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  1. Surprise is an insubstantial blade, a sword worthless in war. It breaks when troops rally. It snaps when commanders hold the line. But fear never fades. Fear is a blade that sharpens with use. So let the enemy know we come. Let their fears defeat them as everything falls dark. As the world's sun sets...As the city is wreathed in its final night... Let ten-thousand howls promise ten-thousand claws. The Night Lords are coming, and no soul that stands against us shall see another dawn. The War Sage Malcharion Hi everybody! I thought it's only appropriate to kick this thread off with a quote from Malcharion, since the Night Lords trilogy is one of the reasons why I came back to 40k. I've spent the last couple years building a modest force (I'm a terribly slow painter) and lurking around on this board, but now I've decided that I might as well join in on the fun. To give you an idea of what my Night Lords look like, here's some stuff I've finished recently. My MkIII squad, led by a still unnamed champion: And two Obliterators, the Eisenfresser: I managed to get my hands on some Gorgons a while back and I have to say, they are lovely miniatures. Naturally I just had to convert/corrupt one of them, which led to this fella: Warpsmith Hadur Cobannus Mars Ultor of the Ghoul Stars I hope you like them. There's more to come. INVENTARIUM Raptor Squad "Sol Invictus" - July 13th, 2016 Ceratus Knight Acheron - August 5th, 2016 Lord on Juggernaut - November 15th, 2016 Maulerfiend - January 17th, 2017 Headsman of Malal - April 26th, 2017 Terror Squad "Profugum" - September 2017 Warpsmith Hadur - January 2019 Terminator Lord Varkaus - July 2019 Hellforged Contemptor - August 2019 Sicaran Battle Tank - February 2020 Emissary Ostisoi - March 2020
  2. From the album: True Scale / Tall Scale prototypes

    Space Marine Land Speeder with 31mm crew conversions and design alteration. Work in Progress
  3. From the album: True Scale / Tall Scale prototypes

    Space Marine Land Speeder with 31mm crew conversions and design alteration. Work in Progress
  4. From the album: True Scale / Tall Scale prototypes

    Converted Tall Scale Space Marine matched up against Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man for scale to give an idea how the height adjustments fix many of the scale issues with Space Marines such as short legs, short torsos, and long arms.
  5. I started work a couple of weeks back on this project before I had a name or much of anything else to it. Following Apologist's work on his Blood Angels I went down the true scale route in earnest for the first time. Recently I've thought that it might be easier to keep a log here than being reliant on my Twitter and Instagram to keep track of progress on the lore behind these guys and know for a fact that I can't commit to a blog to well. Heck I'm bad enough at keeping up with Hobby Streak as an idea. The goal is to build up a small army of predominately Mk6 armor marines that is sized for Crusade. Rouge Trader's art and the original marine sculpts are also giving a lot of inspiration but I'm not trying to just recreate them so much as use them as a guide for rules. The major hurdle has been crossed though and that's getting a scheme down. I'll have to try it out on a test mini but as far as general colors idea it looks something like this: INDEX ENTRY //START// The Faithful Jackals are listed in the annuals of the Adeptus Astartes as a successor to the Ultramarines successor chapter. However, the exact founding they belong to is not clear as much of the records of their history were lost during the Age of Apostasy though what remains is a conflicting patchwork of reports of their appearance and disappearance. Their earliest surviving record of their combat operations places them in defensive operations during the 1st Black Crusade within the same sector their fortress monastery stands in M41. One prevailing theory amongst those members of the Adminstratium is that the chapter has been re-founded a number of times rather than letting the livery and history of the chapter rest however if this is the case it is certainly unusual. INDEX ENTRY //END// Got a lot of work ahead of me but the next post will have pictures of at least the start of the first 5 marines. It's going to be a bit of a slow build for this but I think so far I've actually been pacing myself really well. Could definitely use some feedback on the scheme. I want the blue arm as a homage to the Ultramarines Legion though I'm not sold on the head color matching as well. I did think of using the head to be a company marker or doing the classic beakie stripe for that but as it stands there isn't one. Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll catch you with the next update!
  6. I made a decision to start third (and again "final") project and Raven Guard was rather Natural choice. This is where it all began. Im gonna have 1 unit of mk6 tacticals. Decided later to go with Phobos - looks better. Second squad is wearing mk3 armor. Thinking about making these Veterans but not sure Dark Fury hits fast and hard. Hope so... Gotta have Apotechary with the group. Im hoping to use Arvus Lighter with Raven Guard. Kind of suits them, taking a civilian vehicle when needed. Just what to put inside ? Melta Support team ? Il probably run IA / SA as allies so meaby them Two Predators Join the force - probably gonna paint them next. List of model comming up for the project. 10x Mk6 Tacticals - possibly 10 more. 10x mk2 / mk3 Support Squad witl Calivers 10x Dark Fury Assault Squad 10x Heavy Support Marines with Missile Launchers 2x Predators 1x Primaris Lightning 1x Deredeo 3x Grav Cannon Rapiers 1x Damocles Command Rhino probably. 3 - 5 Characters of various types Militia / Other legions will support this project with Castellax, Voraxes painted neutral theme.
  7. Has anyone tried converting the Allarus Terminators to be Space Marine Terminators at all? Just interested in seeing any pictures and just wondering how hard it would be to do? I’m thinking of doing a true scale project using Primaris but would still like to use Terminators and figured they’re an alright size to work off of as a base!
  8. From the album: Faithful Jackals

