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  1. 875 downloads

    A Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists, this is what you get when you try to out-perform Ultramarines and Red Scorpions. The Hammers of Dorn were created in an unknown founding and are known to maintain a friendly (as in for a given definition of friendly) rivalry with the Ultramarines. The Hammers of Dorn are ridiculously compliant with the Codex Astartes to the point that they'll call out the Ultramarines on every divergency from the great book of war Roboute Guilliman wrote. They also extend it to other Ultramarine Successor Chapters. These marines take pride in Rogal Dorn further than any Imperial Fists Successor (as well as the Imperial Fists themselves), for Dorn fought alongside the Emperor during the final stages of the Horus Heresy during the Siege of The Emperor's Palace. This caused them also to believe that while Roboute Guilliman was a great strategist and tactician, only the sons of Dorn are capable of mastering the Codex he written, infuriating the Ultras and their successors (not to mention trying to steal the Ultramarines' boyfriends greatest rivals, the Word Bearers, away from them). Although it would be seen that they fail at trying to look at the Codex as great book of everything instead of a guide on how marines are supposed to be, they actually were pretty successful at utilizing it in a multitude of campaigns (especially the Damocles Crusade where their rapid adaptability actually gave the Tau problems, at least until Farsight cracked the Codex and used it to predict their every action). One would even suggest that they actually read the Codex from cover to cover and learned how to use every tactic in it while also using their brains. Even though they follow the Codex to the letter, they do put emphasis on firepower and protection (hence their frequent use of Devastators, Terminators, Dreadnoughts and Vindicators).
  2. 381 downloads

    This one requires a story... well, it doesn't, but you're getting on anyway. Way back when GW first announced Age of Sigmar, they had a hammer-and-star-burst logo banner at one of the game shows or open houses or whatever. One of the frater here, a regular decal patron of mine (Olis? BCK? Sorry, I forget who, and the messages are gone from my in box.) said "Ya know? That'd make a good Space Marine Chapter symbol. Fast forward a year or two, and I'm spring cleaning my Google drive, getting stuff filed away where it should be, when I come across this particular decal sheet that was just a couple tidbits away from being complete. Well, complete it did, and here's the result. The Sons of Sigmar. Since it's not an actual Space Marine Chapter, or necessarily intended as such, I'm posting it as a generic symbol. Use it for Marines. Use it for Imperial Guard. Use it for some freaky Ork Horde. Whatta I care? Just enjoy! http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png (NOTE: Due to B&C file size limits, the posted file is an A6 sampler. The full size A5 file can be found on my Google Drive.
  3. 986 downloads

    Imperial Aquilas. Includes aquilas from the 40K logo, Index Astartes books, Horus Heresy Crusade Army List, as well as the 'standard' Aquila. PDF includes color layers in black, blue, green, red, and yellow.
  4. From the album: Imperial Fists

    Imperial Fists Librarian. Iron halo made out of a Grey Knight Fists and an Iron Halo from a Force Commander kit that was sliced up and re-assembled around the fist.
  5. From the album: Imperial Fists

    A shot of my two Thunderfire Techmarines.
  6. From the album: Omega Cohort

    ​Your basic Omega Cohort Scout/Trooper. Pale skin, as expected of the Raven Guard Lineage, and dark armor and fatigues to facilitate extra cover in the darkness. (note: if the tags are wrong please let me know and I will try to fix them.)
  7. Howdilidoodles to you all, I come seeking advice on starting my own Knight army. For some background, I play BA and IG, and recently picked up a pair of warglaives for pennies, and am now thinking of expanding my force of oversized deathdealers. I quite like the armigers, and would like to know if a list built around them, lead by a Preceptor, is viable, as well as asking if using them as allies is better than running solo Knights. While I'm here, I would also like to ask about general strategies more experienced Barons and High Kings have come upon and would be willing to share with a Noble only just having undertaken the Ritual of Becoming, such as myself.
