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Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company re-born - Army log

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Thanks for the comments




As said in the last post the idea for the Warshrine came from a conversion one of my friends shown me on there facebook feed when I was building the Knight model.  Sadily don't know who done the conversion, but it really cool & tie in really well.


Orignaly I was going to get another Lord of Skulls kit, but due to the model being £95 & hobby money going toward Throne of Skulls March at Warhammer World in Nottingham which is in two weeks, so need money toward travel, hotel & food.  Also I hate waiting to be honsty & the knight model one, since building the kit I've really wanted to paint right away.

It the same when Forge World release Perturabo, I'd want to get the model built & painted as soon as possible.


Spent today getting most of the Knight painted, still a long way off before he fully painted. Hopeful have the model finish on Saturday.











The knight model really great to build & paint.  I'd happily add a second Knight to my army in the near future, have it a mix of Daemonic, Machine & Obliterator & again just so each unit has it own sub theme in my army so you can tell the models apart from each other.


Also as said there, I got Throne of Skulls March in two week time & a few new models need to get built & painted.  Hopeful have some of the new models ready during the weekend.  I'm really looking forward being back down in Nottingham & that Warhammer World.



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The only thing I could dare think of adding to this guy would be a trophy chain loaded down with Loyalist helmets.


Beyond that, stunning work. It looks amazing, and I'm jealous i haven't been able to pick one up yet.

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  • 2 weeks later...



The Knight model almost complete now


Photo taken a few moment ago











Try the Blood for the Blood God on the Chaos Rune







Ultramarine from the 4th Company





I just to finish painting the Ultramarine & just few other parts before the model complete finish.  But the Knight model been really great to build & I've really enjoy painting the model.  I am looking to add a second one, so see what happen in the near future. 


Also I will be travel down to Terra or know as Warhammer World in Nottingham for the Throne of Skulls weekend & I am always looking forward to going down, Warhammer World is pretty much my second home.

As usely I've always got new models being added to my Iron Warriors for Throne of Skulls.




I've updated Terminator Champion Sevatar Rauth.  Just when the codex Chaos was release, I just pick a model I though stood out a little bit.  But as time gone by, it time I make a model to show these might heros of Chaos.

I wanted to show no one mess with Sevatar Rauth & all the Terminators under the command of Lord Narach or Warsmith Abhorred Riddick.
Also as said before I like to add trophies base on the armies I fought over the years, to rememeber some great games.  For Sevatar Rauth it will be, once there painted

- Black Templars Chaplain during Throne of Skull April when he single rapid fire a Templar chaplain while his unit was flee (only unit left in my IW force during the game), which hit, wound & the oppent failed both saves.  While I loss the game, it was brillaint & a really great oppent, led to Throne of Skulls April 2012 being one of my main top event I been to


- Imperial Fist base on Throne of Skulls Sept last year when me & David where drawn in round 4 on the second day of ToS.  Again really great game & it got to be added being the Iron Warriors hated foe's.


- Eldar base on my friend Andy who use to be full timer for Games Workshop back when I work part time.  He had a really cool Jet Bike Eldar army which I've posted a few year back.


- Ravenwing trophie base on my game vs my friend Dave who wrote a really cool battle report back when I started this version of the Iron Warriors, there should be a link to his blog & battle report near the start in 2012, just before ToS April.


- Orks will be base on my friend Craig who been one of my oppents since 2007 when I started going to the Stirling wargaming club & due to a really great game a few weeks back.


The other models are - Obliterators.  I got the FW Khârn bare head which look really cool & give off that sence of pain which I though suited the Obliterators & also with the scars & wire.  I'm hoping to pick up the Forge World Khârn model when I am down in Warhammer World this week.


Then a updated model for my Iron Warriors Khorne unit, just because it been a while since I converted a model with spike.

So hopeful get the Obliterators painted tomorrow afternoon  as I;ve got this week off with Throne of Skulls.


