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  1. So, it's been a long long time since I posted anything here. With the confinement, I started a new projet that was on my mind: Warp Ghost. I tried to imitate the classic 5th edition color scheme to the best I could. I added some green ectoplasm/fire to make the weird ''green glow'' they're suppose to have The allied forces we'll be some Sarum dark mechanicum to stay canon. Those wip are still too early to be post thought... But a warpsmith, a hellwright, a venomcrawler, a decimator (I know, it's supposed to be crafted by the Silent Forge, not Sarum, but I love the model) and a brass scorpion are comming up soon I hope. HQ, lord of executions/chaos lord. The axe of dismemberment can be taken away and I'll make a black mace to switch with it First CSM squad Some undivided warp entities (Bloodletters). Warp Ghosts aren't supposed to worship any gods so making them look like normal khorne daemons seemed silly Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks all, stay safe
  2. Hello and welcome to the Neurode Crusade's Keep! This is my second attempt at a WIP thread in this section of the forum. I pronounce the first one dead - all of the images were hosted by Photobucket and many of us know how this turned out. However, technical issues are not the only reason why a fresh thread is justified. My approach to the hobby has changed and I have started doing things with my models. Before that, with few exceptions, the only thing I did was to hoard more models to meet a crusade composition I imagined, but did not control. That is why matters got out of hand quickly and the number of models swelled considerably. The miniatures were tucked into countless scattered boxes. This is no longer! Over the last month and a half, I appointed my Power Armour Marines to squads and/or "functions" and organised my bits. The way ahead of me is long, but I am finally able to see progress and hope. For a good start, I'll leave share this photo of the larger part of my PA Crusaders. In addition to 205 Marines (including 30 jump packs), I have 25 models in scout armour, 49 in TDA,17 bikers, over two dozen vehicles and a Freeblade Imperial Knight. Disclaimer: for the foreseeable future, no Primaris are allowed! And here is a sample of my painting skills. These models represent my current table-top standard (or I should probably add "overall standard," since I'm not able to produce better quality painting factoring in time-per-painted-miniature that I find acceptable). I am going to update this thread as regularly as possible - i.e. every time I manage to do something meaningful, like a completed kitbash/conversion, painted model, finished squad or reasonable progress in a larger project. All and any questions, comments or requests are mostly welcome!
  3. So I've started a kill team. For this thread, I'm going to be doing more than one, but for now this is will I'll document my first. I'll be working on this slowly as I have other painting commitments, so I'm primarily using these guys as a "palette cleanser." But I give you my first model: The leader of my Kommando Kill-Team Dagrukk channels the aspects of Gork and is the epitome of "Kunnin' but Brutal." With an uncanny ability (for an ork) to blend into his surroundings, Dagrukk has been known to utilize mud and muck as camouflage. Notable Quotes: "WE'Z A KILL TEAM, NOT REZK-YOO-ERS" "DAT BIGGY'Z RIGHT 'ARD, BUT IT BLEEDS. IF IT BLEEDS, WE'Z C'N KILL'IT!"
  4. I'm always on the look out for cool Deathwatch conversions. Here are a few of mine, but share yours below! Watch Master - Made from the Vulkan He'Stan model The Iron Raven - Watch Captain made from the Artemis model Redemptor Dreadnought - I hate the static pose, as well as the boring Dreadnought face plate of this kit. Thought I'd share how pose able this guy can be. Intercessor Sergeant - Made from the Dark Angels Lieutenant model
  5. I started a 30K Blackshield Blog over on DakkaDakka, but soon realised HH interest is REALLY centered around here. So without further adieu, here's my Blackshield force so far. Unfortunately I haven't fully painted any of them, but I sure as hell plan to. Base Coated: Chaplain - Lord Odikinya Cataphractii Terminator Squad - Squad Atal Lord Odikinya and Retinue Objective Markers - Squad Edguad Seeker Squad - Squad Silac Dual Bolt Pistol Marauders Shotgun Marauders Cortus Contemptor - Venerable Cubias Unpainted: Marauder Chiefs with Power Fist, plus Staaruk Support Squad with Pariah Flamers, Squad Sav'val Chainaxe and Bolt Pistol Marauders Apothecary Hiran Power Sword Wielding Marauders, Space Wolf and White Scar So far I've only played ZM games with them, so I don't have any vehicles yet. Still figuring out a name for this Blackshield Warband, I want to make it a bit poetic in a philosophical way. If you have any ideas, shoot them my way. My next post will detail the fluff I have for these guys.