  8. Greetings everyone! It's been quite a while since I made a WIPlog here, but with 12 Months of Hobby and the Liber Martiale taking place, I figured I should chronicle the development of my miniatures for the events. Some of these are ones I started over a decade ago, but remained incomplete as I took a minor sabbatical and suffered from Hobbyist's Short Attention Span (HSAS)... This WIP log will follow as I build and grow my two established DIY Chapter armies, the Sons of Doom and the Vanquishers, both descendants of the Imperial Fists. So to start it off, as per my vow for May in the 12 Months of Hobby, I will be completing a model I started 12 years ago as my Chapter Master for the Sons of Doom, but was left by the wayside for far too long. Thus here we have Chapter Master Oros Sirion of the Sons of Doom in his current state, the Lightning Claws are an ornate master crafted pair called the Pyre Claws, which were one of the first creations made by the founding Master of the Forge, Zicronam when the Sons of Doom were founded in 747.M41: He looked to be lacking a good amount of ornamentation to befit a Chapter Master, thankfully in 12 years my bitz box has grown considerably and I have some fresh pieces to help out, including the cloak you can see form the Chaos Terminator Lord set and also now with some other bitz and pieces as can be seen below: So the plan at the moment is to add the ornamentation, liquid green stuff the holes in the cloak and work on painting Sirion to the best of my ability. More to come soon. Cambrius
  9. Given the vast array of missiles, bombs, pods, and other exotic options available to modern combat aircraft; I felt the offerings in A.I. was in need of some expansion. Eventually, I plan to include sketches and line-drawings (inspired by Iron Hands Fanatic's Heresy work). *Fair warning, nothing has been playtested yet. Mars-Pattern "Misericord" Short Range Air-to-Air Missile Colloquially named after the dagger/badge-of-office carried by the Emperor's Custodes, the Mars-Pattern SRAAM was presented to the Imperial Navy's Admiralty in response to their (repeated) petitions to the Fabricator-General for improved close-range ordnance. Recovered from a previously over-locked data tomb in the Hellas Basin, the STC for the 'Misericord' was blessed and canonized in a remarkably short period of time, taking only 50 years from discovery to production. The 'Misericord' combines a broad-angle thermal-seeker, an exceptionally cunning and bellicose cogitator, and improved connections to the standard Imperial Navy fighter fire control systems (particularly helmet sights) to offer exceptional high-off-boresite capability. Additionally, such is the wrath of the missiles' machine-spirit that it denies all but the most devious of enemy countermeasures. Thrust-vectoring, and a highly-aggressive propulsion system, allow the missile to rapidly accelerate and manuever, even to intercept targets almost directly behind the launch platform. Unfortunately, this leads to tradeoffs in the form of reduced flight time, as the rocket motor greatly favors the initial boost over sustained acceleration. Additionally, the large explosive warhead favored by Imperial pilots is replaced by a much more modest fragmentation system. System Name Arc FPR DMG Ammo Special Pair of 'Misericord' SRAAMs Any except Rear 3-0-0 5+ 1 Aerial Attack, Extra Damage (6+) Points Cost: 8 per pair, only available to Imperial Thunderbolt air-frames (at this time). Designers Notes: established points cost; reduced Ammo and Damage stats; limited availability, though not currently limited to only once per a/c <Originally proposed profile> System Name Arc FPR DMG Ammo Special Pair of 'Misericord' SRAAMs Any except Rear 3-0-0 4+ 2 Aerial Attack, Extra Damage (6+)
  10. I was looking for ideas on which force I wanted to start next (New Year and all that) After hours of trawling through images of Space Marines I came across one of a Castellan, in Black Templars livery, they were just what I was looking for! I read some of the background and really liked the idea of the Crusade, I'd already bought some Death Korps of Krieg models so thought why not do both? So with that in mind I needed to find a suitable story to bring the 2 together, then I read about the Barbarossa Crusade, given that both Tempars and DKoK have Germanic influences I thought it would be a good fit. The original Barbarossa Crusade was too early in the time line for Primaris so the Second Barbarossa Crusade was born! To start with I'll be concentrating on DKoK and Primaris Black Templars but over time I'll probably dip in and out of other Imperial factions (gotta love the Imperium and it's wide range of interesting factions!) For the Templars I wanted to start at the top (I wanted a leader to start building the Crusade around) So here's Primaris Marshal De Molet Templar Marshal Templar Marshal Templar Marshal Templar Marshal Templar Marshal I used a lot of bitz to try and make him look the part, this is probably the scheme I'll be going for with all the Templars stuff. Now all I need is a symbol (Campaign badge) for the Crusade to tie everything in. I want something simple but effective so I can add it to the Guard elements too. Any ideas?