Forgot to add - I've also pick up the new Plastic Dreadnought release yesterday.  This will be converted into a Warpsmith looking Dreadnought, though I am unsure which weapon I will give him.
I be getting the new Dreadnought converted after Throne of Skulls :D



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During the weekend, my Iron Warriors where that holy Warhammer World in Nottingham for the Throne of Skulls March event.  During the event I fought five brillaint games during the Saturday & Sunday, had good laught during the Bugman bar pub quiz, got met with people I fought/talk to past events & meet many other great hobbiest during the weekend.  General it always great going to Throne of Skulls since the current fourmant started in 2010, I've only fought 1 terrible game, but fought many brillaint games & as said there met many great people & see ton of great armies leding to idea/conversion.


I just arrive back home a few hour ago & I feel like someone just hit me with a Thunder Hammer due to thing like trains dely among having to make my way to get a seat (4 hour travel) though the hoard of zombie like people (meaning I had to deal with a lot of brainless people).


My Iron Warriors where up for army nominee again which I am always happy about.  Just when I started going to events since Conflict Scotland 2002, it had always been my aim on the army side & this is what led to me pushing myself on the painting/army side of the hobby.  For me it always great going to events & seen other great armies/idea other hobbiest have & always led to great conversion/painting/take a idea from a army you may not collect but try it on the army you do have.



The Heresy box is Khârn, after getting the bare head from Khârn for the Obliterator conversion & also because a few friends had ask me to pick up Khârn while I was down in Nottingham........ I needed to buy him.  So I'm going to spend some time later on today converting up Khârn to a current era Chaos Space Marine that we all know him for.


The novel was more because, I think it arrive today after place a order with BL last week.  I notice there a new short story on Honsou & want to read up for more new idea for my Iron Warriors & just after re-reading Storm of Iron.

Also Dave who won the Best army award with his brillaint Tyranids force had painted up this trophie/spare Nid head for my Iron Warriors as he like the idea on my trophies when seen the IW from past events.  I've given Dave a spare Iron Warrior trophie which I think he going to add to the base of his Trygon




You can see more of Dave Nids over on his blog



In the last update I was getting a few new models painted for Throne of Skulls, just to update some models & just it always been habit of painting models before attending a event since 2002.


IW for my unit going down the path of Khorne






New Obliterator useing Khârn head





That my Iron Warriors got 8 Obliterator in the army so far.


Updated Champion Sevatar Rauth








IW Breacher, trying out the Venrable Dreadnought helmet as another source of bits along with the Red Scorpain Honour Guards & Khorne Bezerker T face helmets





Pretty much got this lot all finish painted on Thursday last week just before I was going to my Wargaming club for a quick practise game.


Also few photos from in game moments


Round 2 was the first game I would be battle against a Imperial Knight.  During this game, the melta arm Iron Warriors from my unit going down the path of Khorne mange to make his own version of David vs Golith








The Melta arm Iron Warrior was the only memeber left of the squad by the time the Imperial Knight had shot all of it weapons.  The knight then charge in but fail.  My IW with Melta mange to make a overwatch hit.  Then the next turn, the Knight failed once more to assault in & once more the IW with Melta made that overwatch shot.  Taken the might Imperial Knight from 6 hull points down to 1, which would later help my Heldrake out when it use vector strike.

Nether of us could belive what had happen.


The next one being against Sohail187 from these fourms & his Space Wolves who also had a Imperial Knight.  Just Lord Narach & his unit of Terminators went to try & hunt down the Imperial Knight, like the scene from the Storm of Iron novel where Forrix hunt down a Warhound titian.  I mange to get a few hull points off with Combi Plasma & it loss a few hull points before hand from a unit of two Obliterators.










The Imperial Knight charge into the unit of Terminators, slay all three memeber.  But Lord Narach survive not one, but that round + two other round of close combat by the time the game had ended.
Just though it was really cool & as said reminded me of Storm of Iron when Forrix goes hunting after a titan.


