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  1. From the album: White Scars Homebrew Chapters

    "Confounding the foe is one sure way to victory. When this strategy is pursued, war becomes a game of opposites and expectations." — Jaghatai Khan, Khagan of the V Legiones Astartes, Tenets of War The Falcon's Claws are an ancient and ferocious 3rd Founding Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the proud and savage lineage of the White Scars. Created in the wake of the Great Scouring, the Chapter took their namesake from the V Legion's ancient auxiliary order known as The Burgediin Sarhvu or 'Falcon's Claws', a small Order composed of veteran warriors that excelled as hunters and forward scouts on the battlefield, well known for their expertise in survival and the quiet elimination of enemy commanders. When this Chapter was formed at the dawn of the 32nd Millennium, they carried on the traditions of their order, continuing to stalk the battlefields across various warzones, delivering swift and brutal death to those that would dare oppose Mankind's manifest destiny as the rightful inheritors of the galaxy. Read More: Falcon's Claws

    © Algrim Whitefang

  2. From the album: White Scars Homebrew Chapters

    The Desert Hawks are a loyalist non Codex-compliant Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the ancient and heroic White Scars during the 8th Founding. It's a small and endangered Chapter with only three ordinary companies left after the Soul War - a hard won victory almost 300 years ago against the Chaos Lord Haman Mal of Tzeentch and his daemons. This victory nearly destroyed the Chapter. Read More:

    © Algrim Whitefang

  3. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Rift Reapers are an Ultima Founding Space Marine chapter using gene-seed taken from the secretive Dark Angels and their Primarch Lion El'Jonson. They were officially founded in the first wave of primaris chapters during the Indomitus Crusade, though they were part of the pre-founding batches of primaris used for testing the new organs and equipment that were created and deployed in small amounts prior to the actual founding. While at first they were ignorant to much of their primogenitor chapter's true history, by the end of the Indomitus Crusade the chapter's Inner circle was aware of the Fallen and have fervently joined the secretive ranks of the Unforgiven in the hunt for them. Read More: Rift Reapers

    © Algrim Whitefang

  4. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Paladins of Caliban or in High Gothic the Custodians Calibani are a Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the ancient and mysterious Dark Angels. As they're an Ultima Founding Chapter, they're composed entirely of Primaris Space Marines. As a member of the Unforgiven, they've learned their progenitor chapter's secrecy and, as such, have been known for being extremely secretive towards their allies during battles or campaigns. Read More: Paladins of Caliban

    © Algrim Whitefang

  5. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Iron Seraphs are a Loyalist fleet-based Successor Chapter descended from the venerable Angels of Absolution, whom themselves are descended from the ancient and mysterious Dark Angels Chapter. This Chapter is composed entirely of Primaris Space Marines, created during the most recent Ultima Founding. Operating in the Justicar sub-Sector of the Armageddon Sector, the Iron Seraphs are highly active at prosecuting the wars of the Imperium against the myriad of enemies of Mankind. Like their fellow Unforgiven Chapters, the Iron Seraphs are driven to prosecute the Dark Angels' secret war against The Fallen, and are more than willing to answer their progenitors' call to war in order to achieve their objectives. Read More: Iron Seraphs

    © Algrim Whitefang

  6. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Inheritors of Caliban are a Codex-compliant Chapter created in the Ultima Founding descended from the venerable Dark Angels. Though a noble and pious Chapter, their name hides a dark secret few of them are privy to. The Inheritors of Caliban did not just inherit the genetic legacy of Lion El'Jonson, but the dark secrets hidden by the Dark Angels. Of course these secrets were not granted to the Inheritors easily, for the Dark Angels were hesitant to trust the Primaris with the secrets the First Born had kept for millennia. Even so, the Inheritors of Caliban proved worthy of the secrets and now count themselves among the Unforgiven. Read More: Inheritors of Caliban

