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  1. I'm debating a couple of changes to this Death Guard Army I am building: If I drop the Phosphex on the leviathans I can afford 2 more Destroyers to bring the unit up to 10 guys. But the Phosphex feels so... on-brand for the Creeping Death. Alternatively I've been considering dropping the Alchem Destroyers + A Warden for a third Tactical Squad + Apothecary. The list is VERY slow, and objective heavy games are a tough nut to crack. Allegiance: Traitor Rite of War: Creeping Death (DG) + HQ: + Calas Typhon [200Pts]: Warlord Herald, Cataphractii [115Pts]: Toxin Bombs, Power Scythe Siege Breaker, Cataphractii [130Pts] Combi-Bolter, Power Scythe + Elites: + Apothecarion Detachment [90Pts] Apothecary Apothecary Destroyer Assault Squad (8) [230Pts] Sergeant: Toxin Bombs, Power Scythe 16x Alchem Pistols Techmarine Covenant [140Pts] Techmarine: Bolt Pistol, Cognis-Signum, Power Axe Techmarine: Bolt Pistol, Cognis-Signum, Power Axe + Troops: + Grave Warden Terminator Squad (10) [485Pts] Chem-master: Power Scythe 2x Chainfist 7x Power Fist Tactical Squad ( 20) [245Pts] Sergeant: Power Fist, Toxin Bombs Legion Vexilla Nuncio-Vox Tactical Squad ( 20) [245Pts] Sergeant: Power Fist, Toxin Bombs Legion Vexilla Nuncio-Vox + Heavy Support: + Heavy Support Squad (10) [225Pts]: 10x Volkite Culverin Heavy Support Squad (10) [275Pts]: 10x Lascannon Leviathan Dreadnought Talon [620Pts] Leviathan: Cyclonic Melta Lance, Leviathan Siege Claw, Phosphex Discharger 2x Heavy Alchem Flamer Leviathan: Cyclonic Melta Lance, Leviathan Siege Claw, Phosphex Discharger 2x Heavy Alchem Flamer
  2. Hi guys Disclaimer - these are for my own collection only and will not be sold or traded, I am not endorsing this as an alternative to 28mm 40K, as the work required is extream, its just a personal challange for my modeling skills, and I thought this project may be of interest to some here. As well as collecting GW figures, I also have a large 15mm sci fi collection, and I have decided, (mainly for the fun of it, and to see if I could do it) to create serveral 15mm 40K forces, the forces I will be creating will be done in this order, Blood Angels or Flesh tearers - not 100% sure yet, I really like the Fleash Tearers, but because they are 15mm I want an instantly recognizable Chapter and I want it to be brightly coloured to stand out as much as possible, so Blood Angels maybe more suitable. Tyranid Death guard Imperial guard Tau Realistically, this is probably a decades worth of work. The Blood Angel force will consist of 3 x 10 man tactical squads the commanders will be sculpted from scratch, 1 x 5 man devastator squad with sculpted commander, 1 x 10 man Assault squad in jump packs, 1 x 10 man Death company Assault squad in jump packs, 1 x 10 man scout squad with shot guns, 1 x 5 man Terminator squad with lightening claws, 1 x 5 man terminator squad with bolters, the termies will probably need to be sculpted from scratch unless I find something suitable to convert and a command squad consisting of 1 commander, 1 Chaplain, 1 apothecary, a standard bearer, and a Veteran Sgt, I may also have a librarian. They will be supported by 2 dreadnoughts from GW and some converted armoured vehicles. Visit my blog on the link below to see more pics. Visit My Website
  3. I've posted a few batreps for Konor, but failed to mention it here... but I did remember this time! I played about 3 games during the weekend but by far this was the best: ++ The smell of burning garbage rips through the air. The Deathguard have found some dark means to flank the Ultramarines. Somehow Typhus has waded through death and destruction, but Calgar waits in anticipation. Not only would the outcome of this fight pretty much dictate the game's outcome, but it would be perhaps the mist bizarre finish to a game I've had in 8th edition. ++ The full Battle report here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/337804-konor-week-2-prots-ultramarines-vs-deathguard-pics/?p=4849188
