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  1. Courtesy of heresyhammershow on Insta, who apparently got it from The Merchant Princelings. Bit of a major oopsie on someones part. Guess we'll see an article in a day or two?
  2. 1818 downloads

    By commission of Vel'cona. Fifth in a series of Adeptus Mechanicus Forgeworld logos. Each PDF has a color logo (Red, Black, Bone White) with layered color backgrounds (Note: if more than one color background is active at a time, only the top most background layer will be visible).
  3. 1695 downloads

    By commission of Vel'cona. Third in a series of Adeptus Mechanicus Forgeworld logos. Each PDF has a color logo (Red, Black, Bone White) with layered color backgrounds (Note: if more than one color background is active at a time, only the top most background layer will be visible).
  4. I'm actually a bit surprised that a thread like this hasn't popped up already (unless I'm missing something). Anyway, what all do you guys think of the Solar Auxilia? After humming and hawing over Word Bearers and Mechanicum for the better part of a year, I've personally been sucked in by their awesome models. :p That said, looking over their army list in Conquest, it seems like the army will play very differently depending on whether or not you base your army around Lasrifle Sections or Veletaris. It looks to me like the two obvious builds would involve either a gunline using the superior range of your Lasrifle Sections backed up by all sorts of big guns, or a very aggressive mechanized army with Veletaris and Flamer Sections. I was actually hoping to fit some of all of the different types of infantry into my initial build, but they seem a bit mismatched given how grossly different their basic weapon ranges are. Otherwise, the army looks pretty solid - at least on paper. I'm curious to see what the Bolter and Chainsword community has to say. :)
  5. The Salient Cluster ++++++++ Welcome to the Salient Cluster. For thousands of years, since the dawn of the Imperium, the Salient Cluster has stood resolute against the terrors of the galaxy, its billions of citizens across dozens of worlds paying fealty to the God-Emperor of Mankind through blood, sweat, and tears; always ready to sacrifice for Him-on-Earth. To the naked eye, it is a place of stability, its worlds prosperous and lively, its populace humble and stoic, despite their aloof and isolated nature. To many, this is a pocket of peace in a war-ravaged galaxy, a dull gem in a sea of mud. This “peace” is not one born of idle chance or a lack of strength, for its battle-tested Guard regiments are some of the finest in the sector, always on alert for the signs of the heretic, the alien, or worse. But behind them stands the true face of the Cluster’s power, the Omydan Mechanicum, a potent force in its own right, who themselves enjoy compacts and writs from bygone eras that ensure their supremacy is never in question. Beside them, the greatest Engines of the Imperium walk to war, with Omyda itself maintaining the patronage and fealty of not only the Questoris Knight House Ataman, but even a small detachment of Legio Crucius God-Engines, their mighty tread felt only in the times of greatest need, or celebration. But for every soldier, every Skitarius, there are those who operate in the shadows, dozens of Inquisitorial Cells and Storm-trooper units prosecuting unseen wars on the Emperor’s behalf in the bowels of the Cluster’s hive-cities, their own ranks both bolstered and threatened at times by the power of various other enigmatic armies, whose allegiances lies either with their house, clan, or more commonly, the highest bidder. Above them all stands the Astral Guard Astartes Chapter, paragons of battle, their lineage and duty as wardens to the Salient Cluster dating back thousands of years, their histories replete with great and terrible wars across the galaxy, each victory claimed marking another ancient oath fulfilled. Together, these mighty forces stand as the Cluster’s shield, repelling any foe brazen enough to try their luck. Understandably, as guarded as the Cluster is by such honorable soldiers, the attitude of its citizens is one of prideful security, believing themselves safe behind such legions, their only worry; the two routes into the Cluster. Imperial Proclamations spread across void do nothing to cast doubt on that belief, praising the Cluster and its accomplishments across the breadth of the Imperium. But not all is as it seems… Indeed, those who recognize the propaganda for what it is are cursed, forced to see the truths they have uncovered, the myriad of threats that face the Cluster on a usual basis repulsed only through the expenditure of thousands of lives, each one paying the blood-price for the safety of those who will never know their struggle. They know of the dark omens and portents that shroud the Cluster, violence reaching levels unseen since the Emperor’s Great Crusade and the slaughter of the Heresy. They can see the unseen talons of anarchy closing in, each beginning to squeeze the Cluster like a vice. These enlightened few know of the Cluster's civil war, its outbreak brutally suppressed by pogroms initiated by the Inquisition. Once thought unimaginable, a full third of the Astral Guard Chapter turned on the Emperor’s Light in pursuit of some unknown aim. Beside