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  1. “Wotz all dis, den?!” asked Gubnutz. “Dis,” Kaptin Badrukk, leader of the Flash Gitz replied nonchalantly, “Iz a rekrutment drive.” Below, about a dozen boyz were prodded into the back of Badrukk’s personal transport, Da Jolly Ork. Most of them looked sheepish. A few had tried to protest and got smacked about a bit. “Rekrutin’?” Gubnutz echoed. “Wotz dat den?” Badrukk snorted warily and leant on a barrel of Grotberg XXXXXXXX and reminded himself that his lieutenant wasn’t Da smartest Boy in Da Waagh! “Itz...itz a call to Da Jolly Ork!” he continued. “Itz callin’ owt ta eny Ork dat wantz ta join me Krew!” “Callin’...” Gubnutz strained his considerable ears. “I can't ‘ear nuffin boss! ‘Sides, I ‘member dem boyz. Dem got drunk on squig jooz larst nite an’ passed owt!” “Yeah...az I sed,” Badrukk said with a toothy grin as he looked at a large, empty,bottle of Squiggoth tranquiliser. “Rekruitin’.” Hello and welcome to something I’ve wanted to do for nearly 30 years! ^_^ Reminded of Ork armies of old, I thought it time I got it out of my system. This army will be fairly small in points and some models will be put to use as a Kill Team too. I also have an idea for a “Kustom” model, mostly due to a conversation to fellow Mod, Vel’Cona. That won’t be for a while yet, but I’m long forward to it ^_^ I have a metal Badrukk, who is primed and due to get painted very soon, but I wanted to focus more on other models in the army. Here are two for now. Gubnutz “’E ain’t Da clevverist Boy of da Krew, but I dun’ need ‘im to be. ‘E duz wot ‘e’s tole an’ ‘e’s loyal. Dat meenz summat at leest. I noe wen Da Waagh! Kikz off, I dun need ta worrie ‘bout me ‘oard a teef! Last Ork wot wuz me bodyguard tried ta steel it all! ‘Course ‘e’s still wiv uz. ‘Iz ‘ead iz on Da prow ov me Wagon!” Gubnutz was just a Boy with a small Klan of Badmoons when bad luck resulted in him being left behind. Scrapping a meagre living following the Waagh! Gudmoon, he chanced upon a meeting between the aforementioned Waagh! Leader and Badrukk. Stowing away underneath Badrukk’s personal wagon, he slowly worked his way into the Krew. Badrukk’s former second, an Ork known only as Squigsplitter tried to take control of both the spoils of war and his Krew. Gubnutz took an explosive round for the Kaptin, allowing Badrukk the opportunity to stomp on a rebellion before it even began. Knowing the lowly Ork could have let things go another way, Badrukk saw the loyalty shown by Gubnutz and promoted him to be his new bodyguard. Gubnutz takes his role as personal dogs body and bodyguard extremely seriously, something the wily Kaptin has taken advantage of more than a few times. But when it comes to it, Badrukk knows that he won’t turn on him, something rare amongst the cut throats he has surrounded himself with. His squad of Boyz, affectionately known as Da Meet sheeld have a similar fervour when protecting Da Bozz. Nothing gets close to Badrukk whilst they’re around. Da Mitey Werlitza “’Ee mite be a Snot, but ‘e ‘az the hart ov a rippa squig. I know dat, cos da lil git nicked it off me!” An ammo runt of no small renown and one who serves Badrukk himself. Not only has he survived at least “many” Waagh!s, he instinctively knows when to get out of harm’s way. Most of the Boys and Badrukk himself keep a weather eye on where he is at all times. Also, for a Snot, he has quite the backbone, more times than not, standing his ground with his boss. Armed with a crude blunderbus, he makes every attempt to hit something, despite not being able to hit a barn door at point blank range whilst inside the barn. Thanks for looking!