  6. +++ Ran's Kitbash or Die +++ A swirling maelstrom of creatively that occasionally results in a finished miniature. +++ + [Necromunda] Hired Gun: Hive Scum + Bits used: [GW] Delaque Torso [GW] Delaque Autogun [GW] Orlock Arms (Stub guns) [GW] Imperial Guard HW Team backpack. [Anvil Industry] Long Hair Head [Anvil Industry] Rat Swarm [Anvil Industry] Muzzle Flash Small -Ran
  7. My first posting so be gentle. I know hes not game legal but hes fluff legal at least in my head, some how use the fluff helps me invisage the marine as i build him. I could not imagine any IH marine trusting in the hand of a man all be it a "super" man to remove his gene seed even at deaths door hence the servo harness. The harness is still a work in progress as is the apothecary, the harness will have a surgical chainscalpel with lamp on one arm and surgical drill with pict cam on another arm. Basically took the componets of the narthecium and put each on a servo arm. The servo harness has two gene seed needles, one is for the gene seed and the other is for the machine gene seed. This IH clan believes that the machine spirit that resides in the bio implants is as important as the gene seed it self. As the servo arms block the exhaust vents on the backpack the pack has been modified with twin exhaust. Because the apothecary harvests gene seed and machine seed the apothecary symbol has bee modified so the one half of the dna symbol is angular for the machine "dna" and the other is curved for the human dna. Any suggestion or ideas would be welcome.
  8. “It is easy to volunteer to die. Instead, you will endure extreme pain and hardship with unflinching resolve.” -Avitus Varro, Academy Headmaster, Invectors Chapter Brother Gnaeus Corto, Squad Lepidus, 5th Company, Invectors Cited for Ingenuity and Valor, Boarding Action, 997.M41 http://images.dakkadakka.com/s/i/gallery/img/2013/9/2/533596.png When I was kid in the 90s playing RT and 2nd Edition, I had always wanted to have my own Battle Company of Marines. Problem was, I never had the money available to just flat out waste on frivolous, excessive Space Marines. However now, as an adult, I find myself better funded. However, it would be too easy to just buy 100 Space Marines. Anyone with cash to blow can have 100 Space Marines. Nope, I'm going to convert them all. All of them. Everything in my army will be converted, somehow, no matter how small. Very quickly, I decided that my project would address my long standing problems with Space Marine models:They are too short, obviously. Space Marines should be 7-7.5 foot super-soldiers. The GW human figures are probably just too tall, but too late to fix that; gotta make the Marines bigger. Marines need to be loaded for bear and look like they could actually fight a war. So all of my figures would have ammunition pouches, grenades, combat knives, etc, in a realistic configuration. All the Marines should have helmets because no good Marine would be without his helmet. It's just dumb. Encased in nearly impenetrable ceramite, only to leave you nugget exposed, and lose all the life support, communications, imaging and targeting enhancements of the helmet? Silly. Also, the Battle Company had to be "Counts As", WYSIWYG for the all existing codex lists (why make it easy?). My last challenge was to only use Mk VII parts, but also ensure that every model had a character of its own. This of course is not going to be easy with a whopping fifty two bolter Marines in a Battle Company, and forcing them to wear helmets. So, there you go. No mixing and matching armor marks. Too easy. No bare heads. Too easy. I'm taking away pretty much any shortcuts for the maximum amount of posing and conversion challenge. So I set to work, with some plastic card, and a dream. A lot of these early ones are old photos of rough prototypes that I didn't fully sand, or gap fill, etc. Excuse any rough early modeling problems. At first, I wasn't sure how tall I wanted them to be. So I went with 1mm extensions to the thighs (which I thought were too short anyway) and an extra .5mm at the waist. The results were decent: http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2011/11/24/298246_md-Space%20Marines,%20True%20Scale.jpg The tall walking stance makes him a bit taller than he actually is, but it was a good start. Next to him are Hasslefree's McKenzie, a 2E metal Cadian, and Sgt Bylkow (one of of my favorite Squat models). Left his weapon off for the detail. Decided this wasn't tall enough. So I moved up to 1mm at the waist. This was starting to give the height I wanted, but I only had about 25 or so walking legs, and they aren't cheap on EBay, and well, if they were all walking it would be a bit homogenous. So the firing stance models had to retain height too. http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2011/12/9/303023_md-Space%20Marines,%20True%20Scale.jpghttp://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2011/12/9/303021_md-Space%20Marines,%20True%20Scale.