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  1. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Battle-Brother (Battleline), Mk VI 'Corvus' pattern power armour.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  2. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Battle-Brother (Battleline), Mk V 'Heresy' pattern power armour.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  3. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran marine seconded to the Deathwatch.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  4. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran Marine recently returned from the Long Vigil with the Deathwatch.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  5. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran Marine arrayed in relic Indomitus pattern Terminator Armour.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  6. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Veteran Marine arrayed in relic Mk IV 'Maximus' pattern Battle-Armour.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  7. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Chaplain (new and improved).

    © Algrim Whitefang

  8. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Apothecary (updated).

    © Algrim Whitefang

  9. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Techmarine (updated).

    © Algrim Whitefang

  10. I bought the Indomitus box a while back because I was in love with the Bladeguard Veterans and the Captain and I am looking to expand them to a 2000 point army. I like the Knight motif and want to lean into that fantasy with Bladeguard and Cavalry. I want to be solid in the assault phase but I don't necessarily want to be all assault as I already main World Eaters and regularly run lists with two guns in them at the most. I'm aiming for a semi-competitive list that I can do well with in random pick-up games. I chose Dark Angels merely because they have more rules supporting cavalry. They will actually be painted as loyalist World Eaters albeit with a marble effect on the plate armor. For all I know this kind of list would be better suited as a different army, in which case I would appreciate that input as well. I am sticking to Outriders hypothetically because I want to utilize models I already own. I wouldn't be opposed to converting them into Black Knights. Items in bold are things I own, items that aren't I would need to buy. Dark Angels - 11 CP - 2000 Pts Ravenwing Outrider Detachment (All Have ObSec?) [HQ] SMASH Primaris Chaplain on Bike / Canticle of Hate / Master of Maneuver / Honour of the First Legion / Mace of Redemption (Str x2, AP-3, D2) / Warlord / 115 pts [ELITE] Ravenwing Apothecary / 100 pts [FA] Invader ATV x2 / Multi-melta / 85 pts x2 [FA] Outrider Squad x3 / 150 pts [FA] Outrider Squad x3 / 150 pts Vanguard Detachment [HQ] Ezekiel / 125 pts [HQ] Primaris LT x2 / Master-crafted Power Sword / Neo-volkite Pistol / 85 pts x2 [ELITE] Badeguard Veteran x4 / 140 pts [ELITE] Badeguard Veteran x4 / 140 pts [ELITE] Judiciar / 85 pts [ELITE] Judiciar / 85 pts [FA] Inceptor x3 / Plasma / 165 pts [FA] Inceptor x3 / Plasma / 165 pts [TRN] Impulsor / 110 pts [TRN] Impulsor / 110 pts Outrider Detachment can move around, block movement, clear chaff, heal, secure, objectives, and the Smash Chaplain can be my special snowflake that slays evil (may convert my Lord Celestant on Dracolion for the job, may convert the new Primaris Biker though I'd rather use that for the Ravenwing Apothecary). I through in a pair of the ATVs with melta for a bit of mobile anti-tank shooting. I've no idea if they are any good (they are certainly ugly). I have no attachment to them. Vanguard Detachment is because I want to bring Bladeguard. Each squad gets a Lieutenant for buffs, Judiciar for reliable anti-armor (Str 7, AP-2, Mortal Wounds on 6s) / utility, and an Impulsor for transport. Basically function as two mini melee death stars. I would have made the detachment a Deathwing Vanguard Detachment for ObSec on the Bladeguard Veterans as well and swap the Inceptors for Redemptor Dreadnoughts but then I wouldn't be able to bring the Impulsors or the Judiciars without also bring a third detachment. Inceptors are for whatever I might need teleporting or flying plasma for and because Dark Angels are supposed to be good with plasma. With minimal rearangement of points I could swap them out for Redemptor Dreadnoughts and would likely also grab two of those anyway as bench players. A huge weakness I already see in this list is that it won't scale super well if I need to downsize to 1500 or 1000 points for a game.
