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Hi there folks, this is going to be a log for me to post up all those small one off projects that we find ourselves constantly drawn to. There's going to be a mix of building and painting projects, maybe even some terrain too! To start off with I've got an Executioner/Judiciar from the Dark Angels, or perhaps one of their successor chapters, I'd like to hear peoples' opinions on the model, both in general and in regards to what he should have adorning his power pack.











Thanks for looking and if anyone has alternative suggestions for decoration, please suggest those too!

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Weirdly I think the two extremes of no backpack decoration or huge banner work the best here, because both of them emphasize the space-marine-y-ness (for lack of a better word) of the model. The naked backpack lets the bare head and silhouette of power pack/shoulders take up all the attention, which is the same silhouette the flat bottom edge of the banner highlights. The other three are fine, but for a model which has a lot of cloth obscuring the iconic astartes shape language, I think it's most effective to stress the stuff it has in common with other space marine models.

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Well then, that seems fairly conclusive, banner it is! 


Thanks for all the comments, it's great to have some feedback from the community!


@Naryn Thanks for the extended thoughts there, I think you're right. Back banners bring the classic art to mind and are quintessentially space mariney.

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Small update this afternoon, I've been working on painting up the Crimson Fist. If you've seen my Iron Hands, you'll know that I haven't exactly got a clean, finely highlighted style, so I thought I would try something more like that here. I'm not finding it so easy, but it's certainly fun to try something new.



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Pretty much finished up the Captain now, he needs a transfer for his shoulder and also a base. I think I'm going to try make a small diorama with him having vanquished some tyranid beast, though that will be some ways down the line.





@BadgersinHills Thanks!

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For the time being, the Crimson Fist is finished, but I'll show him in the future when he gets a base, and perhaps some companions. For now, I present one of my favourite conversions that I've done, an Emperor's Children Captain/Champion, from before the legion's fall:


@Freakshow668 Thanks mate, I appreciate that!

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@BadgersinHills Thank you, I'm  really happy with the champion's pose, a mix of arrogance and grace in there, perfect for the legion.


@MikhalLeNoir Thank you very much, this is very much a playground for ideas and spare parts. The champion is one of my favourite models I've made, I would say. I'm intrigued to see what ideas you've gathered, I'm glad to see you back and posting!


@Jukkiz Thanks, the breastplate really just screams Emperor's Children to me, whilst the legs add some good character.

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