them marched a sizable force of Omydan Janissaries and Guard forces, all at the behest of a mad prophet, his lunatic ravings casting a dark pall over the Cluster’s elite. They see the rise in cult activity on Hakann, which plunged the world into chaos, while reports began to emerge of a new Orkoid threat growing along the Cluster’s western edge, a region previously thought to have no connection to the rest of the galaxy outside the hyper-fortified Beshkorian Path. Meanwhile, on Turiz, a new menace emerged to threaten the Cluster’s worlds, while an ominous silence from Tuumonsha clouded Imperial efforts there, the extensive network of agents and monitoring stations mysteriously unresponsive to Imperial hails. This was the state of the Cluster in 999.M41, its warriors already hard-pressed to contain their foes, embattled in dozens of silent wars against foes most people knew nothing about. Then, the Cicatrix Maledictum opened. Like a raw and bloody wound, it tore across part of the cluster, its backlash sending thousands across the sector into fits of madness. From this wound in reality spilled the forces of the Iron Warriors Legion, seeking to settle a grudge that has festered in their black hearts for ten millennia. For sixty years, the Cluster fought a brutal war on all fronts, their soldiers dying in droves for a sheer seconds of strategic control. Entire battlegroups were sacrificed to the meatgrinder of war, and only the vast numerical strength of the Omydan Janissariate proved capable of keeping the horrors beyond at bay, millions of Skitarii dying just to hold back the wave of insanity that now crashed at their borders. For their part, the surviving Astral Guard fought bravely, coming out of their self-imposed exile to stem the tide that threatened their legacy, selling their lives dearly in one last bid to keep the oaths forged in the days of the Primarchs. Alas, the toll on their already battered numbers was too high, and now, whatever remains of the Astral Guard limps across the stars of the Cluster, bound eternally to their once proud fleet. However, hope remains, as a small force of Space Marines from the Raptors Chapter, arrived through pure chance, joined the war in time to battle viciously against their traitorous kin, holding the Vylian Rift against all odds while Imperial Generals fortified the world of Samarghast. Behind them came a sizable force of Greyshield Primaris, who fought hard to repel the Cluster’s invaders, only departing when the main Iron Warriors’ attack had been blunted and the Rift fortified against further encroachment. Their departure was marked by one final gift to the Cluster- a new Chapter, known as the Void Shrikes, formed to shield its vulnerable worlds. They wasted no time in throwing themselves into conflicts across the Cluster. Sons of the Khan, they proved adept at rooting out the Cults that had taken hold across the Cluster, and purged a number of enemy strongholds before returning to their vigil over the pathways into the Cluster, taking up the mantle of Wardens to the Cluster, so recently vacated by the remnants of the Astral Guard. 20 years of relative peace have passed since then. The Void Shrikes remain watchful, and their gene-cousins in the Raptors Garrison remaining to train alongside their brethren, their own numbers bolstered by Primaris reinforcements. Even the Astral Guard have made their presence felt in minor skirmishes across the realm, coming out of seclusion for the first time in decades. For their part, the battered Mechanicum has come back to fighting strength quickly, and across the Cluster new Guard regiments are being raised, nominally in honor of Lord Guilliman’s successful completion of the Indomitus Crusade. Only the highest generals and tacticians know the true reason behind this muster, and hushed conversations abound of the storm about to break upon the Cluster's shores. As it stands, the Salient Cluster sits in the eye, primed for war on a colossal scale. Armies and fleets moving in strengths unseen since the days of the Heresy are readying themselves to make the Cluster a battleground of epic proportions. The countdown has begun, and it will not be long before blood is shed… ++++++++ Welcome, everyone, to something I've debated starting before, but never got around to until now! Some of you may know me from my 30k logs- my tales of The Wayward Sons of the 52nd Grand Battalion, and the 209th Company of the Thousand Sons, outcast children of Magnus. Both are still active (despite a lack of new content... ) and will continue to be updated, serving as the home for those armies. But, as I am a strict devotee to the Great Hobby Butterfly and constantly changing armies, I figured one primary log would do better service to both my armies and my sanity, than a dozen new ones that would pop in and out of use. Therefore, I present the Salient Cluster, a small group of worlds that I have claimed as my own, where my resin-and-plastic-and-very-occasionally-metal hordes can duke it out. Here, both my future 30k and 40k armies will reside, in both a fluff and WIP state, accompanied by small one-off projects, concepts, ETL pledges (Go AOD!) and whatever other shenanigans my warp-tainted mind can come up with. If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask, and I look forward to any C&C you may have.