While else where, the Champion of my Breacher unit made somthing like 20+ armour saves & 5 cover save during 5 round of combat? & three turn in general having Bolter fire that him or the Long fangs unit.






Then small selection of photos taken during the ToS weekend of other people models & some of my games












This was scratch built






















For the Iron Warriors.  Beside Khârn who will be getting painted up this week.  I got some parts to convert the new plastic Chaos Dreadnought to have a Warpsmith theme to the model.  Once I get energy, I'm hoping to start the conversion later tonight.  I'm also going to start the Biker unit soon, thinking about possible getting the unit ready for a few events as I think there a 2000pt one day tournament happen in May which is close by.














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Just post a few photos the event team had taken of the Iron Warriors during the ToS weekend & also Khârn who was built yesterday to try get moving/not sit & watch TV all day/when I got back from Nottingham.










I've cut away part of the right leg to try make it look more like Khârn running.  Really nice model to build & looking forward to painting Khârn tomorrow.
Background wise he can always show up in the middle of the battle my IW are part off just show up like the audio story release last year where he fight the chapter master of the Dark Angels or the World Eater warband where great allies during the Great Crusade with my Iron Warriors & current help out during the 13th Black Crusade?


Throne of Skulls photos by the event team


















Check out the Warhammer World page over on facebook to see some of the great armies that where taken part during the weekend.  Pretty much ever event album has brilliant models & always great for ideas.


Once I get energy, I'm hoping to start work converting the Warpsmith Dreadnought.  Just like yesterday I feel like I been hut by a Thunder Hammer.

Also going to start gather the parts I need for my Iron Warriors biker unit.  Just there a event in May & I think it 2000pts, if I can get along to the one day event it pretty much be my standard 1500pts list for Throne of Skulls, give Mark of Nurgle to my Obliterators, Warpsmith, Vindicator & unit of 5 Biker with Melta.  Possible going to try & look into useing the new Night Lord helmets from the Forge World Heresy era range, we see once I start properly think about it in the next few days.



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Quick update


Spent yesterday painting up Khârn to add to my Iron Warriors, it is a brillaint model & I'm looking forward useing Khârn in a game later today against Orks in 1850pts.  My oppent want me to use Khârn after seen the finish model.


Khârn took four hour to paint & that included time for adding turft grass, varnish & adding blood for the blood god










Really need to get around & start my World Eater army, belive a test model was shown in a past update. 


I just need to get the display base painted which will get done on Saturday.  Also hoping to spend tomorrow getting the Warpsmith Dreadnought converted & my Raptors unit built.


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I've had all of the past week off, Tuesday was more just to recover from the travel side of things when I got back home from the Throne of Skulls event.  As I usely feel like a thunder hammer just hit my head,.  So I've kept Friday & today aside for getting as much of my own hobby done as possible as April going to be pretty busy for personial (sp?) life.

Khârn all finish with his display base












Khârn has been a really great model to paint & I already use him in a game on Thursday.  Sadily he did not see assault until turn 4....... failed my charge during turn 3.  But he did finial get there & slaughter some Eldars.


Also on Friday I start work converting the Warpsmith Dreadnought, with the release of the new plastic Chaos Dreadnought








Some photos from my painting stastion








I always wanted to add a Warpsmith theme Dreadnought since Call of Chaos last year, but due to time I never got around to it.  But it was worth the wait with the release of the plastic Dreadnought.  So now I got both my FW Iron Warriors Dreadnoughts, the 2nd ed era Metal Dreadnought & now my Warpsmith.  Each having there own sub theme & there will be more Dreadnought to add in the future as they are one of my favrout units for Marines in general.


Idea came from Eddie Blood Angels from Throne of Skulls 2010



I need to get the Warpsmith painted for Saturday as my local Games Workshop store going to be holding a painting comp for Walkers type models & though be cool to possible enter this or I've also got my Knight.