    © Algrim Whitefang

  7. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    "My brothers we stand on the brink of a new age, an age where those who fought in the legions and alongside the Lion are gone. We stand not as Dark Angels but as Silver Lions. To be a Silver Lion is to be an exemplar of the Ist, a paragon of Lion El'Jonson, a fierce warrior and a true servant of the Emperor." — Supreme Grand Master Decanius at the founding of the Silver Lions. The Silver Lions are a honourable and venerated 3rd Founding Successor Chapter created from the lineage of Lion El'Jonson who refused to adhere to the strictures of the Codex Astartes. Much like their brothers in the Unforgiven, they too take part in the Hunt for the Fallen but they are far less willing to abandon those they have pledged to defend, instead sending smaller elements of the chapter to hunt them whilst the remaining brothers carry out their duty to the Imperium. In fact the Silver Lions are less concerned with hunting the Fallen, seeing it as no more important than other tasks, unless a particular Fallen presents a major threat to the Imperium. However they still hunt the fallen if it is deemed practical to do so. The Silver Lions themselves were established on the belief that the teachings of the Lion are superior to that of the Codex and as such they follow the Hexagrammiton and the Hekatonystika instead of the Codex Astartes. Although the Lions use these formations, the modern chapters versions of the Hexagrammiton and Hekatonystika are a far cry from their original legion counter-parts and have been moulded by the chapter over millennia into the static organisations they are today. Read More: Silver Lions

    © Algrim Whitefang

  8. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    "A confession... why in the Lions name would I want that?" — Unknown Interrogator-Chaplain to a captured Fallen Angel. The Sable Pride is a semi-Codex compliant successor of the venerable and ancient Dark Angels Chapter, that was founded in order to hunt down a specific Fallen during M37. The Prides' history has been fraught with misfortune and treachery as they have sought to complete their duty to the Emperor and the Lion. The chapter even suffered its own civil war known as the War of the Two Prides, which damaged the psyche of the chapter and caused a slow turn away from the Unforgiven, who they now hold a tenuous relationship with, completely ignoring the word of the Supreme Grand Master and even firing upon fellow chapters. Despite this, the Pride still hunts the Fallen, but places far more importance on capturing their own traitors from the warband, Dothanes Pride. When found, neither of these groups are asked for confessions of crimes the chapter is fully aware of and instead emphasises excruciating torture before an eventual execution, in order to mirror the suffering inflicted upon the chapter. The chapter itself has become masters of siege and urban warfare and their specialised 2nd company, the Spearwing, is made up entirely of heavy armour such as Land Raiders and Predators. Today the Sable Pride is bloodied and beaten with its home and primary charge, the Pontifex Cluster, ravaged by war whilst great swaths of its territory lay in enemy hands. Even the chapter's reinforcements from the likes of the Ebon Angels come with hidden motives to investigate the Pride for treason against the Unforgiven and what other support they brought is underwhelming at best for the task at hand. Now the Sable Pride stands on the precipice of either their salvation through the impossible act of reconquering the Cluster or damnation by the hand of the Ebon Angels. Read More: Sable Pride

    © Algrim Whitefang

  9. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    "They are what they need to be. None can fault them for that." — Supreme Grand Master Azrael of the Dark Angels The Marines Baleful are a 15th Founding Dark Angels Successor Chapter, one with a dark and shrouded history. Originally known as the Angels of Valiance, a proud and arrogant chapter obsessed with their own superiority. However, after their arrogance nearly became their downfall, the chapter underwent drastic changes to its structure, livery, and and culture, renaming themselves the Marines Baleful. They have since become a mysterious and potent force against the enemies of the Imperium, striking fear into the hearts of their foes. Read More: Marines Baleful

    © Algrim Whitefang

  10. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Lion's Regents, also known as the Leo Astra and Spás Lios or 'Space Lions' in High Gothic & their chapter's Gothic respectively, are a fleet-based loyalist Space Marines chapter created during the 3rd Founding using geneseed taken from the secretive Dark Angels and their Primarch Lion El'Jonson, making them a part of the Unforgiven. Read More: Lion's Regents

    © Algrim Whitefang

  11. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    "...And now they shall receive us. The sadist heretics shall soon have thrust upon them the terror and tyranny they have wrought on to others throughout the galaxy. Let not their appearance fool you, for they are cowardly, and you are strong. You are children of the Imperium, you have been trained by our righteous hand. You fight for your freedom today alongside sons of The Lion, and our enemy shall know no quarter." — Supreme Grand Master Mikhael Red-Hand to an unaugmented human guerilla force before the final push to liberate their planet from the Night Lords The Knights Triumphant are a Loyalist Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the ancient and secretive First Founding Dark Angels, and as such, this makes them one of many Chapters that make up the unofficial collective known as the Unforgiven. The Knights Triumphant were created during the 7th Founding sometime during the 34th Millennium. The Knights Triumphant in many ways stand in stark contrast to their Unforgiven brethren, in deed, philosophy and strategy. At the end of the day, however, they are the sons of The Lion, and will always stand proudly alongside The Unforgiven, whenever the call to action sounds. Read More: Knights Triumphant

