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The Shattered Heart Warband. Make it louder.


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Hey guys,

So I am feeling burnt out by the plague marines and my vow. Can everybody please just take a moment to appreciate I am priming and base paying by brush. For example I made an error with my dreadnought.

First I prime him olive drab as I wanted to paint him green. Then I had to basically paint the whole mini boltgun metal. But my OCD doesn't work like that, you can't paint metal over green! It needs a black or dark grey base coat.

So then I basically painted the whole mini (including the base) dark grey, then metal, then wash. Then I could finally begin on the details and bring it all to life.

In hindsight I could have saved some time by using a chaos black spray primer, seeing as I basically painted the whole thing metal anyway. But that would have cost mo money, and I had fun building stuff anyway.

I honestly feel like I have painted 5 dreadnoughts, but I only have one to show for it. smile.png

So I wanted to take a break and just look at some other things, i need to remember where this is all going, remember my vision.

The force is divided into three seperate sections.

First the Black Legion Warband of the Shattered Heart


Then the Plage Force Virelent Malodor


Then the Strike Force Usurpious Discontentous


This is the most recent addition. What started as a unit and some characters has quickly become a functioning army to itself.i like the idea a lot of renegade space marines. New age traitor marines, having turned thier back on the fool imperium. They have come into contact with the black legion, and have struck a deal to work together. The lowest of the low, mercenaries, guns for hire, the dogs of war. smile.png





It's great fun to work on and I like having this renegade element, devoted to papa nurgle, really opens up the gate way to do anything you want.

So I will review the black legion and talk about them. I will edit the photos in from my laptop.

Really just want to take a break from the plaguies and do a quick overview. I will try to pen down some thoughts as I go.

Thanks for looking!

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I wanted to review the Black Legion. I miss the army. I miss working on it. Soon soon. The time will come. Please don't worry about what's right or wrong, just let the images sweep you away to a better place. :)


The very next thing is more termites to make into obitorators and more possessed plus demon prince. I really want to get more into the chaos element and have a look at things like chaos spawn and chaos families. I also want to build more HQ. I'm keen on a dark apostle or two, not really sure about a black legion sorcerer. It seems too cliche almost. Same with Black Legion bikers, just feels to cheesy looking and over the top. A bit like a megadeath ablum cover us know. Really cool but just not quite right. That's how I feel about black legion bikers, I'm not sure yet if I could make it work, or I struggle to find anything cool to reference. Anyway, I'm rambling....























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Actually looking at the photos it's really quite depressing.


I'm happy with the conversions and have many more planned. But the paint job really needs some attention.


Not to worry though, I have picked up plenty of tricks with my plagues marines, and I'm super pumped to be on my way back to Black.


I have just made the decision to finish the troops elements of the plague vow before the rhinos. I've got a whole day off and I'm excited about painting the troops, they are my strength.


The rhinos will get done in the back ground and through the week. I might as well run with the element that excites me the most.

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I'm sorry did you say element that excites you the most? You mean conversion right?


Hehehe I've pulled another guy together. I like toying around with the plague marine Sorcerer vibe. I think I will make three along the lines I have developed. They will be triplets. Just working towards filling out the cabal.


I wanted to include the flamer, I love that idea on a Sorcerer. He is basically going to be tearing up the field with mind powers, so ilium ether idea of converting some cool and unusable weaponery to represent this.


Still a long way to go. I like ideas in the early stages like this, before they become tangible. While they are still elemental, obscure, or hazy.


I rushed through diagon, I wanted to take more time to attempt to fill the gaps this time.




I couldn't resist trying outta codpiece while I was there :D

I think we all know why ;)




Anyway back to basics










Pretty happy so far

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Whoa, you're on fire, mate! So, where to begin...?

The small Nurgle force is coming together beautifully, and it really seems like painting these has made your painting evolve in leaps and bounds! The new horns on the Dreadnought are also looking really cool again -- kudos for spending that extra bit of work to make them look just right msn-wink.gif Here's the bit you'll hate me for, though: You are not really considering that paintjob finished now, are you? It looks like the base colours you need before finally starting on the fun stuff -- seriously, I think he needs more work! msn-wink.gif

Strike force Usurpious Discontentous also looks promising: The concept of slightly more modern traitors is an interesting one, and I am still in love with the leader guy with the open visor! If you want to differentiate them from both your Black Legion and your Nurglite models, maybe you should add some pouches, scavenged gear and similar stuff to push the mercenary look about them? And maybe go slightly more tech-y with some of them by adding targeting arrays, choosing parts with bionic optics and upgrades. I'd also consider a very differen paintjob, maybe with a shout out to the Black Legion (a black arm and shoulder pad? A black helmet? Something like that), in order to show their alliance.