  6. Hi there, Been collecting Custodes for a while (yes I know) and was looking to start something new but quickly remembered how much I dislike painting power armour. So i decided to have a look at a mechanicum force and was trying to find a decent starting point. This is what I've come up with and was hoping for some feedback for this list as a standalone but also as a building point to expand from. HQ Magos Dominus [90pts]Selections: Cyber-familiar, Laspistol, Power axe Magos Dominus [90pts] Selections: Cyber-familiar, Laspistol, Power axe Troops Adsecularis Covenant [100pts] Selections: Carapace Armour, Las-lock, 20x Tech-thrall, The Rite of Pure Thought Adsecularis Covenant [100pts] Selections: Carapace Armour, Las-lock, 20x Tech-thrall, The Rite of Pure Thought Castellax Class Battle-Automata Maniple [280pts] Selections: Enhanced Targeting Arrays Castellax class Battle-automata Selections: 2x Bolter, Darkfire Cannon, Shock Chargers Castellax class Battle-automata Selections: 2x Bolter, Darkfire Cannon, Shock Chargers Castellax Class Battle-Automata Maniple [280pts] Selections: Enhanced Targeting Arrays Castellax class Battle-automata Selections: 2x Bolter, Darkfire Cannon, Shock Chargers Castellax class Battle-automata Selections: 2x Bolter, Darkfire Cannon, Shock Chargers Heavy Support Thanatar Class Siege-automata Maniple [265pts] Selections: Enhanced Targeting Array, Thanatar Class Siege-automata Thanatar Class Siege-automata Maniple [265pts] Selections: Enhanced Targeting Array, Thanatar Class Siege-automata Allegiance Selections: LoyalistLegio Selections: Legio Cybernetica
  7. I'm proud to present my (mildly) bee-themed collection of painted Mechanicus and Mechanicum models, along with two Imperial Knight Households, House Nestis and House Temporis. If after looking at my models, you're interested in knowing more about their background, you can find it via the following links: Forgeworld Bezoa House Temporis House Nestis Legio Kerberos Gnosis Prime (for more information on the homeworld of both House Nestis and the Legio Kerberos, Forgeworld Janus) Let's start with the Skitarii
  8. House Lepalia The Effulgent Upon Dust of Iron The Tip of the Spear The Windswept The Monumental The Fangs of the Bat The Coils of the Hydra The Desire & the Darkness The Ashes of Civilization Pic capture of Unknown, Unidentified, probable Sergeant of "the Effulgent" Space Marine Chapter. Modified Mark X Power Armor, additional components in knees, added ports and modified shoulder protection, fortified helmet. Note heraldic seahorse symbol, not related to other chapter symbols or designations. Some of you might know me or know off me from Heresy-online or Warseer, where I frequented as Xenobiotic or Leoparden. It was back in 2010 when I first decided to get my work up on the internet to allow others to criticize and give me pointers and tips. At the time I had dabbled with the hobby on and off again for a couple of years, painting miniatures I liked and trying my hand at building a small playable Space Marine force in a black and white color scheme (two colors I've since had more luck with but did not have at the time). Admittedly these endeavors where poorly executed and never finished. Not finishing projects is the only constant in my life so far. The plan when I started the project log back in 2010 was to paint a Blood Angels Successors army to a gaming standard rather quickly in order to get more games under my belt to get more enjoyment out of the hobby. In order to limit the time spent on the miniature to enable quicker progress I decided to keep the amount of colors as low as possible (mostly red, white, silver and green) and try my hand at assembly line painting. As it would turn out I'm not one for quick work but rather a sucker for quality and skill improvement – as well as rather easily influenced by suggestions from other people. With the aid of many helpful fellow hobbyists on the forums my insight into the hobby process quickly grew as did my creative goals. I kept being inspired by many of the project logs out there (and on here), gasping in awe at their creations and the ease with which they appeared to create these masterpieces. From a background in art (due to my mother working in the field) I was given the zest to try more advanced techniques and to bridge different approaches from my creativity into the hobby. Freehand quickly became a major factor in the Successor army and suddenly the time spent on each piece had snowballed from a handful of hours to a bundle, even reaching such heights that it almost killed my enjoyment of the hobby for a while. In the end the positive and insightful feedback on the forums kept me going and pushed me along. The interaction with other hobbyists proved to be addictive and kept my interest in the hobby without having to focus on playing the actual game which gave me time to spend creating the actual gaming pieces instead. Truth be told I must admit that I'm a horrible strategist and my luck with dices fluctuates horribly (as I would assume it would with most people but some of my gaming buddies appear to set statistics askew in a positive and a negative remark). The last few years I’ve been lost in my hobby progress and aimlessly wandering around different projects while Games Workshop has thrown wrenches in the few plans that I could establish (such as my 30k Alpha Legion project that was more or less