  11. Penance of Angels Loyalists. Heretics. Man. Xenos. As several dozen Space Marine Chapters are called together for penance, the innocent will be caught up with the guilty in their punishment. And yet, there is no absolution. There is no retribution, nor amnesty. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. Table of Contents BLEEDING HEARTS - I - Lamenters Part One ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Part Two ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Part Three ... ... ... ... ... ... Here ROUTE - I - Iron Warriors Part One ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Part Two ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Part Three ... ... ... ... ... ... Here OF LIONS AND MEN - I - Lions Defiant Part One ... ... ... ... ... ... Here Preface This was something I had worked on quite extensively a few years ago as an exercise in writing. It is something I've been meaning to share, mostly because this community is the only one that I know of that might enjoy 40k writing. It was easy to work on, without having to do too much world building, but still getting to develop my own characters and conflicts to write out. It isn't currently finished, but I plan to keep going on it for more practice as I work on more original works. That said, I should have plenty to share before I run out - I reached about 50,000 words of story (about a third through what I planned) before it trailed off and became something I've meant to finish. Hopefully that should give me room to keep writing in the meantime. I can't give a timeline on when I'll be updating, but I'll try to keep it regular.
  12. Yeah, been kind of meaning to do this for a while now. Hey, InAction here. I have had a thread up in the Liber Astartes section on my original Marine chapter, the Star Wardens. I've been working on-and-off throughout the past year on making them actual miniatures, and admittedly haven't done the best job of documenting my progress. Until now that is. So here's where I'll be featuring the work I've done thus far on my minis, as well as future additions. And maybe every now and then I'll add in a little bit of in-universe writing on certain subjects when the mood strikes me. Here's some in-progress pics I took of a tactical squad that I had primarily been working on. http://i.imgur.com/dDWGJq4m.jpg http://i.imgur.com/UeFSgKNm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pGOK1sZm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oJjgYhrm.jpg And a kind of timeline image from the first snap-fit marine I painted to test the scheme and the permutations I've gone through to a completed paint job. http://i.imgur.com/UA6jwiGm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GWpDe7Km.jpg
  13. Hello! I was only thinking to myself the other day: "I really should get round to posting the models I'm actually building, rather than hoarding them all to myself" - which would, of course, require me to actually post, rather than just haunt the boards... But that aside; in my 'new members' post, I pointed out that I've built a few Tau models, but I though I'd post my Marines first, and see what everyone thinks. Now, as I'm sure everyone who's painted a custom chapter has considered, picking a colour scheme was a bit of a nightmare. I wanted to make a custom chapter, rather than build/paint a pre-existing one because I like to see what additions I can make to lore (ok, fan-lore, but whatever), rather than just take a part of it. Plus, I write a bit, so... yeah. Perhaps, if I wanted to go for a established chapter, I'd collect a Heresy-era army - just so it's "properly different" to my current stuff. As the title suggests, beige eventually seemed the colour to go for (OK, Zandri Dust, if you want the actual paint name... but... yeah. Beige.). Whatever colour I considered, I could name a chapter that wore that colour (mostly), and I wasn't a fan of doing anything complicated like colours in half-and-half, or quarters. So... in short: beige and light blue (Russ Grey) for highlights - shoulder pads and so on. I also wanted the chapter to be largely codex-compliant, mainly so I'd actually have consistency across my models. Most of my models so far have red trim (because I thought it went well with beige-and-blue), so that makes them members of the 3rd Company. Seems fair. Right - chapter name. Ah. I came up with a few names when I was thinking, and they didn't really seem to fit. In this case, the problem (and also the great thing) about Space Marine chapters is the sheer variety in the naming conventions: Adjective-marines, Noun-marines, Adjective Verbers, Space Nouns, Nouns of the Noun, etc, etc... Slightly breaking my rule from earlier (a custom chapter, not pre-existing one), I settled on the name "Sand Scorpions" for two reasons - 1) Beige / Sand, that whole colour-matching thing there, and 2) Forge World actually do scorpion-branded accessories (for the Red Scorpions), so I can have some molded shoulder pads, etc, should I want. Plus, the name sounds relatively inoffensive, and not too complicated to say (always a bonus - "I'm Captain Placeholder of the third company of the Scythes of the Emperor - oh, he's fallen asleep..."). But I digress. And I suppose I should get round to posting some pictures, shouldn't I? I'll post a couple every so often, rather than a page-long picture-dump, which also gives people chance to respond if they like (please? pretty please?). ^^ I do apologise in advance for the rubbish lighting... Everything seems so much brighter on a phone screen. Of course, that may be the problem. Or it's the beige; you decide. XD Here's my first Tactical Squad, with missile launcher and melta gun options: Followed by a closer look at half of the squad, including the sergeant and a chap in mk VI armour. The banner doesn't have anything on it yet... as I'm not sure what to put there. If I can get scorpion decals... well, yes... ^^ And another close-up of a couple of the marines: And last for now, another look at the special / heavy weapons marines in the squad:
  14. Death Lords NOTE: This is a very early rough draft (ei WIP), so many things like the chapter heraldry and much of the lore will be added onto and changed. In fact, the primary reason I'm posting this is to get constructive criticism and ideas on how I can make this chapter more solid since I'm still learning a lot about the backstory and lore behind Warhammer 40k. Motto: "We are the fear that haunts your mind." (Alternatively: "I am the fear that haunts your mind," when being stated by a lone Death Lord.) Battle Cry: Commander- "We are fear, we are despair!" Battle Brothers- "We are agony, we are death!" Founding: 2nd Successors of: Raven Guard Successor Chapter(s): Unknown Number: Unkown Primarch: Corvus Corax Chapter Master: Lord Commander Augustus Valarius Chaplain: Nishesh Chapter Librarian: Maxentius Quintillus Homeworld: Adiran Fortress Monestary: Stygian Fortress Allegiance: Imperium of Man (Renegade) Colors: Black, White, Gold Trim Rival(s): Emperor's Children ​SUMMARY The Death Lords is a renegade chapter that specializes in terror tactics. Despite being declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the Inquisition due to their use of noise marine weapons and hostile actions towards agents of the Inquisition (the Death Lords hate the Inquisition to the point of threatening any agents that get in the way of their goals), the Death Lords still consider themselves, and claim to be loyal to the Emperor of Mankind. However, due to being branded as renegades, it is rare that another chapter will fight alongside the Death Lords. BELIEFS HEAVY METAL: The Death Lords have a passion for heavy metal and war ballads/battle anthems. This Chapter is known for its additional three companies, known as Metal Warriors, who charge into battle jamming out on guitar bolters and sonic weapons looted from defeated Noise Marines. Additionally, members compose war ballads/battle anthems to remember their great victories, as well as their loses and tend to rock out in much of their spare time (especially the Metal Warriors). The Death Lords even have different battle anthems for different occasions, like suicide missions, invasions, etc, to get pumped before and during a fight. FLAWED EMPEROR: The Death Lords believe that the Emperor is the one truly to blame for the Horus Heresy. Believing that his punishment of the Word Bearers was completely overkill and served as the catalyst for the civil war that would very nearly shatter the Imperium. Despite this, the Death Lords still believe that the Emperor is mankind's best hope and worship him as a god, albeit a flawed god. HATES HUMANITY: Due to humanity just being stupid in general (ei. not using a blinker when changing lanes, getting stuck behind someone who walks really slowly), the astartes of the Death Lords tend to be very annoyed, condescending and sarcastic when dealing with normal humans. This actually basically goes for anyone and any race with the exception of Sisters of Battle and most other Astartes. HISTORY The history of the Death Lords is steeped in mystery, much of it lost to time or closely guarded against outsiders. This fairly secretive chapter claims to be a 2nd Founding successor chapter of the Raven Guard, it is only the Chapter Master, Chapter Librarian, and several others that know that the Death Lords truly originate from the Night Lords. TIMELINE OF EVENTS 024.M31 Second Founding: The Death Lords, a loyalist successor chapter from the Night Lords traitor legion, claim to be a successor of the Raven Guard to avoid suspicion. 109.M31 Homeworld Established: The Death Lords establish Adiran as their homeworld and build their fortress monastery, the Stygian Fortress. 109.M31 The Dagon Confilict: The Death Lords engage in a conflict on Adiran's moon, Elegia, against a group of Dark Mechanicus lead by Kasimir Dagon. This results in the near destruction of the entire chapter to the point where it was believed to be destroyed. M32 /REDACTED/: Restricted or lost data. M33 /REDACTED/: Restricted or lost data. 041.M34 Reemergance of the Death Lords: The Death Lords reestablish communications with the Imperium. 