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2011/12/13/304557_md-Space%20Marines,%20True%20Scale.jpg So far, so good. Time to start working on some more individual models. This guy was posed to be pulling a grenade off of his belt. But instead of using a pre-posed hand, I cut and repositioned one of the bolter support arms, bent the fingers closed around a grenade separated from the grenade bundles. http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/1/11/315360_md-Space%20Marines,%20To%20Much%20Extra%20Stuff%20On%20Them.jpg Bolter Marines: http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/1/11/315248_md-Space%20Marines,%20To%20Much%20Extra%20Stuff%20On%20Them,%20True%20Scale.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/1/11/315249_md-Space%20Marines,%20To%20Much%20Extra%20Stuff%20On%20Them,%20True%20Scale.jpg Arms have all been cut and re-positioned, for two reasons. The standard "hip firing" bolter cradle formed by the arms in stock form looks dumb to me. I was a weapons trainer and attached to infantry units in the Marines. And second, I wanted some more dynamic looking poses, not just the more realistic ones. The metal arm is from an old Devastator sergeant. http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/1/13/315745_md-Space%20Marines,%20To%20Much%20Extra%20Stuff%20On%20Them,%20True%20Scale.jpg I always liked the old Auspex, in theory. But the bit for it seems way too big and way too clunky. I thought about a flip up wrist display. More on this guy later. http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/1/30/323289_md-Space%20Marines,%20To%20Much%20Extra%20Stuff%20On%20Them,%20True%20Scale.jpg Of course, I learned quickly that un-drilled barrels were out of the question, so that was rectified. Some of the models look like they're standing weird, but that is actually intentional so I will have to create more complex bases for them. http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/1/30/323287_md-Space%20Marines,%20To%20Much%20Extra%20Stuff%20On%20Them,%20True%20Scale.jpg Now I needed some special weapons. But the standard ones are just too big for the kinds of close and dirty fighting my Space Marines will be known for. I present the shortened Cerceus-Pattern flamers and meltaguns: http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/2/20/331471_md-Special%20Weapon%20Marines.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/2/20/331472_md-Space%20Marines,%20True%20Scale.jpg All of the Special Weapons carrying Marines are modular. I've also created custom, deeper pouches for them to simulate extra melta canisters/flamer fuel, etc. Some more Marines: http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/3/19/343343_md-Draw.jpg This guy is in the middle of drawing his combat blade. Arm cut and the the fingers bent to be in the process of tightening around the grip. http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/3/19/343353_md-Troopers.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/3/19/343351_md-HBolter.jpg I have decided that the heavy weapons Marines will have the helmets with the extra targeter mounted on it. Plus, I decided the Heavy Botlers will have box mags instead of the giant belt fed apparatus. This is an early version, and I have since modified the box mag to be better looking. Plus, there will be Bolter Marines from the rest of the squads who will be carrying extra heavy weapon ammo (missiles or bolter mag boxes). This one is the newest. A severely in-progress WIP. I wanted to inflect some more Rogue Trader era brutality to this army. I'm a huge fan of the darker, more brutal Space Marines of the old days. This one needs a ton of work, obviously, but here's the start. The Tau helmet mounted on the shoulder pad came from the Chaos tank sprue, and was clipped and filed down to match the shoulderpad contours. The idea of a mounted helmet came from the multitude of RT era drawings with severed heads. But I didn't want it to be too brutal and cross into Chaos tainted territory. I feel the Chaplain, once he's been modeled up, will be keeping a close eye on Brother Brutus. http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/3/19/343345_md-Brutality.jpg