted. I blame that on deciding to go with the Solar Watch colour scheme... The guys have sooo much detail... I do think it is worth it in the end. My hobby goals for this year are to finish some random guard projects I haven't completed and then focus on getting a painted and playable Custodes army. Some pic's of my collection so far My initial purchase I actually have Trajann at a semi decent TT quality, but apparently not uploaded any pics of him yet I've built most my bikes! Although I do have 1-2? boxes left to build since I did these... My first bike and scheme testing, Vallejo colours helped me achieve the ivory and gold I wanted The Terminators are possibly some of my most favourite models in 40k atm And this is essentially my only fully painted model in a year or so of collecting... My xmaspresent from last year Which is now doubly so thanks for FW's release today! He's already washed, ready to assemble and magnetise Over the long weekend last week I managed to build 10 Custodians to finish of my battalion requirement I already had assembled and magentised 1 box, these guys I didn't bother with Local store had a 40-50% clearance sale on GW the other week picked up some more models that I probably didn't need... Hopefully will order some of the new Venatari soon too Having finally kicked off this thread, I hope it spurs me more to finish this army sooner! And for those wondering
  4. I've been inspired by the various project logs by all of you glorious contributors and decided to start a thread to show my work thus far. I chose Blood Angels because I had started a BA army long ago when I was in my early teens, regrettably that army was sold off long ago. Of course my painting skills were largely miserable back then as well. Not that they're incredible now, but I'm quite happy with how things have turned out comparatively. As I got back into the hobby two years ago I first picked up a Death Company Strike Force box: Death Company Marines The jump packs are all magnetized should I ever decide to run them on foot or in a transport. Also, approximately half of the shoulders are magnetized to allow weapon swaps. I have three power fists and two inferno pistols primed waiting for paint. I intend to run them with three power swords and three fists. I also need to decide on how to paint my power swords, I've hidden them among the group in this photo intentionally. Death Company Dreadnought Captain #1 A very simple conversion from the Blood Angels Chaplain. The head is from http://conversionworld.de. I intended to add a shield from the same site, but it didn't fit as well against the wings as I wanted. I wouldn't say I'm happy with how the wings turned out, it's a very simple dry bush job. My color selection at the time was pretty limited and I didn't want to directly copy the box art, though I haven't strayed far from it on the rest of the model. Assault Terminators After finishing the DC box I picked up a box of Blood Angels Terminators purely for nostalgia's sake. They were my favorite unit when I was younger, and I ran them in a Land Raider Crusader. Eventually I plan on running them in a Stormraven, which was always a dream model for me as I would flip through catalogs as a kid. All of the shoulders are magnetized, and one of the shields is magnetized at the wrist should I ever decide to run a Terminator Ancient. And this Christmas I received a box of Vanguard Veterans, Blood Angels Command Squad, and some Helverins. Captain #2 I've used the Veterans and Command Squad bits to build another Captain. As my favorite model thus far I've tentatively named him Captain Luther due to my man-crush on Idris Elba and his character. I enjoy the lore side of the game though I'm far from well-versed in it; does Captain Luther conflict with any existing lore? He also has two lightning claws to swap out, though they're only base coated at this point. The jump pack and shoulders are magnetized. And lastly for now, the Armiger Helverins. Though they aren't specifically Blood Angels I very much enjoy them with my army, and have nowhere else I'm particularly interested in showing them off. A self-made house inspired by Duncan's House Griffith painted Knights showcased on Warhammer Community. The paint job is the only aspect I've decided on definitively. Knights will have more royal colors, blues, purples, etc whenever I get the opportunity to acquire more. The next two models I'm working on painting are a Lieutenant and Company Champion built from the Command Squad box and upgrade sprue. This thread isn't likely to be expanded rapidly as my hobby budget is pretty thin and has been for the last two years. The upside to that is nearly all of my models have been painted. My most obvious plan for the future is to buy and build some troops, which I'm sorely missing. These will most likely be Scouts as I know they're one of the two best options. I'm a competitive person in most things, though I do everything I can to hide it in the moment. It's a shame about Tactical Marines, as I loved them as a kid. In fact seeing my friend's starter box of Marines is what first got me into the hobby. At the current time I'm mildly opposed Primaris Marines, mostly because they didn't exist when I was first in the hobby, and like I said I'm largely inspired by nostalgia. Thank you so much for reading and any input, hopefully updates won't be too sparse.
