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  1. G8Keeper


    From the album: G8Keeper

  2. Hi all! I'll admit, I had decided I wasn't going to collect sisters. Don't get me wrong, I'd seriously considered it, even almost purchased the army box, but with two of my group of friends already slated to grab them I had decided to let my interest lie and concentrate on other projects. Fast forward a month or two to my birthday and the arrival of a friend on leave from the army for a few days, bearing a rather large birthday gift. Now, I'm no stranger to his gifting process which can be inadequately described as "generous" and I was expecting having to scold him yet again for spending too much on me when I just can't do the same in return (3 year olds tend to spend your money fater than you can make it). As he passed me the gift I noticed how heavy it was for an army box sized present, immediately intrigued by what it was. At this point I assumed it wasn't anything hobby related as sprues just don't weight that much. My son and I tore into the wrapping paper, famously over-wrapped so it took us a while, revealing in all it's glory the sisters army box. So now I play sisters after all! I must say, I'm such a happy bunny. Assembling and painting the first few models has been such a joy and I have constantly kept my friend updated with my progress, hopefully he appreciates it as a small token of how blown away I am. So, I'm here to create a log of my progress. It may not be updated that often, who knows? Below is what I have so far. I present the Order of the Bloody Rose: I'm not sure how these will turn out when viewed on the post, but I have used a contrast metallic red method for the armour. To the naked eye they pop quite nicely.
  3. Hello all, I would like to hear all about subsidiary convents and minor orders you have come up with. Armor and robe colors (or pics!), important figures living or martyred, worlds defended or taken in the Emperor's name. I want to hear about foes vanquished, and the enemies your order hates most. I have a lot of fluff ideas bouncing around my head about my own order militant, but I would love to see and read what y'all have come up with!
  4. Evening all, Over the last few months I've been planning to build an army consisting primarily of Adepta Sororitas with an allied detatchment of Black Templars, and at the weekend I was lucky enough to get hold of one of the new Sisters of Battle box sets, so said plan is now very much on the table. Or hobby desk, to be more accurate. I initially painted up this model as a character for my homebrew INQ28 project, however I really enjoyed painting it and plan to paint up the rest of the girls in the same scheme. I had intended for this model to be the Canoness for my Sisters force, however after finally holding the sprues in my own hands and spending a lot of time going through the new Codex, I've decided that this lass will instead serve as the Sister Superior for the squad of Celestians that I'll inevitably pick up when their kit is released. Now I'm not a fan of the Canoness model in the box set, so I left her on her sprue and turned my attention instead to the Repentia Superior model: I quite like how this turned out, however I've experimented with a few alternative loadouts and would appreciate any suggestions as to which would be most fitting look for a Canoness: No Black Templars in this debut post, but I'm working away on an Emperor's Champion model that will set the standard for the rest of his detatchment. I'll have pics up once I figure out which style of black armour would suit him best... As always, I welcome any feedback for improvement!
  5. Name: Order of the Trident Homeworld: Poseidon Founder's name: Magos Athena Erectheus History: The Order of the Trident was not founded under the Ministorum's aegis, but under the Adeptus Mechanicus'. It was originally a unit of female Skitarii, raised on the forge world of Poseidon during the Age of Apostasy, given arms and armor similar to the Brides of the Emperor so they may defend the Mechanicus' interests from Goge Vandire's excesses. At the time, the Mechanicus forbid Ministorum Priests setting foot upon its worlds; this law was a source of much conflict between the organizations. After Vandire's fall, Sebastian Thor asked the Mechanicus to repeal this law and restore peace between it and the Ministorum. The Order of the Trident "escorted" Ministorum Priests as they ministered to workers on forge worlds- in truth, to monitor the Priests' actions, restrict their movements, and to censure them if they speak out against the Mechanicus- this initially caused conflicts between the Order of the Trident and the Adepta Sororitas members who served as the Priests' honor guards, but the Sisters reconciled when a Ministorum Priest uncovered a Heretek cell on Poseidon. Eventually, the Ministorum and Mechanicus Orders' beliefs began merging, and the Order of the Trident began to undertake duties traditionally assigned to the Adepta Sororitas, such as providing charity to the poor. Beliefs: The Sisters venerate the Emperor in his guise as the Omnissiah, the "Machine God" the Adeptus Mechanicus worships. They wear the Mechanicus' cogwheel emblem in place of the Aquila. As a Skitarii unit, they do not answer to the Ecclesiarch's authority, but to the Fabricator-General's. Notable Sisters: Amphitrite Halosydne, a Centurion during the Battle for Poseidon (note the Skitarii rank), to whom the Steel Confessors gifted a shock claymore in honor of her valor. Caenis Atrax, a Praetorian during the Second War for Armageddon, named a Living Saint for holding up a tank manufactorum's roof (which was structurally weakened due to an Ork artillery attack) so the workers may finish assembling their vehicles and then drive to safety in the completed tanks; she let go when the Orks entered the manufactorum to loot it, killing approximately 96-100 of the xenos; her augmetic enhancements allowing her to survive the structure's collapse, and she was martyred in the act of impaling an Ork Nob upon the broken barrel of her arm-mounted autocannon. Notable allies: Iron Hands, Steel Confessors/Steel Crusaders, Skitarii Significant battles joined: Battle for Poseidon (10th Black Crusade). Second and Third Wars for Armageddon Specialty: Armored assault, air and artillery support
  6. This is my "shut up and paint" progress thread. The idea is to lay out my Commandery's TO&E and link later posts as I finish individual units, with weekly updates on Sundays to keep me on task, motivated, and positive. This takes the place of my old WIP thread. Command Saint Celestine Canoness Command Squad Cardinal in TDA Confessor Big Hat Priests Elites Repentia Crusaders Death Cultists Frateris Militia Sister Sniper Troops __Battle Sisters BSS 1 BSS 2 BSS 3 BSS 4 Fast Attack __Seraphim Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 __Dominions Melta Squad 1 Melta Squad 2 Melta Squad 3 Flamer Squad 1 Flamer Squad 2 Storm Bolter Squad 1 Storm Bolter Squad 2 Heavy Support __Retributors Heavy Bolter Squad 1 Heavy Bolter Squad 2 Multimelta Squad Heavy Flamer Squad Exorcist 1 Exorcist 2 Exorcist 3 Transports Immolator 1 Immolator 2 Immolator 3 Immolator 4 Repressor 1 Repressor 2 Rhino 1 Rhino 2 Rhino 3 Rhino 4 Ecclesiarchal Land Raider Ecclesiarchal Valkyrie Lords of War Avenger Strike Fighter Ecclesiarchy Oathed Knight
  7. Hello guys! I've recently opened a shop on Shapeways where I produce some customized bits for 28mm miniatures. The range is wide, you will able to find weapons, backpacks, helmets, kit for special unit conversions and soon even kits for vehicles customization. I hope you will visit my shop and, if you find something you like, you buy something. And do not forget I'm open for custom requests. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/the-reliquary Also, do not forget to visit my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheReliquary/
  8. Alright, inspired by Eddie's comments in the Codex Wishes thread, here's my take on Sisters cyborgs basically (the idea I have is that their limbs are more or less gone, they're basically just their vital organs and head implanted into this robotic body). RULES PDF (my plain formatting version) Rules and initial concept: Servant of Dante Datasheet formatting and concept art: Ezr91aeL ORIGINAL POST Hidden Content EDIT: The issues below have been addressed in one form or another, but feel free to leave another sugestion anyway - I don't have a name for the unit yet, so suggestions welcome - I'm not sure they should have both the vehicle and infantry keywords, but Sister vehicles don't usually have AoF . . . - I wanted to represent that the pain the Sisters feel from the neural connections of the body kinda wash out the pain from wounds, but just giving them the FnP ability felt a bit off. So it has a downside. A rather steep one, but I think it's pretty fluffy. - The Praesidium Protectiva's rules are based on how it worked in 2E compared to the Storm Shield. For reference, here's how their respective functions are paraphrased in the Battle Bible: Storm Shield: “Model receives an extra armour saving throw of 4+ against shooting or hand-to-hand combat (32) which cannot be modified and applies only against attacks from the front 90 arc. May be used to parry (33).” Praesidium Protectiva: “Requires a free hand to use, and may parry (33) a close combat (32) attack in the character‘s front arc, and provides an unmodified 4+ saving throw on a D6 against close combat attacks. If a roll of 6 is made for the save, the attacking model receives the hit instead. Has no effect on shooting attacks.” Comments Appreciated