  11. "We are the Black Fists, as hands of Dorn we exterminate those that threaten the Imperium with Fist, Hammer and Flames. Leaving nothing but ashes in our wake." Captain Oien - V Company - Master of Retribution The Black Fists Heraldry http://i516.photobucket.com/albums/u328/DraconianBlade/Warhammer/cf642349-8609-43f1-921b-25224e797a74_zps0d773c2f.jpghttp://i516.photobucket.com/albums/u328/DraconianBlade/Warhammer/30620211-9a4d-4d10-9e0e-265a699ba591_zps12d43d2a.jpg Chapter and V Company Symbol http://i516.photobucket.com/albums/u328/DraconianBlade/Warhammer/c8aae416-8c33-4be3-aebf-218e978b817b_zps7134430f.jpg V Company Marine After the events of the Devouring, the Black Fists were left without both a name and their own heraldry. Instead the marines wore the heraldry of their Father Chapter the Excoriators. It was up to Paragon Brontios to decide the future of the Chapter. The Black Fists colour comes from the Ivory colour of the Excoriators, however after the intense battle for their Homeworld which turned the Planet to ashes the marines that managed to escape had been darkened and blackened by the ash of their Homeworld. This resulted in Brontios deciding on an armour colour to reflect the state of the Chapter after the events as a constant reminder of dark days that shaped his Chapter. The marine depicted is wearing a Black Cloth over his front, within the Black Fists this is to represent that said marine is one of the survivors from the Devouring. Founding Chapter: The Excoriators (Imperial Fists) Founding: 26th Founding Chapter Master (Paragon): Brontios Homeworld: Destroyed (originally Penthus) Fortress-Monastery: Battle Barge Semreh Colours: Black and Bone Speciality: V Company - Tyrannic War Veterans - Deep Striking Battle Cry: All shall become ashes Origins In the year 738.M41 the High Lords of Terra decreed that the Twenty Sixth Founding of Adeptus Astartes was to commence. From the gene-line of Primarch Rogal Dorn, the Adeptus Mechanicus selected the gene-seed of The Excoriators to form the Black Fists This new Chapter as well as numerous others founded during this period were made to bolster The Eastern Fringe against the rising Xeno threat mostly the recently founded Tau Empire and the ever increasing Ork hordes. However, what they did not know was what new threat would arise shortly after the Chapters Founding resulting in the near complete destruction of the Black Fists which is known today as The Devouring. A selection of Excoriators (including Captain Pallas who became the first Chapter Master or Paragon) were sent to the Erebos System in order to establish a homeworld for the new Chapter. The Erebos System contained a mixture of Death Worlds, Dead Worlds, Feral Worlds and one singular Hive World named Penthus. Due to the large population and high number of suitable recruits namely from Hive Gangs, Penthus was chosen as the Chapters homeworld. The early years of the Black Fists was a time of prosperity, slowly but steadily increasing in size as the Chapter selected and trained suitable recruits from the entire Erebos System. However this short period of luster was to meet an untimely end. The devastating events of The Devouring occurred only 7 years after the Chapters founding in the year 745.M41, so early in fact that the Chapter was barely over half strength and had not even been named or given their own heraldry and instead were being treated almost as an additional force of Excoriators and thus bore their heraldry and Chapter colours. Only 4 years after the Ultramarines made first contact with the Tyranids in the form of Hive Fleet Kraken, the Devouring saw the arrival of a Splinter Fleet known now as Dagia that would result in the complete loss of The Erebos System, including the Chapters Homeworld. Erebos System - 738.M41 - Before the events of the Devouring http://i516.photobucket.com/albums/u328/DraconianBlade/Warhammer/Erebos_zps9221829c.jpgThe Erebos system contains nine planets at the centre of the Erebos System rests the Star Theros, a massive overwhelming fire ball at least three times larger than any of the planets in the system. 1. Dead World Haestus, dwarfed by the near by star the entire surface of Haestus is made up of large seas of lava resulting in no life existing on the planet. 2. Menoetius, home to a massive Ork population, the exact number of Orks and Ork clans is unknown but their numbers dwarf that of any other planet in the surrounding systems. Because of this Menoetius was constantly monitored, incase any Warlord appeared to be amassing too much strength, as a WAAGH! could easily wipe out the entire system. Menoetius was also used primarily as a training planet, Scouts would conduct training exercises on the planet against Ork clans. However the Ork population was completely wiped out by the Devouring. 3. Moros is the third closest planet and similar in size to Menoetius, little is known about Moros, however it appears to be a Dead World, covered mostly in heavy fog which seems to block radar sweeps. 