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Duz's Custard Creams


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They're 3D printed ones I bought off ebay eons ago... 


Which I'll be replacing with the resin ones above. Had to replace my ultrasonic cleaner so I just got the remainder washed a couple of days ago. 

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Got my Telemon primed yesterday and some decorative bases... 


Hope to start working on him this week. Missus is outta town for the next week + which should give me ample hobby time in the evenings :biggrin:

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On 10/9/2022 at 6:20 PM, duz_ said:

Feels like I'm talking to myself in here, but that's nothing new :teehee:

Trying to keep the hobby train going. Got my FW Custodes primed this weekend so I can get to them during the cooler months if I like! 




Nope, you're not alone. I'm always watching! :)  I should find more time to post, but I'm always checking in on this project. I have probably sold two of these armies since you started and frankly I'm jealous of your ability to keep at it, and to have some a great looking force. The bases are fantastic. I eventually got tired of buying all these specialty bases and now I buy 'ruin' bit sets and some stuff to adhere them to the bases. 


I also love the priming stick from GW. GW takes a lot of heat for overpriced, underperforming tools but the priming stick is really a great tool I've reviewed on my blog. I ended up buying a second one. I just wish it was longer.



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Thanks @Prot this army has taken a lot longer than I thought it would but now I think I'm getting the hang of it. Contrast really helps although I should try and get the gold down to a single layer that's really killing the infantry.


I really like the Unreal Wargaming bases expensive, but worth it since I hate basing. Although I am very perturbed that GW changed the size of the IG HWTs since I had bought many 60mm bases for all mine... :dry:

I got all of the ones I bought primed ready for painting. I'm going to try and lighten up the blue on the next batch. 


Meanwhile the Telemon makes slow progress. Im mostly done with the chassis then onto the arms.... I need to find where I put the shooty gun arm and how many I should have :sweat:




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@duz_ The thing about building an army based on the elite among the elite followers of the Emperor is that things take a while to finish. Perfection has a cost :biggrin:


Sometimes it might seem that you don't get enough attention/feedback on some of the longer build/paint threads, especially on some of the smaller sub-forums.
It doesn't necessarily mean you are talking to yourself, but it can be odd when you see lots of your own posts without input from others.

It is something that I have experienced in my own threads as well, so you are not alone in thinking you might be alone :smile:


You have made some progress over the years on the army and the individual models, sometimes some things take a while to get done, especially when motivation is lacking or other projects act as a distraction.


It seems you need some sort of tracking system for what you have available, so you don't lose on the shooty versions of life.

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@GreenScorpionI have a system... its all crammed into varying boxes in multiple closets in the house :woot:

According to a very old invoice I should have 1 of the cannons somewhere... I will need to find it :sweat:


He is done! And on one of my new fancy bases! I also rebased the Galatus onto a new base too. The Galatus pose is a bit precarious, so I hope he stays on!







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1 hour ago, our_baz said:

That looks epic.

The bases set them off perfectly, how have you achieved that stone effect?


Thanks baz! 


Well helps that the bases themselves are already fashioned as marble. 


The painting was easy, 8:1:8 apothecary white, medium, Russ grey contrast paints on Greyseer Primer. :thumbsup:

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20 minutes ago, GreenScorpion said:

@duz_ According to your first post you should have at least 2 ranged weapons for the telemon:

Not sure if those are the ones you are searching for but perhaps the visual reference helps with the search.


:laugh: indeed you are right... Well now I do have some investigating to do...




Found them both :biggrin:

Now to figure out how to prime them while it's sub zero and freezing... 

Edited by duz_
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Not really... My garage which means moving the cars our, or potential my airbrush booth... Which I'm thinking is a decent possibility. 


Im hoping I might have another warm day or two ahead before I have to resort to that though. 

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I read through this...I don't follow Custodes but saw your name pop up on the front page so came to have a looksie :tongue: 

real nice stuff you have duz_ :thumbsup: Glad mi came to look.

i love how your custodes are not completely gold...somehow they seem nicer and more ancient?! than the all gold ones.


Cheers, M. 

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Thanks @Mumeishi! I tried to do something different from the gold certainly takes more effort but glad it's appreciated!


There's a barracks event currently so might be a little while before I have any more updates here. However, I do want to try and finish this project in the next many months. 

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