  9. Reposting this from my thread on the Sisters forum :D I'd appreciate any comments you might have. Please though, if you suggest a change to a particular part of the datasheet, read my notes on that particular rule/part to get a bit of an idea of why I did what I did :)
  10. Alright, I just finished adapting Helena's 2E rules to 8E I've got the rules and notes in pdf form, and I'll post them below. I'll also link my 7E adaptation of Helena thread. I feel like there was other stuff I was going to say . . . but I really can't remember what it was Feel free to ask any questions (actually I'd enjoy answering them). I plan on doing the other 2E characters in the future too, any preferance on who to do next (does anyone even care? I'm thinking of Praxedes or Armandus Helfire). 7E adaptation thread: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/324975-helena-the-virtuous-7e-adaptation/ 8E adaptation PDF: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6I7dUBoJLwfVFp2ajNhQTZ2X3c ----- Helena the Virtuous is an HQ choice Helena the Virtuous M 6" WS 3+ BS 3+ S 3 T 3 W 4 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Helena the Virtuous is a single model armed with a boltgun, the Rod of Grace, frag grenades and krak grenades. Only one of this model may be included in your army. Faction Keywords: Imperium, Adeptus Ministorum, Adepta Sororitas, Convent Sanctorum Keywords: Character, Infantry, Helena the Virtuous The Rod of Grace (Shooting) Range 6" Type Assault 1 S 6 AP -4 D D3 The Rod of Grace (Melee) Range Melee Type Melee S x2 AP -4 D D3 ABILITIES Act of Faith, Shield of Faith Rosarius: This model has a 4+ invulnerable save Mantle of Ophelia: Once per game, at the start of any Battle Round, you may declare that Helena is using the Mantle. For the duration of that Battle round you may re-roll Rosarius invulnerable saves for Helena. Sacred Rites: You need not roll a D6 at the start of your turn for the Act of Faith ability, you are always assumed to have rolled a 2+. This does not affect further sources of Acts of Faith, such as the Simulacrum Imperialis ability of the Imagifier, for which you must roll as normal. Holy Radiance: Friendly units within 12” of Helena halve the number of models lost each time they fail a morale check. Round fractional models up. Additionally, all friendly units with line of sight to Helena may use her leadership in place of their own. Revered Leader: The first time Helena loses one or more wounds, even if this results in her being removed as a casualty, or when Helena is removed as a casualty without having lost any wounds, all friendly units gain the Hatred ability for the remainder of the game, as described below. When Helena is removed as a casualty, each friendly non-Character unit must immediately make a Morale test as if it were the Morale phase and four models from the unit had been slain that turn. Helena’s Holy Radiance ability grants no benefit to units making this Morale test. The number of models slain is treated as four even if more models from the unit have already been slain that turn, and models lost to Morale tests caused by this ability do not count toward models slain in the turn for Morale tests made during the Morale phase. Hatred: Units with this ability add 1 to their Leadership and can re-roll hit rolls in a turn in which they charged, made a heroic intervention, or were charged by an enemy unit. Additionally, units with this ability may not Fall Back during the Movement phase when within 1” of an enemy unit. Prioress of the Convent Sanctorum: Helena must be your Warlord. Additionally, your army must contain a unit of Celestians as Helena’s bodyguard. This bodyguard unit does not take up a force organization slot, and it can never fill a mandatory force organization slot. This unit may never voluntarily end the Movement phase 3” or more away from Helena. If, in the Movement phase, Helena moves so that her bodyguard cannot end its move within 3” of her without Advancing, they must Advance and move toward Helena by the shortest possible route. ----- NOTES To keep with the rules presentation style of 8E (even if not in terms of formatting) I have not included any flavor text. It’s worth reading though. I did refer to my notes on the 7E adaptation of Helena as I made this (I made rather extensive notes). The 7E adaptation and notes are linked at the top of the thread. Profile: Adapted using the profiles below. Move is 6” like all humans, and have been omitted from the profiles. The Canoness profiles were used as a baseline for how Sisters profiles have changed since 2E. The WS is the tricky one for me, Helena’s was slightly weaker than the base Canoness, but the 8E system of WS is less granular than in previous editions. Celestine and the basic Canoness are the only models in the Sisters army that have a WS of 2+ in 8E. In order to maintain that Helena has slightly worse WS, I have set it to 3+, though it really should be a 2.5+ (if that were possible). Her BS was even more less than the base Canoness, so a BS of 3+ makes sense for her. On the other hand, both BS 7 and 5 hit on a 2+ normally, but again, 8E does not offer us the granularity of previous editions. I am erring in favor of preserving Helena’s stat differences with the base canoness, at the risk of statistically widening them. Her 2E incarnation had 1 less toughness than the basic Canoness. To represent this (as well as to perhaps balance out the power of her abilities), I have set her wounds to 4, 1 less than the base Canoness in 8E. This is one of the few stats in the 8E Canoness’s profile that is high enough that there is some wiggle room. Helena ignored psychology and break tests in 2E, and she’s quite the important, influential person in the Sororitas, so I have set her Ld at 10 even though in 2E it was equal to the base Canoness’s. (Profiles in PDF, I'm not going to retype them here, sorry . . . ) Weapons: Targeter and purity seals remain dropped as they no longer have rules. Krak grenades added since they are standard for all Sisters. The Rosarius is an Ability now, rather than a piece of wargear or a weapon. Abilities: Act of Faith and Shield of Faith added as standard Sisters abilities. The Rosarius is an ability rather than a piece of wargear now, so it’s listed here (standard rosaries rule for 8E). Helena’s other abilities are described individually below for (relative) ease of reading. Mantle of Ophelia: Since this isn’t a weapon, and the Rosarius was moved to the Abilities heading, I moved this here too. Since Instant Death is no longer a part of the game (invalidating simply copying the 7E version of the Mantle), I have adapted the original 2E functionality, since it’s quite quirky and fun. I’ve not restricted the reroll to failed rolls, to avoid issues with the application of modifiers forcing a reroll of what would be a passed save after modifiers, or keeping you from rerolling what will be a failed save after modifiers. Sacred Rites: In 2E, this ability inhanced the Sacred Rites roll of the unit Helena was attached to (but Canonesses did the same thing, just with a slightly smaller modifier, so there’s no reason for Helena to magnify nearby units’ AoFs since Canonesses don’t in 8E), as well as improving the Sacred Rites rolls for her entire army. I feel that the most simple, elegant way to represent this is to have her let you automatically pass your 2+ AoF roll. Holy Radiance: The radical changes to the morale system in 8E make this one quite tricky. Originally it caused Imperium squads with 12” of Helena to automatically rally, and gave Helena immunity to psychology and break tests (I approximated that as Fearless in 7E). And it let units with LoS to her use her Ld, which is not problematic in 8E, so hardly worth mentioning here. What we have seen so far for morale mitigation (not ignoring it entirely) is simply capping the number of lost models. A negative modifier might sound thematic, but that is no different from simply adding to her leadership since she shares her Ld with those around her (and Ld 11+ is no longer impossible, technically). So, I think halving the number of models lost to moral, on top of sharing her Ld (to those in LoS at least) is a decent solution and approximation of the 2E effect. Since Helena can’t be allied with non-imperium units (she lacks any non-Imperium keywords) except for perhaps the fallen (and at that point, it’s not my responsibility to clutter up my rules to keep you inside the fluff) I’m not going to worry about restricting her Ld buff to just Imperium units. This makes her an interesting character, since almost all characters in 8E only buff their own faction. Since I’m trying to preserve the letter of her 2E rules, I’m ok with this design discrepancy. Her morale sharing effect is probably her most potent attribute in my version of her rules, but I want to maintain this functionality, so she’ll just have to be costed accordingly. The 2E rule also made Helena immune to psychology and break tests, but since Helena is a single model unit she never takes morale checks anyway, and