4. The fourth planet is Ethame, a very small Death World about a quarter the size of any other planet in the system, with a population of only a few hundred thousand the surface is one massive desert with many scattered and feuding tribes. Due to the orbit of Ethame the planet experiences incredibly hot summers and freezing winters resulting in a strong and determined population. 5. The fifth planet is Penthus, a large Hive World with an approximate population of 250 billion people. The population of Penthus are harsh, strong people and consist of many Hive Gangs the large population and strength of citizens made Penthus a very logical homeworld for the Chapter. 6. Residing next to Penthus is Keres, Keres is an Agri-World with a small population of around 30 thousand, the sole responsibility of Keres is to support the population of Penthus. Due to Keress location within the system it is perfect for crop development and due to Penthuss reliance on Keres, the population are supported well, thus resulting in hard working but easy living civilians making highly unsuitable recruits. 7. Alast is a Feudal World, similar in size to Keres, with a population of around one hundred thousand, the population recently discovered gun-powder, however they constantly fight amongst themselves which results in a disappointing level of development. However the constant feuding makes them a strong race and made a suitable recruitment source. 8. Oizys is a small Death World even smaller than Ethame, Oizys is covered in harsh jungles that despite the cold have managed to thrive. Oizys contains a vast amount of plant life that secrete poisonous fumes into the air, thus resulting in a thick purple smog around the planet. Oizys does not hold a human population due to the atmosphere however, the planet is rich in resources and animal life which has evolved to deal with the harsh environment. 9. Phonoi is a Feral World the last planet in the system and is the furthest away from Theros, because of this the planet is covered in snow and suffers from incredibly low temperatures all year round. The small population of approximately one hundred thousand people fight for all of their short lives merely to survive, thus resulting in a strong population. Homeworld Due to The Devouring, the Black Fists lost not only their original Homeworld Penthus but the entire Erebos System, in which they recruited from several different Planets and so now have resulted to being fleet-based. The Chapter has two Battle Barges Semreh and Tisie. V Company the Black Fists Tyranid specialists are constantly on crusade and use Battle Barge Tisie to do so, thus leaving the remainder of the Chapter to use Semreh as its base of operations. The Chapter still conducts much of its operations within the neighbouring Systems of Erebos, this is mostly due to V Company crusading against Tyranid threats that often arise within the Eastern Fringe. The Chapter now conduct their recruitment from various Death Worlds that are located in neighbouring systems. They approach the settlements directly at regular intervals to take recruits, any young boy between the ages of 10-20 who wish to prove themselves and bring honour to their family or clan by becoming a legendary sky warrior participate. To evaluate potential recruits they hold a series of trials these comprise of tournaments and due to the Chapters heritage and the Imperial Fists obsession with conquering pain and penance pain challenges in which the recruit can prove themselves by withstanding varying levels pain. Organisation To counter-act the heavy losses the Chapter had to undergo re-organisation. This lead to the birth of V Company. V Company is the Chapters main battle company comprised completely of Tyrannic War Veterans. Whilst the rest of the Chapter follows the Codex Astartes. Combat Doctrine Apart from the exception of V Company the Black Fists follow the teachings of Guilliman. V Company is often participating in Crusades travelling to where ever the Tyranids attack. Due to the Black Fists history with the Tyranids the greatest honour for a member of V Company is to meet an honourable death at the claws of a Tyranid swarm. Because of this V Company fight brutally and launch furious drop pod assaults, crashing onto the battle field into the very centre of the swarm and then using Bolters, Flamers, Power Fists and Thunder Hammers as well as Land Raiders and fast moving Land Speeders burn and demolish their way through the Tyranid force. Due to the crusade nature of V Company, they also have their own Tanks and Vehicles because to the amount of time they can spend away from the rest of the Chapter. Due to the Veteran style of the company they never field Scout units, they also do not field Assault Squads as they prefer to focus on fire power smashing wave after wave of Tyranids with Bolter fire. The rest of the Black Fists stick to the Codex Astartes, none of the other Companies specialise against any particular opponent and when conducting campaigns Battle Companies will be selected as usual from a variety of support companies and Veteran Company in order to best deal with the threat. Beliefs For the honour of the Emperor, the Black Fists are willing to make any sacrifice. Paragon Brontios - The Thunderer The Black Fistss beliefs extend from that of their founding Chapter; The Excoriators and their father Chapter; The Imperial Fists. The Black Fists practice Scrimshaw using bones from the hands of their dead, much like The Imperial Fists. One of the highest possible honours a Black Fist can be awarded is a Scrimshawed bone from Paragon Pallass severed hands, the individual bones of which are adorned with carvings, designs, and otherwise ornamented. 