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  1. This topic is just a way of generating interest and getting an idea of what sort of numbers we have for creating a Xenos ruleset for Legions Imperialis, using said ruleset as a guide/context for anything we create. In my mind, this topic is a place we can discuss how to implement such things, whether we assign groups of people to each Xenos faction with a project head, then come together to finalise things as a community. Or what have you. So... who's interested?
  2. New PDF and article in Warhammer Community with a new scenario, newrules and more for Necromunda. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/11/21/apocrypha-necromunda-take-the-fight-to-the-sprawling-cargo-vaults-of-the-nexus/ Nexus of Violence https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/rvrmGb00tu9IfqRC.pdf
  3. Co-operative war games/skirmish games like Rangers of Shadow Deep, 5 Parsecs from home and others have been a really interesting and welcome development for me in the past few years, and they renewed my interest in finding my own way of playing 40k, because I just can't keep up with the pace of the game, and also because I mainly just play with friends with my own collection. In my hobby life, there's always been a bit of a tension in my mind about a PVP wargame like 40k which has such a big component that is about aesthetics and lore as opposed to just rules mechanics. I have been wondering recently if anyone else has adopted a "cooperative" way of playing the game, where maybe you choose factions or split a force with your gaming companion and then play out a scenario against an enemy AI which is basically some sort of common sense agreement between you about what the enemy would do. Or maybe you do it another way; I'd be curious to hear.
  4. GSC units with Cult Ambush aren't gone when their Ambush markers are removed by enemy movement; those units are simply added to the roster of units that are sitting in Cult Ambush. Subsequently-activated Ambush markers can still allow any one of the units still in Ambush to respawn (you don't have to pair an Ambush marker with the unit that spawned it). And of course such units are considered destroyed at the end of the game if they don't come back. This means that a canny enemy (or an unlucky GSC player) can wind up creating a situation where no markers leaves a lot of units sitting around in Ambush with no way to come back. Sucks for the cult player, right? Well, maybe not as much as it could. What about the Rapid Ingress stratagem? It looks like what units are considered to be "in Reserves" are PROBABLY also our cult units sitting in Ambush limbo, but the RAW aren't too clear. I argued with myself about it back and forth for a while as I poured through the core rules, the GSC index, and the rules commentary document. Let me know if you find out otherwise. Given that destroyed units with Cult Ambush are "in Reserves" after they are removed from the battlefield (even thought it is a specific form of reserves unique to GSC; see p. 16 of the core rules document), they are targetable by the Rapid Ingress stratagem, no? Why the heck would you waste 1 CP to bring an Ambush unit back when you can use Cult Ambush at the same exact time to bring them back for free instead? Well, because you don't need an Ambush token to pull the unit out of Ambush with the stratagem. It is my very novice opinion (and please let me know if you find anything solid that contradicts this interpretation) that Rapid Ingress can be a once-per-enemy-turn way to put lost units in Ambush back onto the board, without needing a Cult Ambush marker to do so. What do you think?