I’m also using this as a justification for bumping her Ld up to 10. Revered Leader: With how every unit spells out all its Abilities in 8E, I’ve decided to make this work more-or-less verbatim, though I have toned down the effects of hatred from what they were in 2E, the Hatred ability given here is derived directly from 2E, rather than relying on a current incarnation (since it doesn’t exist anymore). This ability is quite clunky and requires a good bit of book keeping, bit I am more interest3e in maintaining the function of Helena’s rules than making sure she’s not a bit tricky to play. Unfortunately, once again the massive changes to morale create a translation issue. Previously, the rule forced all units to pass a Ld test or fall back when Helena died (and those that passed became immune to break tests for the rest of the battle), but units no longer fall back against your will ever in 8E. The solution I’ve come up with isn’t an exact representation, but I’m taking GW at their word that losing additional models is the extent of how morale works in 8E, and this is supposed to be a morale check. They treat themselves as having lost 4 models, since Helena has 4 wounds. I think it’s a rather clever parallel to include, since it makes the morale check an actual threat, but it doesn’t hit units that have taken casualties previously the same turn any harder than it hits units that haven’t (it doesn’t consider the actual casualties the unit has taken that turn). Thematically, it helps play up the fact that the units are discouraged because Helena has fallen. I’ve dropped the “ignore break tests for the rest of the battle” thing since that would be too powerful. The wording on this ability turned out to be quite a mouthful, but I wanted to make sure it was clear and consistent with the wording of the morale phase in the main rules (all 5 sentences of them). Hatred: In 2E this let models make Break tests with Ld 10, gave them what we call Zealot in 8E, and made them use their follow-up move to get closer or engage the enemy. I tried to approximate this for 8E, without making it have too large of an impact on gameplay or be too powerful. I decided to stick with granting Zealot, along with +1 Ld (a strong buff, but you did just lose Ld 10 for everyone who could see Helena) and losing the ability to Fall Back from cc, period. This is a major disadvantage, but Helena gives plenty of advantages. I think this is all very thematic. None of this is too hard to keep track of, so I think it’s ok. Prioress of the Convent Sanctorum: Helena’s 2E rules required her to be your army’s commander, so I required her to be your warlord. I know this isn’t something we’ve seen in 8E yet, but I want to keep the functionality of the rules from 2E as much as possible and this bit is easy to do. Next, she was required to take a bodyguard (it was an option for any Canoness to take a bodyguard unit, but it was mandatory for Helena). In my 7E adaptation, I made her join a Command Squad, but now characters don’t join units, so this could get a bit wordy. Celestians, with their “bodyguard” ability, make them the obvious choice, and the Canoness could take a unit of Celestian Bodyguards in 3E anyway. I went back and forth on whether to require the bodyguard to stay close to Helena. In the end I decided I didn’t want people using her bodyguard to protect other characters and not Helena, so I would have to either add a restriction the Celestian’s bodyguard ability, or require them to stay close to Helena. I decided it would be easier to make them stay close, but I made the restriction only apply during the Movement phase. Trying to word it to work in the Assault phase as well would have been far too verbose and confusing. The Rod of Grace: Since we’ve gone back to Damage and Save Mods, I can just use the 2E rules! 2E also had range mods, but the Rod of Grace just was straight dice with only 1 range band, so I’m lucky in that regard. And I’m not going to worry about the armour penetration stat (for use vs vehicles) since vehicles just have T now. Warlord Trait (lack thereof): I thought about giving Helena one, but why not let her be tactically flexible and pick? Also, I really can’t think of one that screams “Helena the Virtuous” now. In any case, I don’t think she really needs one, especially since Celestine just picks from the generic ones now too. ----- Comments appreciated Thanks to anyone who read all that crap.
  11. Hi everyone, Since I've been admiring all your armies on these pages and love the constructive comments and cheering for WIP threads, which I follow eagerly myself, I recovered my camera and will start my own. I hope you enjoy these photos, and am very interested in your feedback for my armies. I am not a very experienced painter, but I like taking my time to make the most of what I can while learning in the process. I noticed I thin my paints more every day Due to a busy life and tons of work, this won't be a fast thread I suppose, but I'll try and keep it regular. The basic idea behind my forces is a Sisters of Battle army that descends from the Order of the Argent Shroud (hence the silver liveries). I yet have to make their background more substantial, and find a name that I am happy with (it's been changing over time ) but here are a few things: - Descended from the Order of the Argent Shroud, the order was founded initially as a crusade force and maintains their habit of not staying very long in once place - They consider the Emperor to be the only human who can read in the minds and souls and see the future of Humanity, and loathe psykers of all kinds. However, as they are a combat force that has been engaged in many theaters, they realize that some minor psykers of humanity can be tolerated for their helpfulness on the battlefield, although they keep a tight eye on them. - They have an escort of a Freeblade brotherhood, imperial knights they have helped from various worlds during their campaigns in the past and who have vowed them their service. One of them was a last defender of a tyranid-infested world and holds dear to eradicate these bugs from the stars. The Sisters see insectoid psykers with even more hate than human ones as they are a race doomed to heresy for they cannot be turned to the Light of the Emperor. - Sometimes, commander Karmov and his penal legion of Imperial Guards joins them for both heavy support, meat-shield...err, tactical protection, and because sisters have a very strong tendency to show the Light to criminals - either through prayer, or through promethium. - When required, the Ordo assasinorum assigns an agent or two to assist the sisters in their tasks, albeit the psykery kind have a tendency to disappear before returning to their masters, once the job is done... That being said, it sets the path for the upcoming work in progress. Sisters are assisted by knights, and I am focussing on these two codices for the moment in terms of modelling and painting. I do enjoy conversions, but it's a steep learning curve to make them look nice, not just cool, so I started off with some simpler ideas Here is the scheme on a couple of sisters - they need a bit of polishing and basing, still. The base is chaos black spray, followed by a Leadbelcher for metals, and Khorne red for cloth. Then it's layers of thinned Ironbreaker and Stormhost silver, that I particluarly like, shades with Nuln oil and its Glossy variant, and Necron compound. Cloth is highlighted with ever more thinned Wazdakka red, and washes are made with Scarborough crimson. Finally, gold is a Bronze base followed by lighter Glenna's gold and Auric armor. I kept those paints unmixed because I don't have drip bottles at home and want to have consistency. http://i65.tinypic.com/wlx9ht.jpghttp://i63.tinypic.com/3yi6e.jpg And here is a seraphim in the making: http://i67.tinypic.com/x1aiyv.jpg I have also converted a Baal Predator to an immolator. I just put on Dreadnaught exhausts chopped in half around the main flamer nozzle, and used the Forgeworld sororitas rhino doors and front plate. I had a broken Celestine so she ended up adjusted to "man" the turret still needs work, these are the base layers to guide me in the process, but the Black main colour will stay, to pop out in the army of silverware : ) http://i63.tinypic.com/2j6249w.jpghttp://i68.tinypic.com/2vmimc7.jpg And finally for today, the venerable Knight in the making. He follows a similar colour code as the sisters, he'll be basically schemed with the same palette on these base coats. He just got a Leadbelcher base, copious amounts of Nuln oil everywhere (I should have used a shower ) and got cleared up with Leadbelcher and Bronze, as well as Khorne red, to guide me for the next phase. He's magnetized in the arms so all the weapons are adaptable from the Renegade box. He'll get nice Fleur de Lys decals when they arrive from fallout. He'll be based on a huge round 160mm citadel base with a dead Hive tyrant at his feet (have yet to decide how dead it will be ). http://i64.tinypic.com/mj9wqw.jpghttp://i68.tinypic.com/eq5myt.jpg Thanks for reading so far, hope to post updates soon! On a side note, is it OK by forum rules to post the Knight based with a huge xenos at his feet? The bug ill be dead and not a centerpiece, in that it is not an exhibition miniature, but one for the tabletop. Just want to be right on the regulations Cheers!
