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  1. Brothers, So today I picked up my first box of Devastators earlier today and was wondering if there is a specifc weapon or weapons I should prioritise that works particularly well with the Ultramarines a la Heavy Bolter and Imperial Fists. I have a some of the firstborn already, but I re-started collecting around the Gathering Storm, and then 8th hit so I have mainly Primaris stuff. I think I currently have 3 ML's and a Plasma Cannon in my collection, so i'm wondering if I need any more of these, or should I focus on the other options. Do I go for Grav to take advantage of the Gravitic Amplification strategem? Or Heavy Bolter for the Hellfire Shells? Or the trusty lascannon for more mobile (in Tactical doctrine) anti-tank. Let me know your thoughts
  2. Hi, I'm thinking about starting a sisters army, so thought i'd look at a few lists. I initially made up a 2k list but, when I looked into buying the models, we we're talking about £600+ even with discounts. With that in mind, I made a 1k point list, which should be much more attainable. I'll list this below, but really I just wanted to get some feedback on if the units i'm buying are a good idea, if there is anything I'm missing out that is a must include or should be prioritising as my next buy. All advice is welcome, as I said, i've not started buying yet so any feedback will be a big help. HQ Canoness - Warlord - Relic: Blade of Admonition, Trait: Beacon of Faith, Condemnor Boltgun Celestine (no force org slot - Geminae Superior) Troops Sisters x10 includes Simulacrum, Meltagun and Multi-melta, chainsword on Sister Superior Sisters x5 includes Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter, chainsword on Sister Superior Sisters x5 includes Heavy Flamer, Flamer, chainsword & Hand Flamer on Sister Superior Elites Death Cult Assassins x2 Heavy Support Exorcist - Hunter-killer missile Penitent Engines x2 - Buzz-blades and Heavy Flamers Dedicated Transports Immolator - Hunter-killer missile Rhino - Hunter-killer missile So this is 1k on the nose, obviously if and when I add to it the list will change. I'm not aiming to be majorly competitive, I'm just aiming for a decent army that can win casual games. Thanks in advance
  3. So, this is my first post on Bolter & Chainsword. I’ve been a long time lurker, but finally thought I’d share what I’ve been up to. I’ll use this thread as a log for my Ultramarine forces, which is my primary collection. I’ve been interested in the hobby ever since I was a kid, and collected various things since then, but I’ve only really been playing for the last couple of years. I have a mate locally who also plays, so I manage to get the odd game in each month. We don’t use mega competitive armies, just try various units and combos trying to keep it fluffy, although we are looking in to some local tournaments, and i'm considering going to a birng and battle evening at my local Warhammer store in the near future. We managed to play a couple of games today, and i managed to make some notes, so I thought I’d try and make a little bat rep which I’ll post in a moment which I hope you'll enjoy. Any feedback on list, style of the report, etc is welcome. I'll try and get my pictures onto the laptop and add them to the next post if possible.
  4. So I mainly play ultramarines (dabble in craftworlds) but with the new SM codex I wanted to get back into my boys in blue, experimented with a list and the new relics etc. Recently played a game against a local blood angles player and really had a rough time. It was a boring game for me because it turned into a turn one being charged by the Black company rage guys while his Phobos units sat on objectives. I couldn't even get up the board to play the game because I had half an army of melee fighters in my grill. Being bogged down and bottled up is a weakness of Ultramarines, I've known that fact for a while but it seems no matter what list I build and experiment with it always happens. I believe a big issue I'm having is proper deployment tactics and screening. What is a good way to setup a nice ultramarines shooting army. Some key models I include are Guilliman, primaris librarian, techmarine, Replusor, Aggresors, Primaris ancient and hellblasters. In my most recent game I tried a 10 man team of intercessors and two squads of tacticals, I've changed that to two intercessor squads and a single Tactical squad because the 10 man got chewed up turn one. What are some good rule of thumbs to consider for deployment and placement? Thanks all for the tips!
  5. I've pitched an idea to get a return to some evening gaming - Kill Team being perfect for this with fewer models required, and quicker games. With a total of four players (only half with experience of KT) I'm aiming for something smaller scale to get a taster of the game, and the continuous element compared to pick up games. As such I'll probably ditch a few things to get us started like the pre-battle scouting stuff, and I'm not planning on having too many games. The idea is to get a taste and some experience of roster play after all, and we can assess and make plans once we're done with this It'd be nice to have everyone play each other (6 games total), I'd also like to have escalation in points as people get more experienced teams and learn the game but I don't think these will go together without making the campaign longer than I want. So I've come up with the following ideas: Round Robin Everyone plays each other once at 100pts. A final fourth four way game at increased points once everyone has learnt the game? This last game would allow for some more toys, as well as playing with levelling up models. Random Robin Three games, against randomised opponent each time with increasing point values (e.g. 100, 125, 150) before throwing all final lists in to a four player battle. This way lists can expand and experiment with Elite options as a more interconnected set of games. For winning that might be a bit more complicated. Seems simple enough to grant a Victory Point for every win. I like the idea of final game which is a four player grand battle, end on a spectacle as well as get a multiplayer game in. Perhaps this could be worth 2 VPs? That way it gives an option for the top spot to be unseated, but without rendering previous results moot. How do they sound? Are there any ideas from others who have done something similar or ran small KT events? What about tips for managing rosters for these game approaches (I've only played one off KT games so far)? I think I'm leaning towards the round robin for the first stint, keep things a bit simpler to get the ball rolling. Any suggestions and tips very welcome In case anyone is interested, lists will involve some Grey Knights, Tyranids and Blood Angels I imagine. There's possibility for others though, not least in that I've not decided what I might take yet I really enjoyed my TSons team, but I'm finishing up some more Stormies now and have those Skitarii sitting around...