053.M34 Investigation and Excommunication of the Death Lords: Due to their reemergence, the Death Lords were investigated by the Inquisition to make sure that they were still loyal to the Emperor. The inquisitor in charge of the investigation found that the Death Lords were using sonic weapons looted from defeated Noise Marines. When the inquisitor demanded that the chapter hand over the corrupted weapons, the Death Lords ran him off of their homeworld, resulting in them being excommunicated and branded as renegades. M35 /REDACTED/: Restricted or lost data. M36 M37 M38 M39 /REDACTED/: Restricted or lost data. M40 M41 M42 HOMEWORLD Adiran, the Death Lords' homeworld, located in the Calixis sector, is a dark and cold planet, with its moon perpetually eclipsing its sun. Adiran itself is a temperate marine planet, with vast oceans and sprawling forests (much like Washington state). The Death Lords' massive fortress monastery, the Stygian Fortress, sits atop the Casicus Mountain, coated in black and gilded in gold trim. Adiran is where the Death Lords recruit new forces, its people already hardened by the many dangers that lie in wait in the shadows of its dark forests. TACTICS The Death Lords specialize in terror tactics, taking time to learn the fears of their enemies and exploiting those fears. This is only the first stage of their attack, and is more so just preparation. After their enemies are paranoid and on edge, the Death Lords attack quickly with strike craft, under the veil of night. This is the second stage. Once the enemy is dazed and confused from the ensuing chaos, the Death Lords crush their enemies with a final heavy assault, blaring heavy metal (often from sonic weapons looted from Noise Marines) to further disorient their enemy, while at the same time motivating their own forces. METAL WARRIORS The best way to describe the Metal Warriors is to describe a bunch of punk rockers and heavy metal fanatics wearing power armor and wielding sonic weapons and various musical instruments (usually guitars and drums) that have been modified with various weapons (like bolters and flamers). While the entire chapter has a passion for heavy metal, the Metal Warriors, who actually consist of an additional three companies (the 11th, 12th, and 13th Companies) are generally the only ones who actually charge into battle while blaring heavy metal. In fact, the Metal Warriors are one of the reasons the Death Lords were excommunicated, because of their use of Noise Marine sonic weapons. In addition to having built a tolerance to sonic weapons, the Metal Warriors also have a special implant to make sure they don't explode from the power of the corrupted weapons they like to use. These same implants also help fight the taint of chaos, although there are still several incidents where a Metal Warrior has been corrupted. (NOTE: This obviously is not meant to be taken as seriously, and is simply a nod to the goofiness of the first two editions of Warhammer 40k, as well as being a reflection of my own personal preference for rock and metal.) FLEET 1x Oberon-class Battleship: Maw of Terror 1x Ironclad (outfitted with a ship-killer cannon): Obsidian Blade 1x Dictator-class Attack Craft Carrier: Might of the Imperium 3x Lunar-class Cruiser: Black Night, Night Terror, Fulgrim's Bane 1x Squadron (6) Firestorm-class Frigate 4x Squadron (2) Gladius-class Frigate 3x Squadron (5) Cobra-class Destroyer The Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser Metal Storm was last seen transporting the 12th company of Metal Warriors while chasing Noise Marines into the Warp and are believed to be lost. The Endeavor-class Light Cruisers Eclipse and Hound were destroyed during the acquisition of an Oberon-class Battleship space hulk, which is now the chapter flagship known as the Maw of Terror.
  15. Hello Brothers, I would love if you C&C'd my Chapter. It is far from done. Funny enough it doesn't have a name or a logo yet. These things aren't that important and will come to me naturally when I know more about my Chapter, I don't want to force it out of me. For the purpose of this topic we will call them "The Blooded". I will start with the crunch-part. The Custom Chapter Tactics that they use are: - Whirlwind of Rage (additional hit on 6s in melee) - Stalwart (1s and 2s to wound against them always fail) Why these Traits? The Founding Chapter is unknown (high chances its the Ultramarines), and while UMs geneseed is mostly stable, The Blooded have a small mutation. They have overdeveloped organs that interact with poisons/stimulants/chemicals etc. As a result they can tolerate very high doses of Combat Stimulants(even by Astartes standarts) and not have their hearts explode. There are many different types of Combat Stims. Some make you faster, some make you stronger, some make your reflexes quicker, some make you not feel that half of your head is missing, etc. This is basically why I chose those Chapter Tactics. Stalwart represents Combat Stims that make them feel no pain and keep going. Whirlwind of Rage represent them being faster, stronger, etc. There is a side effect. While their bodies can handle the devastating effects of overdosing, the Stims also increase agressiveness. So they go full rage mode when they are pumped with galons of stims. About the Chapter Homeworld and origins: As I've mentioned in the beginning, a lot is unknown yet. I