brutally cut down by the reveal and release both of Primaris and the fact that the Horus Heresy rule-set would stay in 7th edition). While these releases have slowed me down they have also given ample opportunity for new ideas and realizations of ideas from the past. I lost a lot of mojo trying to piece together where I wanted to take my miniatures, what influences to use and how to use them, as well as what standard I aim for in my finished pieces. I don’t want to end up with a lot of small fragments of finished miniatures that can’t be used for anything collectively (I do want to play some 8th edition 40k with an actual army in the future) and since I’m an incredibly slow painter (builder/converter/hobbyist) I need longevity on my side in the projects that I choose in order to achieve anything. My one true motivator for the last few years was the fact that I used to meet up once a week with a friend and do about 4-6 hours of hobby each session, it got things done even if slowly and we kept each other going. He has since moved away, and we cannot meet with that regularity. Work has since also ramped up and I lost a lot of hobby time. Things are slowing down somewhat in the life department and now I want to find my way back into the hobby. Instagram has given me a lot of perspective on my creativity when it comes to 40k. The Ironsleet community for one but all the talented converters/sculptors/painters have shown me that hobby butterflying can be a good thing and that you can aim the vector of your butterfly towards something bigger so that many different pieces can interact within a whole. And so, as faith would have it, I stumbled across an idea for something to tie my many hobby desires and ideas towards a similar goal / setting. It’s still being roughed out in my head, but I know the pieces that it will contain. It all started when I was considering what I wanted to do for a conversion based on the Aleguzzler Gargants (the Age of Sigmar giants) I ordered a while back and somehow pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place after that. It’s a story-line that I’ve had stuck in my head for a long time and it was suddenly given room within the miniature hobby instead of the looser fragments in my head from previously. If this will blossom into the vision in my head or morphs into something completely different as time passes only time will tell but I feel invigorated for the first time in a long time. Therefore, for 2018, I present the beginning of the story of Lepalia. A Segmentum of Space, a sisterhood of solar systems, a conglomerate of planets, a Queen-ruler, a concept, an idea fighting for survival in a universe in turmoil, where desires and thoughts can be as poisonous as an assassins blade or even as dangerous as an invasion by an overwhelming opponent. What will this “project log” contain? - House Lepalia – The Royal family of Lepalia, her guardians and their Knight Household. 30k / 40k based army composition with some fluff miniatures added. - The Effulgent - A Primaris Space Marine Chapter. 40k based army composition. Only Primaris units and conversions (no old-marines). - The Iron Dust - 'Battlegroup: Omega' (Ω) of the Cult Mechanicus. A 30k / 40k Mechanicum Cross-over Forgeworld with mixed army composition. Conversion heavy. - The Tip of the Spear – 144rd (CXLIV) Rapid Insertion Cohort of the Solar Auxilia, 30k based army composition. Straight forward miniatures. - The Windswept – Human operatives / Militia / Necromunda gangs(?). Mixed army composition. Conversion heavy. - The Monumental - Abhuman Avatars of War. Fluff based army composition. Conversions exclusively. - The Desire & the Darkness – Daemons and Monsters and the devotees of she whom thirsts. 30k / 40k army composition. - The Fangs of the Bat – ‘The Crimsoned Wings’, Night Lords 55th (LV) Company of the Legiones Astartes. Night Lord Terror cells and harassment units. 30k based army composition. Old-school marines, primarily mk III and mk IV. - The Coils of the Hydra – 'Circle II', ‘Battlegroup: Pi’ (Π), Alpha Legion 102th (CII) Company of the Legiones Astartes Alpha Legion Company. 30k / 40k based army composition. Old-school marines, primarily mk VI. - The Ashes of Civilization – Scenery & Gaming Board, Battlefield Terrain, Zone Mortalis & Necromunda Terrain. How these separate projects will unfold, if I will add to the list or remove something, and what inspirations will fuel each part is yet to be fully determined and I will surely need your ideas and guidance in some parts (paint schemes – Halp!). I hope this will be an inventive project log that keeps evolving as time passes and hope you will join me on this journey and hopefully it will last a long time. Be prepared that most posts in this thread will be WIP pictures of a myriad of different things, do not expect to see finished miniatures with any regularity, you have been warned. Future post will probably include a lot of rambling and ideas thrown out along with pictures, in an attempt to document my process both for my own sake (helps when you work intermittently with things) and for you, the viewer, to be able to comment with ideas and suggestions. The Defenders of Lepalia will stand clad in ever light against the desires of the humans and their seed in that which is inhumanity. To start things off I leave you with more pictures of the first finished miniature for the Effulgent Primaris marines.