10 Scrimshawed bones from Pallass hands are used a badge of office for Company Captains. Each bone is carved to feature the symbol and mottos of the Company this then becomes the centre piece of the Captains armour and after their death Pallass bone is passed down to the next Captain. Another badge of office for the Black Fists is that of a Power Fist, all Sergeants within the Chapter are awarded a Power Fist apart from that of Devastator Squads (due to their role as a supporting unit). For the Black Fists a Power Fist represents their heritage, it represents not only their link with Rogal Dorn and their founding Chapter but with a hero from their own history. Paragon Pallas the greatest warrior and leader in the short history of the Black Fists who sacrificed himself in order to save his battle brothers wielded two ancient master-crafter Power Fists. Like other Successor Chapters The Black Fists have developed particular cultural practices which tend to their obsession with conquering pain and penance. They have a morbid fascination with pain and ritual scarring. Black Fists, possess their own unique Chapter traditions. The most notable of these is the "Sacrifice of Dorn" which is performed as a initiation ceremony when a marine is promoted to V Company. The ritual involves mortification of the flesh, in order to honour Paragon Pallas, they use a sacrificial blade made from one of the claws of the Hive Tyrant the killed him, the marine must firstly cut the symbol of V Company onto their chests. Then the marine will perform a ritual to which The Excoriators derive their name in which the initiation of new Chapter Masters in the Imperial Fist legion and the Primarch would both cut their palm and share blood in a warrior handshake. In the case of The Black Fists, the marine performs this ritual with the Captain of V Company and then to end the initiation ceremony the Chapter symbol is branded onto each hand. V Company Organisation - Tyranid Specialists 995.M41 Due to the specialised nature of V Company they are currently over strength and will continue to select marines from other companies that prove themselves against Tyranids. They also have their own permanent selection of Vehicles. ---- Captain Oien - Master of Retribution Chief Librarian Aegis 6 Tactical Squads 4 Devastator Squads 25 Space Marine Veterans (including Sternguard and Terminators) 1 Venerable Dreadnought - Geras 3 Dreadnoughts 4 Predators 2 Whirlwinds 2 Vindicators 2 Land Raiders Battle Barge Tisie Another sacred Chapter ritual brought to The Black Fists by The Excoriators is known as the Trial by the Blade the ritual used to settle the initial dispute over the history of the Chapter between Brontios and Oien. If an individual Battle-Brother has a personal grievance with a fellow Astartes or even one of his superiors, he has the right to demand to settle such a dispute through the solemn contest of a duel. As all Excoriators are equal in Dorns sight, victory goes to the warrior who draws first blood. However, as the Excoriators have passed on a focus on resilience, no matter how grievous the wounds taken by either opponent, first blood can only be drawn from the face, and the duel will not end until one of the contestants manages to strike his opponent's visage. Once a clear winner is decided, both Battle-Brothers will indicate their understanding and the matter is considered settled. Once the winner has been declared, the loser will ritually renounce his claim or the cause of the grievance that had initiated the Trial to formally end the duel, for the loser of the Trial, the Chapter will honour his scars as he now will honour his opponent with vindication. The Black Fists are pious, zealous and uncompromising Astartes who have a deep and abiding faith in the Emperor of Mankind and their Primarch Rogal Dorn. This Chapter is known to perform small forms of religious observance in their daily tasks. When saluting a fellow Battle-Brother or before going into battle, an marine often recites the ritual prayer, Dextera Dornami, which loosely translates from the High Gothic as the "right hand of Dorn." Then they form a fist with their right gauntlet before touching their forehead with one knuckle, then their lips and then their breastplateone Astartes heart, then the other. The Black Fists use the title Paragon instead of Chapter Master due to its