  2. In the gloom of the Chapel, Magnar Tytus, Captain of Fourth Company stood impassive before a small group of giants. Even standing above them on a dais, he could see by how much they dwarfed even the biggest of the Chapters' Veterans. He bid them kneel. They did so and were attended by Chapter serfs. Each was given a Mark of Asseveration. A holy writ that bound them to their forthcoming mission. Bare headed, the Primaris Marines looked a little bemused by how much a scrap of paper adorning their armour meant. They would learn. Standing, they were given leave. Escorted by the same Chapter serfs, they went to the awaiting Thunderhawk. Tytus watched them go, and shook his head sadly. The Primarch had returned. That was news which ignited the remnants of the Marines Errant. Word of new Marines to help rebuild their Chapter was even more welcome. But now, he had reservations. This new breed of Marine was very impressive, but he knew what that meant. The old ways would die out, unless these new recruits embraced them. "Brother-Captain." Tytus turned to face the voice. "Chaplain Monfor. How goes the indoctrination?" "As well as can be expected. Whilst they are an improvement on His work" he continued cautiously, "They are from a time much different from the present. It will take time to fully integrate them to our ways." "I hope so." It's been a while since I've painted anything. Last year in fact. My vow in ETL was fallen spectacularly, my other projects have stalled for now. But this project has taken my attention and hopefully will bring me around to the others again soon. So, a Kill Team. I've been making lists on Battlscribe, watching others plan and execute theirs and I finally get enough gumption to make a start on this one. I have a number of others planned (Xenos, for the most part), but I wanted an Imperial one to begin with. Sisters are out until next year, so my mind wandered. Looking through Lexicanum one day, I eventually went looking at Loyalist Chapters and remembered Marines Errant. I've loved this Chapter since Rogue Trader times. I've tried half scheme Chapters before, but my hand was never steady enough to pull it off. My effort shown below isn't exactly the best, the lateness of the day I decided to start on it hasn't helped. I do have a decent light to use, but it was packed up when my painting mojo fell to zero. I'll dig it out soon. Definitely need to get better at free hand too :lol: I don't have any other pictures right now, my phone deciding to not take a decent picture. It's gotten me started painting again though. Thanks for looking! ^_^ Edit: It missed off a bit of text...
  3. It's the very first time I've tried my hand at T'au. In my own mind, they, like Sisters, Dark Eldar and Necrons are still "New Races" as my first foray into 40k back in Rogue Trader and early Second edition, they didn't exist. With that in mind, I never really looked into them all that much when I returned at the back end of fifth edition. That said, I have a substantial Sisters army (circa 3-4k, half unpainted) and a few Drukhari that might see paint one day. That leads me to T'au. I'm not entirely sure what has lead me to the Greater Good, but having read a little in the Xenos II book, it piqued my interest somewhat. It's pure coincidence that they're getting their Codex this weekend. So far, i have a squad of Fire Warriors from the Kill Team box. I intend to get a few more models and get assembling soon. For now, i can only show you all what im working towards in the list below. Bear in mind I've never made a T'au lost before, so if I'm making any glaring errors, please let me know! :lol: It centres around Shadowsun and like most of my armies, my decisions on what to take are based on rule of cool just as much as strategic soundness. Hidden Content ++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (T'au Empire) [83 PL, 1497pts] ++ + HQ + Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit [8 PL, 166pts]: Advanced targeting system, Early warning override, High-output burst cannon, Missile pod, 2x MV4 Shield Drone, Puretide Engram Neurochip Commander Shadowsun [9 PL, 184pts]: Exemplar of the Mont'ka, MV52 Shield Drone, MV62 Command-link Drone, Warlord + Troops + Breacher Team [6 PL, 116pts]: DS8 Tactical Support Turret w/ Missile pod, 9x Fire Warrior, Fire Warrior Shas'ui, MV1 Gun Drone, MV4 Shield Drone Breacher Team [6 PL, 116pts]: DS8 Tactical Support Turret w/ Missile pod, 9x Fire Warrior, Fire Warrior Shas'ui, 2x MV4 Shield Drone Strike Team [6 PL, 116pts]: DS8 Tactical Support Turret w/ Missile pod, 2x MV1 Gun Drone . Fire Warrior Shas'ui: Pulse rifle . 4x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Carbine . 