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Wolves, Black Legion, Kill Team! Other WIP & Hobby Stuff

Surreal Cruelty

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I like the Long Fang pack leader, how did you do the arm holding the axe? 


Thanks!  The arm is a chaos marine bolter arm with the trim shaved off and the hand turned upside down.  I added a little green stuff behind the thumb to hold the axe in place.


Here's a side view:


SWLF_SgLside by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

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WIP Stuff on the table along with my chaos marines


The rest of the Long Fangs mostly assembled.

Longfangs_WIP by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


A couple of Rune-priests almost ready for paint...going to use the wolf head for the first one.  I am waiting on an order of the brass etched runes to give them runic armor before they get painted.

RP_01_002 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

RP_002 Legs 02 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

RP_002 Legs by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

RP_02_001 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

RP_02_002 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


Grey Hunter pack in progress

SWGH_Sqd by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


Old edition Wolf Standard Bearer who is going to be stripped of paint and repaired and repainted.

SW_OldStdBearer by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


and last for now...a magnetized wolf-lord who I am toying around with trying to decide what to do with him.

WL_002 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


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The free-hand looks great and some  nice kit  bashing.:thumbsup: 


Nice Wolves - The runic script on the Wolf Lord is pretty good, does it say anything?


Great work man really good looking wolves.

Thank you, it was pretty nerve wracking to do the freehand initially, I used to be pretty terrible at it.  Not as crisp as I would like it all to be, but someone in the Space Wolf forum said being afraid to try is a bad excuse for not doing freehand on the wolves.


The runes do say something on most of them...I don't remember all of them off the top of me head, and in fact I had to go look at the model itself to tell you.  On the cloak it says "Son of Russ, the Anvil of Fenris, Arjak Rockfist" and on the shoulder heraldry, it says "For Russ."  They semi-traditionally read from right to left.


I intend to use him as Arjac, did when I originally put him together (before the official model), and while I could use him as a wolf-lord, I think I am going to stick with using him as Arjac, I put a lot of work into him.  If I do get the finecast arjac and feel like doing a lot of fixing, I will probably use that one as a display model.


Speaking as a Long Fang I think you've done the Wolves proud here. Really nice stuff.

That praise means a lot, thank you.  Your sculpting skills are among those that inspire me to use greenstuff beyond just filling gaps.

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  • 5 months later...

Been working off and on with this pack of grey hunters for the last 3-4 months.


I think I got a little over-ambitious with the wolf banner.


Grey Hunters - Great Wolf's company:

14744175854_dd236db89f.jpgIMG_0889 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

14743359361_1b4c925967.jpgIMG_0892 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


14766394703_2666c9fe15.jpgIMG_0893 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


and this guy

12197617035_68d6e5cd2d.jpgWG_3Q by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


gets a shield brother (WIP Assembled and then Painted respectively

12300158154_3268bc0c21.jpgSWWG_PackLeader by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

14746238162_f023750c3d.jpgIMG_0904 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


and a couple of other PA Wolfguard


14723527246_a2e6b8afcb.jpgIMG_0912 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

14559846550_82e558217d.jpgIMG_0916 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

This last guy still WIP, needs some finishing touches and a backpack.


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Some new miniatures painted, and have some revived interesting in painting...This is going to be more of a mixed thing now, not just my space wolves, I am also going to be throwing in some of the chaos marines and any other B&C legal stuff I happen to be painting.  Haven't exactly been idle since the last time I posted, but been a while since I have painted.  Mostly new stuff today, some of the others will come laters as I have time to take pictures.


some beginnings of another squad of grey hunters

21382474391_052dc92f84_z.jpgGreyHuntersSpec by Michael Skelton, on Flickr


Wolfguard Packleader who is going to go with those grey hunters

21363411402_5032f9c9c2_z.jpgIMG_20150913_010122806 by Michael Skelton, on Flickr


21374216275_5d40d1786a_z.jpgWG Packleader - Side by Michael Skelton, on Flickr


He's magnetized somewhat (just the left arm)


21382524661_0b1380ec09_z.jpgWG Packleader - Complas 002 by Michael Skelton, on Flickr


21363409152_2e6d5d80cf_z.jpgWG Magnet Arms by Michael Skelton, on Flickr


and the Runepriest/Wolflord/Wolfguard Battle Leader is now magnetized, has a new base, and I have an idea what I am going to do with him


21186339378_8510532866_z.jpgRunePriest/WolfLord by Michael Skelton, on Flickr


I also went to Historicon last month in VA, and got a decent deal on a LR and a Razorback, both with spacewolf doors, and enough extra parts inside to to create 2-3 crusaders/redeemers if I get another LR body

21382782531_627ea60527_z.jpgIMG_20150913_010437248 by Michael Skelton, on Flickr

20753369493_a6bf56b2bb_z.jpgIMG_20150913_010424760 by Michael Skelton, on Flickr


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Some truly fantastic conversions and paint jobs in here... Mind if I 'yoink' some ideas for my own models?