  5. This maybe a PSA for people running Storm Eagles dropping in (I love them!) but something has come up, more than once, but I don't see much acknowledgement, so I'm throwing it here to raise awareness Premise: due to some questionable proof reading the Storm Eagle seem to have had a MultiMelta removed from its upgrade in V2 Background: in HH v1, and 40k a Storm Eagle (SE) can upgrade it's nose twin-linked heavy bolters, for twin-linked MultiMeltas Present: in HH v2, a MM (MultiMelta) is twin-linked by default (cf: infantry carrying only one of them, are still TL), that in effect means it's a twin-linked melta The SE can currently upgrade it's twin-linked Heavy Bolters for A SINGLE MultiMelta (!) The model has two Problem: This means RAW the SE has 1 shot of a weapon it has TWO of, which have twin-linked by default, when it should have 2 shots Solution: the SE should have 2 shots of a MultiMelta, considering it literally is modelled with 2 MM keeping with the HH v2 format, this should mean it's a Gravis MM (2 shots, and twin-linked), thus duplicating the rules found in both HH v1 and 40k cheers for hashing it out with me
  6. I may be dumb, but I can't find any kind of index in the 10th edition chaos index and therefore have always floundered around trying to find the units I want in it. As well, I got tired with having to look through every character just to find out what units could have what character attached. To solve both these issues, I have created an Word Document giving the Index PDF page number for each unit, as well as a separate list of units and what can attach to them (if the unit isn't listed, it doesn't have anything in the Index that can attach to it). Figuring others might have the same issues as I do with finding things, I thought I would share it here. It is saved as an RTF so hopefully most should be able to read it. Please let me know if I made any mistakes, there are changes that you think should be made, or if there are things that would be useful to add. Here's the link:
  7. So recently I have been listening to a lot of different podcasts while painting/building and I am doing some catch up within the last 2ish months of episodes for a number of them. The CSM book looks and sounds like an absolute hoot and I am very happy for our fallen intrigued by all the things that book can do and how much flavor it exudes for each legion. But the Emperor's Children really caught my ear the last few nights, specifically on the Art of War podcasts. So roughly speaking, they have been described as a "melee control" army, which is how I kind of viewed Space Wolves up until this point (side note I don't have a lot of 9th experience) with Saga of the Warrior Born, Armor of Russ, Murderous Hurricane, and Judiciar(?) Now looking at them, they have a couple of fights last Characters/strats, as well as having army wide fights first with marks, no penalties to hit , icons giving +1 to to hit, heroic intervention, are a mixed bag of things we can do with Hunter's Unleashed, Keen Senses, Countercharge, but arguably better than us. As well as having some straight heaters with strats like Honour the Prince and Death Ecstasy. Maybe I am turning a bit green with jealous rage, but it definitely feels like a "anything you can do I can do better!" which actually makes a lot of sense for Emperor's Children. Any thoughts from my fellow Rout members or any CSM players as well? (just to note, this is not a complaint, I don't have the tabletop experience in this edition to back it up. Simply my thoughts tonight as I doze off painting)
  8. Had this come up in a game yesterday, and I couldn't find a reference. Does an IC within a unit need to make into base to base contact in able to attack in melee, or do they count as 'part of the unit' for the rule that says they have to be within coherency of a model from the same unit that is within B2B? Previous editions forced the IC to make into B2B, however the IC rule in HH2.0 doesn't state this, and just says that the IC is part of the unit. The attacking rules say that a model can attack if it's within coherency of a model from the same unit that is in B2B contact (another change from 6th?). Any ruling or page number would be super helpful, thanks!
  9. Hello fellow officers! I’ve been looking into the new book and while I’m happy overall, I feel like GW still managed to botch the rules for using vox casters. how do you guys feel about them? specifically, having Creed and the generic castellan with no way to issue an order over the radio just feels out of place, and very anti thematic. The other main issue is the lack of any meaningful way to order troops in a mechanized force where they will be embarked during the command phase. the slight work around by having the officer disembark as well feels like it falls somewhat flat given that a squad will max out the capacity of a taurox, and the only independent officers who could ride along in a chimera are the higher ranked ones, where missing out on regimental tactics hurts and again, no vox range. overall it just feels like mechanized infantry fall kinda flat when it comes to utilizing orders, which is one of our most unique abilities.
  10. Thought it may now be worth collecting the teased rules and discussing potential tactics etc. Anyway... sustained hits-critical hits(6s) give extra hits lethal hits? critical hits (6s) auto wound Precision- succesful wounds against a target unit with character attached can be allocated to said character twin-linked =reroll wounds torrent auto hit deadly demise- on death each unit in 6' on a roll of a 6 suffers x mortals assault= can advance and still fire twin linked= reroll wounds pistol=can shoot while in cc. scouts- pregame move remaining outside of 9' assault can run and shoot blast, add plus one for each full 5 in target unit deadly demise- on death each unit in 6' on a roll of a 6 suffers x mortals heavy=if stationary +1 to hit blast+1 shot for each 5 in target unit Heavy=if stationary +1 to hit
  11. Posting this here as it’s likely to have an experienced player respond. Does the Farsight Aggressive Footing ability work in overwatch? The wording doesn’t mention shooting attacks, just “an attack made with a ranged weapon“. I don’t see this addressed in the FAQ.