  9. Hello everyone! After my small allied mechanicum detachment is in the process of becoming a full army, I decided to start a new blog for them. I will try to post something as often as possible, but seeing as I plan on converting every model at least a little bit, progress might be slower than I'm used to. Also a giant thanks to Vykes for a lot of help with the fluff! The world of Kymerus II was first colonized at a now unknown period dating back before the Age of Strife. When contact was lost, a small mechanicum explorator vessel from the Belt of Iron attempted to reinitiate contact with the forgeworld. Instead of a thriving mechanicum center, they found only the half submerged ruins of a once flourishing forgeworld. The limit of human habitation had been reduced to only a few populated islands, whose human descendants had regressed into a pre-industrial level of technology and governance. After the Conclave of the Iron Belt, mechanicum representatives from Stiranex and Obellion III concluded that resettlement was the best viable option. Those forgeworlds would direct efforts into the resettlement of Khymerus II, sending small teams ahead of the vast convoys of gallions filled with tectonic stabilizers and prefabricated geothermal conductors. Mechanicum exploratory teams found the toppled spires of the ancient forges in ruins. The derelict structures judged beyond salvage, were stripped of essential parts, and a new place of settlement planned to become the heart of mechanicum operations. The new force would be established around the marine vents along an undersea volcano which would supply ample power to the fledgling forge. Mount Kiluea, became the first mechanicum facility to be built on Kymerus II since the age of strife. But with tumultuous warpstorms plaguing the region, the convoys never arrived. Further expeditions were dismissed, and Kymerus II would remain isolated for a century. But progress had not stopped on Kymerus II, and after nearly a century the station had grown considerably in size. Mount Kiluea’s forge had spread, hollowing out the undersea mountain and stretching towards the surface in massive spires. It was in this time that the first rumors began to spread of a prophet, one claiming to hear the voice of the Omnissiah emanating from a breach in realspace. This anomaly would be known in later eras, as Lacrimosus Spirae. The realspace breach was largely ignored by the forge leaders until it began to expand and fluctuate. Discontentment ran rife through the upper eshelons of the forge, coming to a head after an attempted assassination plot, against the so called prophet Iwaes, was foiled. Dissidents took to calling themselves the Vox Eius. They took to the gathering places, and open rebellion seized Mount Kiluea. Leadership in the forges enacted purification and subjugation protocols, quelling uprisings with merciless force. In the wake of several high profile repressive pogroms against cult sympathizers, the leadership led an exodus to the surface and took shelter in the desiccated ruins of the abandoned forges, once deemed beyond repair by the explorators. While thought to be beyond resettlement, armed expeditions by the mechanicum overseers came to a halt in the crumbling labyrinthine ruins. Soon, strange reports of unnatural warp creatures inhabiting the bowels of the labyrinths emerged. In order to protect the rest of the planet, melta charges were used to destroy every known entrance to those ruins, in the vain hope of trapping its inhabitants forever. To make matters worse, once steadfast and loyal members of House Kymerus began to record and detail similar audio-visual signals, thought to be from the Omnissiah. The Screaming Vortex continued to violently expand, though few attributed the resurgent voices with the aetheric disturbance. Others, troubled by these reports, began work on a series of overlapping surface-based geller field generators to protect themselves from the predations of the warp. City defenses became even stricter until all external access was halted on pain of death. Forge Kiluea was sealed under order of Fabricator-General Iosoqth Eibira. The most important members of the magi would be placed into stasis to re-emerge when aetheric scryers detected the passing of the warp tumult. The warpstorms which had engulfed Kymerus II shrank once