meaning, literally meaning Shining Example the Black Fists not only view their Chapter Master as a leader but an example of what each one of them can accomplish. Battle Cry Paragon Brontios - The Thunderer The Thunderer, A Shining Example, Paragon Brontios leads by example over coming all obstacles that halt his Chapters crusade. Famed for avenging former Paragon Pallas and securing the future of the Black Fists. When Brontios steps foot upon the battlefield the heavens themselves open and weep, washing away his enemies corpses. Armed with his dual ancient Power Fists passed down from Paragon Pallas and thus their founding Chapter. Each strike is delivered like a thunderbolt straight from the Emperor himself. He also possess two blessed Bolters mounted on each fist known only as Helios, its bullets shine down on the foes of mankind spreading the Emperors light across the galaxy. All shall become ashes The Black Fists main Battle Cry, used to remember their heritage and the loss of their Homeworld, but to also signify their pledge to vanquish the Tyranid threat turning them to ash like they did to their Homeworld. Memento Mori - Remember the Dead Used mostly during ceremonies and rituals as a way of remembering the heavy losses during the Devouring. Although it is often used within V Company. Moirtui Non Dolent - The Dead Do Not Grieve Often said alongside Memento Mori another slogan often used within V Company. Post Tenebras Lux - After the Darkness, Comes Light Used to remember the death of Paragon Pallas and the strength of Brontios, this is also featured on Brontioss personal banner and Land Raider. Chief Librarian Aegis The Shield, The Angel of Sight, Chief Librarian Aegis is both a powerful Librarian and warrior, he single handedly maintains the honour of his Chapters Librarius, after the tragic events of the Devouring left him as the Chapters only Librarian. Aegis is also part of V Company, he uses his psychic powers in order to tap in to the Tyranids Hive Mind so that he can best inform Oien on how to act. Aegis will often fight amongst the vanguard using his powers to protect some of the chapters most prestigious soldiers. Aucto Splendore Resurgo - I Rise Again With Greater Splendour Inscribed across the Chapters Dreadnoughts once they have received more honours during their service as a Dreadnought than they did during their service as a marine. Currently the only 4 to receive this honour are all joined to V Company. Semper Paratus, Semper Fidelis - Always Ready, Always Faithful Often said in response to an order, it is also the motto of all the Reserve Companies The Devouring The devastating events of The Devouring occurred only 7 years after the Chapters founding in the year 745.M41, so early in fact that the Chapter was barely over half strength and had not even been named or given their own heraldry and instead were being treated almost as an additional force of Excoriators and thus bore their heraldry and Chapter colours. Only 4 years after the Ultramarines made first contact with the Tyranids in the form of Hive Fleet Kraken, the Devouring saw the arrival of a Splinter Fleet known now as Dagia that would result in the complete loss of The Erebos System, including the Chapters Homeworld. The Arrival The first attack was upon Phonoi, a snow covered Feral World located furthest away from Theros. Unfortunately at the time of invasion the Chapter only had one full battle company (5th Company). By the time the Company had arrived the Tyranids had been on Phonoi for over 30 days and were spreading over the surface of the planet at an ever increasing rate, washing away the small population with no resistance. The newly founded Chapter though lacking battle experience fought valiantly and over the first few days they were gaining ground, the snow of Phonoi melting under the fall of Tyranid blood. Though the Tyranids were actually still adapting to the cold of the planet, it was not long until the falling Tyranids were replaced with newly adapted xenos, which had developed a layer of blubber due to this they started to push forward, they were faster and more resilient. The 5th Company was starting to run low on ammunition and begun to take heavy losses causing them to fall back. Reinforcements would take far too long to arrive and they decided due to the lack of life on Phonoi to withdraw in order to better defend the rest of the Erebos System. This was fortunate as the rest of the Splinter Fleet arrived shortly afterwards and begun to devour Phonoi, whilst the remaining 5th Company now reduced to under half strength retreated in their Strike Cruiser to orbit Oizys the next logical target for the Splinter Fleet. Captain Oien - V Company Master of Retribution, The Eternal Avenger. Oien has been Captain of V Company ever since its founding after the Devouring, he was awarded the title due to his valiant actions not only during the last stand for Penthus but as a result of his determination to avenge the honoured dead. As the Captain of V Company it is his responsibility to