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  1. - The Path of Thorns - Hello everyone, Although I've been around for quite awhile I feel that this thread needs a bit of an introduction. At one point in time it was my intention to craft a sweeping narrative, with new models being completed and added to the mix on a regular basis, all part of a cohesive theme. This was inspired by some of the older threads I loved like A Lesser Son of Greater Fathers and Among the Red Stones of Pallas. These are a couple of the many creative people here at B&C who have impressed me over the years because they have combined narrative and painting so well. However, I eventually came to the realization that I would not be able to accomplish a task of that scope, so I've simply decided to use this space for posting whatever Heresy-era creations that I am working on at the moment, regardless of the legion or theme involved. A few of these will include small pieces of narritive, but I don't envision there being any type of large, ongoing story at this point. Onward, into the breach! -Morngrym
  2. After 9 months the KT-21 compatible version of the Age of Darkness mod is available at https://ossifiedsite.wordpress.com Initially this is Astartes only but future updates will cover all factions in 30K 156 page Pdf, 29 mb. Reworked from the ground up to be compatible with the new edition of Kill Team. 16 pages of lore covering the end of the Great Crusade to the aftermath of Isstvan V 8 pages of additional rules including Destructible Terrain, Suppress and Challenge actions, and the core 5 Psychic Disciplines Legiones Astartes Kill Teams (34 pages): build your Age of Darkness kill team with unparalleled customisation of fire teams together with the Elite suits from the Legiones Astartes Shattered Legion Kill Teams are here too allowing you to mix legions and abilities within a single team.. 80 Pages covering all of the Legions. Each includes lore, abilities and equipment for your operatives together with Legion specific operatives, ploys, and a fifth fire team for the Wolves, The Grey Slayers Warband rules for the Blackshields including a dedicated fire team, Marauders, four detailed sub-factions, and new ploys. Kill Team - Honour and Blood (KT-18) Kill Team - Age of Darkness (KT-18) Kill Team - Age of Darkness - Isstvan III Campaign (KT-18)
  3. +++ Alright ya lovely lot. Well, I volunteered to get some better pictures and fluff done for the company now that I've been more or less 'sold' on what I want the final group to look like. With a 30K League thing coming up, and a few of my mates hounding me to get better pictures of terrain (and make more, of course) I figured I'd make up a WIP log like all the cool kids are doing. So hopefully it'll keep up the motivation even in the absence of a painting event or the like. Anyway, I'll probably be asking about as many 'what's your opinion' questions for ya lot as I do with everyone else that's sick and tired of my constant barrage of questions (they say 'don't text at two in the morning', but I know they love my questions!). So, this'll hopefully have some painting bits, some fluff, some bat-reps, we'll see what comes of it, eh? I should be updating the cover page with the most 'up to date' army compositions, etc, and replacing photos when I can. And, y'know, I get to test out the B&C's BBCoding to see how stuff looks. All in good fun. +++ Origins: From Whence Wolves Become Dogs The 65th company emerged as any other line company in the XVIth legion, drawn up in the mid 10th century M.30 as a reinforcement unit from the 33rd battalions logistics base. The 200 strong unit of astartes was constituted during early restructuring protocols and saw intermittent service during the later years of the Great Crusade. The 33rd battalion included the 65th and 66th line companies, as well as the 17th Independent Reaver Company. The 33rd was placed aboard the grand cruiser Judicature as part of the 63rd expeditionary fleet's second line units. During the Callas compliance of 978 M.30, the 65th was placed on front line combat trials. A series of errors and miscalculations led to heavy casualties for both line companies. Advance elements from the 14th and 17th Luna Wolves companies fought through Callasian lines to relieve the embattled 33rd battalion. “Some bray for battle, some scream for truth, butwe've kept silent. We keep silent because there