  12. The Order of the Glorious Reprisal SUMMARY Home World: The planet Delmarus in the Talmion system on the galactic northern fringes of the Garon Nebula in the Segmentum Tempestus Main Colours: Black, White, Silver, and Gold Specialty: Mid to close range combat, and the use of flame and melta weapons Battle Cry: “Swift is the Emperor’s Vengance!” “Faith, fire, and death!” “Victinia, lend us your strength!” Patron Saint: Saint Victinia Current Strength: 163 sisters Traditional Full Strength: 200 sisters A sister of the Order of the Glorious Reprisal in full Power Armour THE PENDANT OF SAINT AMURIA In the one hundred eighty-sixth year of the thirty-sixth millennium, during the warp storms of the Age of Apostasy, a young girl was found the sands of Delmarus’s equatorial desserts. She was badly dehydrated, and remained comatose for a time even after she was taken under the care of the local priest in the town of Reathale, Father Daven Jorothous, just north of the desserts. It is said that her limbs were spread to her sides when she was found, though the Frateris Clergy of Delmarus are much divided on the exact angles at which her arms and legs rested, and the degree to which her joints were bent, from her elbows and knees to the joints of her fingers. A specific set of measurements describing the exact disposition of the girl’s body as she lay unconscious in the sand is known as a Simulacrum Amuria. The only constants among such documents are the two details recorded by Father Jorothous when he took the girl in: that she lay face down in the blistering sand, and that her head pointed to the north. To contradict this, the Figura Incommutabilis, is tantamount to decrying the God-Emperor himself on Delmarus. After a time, the girl regained consciousness, and eventually identified herself as Amuria, though she could not remember how she had gotten lost in the dessert, where she had been going, where she had come from, or even who she was. She spoke of losing a precious amulet, which accounts describe it as a stylized representation of the Imperial Aquila. When asked why it was so precious to her, she could only respond, “I cannot recall.” Amuria served as Father Jorothous’s lay assistant for several years. Though she initially knew nothing of the Imperial Cult, she came to embrace it zealously. Just ten years after her appearance, her impromptu sermons in and around the town were drawing crowds several times those at a typical service. Faithful from a dozen parishes traveled to Reathale in the hopes of hearing her speak of the Emperor. Some years later, the Cardinal of the Talmion Diocese dies. His replacement, a man named Senic Var, immediately set about wresting absolute control of Delmarus from both the Frateris Clergy beneath him and the Planetary Governer, though his methods were far from overt. With a skilled hand he aligned the governing bodies of the planet to his will, making it his private domain. This was certainly no unheard of in the Imperium. Certainly, if any had the right to rule worlds absolutely it was the anointed clergy of the God-Emperor. However, Cardinal Var was not content with mere power, the vast increases in tithes he enacted funded the construction of vast palaces and gardens for his amusement, while the churches of the Emperor declined in grandeur. Though she had been only a few years in the Emperor’s service, Amuria had only contempt toward Cardinal Var and his use of the Ministorum’s riches. As time passed the Cardinal grew more and more bold in his personal use of the Emperor’s resources. By the time the his third renovation of his private estates, the church in Reathale was badly worn, only the work of the townspeople had kept it from being destroyed by the dust storms that blew out from the deserts from time to time. As the years passed, Amuria’s contempt slowly turned to rage, till she could, till she could contain it no longer. It is said her sermon lasted for three days. Faithful traveled day and night to reach Reathale, the crowd around her growing till those on the edges could not even hear her voice. When Amuria finished preaching her voice was gone, but the masses had been brought to fever pitch. Immediately they began to march toward the planetary capitol of Keleg, over a thousand miles from Reathal, taking up any arms they could find as they went. Entire towns were swept up in the holy fervor, abandoning their homes to follow the crowds. Frateris Clergy drawn from their parishes preached day and night, honing the rage of the people to a razor’s edge. Almost a year after Amuria’s sermon in Reathale, the hoard of men and women, came into sight of Keleg. That evening, the assembled Ministorum Priests declared the people Frateris Militia, and decried Cardinal Var as a heretic and a blasphemer. In a panic, the Cardinal attempted to order the Planetary Defense Force to disperse the rabble outside his city, but a delegation of Delmarus’s senitor Frateris Clergy had had words with the PDF’s commanders, and the Cardinal’s frantic commands fell on deaf ears. The next day Amuria led the newly anointed Frateris Clergy to the Cardinal’s estates on lake Kellegog to the south of the city. Though the expansive gardens and villas were razed to the ground, the Cardinal was nowhere to be found. Senic Var had sealed himself inside the Cathedral in Kelleg, but Amuria would not allow the Frateris Clergy to bring him out at the expense of such a shrine to the God-Emperor. With the help of the local Frateris Clergy she blocked all entrances to the Cathedral. Just eighteen hours later, Var was caught attempting to escape through the Cathedral’s catacombs; he was beheaded publicly the next day. Had Delmarus not been isolated from the Imperium at large by the warp storms of the Age of Apostasy, there might have been some issue with the execution of a Cardinal by his underlings, but by the time the storms receded 300 years later those who might have been guilty were long dead and enshrined in local legend. After the execution of Senic Var, Amuria returned to Reathale where continued her unofficial ministry for over six decades. The small town saw significant growth from those who wished to hear her speak, and from the burgeoning number of pilgrimages traveling into the deserts in search of her pendant. The whole of Demarus mourned her passing, and when contact with Terra was reestablished at the end of the Age of Apostasy the Cardinal on Delmarus petitioned the Ecclesiarch to canonize Amuria, which he did, along with several hundred other champions of the Ministorum that had lived away from the light of Terra during the Age of Apostasy. For almost 3500 years her feast day has been a planet wide celebration and more, culminating in vigil masses in every church, chapel and cathedral in the Diocese. FOUNDING OF THE ORDER OF THE GLORIOUS REPRISAL In 003.M38, a combined force of the Order of the Martyred Lady and the Order of the Valorous Heart where traveling to a system to the galactic southwest of Bakka, in response to reports of a Dark Apostle operating in the area, a possibility that the Prioress did not take lightly. The sisters force consisted of a Preceptory of the Order of the Valorous Heart, 800 sisters strong. They were accompanied by a Commandery of 100 Seraphim of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, led by Canoness Commander Vendela, a Seraphim in her own right. While en-route, their transports’ Astropath intercepted a message from an Imperial Guard regiment in the far south of the Segmentum, within the fringes of the Garon Nebula. They were pinned down on a Maiden World by a tribe of Eldar Exodites, saying that they had been ordered to secure a landing zone for a larger purification force. The reply from Segmentum Command stated that there was no record of the regiment’s “supposed deployment,” and that further resources would not be rerouted to their position. Canoness Commander Vendela was outraged by the casual disregard for both the lives of the guardsmen, and the Xeno filth which they fought, but the Dark Apostle still demanded their full attention. However, in the days that followed, it became apparent that the rumors of a Dark Apostle were false, though the chaos cult itself was still a very real threat. Vendela immediately detached her Commandery from convoy, and made for the source of the message. The Canoness Prececptor leading the Order of the Valorous Heart’s sisters, still focused on the chaos uprising, sent just five squads of junior sisters, led by Palatine Gracinthi, to support the Seraphim. Vendella’s Commandery, accompanied by Gracinthi’s newly formed Mission made best speed to the source of the guardsmen’s message. By the time they arrived, only a fraction of the original Imperial Guard force remained. The sisters deployed regardless, pushing back the Exodite advances and holding a landing zone while the