Also I've started painting my Raptors


After I posted this update, I'm going to start spend rest of today painting up the Raptors unit.  The Champion & another squad memeber have been built, it just I'm useing the flying stand for there base.
So want to try get this unit fully painted by the end of the week, then I'm ready for the new Guard release we saw this weekend as I want to get around to making a Chaos Guard elite force to ally with the Iron Warriors & a stand alone force for a few local events & general gaming.

The bike model in the background a Librarian conversion for my second Ravenwing force which I started last year, but ended up being pack due to moving house & was not until start of this year I mange to get the army all sorted & see where I am with them



I might also start work building on the biker unit I need for my Iron Warriors.  I got a lot of idea for this unit, one them (see what money like tomorrow) is to get some of the new Night Lord helmets


I've still to have a proper look though bitz boxies & see what parts I got & how I want the overall unit to look/sub theme them.


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I've been getting the Warpsmith Dreadnought painted today












There still a lot to paint on the Warpsmith Dreadnought before the model is fully finish.  That'll most like be finish on Saturday before I enter the model into a painting comp my local Games Workshop store holding.
Pretty happy how the model turn out & fitting my style.  Would not mind adding a few more Dreadnought to my Iron Warriors force in the near future along with the 2x Forge World, 2nd ed metal & the current plastic dreadnought models.


Also that me just bought Ravenwing knight for the Biker unit I want to add to my Iron Warriors.  Part of adding the biker to my army was inspired by Brother Heinrich Night Lord army log


Part of it also from recently trying to get my Ravenwing army ready for games.  As said last udpate (I think?) I started Ravenwing last year, but due to moving they had to be put into storeage.  It was not until Christmas time I mange to get my Ravenwing army back & got a game with them, find out there a few thing I need to change in my list.

I've also order the Night Lord helmets from Forge World to help with the Biker unit theme



If all goes to plan, there a local tournament that 2000pts in May that I would not mind taken part in & adding up the points it would allow me to add the unit of Biker.
I just need to get Grey Knight ward stave.


Also the Raptor unit almost there.  I think I might get some spare time on Sunday to finish painting the Champion & last Raptor model for the unit, so they can be added to there flying base.


Finial, Forge World shown the third Heresy book Extermination.  Needless to say I am really looking forward to this book for further idea from the background & aim to try convert current era Chaos Marines base on any specil unit that Iron Warriors may get in the heresy list.


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The Warpsmith Dreadnought was finish on Friday










Also I spent some time on yesterday removing all the icon off the Ravenwing knight bikes for my new Biker unit








The Night Lord Terror squad helmet that I order during the week seem to have arrive yesterday when I was out.  Just mean I need to wait until tomorrow until I can pick up my order from the post office & have the new IW Biker ready for painting this Wed.

I also just got to add some trophies on the back of the bike.



For the rest of the unit, I still need to pick up a box of Chaos Raptors, another box of Ravenwing Knights & Chaos Marine bikers before this unit ready for gaming. 


I also just finish my Raptor unit a few moments ago, just power axe on the Champion that need to be finish with Chaos Rune's.








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Thanks for the comments


Whenever I'm browsing through the Armies of Renown 2013 White Dwarf compilation book, I always spend extra time looking over your Iron Warriors. Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks, still can not belive how it all happen.  Really greatful for the time & help the White Dwarf team give me & overall how brillaint they have all been.  Overall really like the Armies of the Month article, as said before with Throne of Skulls - It always great to see all the diffrent & brillaint armies since this article started in 2012 & seen all the people in-sight into why they collected the army shown in the article.  Damien Pedley Steel Legion from last months White Dwarf is going to help toward idea for Chaos Guards I will be adding to my Iron Warriors with the release of the codex in the next few days.
It has been a great highlight for me last year.




First up it seem one of my photobucket accounts is down right now due to low bandwigth :furious: but that should hopeful be back up in a few weeks time.  So skip back to another account to use for a while


I spent today painting up the first of the new Iron Warrior bikers, there still some parts to finish but hopeful get some time tomorrow to get this done.