http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/3/19/343352_md-Brutus.jpg The severed head is a Wood Elf sorceress head, the hand is the Grey Knight Daemonette head hand. The Dark Eldar is a classic 3rd Edition warrior that we had piles of from the three 3rd Edition boxed sets that nobody ever bothered to assemble. The helmet is a Black Templar helmet with studs, to mix up some of the helmet appearances. Plus, I think it makes Brother Brutus look a bit more harsh and maybe a bit more unbalanced and potentially vicious. Part of the feeling I'm trying to evoke with this "army" is that of how I envision the Space Marines. These guys are seven and a half foot, functionally immortal, genetically engineered super warriors. Human, but something more than human. And something a little less. I want to illustrate a bit of brutality, and ruthlessness. Anyhow, I hope this work interests you guys. Thanks for any thoughts you guys have. Especially any criticisms, ideas you don't like, Ideas you might have, etc. I'm definitely open for anything constructive or suggestions. Heck, I might even entertain requests. Not tall enough yet though, and I was still trying to perfect their proportions. So I added another 1mm spacer to their shins. http://images.dakkadakka.com/s/i/gallery/img/2016/5/4/797652.jpg Did it work? Let's ask Leonardo Da Vinci. Update: 26 February 2014. Wow. Almost two and a half years I've been working on this. A lot of the pictures in this first post are the rough drafts of the earliest models. I cleaned up this first post, eliminating some of the rambling I originally did. The project has continued to evolve along the way, which is probably why it isn't too close to finishing. Though I am at approximately 60 Marines at this point. There has also been a fair amount of ongoing backstory and fluff for these guys. Click the chapter logo in my signature for Index Astartes: Invectors. I think you'll enjoy it. They're like Ultramarines, but shady galactic space jerks. Follow my Wordpress Blog for a more comprehensive look at my hobby http://veteransergeant.wordpress.com/ And it's got a Facebook Page too. https://www.facebook.com/LeaveNoModelUnconverted
  9. Hello! I want to present you some of my Thousand Sons. I'm redoing most of my army and I'm curious what the the interwebs thinks. (sorry in advance for the large pictures) Some finished Rubricae: Some Old (ca.2009) Chosen: A finished Havoc:
  10. Greetings, brethren! I've had a WIP blog over in the Blood Angels section for a few years now, and have been working away at the successors, the Blood Suns, that I have info about in my signature. I'm about 7 death company and 12 terminators away from finishing a complete 2000pt Death Company force AND a 2000pt Archangels All Terminator force. But I got an itch for 30k, and I couldn't scratch it hard enough.... so here begins this other WIP Blog. I decided to post it here so I can do other things like my Inquisitor allies, terrain, and other projects I also work on which aren't Blood Angel successors as well. My Heresy force will be the Ultramarines, and I'm going for an all infantry and dreadnought Zone Mortalis list first, then a 2000pt list with only some rhinos, and then 3000 with heavier transports for killer units. With that lengthy intro, here's to the models! I decided to do some Fulmentarus Terminators first. I am using the Betrayal at Calth box and some bits from the internet. Here they are laid out neatly: Here they are with combi-meltas. 4 are the combi meltas from tactical Calth kits, and 1 is from the Praetor who comes in the Box. And here they are with reaper autocannons. I used the Chaos Teminator Autocannon bit from eBay sellers, as that was going to be much cheaper than buying 5 sets of the Cataphractii Special Weapons sets. Of course, after searching for bits for months to put this project together, 2 weeks after I start someone starts selling only the autocannons on there. Cest la vie! I magnetized all the weapons in the wrist. Using such small 1.5x3mm magnets means there's not a lot of length added in the wrist. I set the arm magnet in by drilling a hole, and just glued the other magnet right onto the wrist of the hand. Painted up, the length won't be noticeable. The autocannons gets a few funny angles due to how I drilled them and the arms end, but we'll just call those "action poses." I'm still fishing around for 2 more cyclone missile launchers. I got 2 metal ones and 1 plastic one from the current tactical terminator kit. Criticism and compliments welcome. Still need to put shoulders and heads on these guys, but the hard work is done for now.
