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Found 15 results

  1. From the album: Angels of Redemption

    Progress on Azrael's head with color progression
  2. From the album: Angels of Redemption

    Progress on Chapter Master (Azrael) nearing completion
  3. From the album: ETLV

    Bare white metal Azreal, witht eh selection of tools i'll use to make him worthy of commanding the First Legion!

    © Alasdair Simpson

  4. Cypher 102


    From the album: Dark Angels Headquarters

    Cypher 102's counts as Supreme Grand Master Azrael
  5. As usual I have to start off with a shot of the game... a pivotal moment. I'll tell you one thing, this was a horrific moment for a few 'big names' in 40K: ++ Mortarion swoops into the Dark Angels' lines, but he hangs onto life by a thread. The Deathshroud try valiantly to keep their Primarch alive, but Mortarion is met by supreme resistance; the new Helblasters are untouched, as well a Lientenant, Ezekiel and the Chapter Master Azrael himself step up to meet the challenge. Has Mortarion taken on too much? Have the Dark Angels overestimated their abilities against a Daemon Primarch? ..... ++ LINK: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/344421-prot-quickie-batrep-death-guard-vs-da-2k-mortarion-pics/?p=5010846
  6. Hey guys, i have a homebrew chapter, and id like to develop some custom rules for the chapter master. At the moment, he is a counts as azrael from the DA codex, but he is a bit different. Biggest wysiwyg is he has a spear instead of a sword, he has a servo skull instead of a watcher in the dark, and he is primaris. Id like help pricing him out and developing rules that work. i dont want op. i want generally fair, and pleasant to play against. ive been reading alot of what other chapter masters offer, and i think i might have something to work with. So first, stats. Im using standard chapter master stats, +1 w for primaris, i didnt add the +1a because that seems too op, even though calgar got it. M 6 WS 2+ BS 2+ S 4 T 4 W 7 A 5 LD 9 SV 2+ Equipment Bolt Pistol (normal rules) Master Crafted Combi Plasma on a servo arm (Normal stats) frag/krak grenade Power Spear- so my idea is standard relic blade, s+2 ap-3 Dd3, with a special rule. i have three in mind, but would only use one: Tip of the Spear: add +1 to s and ap if this unit charged this turn (inspired by the old power spear rules) or Two Handed: 2 variants:when two handed is used, this weapon adds +1 to s (or ap, not sure) at the cost of -1 to hit, or when two handed is used, this weapon causes D3 instead of Dd3 at the cost of -1 to hit Another thing ive noticed, Samael, Belial, and Ezekiel have S+1 ap-3 D2 weapons, while azrael and the other company masters have thefirst stat. which would be a more appropriate base stat to use? Special Rules: Inner Circle (he is DA after all) Chapter Master Iron Halo Targeting Servo Skull: One is a buff for the master, and one is an aura buff for other units. The Servo Skull aids Razgriz in melee combat and fires the servo mounted Combi Plasma at his foes. This unit may fire its Combi Plasma in melee combat at bs6 The Servo Skull identifies hidden enemies to nearby units. If this unit is not in melee combat, select one friendly Dark Angels infantry unit within 6" of this model. Until the end of this turn, that unit ignores cover modifiers for enemy units within line of sight of both units. Price: Azrael is 180 primaris vs normal variants range from 5 to 13pts difference. i dont think my spear is better or worse than azraels sword, same stats, except his adds an additional mortal wound on 6+s. thoughts on a point value? how much would you increase/decrease each rule by? Targeting Servo Skull vs Supreme Tactician and Lions Helm. Lions helm adds 4++ to friendly units within 6 inches, and supreme tactician gives an additional cp. how does TSS stack up against these? Is it OP and need a nerf? or are they balanced? thanks alot guys for any help youll provide.
  7. From 775 to 777.M41 the Segmentum Solar was beset by wars and insurrection. Renegades and aliens took advantage, contributing to the rising anarchy. As part of the force sent to end the so-called Fourth Quadrant Rebellion, the Dark Angels were one of four chapters that deployed their full might. The industrial colonies on Derren's World suffered an unusually high frequency of psychic phenomena, witchcraft and sporadic demonic incursion. For eighteen months the forces of the XVIIth Grensvan Dragoons, Ordo Hereticus, Ordo Malleus and the Dark Angels fought shoulder to shoulder against the most insidious enemies of mankind. The official records remain sealed by the Ordo Malleus, existing only in a securely warded vault on Titan. But even they do not tell the whole story. Other tales have been suppressed by other authorities. This is one of them. My friend Robin and I have been meaning to have a large-ish (ie more than 2000 points) game between my Dark Angels and his Imperial Guard for some time. When our schedules aligned and we set the date I hinted that I'd bought the Cypher dataslate and could provide the model too. We agreed to bring 2500 point forces and randomly select one of Cypher's Altar of War missions on the day. The Hunt was on! http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1001_zpsae78506c.jpg Supreme Grand Master Azrael Techmarine Mendeas with servo-harness 5 Deathwing Knights Venerable dreadnought Varon with multi-melta, power fist and heavy flamer Drop pod Squad Shael: 5 Deathwing terminators with heavy flamer, pair of lightning claws, chainfist, thunder hammer and storm shield Squad Matthias: 7 Deathwing terminators with cyclone missile launcher, chainfist, pair of lightning claws, thunder