guardsmen evacuated. By the time every sister had been withdrawn from the surface, several dozen lay dead, including a full squad of Vendella’s Seraphim. The Canoness Commander withdrew her forces to the nearby planet of Delmarus, it being the largest Imperial population within a hundred light years and a Cardinal World. Of the original 5,000 guardsmen deployed to the Maiden World, scarcely 300 remained. The acting Colonel of the regiment wished to simply disband the remaining troops and remain on Delmarus, but Vendela would not allow it. The Emperor had delivered them and they would continue to fight in His name. She had them loaded onto a transport and sent to the nearest Imperial Guard garrison for reassignment. Faced with a Xeno foe her sisters could not hope to exterminate on their own, Vendela sent a report to the Prioress on Ophelia VII and awaited further orders. During this time the sisters learned of the legends and acts surrounding Saint Amuria. Many of the sisters took interest in the legend, and the Delmarian Frateris Clergy were eager to teach any who would listen. Eventually, the Proress determined that a force large enough to purge the Xeno population of the Maiden World could not be spared. Apart from being Xeno, they appeared largely innocuous, while a thousand immediate threats to Mankind appeared daily. Still infuriated by the Xeno presence, Vendela argued with the Prioress, much to the shock of all who heard. Eventually, the Prioress granted permission for Vendela to remain on Delmarus to keep watch over the Maiden World, though she would not be swayed to send the forces required to exterminate them. Pacified but not content, Vendela set about finding a location for a convent for her sisters. Many of her Seraphim wished it to be built in Kelleg, near the Cardinal’s palace and cathedral, while Palatine Gracinthi and many of those under her preferred a location along the equator, near a popular route for pilgrims searching for Saint Amuria’s pendant. Eventually, Vendela determined that the convent would be built in the deserts, but further in than most pilgrims ever ventured. All eventually agreed that the harsh environment and relative seclusion would be boons in prayer and penance, with the added benefit of being close at hand should pilgrims in the deserts need protection. As the decades passed, the already subtle differences between the sisters of the Order of Our Martyred Lady and the Order of the Valorous Heart on Delmarus grew less. After almost 70 years on Delmarus, Vendela contacted the Prioress of the Convent Sanctorum at the behest of her Sisters Superior, requesting that the sisters on Delmarus be allowed to form a new Order Militant. The Prioress gave her blessing, and preparations moved forward. Twenty-three months later, all was ready. Just weeks before the scheduled mass marking the new order’s official founding, an aged Vendela died in her sleep. A new sister from those on Delmarus was hastily chosen to be the order’s first Canoness: Sister Superior Alexius of the Order of the Valorous Heart. In memory of their departed Canoness Commander, Alexius moved the date of the founding to coincide with Vendela’s funeral. Thus, 70 years after the sisters arrived on Delmarus, the Order of the Glorious Reprisal was founded. DELMARUS Delmarus is characterized by fertile but dry farmland in the mid-latitude regions, brutally hot desserts around the equator, and small polar ice caps. There are few large bodies of water; however, most of the population is concentrated near the planet’s largest freshwater lake, Kellegog, in the northern hemisphere. The capital, including the palace of the Planetary Governer, is in the city of Kelleg along the western bank of its namesake lake. Delmarus is also a Cardinal World, seat of the Diocese that encompasses the Talmion System and several others nearby, though most are sparsely populated at best. The Cardinal’s palace and attendant cathedral are located on the shores of lake Kellegog, in the heart of Kelleg. The convent of the Order of the Glorious Reprisal is located some miles into the deserts almost directly south of Reathale, well south and west of Lake Kelegog. This site was chosen both for its distance from major population centers and for the harsh environment it provides, as well as its proximity to traditional pilgrimage routs of those searching for the pendant of Saint Amuria. ORDER ORGANIZATION As with all the orders militant, the Order of the Glorious Reprisal is led by a Canoness. Unlike many other orders militant, the traditional second to the Canoness is the most senior Superior of the order’s Seraphim, who goes into battle with the armour and weapons of Seraphim Superior Vendela, the Instruments of Reprisal, the most prized relics of the order. Beyond this the structure of the order is very much like any other, excluding the Sister-Captain of the Dawnhammer, her Adjunct, and the Sister-Commanders of the Herald of Vengeance and Repentance in Death, all of whom are outside the normal command structure. COMBAT DOCTRINE The Order of the Glorious Reprisal possesses few vehicles, and because of this the sisters hold them in high regard, especially the order’s blessed Exorcist tanks. Though the sisters of the order exult in the chance to meet their foes face to face and blade to blade, they act as the tactical situation requires through strict discipline, iron will, and an insurmountable faith in the Emperor. They detest being beholden to any outsiders, even other branches of the Ecclesiarchy, and, by the same token, are not inclined to hold others in their debt. First and foremost, the sisters of the Order of the Glorious Reprisal despise the witch, the mutant and the heretic in all their forms, even those condoned by the Imperium at large. PRESENT ACTIVITIES The sisters spend the bulk of their time in prayer, contemplation, and training in and around their Convent. The order also patrols many of the major pilgrimage routs in the deserts, and secures any individuals with psychic ability until a black ship arrives to take them. The Dawnhammer keeps an almost constant watch over the Maiden World the order is tasked with observing, though in 2000 years not a single xeno has attempted to leave or land on the surface. Although the bulk of the order remains in and around the Talmion system, forces of all sizes are called off in support of faraway campaigns, or at the behest of the Ordo Hereticus, much to the dissatisfaction of the order. RITUALS IN REPRISAL Sisters of the order have penned some of the most complex harmonies ever produced in praise of the Emperor. Each sister has some vocal skill, and hymns of praise and supplication can be heard almost constantly in and around the order’s convent on Delmarus. Complex battle hymns are begun before each engagement, each squad contributing a unique harmonic line to the whole of the melody. Once secrecy is no longer necessary, the hymn is broadcast out of the vox amp in each sister’s power armour, and from the laud hailers of their vehicles. The lengthiest of these hems stretches for over eight hours, a glorious account of the final battle of Saint Victinia, penned by her Adjunct, Blessed Sister Niteelan. Each Sister knows dozens of arrangements to be sung in and out of battle, but among the most prevalent phrases voiced by the sisters of the order are, “Swift is the Emperor’s Vengeance!” “Faith, fire, and death!” and “Victinia, lend us your strength!” The sisters of the order believe that all who oppose the Emperor are doomed to fall. Even more, they believe it is their sacred right and duty to deliver the Emperor’s vengeance onto their foes, thereby fulfilling their doom. Past a minor offence, which is still reason for penance, there is no room for compassion. Repentance from a fallen sister is only accepted in extraordinary circumstances. Therefore, when a sister of the order commits a serious offence against the Emperor and their order, they are not cast out as a Sister Repentia; rather, these former sisters are pressed into service in the furthest depths of the Dawnhammer or one of the order’s transport vessels. They traditionally load torpedoes or preform other dangerous tasks. If their ship is boarded, these sisters in exile will be the first to respond to the enemy assault, fighting with repair tools and autopistols. Those who survive may be reinstated as full members of the order. RECRUITMENT The people of Delmarus, having been faithful servants of the Emperor even before the sisters’ arrival, quickly formed close ties with the sisters. After the founding of the order, a peculiar custom developed among the planet’s people, especially the residents of the planetary capital, Kelleg. The firstborn child, be it a boy or a girl, is sent to a Schola Progenium somewhere in the Segmentum, regardless of the status of the child’s parents. While this