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  1. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Obsidian Spears are a 12th Founding Successor Chapter of the Angels of Vengeance, grim hunters in the mould of the old First Legion in the glory days of the Great Crusade. For 5,000 years and more, they have patrolled the length and breadth of the Imperium's troubled frontiers and stood sentinel over its darkest places, uncaring of glory and believing that to excel at destroying the Emperor's foes is the highest honour. Observers note this chapter to be a wrathful, isolationist and extremely technologically capable force willing to go to extremes of pragmatism in the name of victory. Read Here: Obsidian Spears

    © Algrim Whitefang

  2. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Obsidian Knights Veteran Knight Remiel Heraclun, Formidable Executioner of the Twilight Covenant, of the 1st (Elite) Company ("The Shroudwing"), arrayed in relic Cataphractii pattern Terminator Armour and armed with a relic Combi-Bolter with chainblade attachment.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  3. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Pictured Above: Obsidian Spears Knight (Battle-Brother) of the 4th (Battle) Company ("The Hunters"), 8th Battleline Squad, arrayed in relic Mark IIIb 'Cratus' sub-pattern power armour and wielding an ancient and rare Volkite pistol. Note: Iconography on the medallion indicates he is a member of his Chapter's Host of Blades. The meaning of the crossed keys symbol is unknown to those outside the Chapter.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  4. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Obsidian Spears Firstborn Knight (Battle-Brother) of the 3rd (Battle) Company ("The Lancers"), 4th Battleline Squad.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  5. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Ebon Angels Firstborn Knight Aldore of the 3rd Order ('Thunderwing'), 5th Battleline Squad ('Brotherhood of Bone').

    © Algrim Whitefang

  6. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Dark Lions is a loyal chapter from the honorable bloodline of the Dark Angels. Of all the sons of the noble lion, the Dark Lions are the most warrior-like sons. Their history and their many unfortunate and dead enemies vouch for their martial talent and their bloody but noble warrior traditions. Many enemies have met their bloody ends since the founding of the Dark Lions. No matter whether xenos, heretics, traitors, or the despicable Fallen Angels, who betrayed the Ist Legion so many millennia ago. This is why, whenever they encounter the Fallen Angels, they give free rein to their bloody anger and pounce on them until each of these despicable Fallen Angels lies beneath their feet with deep and bloody wounds. Read More: Dark Lions

    © Algrim Whitefang

  7. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    "We will not rest until every single Fallen Angel has been Hunted. Their suffering shall be but a beginning to their penance...their screams, the harbinger of their contrition." — Grand Master Althalos of the Black Knights The Black Knights are an ancient and proud Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created from the lineage of the secretive and mighty Dark Angels Legion of old. They were created during the Second Founding following the conclusion of the terrible galaxy-wide conflict known as the Horus Heresy, and the subsequent wars of reciprocity known as the Great Scouring. The Black Knights were created as one of several Successor Chapters following the dissolution of the Legiones Astartes into separate, smaller Chapters. Thus, the Black Knights are counted amongst the ranks of the Unforgiven. A fleet-based crusading Chapter, the Black Knights follow in the footsteps of the Lion and their Progenitors, and will not rest until every single Fallen Angel has been hunted down and brought back to the Rock, to be interrogated and granted extreme unction by the Interrogator-Chaplains of the Dark Angels. As a crusading Chapter, their doctrines, traditions, and organisation reflect their particular approach to prosecuting the Imperium's wars. The Black Knights are wont to become embroiled in battles that other forces would have little hope of winning, particularly Zone Mortalis operations and 'Forlorn Objective' assaults. They are unrelenting in their persecution of the Emperor's foes, reserving a particular loathing for the Traitor Legions and those who make truck with the Ruinous Powers. The Black Knights absolutely refuse to retreat in the face of any foe, however, this stubbornness has often come at a high price. Their willingness to suffer horrific casualties in the name of victory has seen their very survival as a Chapter be put into jeopardy more than once down the long millennia. The Astartes of this Chapter are grim and dour, with all their warriors wearing battle-plate of jet-black and deep red. Extant reports, however, indicate that this Chapter wields all manner of ancient relics and holy patterns of armour, weapons, and vehicles not commonly seen on the battlefields of the modern era. Aloof and secretive, this Chapter keeps their own counsel, concentrating solely on their duties to the exclusion of all else. Shunning accolades and laurels, they are less well-known than other Unforgiven Chapters. Bellicose and unforgiving, the Black Knights are famed for arriving in a warzone without warning and attacking without a preamble. Upon eradicating their foe they take their leave and disappear without a word, leaving naught but ash and death in their wake. Read More: Black Knights