To break up the Iron colour, I will be useing a bit more Forge World weather powder. 

Also I just pick up the new plastic Storm Trooper today.  I would like to get this Chaos Guard army done & aim for a event in July to add a small force to my Iron Warriors.  This will also allow me to use ally & somthing a little diffrent.  Still need to wait & see what the event pack will be like & what points they will be useing.  But after getting the Storm Trooper models today, there brillaint.  Also my local GW store manger has a really great Chaos Guard army they started back in 2007?
I think I will be converting them into Veteran units, I want them to be a bit more elite from my cultist/standard guard that I've already got for my Iron Warriors.  I should be starting work on these models this weekend & start painting next week.


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The Bike looks Great first of all. When you do your Storm troopers what head will you be using?


I'll be useing the standard helmets for the Storm Trooper as it give them that chaos/evil look.  Kind of like Half Life 2 with the Combine, the Cultist are like the police - human who join.  While the overwatch soldier are mod by the combine, so wanting the Strom Trooper/veterans to be a bit more like this type in theme/background for my Iron Warriors


You should avoid putting your photos in a bucket. There are far better, less bandwidth-throttled sites you can use. Heck, you can store them here.


Yes I will be doing this from now on, try set up things on here.  Just not keen on the bandwigth problem & just not really sure on the photobucket web site to give them my money.  I got a few diffrent photobucket accounts just so I could get photos up & change between them when I did get a notice on bandwigth about to run out for a few weeks.

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Well done on the bike. I would comment on the other items if I could see them, but if they look anything like your'e biker, then it's a killer army.


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Chaos Guard Elite








I spent today painting up one of the new plastic Storm Trooper just to get some idea how I want the unit & models to look.  I've already got my Cultist that double as standard Guard if I want to try the codex.  But seen the new plstic Storm trooper....... I needed to add them.  They will be veterans with the 4+ armour save upgread in my army as there to good not to use & suit my style of painting.

The model taken two hour in total to paint, included painting a small Chaos Icon on the right shoulder pad.  To be honsty I was unsure how the model would turn out when I started painting him today.  Thinking I might need to re-paint the armour for exsample.  But once the model was complete painted, I find him fitting in really well with my Iron Warriors & the cultist units I've already got.

I'm looking forward to getting the other four models built tomorrow & ready for painting on Wed.

I want to get a small Guard ally force on the go for a tournament I got in July.  Not sure the detail for the event yet.  But I want to add Chaos Guards to my Iron Warriors force as somthing a little diffrent & mainly after painting this model.


Iron Warriors Biker







I finish painting the Biker today along with the Storm Trooper there.  While the Forge World weather powder was added a few hour ago up to now, I think the MIG pigmint fixer still drying when I taken these photos.

I've just order the rest of the boxies I need for my Biker unit - Ravenwing Knights, Chaos Biker & Chaos Raptors.  I though I'd order them & that'd also allow me to get the great limited ed Space Marine Captain which is current on the Games Workshop web site since it update.

Also some photos from few hour ago when I was useing the MIG pigmint fixer.






So I should get the rest of the Storm Trooper built & ready this week.  While the Biker will start next weekend, I think I might spend Eater Day getting the unit all converted & ready for gaming.

Also going to order Horus Heresy - Extermination, on Monday


Needless to say I am really looking forward to getting this book & get more background on the Iron Warriors.



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  • 2 weeks later...


I spent Wed & Saturday painting the other four models from the new plastic Storm Troopers box set.









While today been spent getting the other Storm Troopers & Iron Warriors bikers built.  Photos where taken a few moment ago just after I glued the models onto there base to help hold the Biker in place.


Champion of the new IW Biker unit



I was going to use Khârn head for a future model, but felt it suited the look of the Biker champion & add to that sub theme that I like to my models to give them there history.










I be spending some time tomorrow adding green stuff to the base & getting them all ready for undercaoting soon.  I will also be useing the new Biker unit in there first game this Thursday against Space Marines.




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