  5. Hi! (we've got this out of the way to start with!) and Happy New Year! (Kind of late into the month but this is the first post of the year in this subforum) Long time Lurker decided to join the community to open a PLOG to keep the motivation going to assemble and paint 2500 points of Blood/Dark Angels! I started collecting Warhammer in 3rd edition but never played much. Recently decided to strip down the thick paint from all of my space marines and reassemble/paint them into something nice! I'll share more in my plog. Speaking of which: in which sub-forum should I create it? Happy Gaming!
  6. So while this project is largely to keep my eyes from going blind from painting yellow all the time, I'm getting rather excited for my little cultists (probably for similar reasons as my fondness for the Sisters: nutters tend to make for fun armies to play). And since I like the cult names that sound like they could be some kind of Ministorium sect, dubbing these guys the Children of the Throne just seemed fitting. Potato quality pictures ahead, but I am looking at upgrading to something better in the future (when I stop spending all my money on minis). To kick things off we have the first HQ for the army, fresh from a Tooth and Claw box, the Abominant: And I admit the color choice for his overalls makes it feel like he needs a banjo and to live in a swamp somewhere but it's the color I'm using for the coverall parts of the rest of the army (and the Guard uniforms when I get around to doing those guys for things) so it is what it is I guess.
  7. Hello all, After finishing painting my space wolves to about 2500 points, i got very dissapointed with the FW released for the Vlka Fenryka, so i decided that 2500 points would suffice and switch to a different legion. The other day i splurged a lot of cash on Salamander stuff, and hope to get that in soon (easter), and until then i will be working on some stuff i have already here. My goal is that by 25th of march, i have finished the following: 2x10 Tactical Marines 1x5 Cataphractii 1x5 Tactical Support 1 Rhino 1 Legion Baneblade 6 Objective markers 2 Tarantula Sentry guns And now that my motivation is high, i made good progress on my first squad, which turned out to take a lot longer then expected because its Mark III. I still have to build and paint the Sergeant and a tactical marine to complete this squad, and then they can be mounted in a rhino with Multi Melta. Feel free to leave some comments or tips on both gameplay and painting, all is welcome For now, here is my first squad.
  8. Hiya everyone! I've been out of the picture for far to long, but I'm back and with a new project. Introducing Siouxsi-Cide and the Banshees's! I will be doing regular updates, as well as the whole painting process, yes even the awful looking base coat stage lol. I will be using my gang in a new Necromunda Campaign my group is starting next month. Gang Leader Siouxsi-Cide: She's armed with a Shotgun and power knife. She's nearly finished. She needs her hair further shading, as well as something funky for her shotgun, maybe tiger stripes [WIP] and here is my first Champion: Syd Vicious: Armed with Heavy Stubber and auto-pistol. Obviously she's only at base coating stage.
  9. This project actually has an interesting origin as it's inspire by a renegade army I stumbled across online. After seeing a yellow CSM army (they were Lamenters) and how well the yellow looks on the CSM I was hooked on the idea and immediately dived into finding some yellow Marines that wouldn't make me hate myself (I can't freehand a straight line to save my life due to a very small tremble I can't seem to eliminate so doing my own Renegade Lamenters was right out), which lead me to finding the biggest *bleep*-heads of the Astartes: the Marines Malevolent. Anyone who knows their lore knows these guys basically have no friends, not because they're unlucky sops like the Lamenters but because they tick everyone off. So to give an idea of what they look like here we go: So I decided to run with doing an army of these guys with a small twist to the color scheme: the trim would be a violet wash over silver (giving it a purple metal look) making it compliment the base yellow while bridging the black and yellow portions of the models so they feel more cohesive. I like to start with big models because they usually give me a lot of room to work with to clean up mistakes and get the technique down for how I'm painting my army. So I'm starting with my Daemon Prince: The horns need re-doing as I drybrushed the layers to heavilly. I'm likely to give the other bone portions a wash around the bottom to give them a darker look around the base, but otherwise I feel like he's pretty close to done (after I finish his face which needs some stronger highlights to pull out detail, and stick him on a base) but for around three to four hours of work I feel like he's coming along nicely. His skin tone will be the spot color for any cloth or topknots in the army to act as a way to tie things together across the army. Sadly I don't feel like my camera quite manages to get the purple of the trim as well as it appears in person, but color balance on that potato has always been a little hard.