    © Algrim Whitefang

  12. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    "Great is the service we perform, and so our payment must be of equal worth. Our blades will carry you over the great rivers beyond, and our fires shall purify that which is impure. Nothing may be given freely, for the debt always comes due." —Chapter Master Orthus The Kharonean Martyrs is a loyalist Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, created during the 18th Founding, though the exact date of their inception has been lost to the shifting tides of time. They belong to the gene-line of Lion El'Jonson, which makes them a part of the Unforgiven successors of the Dark Angels Legion. They are, for the most part, adherent to the structures of the Codex Astartes, though many of their methods are somewhat unorthodox when stood beside other Space Marine Chapters. On the field of battle, the Kharoneans Martyrs prefer to look their enemies in the eyes as they tear their bodies apart with the teeth of their chainswords and burn what remains in the purifying fires of their melta guns. As far as their beliefs are concerned, death is a personal affair that deserves due respect, for all brothers of the order see themselves as the ferrymen who carry the souls of the living, both saintly and foul, across the endless rivers of the afterlife. All who meet their fury are delivered to the other side of the veil, so that they may find the rest that must follow all life. This service, as they like to think of it, does not come without cost, however. Whenever the Chapter comes to the aid of a beleaguered system or fights alongside other Imperial forces, they will demand compensation for the blood they shed. Once their blades are pledged to a cause, the ferrymen will perform their duty with utmost dedication and unrelenting determination, gladly accepting the martyrdom that awaits them in the fires of war. Even so, their services are never given freely, nor is their zeal. To replenish the high numbers of men, equipment, and other resources they expend, the officers of the Kharonean Martyrs will name a steep price to whoever possesses the means to pay them. It is merely their due reward, for a debt incurred through the sacrifice of Astartes lives, and so they feel little shame about taking what is rightfully theirs. Many additional structures and roles have been incorporated into their organisation to facilitate the managing of resources and tithes collected by the Chapter, though much of their Chapter Cult is also dedicated to ensuring that their warriors do not succumb to greed and avarice. As important as the acquisition of resources is for the Martyrs, such wealth, in the end, is meant to serve a need. Read More: Kharonean Martyrs

    © Algrim Whitefang

  13. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Iron Templars are an ancient Chapter descended from the lineage of the venerable Dark Angels. Believed to have been created at the dawn of the 32nd Millennium, the Iron Templars have continued to follow in the footsteps of their genetic forbears, to relentlessly hunt down every single Fallen Angel and force them to repent. Despite their secretive nature and dedication to seeking out the Fallen, the Iron Templars have garnered a reputation as an honourable and dedicated Chapter who fiercely protect their planetary system of Aquitaine against the gathering darkness from Chaos, xenos and the myriad threats that threaten the Imperium on all sides. As a Chapter steeped in the feudal traditions of its Chapter home world, the Iron Templars' doctrines, traditions, and organisation reflect their particular approach to prosecuting the Imperium's wars. Read More: Iron Templars

    © Algrim Whitefang

  14. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Invokers were a partially Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter of Adeptus Astartes of the Dark Angels' gene-seed. They deviated significantly from the credos of the Codex Astartes due to their heritage and training as one of the Unforgiven, employing a Ravenwing and Deathwing formations as well as two additional scout companies due to an unprecedented close relationship to the Exorcists chapter prior to their fall from grace. The Invokers chosen path was one of daemon hunters and masters of the arcane, dealing with the Inquisition to a greater degree than most chapters and most certainly to a greater degree than their fellow Unforgiven. Since their fall from grace, they bolster their lessened numbers with fratricidal daemons and fanatical auxiliary forces of Malladictios now militant populace. Read More: Invokers

