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  1. Howdy Guys and Girls So it looks like we have a Death Guard sub forum now, eh? Guess it's time to make a showcase thread for my finished Death Guard stuff I'm slowly working on my Siege of Terra era First Plague Company force - my army so far: And some close-ups from my recently finished Dreadnought: Treacus Former Destroyer Sergeant, Ferrus Infernum Dreadnought of the Death Guard The Death Guard relied throughout the Great Crusade almost exclusively on its infantry to provide its strategic strength, with the bulk of tactical support firepower coming from heavily armed support squads, and later from the Legion's considerable numbers of Terminators and Dreadnoughts, which provided reinforcement and assault spearheads where needed. This focus on heavy infantry formations was also one of the reasons the Death Guard Legion developed a particularly admirable record in fighting to clear Space Hulks of alien infestation and for their ability to destroy fortifications and citadels from within. For these so-called Zone Mortalis actions, the Castraferrum Dreadnought was introduced in great numbers to support the Legion. Starship boarding actions, tunnel fights and combat deep inside densely built hive cities - there, its lower profile allows the Castraferrum to negotiate low-ceilinged passageways that the taller Contemptor Pattern would be unable to pass along. When the XIVth Legion fleet arrived on Terra - warped and corrupted, so did their Dreadnoughts - now a dark version of their former glory. Note: Corrupted Mark IV "Castraferrum" pattern chassis - also refered as Ferrus Infernum Helbrute. Hope you like - stay tuned for more
  2. One thing that bothers me (and some others from what I've read) about the new range of Death Guard figures/characters from GW is the unnecessary inclusion of "cute" Nurglings and other marshmallow-like blobs that are supposed to represent smoke.. So with the new Mortarion in hand, I thought I'd try and do something more fitting for the Death Lord, Prince of Decay. I built the model removing all traces of Nurglings and smoke, substituting censors where applicable. I also decided to remove what I felt were the unsuitable wings and replaced them with the wings from a Terrorgheist. These fitted surprisingly well into the same location as the originals and need just a little application of green stuff to finish them. Here's the stage I'm at currently. The next thing is to use heat to gently reshape some of the chains so they're more dynamic, and do the same to the wings to give them more of a menacing curve.
  3. I've been thinking that defeating armies with Mortarion in them will require some quite specific methods, to the extent I considered Frater would want to access that information directly. In this topic we will discuss 2 aspects to the same problem in an aid to winning a game against a Death Guard army - killing Mortarion and beating an army with him in it. I consider killing Mortarion to be quite difficult to do. He's got a monstrous amount of wounds and a nearby sorceror can heal him D3 wounds a turn I believe. Added to Disgustingly Resilient and we have a character that will likely last to the end of the game. So what ideas to players have to kill Mortarion? I'm considering people need help when not using Guilliman or an Imperial Knight. Bracketing him with a Devastator squad for a few turns can drag down his wounds regardless of how tough he is, but it might require some guts to finish him off. He's coming for you! He won't stand there and let you shoot him! Maybe a Terminator squad counter attack would help? Whacking him with power fists is going to hurt but can they survive back? I'm thinking it's Cataphractii and Assault Terminators only who can counter charge him to hold him up. On that note, holding him up whilst we punish his army is the other side of that coin. He costs a lot of points so if he is fighting 5-10 Terminators all game you're still up!
  4. I felt like doing a project log. I should have started earlier since I've been doing the odd bit of Black Legion for most of the year but better late than never and the Death Guard release is round the corner so I want my Black Legion out of the way. Black Legion were my second 40k army from over a decade ago but I never really painted that many of them. This thread will be for Black Legion, Death Guard and Fallen Angels. I got my BL ready but only got to play one Fate of Konor game my army was more or less this: Proxied Cultists due to not wanting to buy or paint more autogun chaff right now and a rhino I actually earmarked for Death Guard due to not wanting to have to work on that many rhinos. Everyone was based for the campaign and the khorne berzerkers got rebuilt. Daemon Prince is only there because my Lord never got finished. Berzerkers were the only chaos unit I actually 'finished' when I was a wee lad. I don't have a 'before' pic for the berzerkers I rescued them but here are some left over bits to give you an idea of the state they were in. Now they look like this. Mostly made up of berzerker bits because I wanted to finish them without any further investment but there are some chaos knight, possessed and regular chaos marine bits in there. They aren't quite finished but they'll do for now. Banner is a plague monk one. Work in progress possessed. The rest of the squad I won't post because they're not very different from when I got them painted second hand (only thing I did was the black legion symbol and a coat of black over Iron warrior grey). Daemon Prince I started years ago and redid the trim and eyes to bring him up to scratch along with throwing a wash on him. Earlier this year I did these squads: Havoks with Forge World autocannons and mixed csm/mark 3 bits. Still need one last top knot. I did some touches up on my old chaos lord before noticing that he was way out of scale compared to the Dark Vengeance models I had just painted. I had planned on just changing the bases on my metal terminators since they were still kind of okay scaled to the 3rd edition chaos marines and berzerkers but the newer models were going to cause issues. So I bought a Terminator Lord Cadre and a Scarab Occult box to combine with a bunch of second ed metal terminator arms to make: Still kind of WIP Terminators Cyclopia Cabal (never actually used it before the new edition removed formations). Still a legal Supreme Command detachment but too expensive to use. I have a "terminator officers only" rule in my Black Legion which only my Exalted Champion is breaking. Motor pool with WIP rhino. Can't remember how I used to do eyes and have DG rhinos to do so its on hold. Bikers are only slightly converted because I needed to do something to make them come close to living up the ludicrous concept that is "CHAOS SPACE MARINE BIKERS" but also wanted to be able to get them out of the way. Stuff I did less recently. Chosen I did a year or so ago and are the current 'standard' I followed up with on the havoks and terminators. Guys on the right are my old 'possessed' from 3rd edition who I made without properly checking the unit entry while the guys on the left were done 7 or so years ago just after my daemon prince' first colour scheme back when I was checking out if p3 Blighted Gold was going to be the way to go. All were rebased recently. Mace chosen gets used as an exalted champion, the others get to be aspiring champions.
  5. Dark Apostle Gal'loth


