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  1. It's strange that modern Codexes/Novels don't mention Abaddon's Mark but I believe GW is saving that for Dan Abnett's Finale Novel for the Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra. The two-part Book would retcon the Mark and what it does Just like Valten, Morathi and Archaon his different forms have different models: Abaddon the Warmaster/Warrior: The basic one we know. The 40k version can learn spells or Khornate buffs but otherwise the same one Abaddon the Unbound: Either manually, at random or if certain circumstances (like the Warmaster is dying, very enraged, losing his mind or going to be killed, etc) the Unique Mark's Powers come to life. Abaddon gets powered up blessings from all Four Chaos Gods, free choice of certain Chaos spells, magic resistance, better command buffs, etc. More powerful than 40k Guilliman both in the game and lore BUT there is a time limit and every bit of damage and exertion accelerates it leading too... Abaddon the Warp-Chosen: Should Abaddon ever truly 100% submit to Chaos either voluntarily, still die when the Mark is active or is desperate enough then he permanently becomes the Chaos Gods' vessel/avatar similar but not the same as Horus. Even more powerful and has several free skills but losses any command buffs. This model should be able to solo the enemy army in Tabletop and Lore. Gets unique Daemon rules Abaddon the Chaos God of Conquest: Represent Abaddon's ascension into a Minor Chaos God like Archaon. Can only be deployed in special games due to how powerful he is
  2. I was wondering if one of Abaddon's faces would mesh in with the head of the demon prince model....? I had and idea to make a deamon prince for my future BL army as one of fabius's horus experiments ... cheers, Mithril EDIT++ perhaps i'll wait to ask that question AFTER this weekend when he actually comes out ++
  3. Well I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet: As a main resident Chaos player for 4.27 billion years, I have seen a lot of tournie time and play time as almost every Legion, and model you can think of in the Chaos line. (even Emperor's Children). Coming off having sold my Death Guard tournament army, I am using these recent events as a kick off for Black Legion. For the sake of transparency, yes I have started Black Legion as an army many, many times, but have fizzled because of a few reasons the most major being: Abaddon's mini (I made one, and I accidentally through it in a recycling bin (I think)), The Black Legion rules stunk. Difficulty coming up with a unique idea on painting black (that I enjoy). And finally the main stream chaos models suck, and so do the rules. Well I assume number 1 is resolved with December's releases (or so I pray). Number 2 has to be resolved at some point. Number 3 is largely resolved with the recipe I've developed for my Deathwatch over the past year. And number 4 probably is resolved with Black Fortress as well. (Or at least partially?) I'm taking a big gamble here. I've sold off a lot of stuff and we really don't know -anything- concrete as I write this. But Call of Chaos has forced my hand. So let's assume for a minute this is a real thing, and any additional info anyone can share would be great (so I don't make too big a blunder). What are the most playable, current models that you think -wouldn't- be replaced? (aside from Cultists). For instance, I don't want to paint Oblits. Love the rules, but I have 9 painted metal ones that I despise. Let's be honest, they must be queued for replacement! For right now I'm thinking playable, non-replaceable units include: - Preds? - Rhino's - Terminators??? - HQ's. - Bikes? -Helbrute And obviously the Forgeworld line up. So first things first is the debate of if I actually do the Black Legion thing or stick out Red Corsairs which haven't been very great for quite a while.... Kranon and company are all but dead, so that's out of the question too. My first thought is to build a CSM Kill Team for a campaign and build from there. Otherwise I'm still leaning towards Thousand Sons version 2.0. (with less Tzaangors)
  4. I have loved reading ADB's novels on the early exploits of Abaddon, and have absolutely loved some of the art out there about the warmaster, however the model that GW currently produces whilst beautiful, is exceptionally dated. Therefore I began a project of remodeling and updating the warmaster and this is what I developed. How to: The torso is from the FW Justaerin Cataphractii kit with a skull from the GK termie kit on the front greenstuffed onto chaos terminator lord legs the head is a space marine terminator sergeant with a greenstuffed ork topknot fused with a chaos space marine topknot the talon of horus is a cataphractii talon with 2x phobos bolters cut into a deep groove of the talon, with an ammunition hopper from the GK termie kit and an empty ammo belt from the chaos space marine bolters chopped off the sword (Drach'nyen) is still work in progress as is the base and the paintjob, I specifically wanted that orange evil underglow effect around the face which I have airbrushed under (hopefully to good effect). Yes the bolters still need to be drilled out on the Talon. I will be posting updates as I go. C+C welcome!