will be enough blood. We keep silent because we know we live amongst lies. There is only one truth for us: we are sons of Horus Lupercal". ~Centurion Lathyls Decadron M.31. The 66th effectively ceased to exist, and its remains were folded into the 65th company instead of reconstituting both companies. The 17th Reavers suffered fewer comparative losses by dint of their arrival in the third wave of the Callas Prime assault. While the 66th company would be refounded over the next two years, they would be part of the 35th battalion, leaving the 65th company and 17th Independent Reavers as the sole constituent of the 33rd. Their involvement in the Great Crusade and their influence in the upper structures of the Legion waned. While independent action with the Reavers continued unabated, the 65th company was tasked with rear line fleet guard duties and thus were given their sardonic title 'Cerberus Group', the guardians of old Terran myth. By M.31, the battalion had withdrawn to rear line duties, and come under intense political fire for wishing to incorporate organic militia elements within the Legion's rear echelon structure to supplement their wavering Recon groups and to help with garrison operations on newly compliant worlds such as Tennerak and Davin. While this never emerged, the 33rd battalion's reputation as a primary assault unit was stained by perceptions of other company captains who spurned the Imperial Army as anything more than clean up and support elements. This perception of the battalion would linger until their trial by fire at Istvaan III. Istvaan III: Dogs become Jackals The 65th remained part of the rearguard of the 63rd expeditionary fleet, but did not contribute significantly to the Davin suppression and performed only prefuctory assaults on Interex space installations during the Interex compliance. The mettle of the 65th was untested, but their strength had slowly accumulated over the intervening years. Reconstituted as a 295 strong company, they were given the designation Cerberus Assault Group as the Judicature arrived at the Istvaan III L2 lagrangian point. Marshal Ahazaar's rebuilt company was not called upon to participate in the opening assault, a not un-surprising decision on the surface. According to recovered logs from the Judicature, the marshal was apprehensive of the entire Istvaan III pacification operation but made no mention of it beyond his confidante and equerry Akkisen Shenzo. In an open conference with the Warmaster, he carefully pledged every asset at his disposal prior to the initial wave. This, perhaps, preempted doubts about the loyalties of the 65th. The 33rd battalion was locked down aboard the Judicature, Marshal Ahazaar remaining in his chambers under guard while the company's commanding officer, Centurion Ashram Kademius and his honour guard, occupied the command deck of the Judicature. The Grand Cruiser was one of the 63rd expeditionary fleet ships that descended into orbit to carry out the virus bombing, proving the loyalty of the ship crew, though the astartes of the 33rd battalion were still untested. In the ensuing firestorm, the 17th Independent Reavers were tasked with the capture of the frigate Shooting Star and were successful in their task. The 65th was held in reserve with a sizable contingent of armoured personnel carriers. After the revelation of intentions at Istvaan III, the 65th was dispatched on the 52nd day to suppress elements of the loyalist III and XVI legions who had escaped into the now wasteland countryside outside Istvaan III's capital Khry Vanak, the Choral City. For the next fifteen days, the 65th hunted for loyalist elements amid the ashen wastes, using a mixed doctrine of tank desant and rapid armour assault sweeps to destroy hidden strong points and overrun infantry contingents. Later analysis notes the lack of anti-aircraft guns, speeders, jetbikes, or other assets that could ensure the safety of the 65th in wide-band sweeps or be used to counteract the 118th squadron's Stormcrows and Fire Raptors who flew alongside ostensibly as air-support. Other sources indicate that the 118th acted as a control mechanism to ensure the compliance of the untested 65th in ground operations. It was their air-wardens who who named the 65th Ash Jackals, or alternatively Dust Jackals in inter-unit vox communication, and the callsign was adopted readily by the 65th as their nom de guerre. Whatever the