hammer and storm shield Squad Jericho: 6 Ravenwing bikes with 2 meltaguns, veteran sergeant with power maul; land speeder with heavy bolter, typhoon missile launcher; attack bike with multi-melta Land raider with dozer blade, multi-melta, Deathwing vehicle Land raider with multi-melta, Deathwing vehicle Land raider crusader with multi-melta, Deathwing vehicle We rolled mission 1, Turn the Tide. This required Robin to split his army in two. One contingent, of my choosing, would be deployed with Cypher. The second contingent would arrive from reserve at the start of turn 4. Each side would earn one victory point per enemy unit destroyed . I would earn six VPs for wiping out the first contingent by the end of the game or Robin would earn six VPs if I did not. Cypher's special rules also offered up to three VPs to either side so there was a lot to play for. Night fighting would be in effect for the first turn. The sentinel was switched from one group to the other at the last minute, which is why it's in the wrong photo. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1002_zps34009237.jpg Imperial Guard main force Company command squad in a chimera 5 stormtroopers with 2 plasma guns Platoon command squad and two infantry squads, in chimeras Heavy weapon squad with 3 lascannon weapon teams Veteran squad with meltaguns, in a chimera [these seem to be missing from the photo] Leman Russ executioner with all the plasma http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1003_zps4a391e2b.jpg Imperial Guard reinforcements Allied Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with power armour and a force sword 5 stormtroopers with 2 meltaguns Platoon command squad and two infantry squads, in chimeras Heavy weapon squad with 3 autocannon weapon teams Veteran squad with some plasma guns, in a chimera Allied Grey Knights, in a land raider Scout sentinel with lascannon I chose the contingent containing the leman russ executioner and lascannon heavy weapon squad to be deployed, reasoning that I could get the drop on one or both of these and neutralise them early. Robin sensibly castled up behind the tower in his corner and Cypher joined the company command squad in their chimera. The lascannon teams occupied the top floor of the tower and the storm-troopers with plasma guns held the bridge to their left. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1006_zpsf80c1bfe.jpg Let's call the top of this photo north, which means I'm advancing from the south-east. Dark Angels turn 1 The Consecrators' land raider and the crusader carrying Azrael, squad Matthias and techmarine Mendeas moved north up the road. The Deathwing knights in their land raider, unwilling to queue, swung to the west side of the large ruin in the centre of the table. With the roar of retro-thrusters a drop pod slammed down behind the leman russ and venerable dreadnought Varon stepped out. Firing his multimelta at the tank's rear he succeeded only in immobilising it. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1007_zps8669542c.jpg http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1011_zpsf542c120.jpg Imperial Guard turn 1 Company command issued an order to bring down the lead land raider and three searing beams flared in the darkness, followed by the longer-lived illumination of an explosion as the lead land raider was destroyed. As the dust settled the scene was lit for a third time as the Leman Russ executioner eliminated all but one of the terminators it had carried. Cypher and the company command squad poured fire into Varon and wrecked the ancient chassis. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1012_zps697eb8a2.jpg Dark Angels turn 2 The lone terminator hefted his heavy flamer and began his solitary walk towards enemy lines. The crusader passed him, guns blazing at the storm-troopers and causing the two survivors to break and run. Lascannon fire from the last land raider slew two of the lascannon weapon-teams and the survivor also fled. Squad Jericho arrived from the north to finish what the dreadnought had started, their two meltaguns wrecking the leman russ. Meanwhile the attack bike moved as swiftly as possible from the south and the land speeder typhoon dropped in to the east, trying to line up flanking shots on the line of chimeras. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1014_zps98a79004.jpg http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1013_zpsa92d313b.jpg Imperial Guard turn 2 The heavy weapon team rallied and moved back up the tower. Disgracefully the storm-troopers did not and retreated further. Cypher continued to direct a stream of fire from the command squad, this time at the Ravenwing. The nearby infantry squads and their transports added their own shots and the six bikes fell. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1016_zpsaeea2ceb.jpg Dark Angels turn 3 The front ramp of the crusader hit the ground with a bang and Azrael led the charge, leaving techmarine Mendeas behind to continue repairs. Azrael and squad Matthias destroyed a chimera and the squad inside before consolidating towards Cypher. The surviving marine from squad Shael saw a way to avoid being shot with many multilasers and embarked on the crusader through the side door. On the western flank the Deathwing knights advanced in their land raider, the attack bike just behind. The bike lost a wound to a dangerous terrain test here which, in hindsight, I didn't have to take. After turbo-boosting the 4+ jink is as good as the 4+ cover save from the ruins. This mistake would cost me later. Another chimera exploded under a fusillade of laser and melta fire, only the missile team surviving the inferno. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1018_zps4d94b29b.jpg Imperial Guard turn 3 The missile team fell back to the table edge and regrouped - in this scenario models in Cypher's army cannot fall back off the table before turn 4. Responding to the land raider, a veteran squad equipped with meltaguns disembarked from their chimera. They disabled the tank's right sponson but did nothing to delay the knights. Both surviving chimeras and Cypher's unit poured everything they could into Azrael and squad Matthias on their left, downing three. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1019_zpsa8354a8f.jpg Dark Angels turn 4 The Deathwing knights charged from their land raider. The overwatching meltaguns hit home but the energy was dissipated by the knights' shields and they unsurprisingly crushed the veteran soldiers. One of the land raiders finally finished off the lascannon weapon team in the tower while the attack bike failed to hit Cypher's chimera. Azrael and squad Matthias wrecked the empty chimera in assault but made slow progress towards Cypher. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1020_zps44f01bad.jpg Imperial Guard turn 4 Reinforcements arrive, including four chimeras, a sentinel and a land raider carrying a Grey Knights strike squad and Ordo Xenos inquisitor! A squad of storm-troopers dropped in behind my crusader, two meltaguns were trained on the engine block and another tank exploded. The techmarine and terminator inside were unscathed but the two storm-troopers who had succeeded so well were immolated in the fireball! Cypher's tank backed into the north west corner while the newly arrived chimeras focussed their fire, reducing Azrael's unit to one marine with lightning claws. The Deathwing knights also came under intense fire but none fell. The attack bike was not so fortunate and suffered one wound. After taking one from the dangerous terrain test in turn 3 this was enough to remove my most threatening anti-tank unit. We appear to have made a mistake here and allowed the Grey Knights to charge after arriving from reserve. I only noticed when I couldn't make sense of the photos! It didn't help them however as I was able to precision strike the one model with an AP2 demon hammer before he could attack. None of the Deathwing knights failed an armour save. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/SAM_1021_zps6c7789ee.jpg Dark Angels turn 5 Azrael and friend joined the Deathwing knights and swiftly silenced the agents of the Inquisition, while my land raider immobilised theirs. The lone terminator with the heavy flamer finally got to unleash it on the storm-troopers in the centre of the battlefield, despatching the last one with his power fist in the assault phase. The techmarine assaulted a chimera and methodically wrecked it with his two servo arms, the platoon command squad tumbling from the back. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/20140201_173131_zpsba38e42d.jpg Imperial Guard turn 5 Once again the Imperial Guard trained their guns on Azrael, killing the marine with him and leaving the Supreme Grand Master on one wound. The now de-mechanised command squad fired their grenade launchers at the land speeder to no effect. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/20140201_174219_zps2006ff4d.jpg Dark Angels turn 6 Azrael joined the Deathwing knights and they surged forwards, wrecking another chimera in close combat. The techmarine unleashed his flamer and boltgun on the exposed command squad but the officer survived. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/20140201_180019_zpsa1833301.jpg Imperial Guard turn 6 Robin fired everything he had at my dwindling force: one land speeder, one techmarine, one terminator, one land raider, Azrael on one wound and one unwounded Deathwing knight unit. Lots of opportunities to focus fire and pick up some VPs! One of the knights fell but bad dice ensured that the easy victory points remained out of reach. The officer on his own just ran as far from the techmarine as he could. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/20140201_180308_zpsf6a8d787.jpg Dark Angels turn 7 Techmarine Mendeas moved behind a chimera and played his plasma cutter beam across its rear. The tank exploded and between that and the terminator's heavy flamer nobody survived. Azrael and the knights declared a multi-charge against the disembarked infantry squad and Cypher's chimera. The infantry squad was wiped out but two knights failed to even glance the chimera's armour! Imperial Guard turn 7 The lone terminator from squad Shael was brought down by the scout sentinel. Autocannon fire from the heavy weapons teams wrecked the land speeder. Azrael and the knights continued to resist all Cypher's firepower. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb440/Cactus-/Turn the Tide/20140201_182953_zps7317ab09.jpg Cypher remained at large and a bloody toll had been paid by the Imperium for the Unforgiven's grim quest, but who had won? I had destroyed 6 chimeras, one heavy weapon squad, two storm-trooper squads, one platoon command squad, two veteran squads, two infantry squads and a leman russ for a total of 15 VPs. I had lost two land raiders, two Deathwing squads, one dreadnought, one land speeder, one attack bike and a Ravenwing squadron, giving Robin 8 VPs. He earned another 6 because I had not destroyed all of the first contingent. Cypher still being active was worth D3 VPs and Robin rolled... 1. After seven turns and more exploding tanks than I can count we had drawn with 15 victory points each. [Edit] Included details of the opposing army! With thanks to Alan Bligh for the Fourth Quadrant Rebellion.
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