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  1. From the album: Tazok's Crimson Fists

    Crimson Fist Chapter Master (converted from Blackreach Captain and various bitz: iron hands bionic arm with bolter, old terminator powerfist, iron halo from terminator kit)

    © Tazok

  2. From the album: Tazok's Crimson Fists

    Here are two of my tactical squads, note only the sergeant has a skull on his helmet, also, each marine in the squad has matching bolter symbols.

    © Tazok

  3. From the album: Space Marines

    Completely magnetized for option choices.
  4. From the album: Space Marines

    Pinned the weapon so all options usable.
  5. Greetings brothers! So recently I've started to notice that I become a lot more motivated to paint when I have deadlines to meet or a goal in mind, so to that end, I've decided to start cataloguing my work on here as a sort of self-help method to clear my backlog and get my painting moving! I'm currently working on an all-primaris version of the vaunted 4th Company of the Crimson Fists during the Indomitus Crusade. The Crimson Lancers, which was the old company of Captain Alessio Cortez before his disappearance. I have a lot purchased, but as mentioned, not much painted, so it's time to make a start. I love to convert and add a narrative and story to the models I paint so expect a little bit of fan-fiction if I post a model I'm particularly happy with. First up is two five-man intercessor squads and a minor converted Lieutenant, who I have yet to name. I'm hoping to extend these to ten-man squads which will form the core of my battle line. Looking to get these finished in the next few days, Dorn willing. I'm trying to make these dudes as fluffy as possible, with the correct transfers and insignia too. The bare-headed sergeant was my first time sculpting hair with green stuff, as the head was originally shaven. Anyway, would love to hear any thoughts on these, hope to be back with more updates soon. "There is only the Emperor, he is our shield and protector!"
  6. This will be my thread for tracking progress on the painting event vow i've made. In the vow, i aim to complete 20 Intercessors 5 Hellblasters 2 Company Veterans a Redemptor Dreadnought 3 Aggressors a counts-as Pedro Kantor a Whirlwind by March 2nd, 2019. For Dorn, Terra, and the Emperor! here's the initial shot from making the vow on Jan 2nd, minus 10 intercessors that are in the mail.
  7. Well OK where to start, some of you might know me from my skulking about around the DA forums with my Red Dark Angels Successors I know Wraithwing from here mainly but a quirk of fate we got to talking outside of here by pure chance (Its not Tzeentch honest). As we talked we both get to talking about our love for the Crimson Fists, I floated the idea of us doing a slow burn project on the side of our other stuff, me with my Ultramarines 3rd Company and Wraithwing with his awesome Novamarines and Wolves. So what to expect from us? Our hope is at least a Unit a month this can be anything from the Space Marines Codex. My plan is for the 3rd Company. My January pledge will be the remaining 4 guys for a 5 man Intercessor Squad to go with the Guy below. Need to get some transfers and tex paint. Now over to my Brother in this journey @Wraithwing
  8. Hello all. I've spent most of my time in the hobby playing World Eaters and killing loyalist marines. I'm taking part in the Facing the Unknown event and decided to finally build the army of Crimson Fists that I have wanted for a long time. I was drawn to them by their lore and I kind of like the old Rogue Trader artwork that heavily features them. Anyway, I vowed to complete a patrol detachment. Fortunately, I have just about all the models I need, and then some, to easily fill this out. I'm probably going start out with 1 tactical squad (10 marines) and 2 intercessor squads (5 each) led by Pedro Kantor. I will definitely add on more units, especially heavy support, after I finish these. I'm looking forward to putting this army together and learning how to play as a Crimson Fist. And here is a WIP tactical marine I started working on a couple of days ago.
  9. Under a Crimson Sky We fight to reclaim a dying world. Above us the Great Rift bleeds, the heavens stained red by it's unnatural light. The stars themselves are hidden behind this crimson veil, an ocean of chaos separating us from the rest of the galaxy. Beneath us, the ground is sodden with the blood of millions of Imperial citizens, the once fertile earth now poisoned and lifeless. The bones of the dead crunch beneath our feet, the victims of centuries of ceaseless conflict. Every city has been devastated, every settlement destroyed. The population of Rynn's World has been all but eradicated, leaving only a few scattered survivors clinging to their pitiful existence amongst the ruins. But still the violence continues unabated, even though nothing remains that is still worth fighting over. The green-skins, long the ancestral enemy of this world, have returned once more, their love of combat driving them back to their ancient battle grounds. Their warbands maraud through the barren plains, desperately seeking any foe to test themselves against. Daemons, foul denizens of the Warp now unleashed into this reality, prowl through the ruined cities, mercilessly hunting those unfortunate enough to have survived. Legions of the Great Enemy, entire armies of the vilest traitors and most debased mutants, have gathered to claim this world for their inhuman masters. And we, merely the latest defenders of this cursed planet, do what we have been created to do. To stand against the tide, no matter the odds. To weather the storm, and then strike back with all our fury. To deliver vengeance upon our enemies, regardless of the cost to ourselves. This is our mission. This is our duty, For under a crimson sky, we fight and die. * * *
  10. So I have loved using my Primaris Hellblasters over the last few months; in fact I would go so far as to say they are one of my favourite units weighing game now! With this in mind I have just assembled and painted a second squad of these bad boys... There’s a few more photos and a bit more detail on my blog: https://classicastartes.blogspot.com/2018/09/crimson-fists-primaris-hellblasters.html?m=0[/img]