lead the crusade against The Tyranids. He leads his battle brothers into lines of Tyranids using Staeus his arm mounted heavy flamer to purge them with fire before cleaving them in half with Syl his master-crafted relic blade. Oien also wears a special suit of Artificer armour that contains elements from various monstrous Tyranid Beasts not only to signify his victories but they provide extra protection. As Captain it is his duty to never forget the Chapters heritage because of this he bears the name of every battle-brother lost during The Devouring upon his armour as he sets upon a crusade to honour those who have lived, fought and died before him. The Loss of the 5th Company Due to the minimal life upon Phonoi it did not take the Tyranids long to strip the planet of their biomass and they soon moved on to Oizys as was predicted. The Splinter Fleet was greeted by the 5th Companies Strike Cruiser, deciding to take the initiative they dived head in towards the Splinter Fleet, however they did not estimate that even more of the Splinter Fleet was arriving and they soon overran the 5th Companies Strike Cruiser forcing the remaining marines to flee to the jungle surface of Oizys. At this stage only a handful of marines remained, stranded in the dense forest they made a final stand determined to bring glory to their chapter before they took their places at the Emperors side. According to the final log report 15 marines managed to hold out for 5 days, using guerrilla tactics and the harsh jungle environment as cover, they were able to launch skirmishes striking the invading scout forces of Genestealers and Lictors. However, they were eventually over run as the Splinter Fleet launched a full assault on the planet, the Tyranid tide washed away the dense jungle with ease leaving the last few Marines exposed and immensely outnumbered. Fighting to the last man the last remnants of the 5th Company depleted all their ammunition into the on coming tides of xenos before leading an all out assault charging right into the heart of the swarm before eventually falling. The Last Stand for Penthus The Tyranid Splinter Fleet managed to devour not only Oizys, but Alast and Keres before they finally arrived at the Chapters Homeworld Penthus. The Chapters Cruisers were waiting in orbit above whilst upon the surface was the entire Chapter though due to the loss of 5th Company this only meant around 400 marines. When the Splinter Fleet arrived they hit hard both in space and on the surface. Hive World Penthus was turned into a planet side war zone, The Chapter thought hard but were still heavily outnumbered and were constantly pushed back further and further across Penthus until after weeks of fighting they were forced to make a final stand from their Fortress Monastery. The Thunderer The Chapter had no where to go, the Tyranids had surrounded the Fortress from all sides and the defences could only hold them back for so long. Eventually they broke into the Fortress pouring through the halls like an unstoppable wave. Paragon Pallas knew that if he did not act his their fortress would become their tomb. Pallas ordered what remained of the Chapter to retreat to the Teleportorium so that they could retreat to the Cruisers still fighting in orbit over Penthus. As the Chapter moved through the Monastery, Pallas would always be amongst the front lines, giving his battle-brothers time to retreat. Using his two Power Fists and mounted Bolters he single handedly fought and killed hundreds of swarming Gaunts, littering the corridors with their corpses he also smote numerous monstrous beats including several Carnifexes, however he eventually collided with a Hive Tyrant, though already wounded he delivered several crippling blows to the beast, he raised both of his almighty fists above his head about to execute the final blow, when the Tyrant swung its scything claws through the air cutting clean through both of Pallas hands in one sweep. His severed hands fell to the ground with an almighty thud before the beast plunged its claw into Pallass chest. For a split second it seemed as though the roar of bolters fell silent, The battle-brothers looked at the body of their Chapter Master laying at the foot of the beast, in that moment death seemed all but certain, until Brontios the Chapter Champion stormed forwards towards the Tyrant, smashing through the front line to deliver the all mighty finishing blow his Power Fist crashing into the beast, the sound of thunder echoed through out the Monasteries halls and the decapitated corpse of the Hive Tyrant fell to the ground. Overcome with grief it seemed as though the Chapter was to meet its end, however they rallied around Brontios and even managed to push the Tyranid force back enough so that they could recover Pallass body. The survivors managed to hold back the Tyranid force long enough for them to get to one of the Teleportorium rooms, from here they were able to teleport to one of the Battle Barges in orbit above Penthus. Aftermath Almost a year had passed since