5x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle Strike Team [6 PL, 116pts]: DS8 Tactical Support Turret w/ Missile pod, 2x MV1 Gun Drone . Fire Warrior Shas'ui: Pulse rifle . 4x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Carbine . 5x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle + Elites + XV25 Stealth Battlesuits [6 PL, 90pts] . 3x Stealth Shas'ui w/o support system: 3x Burst cannon XV25 Stealth Battlesuits [13 PL, 174pts]: 2x MV4 Shield Drone . Stealth Shas'ui w/ Early warning override: Burst cannon, Early warning override . 3x Stealth Shas'ui w/o support system: 3x Burst cannon . Stealth Shas'vre: Burst cannon XV8 Crisis Battlesuits [14 PL, 223pts]: 6x MV4 Shield Drone . Crisis Shas'ui: Burst cannon . Crisis Shas'ui: Burst cannon . Crisis Shas'vre: Burst cannon, Early warning override, Plasma rifle + Heavy Support + XV88 Broadside Battlesuits [9 PL, 196pts] . Broadside Shas'ui: 2x Smart missile system, Early warning override, Heavy rail rifle, Seeker missile ++ Total: [83 PL, 1497pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe I'm also mulling over a few colour schemes. Whilst I want to stay fluffy with Shadowsun being in white, I'd prefer to honour my Liber roots and create a DIY Sept. I'll get back to you on what I decide on :) Thanks for looking! ^_^
  4. The flames had finally died down. The Prometheum dump had taken a direct hit from a falling Roc, the resulting explosion sent a plume of fire incandescently hot over a mile into the air. The fireball could be seen for miles around, the pitch darkness suddenly becoming blinding brightness within a moment. A loss, which whilst expected, was a sign that the upcoming battle would be much, much more difficult. The ground shook, as a procession of Baneblades drove past, squashing anything in their way. They did, however, take extra care not to go over a wrecked Sororitas Rhino. Heretics Woe was ancient, and a relic of the Orders forebears, the Order of the Valiant Heart. Its shattered chassis was a blackened wreck. A small group of Sisters knelt before it praying, led by an Ecclesiarchy adept. An Adepta Mechanicus priest was in deep communion with its machine spirit. “Can it be saved?” A voice asked. The servant of the Machine God didn’t not make an acknowledgement. The owner of the voice stood by impatiently, until the priest finished it’s unknowable craft. Finally, mechadendrites disengaged from a service hatch and the creature faced her questioner. Her face, if you could call it that, was almost entirely metallic. A singular eye and a portion of cheekbone was the only organic part visible. Her frame was hunched as was the case for many of her kind. Red robes concealed her form almost entirely. Only the appendage used to communicate with the relics machine spirit was revealed. ++Unknown.++ squarked the voice emanating from the mass of wires, chromed plating and plastics. ++It may be possible. The machine spirit is old. It might be better to retire it entirely. We could take it back to Mars for study...++ The other lunged so fast, even the battle computer portion of her brain had only a microsecond to compute possible retaliation strategies. She mused rather darkly, that any hostile action would result in her death. The woman facing her was extremely volatile, as was a lot of organics, but her unpredictability made her an unknown danger. Having witnessed her on the battlefield earlier, she had no intention of being her next target. “There will be no study. It will not be locked away as a curio for your people to prod and poke at.” The woman snarled, her trip tightening to emphasis the point. “If it is beyond saving, it will be taken back to our Chapel and be given the respect it deserves!” A warble of binary emitted from the Mechanicus priest. The other turned slightly and saw four Skitarii in a standard combat stance, weapons raised. “I hope for your sake, your last data burst was to tell them to stand down...” ++Yes, Canoness Sera.++ The distortion in the affirmation was due to either a minor deception, or genuine fear. The latter didn’t matter. The former, however... “Good.” Releasing her neck, Saffron Sera of the Order of the Dauntless Spirit stood back. “Let me know of your findings the moment you have them. I also want the other vehicles battle ready by this time tomorrow. The day after we chase the Greenskins and drive them off this planet!” The Priest bowed as best she could. She had no legs and floated on suspensor units build into the lower half of her torso. More tendrils could vaguely be seen within the robes. With a Luck of undiguised contempt, Sera walked back to her command post. The sooner she was back to killing the Orks, the