  5. Hey guys, A very quick battle report here. I apologize in advance as my Black Legion testing has been largely done with proxies so these pics are a little on the ugly side... but I sold most of my Black Legion and will have to proxy a lot of this. The Game: - Maelstrom Objective X (You can't discard secure objective "X" and your opponent can always steal it.) - 2,0000 points. - Admech : Knight 2 priests, 3 of those big robot things with fists, and shooty stuff. And a priest warlord. Onagar Dunecrawler, a squad of shooty Skitarii and a squad of the assaulty dudes with multi wounds and tasers. Dunestriders (tall walkers?) are infiltrating as well. A 3 man squad of Grav cannon dudes, and a 3 man squad of Plasma Cannon dudes. - Black Legion: Abaddon w/ 5 Shooty Terminators, Sorc in Termie armour Questoris Knight - very shooty variant (my fave variant so far) Baledrake 3 Oblits 3 x 10 Culitsts (one squad has 2 flamers) 3 x Spawn +These are Abaddon's forces. Sorry for the mismatch of various models. + + I got tired of proxying Abaddon so I did a quick conversion. I honestly don't know if it's worth painting it up. I've been saying for a year he's getting a new model and.... still waiting. So I may be forced to paint this up. + Early Game: - I go first, Admech fails to steal the initiative (for once!) - Baledrake zooms up, takes 1 flame shot at Skitarii, goes to do a dual assault into Skitarri and the Onagar Dune Crawler (the shots on these things is insane I had to tie it up). My Baledrake.... takes 6 WOUNDS in OVERWATCH. Stupid bird can't even dodge a wrench apparently! - I commit to the Alpha Strike: Abaddon the Termie Sorc, 5 Termies all come in from reserves right in the middle. I also put the Oblits just to the outside flank of the ruins to stay within Abe's 6" circle of love. (I drew objective 2 which was in the ruins). This is where everything goes terriblly for Abaddon and the funky bunch: 1. Abaddon orders the Sorc to cast Warp Time on him.I successfully cast it, and Abaddon moves closer to the trio of Huge Robots (Castellans?) and their Techpriest. They are no slouch in CC and I know this from past experience.... BUT, I know I took the Khorne Icon on the 5 man termie squad to help out in Close Combat.... Truly it even pains me to type this.... 2. The Teriminators unload all kinds of hell... 2 Plasma combi's, meilta combi, Autocannon into the Knight, while the Bolter part of the combi is shooting 4 shots each into his robots! 3. Termie Sorc unloads Plasmas as well into the Knight. Combi bolters into robots. 4. Abe Unloads his Talon into Robots. 5. Obliterators unload magical crappy shots at Robots (S7, AP1, D1) Thank you fickle powers of the warp... how I love Chaos Random Gods! All of this is within Abaddon's circle of love. Just outside the circle of love, my Questoris Knight unloads Storm missiles, dual Battle Cannon and Avenger Gatling into the Knight. The good news is the Knight takes almost nearly half of its hullpoints! (one short of crippled stats) The Bad news is Abaddon makes his charge, swings a way at the robots, at T7 I elect to use Drachnyen because of the D6 bonus which I get 5, for 11 attacks + False Emperor bonus.... that's a lot of hits.... but I could not roll 5's to save my life. Abaddon kills one robot and 2 wounds on another one. Abaddon took a wound in overwatch, and 3 more wounds from robot fists which apparently hurt pretty bad. All in all this is quite full of fail.... now for the big mistake.... Admech Turn: - He draws cards, juggles his positioning, and withdraws the Castellan robots and priest from Close Combat.... wow.... then it occurs to me... I completely forgot to charge (with re rolls) my Terminator squad into the Castellan robots to help Abaddon! - Abaddon takes all available shots from the Plasma Cannons, and Grav Cannons in the face and he is blow to pieces several times over until all you can see is that top knot sticking out of the burning debris that was his armour. - The Black Legion Terminators watch on in horror as the Admech Knight unloads into them, and they all die but one (with the assault cannon). That last Termie gets sliced to death by the Admech Knight in CC. A brutal first turn. The Black Legion had lost their Alpha Strike (which quite frankly did very mediocre). I had lost the re-roll aura and my CC ability was greatly diminished.... Black Legion had no reason to go on, and the Culitists were all considering running off with the Spawns and getting married. It looked bad. Mid Game: - I am in the lead and this largely because of the Cultists squatting on