motives, the 65th completed their tasks with enthusiasm and arrived in the ruined city suburbs to support other actions 16 days later as the Coral City's last bastions of resistance fell. However, to prove the loyalty of the 65th further, the 33rd released the last of its armour reserves and the 65th was sent in support of Legio Mortis elements at the same time as XIIth legion forces were being recalled from the battlezone. The 65th and 17th were pushed into the breach with straggling elements of the XIIth legion, pursuing loyalist remnants deep into the catacombs beneath the Precentor's palace. After a costly armoured assault that carried into the inner sanctum of the structure, the 65th was ordered to retreat, though the rear echelons and a significant portion of the 17th were caught in the undercrofts beneath the ancient structure and presumably destroyed by the barrage unleashed by Legio Mortis. The last 126 Ash Jackals were extracted by the 118th to the Judicature, bloodied but now proven. Operational Doctrine: The influx of new Cthonian recruits after Istvaan III had an effect on both the internal culture and combat doctrine of the Ash Jackals. Fresh from the fray, the leadership of the 65th reviewed after action reports, and through a systemic lobbying process on behalf of their marshal, capitalized on the events of the Precentor's Palace assault. Cthonian recruits were typically filtered through into tactical squads, through more emphasis was placed on advanced placement in Breacher squads. Many of the company's Rhino APC's were wrecked and abandoned on Istvaan III, but the Mastadon and Land Raider contingents were retrained and reinforced. The resultant units were forced to fight on foot in support of heavy armour assaults, favoring medium to close range firefights with an assortment of specialist squads. No one overwhelming combat doctrine was adopted, and holes in the 65ths melee squads was filled by the influx of terminator squads and close cohesive support with the 17th Reavers. The 65th would advance on static enemy positions, attempting to take them by storm, advancing rather than holding ground. At the same time, the first air-support was received as a spoils of war from Istvaan III. An unmarked Storm Eagle gunship was transported back by the 118th, but claims by their captain were undercut by Marshal Ahazaar. Soon after, the Mournful Song was put into service, ostensibly to transport seeker and reconnaissance elements meant to probe perspective targets. More recent developments has seen the Judicature onloading more Anvillus Dreadclaw Assault Craft and Storm Eagle transports, once earmarked for the 19th Air Assault company, but was overruled by 33rd battalion requisition requests. Now-Praetor Kademius has rallied for the 65th to incorporate a sizable bulk strike transit component, and the Storm Eagles and their escort fill those requirements well, though not without the loss of priority in obtaining more standardized Rhino armoured carriers. +++ Army updated: 19.05.17 M3.
  4. I'm looking to start a Night Lords army for 30K. I currently have a Betrayal at Calth box, from which I plan to assemble 20 of the 30 marines as basic bolter wielding legionaries(bar 1 being a Sargent with pistol and melee, though I don't know what would be best for either of those), but am not yet sure what the final 10 should be build as, either using the bits from the kit itself, or using additional options from elsewhere. I plan to buy the Sevatar Strike Force bundle down the road. and I would like to ask, how fitting for Heresy-era Night Lords would their Chaos Marine upgrade kit be(especially the heads)? and what about the Night Lord Chaos Lord(or parts within that kit)?
  5. The recruiter moved through the dark city without a sound, drawn to the rattling and whooping echoing off dilapidated ferrocrete and dirty, blood-stained asphalt. Despite his inhuman bulk, he slid from shadow to shadow with boneless ease. As he did so, the pools of darkness began to give way to the fizzle-spit illumination of cheap lumen-strips. Almost immediately his all-black, all-pupil, eyes picked out his prey. The youths, like so many that called Nostramo Quintus home, were pallid, scrawny creatures. Some already sported gang-tats and the flashes of colour on their clothes that stood in stark contrast to the vast monochrome cityscape. He observed them as they skateboarded, executing tricks