  10. Fellow Guardsmen! It's been a long time since my last report to Terran High Command! I hope the Emperor can forgive me. But the 409th is ready to emerge from winter quarters and hit the campaign trail once again. Real life demands not withstanding, I plan to get back to the business of putting more boots on the ground and shells in the air. I tried to find my old PLOG thread only to discover that it had been so long since my last update that it had been archived! Disgraceful! I'm fixing to keep this thread from suffering the same fate. I have to admit, it's no coincidence that the arrival of 8th Edition and the new Guard dex coincide with this army coming off ice. The new regimental doctrines sound very fluffy and fun to play with. I plan to try them all out just for kicks since I run my own homebrew regiment. Since it has been so long, like YEARS, since I last seriously posted, for those who don't know about the 409th, it's primarily an infantry based Guard regiment that is inspired by the American Civil War. I've seen random threads here and there on the old Intertrons in the past that were loosely inspired by ACW themes, and always had a mind to tackle it myself. I'm using a lot of third party kit which gets kind of expensive, but I think that this theme demands more than some simple head swaps to achieve the effect I'm going after. It's been a pretty long slog, but the 409th slumber'd for long enough and my boys have their dander up! Anyway, I figured the best way to start the new thread is with a PARADE! Who doesn't love parades, especially military parades glorifying the Emperor! So, I'll start there with some beauty shots of the boys I have all painted up ready for battle: Command Section: Here's a couple shots of the ranking officers, the Senior Officer in the middle and two Junior Officers. And their Regimental Advisors: Master of Ordnance, Astropath, a Fleet Officer and a Priest in there for good measure. And here's the CO with his command squad retinue: Bonus: Checkout my old count-as as Color Sergeant Kell in the back on the right - never got around to actually modelling the actual COLORS he was supposed to be entrusted with, but hes got the power fist and 'power' sword - the only chain sword in my army! Also included for bonus fun, an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor I painted up about the same time as I was doing this regiment initially, in case he ever needed to commandeer the regiment on Inquisition business: I don't really remember where I found this guy, pretty sure he's some kind of Privateer Press mini. Elites: Well, I guess these guys are Elites now, which honestly I feel is not optimal, but oh well, gotta sell those stormtrooper sprues! When I initially envisioned an ACW inspired army on the table I had thought I'd have entire platoons (in game terms) worth of infantry patterned in different uniform styles taken from famous civil war units. However, this is not as feasible as I foresaw from a cost and time standpoint. It became more practical to run Veteran squads in some of the more exotic unit patterns of the day, rather than try and run entire platoons this way. It just costs too much!! In-game it actually works pretty well as a way to distinguish Vet squads from your standard infantry squads, and easily explained from a fluff standpoint - as units gain seniority they appropriate unique attire befitting their veteran status. Anyway my first Veteran squad is patterned after the famous Union Iron Brigade. They were also called the Black Hats since the appropriated Hardee hats as part of their uniform instead of the typical kepis and forage caps. These guys are pretty much all Victoria Mini parts, but the heads are special. Steve Barber miniatures online has a massive range of historal minis for different eras and lots in the 28mm scale. And while historical 28mm is usually too small to be compatibile with heroic 28mm, they do have lot and lots of 28mm historic heads and their heads happen to scale extremely nicely with VicMini scuplts. They also work with GW as well, but mate with VicMini perfectly. I use the Steve Barber heads in this project extensively, they are a near perfect fit for this kind of conversion. Here's more of the squad: The special weapons in initially modelled for this squad was melta, back when melta vets were the