    Just a WIP progress picture for Hobbystreak Day 2.
  9. From the album: Faithful Jackals

    A line up of my first 5 true scale marines and the sculpting to highlight the cable work for the Mk. 6 armor they are meant to be wearing. I figured the Evolutionary diagram of humanity was a good basis to follow with this. From left to right we have oldest to newest. From this distance you can see the change over time but the little details separating them out get hidden so some of them look practically the same. Still, everyone started sculpting somewhere and this is my start!
  10. moylan1993


    From the album: True Scale Blood Angels

    Hi, first post. So, I've been looking at True Scale Marines for a while now especially the old kit from Chapter House and Tsuros unfinished Space Wolves. I chose Blood Angels because they are ally as :cuss and TrueScale Death Company has not been done yet. We are at ground level here, this is my first draft. I'm making some shoulder pads and thinking about making the arms myself and :cussing around with GW stuff never looks as clean as if you where to make it from scratch. + I avoid any copy right infringement if I ever go into production of true scale (which more people should do). WHAT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW IS WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE SCALE, SYTLE and any criticism you have. This is the point to mess around with stuff. Thanks!
  11. The Shattered Tenth: The Survivors of Istvaan V http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/image/174372-img-8064/'> Ok ladies and gentlemen, we all know that the Heresy Train has no brakes and now I have purchased a one way ticket on this crazy ride. This thread will be dedicated to my true scale Iron Hands set after the events of Istvaan V. All of the members of this army will be survivors of the dropsite massacre. In this endeavor I want to capitalize on the massacre’s effect on the legion. Through my efforts I want to convey that these broken warriors are more human and less withdrawn than most Iron Hands and fight with fury instead of cold calculations. They saw their father die and have abandoned the ideals of the Great Crusade to adopt a mantra of revenge and hatred. They are suspicious of anyone hasn’t lost as much as they have and reject the aid of those who weren’t present in the murder fields of Istvaan V. Having themselves assumed the shame and role normally reserved for the Medusan Immortals, I will refer to this ragtag group of survivors as The Immortals from here on out. They are led in spirit by Varan Rakor, a furious Morlock who survived Ferrus’ vanguard by being buried in the wreckage of a spartan tank and later dragged to safety: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/image/174370-img-8060/'> But in practice by Adox Ra, a proficient strategist who is notorious for his cynicism and dwindling faith in the ideals of the Emperor (I’m still figuring out Ra, so no wip yet). Varan’s base was important to me because I wanted to show that although he was once a proud ambassador of the Imperial truth, he has abandoned this seemingly noble pursuit to instead follow his hatred. To represent this I made him literally vaulting over a broken statue, a visual portrayal of the beauty he once fought for: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/image/174371-img-8062/'> He was crazy difficult to create and at one point I actually widened his torso with paperclips and a hairdryer. If there is any demand for it I’ll post the whole process! Here are some fun pictures of the first four of my ten man veteran squad (running pride of the legion with double heavy flamers to burn that weak flesh of traitors!). I am working on the sergeant currently but he has no arms so no wip yet haha. Also I have a contemptor dready in the works that I am very excited about! This whole project has been really fun so far and I am almost finished with my paint test using the Forgeworld color scheme. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/image/174373-img-8066/'> http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/image/174375-img-8072/'> Posing of the dready: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/image/174374-img-8071/'> Thanks for looking Questions and Comments are Welcome!
  12. Greetings! This is a my random project log. I've been away from 40k for some time, I used to go by the name of Araziel with a Nurgle warband called The Pestilent Scourge (they may return at some point, I have some ideas) but I've been drawn back to the hobby with the ideas of small, thematic games and campaigns of Kill Team, Inquisitor and Necromunda and more recently, Shadow War. I aim to collect and build cool little (and maybe some not so little) warbands, projects and stand alone pieces as well as some terrain in the future. The idea for my first warband came to me while reading an Ultramarines novel (I forget the title) about exiled Space Marines. I thought that I could create a really visually interesting set of models under that idea. Before I bore you with fluff, I present my first work in progress Marine! http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o713/cmbailey619/D7CA1101-5DA3-4923-B419-A6CFFB22BB43_zpsqq4enmio.jpg