objectives in my zone, however in a very, very bizarre twist of fate, the Obliterators are preventing the Admech from scoring by simply refusing to die....Granted the Admech didn't put much attention into these fools, as they couldn't damage anything. - The brightside of this is the Questoris Knight is undamaged, it was time to poke his head out entirely and be extremely aggressive.... + The Culitsts are threatened by flanking Skitarii close combat units, and the 3 Dunesrtiders.... amazingly the Spawn came to the rescue. One died to shooting but the others didn't seem to care, and they absolutely butchered the Skitarii to my amazement. Then they rolled into the Dunestriders, and killed one, while leaving the survivor at one wound. The Cultists watched on in horror and amazement as the Spawn start some strange Chaos ritual with the dead skitarri.+ - The Baledrake continues to harass. It isn't killing much, but the claws keep damaging the Dune Crawler wound at a time. It's a slow motion slap fight, but the Dune Crawler can really do damage if left unchecked. + The Questoris Knight rolls in. The Terminator sorc has escaped death in the middle of the ruins while the Renegade Knight finally kills the Admech Knight from shooting. + (with some vital wounds taken off the Admech Knight by Smite from the Sorc too)+ + The middle was still contested by a very annoying Techpriest who kept killing the best of my "Legion"... but they were fine cultists. Never underestimate the power of soiled underwear and a strong belief in a dead Despoiler. + Late Game: - The Admech rush towards the Cultists dies down thanks to the Spawn and the Obliterators shoot again and do squad, but they roll into the close combat against the Skitarii Rangers. - In the middle (above picture) it was getting ugly. We both had very few models, but the middle represented serious points for both of us. You can score "Defend Objectives" on your opponents turns so I kept throwing chaff into the middle, but I had run out....the Techpriest shouldn't be underestimated. He kept shooting into CC and hacking down cultists with bad hygene and worse weapons. I would be forced to put the Sorc into harm's way. - The points were well in Black Legion's favour at this point. The Obliterators kept preventing scoring... and while they would kill next to nothing, they kept tying up stuff, and refusing to die. After the death of the Baledrake, it was up to the Obliterators to keep firing at the Dunecrawler and in the 5th turn they would finally roll decent dice: S9, AP1, D3, and kill it. - The Spawn were pure beast mode. Their hits are truly punishing but it is a dice luck heavy unit requiring good rolls to get decent volume of attacks. Still the right side of the table was firmly in Black Legion's hands. - With the Admech Knight dead, the Admech put all fire power into the Questoris and he was quickly down to 15 wounds (I only recall making one 5+ save which is a 100% more than I typically make) - The middle is still hotly contested.... + The last of the great Cultists go down in a hail of shots in close combat from the Priest. In the Black Legion's turn the middle must be won to seal the deal.+ - The Knight finishes off the shooty Cataphrons (Grav and Plasma units) and then destroys the last robot which was right in front of him. - The Terminator Sorc for 2 Fight Phases has been unable to put a dent in the Tech priest... so he does what Sorcerers do and plays dirty... casting 2 Smites he fries the Priests brain and finally claims the points for the central marker. - Admech tries to retaliate but the Warlord and a few dudes are all that's left (for both sides). - The game points are well in the Black Legion favour but this had almost nothing to with Abaddon unfortunately.... what would have happened if the Termies tried that charge? Would it have made any difference? Did the Obliterators have an absolutely horrible game? Or the worst game you've ever seen? (I still can't figure that one out.) Anyway it was a fun and very interesting game. The "Playa's of the Warp" award goes to: Questoris Renegade Knight, and the Spawns. I say both of them for the reason that I truly thought the game was over when Abaddon and the Termies went down so easily, so quickly and did so little..... the Knight put a HUGE dent in the Admech which was very lucky, but crucial. Yet on the entire right flank of the table, all I had to hold it was Cultists which surely would have crumbled to the Skitarii units and dunestriders if it weren't for the resilient and speedy Spawns. Thanks for checking out this batrep.