with varying levels of success. Those that messed up were met with harsh jeers from their peers, while those that pulled off the most demanding of manoeuvres did so to appreciative hisses. Even amid the play, the recruiter could see their eyes warily flicking back and forth. The incautious, the inattentive, did not reach manhood here in the slums of the sunless world. A few moments passed as he appraised them. Despite his past and his former humanity, he did so with a winter's warmth. His gaze flickered here and there, seeking signs of deformity, mutation and the traits that long experience had taught him to be associated with gene-seed compatibility. Satisfied, he broke cover, letting them hear his footsteps. The clatter of skateboards trailed off until there was only silence. He could almost hear their thoughts as they took in his post-human bulk. Some straightened, puffing out their chests in a vain attempt to appear more worthy of ascension. He strode forward, reached into the depths of his robes and pulled out a long stretched oval of midnight blue, decorated with a crimson winged skull. As he set it down, he stroked its edge and caged lightning crackled across its surface. It spurned the ground's presumptuous embrace, bobbing slightly before coming to rest a few inches above the floor. It was the most precious hung they'd ever seen. Before he had taken a single step back, knives and jagged glass splinters had made their way into young, pale, hands. Boys who had run, fought and played beside each other as long as they could recall busied themselves with burying their blades in each other's backs. The melee quickly went to the floor, the rhythms of feint-stab-counter devolving into desperate, rabid, butchery. Already a dark slippery puddle was forming, more black then red in the sputtering light. The recruiter's attention was divided between two figures: one in the fray and one without. One was a blur of motion - his strikes faster and more assured than those of his brawling, dying brothers. The other, slighter, figure was motionless, standing just outside the pile of squirming, bleeding, bodies - their face hidden behind straggly torrents of lank black hair. The pace of the brawl began to slow, a clockwork child's toy winding down. Many of the boys grew still, as they bled out on the uncaring ferrocrete floor. But still the quick-moving youth's blade rose and fell, while the other watched on - taking in the way his breaths came in ragged gasps. A last stab, a last death-rattle, and it was done. Despite his exhaustion and the many cuts adorning his scrawny form, the boy stood and kicked the bodies clear of the hover-board. His gaze locked with that of the little one who had been patiently waiting for this moment. The boy laughed, not quite able to keep the edge of fear from his voice. "It's mine." "Not if I kill you," came the reply in a pure alto. "You? You're just a girl." He laughed again. "Do you want to join them?" he asked. She answered by moving closer, sharp little hands clutching sharper blades. The recruiter frowned. This was not what he had intended. The girl darted forward with a right lunge. The boy side-stepped, but the blade clasped behind her back was waiting for him. She rammed it home with a wet thump and was just about to pull it out to slit his throat, when a hand the size of the boy's skull clamped down on her matchstick arm with vice-like pressure. "You've done enough damage -"', He began in a heavy rumble. "See if I care. It's mine. Now let me go!" "- to the Night Haunter's property." That shut her up - for about five heart-beats. "It's still mine!", she retorted. The recruiter pulled back his hood to reveal a hard cliff of a face, eroded by the years and the best efforts of countless foes. "That it is. But for how long?" The dirty girl scowled. She knew exactly what he meant. Others would kill for the board and like everyone else, she had to sleep. The giant let go of her and as he did so, she relaxed her hold on the knife. Without a word, the recruiter scooped the wounded boy with effortless ease and strode away. She followed, making good use of her prize. The hoverboard made keeping up with him easy, despite his loping, massive strides. "What's your name?" "Kel Vhazor" "I'm Jazca. Why do you only take boys? It's stupid. I'm better than any boy." "It's complicated. And I think in your case, we're going to make an exception...."