  12. This came up in the demon forum, and I thought this would be a more appropriate place to get an answer. Here's are the relevant quotes: Pg 213 says units with FLY can heroically intervene, consolidate and pile in to models with the AIRCRAFT keyword, so I don't see why they can't assualt them. The rules don't actually permit a unit with FLY to do those things to an AIRCRAFT - they simply require that a FLY unit consider the AIRCRAFT as the closest target for the purpose of those rules (in other words, they have to move towards the AIRCRAFT). However, the AIRCRAFT rules don't permit anything to end its move in engagement range of an AIRCRAFT, and there is no exception for units with FLY. So, by RAW FLY units can be forced to move towards an AIRCRAFT, but have no means of actually getting into or engaging in melee with it. Likely we'll get an FAQ about this at some point, because either the rule cited in the quote above shouldn't have made it into the rulebook, of there are some rules that should have gone in but were missed.
  13. Simple question: if you use the strike from the shadows stratagem, can that unit be set up at the end of the movement phase in turn 1 in matched play? I've seen different answers in different places. I've had some players say they can (or I can) and a couple insist it is the same as deploying Strategic Reserve and Reinforcement units and therefore SFTS units can never arrive on the battlefield in the first battle round. The wording of it is: Use this Stratagem during the Declare Reserves and Transports step of your mission. Select one RAVEN GUARD INFANTRY unit from your army. You can set up that unit in ambush instead of setting it up on the battlefield. If you do, at the end of one of your Movement phases you can set up that unit anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" away from any enemy models.
  14. Hi everyone, I have made a similar post in the Raven Guard Tactica section, but I'm also interested in the opinion of non Raven Guard players (for they are the ones who'd have to face the following) I have made custom rules for the Raven Guard character known as Sharrowkyn. He is the one that snipes Fulgrim in the eye and beats Lucius 2x in combat and kills him. He is described as having the same wraithslipping ability that Corax does. He is known for his stealth, sniper skills, and his flawless use of jump pack in combat while wielding his Twin Black Gladii. (just google his name if you want some additional info about his lore) Nykona Sharrowkyn 230 PTS WS BS S T W I A LD Sv 6 6 4 4 3 5 5 10 2+ Wargear: - Artificer armour - Refractor Field - Twin black gladius - Jump pack - Needle sniper rifle - Shroud Bombs - Frag & Krak grenades Special Rules: - Legiones Astartes (Raven Guard) - Independent Character - Counter-Attack - Master of the Shadows - Wraithslipping - Deadly Focus Master of shadows: This confers a 3+ cover save (that can never be improved) and the Scout and Infiltrate special rules to Sharrowkyn. Wraithslipping: Any shots taken at Sharrowkyn from more than 18" away, are taken at BS1 with blasts templates always counting as indirect fire. This ability is lost when Sharrowkyn joins a unit. Additionally Sharrowkyn may use his Jump-Pack in both the movement and assault phase and gains the Hit&Run special rule. This is not conferred to a unit he has joined, but he may attempt a Hit&Run move regardless. If successful, he will be separated from his unit. Deadly Focus: This confers the Precision Strike special rule to Sharrowkyn. Additionally when fighting in a Challenge he gains +1 Initiative, his invulnerable save is improved to 4+ and the Murderous Strike of his Twin Black Gladii is improved to 5+. Only Murderous Strike rolls of a '6' spill over to the unit, other wounds are resolved with the normal profile. Weapon Range Str AP Type Needle Sniper Rifle - Quick Shot 36" 4 4 Assault 2, Rending, Fleshbane, Sniper - Focused Shot 36" 4 4 Heavy 2, Rending 5+, Fleshbane, Sniper Weapon Range Str AP Type Twin Black Galdii Melee +1 2 Master-Crafted, Murderous Strike (Note, these are two separate Gladius blades used together as a matched pair and the bonus for wielding 2 melee weapons had already been included in Sharrrowkyns Profile) Some thoughts and considerations: - I didn't want to give him a 4++, but did want to make him solo viable. Since the lore describes him as almost as stealthy as Corax himself, the cover save route seemed like the way to go. A 3+ cover save helps him survive against most non-superheavy shooting, as does the snapshot entry. Cover doesn't work in combat, si that's where this balances out. - To make him a reliable challenge character, the 