  6. Hope your Everchosen contests are going well. Here was an entry at our Warhammer Store (in Hong Kong, what I jokingly call the older brother to the famous 500th Store). NOT MINE, but I hope you see why I'm posting it here: So at 1st, ok, beautiful highlights and shading, non-metallic metal. Then we looked at his cape and loincloth and noticed he freehand painted those designs. And then...we looked at the back of the model, and I apologise for my hand shaking as I took this photo: The centre depicts, we believe, the bridge of his/Horus's flagship, The Vengeful Spirit. Beyond the technical virtuosity of this painting, it's just this idea like he teleported directly from there and the little tear in the space-time continuum persisted as he exited, and you see a rippling image of where he came from, depicted on his wavering cape. Here's the best part of the story: the painter is a mystery to us. Perhaps your Warhammer Store/FLGS experience is similar to ours...you pretty much "know" everyone. Even if you don't remember their 1st names, you recognise the guys, "oh yeah, him, with the face and the neckbeard." We don't know this dude, word is he was just some random who dropped off the mini, then walked away. Being in Hong Kong, we have nicknamed him "Akuma", like the Street Fighter character. Because he just appears and destroys the final boss, the Raging Daemon of Hong Kong.
  7. So, I've seen a few size comparison pictures of the old vs new terminators, and loads of pictures of Abaddon, but I was just wondering if anyone has any pictures of Abaddon next to the new terminators and perhaps the DG terminators? I love Abaddon's lore and ADB's Black Legion novels, but I'm a little worried about the new models size myself.
  8. Hey all! So I've had a small 500 pts Black Legion force for a few years now and have decided to add to it. I have always loved the splinter factions and warbands that are attracted and amalgamated into the Black Legion through either force or fealty. To this end I have begun painting up some Crimson Slaughter units to add to my collection. Beginning with some Terminators and the some Dreadnoughts, the idea is to bash these out to tabletop quality very quickly and then go from there. Again, these are purely tabletop quality for me. I have a lovely weekend planned of gaming at Warhammer World the first week of Feb and want to take them to this. Dude on the left is 30 mins work from dude on the right: And finally some quick basing and I'll be looking at roughly 40 mins per mini: Comments and critiques are most welcome obviously! The right shoulder pad of all the minis will be Black Legion to show the have thrown in their lot to Abaddons cause. Cheers! BCC
  9. With Abaddon's new rules being so awesome, I couldn't stop myself from making a model for him. I've never really liked the current Abaddon model, just too bland of a pose for me, and looks old and clunky. On top of that, I field Night Lords, and figured I could make a Stand in character. Being such, he isn't actually "Abaddon", but will use his rules. That being said, Behold! First lets look at the daemon sword. Custom built from the hand and part of the spear handle of a Stormcast Eternal, a Grey Knight force weapon, a Tyranid warrior bone sword, and a few Necron odds and ends, I'm pretty pleased with the build http://i.imgur.com/2aRcDK8.jpg?1 Then on to the big man himself! Body made from the Primaris Captain with putty bat wing symbols. the claw arm is from the FW Lugft Huron with a few adjustments. The head is a FW mk iv helmet, adn the sword arm shoulder pad is from the Stormcast Eternals set. http://i.imgur.com/puq2kd4.jpg?1 I've been deliberating what I should do for his back. I was thinking I might choose from a variety of Chaosy backpacks, but I found these wings, and I'm kinda liking them. I was thinking they'd be made of warp energy, so they wouldn't actually be wings, just a scary Night Lord in your face type of thing. What do you guys think? http://i.imgur.com/XFp8Aj3.jpg?1 Your thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated!