hotness. But I guess the hotness is plasma now, so I suppose I'm going to have to go back and bang out a few plasma Vets for the squad. The 'melta' arms are all VicMini and really look the part for the aesthetic. Next Vet squad: these guys are patterned after the 11th New York Fire Zouaves. I really wanted to do some Zouaves units, but pretty much chickened out, since I don't really trust my greenstuff-fu, and no one out there is making baggy Zouave-style pantaloons in the 28mm heroic scale. So these guy are my compromise since they were a Zouave unit when they mustered in at the beginning of the war, and had a different uniform, a silk uniform that fell apart during their initial campaign! This is closer to the unit's second uniform, were they ditched their jackets and adopted dark trousers to replaces the baggy zouave pants that had disintegrated. Back in the old dex, (I'm talking 5th Ed. when I was heavy into planning this unit out,) There was no regiment restriction, and Harker was an interesting addition for a veteran squad. Zouaves drilled in light infantry open-order tactics - running these guys as light infantry infiltrating harassers was what I intended. This squad has sniper rifles - cheap and cheerful harassment weapons, inspired by the 'sniper' rifled muskets of the era. This squad is lead by my 'count-as' Harker. Is he even IN the next Dex or just the 8th Ed. index?? Well, he's a cool conversion anyway, don't know if he'll find the table for a while. And speaking of snipers, these guys can run as their own counts-as rattlings (although I do need a few more) or as part of a command squad for the BS3+. They are inspired by Berdan's 1st and 2nd US Sharpshooters. They were special regiments that recruited soliders who were proficient with the rifled arms of the day and could actually aim (most couldn't). They were used often as skirmishers at the divisional level instead of fighting in traditional two-rank battle lines. These guy are my own count-as Commissars. Every civil war regiment usually had a Sergeant Major, who was the senior NCO of the unit. Anecdotally these guys were known to be tough as nails and unflappable. In my fluff, these guys are senior NCO's who get inducted into special Officio Prefectus training programs and come out the other end as Sergeant Major Commissars. I always intended to get a couple actual Commissars painted up, but never got around. There's more I'd like to do for these guys to make them really stand out as Commissars on the tabletop. And here's another 5th Ed. relic: my counts-as Marbo. I think the Index still let's you run him?? But maybe its just Shadow Wars now? He was fun one to convert, but doesn't have a place right now in an 8th Ed. army. Pity.
  11. Let's see if a plog encourages me to be any more productive!
  12. I made a New Year's resolution for the first time ever, and unlike everybody I know, I actually kept mine! Due to not being able to work this year, I've had all the time to work on my models and delete my backlog pile somewhat. And therefore, in the past 7 months, I've ground through my 3k list for Death Guard and got everything painted and based! Amongst a bunch of other things which don't apply here. Anyhoo, enough pre-amble, pictures! And apologies for the varying quality and style of some of these pics, I'm a bad photographer trying to find my feet. Necrosius Daemon Prince
  13. Greetings brothers! Last week I started my second attempt at a black templars army (the first attempt was in 3rd edition) I will use Mk. III armour as base bodies and add; grey knights, dark angels and black templars part. I have some built and some painted. I hope you like them :). http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac126/sjoco85/20171203_140353_zpsxmqdwo3k.jpg http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac126/sjoco85/Mobile%20Uploads/20171210_184246_zps8obwnb42.jpg http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac126/sjoco85/Mobile%20Uploads/20171210_184206_zpsil8qhb4j.jpg
