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Legio Favilla walks - Ashen Gods unleashed

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Hello fellow princeps!


Having finally gotten an account in this vibrant community, I guess it's only appropriate to start by showing off some miniature goodness. I have a personal compulsion to convert everything to make it unique, even if only slightly, and a Titan Legio would be no exception.


Legio Favilla, the Ashen Gods, are not a frontline battle Legio as such, originally developed for more sombre purposes of acting as final arbitrators of imperial justice for civilizations that resisted too vehemently. Theirs was an unenviable lot, from a sane point of view, to descend in flames to wipe whole worlds' inhabitants from existence until no shred of memory remained. "Imperator Domine, in cinere dona eis requiem" - Lord Emperor, grant peace for their ashes. They've often marched alongside the XIV legion Astartes, with whom they share a grim and humorless attitude towards advancing the great efforts of the Imperium.


Currently I'm up at 2 Warlords, 3 Reavers, 4 Warhounds and 10 Knights of some varieties built with some more in boxes or being eyed on the shelves. AT hits just the right buttons, plastic crack train has no brakes :biggrin.:

Paintingwise, trying out NMM for the first time in any seriousness was a spur of the moment decision that came about as I was starting the first Warlord. Using metallic paints just didn't feel right on this scale, so I went with a more expressive and less realistic style to try and capture some of that sweet, heavy atmosphere of baroque paintings, stepping out of their frames and striding into the furious, mad symphony of war.


I apologize for phone pictures, future updates should have an actual system camera behind them from now on.


The grand smurf of the order, Iudex Ultionis - The Judge of Vengeance, first to fall from the heavens horns blaring.









Here he is, guiding the little lambs to slaughter like a good shepherd. I'll eventually get around to take proper pics of them too.




The second lord, Memento Mori - reminder for the opposition of their own mortal frailty. His base will have a despairing soldier staring up, gun fallen from slack fingers.




Reavers underway: Aurora Terribilis - the Terrifying Dawn, last gasp of regret the enemy has before their doom and Damnatio Memoriae - fate of those destined to be swept off from the collective memory of the galaxy.




First Reaver to get ready: Ruina Superborum - the Ruin of the Haughty, that which inevitably follows for the fools who dared to resist the bearers of the Aquila.







What is a Legio without its loyal Hounds of war? Let them run and dance in the ashes.





Edax Rerum - (like Time) Who Devours All.





Echo Dolorum - the Echo of Sorrows.




Occisor Spesi - Murderer of Hope.





Cineres Immensi - the Vast Ashes.





And some Cerastus waiting their turn.





Acherons' flamers were converted from Warhound's Inferno Cannons, fits nicely I find.




Cor aut mors, brethren!

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Incredible stuff, very menacing. The NMM is well done, I'd heard folks say it might affect how the scale of the titans came across but you've really made it work. Same for the weathering.


The pose of Echo Dolorum is excellent too, it's one I haven't seen before.

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A d that is like your first post in the B&C? That’s how to make an entrance!


Remarkable work man, excellent style, it has a very baroque quality about it! Colour me very, VERY impressed!


If you have more unpainted in the pipeline, you might find this interesting: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/353097-titans-of-the-heresy/


Welcome to the B&C and the Adeptus Titanicus forum!

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Thanks Mendi and Dallo!


Currently on somewhat slow burn until March, but I've been pondering some things like banners. I like banners. Titans ought to have banners. Then I realized I forgot to post a WIP picture of Damnatio Memoriae last time, d'oh.




This was a test, obviously, as that type of banner is way too thick to be the ultimate solution and I'll be looking towards aluminum sheets in the future. He'll probably keep it, though, as I like that bit and it is over the top in the best way.

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Bleh, getting up to speed delayed because of Real Life and other insignificant reasons :P




I just stumbled on an odd idea that struck a chord. I love Dune, both for its world building and classic scifi imagery. Its effect for 40k decades later is also very substantial and many themes play nicely together. It also has giant god-wurms. AT has giant god-engines. Giant engines and beasts punching each other is cool. Naturally, this leads to the possibility of creating another force for the game while allowing me to paint the proper titans as one huge Legio. Genius.


Any suggestions for cool base models for worms of different sizes? Purple worms, cthonians, whaevah, show me.


I imagine the force to mechanically run as a counts-as-Vulpa group with more fists than law allows, twinferno hounds for vomit etc. while mandatory carapace guns will be representing spotters calling light artillery help from afar. More excuses to use my Epic miniatures the better :D

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Thanks, Rabenga. We aim to please ;)


I considered cthonians, having some from Mansions v.1, but the tentacles don't really feel Dune-y to me. Might get a hold of some Reaper Purple Worms, we'll see how the idea develops.


...And of course, now GW teases us with potential rules for great beasts in Doom of Molech, argh. Luckily, I'm not in a hurry :D

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A tad slow on the modelling front, but I did get hyped enough on an upcoming game that I accidentally got even more trees and also made some tea light explosions on the side. They just refuse to play nice with the camera, but I'm sure they'll learn in time. I've been wanting those things for ages :D


(Though they'll probably get a light spray of grey and brown at some point to look like thicker smoke, for now I'm content to just have them.)





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