  11. Well I’ve managed to finally get three squads of Primaris Marines done for my Crimson Fists. I really like this model and I have to say they are more fun to paint than normal marines. First up I’ve done a squad of Hellblasters: I think the plasma coils on these boys have come out really well. Next I have done two five man squads of Intercessors: Like I say I have really enjoyed painting these guys and I’m pleased with how they have turned out. I’m going to try my hand at some characters next. There’s some more pictures spread over numerous posts and other hobby related bits over on my blog at: http://classicastartes.blogspot.co.uk/?m=0
  12. This week I have been working on one of the Primaris Lieutenants from the Dark Imperium box set who will be destined to lead my noble Crimson Fists in battle. I really like this model and I find that it has a great dynamic pose to it! It is very enjoyable to paint with a nice wide open stance that makes it easier to get to all the details. I painted the model to fit in with the rest of my force and I took time to repeat the power blade effect that I used on the Primaris Captain that I completed last week. I am really pleased with how this green effect has turned out, though the blending took absolutely ages. I’ll be using this guy in a battle tomorrow so I hope he lives up to the paint job I have given him. I’ll try and work in the other Lieutenant from the Dark Imperium box set next. Blog: https://classicastartes.blogspot.co.uk/2018/04/crimson-fists-primaris-space-marine.html?m=0
  13. Hi all, I'm looking at starting a Crimson Fists army, and I was wondering in the new White Dwarf where they got the transfers for the chapter symbol / codex (tactical, devastator and assault) marking from? If not, I may have to look at another chapter...
  14. I'm currently gearing up for the 40k narrative event at LVO 2018 and am building up a primaris only Imperial Fist army for my friend to use. Why Imperial Fists? My main army is Black Templars and I thought some Fists would be cool and different. What do I have? Dark Imperium anniversary captian captain box of hell blasters box of reivers 2 redemptors repulsor For the event you need lists for point levels 500,750,1000,1250,1500. They don't have to use the same units, each list can be different. You will then be teamed up with other players from your faction. Here's a sample of what I was thinking for 1500 Warlord Trait: Storm of Fire Capt w power sword Capt w power fist Lt Ancient with Standard of the Emperor Ascendant relic 3x5 intercessor squads with grenade launchers 2x5 hellblasters with the plasma inceinerators Redemptor with dakka Redemptor with plasma 6 man Reiver squad, grapnel and CCW load out. Question: How has the 8th edition been treating you? At least at the narrative event my friend will get some use out of the re-roll wounds on buildings lol
  15. Hi all, For years I have wanted to start an army log on this glorious forum, so finally I have! Below are the first few photos of my Crimson Fists army which is WIP. This army is brand new for 8th edition and will be focused entirely around the new Primaris marines. Why the Crimson Fists? I have loved them from the very beginning! The deep blue colours with the contrasting red fist. The level headedness of the marines themselves. The tragic loss of so many brothers during the Rynn's world incident. The hatred of the Greenskin! - I love all of this. Reiver Sergeant: "Hush brothers, the orks are near..." http://i.imgur.com/zCk1mDQ.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/0EX93F2.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/UKni0Co.jpg?1 I aim to be posting updates frequently of my progress so please do follow and if you have any questions let me know! Cheers! Dex
  16. Hi guys, As I've been cleaning out boxes and working on projects I've broken into a box of stuff that I knew that I had, but I had forgotten how extensive it was. All of these bikers have been given metal sculpted tactical shoulder pads with the arrow pointing up and an appropriate Fist sculpted Pad. Most of them have the Fist with a Ring around it, but the Veterans have some other options, like Laurels, and Larger or Other pads. 12x Tactical Bikers -(Straight Rider, no Weapon) 4x Plasma Bikers -(Plasma Gun strong armed) 2x Graviton Bikers -(Graviton Gun strong armed) 4x Melta Bikers -(Melta Gun strong armed) 6x Biker Sargents -(5x Chainsword, 1x No Weapon) 2x Special Weapon Bikers -(Ready to accept any weapon (Melta, Plasma, Chainsword, etc) 1x Apothecary on Bike -(Nathecium) 4x Veteran Bikers -(No weapon, Veteran Pad) 1x Champion -(Power Sword, Combat Shield) ---------------------------------- These are the 36 models that I currently have. I have access to an un-assembled classic metal bike chaplain that will be my 37th bike. At this point, I don't quite have all the models that I would like to have. I am planning on doing a few other things. This is my to do list: 1) Need to build a Bike Librarian. Right now I have a Jensus Natorian on the way from Ebay to convert into a Bike Librarian. I have most of the bits I need. I'll have to look for some robed legs to finish him out. He will be fully converted and I will remove any offending iconography before he gets called finished. 2) I want to upgrade the Biker Champion to use a bit that I found. I've found that I have a metal Emperor's Champion's Black Sword. I will be doing this soon. 3) I need to model my Captain as a Biker. He'll need to be a Left Handed Power Fist and Storm Shield, so I'll be converting a Shield to the front of the bike, or some such, to make it work. Looking for any ideas on modeling this. 4) I need to acquire 2-3 attack bikes. I think this is a big thing for Bike armies at the moment, as they can suck up some wounds that protect your important pieces and/or provide a Melta where needed. ------------------------------------------ Otherwise, what other bikers should I be bringing, and how else would you load out what's left? I am thinking that one more box of bikes and the 2-3 attack bikes should see me with enough stuff. My bikers now are a good mix I think, but I'd take input on how to finish them out. Best, Paul
  17. This my force so far sans a painted Gravis Captain. Roughly 2800 points of a pure Primaris force. I must say I have enjoyed a lot building, painting and gaming them.
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