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Night Lords 18th Battle Company (Treadhead)

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Hey guys.

Sorry for the long absence. I've been busy as of lately. I finally got my desk back together and have been working on some marines for a few days now. I think a break is exactly what i needed, inspiration and ideas have been in no short supply lately. The only thing i'm having trouble with is making each an individual model with it's own character.

First up this is my take on the second Icon of Chaos Glory in my army. I didn't want some fool carrying a pole (even though my last one looks wicked cool) so this marine was kept combat ready. His bolter has a chainsword attachment from the popular bolter link in the tutorial section. I think it's a perfect fit.


Second is my squads Saw gunner. Now there's no literal way to represent a SAW in the squads I'm using, short of heavy or special weapons that i don't want. However a squad can't leave home without it's own little metal monster. I'll play it as a bolter and when i pick up all my dice to hit i will just imagine half on them are from this guy. B)


I also threw some unsheathing knife action in there for you who asked for it. I like my models to be somewhat neutral in most of their stances. I don't like to convey entirely too much action in one pose as i find that it detracts from the squads overall appearance.

Third, and last for tonight, a basic marine with his snubby bolter and shanking knuckles. He likes to collect heads, who knew?!


Ideas for the poor space marine who got his skull stuck on top? Looking for some chapter ideas. Maybe i should go and upset some of these new wolves.


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I love the "Icon" bearer theme.

I thought I'd have a kick arse chainsword bayonet conversion. But once again, you've one-up'd me. cool deal.

That's a loyalist Space Marine chainsword isn't it?

Back to the drawing board for me now. ARGH!


Good effect, with the skeleton on the Saw gunner's backpack. right on.


I'm digging the Stubby Bolter, and the punch dagger. Man ! Friggin AWESOME!!


How about a large group photo, just to show the vast diversity you've got going on.

and when are you going to post some pics of your vehicles?

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Soooo...if someone say, theoretically of course, wanted to make one of those stabbing short knives that you modeled in the third figure, uh, so how might one do that? :huh:


I'm in love with the third guy...uh, figure. Just brilliant.

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the stabby knuckles are from the dark elf corsair kit. I just clipped the hand off the arm, and cut the hand out of the punch dagger. Attatch said punch dagger to a loyalist assault squad chainsword arm, and rotate the hand a couple degrees.


Cavpathfinder, yes it's a loyalist chainsword. In fact it's the one i cut off the assault marines arm in lue of the punch dagger! I let no bit go to waste.


I like the skeleton on the SAW gunners backpack too. I just hope that sucker doesn't break off at some point. I'm going to have an army case the size of a footlocker for just 1750 points of models and foam.


i'm not too proud of the vehicles. I will have to put them up though in the Army shot.

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Awesome addtions, mate! I'm particually fond of the SAW-Bolter... Any chance you cold tell us how you made it...? ;)


Ideas for the poor space marine who got his skull stuck on top? Looking for some chapter ideas. Maybe i should go and upset some of these new wolves.



Either Wolves, Dark Angels or the Smurfs for me, I say :D


Keep up the good work, Dan! :D



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Lord Inquisitor its digusting, heretics are massing in the wastes known as the W.I.P. They have found a new messiah breathing life back into their tainted flithy codex. The demagogue calls himself Dan the Daemon. Terrifing Night lords and traitorious Alpha Legion marines have been sighted; concerningly, they appear to be larger in stature then normal, surely the sign of the dark powers. Many formerly loyal brothers have forsaken their oaths. I have included an examples of the treachery as I experienced it.

Brother Hrax of the Blood Angels: "Shanking knuckles! I spit on my oath to the Corpse. Death to the False Emperor!"

Brother Ulysses of the Ultramarines: "That autocannon is magnificent! I no longer follow the tedious tome of my Primarch!"

Brother Let of the Dark Angels: "Lizard skin cloaks, no more dressing gowns for me. Let the Galaxy burn!"