    © Algrim Whitefang

  8. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Pictured Above: Venerable-Seneschal Baraquiel, Tormented Seraph of the Bleak Host, relic Furibundus pattern Dreadnought of the Black Knights' 4th Company. Venerable-Seneschal Baraquiel is the oldest of the Black Knights' Battle-Brothers, having served in the ancient Ist Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. Baraquiel had risen to the rank of Seneschal before he "died" during the disastrous Canis-Balor campaign. Despite suffering horrendous wounds, his mortal remains still clung to life, and he was attended upon by the Legion's finest Apothecaries and Techmarines. Through their ministrations Baraquiel was resurrected, honoured for his service and became one of the Ist Legion's earliest Dreadnoughts. Barquiel's mortal remains were interred within an ancient Furibundus pattern Dreadnought before the techniques for the creation of these cybernetic veterans had been perfected. The design of this proto-dreadnought hailed from the technologically advanced Terrawatt Clans of Terra and was capable of being piloted not only by mortal human pilots but was later adapted to accommodate the bulk of a hard-wired, near-dead transhuman Astartes. With its successful use during the early years of the Great Crusade, the Furibundus dreadnought was officially sanctioned by the Martian Mechanicum becoming one of the Legiones Astartes' earliest recognised dreadnought patterns. During the Rangdan Xenocides, Baraquiel served under the command of his Chapter's founder, Uriah Marbas, who was then a lieutenant of the 27th Company. Following his commander's elevation to the esteemed rank of Chapter Master and given command of the newly re-constituted 15th Chapter, Baraquiel would continue to serve under Marbas' command for the remainder of the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. Following the dissolution of the Legiones Astartes and the subsequent Second Founding, Baraquiel was one of the original Dreadnoughts from the old Ist Legion that became a part of the initial cadre of the newly incepted Black Knights Chapter. For over ten millennia, Venerable-Seneschal Baraquiel has continued to faithfully serve the Emperor. He has fought every kind of enemy known to Mankind across the width and breadth of the galaxy. However, the passage of time has slowly taken a toll on this venerable warrior and Baraquiel is only awakened at the dawn of each millennium or when his Chapter has need of his skills and wisdom. He represents a link to the ancient Ist Legion and his Chapter's past and is revered by the Black Knights as a hero almost as great as Uriah Marbas.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  9. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Pictured Above: Black Knights Paladin-Sergeant Menerael Enkidatis, Honourable Executioner of the Dark Oath, of the Chapter's elite 1st ('Lion Guard') Veteran Company. A member of the Inner Circle, his senior status is indicated by his sable-coloured robes.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  10. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Pictured Above: Black Knights Lion Guard Knight Kepharael Marbeel, Honourable Blade-Master of the Shrouded Brethren, assigned to the elite 1st ('Lion Guard') Veteran Company.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  11. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Pictured Above: Black Knights Armiger-Brother (Sergeant) Kerubiel Baraqar, Defiant Exemplar of the Purified Blade, of the 4th Company, 2nd Battleline Squad.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  12. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Pictured Above: Black Knights Preceptor-Sergeant Dumah Zahariel, Grim Crusader of the Blessed Spearhead, of the 7th Company, 3rd Battleline Squad (Squad Zahariel). Brother Dumah formerly served in the ranks of the Unnumbered Sons as a 'Greyshield'. Brother Dumah's performance put to rest any opposition of the first generation of Primaris Marines being promoted to the highest ranks of the Black Knights.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  13. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Pictured Above: Newly inducted Primaris Intercessor, Esquire (Battle-Brother) Abdazian Ganymael, of the 5th Company, 7th Battleline Squad.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  14. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Pictured Above: Naufragia Eskaton (Veteran Fire Support Sergeant) Samiel Zaharor, Unforgiving Seraph of the Hallowed Cloister, wielding a foreboding relic Phosphex Incinerator Cannon. He is assigned to the ranks of the Chapter's elite Naufragia Terminator heavy fire support squads of the 9th Company.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  15. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Black Knights Paladin (Veteran Marine) Kepharel Redlail, Eskaton Champion of the Twilight Oath, assigned to the Chapter's elite Naufragia Terminator heavy fire support squads of the 9th Company.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  16. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    Lord Marshal Brom Aetius, Righteous Castellan of the Twilight Revelations, commander of the elite 1st Company ('Lion Guard'), and Equerry to the Grand Master. Note: Arrayed in ancient Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armour and armed with a relic, gauntlet-mounted Plasma-Caster.

    © Algrim Whitefang

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