  6. While the new primaris marines are great and all, i still prefer the 30K aesthetic and am building a Old Blood themed 30K Army for use in the new edition. So of course I needed a Counts-As for Guilliman
  7. Dreadwing: A 30K Dark Angels Blog Being an account of the Siege of Koth, believed by many to be the last true compliance of the Great Crusade, fought even as heresy and betrayal cast their shadows over all that we had created. It also serves as a rare insight into the strategic tendencies of the First Legion, and a near perfect example of their strength, determination and ruthlessness, qualities that the Traitor forces would learn to respect and even fear in the dark years that followed. ~ DRAMATIS PERSONAE ~ ARTURIUS, Knight Delegatus, tasked with bringing the Koth Sub Sector to compliance MORDRED, Master of the 7th Chapter, Commander of the 56th Expeditionary Fleet THELIAL WYRMBANE, Paladin of the 10th Order KAELON, Knight-Chaplain of the 7th Chapter BARACHIEL, The Knight of Woe, Centurion of the 22nd Assault Company BALIAN, First Knight of the Bladesworn Veterans ZARAEL, Legionary, Arrius II Destroyer Squad TITUS CROM, Voted Successor of the Dreadwing * * * In truth I feel sorry for the Kotheans, even though I know I should not. I know that they brought this destruction upon themselves: that they scorned the Emperor's Vision for the future of Mankind; that they rejected our offer of peaceful integration into his Great Imperium; and that when informed of the consequences of their response they murdered our emissaries in cold blood, declaring war on Him and all his subjects. There is no debate that they deserved this fate. Still, I feel sympathy towards them. As I watch the vast funeral pyres consuming their home world, I cannot help but think that if they had known the true horror of what would be unleashed against them, then perhaps their decision might have been different. As for the First, they did their duty as they always do. But each time I witness their cold, calculated fury on the battlefield, and the abject devastation that inevitably follows, I must confess it is not pride I feel. it is simply dread. - Attributed to the Remembrancer Ivon Zhenka, attached to the 56th Expeditionary Fleet
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZcKJ5IvmrU “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” Victorian Hewgo the Miserable, Frank playwright M02 There are times when I wish that I had never witnessed what I have seen, when the sorrows of glories past are too much to bear for my mortal soul, and I break down in tears. Then there are the moments when my memory wanders to heroic sacrifices no longer known by anyone but me, acts of valor that would fill anyone with pride, and I regain something of my ailing strength once more... My name is Jern Zonalf, and though my part in the tale that I will tell is small and humble, it is important that you know who I were, and why I saw the deeds that I will speak of. I was born in the 183rd year of the Great Crusade, in Jermani on Terra itself. I was a weak and sickly child, and it was no surprise that the chance to become an Astartes passed me by, nor was it unexpected that I was deemed unfit to serve as a soldier when I came of age. There, but for my skill with pen and quill, could my life had taken the path of a common laborer. With these talents I was trained as a Remembrancer instead, taught to follow in the footsteps of the Legiones Astartes as they spread the Emperor's Light across the Galaxy and to document their deeds for the generations to come. Glory and adventure beckoned, and thus it was with great expectations that I boarded the ship that would take me from the cradle of Man and into the darkness of space. I was young then... Not this withered husk of a man clinging to the last threads of his life, racing time as he tries to pass his knowledge on before closing his eyes for good. I will try to find the strength to speak for the voiceless dead a final time, but if that fail, know this. Once there was hope, once there was a golden future for Man. Once there was a time of heroes... So, this is it. Time has come for MrBear to join the numerous others onboard the Heresy Train. Some of you might already know me for (slowly) painting Night Lords over in the 'Works in progress' section, and if you're not among those: Nice to meet you brothers and sisters! Whether or not you already know me, this is the culmination of my growing interest for the Heresy era of our hobby. It's going to be an erratically updated project where I'm aiming to build my first 'gaming' army for 11 years. That's right, last time I gamed with far future post humans was back in 2005. I've kept up painting through the years but never built a 'proper' army in all that time, I've simply been a collector. These last couple of years though, I've become more and more interested in the Horus Heresy, and when BaC was released I seriously started to consider a 30K army. I finally gave in, and I've decided that now is as good a time as any to start. With loyalist Sons of Horus as my chosen path. A couple of important things you'll need to know though: First, I am slow. Don't expect frequent updates, full of painted stuff. Second, I am a very 'background oriented' guy, meaning that I enjoy giving my guys and units backgrounds, and I really don't care much for unit efficiency or 'killer combos'. 'Interesting' characters and units pretty much always comes before powerful but 'less interesting' ones when I paint stuff. It also means that I haven't got a planned list on what to paint, or when to paint it. I have a rough idea on what I'm going for, but that will probably change along the way if past experiences are anything to go by... I can already hear people going: 'Yeah, that's all very nice. But what about models?!' Not much to show yet to be honest, but I have a couple of things prepared: These are the tester models I've painted. A bit darker than most Sons of Horus I've seen, but not as far off as they might seem in this picture (I don't have a light box), and I'm going to add some weathering on future models aswell (as in the picture above) so the guys that's going to be part of the army will have a suitable look. Speaking of those guys though: Everything is just tacced together at the moment, so poses aren't final. I'm probably going to do some minor conversions on a couple of these guys as well. No sculpting though, I'm terrible when it comes to using green stuff. That's it for now really. I hope to start painting during the week, and if I'm lucky I'll have some pictures showing progress in a few days. Cheers!