  4. I played quite a few games this week but perhaps most fittingly this game was the most bloody.... I don't think it gives much away to show this pivotal moment: ++ The smell of burning garbage rips through the air. The Deathguard have found some dark means to flank the Ultramarines. Somehow Typhus has waded through death and destruction, but Calgar waits in anticipation. Not only would the outcome of this fight pretty much dictate the game's outcome, but it would be perhaps the mist bizarre finish to a game I've had in 8th edition. ++ The Game: - We decided to skip Maelstrom and give the Open War deck a try (this was my first time, but not my opponent's). - The scenario required basic kill points based on the Power Level of what you killed. - The "Twist" required us to set up our forces into Three Segments. Only one segment could be deployed on the table to start. That segment could not be larger than half of the units in the army. An interesting way to play. The other thirds of the army would come in one segment at a time in turn 2-3. The game would end in Turn 5 based on the most kill points. The Armies: (from memory) - Deathguard: 2 units of Plague Marines (blightlauncher/plasma each, champ with Fist each) 1 Pred annihilator Typhus Sorcerer 2 larger units of Poxwalkers medium sized squad of Terminators 2 Helbrutes - Ultramarines: Calgar Techmarine Primaris LT 2 x Redemptor Dreads 2 x Intercessor Squads 1 x Dev Squad (3 missiles) 5 Termies 1 x Scouts 1 Typhoon Speeder 1 x Helbasters 1 Ancient Primaris (Emperor Ascendant) 3 x Inceptors Setup/First Turns: Deathguard get to go first. Ultramarines fail to steal the initiative. The Deathguard Segment deployed across the middle including the Pred Annihilator at the back. + The Deathguard start the unending march in search of reinforcing the Poxwalkers. + - The Deathguard start moving forwards, and advancing Pox Walkers. Psychic powers make the Poxwalkers harder to hit. In the shooting phase the shots are split up and the main targets are obviously the Redemptors. The Deathguard note the ability of the Techmarine and split wounds up between the two Redemptors. The shooting is quite strong, and lascannons threaten to rip the Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon apart. + The Techmarine only repairs 1 wound. The heavily damaged Redemptor unloads his Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon into the hordes. + - Ultramarines try to keep the front guard running, but the HOG Redemptor takes 11 wounds in T1, and only repairs one. The other Redemptor with Macro Plasma takes 3 wounds. - Calgar's aura is inspiring, the Ultramarines hold firm and realize that the Deathguard will have reinforcements and must take down as many Poxwalkers as possible or they will be tied up and defenseless to Typhus' endless advance. - A great deal of Pox walkers are wiped out. The Gatling Cannons on the Redemptors still can't finish off a single squad of the Poxwalkers. The Disgustingly Resilient rolls are perhaps average, but the heavy firepower has no bearing on their saves. - Macroplasma Redemptor splits fire, and only gets one shot, and fails to touch the Predator. The Dev squad steps up to the plate and the missiles rip through the Predator, with the help of a command point being spent on the damage roll... barely killing the tank. + The Deathguard are reinforced! Helbrutes waddle in off the western flank which would mean certain death for the Dev squad (my best performers thus far.)+ - Deathguard start advancing hard, but the Helbrutes do not hit that well.... Ultramarines are lucky and will have a brief moment to react to the western breach. - Poxwalkers advance again, and are just outside of assault range. - The psychics start again, and Ultramarines have no way to defend and a few mortal wounds are dished out to the Redemptor. (3). This causes the Ultramarines to initiate the Strategum that lets them take 5++ rolls against Mortal Wounds. The defiant Redemptor saves 2 out of the 3 mortal wounds. Unfortunately the other Redemptor would fall to Smite. - As mentioned the Helbrute shots put some wounds into the Typhoon but it is still operational, and the rest of the Ultramarines dodge the firepower. + Ultramarine reinforcements arrive just in time..... Plasma Helblasters over charge into the impervious Plague Marines! + - Terminators flash in the middle of the battlefield. The Helblasters roll in from the backfield. Scouts infiltrate deep to flank the second large squad of Poxwalkers. - Calgar orders targeting priority. The Deathguard are advancing on two fronts. The Helblasters overcharge to get the damage bonus and manage to take down a few Plague Marines but it won't be enough.... - Poxwalkers left in the primary squad are finally gunned down by the remaining Redemptor. - Scouts and Terminators fail to fully remove the second large squad of Poxwalkers... they continue to march to the thin blue line... - In the western flank things have become unhinged... Helbrutes are dangerously close, and Plague marines are closing the gap. Everything unloads into the oncoming hordes