practice is nominally voluntary, some families have been pressured into sending their infant child away, or even run out of the city by armed mobs. Some of the male children grow into Missionaries, Priests, and other Eccelsiarchal servants. A portion of this number chooses to return to their birth world, though they know it not but by name. Those female children deemed worthy of the Orders Militant are watched closely by the order, and are brought back to Delmarus the order’s representative at the Convent Sanctorum upon completing their vows of sisterhood. The close ties between the order and the general populace has fostered a deep hatred for anyone with psychic abilities. Any such person is held in the deepest dungeons of the Imperial Governor’s palace under the guard of a full squad of sisters, augmented by the Witch Hunters of the local priesthood - that is, if the witch survives the mobs long enough to be arrested. SISTERS OF THE VOID Like many of the orders on the Adepta Sororitas, the Order of the Glorious Reprisal maintains several small transports for transport from one warzone to another. These tiny ships are particularly vital to the order since they are often the sole source of void transportation available, due to the low numbers of outside ships which pass through the Talmion System. Before the Battle for Delmarus in 516.M38, the order maintained five lightly armed transport ships. A sister of the order served as the Captain of each of these ships. These Sister-Captains had little to no previous experience with the minutia of void travel, but the small size and non-combat role their ships held meant this was seldom a problem. During the Battle for Delmarus, the Sister-Captains of the order took their ships into combat alongside the outgunned and outmaneuvered Imperial Navy on several occasions. In the final confrontation of the Imperial and Chaos fleets, all the Sister-Captains’ ships were destroyed, along with every Imperial Navy vessel save the Dawnhammer. The Dawnhammer was saved through the heroic actions of Sister-Captain Victinia, who ordered the Dawnhammer’s Captain to retreat while she rammed and boarded the enemy flagship (see Roll of Honor). In return, after the chaos warband had been broken and driven back into the Garon nebula, the Dawnhammer was left on permanent detachment with the order. To properly care for such a gift, the order sent one sister away to an Imperial Navy academy to be trained as a Captain (see Order Organization). Upon returning to Delmarus and taking up her position as Sister-Captain of the Dawnhammer, she selected another able sister to receive Naval training and serve as her Adjunct and eventual successor. This practice has persisted through the millennia to the present. The Sister-Captain and her Adjunct denote their training by emblazoning the emblem of the Imperial Navy upon the left sleeve of their robes. The sisters who command the order’s other ships are trained by the Sister-Captain, and hold the title Sister-Commander. On the battlefield, the Sister-Captain, or her Adjunct when acting as the Sister-Captain’s proxy, lead with the authority of a Palatine. The Sister-Commanders, senior members of the order in their own right, may act as Sister Superiors in combat situations. In addition to the Dawnhammer, the order currently boasts two armed transport vessels. Dawnhammer (Sword-class Heavy Frigate) the only ship to survive the Battle for Delmarus in 516.M38 Herald of Vengeance (transport) Repentance in Death (tr ansport) ROLL OF HONOR 186.M36 - Amuria is found on the fringe of Delmarus’s equatorial desserts. 257.M36 - Amuria dies in her sleep in her home in the village of Reathale. 500.M36 - Saint Amuria is canonized along with several hundred other Saints of the Age of Apostasy. 003.M38 - Victinia leads 150 Seraphim of the Order of Our Martyred lady, along with 50 Sisters of the Order of the Valorouus Heart led by Palatine Gracinthi to rescue a regiment of Imperial Guardsmen stranded on a Maiden World near the Talmion System. 032.M38 - WAAAGH! Gorthung enters the Talmion system. Canoness Commander Vendela leads the defense of Delmarus, turning the tide against the greenskins, and personally slaying scores of orks. 073.M38 - The Order of the Glorious Reprisal is founded on the day of Canoness Commander Vendela’s funeral. 074.M38 - The sisters fight their first major engagement after the death of Seraphim Superior Vendela, ambushing an Eldar scouting force. The foe is annihilated, but at no small cost to the newly founded order. 116.M38 - Battle for Delmarus -The Chaos Lord Mronthrouk the Revealer launches a crusade in the name of Tzeentch out of the Garon Nebula. Within weeks the chaos war fleet approaches Delmarus. Only a few Imperial Navy vessels respond to the order’s calls for help, and the paltry armaments of the order’s transports are not nearly enough to match the weapons of the traitor fleet. With one of the order’s five transports destroyed and reinforcements caught in the currents of the warp, Canoness Alexius convinces the Captains of the Imperial Navy to conduct one final, desperate defense of Delmarus. During the ensuing void combat Saint Sister Victinia, Captain of the transport Resolute Shield rammed her vessel into the heretic flagship amid a thousand brilliant fires, allowing the Imperial Navy frigate Dawnhammer to escape. The Saint then led her crew into the maw of the waiting chaos cultists and Rubric Marines, cutting a trail of divine vengeance through their midst. She overloaded the ships reactor, sundering it and breaking the back of the fledgling chaos crusade. 188.M38 - Sister-Captain Victinia is canonized by Ecclesiarch Decius VI and the Holy Synod and is named the patron saint of the Order of the Glorious Reprisal. 573.M38 - The order fights several skirmishes with Dark Eldar raiders in the wake of Chaos Lord Mronthrouk’s crusade. 554.M40 - A ship emerges from the warp just outside the Talmion system. Its passengers and crew have been corrupted and possessed by the daemons of the warp. The sisters of the order fight to contain the heretics until the Imperial Navy arrives to dispose of the tainted vessel. 681.M41 - An uprising led by a chaos cult begins in one of the outlying settlements on Delmarus. The sisters carry out a purge of the region and the cult is destroyed, but not before several dozen sisters are killed and over a thousand acres of farmland burn. Late 700s, M41 - Margrettia is born 857.M41 - Sister Margrettia is made Superior of Squad Dominus, Sister Fieleen is among the first new sisters assigned to her care. 935.M41 - Celestian Superior Fieleen is named the Canoness of the order at the age of 97. 951.M41 - Sister Raedia is assigned to Squad Dominus, fresh from her vows. 994.M41 - Canoness Fieleen is killed by a Khorne Lord of Skulls in close combat. Sister Superior Raedia is named the Canoness of the Order of the Glorious Reprisal at the age of 59, making her the youngest Canoness in the order’s history RELICS OF VENGANCE Instruments of Reprisal: the arms and armour of Seraphim Superior Vendella of have come to be collectively called the Instruments of Reprisal. Despite numerous repairs they shine just as brightly as the day the Delmarian Commandery was founded. Their original detailing and coloration has been painstakingly maintained throughout the millennia, and they are currently bourn into battle by Seraphim Superior Katelien. Edge of Faith: Power sword Majesty’s Rebuke: Plasma pistol Wings of the Martyr: Seraphim jump pack Armour of Vendella : Power armour Teeth of Vengeance: Thus was named the gilded Eviscerator of Canoness Alexius upon her death. Each succeeding Canoness of the ord er has etched a personal mark into one of its shining ceramite and adamantium teeth. Canoness Raedia is the current bearer of this weapon. HEROINES OF THE ORDER OF THE GLORIOUS REPRISAL Canoness Commander Vendela: Canoness Commander and Seraphim of The Order of Our Martyred Lady, and the first leader of the sisters on Delmarus. The sisters of the order even onto the 41st millennium revere her, while her armour and weapons are some of the order’s most sacred relics. Palatine Gracinthi: Led the Mission of the Order of the Valorous Heart that originally accompanied Vendela to the Talmion system. She is said to have played a significant role in picking the location of the Convent on Delmarus. Canoness Alexius: The first Canoness of the Order of the Glorious Reprisal; a native of Delmarus. She led the fledgling order through the crusade of Chaos Lord Mronthrouk and her Eviscerator is the traditional weapon of the Canonesses of the order. Saint Sister-Captain Victinia: Through her heroic actions she became the hero of the Battle for Delmarus, an Imperial Saint, and the patron saint of the Oreder of the Glorious Reprisal, even though she was not a native Delmarian Blessed Sister Niteelan: