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Night Lords 18th Battle Company (Treadhead)

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Sorry for the lack of updates folks. Real life has come kicking and screaming in my direction. I've spent most of my time on updating my small, not-angry deamon prince. He's still marine sized (barely) but i plan on mounting him on some Gothic rubble an inch or two up. (Still WIP)


I envisioned him carrying two swords, one with a shield that was shorter, and a full length. No matter how many times i changed the pose it wouldn't work. I went back to the drawing board and tried the two handed War Scythe and fell in love with it.

To finish the obliterator teams ( 3 of 3 ) I started the spotter for the next team. he was built completely around the idea of an observer with some glass in hand. His shooter will be built around him. The finished model is always the furthest thing from my first visions.


These next two models are replacement marines for the Alpha Legion squad attatched to my Night Lords. I play them as Noise Marines so a Move and Shoot theme is kept in mind when they are made. The first one is a basic marine with a sonic blaster, and the second is my interpretation of a blastmaster's stats, built into a solid slug gun.

Hope you guys enjoy!



* I thought long and hard about using Veteren SGT Haas' head from forgeworld. I like the Imperial Aquila and will paint it to stick out against the rest of the model. Whether my Alpha legion continues to fight for the Emperor, or if this marine enjoys mocking his enemies is best left secret. B)

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Awesome work there mate :P love your army as stated befor and its one of my big joy´s to see more of them apear here all the time :) wickedlty awesome and very nice!!!!


Cheers and salute

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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the wonderful replies and support. I spend way too much time on these guys and i'm glad it's appreciated somewhere ( The wife will never understand ;) )

My Night Lords Made it to the 'Ard Boyz Semi Finals and made a big impact model, and game wise. I had one opponent call my Big Marines the God Squad after their influence in our game. My older Night Lord champion took on a squad and a half of Iron Warriors for around 5 rounds of combat single handed. My opponent and I agreed he needed a promotion and so i got to work on him right away.

Here's some Before and After Pics.



He has been upgraded game wise with a combi melta.

For fluff and model purposes he has been honored with dual Legion shoulder pads. (The Night Lord upgrade pewter pack, power weapon arm)

I also finished the shooter in my third obliterator weapon team. The basing and what he's standing on will be upgraded to a more urban theme when i finish modeling the rest of the army.


Hope you guys enjoy.

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One thing i forgot to add on my last obliterator team. The other two teams were two night lords, and two alpha on one base per team. This team is made up of a night lord spotter and an alpha legion shooter. The reason i did this was purely fluff and meant to resemble joint operations and cross training different units with different battlefield experience. These two guys are wearing packs taken from a guardsman sprue. I believe i will paint all of this team's armor in urban camouflage except for their legion shoulderpads.


I put way too much thought into these guys ;)


ChaplainCliff, of course you can use the idea for the obliterators. I wouldn't call it theft, this whole section of the forum is dedicated to the sharing and inspiration.

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I figured my champion needed someone to lead... I stayed up late for this guy. He has no death totems because i didn't see them fitting this guy. His purpose in the squad isn't to scare citizens or guardsmen, it's to take out enemy armor. I intended him to look more practical than the rest. I hope i don't regret him in the morning


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Very nice and awesome as usual there mate love your army of murder and mayham.... :devil: wickedly awsome uppgraded champion to btw... :wub:

well you have the nr 1.. spott of interest from my part and await further progress with joy :D hehe...


Cheers and salut brother of darkness

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Drudge i use the combi meltas because they look oh so much cooler than regular melta guns. Additionally i model them a mixture of Counts as and WYSIWYG.



As shown they all have a melta gun, integrated bolt pistol (for those pesky meat bags who get in the way), and a CCW. I gave the second guy another pistol holstered but in this case he doesn't like wasting his precious bolt rounds on executions, so he uses an auto pistol for the cheaper ammo ;)

I gave the newer model a melta pack on his backpack which i plan on running wire to for a direct melta feed. One thing i regret (which will be fixed here momentarily) is the lack of DEATH TOTEMS. What was i thinking?!

Shows me for modeling at 3am.

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so long as the melta is the prominent weapon i think that should fly. if it were smaller and below the slug barrel i would worry about gamers claiming it shows a combi-weapon and not a melta+pistol.


i actually have not played space marines at all since 3rd edition when _everything_ was WYSIWYG. My whole club was ork players until recently. Do these rules still stand? How are regular marines supposed to carry a bolter AND a pistol (and no CCW?) on every model?

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Really creative stuff, love the conversions. I really like you ideas for Oblits, Especially since the original models are pretty lame. This tread has gotten me excited to start converting stuff again. Probably a bad thing since I promised myself I'd have to finish painting all the models I've converted before I make/buy anything new.


Keep up the good work.

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HAHAH :tu:


Warhammer 40k is based off imagination. I look at this weapon and see a bolt thrower, and a melta gun. If the Emperors lackeys want to carry their seperatly that's fine. The Dark Mechanicus gifted these to our legion after they were freed from the restrictive yoke of the imperium!


My tac marines don't have options for combi meltas, only melta gun, bolt pistol, and ccw.


If my opponent starts to shake violently i can just pick up one of his basic marines and ask where the bolt pistol is? frag and krak grenades? or his rhino's searchlight, or smoke launchers.


Everyone who has encountered this melta, bolt combo in games havn't blinked an eye. In most cases they think it's neat and effective.


Pg. 47 5th ED rulebook

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it wouldn't be the first time someone got stupid over something minute (i smash my head against the wall any time i hear DLOS...since it's sure to start a fistfight) but if you've played these then that's great :). seems your clubs must be more easygoing than those in new york ^^. and it's not like you're trying to pass off a witchblade as a singing spear (had that happen in tourney and it stood because it was paid for he just didn't tell anyone but the register)...
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I'd have no problem with those meltagunners, just as long as you'd say what they counted as at the start of a game (just one sentence really), and (mainly) because its a quite interesting idea and very well executed.


I might have to steal that autocannon gunner though.


.....Suppose I better get to my Night Lords now........

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