more, releasing the planet from its grip in 842 M30, 44 years after the great crusade had taken to the stars. Deep in the hibernating halls of the slumbering forges, old sensors detected the threshold safeties had been reached. Re-emergence subroutines toggled a systemic all clear, and the lockdown was ended. As the first mechanicum adepts emerged, they discovered that their forges had once more fallen into disrepair and were nothing but empty halls bereft of their former glory. Many areas were flooded and barbarians, creatures, and worse roamed many sections of what were once promising hab zones. The mechanicum exerted what force they could and an effort was made to salvage any materials from the surface in order to reap new organic components for their cybernetic levies and raw materials to rebuild and rearm. House Kymerus would rebuild, though the time needed to reach the previous thresholds would be significant. They were not given the luxury of time. Roaming Ork warbands flooded in-system now that the warp storms had subsided, launching raids on the salvage teams from House Kiluea. What forces could be assembled from Kymerus's Legio Tagmata would test themselves against the Ork. They proudly strode into battle against the greenskins, but losses were severe and defeat seemed inevitable. Even as recall and last-stand protocols were drawn up, distress signals were sent from aged receivers with little hope of rescue. But rescue did arrive in a form none of the mechanicum could have foreseen. Silver fleets of unknown vessels arrived in-system, announcing themselves as warriors from the XIV legiones astartes, the Dusk Raiders. The skies of Kymerus II seemed to burn as their 22nd Company made planet fall and fell into the unprotected rear of the ork-army. Indebted to the warriors who had answered the call, and renewing bonds of unity long since thought extinguished, the Fabricator-General pledged the legio's service to the cause of the XVIth legion. A vow that would change them fundamentally by the end of the Great Crusade in the days when the Dusk Raiders would transform themselves on Barbarus to emerge as Mortarion's Death Guard.
  10. I wanted to make a new thread for this stuff, because it's moving away from the design approach my other illustrations take, and it's more about character pieces. Anyhow, this thread is basically for a series of portraits I want to do to flesh out the hierarchy of my (planned) 30k force, as well as a number of other illustrations for characters which may well have nothing to do with my HH army. The style is purposely similar to that of the illustrations featured in Forge World's Heresy books, which is coincidentally really similar to the style I use for sketching anyway, which works nicely. So without further ado, we have: Princeps Maxima Alestia Reuvann, Officer of the Legio Astraman, Commander of the Ebon Vigil, Warden of the Dawngate Here's a sepia version: I'm pretty happy with her considering the time investment - ideally I would have made her skin a little bit darker, but it would have sucked up considerably more time. I'll probably post up some background for her in a bit, but suffice to say, she's the Princeps of a Warlord Titan in command of a sub-Legio of the Legio Astraman. For some idea of who else is on the table, the organisational chart I made here gives a rough idea of who the major players are: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/316214-clan-brannsar-of-the-xth-legion/ That said, I will be doing a number of unrelated portraits occasionally - the first I'm considering is the commander of Fulgrim's Phoenix Guard Anyway, thanks for looking, all comments & criticism welcome
  11. General thread for my 30K Legio XVI The Luna Wolves Legio Mortis Mechanicum Taghmata Imperial Militia (Vostroyans rebranded) Solar Auxilia Knight House - Sexta Equites White power armour doesn't photograph well under artificial light I rebase all my marines to 25mm. Heads are a mixture of different legion upgrade packs and regular mk armour pattern helmets. Going to have to try to finish the bases of everything eventually too. I prefer Mk II armour with different helmets (White Scars upgrade pack in particular looks great) over the other armour Mks. Mk IV is second favourite. MK V from FW feels a bit ruined from the short squatting pose of one of the sculpts.
