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  1. Well, this took much longer than expected as there was a lot to repair, throw away and remake in the 13 years since I wrote the article for my first army. But here is how it stands right now for all you delightful fluff maulers to enjoy. +++++ THE SONS OF DOOM A Chapter that has pushed itself through constant trials of torment and endurance in their very short history, the Sons of Doom display the classic traits of an Imperial Fist descendant. With their fierce and aggressive countenance in the eyes of impossible odds against the forces that threaten the Ultima Segmentum and Imperium at large, the Chapter refuse to falter as they advance upon the foe in a storm of firepower, until they tear the foe apart toe to toe with blade and fist. Chapter Symbol CHAPTER NAME: Sons of Doom GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): Crimson Fists (Imperial Fists) FOUNDING: 26th, 747.M41 CHAPTER MASTER: Oros Sirion HOMEWORLD: Auton, Amdo Cluster SEGMENTUM: Ultima FORTRESS MONASTERY: Onyxspire (on Gravik, Auton's Moon) COLORS: Azure and Bronze SPECIALTY: Aggressive Assault and Asset Defence STRENGTH: ~800 Astartes 450 First-born / 350 Primaris BATTLE-CRY: Call : "Death is a gift!" Answer: Accept it! History Brother Athiair of 5th Company prior to the Hadean Assault. Right knee-pad and shoulder-pad trim denote Company. C reated in 747.M41 during the 26th Founding, the Sons of Doom were created from the seed of the Crimson Fists to plug the gaps left behind in the aftermath of the First Tyrannic War, which had blunted a vast amount of the Imperium’s defenders in the Utima Segmentum. Taking the Chapter roster number of 412, inherited after the mysterious annihilation of the Shield Brethren chapter a few centuries prior, some murmured their inheritance of their number was an ill-omen and courted fate to go against them. But the newly formed Chapter paid no heed as they grew in number, learning their craft alongside Marshal Gredus’ ‘Aberios Crusade’. The young Chapter, grown from the small retinue of Crimson Fists chosen by newly promoted Chapter Master Dolomitis, adapted themselves to the aggressive, close quarters tactics of the Black Templars that had been sworn to train the new Chapter. They chose their name to be the ‘Sons of Doom’, as their sworn pledge and duty as sons of the Imperium was to be the doom of all those who dared to defy the Emperor. After a near half a century of training and growing to a complement of over five hundred Astartes, the Sons of Doom fledged themselves from the Aberios Crusade and forged out across the Ultima Segmentum’s galactic spiral arm. After establishing their new homeworld upon the extremely volcanically active world of Auton and embedding themselves into its culture over the generations, undertaking their colours in a way to tie the Chapter to their new home and its people to remind themselves of who they fight for. Auton was strategically placed to allow for rapid response to threats in the gaps the Sons of Doom had been created to fill, the chapter sought to grow and establish their influence across the Amdo Cluster, with numerous victories as they grew to full strength, notably against the marauding Chaos Marine warband of the Hatred’s Tools and ending the threat of Warboss Nekshredda. But the first moment and arguably, one of their most catastrophic moments of ill-fate befell them decades later in 992.M41. The Gaia Harrowing R eaching the Gaia Primus system after receiving distress calls about severe uprisings upon the system’s major planets, the Sons of Doom answered the call to cleanse the region of the rebels under the banner of the “Imperium Respawned”. The manufactorum worlds of Holmna and Driax, paired with the Hiveworld of Gaia itself was a vital lynchpin in providing material for the chapter and a myriad of forces nearby. Deploying the Second, Third and Fifth Companies, alongside a myriad of other Imperial forces, the Sons of Doom prosecuted a vicious war of fire and fury in the underhives of Gaia and amongst the manufactora of Driax and Holmna. The reasons behind these uprisings however became horrendously clear upon the discovery of Genestealers, and as the light of the Astronomican disappeared within a week of this knowledge Hive Fleet Kraken arrived. The ensuing warfare that followed as the Tyranid hordes fell upon the worlds is one that matches many tales of horror involving the devouring xenos. As the Sons of Doom were left stranded across the three worlds, alongside their human Imperial allies, they prepared to defend the soil of the Imperium, after their ships had been rendered useless and destroyed from the sheer numbers of Bioships that emerged from the void before any valid evacuation could take place. As the weeks of gruelling combat and survival passed, the Sons of Doom were whittled to near the very last across all three worlds. The