better. Watching her leave, Magos Dominus Mirosa squarked another burst of Data cant to her Skitarii. They returned to their posts. A pair of Servitors accompanied two lower ranking Priests. Setting to work, they tried one more time to appease the Machine Spirit of the fallen Rhino. ++++++ Entering the command centre, Sera noticed that three of her Imperial Guard opposites were arguing over their strategy for the fight ahead. The holovid showed projected Ork movements. None of them offered encouraging counter measures. The area was a mixture of barren waste land with mountainous rises on either side. Beyond was more of the same, safe for the erratic weather patterns. The Bazarn stretch was a long flat dust bowl for more than five hundred miles in all directions. Electrical storms often raged out of control, appearing suddenly, leaving convoys wrecked and deposited now where near they started. They also disappeared as quickly as they arrived. No one, not even the green skins wanted a fight there. It would be a waste of resources even trying. “Options?” Her clipped tone was abrupt and to the point. All those weeks ago, when this campaign had started, she had restrained her distaste for her fellow commanders, but in the time since, their incompetence and pathetic desire to out do the others, brought her to breaking point. After the commander who tried to belittle her, found out, one does not argue with the Ecclessiarchy. Not in front of her at least. The Holovid feed distorted for a moment, and a different image appeared. A beach head for the greenskins and only a few miles behind them, to the south. It was too close to ignore. Meanwhile, the Orks were also ahead of them. They were pinned inside the Bazarn. Both groups were huge, the Roc which had tumbled to the ground had made both exits even more narrow than before. “Ahem.” Commander Larin of the 121st Invigilators began. “we do still have a few ships intact in orbit. They had to back away to avert boarding actions. We have tried to contact them for many hours, but thus far nothing. If we can re-establish contact, we could request a bombardment on one of the targets.” Sera narrowed her eyes. “Imperial Navy aren’t known for being that precise. Even as much as a degree off in their co-ordinates could devastate our forces as much as the Orks!” “Indeed!” Larin replied. “Which means that we should send a small team to ensure that the targeting data stream is uploaded in real...” He didn’t finish, mainly due to Sera punching him in the face. “We have too little in terms of materiel and personnel as it is! And you wish to sacrifice more lives?!” Sera was incensed. Larin got up off the floor and tried his best to remain composed. His nose was bloody and his left eye showed signs of closing, a dark bruise already forming. “The Sisterhood has shown no inclination to compassion in war before. Least of all you!” he spat. “Why would you be so concerned now?” Sera leaned forward, her cybernetic eye seemed to glow brighter than before. “Have a care, Commander. We do not have the luxury of wasting lives. And if we did, who would you propose to carry out such a task?” Larin smirked. “We do have the remnants of the Penal legion. We could use them, and perhaps one or two of our most pious Sisters to keep them in line...” as Sera turned her back to him, he flinched violently, having no wish to bear the brunt of another violent admonishment. None came. “Order the Commissars to report to me at once. You are all dismissed.” The look from another Guardsman warned Larin against argument. Fuming, he turned and marched out of the command centre. Celestian Superior Motoko, Sera’s second approached. “We will have trouble with that one.” “An inconvenience for now,” Sera replied softly. “He will be dealt with soon enough...” It was cold at night. The winds blew up sand and whipped against bare skin, leaving it sore and prone to infection from the insects that seemed, despite everything, to thrive here. Penal Trooper #114-NB-267B was taking his turn at guarding the small area assigned to his unit. Well, unit was a generous word. Penal Legion #114-NB started off as having over eight hundred souls. Now, they barely numbered 110. His real name was Aron Styck, or it was. After hearing his serial number so many times, he often wondered if his life before incarceration was naught but a dream. His wife, Maylor, his daughter, Lylly. Both are dead, victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trying to get through the Capitol of their home world, Naturna Bayloris, when there was a riot, demanding justice for victims of a vicious and uncaring overseer, they got caught in a crossfire. The Arbites were instructed