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The Renascibilitas Crusade [Redemptor WIP]

Marshal Mattias

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Well fought Brother. A good showing. The Renegades were scattered and the Witches killed. A fine day to be a Templar! :thumbsup:


Great batrep, looking forward to more.

DId I read that bit correctly and did a Sword Brother slay the Inquisitor?


I really should start looking into the Ironclad all you guys make it seem so awesome, maybe something to try out next game? :thumbsup:



On your Crusade Badge: I'd go for your first one you made. Sure the Aquilas are flatter, but pointy fits for the BT's. Look at our cross.

And to be honest, the second attempt on the phoenix looked like it had it's wings clipped to prevent flight....:unsure.:


Crusade on, Brother! :biggrin.:

Yes indeed, the sword brother decided to show off to his neophytes and gave the inquisitor a beating. In fact, my crusader squads didn't really do much. The one accompanying the Castellan literally just watched him fighting the witch, and the others just pinged pistol shots everywhere while the flamer killed a single assassin in overwatch. So many points on power weapons, and the killing blow to the inquisitor was rending anyway :/

Also, I felt bad that my opponent was playing Iron Hands tactics, but only made one single FNP throw... Not least because most of the killing shots came from S8+ and denied the save anyway.


And yes, I'm not convinced on the clipped version of the badge either. I lack the drawing skills to make it myself so was dimly trying to trim the image down instead :/

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Well done! Played true to templars and a win! Your force looks like it is coming together quite well too.


Marshall Mattias, on 19 Apr 2014 - 17:45, said:

Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely get busy tomorrow and get it looking more imperium grimdark. Then it's off to the Eternal Crusader thread :wink:










sonething like a combination of these? the cross, red and white and blockier pheonix?


Sorry I didn't reply regarding the badge earlier. I seem to have missed it. The most important thing about the imperial aquila, is that it is very.. straight.




Pointy is ok, but it is not very curvy. I would look into straightening those curves, maybe adapting the wing design and consider adding legs, as they feature quite prominently on the aquila. I tried to sketch something and I think I am getting somewhere but not quite there (looks a bit like a pokemon too..!). I'll keep trying if you're interested.

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Definitely! My attempts either go Pokemon too, or they just become an Aquila instead and lose anything distinctively Phoenix-y :/

Yes, I think the crusade is solidifying. And I'll have some points to put towards ETL too ;)

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I know how you feel on spending pts on useless Power weapons. Try fighting Daemons! :yucky: I have the luck of my regular opponent favouring that army. Yet I refuse to adapt my list to beat him. Well, not exactly, I'll sometimes adapt stuff, or switch vehicles, but I'll never take away my PW's. I'd feel bad if my Sword Brothers had to run around with chainswords. Even if the PW's are totally useless in 3 out of 4 games. :laugh.:

Next time I'm bringing the 20-man Bolter blob though. :wink.:



It's also good to hear you've got some ETL stuff ready! The Templars are mobilizing! :thumbsup:

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@Mattias: Alright! I'll keep trying and upload it when I get something decent :)


@Andhil: Have you considered issuing axes/mauls/lances to your sword brothers? Same price, same list entry and more useful than a sword against demons. Represents the Templars fielding the right weaponry against the right enemy!


(If a small amount of tailoring is acceptable in your group, magnetizing weapons can work well to swap before games. If you think about it, all armies "tailor", down to DE using "acids" against necrons instead of poison)

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@Andhil: Have you considered issuing axes/mauls/lances to your sword brothers? Same price, same list entry and more useful than a sword against demons. Represents the Templars fielding the right weaponry against the right enemy!

I see great value in maul on SB. Chance to rend really reduces the lack of low AP . Plus helps a bit when busting armor.

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When the cat's away... Got distracted today and did lots of modelling and magnetising :) Didn't really have any non-SB power weapons, and felt a little light on BP/CS initiates, so picked 5 old models for a little tactical dismemberment. Now I have a suitable number of guys to field multiple units with whatever initiate pWep I want (having made a couple of mauls from bits'n'pieces) or to switch them out for standard chainswords etc.


But that was only part of it; I've been working on a beat-stick HQ too. I wanted a model that was actually wysiwyg for TH/SE so:






He's been kitbashed and pretty blinged with Templar bits as befits a Marshal/Castellan, although there is still a little green stuff work required to finish his hammer and neaten his shield-boss. He has a bolt pistol holstered, and his hammer is customised and chained to his arm. The Shield Eternal is presented as an elaborate templar relic, with various seals and honours streaming from it to try and give some sense of movement to the raising of the shield against a towering foe. The hammer is intended to be in a big, wide sweeping attack. Now I just need a daemon prince to fight ;)

Also it's all magnetised, including his head:



I'm kinda doing this with all my characters and specials now. I like the ability to build whatever list I want, as well as to run the same character fluff-wise, even if he is toting some different weaponry. For example;




So maybe this will make for another nice little vow? ;)

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Ah, who needs desks when one has a perfectly good floor to use for modelling? :tongue.:


That's a decent amount of stuff there. Looking good! :thumbsup:


And that Marshal. Oh, he's looking nice. I like how you placed the seals on the hammer, adds that sense of motion to it. Well done there! Nobody likes gravity-defying purity seals.


Currently these might be my new favourite sentence:


 So maybe this will make for another nice little vow?


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Who has space for a desk in a London flat? :P


Yes, so hopefully I can vow a Vindicator, Redeemer, a nice and pricey Chapter Master and maybe some other bits if I get through the first lots. I'm not a quick painter so I doubt I'll make it to the 1000pt mark for ETL. Every little helps though!

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Every sword strike steals the future from a heretic. Every shield blocks a blow. Every man counts towards the victory.