  9. “Death makes angels of us all, and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws.” - Jim Morrison, circa M1 “Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged, crimes are avenged.” - Samuel Johnson, circa M1 * * * THE VENGEANCE OF ANGELS Being an account of the Golgothan Campaign, a lost chapter of the Great Imperial Civil War, one of countless such tales that time, politics, fear and hatred have all contrived to purge from our history. In these dark and troubled times, it is often said that some things are better left unremembered. I prefer to say that such things should never be forgotten. - Preface to 'Lost Battles of the Heresy – Book Three', by Arvane Mal, Remembrancer, 987.M31 *** "They are not our kin. The bonds of loyalty and fraternity that bound us together have long since been sundered. They are now nothing but the vilest of heretics and traitors, and their betrayal has stolen everything which we have fought and suffered and died to create. Kill them all, and in doing so, let us remind all such vermin why they should fear the First." - Address to the Faithful, attributed to Knight-Chaplain Acheron, 'The Kinslayer', 7th Chapter of the 3rd Host, First Legion Astartes, prior to the Second Siege of Sarum, 009.M31
  10. The following thread is for all information and rumours pertaining to the Blood Angels during the Horus Heresy. OP will be updated with each legitimate tidbit. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Found in book 4, Conquest. Source. This weapon is one of the Legion specific relics. The link also contains six generic ones which we may have used. Anyone want to guess what the sword is? *** *** *** Unconfirmed rumours state we are in book six, which will be about Signus Prime. We may share the book with the Dark Angels. Update: Book five is Tempest (may), book six is the Shadow Crusade (Tempest part 2 - late 2015), book seven is Prospero (2016). This means we're going to be book eight or nine which is likely to be sometime in or after 2017 :/ *** *** *** HH:Extermination, page 267 BA and IF are testing the field testing the Iliastus pattern Assault Cannon for their legion terminator squads, this is available for BA and IF terminator squads. Costs five points more than a Heavy Flamer, same as 40k rules but with a Malfunction rule (think second edition Assault Cannon rules). *** *** *** Castellax and/or Vorax in BA flavour: Link to source below Basically, a Legion Praevian gives you access to these robots and grants them Legion Astartes Blood Angels (which is currently unknown). *** *** *** Book six is called Retalliation In July, there was speculation it would be at the end of this year, but it October it was said to be delayed until February 2016 It will contain our rules but no special units or Primarchs Book Eight may be Signus Prime. Or Thramas. Or both(!) Seems like our pre-Heresy colours are red, black and gold. Images courtesy of mr_r_parker: *** *** ***
  11. Well, after over a year and a half of working on these guy's I figure I will finally start a WIP thread. I'll start with this shot the finished models I have in the army so far. I'm currently working on a couple of vehicles to prepare the 1850 list I have for Adepticon, then I will start posting some pics of the individual squads. Hope you like!
  12. This is a long terms project that I started, based on the Tarot Primarch Theory and kick started by some other Alt Heresy projects that I had been reading. Thought could benefit from the input of a dedicated space marine fanbase. Looking to start with the Legions, then look at the Great Crusade, and finally the Heresy itself (or schism/Primarchomachy/War in Heaven2.0 as it turns out to be. Heresy is being used as a stand-in until that's sorted). Aiming for the style of the Black Books. Hoping for some constructive criticism or whatever other insight people might have. The Legions developed so far are at what I'll call ''public alpha' stage, and revisions will almost certainly be needed in light of what is written for later Legions and possibly the GC.
