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  1. so after a long time spent lost in the warp and returning and attempting to learn very different set of rules til i last played ive decided to shake off nids as my primary learning army(with ba as my artistic practice army and iron warriors as a work on til new codex drops) id a pretty good rep with my nids playing when i last played and there's been a few changes since. ive a rough temporary list which ill ink in another post. still very undecided which hive fleet and what direction to go with warlord traits and psychic powers etc. iirc when i last played no one unit mattered too much in play it was more about presenting too many options and trying to time everything to hit at once and panic my opponent... so when i do get it working right much would have been running cover and deep striking. not sure how well such will work with all these d weapons and multi wound models etc but sure is all about the learning curve for now. anyway piccys before i get a list in too army shot(not all pictured was mostly aiming for my list atm trygon prime and rear zoanthropes zoanthrope and my old doom model converted biovore from tyrant guard parasite of morthrax conversion warriors my old faithful flyrant a hybrid broodlord lictor model ++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Tyranids) [80 PL, 11CP, 1,478pts] ++ + Configuration + Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points) Detachment Command Cost Hive Fleet: Behemoth (please suggest if theres a better fit) + Stratagems + Bounty of the Hive Fleet [-1CP]: 1 Extra Bio-artefact + HQ + Broodlord [7 PL, 125pts]: Power: Catalyst, Power: Smite, The Ymgarl Factor (is ymgarl worth it?) Hive Tyrant [11 PL, 205pts]: (would i be better dropping for the physic zonethrope boss? whilst this seems good compared to what tyrants are im very aware of d weapons. may have to get a walking tyrant or swarmlord... ) Lash Whip and Monstrous Bonesword, Monstrous Scything Talons, Power: Catalyst, Power: Psychic Scream, Power: Smite, Warlord, Wings ( + Troops + Genestealers [8 PL, 130pts] (i have a lot more stealers if needed) . 10x Genestealer: 10x Rending Claws Hormagaunts [3 PL, 60pts] (would these be better as a 20?) . 10x Hormagaunt: 10x Scything Talons Hormagaunts [3 PL, 60pts] . 10x Hormagaunt: 10x Scything Talons Termagants [3 PL, 50pts] probably a wasted unit but might go hold a midfield objective . 10x Termagant (Fleshborer): 10x Fleshborer Tyranid Warriors [4 PL, 63pts] (this should have a venom cannon and possible death spitters. probably better with adaptive elsewhere? objective holder unit) . Adaptive Physiology: Enhanced Resistance . Tyranid Warrior: Devourer, Scything Talons . Tyranid Warrior: Devourer, Scything Talons . Tyranid Warrior: Devourer, Scything Talons + Elites + Zoanthropes [7 PL, 150pts]: Power: Catalyst, Power: Smite . 3x Zoanthrope: 3x Claws and Teeth + Fast Attack + Gargoyles [3 PL, 70pts] (will likely remove but have a bagfull of these) . 10x Gargoyle: 10x Blinding Venom, 10x Fleshborer + Heavy Support + Carnifexes [12 PL, 215pts] (will have to redo as the shooty fex armament was changed ) . Carnifex: Heavy Venom Cannon, Monstrous Scything Talons . Carnifex: Monstrous Crushing Claws, Monstrous Scything Talons Trygon Prime [10 PL, 180pts]: Adrenal Glands, Biostatic Rattle(should i remove prime and inject the points elsewhere Tyrannofex [9 PL, 170pts]: Fleshborer Hive (not sure on gun, cant find his big canon atm... should be able to change loadout at will.) ++ Total: [80 PL, 11CP, 1,478pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe
  2. So, way back in the mists of time (2001 to be exact) a very young me wanders into a GW store on my own, and purchases a codex. This codex: I loved this book and a box of gaunts soon followed. Back then, my hive fleet went under a bunch of different names, like Scorpius, but the colour scheme I used was green flesh and purple armour. A few years later and while they'd been added to with the likes of Old One Eye, a brood of Gargoyles, a lictor etc etc, life had changed somewhat so they, and the hobby, fell to the wayside. Even when I returned briefly in 2009, the nids were not lucky enough to get a glow up. That changed this year when the stars aligned and I was given a box I'd could make use of. The nids were back, so let me introduce the first nid I've painted properly in 19 years (Ripper test models not withstanding): with their rebirth, came a new name, Hive Fleet Boreidas. A swarm that has set its sights on an Imperium world that's leaving an ice age. I'll update this thread as my quest starts to recover the strength of the swarm I used to have and further developments...I may even add a GSC combat patrol to act as beacon that led the nids to the yummy meal in the first place. If you have any suggestions of course of units I should add, I'd love to hear them Currently, outside of the Leviathan box, I plan to get a few Zoanthropes for the Neurotyrant to pally around with.
  3. 10th edition has hit. Many new budding tyranid armys are sprouting from their spore sacks. They need colour and nids are less defined by such than probably any other army so share your schemes! lets get the inspiration going!!!