  14. I admit that I'm stepping on some fluff to create Magos Malleus as a thing, but I felt it was appropriate considering the army. Some may know of this project from the Ad Mech section, but for those who don't, I'm working on Forge World Moon Deimos, the Ad Mech who support the Knights of Titan both through supplies, and sometimes in battle. This means they fight daemons regularly enough to make it a point to have Magos who likely specialize in such studies, hence the created title. So the official artwork for Deimos is pretty limited, being just this guy: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/images/thumb/8/84/DeimosSkitarii.jpg/220px-DeimosSkitarii.jpg And as we can see there isn't a lot to work off here, but after spending FAR too long studying this picture to try and work out my paint scheme I've nailed down some details: blue-grey coats (following a Space Wolves painting scheme for this, but test models will determine if I stray from it. I tried some flat grey schemes but it lacked something thus pushing into Russ Grey and Ferensian Grey) with off white linings, red armour and underclothes, copper metal accents, and dull silver for the more functional parts. Pretty straight forward, though it does mean some more paint shopping is in order. But I can't start a plog without some painting so here's a 95% completed Cawl (5% being the basing that I'm honestly probably never going to get around to doing since I'm not building a Mars army): The way the colors wash out a little with my camera honestly annoys me but it's almost a decade old and only 10mpx so I'll take what I can get since it does an okay job at least. I fully admit that I am more of a fan of subtle effects (that don't always carry over on my camera), so the cables aren't done with strong highlights, nor are the glowing bits going full OSL (I figure if he's outside, which is how I usually base my models, then he's likely competing with stronger light sources like the sun, so I keep a glow but don't take it to full OSL levels). Consider it a style choice to be a little more subdued I suppose. So with Forge World Graia's rules (warlord trait to shoot while locked in combat, and the surviving death or fleeing on a 6) the obvious winners are Vanguard (who like getting close and will likely end up in combat anyways) and Electro-priests (who either like getting close or actually into melee, and turn into a horde of one wound tanks that get a 5++, a 5+ to ignore things that get past that and with Graia another 6+ to avoid wounds that get past that. Basically they're better at tanking wounds than most things in the game, and since they don't care about cover (6+ armour means they won't get better than a 5+ from cover) means they can be used more aggressively). Naturally everything benefits from a chance to not die on a 6, though the way it plays the army will definitely be leaning away from more static based shooting (though running some ranged shooting will still be a thing, it's not going to be a gunline focused army). Only many games will determine if being aggressive will actually pay off, but I look forward to seeing how many armies are properly grounded. ;) That said, here's what is currently ready for paint (and has been washed with Nuln Oil yesterday evening): Not seen are the Skitarii I'm currently building into sub-assemblies. 4 Rangers (1 Alpha with rifle, 1 Ranger with rifle, 1 Ranger with Omnispex, 1 Ranger with Arquebus) and 6 Vanguard (2 Alphas with rifles, 1 Plasma Vanguard, 1 Vanguard with Data Tether, 2 Vanguard with rifles). I may make one of the rifle Vanguard into an Arc Rifle Vanguard since S6 shooting is still good, even if it's not good against vehicles, but I haven't fully committed to that yet. I'm a little hesitant to do it since that does mean 2-3 weapons that can't shoot while running up the board to get into position, but then again it's possible that they may turn out to be effective if I'm dealing with T3 models (wounding on 2s is always good) that I don't want to waste plasma on or light vehicles (Sentinels, Dark Eldar skimmer craft) that I don't want to use a Neutron Laser on in lieu of heavier targets. Basically I'm looking at them as kind of a middle ground weapon for the purposes of a TAC army, plus they look cool (which is always the most important thing, right?). I'm going to try and update at least every few days at least, and with no idea how much will be added to this army (I'm currently thinking of being able to field a full sized unit of every option, but that might be a little much :P), especially with the rumored Mechanicus/Necron box game that may be coming (that is if it isn't just Mars rules).