Brother Yip of the Space Wolves: "A Saw bolter! Our shiny new codex is nothing compared to the power of the Dark Gods!"

A have captured an image of Dan the Daemon. Recommend an assassin be despatched immediately. Threat level Omega.


The Emperor Protects!

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So I'm hoping you don't mind me borrowing your ideas but after seeing your amazing models I reallyh couldn't help but to start the loyalist Alpha Legionaires I wanted to do for a long time I am putting a picture up with the hopes will tell me if I am doing something wrong or you could give me some advice.



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Yogi, reading your post was truly inspiring and meaningful. The more recruits the better!


FM Caustic i like the use of the lizardmen weapon instead of a chainsword. Try not to join them with green stuff. What i do is pin a weapon like that with both types of glue.


Use a standard paperclip pinning method and put a small dot of superglue onto the paperclip trhe sticks out of either end. Then coat the plastic in plastic cement so that when the join is made the superglue holds the pin in place, and the cement melts the weapon around the pin. I've been doing that with most of my weapons and they've turned out tough as nails.


The cloak application seems flawless to me. Good job. The only suggestions or considerations i would make would be solidify your theme a little bit. Loyalist Alpha's sounds cool, What makes a loyalist alpha look and fight different. Brainstorm that and then apply it and see how you feel.

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So to ask, After you putting up these models It made me want to start my Alpha Legion army as mentioned before and I want to put up a thread for my army like alot of other people but since some of my units use your cloak idea and possilby that obliterator idea I was feeling I would ask for your blessing in such an endeavour, I would of course give credit to you when your influence comes into my models.
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FMCaustic, Of course man, the more modeling the better!


I'm glad some of my models have inspired you to start your Alpha Legion army.


You have the blessing of Dan the Deamon and more importantly the Dark Gods.


I finished my last model in my other IoCG squad today. I realized after putting them in formation i finished the ten man squad after the last three were done. I only had one melta, champ, and icon. I've done some model swapping and fluff writing and now i'm ready to start my plauge marine counts as squad. I'll post pics ups later today.

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after seeing these marines in person today I'll repeat what I said then. Truely inspiring and I'll have to get my butt in gear on working on my own again.

It's good to see Dan is making new friends there in Texas. I was stationed with him up in Kentucky / Tennessee. I was affraid he was going to become a hermite.


It certainly is different when you get to see them "in the flesh" isn't it? Getting to see and feel how smooth the convertions are, can't be expressed with just pictures.


He's got skillz don't he.


I think one of the things I like most about Dan is his willingness to share ideas "think outside the box", and actually consider someone else's opinion / idea. I've found that actually quite rare in this hobby. If you have an open mind he'll definately inspire you.


He's also steeped in the fluff and lore of the 40K universe, so much so, that you can practically use him as a walking 40K reference book. If it's been printed, he's probably read it. not just read it but read it three or four times. And picked up on subtle hints and inuendos that GW has thrown in here and there. Plus I think he has the Chaos Space Marine Codex memorized(what 13 months on a COP will do to a man).

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Hey guys,

Been chuggin' away at one last model to complete my 2nd god squad. I found out I made ten marines before I fit my second special weapon in there. I moved one guy to 1st squad but in the end it didn't change much. Here's the 2nd melta for 2nd squad


Now that this guy is done both my squads are at full strength.




I've put my alpha legion on the back burner just for a little bit. I hate to say it but they haven't been performing that well lately. In game I changed from running some noise marines to using a squad of plague marines. Gotta be competitive right? Here's my basis for the wraith squad (plague).


Some of you may recognize that he's an original member of 1st squad. He was originally modeled to have intricate lightning armor. New progress in my fluff has led to the development of my wraith squad and he was the perfect candidate to start them.

Also here's a guy who gets some attention when i can give it. some say he's a pretty fun guy to be around. He will be wearing dark blue instead of red.



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