to fire upon the crowds to force them to disperse. His wife and child were torn to ribbons. What was left was shown to him, when he was summoned to identify their remains. He had been a calm and measured man, well liked. His small business of repairing cogitators was popular, and honest enough to earn his family a modest income. But when he returned home to an empty house, eerie silence, he snapped. Not with a fury hot enough to burn, but slow to build, cold, logical. He closed his shop, and spent days within, patiently undoing a few wrongs. A little virus here, a bit of scrapcode there... They located him after four days. He was surprised it took them so long. He had been deliberate in leaving just enough to get himself caught. Finally dragged before the Overseer himself, he had managed to sink a sharpened piece of circuit board into the fat, bloated wretch, before the Arbites beat him senseless. He didn’t care what happened to him after. God-Emperor willing, he’d see his family again soon. He didn’t. Locked away in a prison on the planet's northern pole, he was left to rot. Days of pure, back breaking work in a mine, digging ore, nights of more agony, as the temperature dropped to levels he didn’t think were possible. Then, the transfer to the Penal Legions. As planets went, this wasn’t such a bad one. It was his first time away from Natura Bayloris. He knew he wouldn’t return. Adjusting his eye piece to keep the silica from his face, he looked out over the Sandy tundra. In the distance, he could hear the dull crump of weapons fire and even a few voices. Orks. They were many miles away, but their activity was so loud, it sounded like they were merely a fraction of the distance. A glowing light approached, startling him. It was at head height, and he knew who was coming. Standing to as much attention he could muster after so many hours at guard, he hoped she would be passing by. She didn’t. “You are with me.” Her accent was rich, clipped with a slight breathiness to it. Looking straight ahead, he replied “I am to remain at my post, Mistress. Until I am relieved.” “Consider your self so. With me.” The slight lilt in her voice brooked no argument. Falling in line, he followed her inside the Penal Legion compound. Inside, the lights made him recoil slightly. They should have been out hours ago. Standard regs, even for regular troopers, but the guys and girls of the #114-NB didnt much care. What was the worst that could happen? Courtmarial? Summary execution? The vast majority of this diminished regiment had become resolved to dying quickly. At least they would be at peace... The sight of the Canoness made everyone panic. Her unreadable face looked at each and every one of them. Walking between the bunks, her measured steps made the floor boards creak, her armour pushing the dilapidated wood to bend and stretch. Footsteps behind them indicated the two Commissars had arrived. Late. Looking sheepish at their tardiness, they waited on the threshold. “Whilst we have engaged this war together from the beginning, we haven’t formally met.” No one dared move from attention. She continued to walk slowly, taking in the faces of some, ignoring others. “I am Canoness Saffron Sera, of the Order of the Dauntless Spirit.” Everyone knew who she was. It was impossible not to know. She was the epicentre. She had faced over ten Ork Warbosses. Ten. Each died to her chainsword, or to her Inferno pistol. “You’re a Penal Legion. And a pretty damned pathetic one. Even amongst the expendable, you have the least discipline, the least will to redeem yourselves to Him on Earth! “Pitiful.” She carried on her pacing. “There is a mission. One that could help us get back to having an advantage over the greenskins. I need...volunteers.” That word. It was always used. One was never “cohersed” or “forced” into volunteering, but it was the same anyway. “I’ve read your records. I know what each of you has done to be here. I know what you’re capable of...” She turned. Aron felt sick to his stomach. He was going to be one of the volunteers. She would not have pulled him away from his guard post otherwise. He didn’t want to know what pBaht he was going to be involved in, but it wasn’t good. Sera pointed at seven individuals and instructed they be taken to another building. Aron almost breathed a sigh of relief. He opened his eyes, not realising he’d closed them. The Canoness was standing there. “You. You are going to be instrumental in this operation. You will follow me for your briefing.” His entire body numb, Aron filed out after her. He wished, again, more than ever, that the Arbites who restrained him after murdering that fat carbuncle, had shot him where he stood...