Go right ahead, maybe you'll do some of them better than I did :biggrin.:


Forgot to add this photo last night;


21186069140_8397cec70f_z.jpgWolfGuard PA by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


Not sure if this is going to be just a specialist for grey hunters, or if I am going to make him another wolfguard, maybe as a pack leader for some bloodclaws.



I took another bunch of photos today, but none of the ones that can be posted on B&C actually turned out all that good...too much light, and they ended up washed out.  Will have to mess with the camera settings or figure out a way to diffuse the light a bit.


Since I am also going to be adding my chaos marines to this thread rather than maintain another thread for them, I figured I would add a link to the old thread as well:




More of both wolves and chaos marines to follow sometime during the week.

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Some updates for the Wolves, and adding my Call of Chaos pre-shots


21529756665_fdb776af15_z.jpgGrHunter_Axe by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

21529756945_ca5daf0d7d_z.jpgGrHunt_Melta by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


Likely a soon to be magnetized;

20908606983_671923582f_n.jpgStormShield by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


more magnetic arms

21538466561_afaba3da9e_m.jpgMagnetTooMuchFun by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

21518607882_2beb747354_m.jpgMagnets_003 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

21538467001_5872b53506_m.jpgMagnets_002 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


Now for my oath to the dark gods - Shots of the cultists, raptors, marines, and berzerkers pre-paint or only barely prepped in some cases

21503536306_73deb55a91_n.jpgCoCVIII_Rapt by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

21341699350_2e28857163_n.jpgCoCVIII_PreCult by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

20906989724_0c8a33c84f_n.jpgCoCVIII_PreBerz by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

21503536996_ea54c3c0bf_n.jpgCoCVIII_CSMGrunts by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

21342829049_9868bcc841.jpgCoC_VIIIBerzChamp by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr






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  • 2 weeks later...

Completed 1 small part of my vow for Call of Chaos, adding more to the ranks of the Black Legion


22675693620_b7553c70a7_z.jpgBL_CSM-1stPart by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

22471540499_01e2d58b7f_z.jpgBL_CSM-2ndPart by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


Thanks for the compliment Dosjetka, I appreciate it!





More wolves to come after I complete the Call of Chaos, I probably vowed more than I should, but pretty sure I can swing it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So, peons and bolter fodder part of CoCVIII completed:


22868424710_95f6d0196f_c.jpgIMG_0982 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

22770047137_7c0fe82ee7.jpgIMG_0977 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

22770047517_794b850520.jpgIMG_0978 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

22537181393_5f96b80514.jpgIMG_0979 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

23138098936_7441273c77.jpgIMG_0981 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

I would say I need to tone-down the highlights on the fanatic there, but like a lot of painting, sometimes you have to over exaggerate things for them to be visible at all when not close up to the model like the camera is.


Raptors up next...then when the CoC is done, considering I got Betrayal at Calth (like many I am sure), I am going to have a LOT of wolves to paint over the winter.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, due to time constraints at this point, I won't be able to complete my oath to the Dark Gods.  I couldn't paint the remaining World Eaters and the last terminator I have to the kind of quality I would feel was acceptable...because in the end, I would have to be the one looking at them all the time.


I also decided I want to do more with some of the miniatures, especially the terminator champion.

23349723022_3e8a386d20_z.jpgTerminators_PrePaint by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


23110662394_314a674f3c_z.jpgIMG_20151214_013743664 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

23111778653_25cda05a49_z.jpgIMG_20151214_011923262_HDR by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

23630071232_bc951b7fe3_z.jpgIMG_20151214_011859187 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

23112001023_e2feb4130c_z.jpgIMG_20151214_013732248 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

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  • 2 months later...

After not having a working camera that isn't a pain to use, I have some pictures to post... I got struck with a serious case of butter fingers in December, dropped my phone and damaged the screen, then about 7 days after getting it repaired, I dropped the damned thing again an cracked the screen outright...so, now I have a new phone, with a better camera anyway.


I haven't been idle however, and have been painting minis and finishing up squads that some of them have been around awhile.


Raptors from call of Chaos (realized that while I posted them in COC, I haven't posted them here)

23090238319_bac190fc19_c.jpgRaptorPack_CoCVIII by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


World Eater in the post above completing a squad of terminators I painted a couple years ago to go with Zhufor

25022728362_7d485660d7_c.jpgWE_Terminators by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


and recently completed a squad of havocs for the Black Legion, defected over from Hakanor's Reavers (I really wanted to experiment with the heat cracked armor)

24510298664_06bbcdaea1_c.jpgReaver_Havocs by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr


and a couple units of Red Corsairs...some of which were done awhile ago, and some were finished recently:

25140985685_6d466b15cf_c.jpgCorsairs_Sq1-1 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

25140985835_29f825592d_c.jpgCorsairs_Sq1-2 by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

24845340080_e4da8a6336_c.jpgCorsair_Havocs by SurrealCruelty, on Flickr

Edited by Surreal Cruelty
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