Remnants and Memory of Gaia Three grievously wounded Astartes were interred into the new Chapter’s remaining Dreadnought sarcophagi, each becoming sacred links to their past where they stubbornly stood their ground against impossible odds. As the chapter sought to rebuild themselves slowly, with the catastrophic loss of geneseed from the terrible events that unfolded, the Sons of Doom remade the standards of the three companies, each displaying the planet they fought on proudly behind the golden skull and scythes that was the symbol of the Chapter. These company standards are now sacred relics that remind the Sons of Doom of their past and to never give up in the face of the impossible when the lives of Humanity were at stake. Driax soon fell with the complete loss of the Third Company as a retribution fleet containing the rest of the chapter arrived, launching a brutal multi-planetary assault to purge the Tyranid foe from its surface. Alongside their allies, including the Autonian 44th Armoured Regiment from their own homeworld and the forces of Demi-Legio Hastus to reclaim the Mechanicum manufactora. Reinforcing the beleaguered and exhausted Astartes upon Holmna and Gaia and bringing fire and vengeance upon the fallen of Driax, the retribution fleet broke the back of the splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken with the death of their synapse minds, paid in blood and fire. The death toll upon the Sons of Doom from Gaia Primus was high indeed, with the complete loss of the Third Company and all Captains, with only twelve and twenty-four surviving from the Second and Fifth companies respectively. Returning to Auton with the remnants of their lost wargear and few bodies that hadn’t been devoured, the Sons of Doom committed their fallen brethren to the tombs of their Fortress Monastery upon the moon of Gravik. Chapter Master Dolomitis swore the Sons of Doom would rebuild and to their former strengths and remain unbroken against the enemies of the Imperium. The Gaia Cluster he declared, displayed the chapter’s fortitude and stubbornness at the very thought of retreating and self-preservation over the Imperium’s inhabitants. Following these catastrophic events, the Sons of Doom sought to deploy to eradicate any threat of the Tyranids as much as possible, as Hive Fleet Kraken continued to split of into smaller splinter fleets, bringing ruin across the Ultima Segmentum. But with their numbers cut drastically, the Chapter were dismayed at not being able to prevent a lot of the losses wrought by the all-consuming xenos. As a result, the Tyranids are viewed with a vehement abhorrence and hatred amongst the Sons of Doom and if any intelligence is received of Genestealer Cults, the Chapter deploys rapidly to purge the threat. Noctis Aeterna and Reward of Duty A s the Sons of Doom sought to rebuild from their heavy losses following the Gaia Harrowing, the Imperium at large began to face its darkest time since the Horus Heresy with the 13th Black Crusade spilling out form Cadia and leading to Noctis Aeterna. The tearing open of the Cicatrix Maledictum led to numerous threats emerging and the fortunes of the Chapter to remain grave, as the Chaos warband of the Hatred’s Tools spilled out from the tears in reality, heading towards the Amdo Cluster in a bid to settle their grudge against the Sons of Doom and others in the centuries prior. With little in the way of reinforcement as the Imperium descended into tumult and chaos with the Astronomican shrouded in darkness, the Sons of Doom grimly held the line against the Hatred’s Tools and their daemonic allies across the Amdo Cluster. With losses mounting, including the shattering of the Sixth Company’s Strike Cruiser, ‘Firespite’ in a cataclysmic warp-drive detonation after being infiltrated by Warp Talons mid transit, numerous planets fell or were reduced to Exterminatus and the toll kept rising amongst the Sons of Doom. The young Chapter remained fiercely steadfast despite the ill-fortunes befalling them, with Master Dolomitis declaring that this was the ultimate test of conviction and duty as sons of Dorn and the Emperor. The war within the Amdo Cluster eventually came to a head upon the Shrineworld of Erdavus, which had become corrupted with a warp rift opening in the holy city of Saint Justina. First Master Carrek Dolomitis The founding Chapter Master of the Sons of Doom, Carrek Dolomitis is an Astartes that has served the Sons of Doom since their founding, now interred within a Contemptor Dreadnought’s sarcophagus after grievous wounds banishing the Hatred’s Tools’ Daemon Prince, Lord Kalkus in 021.M42 at Erdavus. His enormous double-headed axe, which was rarely seen without him whether he be in armour or not, known as “Doomstrike” has now been placed in the main chapel of the Sons of Doom’s fortress monastery on Gravik, to be returned to combat when called for by the new Chapter Master, Oros