    © Algrim Whitefang

  15. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Hunters Vigilant are a semi-Codex compliant Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the ancient First Founding Dark Angels. Created during the 9th Founding, the Hunters Vigilant are a dark and mysterious chapter that operates in the far corners of space, continuing their parent chapter's quest for forgiveness of their Fallen brothers' sins. Read More: Hunters Vigilant

    © Algrim Whitefang

  16. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    "Brothers I call upon you to be my sword this day, the sword with which we shall carve the traitors from this world! WE ARE HIS EBON ANGELS AND ONLY IN DEATH DOES DUTY END!" —Grand Master Alifore addressing his brothers at the Siege of Fotina The Ebon Angels are an 8th Founding Successor Chapter to the Silver Lions making them part of Lion El'Jonson's lineage and the Unforgiven. The chapter was founded at the behest of the Supreme Grand Master of the Silver Lions in a similar fashion to the Disciples of Caliban and they are a semi-Codex compliant chapter. The Ebon Angels also take part in the hunt for the traitorous Fallen so they can clear the stain from the honour of the Unforgiven and avenge the Lion. The Ebon Angels were initially created in order to expand the Imperium's defensive capabilities and combat new threats that could arise, however after the actions of three Fallen around the time of their founding the Angels soon became obsessed with the Fallen and their hatred for them. The chapter will pursue the Fallen relentlessly often taking oaths to track down a particular Fallen that the chapter has been made aware of, with these small teams of Oath Hunters leaving the chapter for possibly years on end whilst they hunt their prey. Read More: Ebon Angels

    © Algrim Whitefang

  17. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Dark Lions is a loyal chapter from the honorable bloodline of the Dark Angels. Of all the sons of the noble lion, the Dark Lions are the most warrior-like sons. Their history and their many unfortunate and dead enemies vouch for their martial talent and their bloody but noble warrior traditions. Many enemies have met their bloody ends since the founding of the Dark Lions. No matter whether xenos, heretics, traitors, or the despicable Fallen Angels, who betrayed the Ist Legion so many millennia ago. This is why, whenever they encounter the Fallen Angels, they give free rein to their bloody anger and pounce on them until each of these despicable Fallen Angels lies beneath their feet with deep and bloody wounds. Read More: Dark Lions

    © Algrim Whitefang

  18. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Dark Hosts are a Loyalist Successor Chapter of the Dark Angels. Created during an Unknown Founding, they were made up of particularly revanchist members of the Dark Angels Legion who sought to maintain the traditions of the Hexagrammaton and the duty of their Primarch Lion El'Jonson to scour the darkest corners of the galaxy of the most dangerous threats to the Imperium. The Dark Hosts are a calculating and relentless force that have been on crusade across the galaxy since their founding, highly trained and exceptionally equipped for a flexible approach to warfare to meet the challenge of their endless vigil. They wander from campaign to campaign across the stars as a grim reminder to the galaxy of the time when the Dark Angels were the Emperor's Exterminators. Read More: Dark Hosts

    © Algrim Whitefang

  19. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    "Amidst the shadows of adversity, we stand, not as mere mortals, but as the living embodiment of the Ashen Echo. In the face of the abyss, we rise, for our legacy is etched in the obsidian annals of Vespera Mortis. United by the ashes of our brethren, we are the Ashen Angels—our wings aflame with the undying spirit of sacrifice and the fervor of duty. In the fires of battle, we forge our destiny, and with every triumph, we honor the eternal chorus of those who have become one with the ash." — High Seraph Raphael Voss, Chapter Master of the Ashen Angels The Ashen Angels hail from the First Founding Chapter of the Dark Angels, brought from their home world of Vespera Mortis, a death world of obsidian mountains and volcanic, ashen lands. They are well known for their brutal close-combat prowess and their connection with their fallen brothers. Their unknown gene-flaw is that of major importance to the chapter, "The Ashen Echo", which lets the afflicted see the souls and hear the voices of those brothers who have passed. Some are affected more deeply than others, being that Librarians often have psychic overloads from these visions. The chapter and its council are arguably some of the most distinguished and powerful members of the chapter, all under the watchful eye of the High Seraph (Chapter Master) Raphael Voss. But this does not mean that their three captains do not have their respect. Despite being a primary anti-Chaos and anti-Ork Space Marine chapter, they almost suffered the fate of their fallen brothers, being nearly eradicated by the Tyranid menace. Even after much work and eradicating much of the Tyranid hive, to this day the Great Devourer is still being staved off. Their greatness and comradely is greatest exemplified in their High Seraph. The revered Raphael Voss is one of the most storied space marines of the Ashen Angels, being the current wielder of the Ebon Wing. He is as deadly as he is caring, for in times of calm, he and his councilors engage in activities of strategy and often hosts competitions where brothers and sisters compete side by side with the councilors. Read More: Ashen Angels