In every crusade, it does not matter how many foes you personally slayed. What matters is that you were there when you were needed, that you could be counted on.


Where did those amazing legs come from? They just ooze strength.

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Super important question! I like to throw down a couple of drop pods on the first turn, cause some zealous rioting in the enemies ranks... But what if someone wants to do that to me?


I have so far been pretty lucky, getting the first tun in all my recent games. My pods haven't scattered horrendously either. But, my last list relied on pushing hard and fast. If my opponent had brought an iron clad drop pod himself, my LRR might have been toast in the first turn... How do I avoid that? I thought about maybe deploying my vindi/redeemer/rhino all back-to-back, with the vindi pointing forward into terrain (siege shield ftw). This should deny any rear armour shots? But if my force can't push up to support the drops, then they will surely suffer for it. Any ideas on how to defend from this?

The sense of urgency is because I am playing another marine player tomorrow lunchtime ;)

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Well, if your opponent wants to nuke a rhino with any kind of melta, there is very little you can do against it. Vindicators are also quite hard to protect with their side AV being so bad. The best thing to do against drop pods is to deploy in a way that does not leave enough space for the pod to land close to your vulnerable assets.

The pod will avoid terrain and your models, so you could technically put the vindicator up front, the LRR a little bit behind with say terrain to it's right, the rhino on the LRR's left a couple inches away and then.. Do you have fire support elements? You can use an Aegis and the squad that will hunker down behind it to cover the rest of the ground. So something like:


 .  .  .  .  V  V  .  .  | | | |
 .  R  R  .  V  V  .  .  | | | |
 .  R  R  .  V  V  .  .  | | | |
 .  R  R  .  .  .  .  .  | | | |
 .  R  R  .  . LRLR.  .  | | | |
 .  .  .  .  . LRLR.  .  | | | |
-------|  .  . LRLR.  .  | | | |
 M  QG |  .  .  .  .  .  | | | |
 .  M  |--------------------
 .  .  M  M  M  M  M  M




- R: Rhino

- V: Vindi

- LR: Land Raider

- ||||: Building/ruin

- ---: Aegis

- QG: Quad gun

- M: Marine


Of course, if one has IG allies, bubblewrapping becomes much easier and meltas are completely wasted against basic infantrymen.

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Back when we could POTMS the vindicators, I used to reserve one of them.  It would usually show up mid game, undamaged, and drop it's death blast at just the right time and place.  Could be useful again if you find yours keeps getting blasted.


You can also deploy a land speeder storm to double their scatter distance.  Some people aren't willing to lose an entire drop pod on turn 1.  They'll hesitate and take a safer approach, which generally means they are out of melta range.


Keep in mind sternguard and ironclad melta's are only melta at range 6".  So any decent scatter off target could result in them being out of melta range (thought thats a bit harder to do these days with the super awesome deploy 6 inch stuff"


Other options...void shield with careful deployment.  Bit weedy, but even if they got into range, if they had to shoot the single melta through the shield, it would just drop the shield, not the land raider.

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Well, as long as you can keep the melta's more than 6" away, it's not a threat to Land Raiders, so a simple screen of Templars at around 5" from the hull does the trick. It can work for Vindicators too, but they you're putting alot of troops into what will usually be a sub-optimal position. I'd suggest loading up on some Neophytes for this. If they do fire the Melta's at the squad, you're not losing Marines, and Neophytes are just cheaper. Plus a unit with 20 Bolters is still a force to be reckoned with.


Offcourse this is purely theoretical, as I have never faced any Alpha strike lists. Just saying that to cover my own backside if I am totally wrong. :thumbsup:

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Hmm, interesting stuff! I was looking for ways to prevent Los to targets, but you're right that the size of a pod and the 'minimum distance from enemy units' thing allows you to force him further away. That may be the trick, but I do have a LS model, could always run it as a storm to up my odds further. Thanks brothers!
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A concept for the crusade badge:




Symbolising the rebirth and regeneration of the crusade, the phoenix badge was adopted temporarily upon the establishment of the first Chapter Keep after the Lost Crusade returned from the warp. Rebuilding their strength, the crusade brings the purifying flames of the emperor to their enemies on lightning wings, rapid engagements to cripple the enemy as fast as possible and defend their fledgling Keeps. This style of warfare and the beneficial morale boost from a new rallying symbol has led these Templars to keep the phoenix badge as they await the orders from the High Marshal that will send them on the Eternal Crusade once more.

Okay, I'm throwing this out to the Masters of the Forge out there: can anyone help me nail this crusade badge down finally?

I really want to try and tweak that Phoenix a little more Aquila-like, but trying to draw it myself is not working out (I lifted the original Phoenix shape from some old logo somewhere).

If I can get it finished, I can practice copying it until I can get it into my new vows. I have several older models with badges, but they were only ever my red/white quarters without any detail or distinction. This was no issue back in the day, but I'd like them to be a bit more individual now!


If anyone has time to pull this off, I'll be super grateful! Might even inspire me to pick up some more stuff for ETL ;)

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I like it a lot and would run with it as is. It's familiar (not a bad thing) but distinct.


I think you're ready to go.

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I appreciate your confidence! Maybe I will stick with my original gut-feeling and keep it as-is for now. I can worry about the detailing once I reach the point of painting a nice large banner :P


Now, before my ETL painting begins in the next few days, here is the result of my last session:



There are 5 of my sword brethren, representing the Templars in the current painting competition at my local GW. I don't expect to place, but I'm pleased as it is the first time I've ever finished and entered a model. And in fairness, they don't look bad in there. :)

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Did you tell your guys that after the lights went out, it was Ok to go over and obliterate the blue witches?

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