  10. So I'm starting this as a basic catch all for Black Legion players, including myself. I have a bad habit of always using Abaddon. I have other bad habits from playing this game for decades... which include, but are not limited to: Cool characters (tougher in 9th), Terminators! (better in 9th?), and aggressive tactics (better in 9th?) So let's band together under the banner of the Warmaster, and see what we can muster. I have played two 9th edition test games with Black Legion. (More with other chaos, but let's leave that out.) So what I'd like to discuss is our gaming feedback, and our 'unit' feedback. I am playing another game tonight. And due to all of my other 9th ed test games, I have decided to move away from some of my favourite elements of 8th (Vigilus Possessed, Daemon Engines, etc).... at least for the time being. And refocus on the following: Battalion + Supreme Command. (12 CP). Abaddon (I believe) should be a legal choice for the Supreme Command. Other units I feel I'm getting a grip on: - Helbrutes, (generally) and Helbrutes with Plasma Cannons (even more so- this is pre points bump for 9th though.) - I'm still down on our troops, but will be trying pure Cultists as a tax. - Staying under 6 man squads wherever possible. - Using smaller elite squads (Possessed= yes, over 5 models = no) - Heldrake. Maybe it's not a superstar, but it should be able to contest, prevent 'actions', and tie up tanks/Fly units. (Tau still rip through mine though.) - Terminators. Plasma (non-modified rolls of 1 blow up?) and body guards are necessary. - Oblits. It just makes sense to include with a very expensive Warlord in the mix. The rest is up in the air, but tonight I will be trying some possessed, and a very basic list made to challenge table ownership. Wish me luck, we'll see how it goes!
  11. So as some of you may or may not know I paint a lot of armies. I pride myself on completing armies, not just models. And this has lead to a lot of 'painting fatigue' but fun moments in tournaments or otherwise where it can be great to have a lot of choices. (I'm working on Eldar right now) Most of this stuff is from the past year til the present. It might be in 'wip' form at my blog, but I'll put a fair amount of completed pictures here. I'd like to start off with one of the funnest projects I had this year from Chaos which was the Chaos Knights codex and kits. Love this "Tyrant" in game. He's not the most competitive option but can't be ignored. He's basically a giant Wal-mart from hell with a Harpoon! I got to move away from doing very clean models and getting back to a lot of old weathering techniques which seems to really suit this army. .... These boots were made for stompin'.... And Next up I did a pair of "Helverins" or Wardogs with Autocannons. Simple design, but they fit in with the big guy. The family together for their first game. Here is my Loyalist version of the Helverins and a Preceptor wailing away on fish people! As I post this I am working on a Chaos version of the Preceptor model pictured above. Interestingly enough their main weapons are quite different. The Chaos variant is only D3 shots which makes him a terrible competitive choice, but I'm looking forward to painting him anyway, just the complete the set. Thanks for looking. More to come.
  12. Domhnall

    Abaddon 22.02.20

    From the album: In Progress

    Updates include the red areas, the bronze trim, piping/cabling etc.
  13. From the album: In Progress

    Top view of the Black armour completed.
  14. From the album: In Progress

    Front view of the Black armour completed.
  15. From the album: In Progress

    Rear view of the Black armour completed.
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