Sirion to wield, or one he has blessed the honour to carry it into battle. Committing their entire force of approximately four hundred Astartes, the Sons of Doom sought to stop the Chaos force upon Erdavus. In a colossal open battle, the sons of Auton managed to break the back of the Chaos rampage, relying on fixed points of firepower as their infantry moved around them to break the tide of daemonic warmachines and bitter Chaos Marines that emerged from the rift. Chapter Master Dolomitis himself would face the Hatred’s Tool’s own leader, the Daemon Prince Lord Kalkus in a duel that shattered the earth beneath them, before Dolomitis was laid low as he banished the Daemon Prince back to the Warp with a titanic strike to the monster’s heart, receiving a mortally crushing blow from the monster as it flailed in anguish at being cast back into the warp. With the loss of their leader, the daemonic forces began to melt back to the Warp and the Hatred’s Tools sought to escape. As the threat diminished and the remaining Sons of Doom counted their losses and recovered their fallen brethren, an impossible miracle appeared with the arrival of elements of the Indomitus Crusade as it made its way to Macragge, including the arrival of the Primaris greyshields. The news that these new Astartes were to become the new reinforcement and brethren of the Chapter initially brought scepticism amongst the Sons of Doom, fearing that despite their sacrifices in the past centuries, they were to be replaced and forgotten. But after Master Dolomitis had been interred within the Chapter’s sole Contemptor pattern Dreadnought’s sarcophagus gifted from their founding, the reborn First Master declared the Primaris marines to be a gift from the Emperor and was the Sons of Doom’s reward for their duty to stubbornly remain unbroken against the fates that conspired to have destroyed them. Returning to Auton, the Sons of Doom welcomed their newer brethren, integrating them into their shattered forces to rebuild once more, empowered and filled with a hope that their duty and faith had been rewarded by the Emperor and His Imperium. Homeworld and Recruitment The Promotion Tithe An odd tradition is held amongst the Chapter, that is viewed to them as a reminder of the Sons of Doom’s future beyond their lives and of what each Astartes owes their brothers. Whenever a brother has risen a rank, they must spend a month alone down the hellish mines of Drokanas, to the southern pole of Auton, retrieving the ores and minerals within, which are used to build and repair their wargear. The mines themselves are fraught with peril, both from the risk of explosions and also from saurian predators that sometimes lurk within the dark passages, drawn to the sound of the mining and scent of flesh, providing a test of combative skill and vigilance whilst the Astartes complete their tithe. Should a battle brother be promoted whilst in active combat, he doesn't receive the full uniform of his rank until he's "paid his tithe to the Chapter’s future”. Their squad insignia or heraldry is then covered in a grey cross until it is fulfilled. Once the Marine has fulfilled the tithe, he's fully promoted in a ceremony in the eyes of the Chaplaincy and commanding staff present. A uton, is a hellishly violent, volcanic planet where humanity has managed to cling onto life in this constantly changing, barren and inhospitable wasteland. The planet's surface is often changing across its numerous tectonic plates, with new mountains of fire growing out of the black, basaltic ground annually, making it almost impossible for the Imperium to map in the active regions. But due to its violently active nature, the planet is rich with mineral resources that are mined and scoured for the Sons of Doom’s supplies and to the Adeptus Mechanicus of the nearby Forgeworld of Adelan-Tertius. The calmer regions of stability are found in the poles of the planet, where the majority of the population live in varied tribes and clans, notably the Ordovs and Silurs, which control a large amount of the local politics and trade amongst the Autonians. These clans are always at war with each other for dominance of the viable stable lands to live upon and for the precious resources and minerals that are mined from the planet’s crust. The human inhabitants praise the Sons of Doom as their watchful protectors despite the clans’ constant battles for dominance and survival, unknown to them that the Chapter is responsible for ensuring that the turmoil and constant wars between the tribes never truly cease, achieved through politics using their chapter serfs and secret sabotage and assassination missions, ensuring that there is always a viable source of young warriors to recruit. Initiates are brought to the chapter's fortress, based on Gravik, which is Auton’s sole moon. Every five years, the Chapter also holds a sacred tournament of battle and skills between