    © Algrim Whitefang

  20. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Angels of the Blade are a 4th Founding Loyalist Successor Chapter that descends from the lineage of the mysterious Dark Angels, and as such, are members of the collective of fellow Scions of the Lion Chapters known as the Unforgiven, with an Inner Circle that constantly hunt for the Fallen. Read More: Angels of the Blade
  21. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The stoic and silent Angels of Silence are a semi-Codex Astartes-compliant chapter hailing from the noble heritage of the secretive Dark Angels. Known for taking vows of silence once they become fully-fledged Battle-Brothers, the Angels of Silence fight with no word nor noise coming out of their mouths. Known to their enemies as soulless killers on the battlefield, avenging angels of darkness, they invoke fear into the hearts of their enemies and allies alike. the Angels of Silence are known, unlike the date of their founding, to be successors to the ancient and brutal Dreadwing Protocol of the I Legion - Dark Angels. Read More: Angels of Silence

    © Algrim Whitefang

  22. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    The Angels of Salvation or Angeli na Spaseni in High Gothic, are a loyal 4th Founding Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Founded by legendary veterans of the Dark Angels. This Chapter shares many things with the honored first sons of the Emperor, including their highly stable gene-seed. In the years following their founding they fought hard to break free of the progenitor's shadow and forge their own legacy. They brought salvation to many a besieged imperial worlds and freed trillions from the oppression of deranged planetary governor's attempts to leave the Imperium. They are uncharacteristically forgiving for a member of the Unforgiven, believing that they should not bear the sins of their forebears, that their own actions and legends will bring them salvation. Evacuating populaces when necessary along with aiding in reconstruction is common practice when situations and time permit. Read More: Angels of Salvation

    © Algrim Whitefang

  23. From the album: Dark Angels Homebrew Chapters

    "It is only fitting that these sons of the first angel of death, should now bear that same name as they carry out the Emperor's most righteous and holy work..." — Unknown Cardinal at the founding of the Angels Mortis The Angels Mortis are a devoutly religious 23rd 'Sentinel' Founding chapter who claim the lineage of the First Legion and the bloodline of the holy Primaris Angelus Mortis. The chapter has its own unique view of the Imperial Creed leading them to view the Lion as the first Imperial saint and the Emperor's Angel of Death who will guide them to the Emperor's side. For most of their history the chapter focused on the gathering of holy artefacts linked to the Primaris Angelus Mortis and bringing the word of the God-Emperor to all across the galaxy, whilst mercilessly purging those who refused it. As well as embarking upon the Millennium Crusade, a millennia long affair which saw the chapter fight its way across the galaxy and a climactic final battle where the chapter claims to have fought beside the Primaris Angelus Mortis himself, whist fighting on a world enveloped by the warp. However the Angels Mortis would end up accusing their fellow Unforgiven chapters, the Silver Lions and Ebon Angels, of heresy and collaborating with the Fallen leading to the War of the False Traitor. The Angels Mortis would be defeated in this war and for their ignorance were excommunicated from the Unforgiven and left as a broken chapter. The Angels now seek to repent for their past sins and seek to regain their former grace amongst fellow sons of the Angelus Mortis, a goal they will do anything to achieve. To this end the chapter has made its way to the Pontifex Cluster to fight alongside the Sable Pride and Ebon Angels, claiming visions from both the Emperor and the Primaris Angelus Mortis that claim that the Angels Mortis will find their salvation and an end to their penance within the Cluster. Read More: Angels Mortis

    © Algrim Whitefang

  24. From the album: Broken Throne Art

    Armorial of the I Legion ('Steel Guard' - pre-Warbringers) during the Unification Wars.

    © Algrim Whitefang

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