  12. INTRO: Yup, it's me, starting yet another WIP thread for a new project that I'll never finish - except, this one isn't for it's own project, it's to collate all the other ones. Now that the forum is open to Xenos content, I'm starting a new thread here to collect all my designs from 30k and 40k in one place, and although I don't yet have any xenos concepts to show, they're certainly on their way. Basically, while my blog is a place where I can have a separate archive to refer back to, all that content will also be posted here, in addition to works in progress, teasers and discussion of rules tweaks. INDEX: This is for fully finished stuff only - concepts with rules WHAT'S NEXT? For those of you who've followed my 30k designs, you'll know I've got a considerable back-log of concepts under my belt - part of this will be reviewing those (some will inevitably be consigned to the trash pile) and bringing them up to scratch, so they should appear in their final form at some point or another - you might have noticed I tend to do these in themed batches of three, so some are merely waiting for appropriate counterparts. In terms of new stuff, I foolishly started a thread for designing new Imperial Guard Regiments from planets we're familiar with, so that'll be rolled into this one. I've also got a whole host of other stuff in the pipeline, so I'll give you a glimpse: Harlequins Units - "Stilt Dancers, Furies and Shadowalkers" A whole host of new Legion vehicles, including an entirely original tank chassis Mechanicum Explorator units - Agrimensor Cadres, Hormeas Grav-Attack, Silphar Ornithopter Ordo Reductor units Imperial Army / Guard Tanks An entirely new faction - Questoris Yeomanry - the retainer infantry troops of Knight Households 30k & 40k And a whole bunch of stuff loitering on the edges of my feverish imagination I hope you'll follow me along for the ride, and as always - thanks for looking
  13. Evening all, It has been generations I would assume since I have been to this site with college and life taking my time I have had very little time to do anything with models...well that time is over and now I am turning my gaze upon the new prospects of conversion mining! My current project is to reposing and overhauling (somewhat) of the 40k Guilliman model, I wasn't exactly happy with many of its elements and think that it could have used a personal touch. So here I am! The updates may be few and far inbetween as I go back to doing college work and then focusing on the conversion, down the line I will be making a Custodes Strike Force with a Solar Auxilia force that has an attachment of Sisters and finally a primary detachment of Dark Angels when Book 8: Angelus is released. So to show a little off here is the base for the Guilliman conversion, will hopefully have some WIP's of the actual model within a week or two and inbetween that time I will have some Custodes. Enjoy for the time being!
  14. This is the place to discuss matters and post things pertaining to the Mechanicum and Dark Mechanicum as a whole, as well as a place to present Mechanicum units not intended to be limited to a single faction (i.e. Cognis, Abyssii) but rather for use by the Mechanicum as a whole, or specifically by loyalists or traitors
  15. Hello guys, With my Angron modell finished and a bunch of new stuff from forgeworld on the way, I thought I would start this blog in order to keep me motivated and to get a bit of c&c from you to see what I could do better. So for a starter here is my Angron. I might not be able to present something new every week but I will try to give an update as often as possible.
  16. Hey everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone could paint a concise picture of the mechanics of Knight Households/Families. I don't have all the fluff and a busy school/work schedule doesn't leave me the time for the research I'd like to do on the subject. Most importantly it'd be nice to no what the fluff "Faux Pas" are as I intend on crafting an allied Knight household for my 30k Blood Angels. So far all I really know about the workings of Knight families is the incestuous Game-of-Thrones-Style intrigue and murder of house Devine in "Vengeful Spirit". Are all Knight households that back-stabby and politically motivated?
  17. This project log and choice of army represents a relatively substantial change from my normal endeavours, as I am typically painting Death Guard both pre- and post-Heresy in large quantities. To transition therefore to a loyalist force therefore represents a rather different challenge, driven in part of my love for Skitarii, but also for the potential gaming possibilities that I thought would be incredibly fun to explore. I had been made aware of the possibilities of allying with Flesh Tearers previously, and it was only recently I decided that it would be great fun to try this out, as it would be something incredibly different from my usual ‘slog-it-and-see’ Death Guard approach. The opportunity to then expand a Skitarii army beyond that prospective list was assisted in part by the ‘Start Collecting’ boxes, and some opportune purchases of Kastelan Robots and Sicarans. I was therefore set: I had a goal of a list that I wanted to play with and develop, a great opportunity to pick up the resources I needed, and the thought of having a rather different, visually striking army to boot. This log will hopefully chronicle the progress of this army as I build and wage a very different type of battle in the 41st Millennium that I’ve ever done before! It’s refreshing to do something where nearly everything is unbuilt and hasn’t been previously painted, so will hopefully offer some good modelling opportunities as I start from the sprue. I’m tentatively thinking that things may be somewhat dual-purpose, depending on how ‘dark’ I make them, as not everything’s allegiance is binary… I've worked towards a core of six Vanguard units - one of which will have three Plasma Calivers, and the rest will have three Arc Rifles. Here they are fully built: In order to get a correct number of Arc Rifles, I bought extra from the Kataphron sprue - and with a cut Radium Carbine, and a small piece of plasticard, we were in business! This log will continue to chronicle my progress with this army, and the list going forward!
  18. There's only a little bit of discussion about the Mechanicum on the forum, so thought we should start a dedicated Tactica thread! With the Red Book starting to make it's way into our hands now, it is the perfect time to discuss what they can do, both on their own and as Allies. Major changes are listed here: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2015/09/mechanicum-taghmata-codex-changes.html As expected, the Castellax increased in price - they were a bit too cheap before, but they're still worth it. Ordinator getting Armourbane is nice! They've allowed the Magos Dominus to join Monstrous Creature units, with some caveats. Mechanicum Land Raiders have changed massively - I expect a model to be released for the "Macroarid Explorator", and pity anyone who has to change their weapon-loadouts now. Edit: this is all conjecture until we have the book in hand, but it seems legit.