  15. Since I'm coming close to finishing the fist few DA models I've been painting recently, I thought it might be cool to share them with you. There are no bases at the moment (still working on them...), I paint the models in parts, and I am a very slow (s-l-o-w) painter. As a result, I'm going to try posting progress updates in this thread to keep me motivated as I attempt a run at my long-term goal of painting about 200 Dark Angels! You are all welcome to poke/comment/criticise me as appropriate, and I hope that you won't get too bored of seeing lots of Dark Vengeance marines painted in an essentially studio-scheme. Anyway, I snapped a quick pic of one chap with my phone, and whilst not the best pic (understatement...), at least you guys get to see him and know that I have made an earnest start.. (Oh, and where the pix are a bit rubbish like above, I will try wherever possible to follow up with better pix whenever I get a sunnier day to snap them in daylight). _________________________________________________________________________________ Edit: I've added a picture of the finished squad for newcomers to this thread, and will periodically update this first post with links to subsequent finished squads to help guide people quickly to the end results.
  16. Hi everyone, One of my aims when I joined B&C was to start a painting blog, as a means to motivate me to paint some of the growing pile of guard minis. I might even ramble on about some background, tactics and so on. So here we are, first post on a new plog! I'm currently playing in a 1k point campaign that gives bonus points if you field a fully painted force so the initial focus is to get paint onto my campaign force, which is roughly: CCS in Chimera Platoon, PCS, 2 Inf Squads Plasma Carapace Vets in Chimera x2 Wyvern Vanquisher Plasma Cannon Sentinel Pretty respectable amount of models! And here (assuming I can get the links to work!) are some really rough pics. Still working out which way to point the camera :P Going for a very simple paint scheme, table top quality. C&C welcome. Varchilde
  17. This is my "shut up and paint" progress thread. The idea is to lay out my Commandery's TO&E and link later posts as I finish individual units, with weekly updates on Sundays to keep me on task, motivated, and positive. This takes the place of my old WIP thread. Command Saint Celestine Canoness Command Squad Cardinal in TDA Confessor Big Hat Priests Elites Repentia Crusaders Death Cultists Frateris Militia Sister Sniper Troops __Battle Sisters BSS 1 BSS 2 BSS 3 BSS 4 Fast Attack __Seraphim Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 __Dominions Melta Squad 1 Melta Squad 2 Melta Squad 3 Flamer Squad 1 Flamer Squad 2 Storm Bolter Squad 1 Storm Bolter Squad 2 Heavy Support __Retributors Heavy Bolter Squad 1 Heavy Bolter Squad 2 Multimelta Squad Heavy Flamer Squad Exorcist 1 Exorcist 2 Exorcist 3 Transports Immolator 1 Immolator 2 Immolator 3 Immolator 4 Repressor 1 Repressor 2 Rhino 1 Rhino 2 Rhino 3 Rhino 4 Ecclesiarchal Land Raider Ecclesiarchal Valkyrie Lords of War Avenger Strike Fighter Ecclesiarchy Oathed Knight
  18. I started a proper Harlequin army the day 9th edition was announced. This thread is a consolidation of my Harlequin work, thoughts, and maybe even battle reports. I'm always open ro positive criticism. I fear my best painting days lie somewhere in the '90s, and I hope to learn new stuff nevertheless. Completed Models First Starweaver 1 / 2 Second Starweaver 1 / 2 Third Starweaver 1 / 2 Fourth Starweaver 1 / 2 Work in Progress Shadowseer Day One 1 / 2 My Harlequin Gallery
  19. What's this? A new army? Lord knows I shouldn't but here I am anyway! This will (hopefully) be a plog for me to update semi-regularly (which I am defining as more regularly than my dawn blades plog in the forge, which hasn't seen an update since the last iron gauntlet), for my Cantorellian 23rd (plus attached assets). The initial details of the regiment can be found here, but I figured this would be a good place for the models. So, here's a couple of models I painted a few years ago, that are the basis of the Cantorellian 23rd. The Squad, with a plasma gun and sergeant. The sergeant, with a space marine arm and a chopped-up lasgun for a laspistol. The idea with the camo is that it's ocean/beach camo, but as I'm not military I have no concept of what is actually functional camo, it just looks cool. Hopefully looking to spend a decent-ish amount of time here in the barracks.
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