  11. So with the loss of photobucket the old blog lost pretty much all the pictures, figured it may be time to start up a new thread, one I hope to actually keep up to date, I hope. Anyway Pics... This guy you probabaly already seen. And the new guy. Next up shall be a squad...
  12. To start off I'm acrowsperch and I've been into 40k for about 12 years now? I've never really able to play games and had to take a huge break during school from the hobby, but I'm back. My ambition has always been to make a Death Guard/Lost and the Damned force following a narrative theme and I finally have the time and resources to make it. As an intro, I wanted to do the white/green color scheme of the death guard, but with reason to it: in that aspect I always thought the green on the post-corruption Death Guard was a result of algae/microorganisms on the armor that created that hue. Following that trail of thought I wondered what their armor would look like if it was trapped underground for long periods of time, without sunlight, and what the result of that would be for both the Plague Marines and the unfortunate mortals that followed them. Here's the beginning of it, having a HUGE pile of unpainted plastic shame. I've always loved converting, and was heavily inspired by the crows from Ynneadwraith's project for a few models, as you'll see. A lot of the idea of the project is to create a force where each unit or two of the Lost and the Damned was its own culture/group of people that have been trying to eke out a living in the subterranean environment where the DG rule. Any criticism is welcome, thanks for checking it out! -acrowsperch Sorry if the photos aren't great, I'm going to keep working on a solution to the lighting and only using my phone as a camera
  13. Hi, so I've been lurking for a few years and now I'm making a plog to get myself to finish this army. Back in 2018 I made a Knight. It mostly came about because I really wanted to put a leman russ eradicator cannon onto the end of a big battlecannon, and I also wanted to make an elaborate base. The base is just so big. You gotta make it interesting. And I wanted to make it look like a city that hadn't been reduced to rubble just yet. I also read a whole bunch of blogs about knight conversions, including JeffTibbetts' amazing Queen Bee one, which was all about the sorts of small, tangible details I really love. It was also a chance to really push my freehand skills which had never been all that great. Best way to learn is to start off with checkers, diamonds and different stencil patterns, I reckon. And so, I made: Captain Marième Marot, Honoured Protector of the Peoples of Everfair, Pilot of the Blue Flowers of the Springtide Tibbs definitely inspired me a lot with all the little details, and with all the weathering effects. I'm real proud of the head, the general reposing of arms and legs and really just about everything. This was also the first time I used resin and water effects and while I think it could have come out better, I'm still real happy. I was also pretty inspired by the idea of Knight Worlds being somewhat separate from the awfulness of the Imperium, and also having a different tech aesthetic. I also started on making some armigers, one warglaive and one helverin. These were really inspired by the conversions that JeffTibbetts started on, as well as KrautScientist's great harpoon gun conversion. I can't remember exactly where I got the lego knight helmet idea from, but it's also a good one. I was working on these back in 2018, and then I kinda just lost momentum and a bunch of things happened in my life and they've just sat uncompleted until now: I'm a little bit further along since this photo, since I finished the heads, made a bunch of progress on the bases and put the bases colours on the arms, but still, not by much. I did make some more pilots tho, but they won't get names until I finish the armigers. The two on the left are converted from Victoria Miniatures characters, and the one on the right is made from a Forge World Games day model (maybe 2013/2014?) with a head from an Infinity model. To go along with all of these Knights, I also bought