like when these things come to me naturally, so I don't rush or force myself to come up with lots of lore quickly. All in due time. Here is what is known: There was once a tragic incident. A loyal Chapter was completely wiped out by another. This 'another' was 'The Blooded'. The incident occured in the System where The Blooded's Homeworld is located. Details are unknown, but at some point fleets started firing at each other, as well as at the Homeworld planets. What lead to this will probably never be uncovered, because as soon as the deed was done, The Blooded reported directly to the Inquisition and awaited judgement. The Inquisitorial fleet came in full might but no shots were fired. Instead the Blooded were offered a deal. The Inquisition explained that technically they are heretics and traitors and need to be destroyed, but the circumstances which lead to the clash between the two Chapters were so tragic and specific, that they can understand how it came to this. The deal was that The Blooded, and their Homeworld (because they were involved in the fighting too) are to repent for what they have done untill the rest of their days. The Homeworld will be charged with inhuman tithes, while the Chapter will do the dirtiest jobs and the most suicidal missions that the Inquisition will throw at them. An agreement was reached. So this is the background for my Chapter (for now). They are on a leash of the Inquisition. They do the dirty jobs, they take on suicide missions from which they are not expected to return. Their casualties are immense. But they survive, they endure, they recover. There is a lot more to tell and a lot more to expand upon, but I don't want this to be a monster-post. So here are some bullet-points to provide more insight. - The Blooded colour scheme is smokey-grey with dark-red arms, helmet and backpack. Vets and Officers have white(-er) armour. I have come up with markings for them, but I will not list every one of them. Here is just a regular Battle Brother, a Veteran and a Captain to give you a rough idea. - They were mostly grey prior to the incident. They started painting their arms red to represent the blood of innocents (by 40k standarts) on their hands. This does not only include the wiped out Chapter, but you can also imagine that the Inquisition sends them on missions of a less honourable character. - The people of their Homeworld can be described as stubborn, faithfull and enduring. They do care for each other, as all normal people would do, but the concept of selfpity is allien to them. They are a very faithfull people, since faith and enduring are often connected. - The Homeworlds history is one of survival. They endured The Long Night, they endured the Xenos that preyed on them, they ednured the internecine wars, they will endure the judgment of the Inquistion. - Withing the Chapter it is allowed to worship the Emperor as a God. Not everyone does, but it is not prohibited. Manye Brothers find comfort in faith, more on this later. - How did the Inquisition deal with the wiped out Chapter? It is unknown. Maybe they deleted all records, maybe they made up that the Chapter went into the Eye of Terror, maybe something else. - Because the Blooded make such strong use of Stims, they have an above avarage amount of Apothecaries who are also exceptionally proficient. Apothecaries are highly respected and will generally acompany even small squads on every mission. - Many Chapters hold Chaplains in high regard, but the Blooded go even further. While a Captain is a Commander, the Chaplain is a spiritual leader. They care for the mental health of the Chapter. Eventhough they are Astartes, mental health issues are a thing within the Blooded. They have to kill innocents, they wiped out a loyal Chapter, they are used by the Inquisition, the stims have sideeffects, they see their Brothers die as entire Companies are wiped out on suicide missions. If not for the Chaplains, who comfort and insipire their Brothers, the Chapter would have fallen apart long ago. Just like the Apothecaries, the Chaplains will often accompany their Brothers on any kind of mission. - An avarage Battle Brother will have a bunch of bionics. The reason for this is that due to the stims they can survive even the grievest of wounds, while the Apothecary patches them up. - How do they fight? They prefer close combat because this is where they can make the most use of their Combat Stims. They have also learned how to deal with overwhelming odds. It is common that the Chapter has to fight an enemy that outnumbers them greatly. They have learned to turn their numbers agaisnt them. Only the greates leader can lead a huge army. Kill that leader and that army will fall apart or turn on each other. Best example are probably orks. Because of this they make great use of Eliminators as well as Assassins provided to them by the Inquistion on request. Guerilla warfare is also a viable tactic when you're outnumbered, so they like to use sneaky Infiltrators(especially because they can take a Helix Adept). This is it for now. There is more to tell, but I would love to hear your initial impressions. What did you like? What did you not like? (don't be afraid to tell me, I'm not gona be offended) Are there things that you did not understand? Are there things that don't make sense? (very important, pelase point out if you found anything) Thank you for reading.