the young champions of the clans, where peace is enforced amongst the humans on pain of death for any who would break it during the event. Aspirants of the tournament wear traditional armour from the planet’s ancient history, consisting of blue war paint over their bodies and wearing bronze armour upon their shoulders, shins and entire left arm. It is from this traditional armour that the Sons of Doom created their unique armour heraldry as they sought to embed themselves into Auton’s culture and be seen as the watchful warriors of legend that protect and rule over the region. The Sons of Doom often train on Auton, due to its violent nature and unpredictability, making the reflexes and senses of the Marines as sharp as can be and to teach the skill of self-awareness and spotting risks. Although some have been unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and encased forever in a tomb of volcanic rock, these incidents are surprisingly rare, given the danger of Auton’s more active regions. Many Astartes hold and trophy burns from training upon the planet, some requiring bionics to replace limbs ruined or lost. This training also includes their methods of ensuring that the tribes of Auton are always in some form of war between each other, through numerous assassination, reconnaissance and sabotage missions. Geneseed T he geneseed of the Sons of Doom is deemed stable, continuing to carry the Imperial Fists' trait of the Sus-an Membrane and Betchers Gland continuing to be rejected by the progenoids implanted into the aspirant. As the Sons of Doom hold the strong beliefs of their pasts linking to their duty, the genetic legacy of the geneseed is revered to an extreme extent, as it carries the histories of their previous owners. To lose any amount of geneseed, whether through corruption or destruction is a grave moment of sadness to the Astartes of the Chapter following the end of their battles/campaigns. A 'Vigil of Lost Legacy' is held within the Transept Sanctorum in the Fortress Monastery, Onyxspire, where the legacy of these lost geneseeds are read out as the names of those who bore those blessed progenoids are inscribed in gold on the sable 'Columns of the Lost', which tower above the Sons of Doom and their servants in their prayer. Combat Doctrine T he Sons of Doom are a fiercely aggressive fighting force, utilising the teachings from their founding cadre in the Crimson Fists, alongside their growth in the Aberios Crusade to bring forth a punishing amount of firepower in a constant storm as they advance, or redeploy when in defence to plug gaps or capitalise on the assaulting enemy’s weak spot. Their heavy losses following Noctis Aeterna and their re-forging afterward in the advent of the Primaris have also been integral in the alteration of their fighting styles as they have readily welcomed their new brethren to the Autonian brotherhood. The Chapter rely heavily on their infantry assets and they often utilise their Battleline and first-born Tactical squads in paired 5-man demi-squads to allow for flanking and covering fire in their rapid assaults under a storm of boltgun fire, accompanied by their assault assets in the form of bikes and Land Speeders to harass and pin the enemy, as the withering bolter line advances. With the addition of their Primaris brethren, the Sons of Doom have rapidly adopted the use of Inceptors and Suppressors to augment the mobility of their attacks whilst their Intercessor brethren act as moving bastions of firepower. The use of flamers and plasma weaponry is a favoured item amongst commanders and tactical squads, viewing them as exacting the purging fires of Auton upon the enemy. The Chapter possess a small number of Land Raiders that often spearhead their attacks alongside Predators and Razorbacks, providing a storm of firepower for the scant few Terminator suits they possess. Vanguard firstborn and more recently, Gravis armoured Aggressors often substitute for their might of the Terminators instead. Infiltrating units have not often been used by the Chapter, preferring to face the foe head on instead of hiding in the shadows, but the Sons of Doom are more than willing to utilise such actions as required in more protracted campaigns against Genestealer Cults and Chaos induced rebellions. The Chapter still possess a decent amount of heavy ordnance, with recent additions of the Repulsor and Impulsor to bolster their mobile firepower. When the Chapter must stand their ground over advancing towards their enemy, the Sons of Doom heavily utilise their tanks to act as the strongpoint of defiance and punishment, whilst their infantry move as needed to plug gaps and break weak points within the enemy’s advance. Organisation T he Sons of Doom are a primarily codex oriented Chapter, who have embraced and accepted the newer changes wrought by Primarch Guilliman during the era Indomitus and the advent of the Primaris