  4. Thought it may now be worth collecting the teased rules and discussing potential tactics etc. Anyway... sustained hits-critical hits(6s) give extra hits lethal hits? critical hits (6s) auto wound Precision- succesful wounds against a target unit with character attached can be allocated to said character twin-linked =reroll wounds torrent auto hit deadly demise- on death each unit in 6' on a roll of a 6 suffers x mortals assault= can advance and still fire twin linked= reroll wounds pistol=can shoot while in cc. scouts- pregame move remaining outside of 9' assault can run and shoot blast, add plus one for each full 5 in target unit deadly demise- on death each unit in 6' on a roll of a 6 suffers x mortals heavy=if stationary +1 to hit blast+1 shot for each 5 in target unit Heavy=if stationary +1 to hit
  5. As I type its currently the 25th June. Yesterday at 9 in the morning, me and my oldest son took a trip to town and collected this: (the battleboards are just peeking out at the top there) I had hoped to get stuck in with building but family life had other ideas! So, late last night, I finally got to work. The hardest part was choosing what to build first: After some deliberation, I got to work on these two: It was sort of fitting that I started with the two leaders I guess. I had no issues with the build with either of the pair but there was a slight annoyance with the Terminator Captains head refusing to go on the peg, but I got it. The Prime went together flawlessly. I'll say that GW need to work out where they're putting their gates though, they could stand to take lessons from Bandai Namco in that regard. At any rate (and a surprising 30 minutes later) I had these ready for a priming: I know several people have commented on the Primes design, saying they'd prefer a more wings out approach but I quite like him like this. Makes him easier to store and transport! The Terminator Captain is nice enough but he'll be waiting a while before he gets paint on him. The Nids will be taking centre stage with the Call to Arms event! So for Day 1, I'm 1 sprue down, 11 more to go.... Hopefully I can get more done tonight. Keep hobbying!
  6. so i finally finished my lictor conversion from a gsc patriarch and left over trygon talons. pretty straight forward one but effective and considering weve still no plastic lictors this is a nice alternative and a nice difference to my other lictors and the feeder tendrils are straightforward and rather addictive to add.. now i really need to finish my diama and then do a similar post on that...
  7. Done some work last few days on multiple things. Not my most efficient method but hey. So started painting a lictor iv had from a bin buy. Had no talons but had thrse ones of a dnd model i will hopefully work on soon. They are bland detail wise compared but wirkable i think. Its nids and lictors they shouldnt be cookiecutter. There should be variety. Til we see what happens with lictors with the leapers announced. (Sound good to me) And then blood angels. Or more apprioately my storm angels. Theve been my own successor for 15 til 20 years. Historically a darker red than bloodangels but following main bloodangels symbolism. So test paint and when working on the intercessor i decided to try a brighter red and... i kinda dig it but will it be too bright? Will it fit in. Or does it not look as bright as i think it does /does it work for the new marines to be brighter. Im split. Thoughts if you will.
  8. Having finally acquired a 3D printer- to be exact an Elegoo Mars 3 Pro- I've been having fun testing it out. I've done three prints so far, the first being the default rook models, followed by a few Tyranid things from MyMiniFactory, including Hive Delta's free Carnifaux body (which is awesome!). However, I was itching to try and print something I'd made myself, so I went a bit mad and sculpted up 5 'niddy beetle wing sets in the span of a few hours. I then printed 4 of them (one was kaiju-sized and would take 7 hours to print!) to test them out. And they worked! The second set down I hadn't appreciated how small I'd scaled them, and for shrikes would need scaling up a bit. Also the bottom-most pair which were intended for rippers (yes, those are actual printed pieces!) are far too tiny for use on game pieces, though I reckon for a display model they could be fun. Anyway, I'm really pleased with how these came out, and I'll definitely be modelling up more bitz for printing. I want to distribute them too, so I may be setting up an MMF store soon...watch this space!
  9. ++ Psychophage++ We have a new unit of the week! Another new unit, the Psychophage. love it hate it? does it fill any gaps in your army? let us know, To compliment a list, or to build a list around? Will the beta rules affect your list(s)? And at what points restrictions? What size unit? Will you be running multiple units? What Enhancements, Hyper Adaptations and Stratagems do you prefer and how much does it depend on the above choices? Are you buffing this unit? If so, how?
  10. ++Rippers++ We have a new unit of the week! the age old rippers. Have you found a use. are you taking them at all. let us know. To compliment a list, or to build a list around? Will the beta rules affect your list(s)? And at what points restrictions? What size unit? Will you be running multiple units? What Enhancements, Hyper Adaptations and Stratagems do you prefer and how much does it depend on the above choices? Are you buffing this unit? If so, how?
  11. thought with the end of 9th and a big revamp of nids due now may be a good time for army shots thread to finish off before we evolve the hive again. so comon everyone show us the horde...
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