    From the album: Chaos WIP

  6. Manchu warlord


    From the album: Aldurukh archive

    Mortarion, the Deathlord, the Reaper, and Grave King. Primarch of the XIV legion, Death Guard.
  7. Figured I'd start this thread. I have a future DG game scheduled sometime this week (hopefully) and he's bringing Mortarion. Seeing how the entire forum is ablaze with how OP he is, I wonder whether us, Grey Knights will have an easier time dealing with him (with 4 damage smites). Anyhow, keen to hear your thoughts. I imagine he will be less of a problem to us though.
  8. So I've gone far enough I think it's fair to start an official BnC Hobby Thread! Without Further delay, it's obvious what this is for, so let's get into it: Links to Pictures: + The First 5 Plague Marines with my new scheme: +LINK+ + The next Batch of WIP's, including Typhus, and a couple of characters, also some vehicles in this picture: +LINK+ + Blight Haulers finished! +LINK+ + Poxwalkerd done, and some Blightlord WIP's: +LINK+ Links to Battle Reports in 8th Edition: + 2000 points of Death Guard featuring the new Myphitic Blight-Haulers going up against Tyranids in Maelstrom of War: +LINK+
  9. Hey guys, As I started my Death Guard I got pretty sick... laid up in bed and I thought I'd slowly re read Dark Imperium. The first time I went through I whipped through it pretty quick upon release and it was definitely from an Ultra angle. I wanted to slow down and absorb the Death Guard aspect. Aside from the fact I tried to ignore it was at times geared towards a very young audience, I really liked how Death Guard gelled together until it got to the big three... Mort, Typhus and the Great Unclean dude. So here's my question... in all the Heresy novels it's almost repetitive that the Primarch comes off a little slow, and the first captain is usually the smart one, and naturally at odds with his Primarch. With Death Guard I did not think that was the case. But.... SPOILER ALERT: Right before the attack on Ultramar Typhus is chastising Mortarion claiming he is too late, and foolish for waiting for Guilliman to awaken. In fact Typhus makes it sounds like they could have wiped or at least put a very critical amount of damage on the '500' if they'd simply not waited so long to attack. This makes it feel like Mort has a personal vendetta... which I suppose is fine and it's usually why the good guys win. But beyond this first headscratcher the turmoil brewing between Typhus and Mortarion gets pretty bad. It seems Typhus accuses Mort of not fully accepting Nurgle into his life (like it's a cult or something). You get the sense Typhus wants Mort to feel second to him.... as in Typhus is the chosen of Nurgle, and Mort is just witness to all of his discoveries. Typhus also mentions discovering Nurgle first, and bringing it to Mort's attention. It's a weird scene and you're left with Mort feeling like he's got bigger problems on his own end then with Guiliman. I really don't understand it to be honest. Can anyone fill me in on this internal vendetta? They actually have a disdain that I think runs deeper than Ahriman and Magnus (though they seem to have buried the hatchet.)
  10. As usual I have to start off with a shot of the game... a pivotal moment. I'll tell you one thing, this was a horrific moment for a few 'big names' in 40K: ++ Mortarion swoops into the Dark Angels' lines, but he hangs onto life by a thread. The Deathshroud try valiantly to keep their Primarch alive, but Mortarion is met by supreme resistance; the new Helblasters are untouched, as well a Lientenant, Ezekiel and the Chapter Master Azrael himself step up to meet the challenge. Has Mortarion taken on too much? Have the Dark Angels overestimated their abilities against a Daemon Primarch? ..... ++ LINK: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/344421-prot-quickie-batrep-death-guard-vs-da-2k-mortarion-pics/?p=5010846
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