the Tyranid Fleet arrived in the Erebos System, 4 Planets had been consumed, the 5th Company Destroyed, the Chapter had lost over half of its already small force, including many of the original founding Excoriators, Paragon Pallas lost his life in service to the Emperor, Penthus had been reduced to ash, the population was destroyed and the once thriving Hive World was nothing but rubble left to be consumed by the Tyranids. The Devouring left the already small Chapter with only 250 survivors, no homeworld, no Paragon and what looked like no future. The Chapter still had options, the survivors escaped the Erebos System within Battle Barge Semreh which contained more than enough resources and weaponry for the few survivors, however the fate of The Chapter was still very much undecided. They had only a few choices, rebuild, disband or lead a head on assault to meet a glorious death. It was decided almost immediately that being disbanded was not an option, they agreed that this would ultimately forsake the memories of their brothers who fought and died as the un-named Chapter would leave very little trace upon the Imperial records. The Chapter was split, half the marines lead by Captain Oien wanted to lead a full on assault determined to kill as many of the brother killing xenos they could, whilst the other half lead by Chapter Champion Brontios felt the best way to exact vengeance was to rebuild the Chapter so that they could one day lead a successful campaign against the fleet that destroyed their Homeworld. Brontios and Oien participated in a Trail by the Blade a Excoriator ritual used to settle a dispute between two battle brothers and the winner would dictate the fate of the Chapter. Brontios and Oien fought bare handed for hours neither one capable to strike a winning blow to the face, until eventually Brontios was able to strike a winning blow against his superior. Oien accepted defeat with honour as is dictated in the rules of Trial by the Blade, and declared allegiance to the new Paragon. V Company Paragon Brontioss first action was in honour of Oiens valiance, Brontios declared that a specialist Battle Company would be formed from the survivors whose sole objective was to eradicate the Tyranid race from any planet they encountered. Brontios awarded Oien the title of Captain of this Company and also the title of Master of Retribution. Almost immediately after this was decided every single battle-brother volunteered to join the new Company, amongst the volunteers 100 were selected to form the new Battle Company. In order to honour the Chapters former 5th Company that was completely wiped out during the Devouring the new Company was titled V Company. Lead by Captain Oien, V Company are always the first to respond to any Tyranid threat in the neighbouring systems and in the 150 years since the events of the Devouring they have fought in countless campaigns and are known as highly experienced Tyranid Veterans.
  12. A while ago I posted images of the Cobalt Raptors (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/273622-cobalt-raptors-pocket40k-army/), a Pocket40k army I painted up for a mate. Well he gave them to me in the end, and I and another mate (who will also be posting on this thread as he develops his army) have re-started our campaign; the Cyt Sardus campaign. I'm taking the Imperial side, using my already established Guard Army (https://sites.google.com/site/pocketw40k/home/gamer-s-pictures/mike), as well as expanding on it. I'll also be expanding into more Marines, possibly a small Sisters of Battle contingent, and Knights. My friend is taking the Nurgle side, which will be similarly diverse with Traitor Guard, Traitor Legions and Traitor Knights. We're also building stories up around it, and the majority of the battles are going to be more story than points driven. Because each one is going to need terrain suited for the story, we'll post updates of that too! Fortunately working at 6mm scale means it's possible to build big scenes quite quickly. Enough chit chat; some new models! http://i498.photobucket.com/albums/rr344/Captain_Mike_Parker/DSC00478.jpg http://i498.photobucket.com/albums/rr344/Captain_Mike_Parker/DSC00480.jpg http://i498.photobucket.com/albums/rr344/Captain_Mike_Parker/DSC00482.jpg http://i498.photobucket.com/albums/rr344/Captain_Mike_Parker/DSC00477.jpg Squad Photo http://i498.photobucket.com/albums/rr344/Captain_Mike_Parker/DSC00484.jpg http://i498.photobucket.com/albums/rr344/Captain_Mike_Parker/DSC00486.jpg Now clearly; those are not epic marines! Because Games Workshop have (for now) stopped their epic line, we had to look elsewhere. Vanguard Miniatures actually did pretty well on these, I think. They're a head taller than the epic marines, which is a nuisance, but the models themselves are very nice. And finally from me, WIP Knight Titan. I'll work on it more when I get back to my plasticard supplies. http://i498.photobucket.com/albums/rr344/Captain_Mike_Parker/DSC00495.jpg
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