  5. The arrival of the transport aboard my ship left me uneasy, my discomfort well known amongst my crew. An hour earlier another had arrived. I hadn't greeted the occupants of the latter, as they had not graced me with their presence. They were waiting for this ship, late by a standard hour. No doubt a deliberate way of annoying me. But then the owners of the ships were both able to get under my skin as much I could get under theirs... The engines finally shut down. It was an ugly craft, designed to do ugly things. It was squat, box like and painted a dull colour. The sight of the crest on the side made me remember who they were, and who I am. We are Inquisitors, each representing the three major Ordos. Tensions were always high when more than two met, even if they're from the same Ordo. The fact that we three hate each other deeply and have each threatened to kill the other just made it worse. But the situation is desperate. Forces are gathering that we three can not stand against alone. We must put out differences aside. For now. The first crafts belly yawned open, and a woman stepped from the darkness. Her armour was similar to mine. Old, personally tailored to her body. Her face had a few newer scars upon it, but she still had that look of smug arrogance I've come to detest. Behind her stood a group of former Guardsmen who threw their fates in with hers. Their regiment doesn't exist any more, spent in a war that was barely important. Having met those individuals, I reckoned the Holy Imperium could stand to lose a few scum like them. The occupant of the other craft was revealed, her single remaining flesh eye looked at us both with scorn and undisguised contempt. Her minions looked no better. Unkempt, with a Laiss
  6. I entered my Lady's chambers at her command. The room I was required to wait in was empty. Unusual. My Lady normally had her consorts around her at all times, usually to watch them torture a Mon'Keigh. I had no idea how long I was to wait, so I stood. It would not do to anger her. Her mood has become darker and darker of late, especially after hearing news of Ynnead's emergence. It was dividing the Dark Kin more than ever, many taking sides hoping for an advantage. The Biel Tan Craftworld in ruins a Mon'Keigh King has re-awoken and worse still, rumours afoot of my Lady's arch rival wishing to destroy Commoragh. My lady wishes to stop him. I have no idea how. A curtain to her private chamber is flung back, and an underling leaves, his face ashen. I am glad I am not in his place. "Ml'Hur." The tone in her voice was not encouraging. Whilst slow to anger, recent events has changed this. I must tread carefully... "My Lady Malys." I bow deeply in genuine respect. My loyalty is hard earned, and she has done so a thousand fold already. She beckons me to her chamber. I pause, unsure of what to do. My instinct is to accept my fate. She had already summoned four of her advisors already. They haven't been seen since. She knows of my discomfort, and makes no secret of her pleasure. I approach the threshold and enter. I am surprised to see a very conservative decor. Many Kin I have served in the past lived in opulence, even for our kind. This room was...unnerving. "Do you know why I have summoned you?" I did not and responded as such. "I know you have heard things. Things that even I know nothing of. Let us discuss current affairs. I do not wish to be kept in the dark on the mood of Commoragh." She beckons me to sit next to her. Her beauty is intoxicating, balanced by an extremely shrewd mind and a ruthlessness I have rarely seen. "Tell me. Tell me what you know of Yvraine..." ++++++++ Hello and welcome to my WIP for my eventual Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue! I've never played Dark Eldar before. When I first played 40k in the late '80's/early '90's and before my previous retirement from the game (end of second edition to very late fifth), they didn't exist (as didn't Tau, Necrons and Sisters as we now know them), so I've only recently thought of making a small army. I was drawn to Lady Malys, mainly because of her fluff, but also it served as a chance to kitbash my own model, seeing as she doesn't have one. So, to begin with here are a few WIP pictures of her and Ml'Hur. I have a squad of Wyches, a Succubus, Leilith Hesperax and a Raider as well, but they'll be added to this topic soon. As Lady Malys has a bladed fan, I was struggling to work out how to make one for her. As I'll be using the generic Archon rules, it wouldn't have any effect in the game, but she it's an iconic part of her, so I knew I wanted to make one. In the end, I cut three Witch Aelf blades from their hands, glued them together and whilst it isn't perfect, it certainly passes muster for now. I added a DE weapon to her hip to finish her off. The Marine shoulder guard at her base will have the badge of a known Chapter soon. Just need to work out which Here is a picture of what she looks like with some paint along with Ml'Hur: Forgive the poor pictures, as my proper cameras can't be used as I lost the memory cards and they aren't easy to get replacements for these days! I will make sure to take better ones soon though. Thanks for looking!