but the toughness value and resilience is very difficult to overcome. Mid Game: + Intercessors try to... intercede, but are largely cut down by bolters, and plasma death. Helbrutes continue to flank the falling Ultramarines' defences. Calgar tries to hold off the oncoming of Typhus and his Plague Marines... + - The Intercessors are taken down to the Sergeant. The Typhoon is hanging on by one wound. The Devs have fallen to one Missile launcher marine, and the front lines of the Deathguard are dangerously close to the Ultramarines' edge. - The psykers unload but fail to buff themselves, however their Smite ability to deal wounds takes down a few Helblasters... but the Ancient and the banner of the Emperor Ascendant have a huge turn and the dying Primaris fire off overcharged plasma death before taking their last breaths... killing 2 more Plague Marines to the dismay of Typhus. - Poxwalkers in the distance are held up from reinforcing Typhus' front line but the cost to the Ultramarines is high. The Poxwalkers don't go down easily and manage to absorb some Scouts into their ranks! - Finally the assaults start, and the Helbrutes firing was abysmal but upon charging the speeder, a Helbrute was taken down to one wound in overwatch. The Intercessors are charged by the Western flank but somehow they manage to stay alive for the most part. A Sergant would die but the Ancient would help him fight on one last time, and he would kill one more Plague Marine. End Game: - The Terminators and Scouts fall back and fire... still the Poxwalkers live, and add to their numbers.... - The end of last turn sees the Typhoon speeder go down and when the smoke clears it is Typhus and a Helbrute that consolidate towards Marneus Calgar who must now hold the line.... + The Last Stand: Typhus and a Helbrute break through and Calgar will meet the challenge. The rest of the Ultramarines watch on but have their own hands filled with the last of the Plague Marines. + - A careful fallback plan is issued, at -1 the re-roll aura from Calgar will not be as helpful, but this is what last stands are about... - The Helbrute goes down to Intercessor fire, and the Lt. rushes in and slices up a few Plague Marines before he is killed with a fisting Plague Marine! - All that remains is a few Intercessors, and the Ancient.... and of course Calgar. - With the Helbrute out of his way, Calgar steps up to Typhus and launches bolt rounds from the Gauntlets of Ultramar into Typhus. They bounce off of his diseased hide to no effect.... the Gauntlets strike first in close combat and all swings find the mark.... and most wounds are taken, but the LT. is dead so will not be able to assist Calgar in this death match. Typhus in incredibly resilient though. He takes a few wounds but with his 4+ invlun, 5+ Disgustingly Resilient, and then a 6+ Warlord Trait save... wow.... so little damage gets through it is amazing. - Deathguard Turn 5: The Plague marines are encouraged by Typhus' incredible stamina. - Calgar is "Smited" and takes 3 wounds but halves all damage, taking on 2 wounds instead thus saving his life! Calgar staggers with ONE WOUND LEFT. - The Intercessors manage to almost kill the remaining Plague marines but they first charge into the Ancient... somehow he stands... barely with 1 wound as the last of the Plague Marine succumb to their wounds. - The Banner of the Emperor Ascendant still waves with the massively wounded Ancient watching the Calgar/Typhus fight which has become and outright brawl. - The Poxwalkers charged scouts in the distance, but at this point Ultramarines use 2 CP's to interrupt and Calgar would fight Typhus first! - Calgars last effort hits home, but it is not enough... with the staggering resilience of Typhus coming through again with a 4++/5++/6++ this leaves him with 2 wounds and still standing! - Typhus roars in anticipation and cleaves through Calgar. But before he hits the ground the Ancient Banner kicks in propelling Calgar to fight on one last time.... a mortal blow is struck and Calgar's last breaths are spent watching Tyhpus fall in defeat (much to everyone's surprise.) - The game is essentially over. Calgar and Tyhpus have smashed each other into the ground exchanging Warlord kills. The Plague Marines are all wiped, and only the Sorcerer and some Poxwalkers (chewing on Scout's brains) remain. The Ultramarines somehow prove victorious with some Intercessors, the Ancient, and the Terminators all still alive. I don't think the game could have come down to a more crazy moment then that brawl between Calgar and Typhus!!