4++ and improved murderous strike in challenge was added. This way he can match normal praetors and most named characters, but will get shredded by even a small unit of elite terminators or large units. - None of the buffs are transferred to a unit, to avoid OP combo's and to keep the estimated of his worth more simple to determine on face value. - I felt like initiative 6 would be very much justified, but with custom rules I think it is better to keep it toned down. Therefore I limited the I6 to challenge only. - Note his 4++ invul is only in challenge and not all close combat. - For his costs I dissected the all the rules and equipment costs, and afterwards compared him to other characters: 1) Sigismund (same cost), Sharrowkyn will nearly always lose in 1v1 due to Sigismund having Eternal warrior, 4 wounds and forcing reroll invul saves. 2) Eidolon with JP (slightly cheaper). In a charge Eidolon would most likely win due to striking first and his hammer causing instant death with every blow. If Sharrowkyn charges it will be quite an even fight. Sharrowkyn will only hit on 4+ due to sonic shrieker. So the math put him on less than 50% of killing Eidolon before Eidolon strikes. And again, once Eidolon strikes and hits on 3+ he will likely kill Sharrowkyn. 3) A fully kitted praetor (JP, Iron halo, digital lasers, Divining Blade, melta bombs) comes out cheaper than Sharrowkyn and has instant death on all his attacks (making him much more viable vs units). In 1vs1 it will be quite even depending on rolled saves and unit that back either one up. - So on 1vs1 basis I would have put him between 200-215 pts. - Solo playability made me put him around 240 (The snapshots and 3+ cover are still based on dice rolls and without him being able to look-out-sir when solo, a quad lascannon still has a good chance of killing him outright and when he gets closer than 18", he gets even more vulnerable. So I didn't think it was worth much more) - A fully kitted Praetor as described above comes up cheaper, has master of the legion and instant death on all his attacks. This is how I'd run him when house-rules are not allowed. And honestly, I think that praetor would have a higher damage output, would be easier/safer to play and have a better chance of making it to the end of the game. - Losing Master of the Legion is quite a hit for you'll need another expensive character to acces ROW. So I dropped him down to 230pts. - Please consider the risk of running any model by itself. His vulnerability to a single lucky shot, and his limitations vs larger units/characters with bodyguard, when judging his worth. I'm very interested in your opinion. I hope I did a good job to capture his fluff/feel, making him viable in the ways he should be viable, but not making him OP in other ways or feel out of place in the legion/rules set.
  15. I've finally realized that I just don't have the mental capacity anymore to remember all the rules and abilities for a war game when I play as infrequently as I do. Which becomes a bit of a catch-22 because that makes the mental barrier of setting a game up to be even higher, knowing I'm going to have to review/relearn a bit each session. Last time I pulled out my Rogue Trader Kill Team box I was met with just a TON of tactics cards, not to mention unit specific abilities that are printed on the cards (but not the RULES for those abilities). I had to spread the tactics cards out all over half the table because I didn't know what else to do. Just holding a stack in my hand seemed like a worse option, especially considering that half of them would be available to both sides. I was just messing around with Battlescribe this morning (late to the game, I know) and was pleased to see that the rules for abilities are listed right there on the same line. That seems extremely helpful. (as a side note, how do they get away with printing the rules for the game, as opposed to just names and equipment?) Anyone else have any suggestions about how to keep track of all of the tactics that are available to a given faction? I know there are lists I can find on the internet that have them all listed in a line, but is the game really meant to be played keeping all of those (sometimes dozens) of tactics at the forefront of my mind at all times while playing? Some of the tactics cards are unit specific, some faction specific, some universal! I know in Necromunda that tactics cards are considered somewhat optional, and that only a few are selected per scenario. Did I miss something about tactics that they are limited in a similar fashion? If I skip or house-rule to limit how many tactics are used, am I really hobbling the game?