some Solar Auxilia (last year, I think). I've got a 20 person rifle squad, plus 3 flamers and a volkite gunner I picked up from Ebay. I haven't played in many years so I got no idea what I would run them as (although they're work pretty well for Scions) but I reckon they really have the right aesthetic and vibe for troops belonging to a Knight World. They also need a bunch of freehand heraldry on them. So far, I've got 5 models painted up: The plan is: 1. Finish the Armigers 2. Finish the troops I've got 3. Buy a squad of the Volkite guns so that I've got 2 sgts and a bunch of models I can also convert to have plasma/melta guns so that I can run what I've got as scions in killteam or whatever 4. Buy one last Knight, and convert it up 5. Maaaaaaaybe in the future buy one of the Cerastus Knights For the last knight, I'm really keen to convert it similarly to Binary's fantastic Archangel knight, with the great shoulder mounted missiles. I'd go less cathedral-ish otherwise, but I want to give it a go. I'd want to make it look a lot more hulking. So far, I'm painting up about 2 solar auxilia every few days (I can paint 2 a day when I'm not interrupted, and I've got a decent amount of time with lockdown, but there's still other unrelated work I need to do). I'm looking forward to painting more soon.
  14. Starting tomorrow, and running for the next month, the Necrontyr subforum will be hosting a conversion challenge! Details may be found here, and we'd greatly appreciate it if you joined us. (with thanks to Grotsmasha for some excellent images)
  15. Hi all, First proper post So I was wondering what people thought about using these models to represent sisters and scions at a tournament. Would you play against them? I’ve tried to keep it WYSIWYG and be as simple as possible, and didn’t start the army thinking I’d want to try competitive or even really play the game, All feedback welcome and appreciated http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/album/17303-inquisition-army/ Haven’t quite worked out the adding pictures yet but have linked the gallery and each image has a description of what I would count it as using either the sister or scions datasheets
  16. Hi all, I recently, well it’s taken a year, returned to the hobby and built an army using the new (to me) Necromunda range. I’ve linked gallery and will put up a proper post with army description at some point, I just wanted to share my allbeit limited and amateur work http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/gallery/album/17303-inquisition-army/
  17. Robzilla


  18. As these don’t fit in with my Iron Hands I thought I would start a new topic. These are a very slow burn. This little guy was inspired by the model. I imagine him as excommunicated low level mechanicus skilled in servo skull maintenance. Eking out a living as a tracker/hunter, catching servo skulls in his faraday net, isolating them before reprogramming them for his own needs. Utilising repurposed pheromone tracking servo skulls, weapon platform servo skulls and a myriad of other types to hunt and seek out his prey. As I know little about the rules I hope he could have his own entourage of servo skulls or he could be a minion. I can utilise some of my previous models as his servo skull minions and as an excuse to make more. I have also made this model I imaged her as the daughter of a disgraced dead imperial knight pilot. A daddies girl/tomboy determined head strong, seeking to redeem her family name and the right to pilot a knight of her own after after tracking down enough of the dismembered parts of her father knight. Ever the thrill seeker she rides a STC plasma hover bike discovered early in her quest to recover her fathers Knight. She was granted a prototype bike made by the mechanicus from the STC plans she discovered and bearing a writ from mechanicus granting her privilege. The discovery of the STC should of granted her a knight of her own by the scheming Magos whom she delivered it to saw potential and was interested to see want else she would discover on her quest. Damn just noticed she lost her pony tail
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