  13. I realized I don't post anywhere near enough anymore and usually just do stuff from my phone, but every once in a while I should pop in to show what I've been working on. Since I'm currently stuck at home for the next few weeks due to state lockdown and self-isolation, I figured I'd finish up some Lightnings to use with my Imperial Fists in 30k! I've painted them decently neutral so they can be used in any of my other imperial forces. Calling them done for now, however. Tried my hand at blistering the paint on one of them for a close call look; hopefully it looks alright. Not bad for rescued eBay models!
  14. Ok, it's about time I put some of my finished work up here. I started painting Legio Tempestus back in June 2019 for a local escalation league, scrambling to get 1000-1250 points together ahead of a start date in the first week of July. As things played out, I was the only person to complete all six weeks of games, but it's probably an understatement to say I was hooked ;) So, why Tempestus? Well, waaaaay back in the day Bell of Lost Souls did a Horus Heresy supplement, and one of the guys painted up a Reaver in Tempestus' colors. I loved the retro blue armor & shard camo look. Painting lots of checkers & shard camo was going to be a personal technical challenge, and I figured I really wanted to go retro for my Adeptus Titanicus force for that nostalgia feel. I've been adding to this force off and on for about 8-9 months now, with two more Reavers in WIP and a Warbringer planned too. After that, I may bulk out my House Malinax auxilia a bit more, but once that's about rounded out, it'll be time to work on some Loyalist scum for an OpFor. Without further ado, here's a walkthrough of everything I've painted to date, in order of descending scale! I. Warlord Titans: The boys, scanning for targets. Magnets at the neck, shoulders and biceps for ease of part swaps. Stormbringer is my latest titan, and I'm pretty happy with what I've been able to do with this guy. In my mind, the overall battlegroup Princeps Senioris rides to battle in this Warlord, leading his forces and crushing the forces of the False Omnissiah. Kingslayer was my first Warlord and sixth titan overall. As with the pattern you'll see below, first titan of the series gets the split carapace scheme. II. Reaver Titans: The first two Reavers I've painted, with two more on the way! Everyone's magnetized at the elbow, carapace, and neck so I can easily swap around weapons and even cockpits. My initial plan for the escalation league was a Venator Maniple, hence turbolasers and a volcano cannon. My fifth titan. I knew I would be doing close combat Reavers eventually, but for my initial force, I wanted to go heavy on ranged gun platforms. III. Warhound Titans: *TEMPESTUS* let the dogs out (sorry; I couldn't resist). I magnetized the weapons at the elbow where the ball sockets click into the guns, but left the heads attached since I couldn't really swap them easily. The first pack I deployed. You'll note that in addition to the split carapace, every Warhound has its left shin split between checkers and shard camo. I wanted to be able to pick out my Warhound packs easily on the battlefield, so Warhound #3 was the first to get a white cockpit and a full shard camo carapace. This makes it a bit easier to represent Mantellum Fulmen, Tempestus' character titan, as well. IV. House Malinax: More on these guys later. The Acastus can swap weapon arms, but the missile pods are locked in place, as are the secondary guns. The Cerastus Lancers are mono-build; I didn't really see the need for Acheron or Castigator builds yet, and I'll definitely be using ~2-4 Lancers often. I'm proud of how I built the Questoris - you can't swap the secondary stubbers & meltaguns, but I magnetized everyone at the elbow and the carapace top, so when I finally get around to painting power gauntlets and missile pods I'll be able to run any and all gear combinations :) V. Objective Markers & Battlefield Assets: "Hey, you know what would be cool? What if I made tokens to represent Titan-Hunter Infantry, Forward Observers, or even Scatterable Mines...?" Yeah, those were fun projects. Also, I decided to convert Aeronautica Imperialis hex tokens and Adeptus Titanicus bunkers into numbered objective markers for use with Graham Sanders' Matched Play Missions (see his Claws & Fists blog here). I went a little overboard - I think I only needed four - but hey, why not? So if you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my amateur photography skills and for taking a look at what I've done to date for Legio Tempestus! I'll be adding to this as I get more engines painted, and we'll see where this goes!
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