  5. Back up to the HQs this week. The chaos lord is, at base cost, our cheapest Hq. If you take him as is he starts at 85pts, replace his chainsword or bolt pistol and he can get pricier real quick. A lord of the legion - he enables rerolls of 1s to hit fore CORE models And he has a 4+ invunerable save. Who uses the basic lord and why?
  6. We don't see many predators on the table, not sure if it's worth having separate entry's for both vehicles. I know out Daemon engines are probably better however I would like us to discuss what is good about the unit and how we can effectively use it BEFORE complaining about its inadequacies And I don't want people saying "just take X unit instead" this is supposed to be Tactical Advice. People should be more than capable of drawing their own conclusions of what is objectively better and if they want to use them or not. /Rant Edit: we have decided to bring both types of Predator under this topic as there are only minor differences between the two
  7. The last of the individual characters that make up the Foetid Virons What do with think of the Surgeon? Of all the elite level characters he is the only one with a decent close combat weapon, suggesting that his place is in the thick of things However no invulnerable saves or major auras. What use is he to people?
  8. While taking about Daemon engines what about the Bloat Drone? Many of us will have the plague spewer versions as they came with the original box set as well as the other weapon options Fast. Tough. What are people's views? There are some strategies specific to the bloat Drone, I believe -ive not actually used the strat yet. What are people thoughts on them?
  9. What is there to love about the first of the daemon engines? I've never quite used its massive claws but I do like the intimidation factor it brings. I like it can wander off by itself and I don't have to worry too much about it
  10. The unsung heroes, the ragged multitude. The ones dun wrong by this edition. I want to make more use of these chaps -they have guns they have 'brutal' close combat weapons they have toilet tissue for armour!! I've been playing a lot of kill team sized games lately and the Cultists have held their own against Guardsmen and Tempest Scions, but last 40k game they came face to face with the business end of the flamer on that new scout walker marines have. Suffice to say that ended badly for them.... I feel they would have been given a bit more utility if they had been given objective secured/ ability to perform Actions and the poxwalkers hadn't (I mean come on - zombies Investigating or Siphoning Power???) How can we use these regular mortals to spread the grandfather's love?
  11. Our second unique terminator squad. Armed with both a man reaper and plague gauntlets they can reap a heavy tally, if they can get close enough Other rules are: Plague chimes (can't remember if that's the name but it's what they look like) which do something to the contagion range iirc Bodyguard they can take the hit for a character instead. What do we love about these guys?
  12. The original heavy transport. 4 lascannon, 2 heavy heavy bolter and some loose change guns. Carries 10 men or 5 terminators I want to love it. But I rarely ever take it. My thoughts are that in an army with limited anti-tank that they bring some utility The problem is they are very pricy for what they bring.... Which is a tough beast of a tank not massively killy
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