joining their number. Their rebuilding of their losses after Noctis Aeterna is still underway, with the Chapter nearing full operational strength at near 800 Astartes, with just under half being Primaris. Their command structure is standard current Codex practice, with the relatively unique practice of ensuring that squads are not filled with Astartes that have all descended from one clan upon Auton, but shared as equally as possible. Marks of their origins can be found upon their company kneepad or Cloaks of Office when ascended to the rank of Command. This practice has grown from the teachings of their founder, First Master Dolomitis, who instilled the importance of their origin to remind them what they fight for and that regardless of their birth, the Chapter’s duties itself overrides all their previous animosities. With their current rebuilding of their fighting force, the Sons of Doom are both growing their numbers of First-born and Primaris, to utilise the wargear at their disposal to the best of their abilities and to be fully restored to complete combat-readiness in the fastest way possible. A number of First-born have attempted and achieved the Calgarian Rites of becoming Primaris Marines, which is currently only permitted by those Astartes that have served for at least a century and have proven their strength and fortitude to undertake such a painful process. Those that survive and are reborn anew as Primaris are viewed amongst their brethren as walking icons of endurance and duty. The Chapter do not possess a large amount of Dreadnought chassis, with their honoured brethren only being summoned from their slumber in times of great need. Truly, it is a time of dire consequence for more than three Dreadnoughts to walk the fields of battle. The newer Redemptor Dreadnought pattern are slowly building in number, with supplies arriving from the tithed Forgeworld of Adelan-Tertius. Beliefs T he Sons of Doom view the Emperor as the great master who forged the Imperium together so that all humans could unite under one banner. They also believe him to be a great warrior who’s the “Grandfather” of the Chapter after their Primarch, Rogal Dorn who’s seen as the “Father”. The Chapter has fully embraced the teachings of First Master Dolomitis’ importance of taking root in their pasts and origins and the shared history all Sons of Doom hold, as they carry out their duties upon the battlefields. This is displayed in their clan or origin markings upon their armour and also with honour markings of campaigns that Astartes have participated in as they forge the history of the Sons of Doom with blade and boltgun. Being a young chapter with less than a millennium of history, the Sons of Doom hold a hopeful edge to their outlook on the Imperium’s future, tempered by the return of Primarch Guilliman, despite the cataclysmic events that have befallen the Chapter and the Imperium itself since the turn of the 42nd Millennium. So long as a son of Auton stands in the colours of the Sons of Doom, the Imperium still lives. Battlecry T he traditional battle-cry for the Chapter is in two parts, where the Sons of Doom’s commanders would roar at the enemy “Death is a gift,” with the rest of the Chapter then answering in unison “Accept it!” as they would charge. The Sons of Doom have also adopted roaring in unison “Doom” and also maintain the litany of the unbroken as they advance: "Unbowed. Unbroken. We stand eternal." ++++++++++++ Well, there we have it, 13 years later and updated. Still got a number of things to add, notably in the beliefs section and some other items, as by the Emperor's toenails, I have 13 years' worth of content I have done across the board to use and pick out. :dizzy: Cambrius
  2. Greetings everyone! It's been quite a while since I made a WIPlog here, but with 12 Months of Hobby and the Liber Martiale taking place, I figured I should chronicle the development of my miniatures for the events. Some of these are ones I started over a decade ago, but remained incomplete as I took a minor sabbatical and suffered from Hobbyist's Short Attention Span (HSAS)... This WIP log will follow as I build and grow my two established DIY Chapter armies, the Sons of Doom and the Vanquishers, both descendants of the Imperial Fists. So to start it off, as per my vow for May in the 12 Months of Hobby, I will be completing a model I started 12 years ago as my Chapter Master for the Sons of Doom, but was left by the wayside for far too long. Thus here we have Chapter Master Oros Sirion of the Sons of Doom in his current state, the Lightning Claws are an ornate master crafted pair called the Pyre Claws, which were one of the first creations made by the founding Master of the Forge, Zicronam when the Sons of Doom were founded in 747.M41: He looked to be lacking a good amount of ornamentation to befit a Chapter Master, thankfully in 12 years my bitz box has grown considerably and I have some fresh pieces to help out, including the cloak you can see form the Chaos Terminator Lord set and also now with some other bitz and pieces as can be seen below: So the plan at the moment is to add the ornamentation, liquid green stuff the holes in the cloak and work on painting Sirion to the best of my ability. More to come soon. Cambrius