  7. Hello! I've decided to add to my ever growing list of armies to start! I had originally wanted to do a Flesh Tearers army sometime ago, but I was waylaid by various other projects and real life. I was sorting out my bedroom earlier and rediscovered my Shield of Baal box set I'd bought. When I got it, I also bought the new Sanguinary Priest, a box of Blood Angel tactical Marines (half of whom are partly painted as a Blue armoured Successor, the Sons of Cruor ). I also got a never painted, metal Gabriel Seth model. I got a Deredeo Dreadnought that was for a XIII Legion project that I lost interest in, as well as a metal (never painted) Techmarine with harness. I have a few other bits and bobs too that I might be able to add into this. This blog will also resurrect my Flesh Tearers Space hulk models project too. I don't have any progress yet, short of finding the box: . I'll be reading Index: Imperium 1 to see what options I should give the Tactical squad etc and take it from there. I wouldn't normally start a topic without at least something to show, but I could do with some advice. I've spent the last few days looking high and low for a recipe for the shade of Flesh Tearer I want. The trouble is, whilst there are a lot of links via google which can be previewed, clicking the link results in telling me the picture was hosted by Photobucket and thereby unusable I'm sure that Morticon had exactly the right shade I wanted, a dark red, some might call it a claret. Any advice on achieving such a shade would be most welcome. I just need to order copious amounts of shoulder pads to make this a lot easier! Thanks for looking and for any advice you can give
  8. Well, its been a while...:lol: I've had a rather long sabbatical from the hobby, insofar as actually building stuff. I've accumulated a few of the new Sisters models (including three plastic Celestines and the twins :lol: ), but ultimately haven't done anything substantial. Recently, I've had a few ideas regarding how I want the second version of my army will look. They'll still be white, but I'll be going for a purer white over the dirty white of the metal army. I'm currently working out what models I want to field (basically all of them, but I'm unemployed right now, so it'll be a while :lol: ). So, what have I been up to? Well, besides getting some Seraphim from the box set, the Sister superior model (which I have a specific purpose for, but I don't have the parts ready...yet), Canoness Veridyan (times two) and a Razorback I forgot about. Yes forgot about. It was going to go to my Rainbow Warriors army, but since heading to the Sisterhood, it was left to gather dust... When I found it, I mulled on what to do with it. I have two Mark II Immolators (which will still be put in service with the new army) and a number of regular Rhinos. But I don't have a Repressor. Looking on eBay, I found an Immolator top plate sprue (cost waaaaay more than I wanted, but still) and set out to make a custom one. I've seen a number of other Frater make them here over the year's, and each are awesome, but I wanted my own, unique one. That got me thinking. Today, I had a major brainwave, and after tearing half of my flat/apartment apart to find the sprue clipper and craft knife, I got on with it. Below is the result. This is the basic idea. I used two different Rhino turrets and glued them together. The turret top: The bottom: The bottom one has the two part hatches added to fill the gap and to have a "maintainance hatch" the turret will be attached to the front panel, by cutting a section away as shown below: From the front: From the back: The cut wasn't perfect, but the gap will be filled up using plastic from blister packs I have lying around. The remaining view point will have the plate that goes over the top, but I wanted the join between the turret to properly harden before doing it. The Flamer. One thing about the Flamer on the official Repressor is supposed to be a heavy Flamer. It isn't that much different from the one that a Guardsmen could carry, much less one that needs to mounted to a vehicle. So, I bulked it up. It's made from the Razorback turret mount and the Immolator Flamers. So, that's that sorted. The turret won't be glued down to the Immolator turret. The fit is tight enough, and it'll allow it to take less room when being transported. Oh, yes. I said I wanted this to be a custom one, right? Well... I used to love electronic projects back in the day, and whilst this will be very basic, it'll be what I hope will be the start of something more. Thanks for reading!
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