  19. So I've been intending to start a WIP thread for a while to help keep me motivated and I finally got around to doing it. After finally settling on a Mechanicum force for my first AoD army I actually started painting some models for the ETL. I picked up the Taghmata Army List in September and decided to focus on the Ordo Reductor because they are awesome. As the title suggests, the backstory I've been developing in my head has them as survivors of of either Istvaan III or Istvaan V. I'm leaning more towards Istvaan V as Caleb Decima is kind of the iconic Istvaan III Ordo Reductor survivor. Haven't really delved into how they survived too much and that's kind of where I'm at on that. Ultimately, I'd like to run some legion allies with them but I am torn between shattered Iron Hands and Black Shields. Iron hands are easy to work into the Istvaan survival but I'm leaning very heavily towards Black shields. Not sure if it will even be possible to take Black Shield allies but I guess we'll find out once book 6 comes out. Which is probably when I'll make my decision since it will have rules for both. Anyway, enough rambling… Here's some pics of what I've got so far. Thanatar - Calix http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3042.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3044.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3043.jpg Castellax http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3046.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3048.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3049.jpg Magos http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3054.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3053.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3057.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3058.jpg My most recent work is on this Krios Venator which is about 90% done. http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3061.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3059.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3060.jpg http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3062.jpg And finally a little peek of what's next,,, http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/sol_invictus777/IMG_3065.jpg?1448165391244&1448165392464&1448165394155 Also in the queue I've got a Thanatar, a Minotaur artillery tank, an Archmagos, and some Thallaxi. C&c is welcome. Thanks for taking a look.
  20. Version 2.3


    This supplement allows for the use of all 40k admech units - and some custom ones - in 30k. This is a complete book, containing a full army list designed to be integrated with Taghmata Mechanicum or used standalone, lore, and much, much more. This has even been endorsed by the mournival team! It's regularly patched in response to feedback so before you use it please ensure you grab the latest version. If you do have any feedback, please join the HH Age of Darkness discord (via the link below!) and let me know in the dedicated channels there. https://discord.gg/HH-Age-of-Darkness I really hope you all enjoy it.
  21. 517 downloads

    Ordo Reductor heraldric device. Features both the full Ordo Reductor logo and a demi-logo (for when the unit is embedded in another force - a second logo can be added in the space provided). PDF contains layers for stroked (black border) and no stroke versions of the logo, plus Red, Black, Blue, Green, Grey, and Yellow backgrounds. (Make sure the Layers pane is turned on in your viewer to select the logo/background you wish to print.)
  22. 1183 downloads

    By commission of Vel'cona. Seventh and final in a series of Adeptus Mechanicus Forgeworld logos. Each PDF has a color logo (Red, Black, Bone White) with layered color backgrounds (Note: if more than one color background is active at a time, only the top most background layer will be visible).
  23. 1978 downloads

    By commission of Vel'cona. Sixth in a series of Adeptus Mechanicus Forgeworld logos. Each PDF has a color logo (Red, Black, Grey, Bone White) with layered color backgrounds (Note: if more than one color background is active at a time, only the top most background layer will be visible). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- SPECIAL NOTE: To comply with B&C upload file size limits, the Triplex Phall sheet is sized for A6 paper instead of the usual A5. To facilitate printing multiples logo sheets per page, a blank dummy page is included in the file. To print to A5, set Pages to Print to Pages: 1,1. Set Page Sizing & Handling to Multiple, Pages Per Sheet: 2 (or, if printing to A4, set the Pages Per Sheet to 4). http://image.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_10579/gallery_80588_10579_125561.jpg
  24. 1350 downloads

    By commission of Vel'cona. Fourth in a series of Adeptus Mechanicus Forgeworld logos. Each PDF has a color logo (Red, Black, Bone White) with layered color backgrounds (Note: if more than one color background is active at a time, only the top most background layer will be visible).
  25. 1358 downloads

    By commission of Vel'cona. First in a series of Adeptus Mechanicus forge world logos. Each PDF has a color logo (Red, Black, Bone White) with layered color backgrounds (Note: if more than one color background is active at a time, only the top most background layer will be visible).
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