  3. Greetings all! It's been a while. So when the Boxing Day Bash came around, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and try and build and paint a custom kitbashed Jump Pack Chaplain, using the parts available in my bitz box. This Chappy was built to join one of my DIY Chapters, descendants of Dorn known as the Vanquishers. They're Urban Warfare specialists and so with that I've been going for a less gaudy looks with not too many adornments that stick out and get in the way for cramped fighting in cities. Thus here were the bitz used: A lot of the pieces came form the Death Company set I got to make custom Vanguard and Sternguard years ago but the full list was: Head: Chaos Space Marine skull helmet, with the arrow trimmed Chest: Death Company Arms: Death Company Right Shoulder Pad: Death Company Left Shoulder Pad: GW Imperial Fist pad Legs: Death Company (seeing a theme here?) Jump Pack: Death Company Crozius Arcanum: An old Space Wolves Axe arm that needed love and the eagle decoration from the Command Box Set you'd typically put on a Company Standard Base: Assault Marine base accessory So a lot of Blood Angel-y stuff on a chapter descending from the blood of Rogal Dorn, but I trimmed off a lot of the extra frills and some iconography, leaving only the blood drops on the jump pack as there's a fluff reason to those within the Vanquishers as a sign of valorous honour. The crosses of the Death Company I intend to paint in with the rest of the armour, so it just looks like recessed detailing, but I'll paint the cross on the right shoulder pad to give it an Assault Marine emblem look once I get to detail painting. And this is how he looked when fully constructed. It was fun trying to angle the Crozius arm to give a feeling of motion with all the purity seals (which are highly necessary for Litanies of Faith and warding form the risks of Plasma Pistol overheating in game...): I'd initially tried to finish him before December was out, but family and other factors denied me to complete it in time and Takado ended up in a box for moving to my new flat. But after getting an itch to paint, I brought him back out and finished up painting him to complete him! And a little history: Possessing a voice that could shatter oncoming ranks of enemy and strengthen the resolve of his allies, High Chaplain Felix Takado has been ever at the forefront of the Vanquishers' battles, seeking to bolster the faith and morale of the Chapter and purge the enemies foolish enough to bring forth theirs and the Emperor's wrath. Armed with his Crozius and his sanctified plasma pistol, named "Sun's Rage", Chaplain Takado has ended many a champion and leader of the forces the Vanquishers have faced at the end of the 41st Millennium. Recruited from the nomadic raiders that survive and pillage across the wastelands outside of Blackring Hive on Caeron, Felix Takado has served the Vanquishers for 188 years. Rising through the ranks of the 10th 'Hidden' Company, mastering the art of brutal close quarters combat and using the blessed firearms of the chapter, Brother Takado was first marked for Chaplaincy tutelage after his heroic actions on maintaining the stoic defence of the Wingfall Wall at Hive Perectus, after his Sergeant and a large element of the two Devastator Squads deployed were killed or wounded. Continuing his tutelage of the arts of Astartes combat, Takado began to learn the responsibilities and ceremonies of the Chaplaincy, before earning the black armour and Crozius Arcanum after another two decades of service through the Assault and Tactical companies. Chaplain Takado has been seconded to the Fourth "Resilient" Company since 944.M41, replacing the the fallen Chaplain Jerra. Finding his ideal placement in leading both Assault Squads of the company, Takado earned multiple battle honours over a large series of Campaigns and Crusades with the Vanquishers fighting in their suited combat role of city-fighting and siege breaking and in other environments. Notable honours include the annihilation of Mek Rukka's Burna-Dreads at Sandhowl Pass, the execution of the Champion Undivided during the Sigmus II Purges and the leadership of the desperate defence of Imperio Spaceport against the Necrons' awakening upon Esperex Tertius. And that's all! Thanks for stopping by and as always, any comments/criticisms etc are welcomed. Hopefully in the future I'll have some assault marines to add to my Fourth Company forces for Chaplain Takado to lead with zeal and pure wrath. Cambrius
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