Sister-Captain Victinia’s Adjunct. After the Battle for Delmarus she penned “Ode to the Saint,” an epic eight hour canticle glorifying her lost friend who became the patron Saint of her order. Canoness Fieleen: Raedia’s predecessor, she was killed attempting to slow a rampaging Khorne Lord of Skulls during an extended mission outside the Talmion System at the behest of an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. Canoness Raedia: The youngest Canoness in the order’s history and a native of Delmarus, she has earned the respect of the sisters under her command. Seraphim Superior Katelien: Current bearer of the Instruments of Reprisal, she is a shining example of the strength and grace of the Seraphim. As is traditional, Katelien serves as Canoness Raedia’s second in command. Veteran Superior Margrettia: She has lead the nineteen other sisters of Squad Dominus for over a century. This was the warrior who trained the Canoness, and the Canoness before her. Her fervent belief and long decades of service make her and invaluable asset to the order. Sister Captian Elenius: The current Sister-Captain of the Dawnhammer, she has the difficult task of keeping the order on good terms with both the Adeptus Telepathica and the Navis Nobilite, even though she herself shares her sisters’ abhorrence of the mutant and the witch, while at the same time keeping careful watch over the Maiden World the order is obliged to observe. Sister Saethein, Adjunct to the Sister-Captain: At barely thirty years of age, she was a strange choice for the position of Adjunct, but Saethein has yet to give Elenius reason to regret her selection of her proxy and eventual Successor. Sister Superior Urthale: As the order’s representative at the Convent Sanctorum on Ophelia VII, she is responsible for tracking the progress of Demarian children throughout the sector, especially those training as Novices of the Adepta Sororitas. When their training and vows are complete, she conducts those Delmarian children that have taken vows as a sister militant back to Delmarus, with the permission of the Prioress of the Convent Sanctorum, and, on occasion, she has selects sisters not born of Delmarian parents to serve in the order. Whatever their origins, Canoness Raedia trusts sister Urthale’s judgement. NOTABLE SISTERS OF OTHER ORDERS The Order of Serenity: Three Sisters Hospitaller of the Order of Serenity from the Convent Prioris are stationed on Delmarus to care for the sisters of the order. Sister Angeli, a surgeon with years of experience treating battlefield injuries, is assisted by sisters Quelen and Bellena. The Order of the Gate: Sister Melaen Relthi reports on activities in and around the Talmion System to her superiors on Ophelia VII and serves as the Planetary Governor’s advisor, guiding him in the ways proscribed by her order. The Order of the Holy Word: Sisters Yejei and Erthall of the Order of the Quill are on Delmarus to study the legends of Saint Amuria. Sister Yejei claims to be composing her own Simulacrum Amuria, which has upset some of the Delmarian priesthood due to her offworld birth. OTHER FIGURES OF NOTE Saint Amuria: Found as a young woman in Delmarus’s equatorial deserts, she became a preacher and eventually began the revolt that toppled the corrupt Senic Var. Much of the theology of Delmarus centers around her legend. Pilgrims travel from across the planet to walk the deserts south of Reathale where she lived in hopes of finding her lost pendant. Of especial importance to the learned of the Delmarian priesthood is the position in which Amuria lay when she was found, a description of which is called a Simulacrum Amuria. Father Daven Jorothous: The priest in the town of Reathale during the Age of Apostasy that cared for Amuria when she was found, and taught her the tenants of the Imperial Creed after she recovered. Cardinal Senic Var: The corrupt Cardinal of Delmarus toppled by a revolt led by Saint Amuria and the Delmarian Frateris Clergy. Ecclesiarch Decius VI: The Ecclesiarch who canonized Saint Victinia in 188.M38. SPECIAL CHARACTER: CANONESS RAEDIA Hidden Content Canoness Raedia.......................................................................................................................................... 160 points WS 5 BS 5 S 3 T 3 W 3 I 4 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Unit Type: Infantry (Character) Unit Composition: 1 (Unique) Wargear: Power armour Bolt pistol Rosarius Frag grenades Krak grenades Ecclesiarchy Relics: Teeth of Vengeance Warlord Trait: Righteous Rage (grants Rage special rule)Special Rules: Act of Faith Eternal Warrior Independent Character Martyrdom Shield of Faith Stubborn Act Of Faith: Bulwark of Faith ECCLESIARCHY RELICS Teeth of Vengeance: Range - S x2 AP 2 Type Melee, Armourbane, Heritage of Reprisal, Two-Handed, Unwieldy Heritage of Reprisal: The bearer of this weapon may re-roll one failed roll To Hit and one failed roll To Wound per turn while using this weapon. ACT OF FAITH Bulwark of Faith: One use only. This Act of Faith can only be used an enemy Assault phase, and unlike other Acts of Faith used in that phase, can only be used as soon as the first charge of that phase is declared against Canoness Raedia and her unit. If successful, Canoness Raedia and all models in her unit with the Act of Faith special rule gain the Counter-Attack special rule until the end of the current phase. SPECIAL CHARACTER: SERAPHIM SUPERIOR KATELIEN Hidden Content Seraphim Superior Katelien.......................................................................................................................... 115 points WS 5 BS 4 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 3 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Character) Unit Composition: 1 (Unique) Wargear: Frag grenades Krak grenades Ecclesiarchy Relics: Instruments of ReprisalWarlord Trait: Beacon of FaithSpecial Rules: Act of Faith Angelic Visage Simulacrum Angelica Hit & Run Shield of Faith Act Of Faith: The Emperor’s Wrath ECCLESIARCHY RELICS Instruments of Reprisal: The armour and weapons of Seraphim Superior Vendela, the Instruments of Reprisal include the four pieces of Wargear described below. Edge of Faith: Range - S +1 AP 3 Type Melee, Master-Crafted Majesty’s Rebuke: Range 12" S 7 AP 2 Type Pistol, Gets Hot Wings of the Martyr: The Wings of the Martyr are a Jump Pack. Armour of Vendela: The Armour of Vendela confers a 3+ Armour Save. In addition, the inspiring history the armour represents grants its bearer the Stubborn special rule. SPECIAL RULES Simulacrum Angelica: As long as Seraphim Superior Katelien is alive, her unit counts as having a Simulacrum Imperialis. ACT OF FAITH The Emperor’s Wrath: One use only. This Act of Faith can be used in either player’s Assault phase. If successful, Seraphim Superior Katelien and her unit re-roll failed To Wound rolls until the end of the phase. SPECIAL CHARACTER: VETERAN SUPERIOR MARGRETTIA Hidden Content Veteran Superior Margrettia............................................................................................................................ 45 points A single Sister Superior from a Battle Sister Squad in your army may be upgraded to Veteran Superior Margrettia, replacing all Wargear, Special Rules, and so on with the ones below. Alternatively, Veteran Superior Margrettia may be taken as an HQ choice. In this case she costs 57 points, and the Detachment she is in may not include any other models or units that fill HQ force organization slots. WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 3 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Unit Type: Infantry (Character) Unit Composition: (Unique) Wargear: Power armour Power Sword Boltgun Frag grenades Krak grenades Special Rules: Act of Faith Defiant Shield of Faith Act Of Faith: Light of the Emperor SPECIAL RULES Defiant: Once per game, when Veteran Superior Margrettia or her unit takes a leadership test, instead of rolling, they may choose to count as having rolled double ones. ACT OF FAITH Veteran Superior Margrettia is a part of the Battle Sister Squad she joins, and is treated exactly like the Sister Superior she replaces for the purposes of Acts of Faith. DETACHMENT: EMPEROR'S VENGEANCE PURIFICATION FORCE Hidden Content EMPEROR’S VENGEANCE PURIFICATION FORCE This Detachment represents a typical force of Sisters from the Order of the Glorious Reprisal and their combat doctrine. It follows all the Detachment rules presented in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules. COMPULSORY 1 HQ 2 Troops 1 Fast Attack OPTIONAL 1 HQ 4 Troops 2 Elites 2 Fast Attack 3 Heavy Support 1 Fortification 1 Lord of War RESTRICTIONS All units in this Detachment must have the Adepta Sororitas Faction (or be fortifications). COMMAND BENEFITS Holy Promethium: Any enemy unit that suffers any casualties from a Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer, or Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer that is fired by a model or vehicle from this Detachment must take a Morale check, even if it does not suffer 25% casualties in this phase. This does not cause units that do suffer 25% casualties in this phase to take two Morale checks. Hymns of Vengeance: At the beginning of each turn, count the number of Troops and Fast Attack units on the battlefield from this Detachment, excluding Dedicated Transports. Us the number of units counted to apply the appropriate result from below. Each result includes all results above it and affects all units and/or models (as appropriate) from this Detachment, and no others. 1-2 Units :No benefit 3+ Units :Units gain the Furious Charge special rule. 4+ Units :Units add 1 to their charge range 5+ Units :Models add 1 to their Initiative 6+ Units :Models gain the Stubborn special rule