  6. + + + Incoming Vox Transmission + + + ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- + + + Greetings Brothers -- I am a newly inducted Neophyte of the Black Templars, following the liberation of my home system by the Tiberior Crusade. I send you this transmission in hopes to advance my training and learn from senior Initiates of the order. The vile alien and heretic are craven in the face of the Emperor, my Brothers, and they avoid honourable confrontation at all costs -- To be expected, as the foes of the Emperor are deceitful and treacherous. Would it be wise to arm ourselves with long-range firepower to crush our enemies from afar, in reproach to these disgraceful tactics? Our armoury boasts a wide selection of destructive armaments, and our unique battle doctrine allows us to equip our Crusaders with the devastating Lascannon and Plasma Gun in a single combat squad. As Templars, we seek nothing more than to purge the unclean with our righteous zeal, however it is necessary that we bring ruin to the enemy's transports and warmachines, that we might take our glorious battle to them. So what say you, Brothers? Have your Crusades found utility in this strategy? I beseech you to impart your wisdom, and await your response transmission. For Dorn, For Sigismund, and For The Emperor! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- + + + + + + End Transmission + + + (Translation, I'm a new BT player and I'm about to make my first purchases to start my army in a few hours. I've already got the Chapter Upgrade, but I don't know whether I should buy Assault Marines or Tacticals & Devastators. I mostly play against mobile, shooty armies like Eldar and Guard in my local meta, who would happily set up on the other side of the table and shoot me to bits before I can get close -- and I would actually like to win some games, so my question is: Do I go with the standard Chainsword + Powerweapons set up, or will I find more success running a shooty build of my own? I'm thinking MSU, Lascannon + Plasma Gun in every squad, mounted in Lascannon Razorbacks. Would you experienced players say this is a more competitive loadout? I'd also appreciate advice on an effective low-points-value army list for me to strive towards so I can start playing ASAP -- say, 1,000 points. Thanks for your help and advice!)
  7. Someone suggested elsewhere the idea of a Holy Crusade army - with a small core of SoB leading a regiment of Imperial Guard. This idea really appealed to me but I'm looking for some advice with regard to implementing it: Firstly, which SoB units to use as the leaders of the crusade. I was thinking St. Celestine and maybe some Priests, but are there any other units I should consider? Second, any suggestions regarding the IG part of the army? I'd like to use primarily infantry but I'm wondering how best to kit them out to represent their being led by SoB. Should I use Meltas and Flamers? Also, should the sergeants have melee weapons or such? Any specific IG units you think would work for this theme? Finally, any other advice or suggestions for this theme? (I've posted this on the SoB section as well, hopefully that's okay.)
  8. Hello friends of the B&C. So my first thread here is basically going to be the main reason I joined this forum. That is to discuss my ideas for starting an AM army and get advice and criticism on my ideas and work. Recently I've developed a fascination with soviet history and i've always fancied an Imperial guard army as they have the coolest tanks. I realised this after getting a Leman Russ for my space wolf army back when they were allowed to have them. (I still haven't forgiven GW for taking that one cool thing away from me ) This led me to the idea of making my next project a valhallans army based on the WW2 Soviet army. Now here's the thing. Valhallan models are old and expensive. A squad of 10 regualar valhallans is £20.50, that's £2.05 a model for an army that will feature a lot of infantry as would be appropriate for a soviet themed army. I'm not rolling in cash so I decided a more cost effective answer would be to buy ww2 soviet minis since warlord, a company I've been following for some time, sell a box of 40 soviets in winter gear (visually very similar to valhallans) for £30. I can also get heavy weapons teams like mortars, HMGs(heavy bolters) and anti tank guns (autocannons), again visually almost the same as their GW equivalents. It seems to have worked out quite well for me that imperial guard use a lot of WW2 equipment XD (this plan also means I can take up bolt action if I fancy but I realise that's outside the scope of this forum ) What this essentially means is that to keep my army somewhat coherent and also easy to explain to my opponent I'll be taking very few weapons from the 41st millennium on my infantry. No plasma guns, no melta guns, no power weapons. Essentially My infantry will be composed of heavy weapons teams and lasguns for days, possibly a few flamers if i can make the flamethrower models stand out enough. Meaning I can put my infantry on the table and when my opponent starts looking quizzical, i can point at my infantry platoons and simply say "These are all guys with lasguns, these heavy weapon teams are exactly what they look like" As far as armour is concerned I'll be using GW models as usual so chimairas and leman russes painted in the style of soviet armour with iconography and, if i'm feeling brave, slogans in cyrillic. I've already picked up and painted a Captain Chenkov to serve as my warlord since he'll be nice and special. I'd like to know people's thoughts on this as a concept. It would be nice If i could construct an army within these parameters that can at least put up a decent fight. I'm not a tournament player so i'm not worried about it being meta competitive or legal models wise for those kinds of events since i mostly play casually against my friends. Once I have a plan together and get rolling with actual models i'll update this thread with pictures of my progress. If you got this far thank you for reading, I look forward to your thoughts as I'm quite excited about this project.
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