  16. Does a marksman bolt carbine that hits with a 6 in overwatch automatically wound?
  17. Hi all, I dusted off my marines for the first time in nearly 2 years to try out a game of 8th edition. 40K had lost me with it's direction and lack of anything resembling balance, but I was hoping things had improved... Anyway, my questions. 1. It appears intervening terrain doesn't provide any cover? I was driving my rhino around behind some cover, and was told since it isn't IN the cover, there is no cover? 2. I took a Landspeeder (because fun) and it died quickly and horribly. It appears there is no cover save for fast moving speeders? 3. Are units from the initial Imperial Codex type book thing able to be used with the new codex as well? My opponent took 2 rifleman dreads, 2 twin assault cannon rhinos, 5 man lascannon squads and a captain and a lieutenant so nearly everyone was re-rolling 1's to hit and 1's to wound. Yeah, he's a mate, but he doesn't know how to not cheese it up :P Thanks, RoV
  18. Hey folks! Just wondering if anyone has managed to get the Birthday/Anniversary Primaris Captain yet? I just want to know if his rules are exactly the same as a normal Primaris Captain - albeit with a plasma pistol and powerfist - and if his Matched Play costs line up with the Codex values. Cheers!
  19. I have a question with this. Last night my StormTalon, the Space Marine flyer, went into "hover mode" and was subsequently charged by a blob of conscripts. Like so: The question was, Is the Stormtalon able to pivot on the spot and then fly away? This question is relevant for situations where a flyer gets stuck in combat in this manner (f.e. when it's charged by Gargolyes, which can fly and are therefor able to charge and surround flyers). If we'd rule that the flyer is NOT able to pivot because it's blocked from being placed that way by the infantry, then he can only fly straight forward for a minimum of it's min. move characteristic - potentially forcing him off the board, and thus destroying him. Relevant rules seem to be: We ruled that it could NOT pivot, since we reasoned that after the pivot the model should at least be able to be positioned in a legal manner, and "moving over" enemy models only allows the model with FLY to get across them, but not end on top of them. In my case, the Stormtalon had just enough room to not go off the board - of course, it could also have Hovered again and escape the combat but the original question still stands. MINIMUM MOVE: Some models that can FLY have a Move characteristic consisting of two values. The first is the model's minimum speed - in the Movement phase, all parts of the model's base must end the move at least that far from where they started. The second is the maximum speed - no part of the model's base can be moved further than this. If a model cannot make its minimum move, or is forced to move off the battlefield because of its minumum speed, it is destroyed and removed from the battlefield - the model has either stalled and crashed or been forced to abandon the battle.
  20. My third topic in the space of a few days, I'm really rusty with all things Warhammer apparently. And I haven't actually played CSM before so obviously confused by a lot of things going on. Anyway in my previous threads a lot has been mentioned about "how factions work now" or the ilk. Can someone explain what I can/can't take in a single detachment (Battalion/Spearhead etc) in a Chaos list. For context wanting to start Iron Warriors, wondering how legion rules, mark rules etc. But also there was talk in a threat about somehow making Khorne Bezerkers troops instead of Elites by choosing legion key words right. Additionally can I take (for example) a Spearhead detachment with a Warpsmith as the HQ, but the HS options filled by Renegade Guard gun batteries? Is that legal because of the Chaos key word? I don't have my rule book around to check at the minute, and even when I do I get a little confused, so I thought I'd pass it on to you experts who seem to know what they're talking about. Thanks in advance
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