  16. +++ THE HOUNDS IMPERIALIS + First Sergeant Borsus, 3rd Company + Chapter Designation: The Hounds Imperialis Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists Founding: Unknown - Active since at least M35 Homeworld: Orios - Feudal World Fortress Monastery: The Argos Codex Adherence: Codex Adherent - Minor Deviations Chapter Master: Tallius Ironhelm The Hounds Imperialis are an unknown founding of the Imperial Fists, although records show them in action from as early as the 35th Millenium. Although founded from Imperial Fist Geneseed, The Hounds Imperialis show little in common with their Primogenitors, preferring Speed and Shock Tactics to the Siege Warfare implemented by the First Sons of Dorn. The Chapter is largely Codex Adherent, following the Structure of having 10 Companies at 100 Space Marine strength. Eschewing Company markings and colours, aside from the First Company that retains its Codex-Compliant White Trim and Helmets, each Battle Brother is outfitted in Turquoise Power Armour, with Black Trim. The Chapter also does not observe the practice of Reserve Companies, with Companies 2 through 9 being active Battle Companies with squads of varying battlefield roles within them. Although The Hounds Imperialis have had a degree of success in keeping their numbers close to the 1000 mark outlined by the Codex Astartes, following the Destruction of Krippilia Prime 300 Standard Terran Years ago, The Hounds Imperialis stand at a strength of just over 300 Battle Brothers. During the Destruction of Krippilia Prime, exterminatus via Cyclonic Torpedoes was carried out by the orders of Lord Inquisitor Victus Tarrax, whilst the main strength of the Chapter was defending the planet's Capital against the Plague Hordes of Lord Pestus. Due to the absolute destruction of the planet, the gene seed of hundreds of Battle Brothers was lost and The Hounds Imperialis have made countless demands for gene seed from the Genebanks located on Terra, to no avail. Some believe this is tied to the sudden disappearance of Lord Inquisitor Victus Tarrax following the end of the Krippilia System Campaign. Due to the loss of much of the Chapters wargear, The Hounds Imperialis have been forced to rely on their Chapter Relics in recent campaigns, and it is no longer a rare sight to see ancient tanks and Dreadnought Chassis' used in battle by the Chapter. Of note however, is the Chapter as a whole has been seen equipped in a variant of MK IV Maximus Power Armour, believed to have been manufactured by the Astartes themselves in their Fortress Monastery on Orios. How the Chapter has come about a rare STC such as this is undetermined, but they have been known to trade this ancient suit of armour on occasion for much needed wargear with other Astartes Chapters. +++ With the upcoming release of the Indomitus Box, and inspired by the likes of Apologist, St. Lazarus, and Chapter Master Valrak to name but a few hobbyists on these boards that have done fantastic things with the Primaris line of Space Marines, I have been bitten by the Primaris bug that I have long since resisted since they were first released. My 30K Ultramarines project is currently on the back burner having hardly gotten started, but I will be going back and forth between the two projects as and when I feel like it. The main downside to the 30K Ultramarines is that I have very few friends that play Warhammer, and none that show interest in 30K, so I have no opponent for that part of the hobby. I do however have friends that play 40K, and so this is my main project going forward. I have always wanted to do a DIY chapter, accompanied by lore and history written by myself, and with the release of 9th Edition very close now I felt this was the perfect time to get started. The Project itself is hopefully going to be part of a wider narrative I hope to write, with other armies eventually added that I am slowly writing lore for as well, but that is a while off yet, at least until I have fleshed out The Hounds Imperialis to a point that I'm happy with, and I have a fully painted 2000 points army. The Marines in this log are going to represent True Scale Space Marines rather than Primaris Marines, with the Wider Narrative being set in the 38th Millenium, following the near destruction of The Hounds Imperialis at the hands of a power-mad Lord Inquisitor. Hopefully the future lore I write pads this out and is easy to follow, as I have a head full of ideas but I struggle to put it into words that others may find legible. Anyway, I feel like this was a lot of text, so I hope to have more pictures to show over the following days and weeks as I work on The Hounds Imperialis! Thanks for looking! James
  17. 397 downloads