http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o713/cmbailey619/4C0DD3BD-EF18-4D2D-9086-DEDC47AED711_zpsr6l3dvso.jpg And finally, the mandatory scale comparison shot! http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o713/cmbailey619/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-11/F66B35F7-7428-435C-95A9-BD1245CC5677_zpsa6vv6f1q.jpg Other than than the obvious bits such as head swaps and bolters, the entire mini was built using a Grey Knight Terminator. Future plans include filling in the majority of the scripture segments on the armour as well as building scenic bases for him and the squad. C&C welcome! This is my first venture into miniatures in a fair few years now so any pointers would be greatly appreciated Work will be spaced out on these guys because I don't want to rush them like I have other models and armies in the past. Now, for those interested, the backstory for the Exiled Knights; ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Path of the Exile The Bladed Covenant is a fiercely loyal and ritualistic chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Based on the brutal death world of Praal, who's long solar cycle takes the planet through extreme weather conditions that last years at a time, the Covenant hold no position of greater honour for the rank and file Astartes than that of the Blademaster. A tradition that dates back to the chapters founding, upon ascension to Captain, a marine will appoint one battle brother of his company to the rank of Blademaster. Chosen for their unparalleled skill in close combat, it is a Blademasters sworn duty to protect his Captain through any costs. Once a brother holds this rank, he gives up his future within the chapter and any hope of advancement. He personally selects his Captains honour guard, named the Anointed Guard, from the ranks of the chapters first company elite, and together they are never more than a few steps from their Captain. Whirlwinds of violence on the battlefield, they inspire those around them through noble deeds of honour and sacrifice. More often than not, a Blademaster will fall defending their Captain in glorious combat - this is the greatest honour a Blademaster can achieve and they are remembered within the Chapter of heroes of legend. As each falls, their name is inscribed upon the walls of the Chapters fortress monastery and recorded in ancient times that date back to the Chapters formation. For a Blademaster and the Anointed Guard to allow their Captain's death on the field of battle is considered the ultimate disgrace. They are expected to lay down their lives in an instant, and in those rare moments they fail in their duty, the punishment is the severest the Chapter has to offer: the Death Oath. The Anointed must lay aside all chapter heraldry and are exiled from their home world until one of two conditions is met: they greet the foe who killed their Captain with vengeance, or die trying. Only a handful of Blademasters and Anointed Guard have ever been sentenced to such disgrace, and even fewer return - the galaxy is a harsh and unforgiving place, even for an Astartes. Those that do are welcomed back with open arms and are henceforth appointed to the Chapter Masters personal guard. Chapter Master Grendaal's Anointed Guard is accompanied into battle by three such redeemed Blademasters and act as his most trusted Commanders, a solemn and silent reminder of the ultimate test any Blademaster may be forced to take. Blademaster Reznor is such an exile, searching the galaxy for the Champion of Chaos known as Balantisis the Wretched, for the murder of Captain Vaaro Mathus of the glorious second company during the battle for Hive Dominus on the now dead planet of Saxos Prime. In an even rarer occurrence, most of the Anointed Guard themselves survived and so Reznor is accompanied by four fellow exiles. Their number was once seven, though along the years their company has dwindled as they hunted their pray. Armed only with what they can carry, or else store on their single Stormraven Gunship, the Exiled Knights are a shadow of their former glory to look upon; battered, paint stripped armour that bears no heraldry save for the Imperial eagle, they hunt tirelessly across the galaxy on the path of the Wretched. Masters of ambush and stealth warfare due to their limited numbers, the Knights strike fast and mercilessly in the face of overwhelming odds. For the disgraced dead, there will be no redemption. For the disgraced hunters, there is the glimmer of hope. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Exiles Reznor - The Blademaster Ganaal - The Apothecary The Astartes with the greatest medical expertise within the Exiles. Originally he trained under Brother Artus, the Anointed Guards ranking Apothecary. But when he fell in battle during their hunt, Ganaal became the squads sole member who studied the Chapters medical teachings. Fixed to his belt are canisters containing the gene-seed of his fallen Knights, with the hope that one day the organs can regain their former owners honour in the bodies of future Astartes of The Bladed Covenant. Umbraal - The Hunter Amon - The Demolisher Duhal - The Shield ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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