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Night Lords 18th Battle Company (Treadhead)

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Progress on the second squad of Night Lords is coming fast. I'm making them less scary and more tactical. I was inspired from the second Word Bearers novel where the squads differed greatly depending on their champion or sergant. My first squad uses fear as a weapon while taking great enjoyment in doing so. This squad has a more level head in a fight. They keep their wits and only use fear when it's appropriate. Often taking up over watch positions to safeguard their brothers while they enjoy the hunt.

On to the models!



Firestorm I've been reading your fluff on your blog and it's quite impressive. I love how your models and fluff come out simultaneously. I wish i could write that well and tie models into the story.

hope you enjoy!

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Lovely work on that Night Lord. Only one little thing: the second NL's chainsword is a bit oddly held. But I suppose if he's trying to spook his target, it'd be much scarier if he can't see the chainblade whirring away.


On the first one, I love the skull idea on the bolter. Is that NL stock? If not, could you picture doing a Storm Bolter with the muzzles behind the eyes instead of the mouth?

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Solid Zaku :

The Marine is holding his chainsword in which way we hold combat knives in todays elite military. Often in the other hand you will hold one knife normally so that you can stab with left, and slash with right, never fully ceasing your relentless bladed attacks. In this case the brother can blaze away with his bolter keeping the blade somewhat in reserve, if the opportunity arrises he can stab with the very sharp pommel, or sweep a wider arc than normal with a backhanded swing. I believe the model conveys motion better this way and he obviously looks likes he's running towards someone shooting rather than just holding a sword up awkwardly into the air.


I do like the idea of a storm bolter with eyes as muzzles. I'll need to find a bigger skill but i just might have one lying around...


Thanks for the comments Chaos Minds I'm from Springfield VA and am very familiar with Charlottesville. Get some minis thrown up here!


Cheesychaoslod NO. NO YOU CANNOT! ;) :P B)

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Wickedly nice once more!! B) superb models and awaiting with joy to see what more of the dark ones that will apear in the near future? Awesome idea with the combi melta as a melta gunner with boltpistol combo.... :P



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That is a mixture of 4 different weapons. From the bottom up

1: haft of chaos terminator lord force staff

2: Terminator/ terminator lord power axe

3: Warhammer FB Zombie scythe

4: Warhammer FB Chaos Knights Lance


Regretfully it broke off today in such a way that i may have to re-make it. :P

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Once again thanks for all the great replies and inspiration. It truly motivates and keeps me going. ;)

Not one to disappoint i felt i had to up the ante with this guy. Not a whole lot, just enough to get back to the quality control that used to make me so proud of them.

Took me about 6 hours to make this guy look average. :)


As for painting, i'm terrified to start these guys. I know what i want them to look like however i'm waiting until both squads are done so that i may do them all at once. Consistency is a word i live by.

As for all the Autocannon requests i'm sad to say all my unopened termi boxes have been packed up and made ready to move. i won't be able to make it for at least another week or two. Hope you can hang on!


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Regretfully i'm running out of poses and ideas before i have to start repeating some of the same things. :P


I have 5 marines to go before this second squad is finished


1 melta gun

1 icon

3 marines with bolter, ccw, bolt pistol.


I don't want them to start looking generic. Here's your chance to have some say on a finished product! Let me bring some of your ideas to life! :D

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