    By request of Jape. The Marines Scimitar aka "Space Turks". Includes logo and background layers* in Black, 'Bone', Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and White. (*Turn on the Layers palette in your PDF viewer to activate different colors. Only the topmost active logo and background layer will print, so be sure to turn off the color layers above the one you want printed.)
  18. Version v2


    Death's Redeemers custom chapter by commission of Kydoimos (possible Dark Angels successor). In addition to the described chapter, includes logos for a Freeblade Knight (intended for ion shield, and knee and ankle armor). (File version 2 adds a star with blood drop below the tip of the scythe. This new element has been added as a separate layer in the PDF, so you can toggle it off if you prefer just the winged scythe logo.)
  19. From the album: Prædicators

    Veteran Sergeant Zhelkul of the 2nd Battleline Squad, 5th Company.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  20. From the album: Prædicators

    Prædicators Drop Pod & Predator Annihilator

    © Algrim Whitefang

  21. From the album: WH40K Homebrew Wiki Art

    Graven Souls Lord (Captain) of the 4th Company. Note: Sashimono (Back Banner), which displays (from top-to-bottom) the name of the Chapter, the company number, and the Asahina family clan mon.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  22. From the album: Castigators

    Castigators Armorial (updated)

    © Algrim Whitefang

  23. From the album: Prædicators

    Prædicators Drop Pod (Lucius Sub-Pattern)

    © Algrim Whitefang

  24. From the album: Prædicators

    Prædicators Tactical Squad Zhelkul, part 2

    © Algrim Whitefang

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