  13. Tactics for Units - Repentia; Sisters and Mistresses Welcome back to Tactics for Units, my multi-part series on Adepta Sororitas tactics, for Adepta Sororitas units. This time we’ll be looking at somewhat of a controversial unit in 8th Edition; the Repentia. We’ll also be examining the Mistress of Repentance, as her abilities and fluff mesh so well with Repentia that it’d be more difficult to examine them separately. The Repentia are heavy infantry and light vehicle slayers, and a potentially deadly close combat threat to most anything else. They are lightly armoured, of average speed, and occupy an Elite Slot that is currently more diverse and competitive than ever before. The Repentia are those Sororitas who have committed acts so heinous to the Sisterhood that the only redemption to be found is in a glorious and sacrificial death. Divested of their regular wargear, they wield enormous eviscerators, and hunt down the greatest of threats on the field. The Mistress of Repentance supervises the Repentia, both driving them on to greater fervour, and restraining them from ill-advised assaults, helping to maximise their battlefield effectiveness, and the likelihood of their redemption. Statistics The Repentia have a good, though fairly standard stat line at first glance. It's the same veteran line you'll see on Sisters Superior and on Celestians. Of note is the 2 attacks and Weapon Skill of 3+, as befits a dedicated combat unit. Like other Sisters, the strength and toughness of 3 are a bit mediocre, especially on a combat unit, but leadership 8 is great to help them stick around. And you'll need it, because these ladies have a 7+ save. That's right. They don't even have shirts on. They die easily to a harsh look. The Mistress of Redemption has what you might consider a Canoness-lite stat line. WS and BS are 3+, and she has 4 wounds and 3 attacks. Pretty good! Everything else is standard for a Sororitas character; LD8, Strength and Toughness of 3, a power armour 3+ save. Overall, a nice little character with a bit of heft. Special Rules Repentia share the two standard Adepta Sororitas special rules, Acts of Faith and Shield of Faith. Shield of Faith is very important for Repentia, as it actually gives them a save. Sure, it's only a 6++, but, as it's an invulnerable save, you'll always have it, which can't always be said. It's important, but it's not necessarily going to be very useful. Repentia will still die in droves if you're not careful with them. As ever, the 1d6 Deny the Witch exists. It might happen. Probably won't. But you never know! Acts of Faith is going to be roughly as useful to Repentia as it is to most other Sororitas units. Of particular note, Hand of the Emperor’s extra move phase would really help position the Repentia where they need to be to do the most damage, and Spirit of the Martyr can help patch up the fact that this squad will be taking considerable losses. Repentia are also one of the few Sororitas units that might want to use The Passion, as their strength is certainly in the assault, so why not double up on that? And it's a fight phases free of retribution, which definitely sounds good for the paper thin ladies. Just remember that you need to already have the unit engaged in assault to use this one. The Mistress of Repentance has the shared rules Acts of Faith and Shield of Faith, and a couple of her own. Shield of Faith means the Mistress will always have that 6++ save, and given she actually has an armour save to speak of, she might survive long enough to pass the one 6++ roll she might have to make. The Deny the Witch is not likely to come up, but maybe it'll work. There's always a chance. Acts of Faith are, as ever, always going to be wonderful. Hand of the Emperor could allow the Mistress to keep up with her Repentia charges, which is a perennial issue with 8th Edition and unit specific buff characters like her. With the random nature of charges and Advancing, a unit can quite easily get pulled out of coherency with their buffing character or vice versa. Hand of the Emperor helps rectify this. Avoid Divine Guidance, as her shooting is lackluster and you are almost guaranteed a better use of your Faith. As with any multiwound model, Spirit of the Martyr is great to keep her wobbling along the battlefield a little longer. Like the Repentia, The Passion is worth a look, as an extra chance to deal out her lovely 3 attacks is certainly nice. The Mistress’ other special rules are Angelic Visage and Driven Onwards. Angelic Visage allows the Mistress to reroll failed Shield of Faith invulnerable saves. Ooh yes please. Statistically, this boost the likelihood of passing the save to 30%, which is almost as good as having a 5++. Driven Onwards is the Repentia-specific buff rule you're probably bringing the Mistress for. It allows <Order> Repentia to reroll Advance, Charge, and To Hit rolls. It's a 6” bubble, but notably does not affect the Mistress, as she lacks the Repentia keyword. With a 6” bubble, you could potentially get several Repentia within range at a time. Equipment Repentia have exactly one piece of equipment; the Penitent Eviscerator. Don’t be fooled by the eviscerator title, this isn’t the beastly queen of close combat that the Canoness can take. This is still good, don’t get me wrong, but in a very different sense. Strength x2, AP-2, and 2 Damage is great, and in many ways more reliable than a standard eviscerator, but losing out on the AP-4 hurts a bit. The 2 Damage helps rectify things, though, as it is something reliable on what is often an unreliable platform. Attacking with these gives a -1 penalty to hit, so it’s good Repentia have WS3+. The Penitent Eviscerator means that Repentia are perhaps best in the role of heavy infantry and light vehicle shredding. The Mistress of Repentance has Neural Whips, and both Frag and Krak grenades. The Neural Whips are AP-2 power weapons that grant a +1 to wound if the target unit’s highest leadership is less than 8. Which is great. It doesn’t work on Vehicles, though, so she’ll be striking at her mediocre S3 against tanks and Space Marines. Overall, a solid enough weapon, and she has 3 Attacks to actually make use of it. It’s important to remember frag and krak grenades, of course, as she doesn’t have any other ranged weapons, so if you’re within 6”, have her chuck one. Frag is useful if you’re against T3-5, and if you can hope to force a few failed saves. The low strength and lack of AP can be annoying, though, and there’s always the chance of rolling a 1 for the number of shots. The Krak grenade runs the risk of just outright missing, but against most things it’ll be wounding on a 3 or better, and d3 damage can really help take out an annoying character or vehicle. Tactics Repentia hit hard, but they’re fragile as anything. With that, and their average move stat in mind, they really need a transport. Either a Rhino or an Immolator will do you well, though my money's on the Rhino, as the Immolator’s weapon can make it tempting to shoot, when you really need to be Advancing across the battlefield. Barrel across the field, drop them off, and have them charge something valuable. Don’t expect them to survive after this, though. Alternatively, you can use them as a counter-charge unit in your backfield. You’ll still want to put them in a vehicle, though. The Mistress of Repentance is almost an Auto-Take with the Repentia, as rerolling to hit rolls alone is worth the ticket price, but rerolling charges really helps guarantee the Repentia will be charging where they need to be. She’s also comparatively good at clearing chaff that might slow down the Repentia. I’ll be honest here. I haven’t used Repentia very much, and when I have, they certainly haven’t impressed me. I’m not entirely sure how to recommend their use. As such, I’m just going to throw open the floor to the community. How do YOU use Repentia? What do you think of them?
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