Now the Black Legion part of your force has so many awesome conversion -- I am particularly partial to the Khornate elements, as you might be able to imagine msn-wink.gif You are correct, however, in that the paintjobs need some tweaking in order for these guys to be on part with your more recent Nurglite Marines. As I've said earlier, I'd go for some careful tweaks: Make the red parts pop just a bit more by adding some higlights to the hair knots and similar areas. Replace the dark green on the plasma and power weapons with blue. Pick out the eye lenses in a contrasting colour (again, blue or red would make sense). And give a bit more love to the areas of bare skin that are on show. Tweaks like that should do wonders for making the paintjobs look more accomplished.

Oh, and before I forget: That flamer guy is coming along really swimmingly as well! :)

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Cheers matey, but may I please direct your attention to the sign above the door that reads Work In Progress :p :p :p

Thanks matey :D Your thoughts are more much coherent than mine, and truly valued, alongwitheverybody elses.


Everything is all over the shop, and that's the way I like it.


I am trying to focus on painting the plagues. It's happening. The new guy is hella distracting. I think I've reached the point now where I'm thinking, do I really need to justify my conversions anymore?


Could the new guy just be a flamer dude in my black legion? I always prefer to build lords, as they have the most options and lend themselves well to embellishment. Sorcerers too. Especially their weapons, I usually build the weapon first.


In any case I thought I would show my thought process.

Too challenge myself and try something new, I really should attempt an outstretched arm. You know so then I could really have a try at some flexible ribbing.


He also needs some more sorcerous elements, I thought maybe a staff, he will get a cowl as well. I'm liking the samurai vibe he is getting from the spear/naganata. Also the topknot helps with that vibe.


I like to keep my ideas really simple. Also keep in mind I was 9 when this all started. So to say the hook hand and spear make him look like some kind of space pirate samurai is really quite embarrassing. But also really awesome.


"The universe is a child at play"


I like him like this and will probably let him float around for awhile.














Maybe I should try to push him over to be my Black Legion Sorcerer. All i can think to do would be the staff from the termie kit, plus a face plate, there are some pretty nice ones about.


I think my black legion socerer really needs to be striding though. Next week ill knock out krauty's gift, and hopefully knock over my vow. Speaking of which...



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I hope I don't come off sounding like a jerk there! I'm only kidding of course.


Grammar and tone are so difficult to for me to display via emoji.


All the great comments are the fuel that keeps the fires burning around here.

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This is my final rendition of him, at least for now. At least I think. He's closer to where I want him to be. I think I will go with the plague sorcerer cabal vibe. He might have to lose the icon/psychic hood, but he will get a cowling effect hood.




Open to ideas. Going to go to bed and start fresh tomorrow. Pretty much got everything sorted. Thanks again.

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Just wanted to share some final ideas. I think I can finally say that I have built a chaos space marine. Not a space samurai ninja pirate sump marine. But just a chaos space marine.












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So I am back again.


I'm feeling a little bit anixous about what colour to paint the sorcerers cowl. I think bone/white would look good, and being the face area, will attract attention if I paint it nice and white.


However I think black would look more sinister and menacing, but it would be more difficult for me to paint.

Not really sure, this is where my hobby always falls down (and with it my confidence.)


I also wanted to show the work that is needed to rebuilt the shoulder area of my characters. I feel it is essential to cut down the shoulder and fit the shoulder pads with a small ball of green stuff. It really helps to get the shoulder pads exactly where you want them.


By the time you pin the arms, and hollow out the shoulder (again nessessary to get an exact fit) you are really left with very little actual shoulder. It's basically just a universal joint at this stage. You could really use anything.


Anyway I figured out what I am going to do with Pyro. The flamer dude. But I won't tell you, we will just have to wait and see. He really came out of my enthusiasm to built krauty's gift, and to be making my way back to the Black Legion. However my parts didn't arrive so I just pulled him together.




I might chip away at him through the week. I've really only got my rhinos and typhus to go now. If I make more vows they will just be small ones. Maybe one character a week.


Also worth noting I am just flat out running out of bits. I need to make some plans and start weighing up the costs involved. I really want the long fangs box, as it contains the old style dev back packs. Plus you get the 5th ed space wolves kit, which is never a bad thing. Then I can get another CSM marine box and do another chosen squad and character for the black legion.


I'm really happy with the style I've developed, but I'm always looking for something new to try out. Just too many ideas really.





It will be good to finish my vow and working other things. Won't be long now.

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So no opinions on the cowl? That's what I get for being a smart arse I suppose :) :) :)


I think I will go with bone white.


You guys have really lit the fires of the forge around here, with such a great response and feedback I am feeling extremely motivated about the project.


I have decided to get a whole seperate desk and chair so I can properly Internet. You don't realise how handicapped you are until you sit down a document like this.


That's the easy decision. The next thing will be what to do and how to challenge myself. Like most people I have always been interested in Inquistor and the INQ28 movement. I think I might give some few things a shot, given the great response so far.


However I want to start very slow, maybe working on cultist and a socerer for them. Maybe doing a dark Inquistor and reteine, maybe some renegade gaurd. I might have a look at imperial armour and of course the forge world range.


I have nothing to show today sadly. But I want to try to go about it by not doing INQ28 at all. At least at first I think there is too much pressure to do something really awesome and iconic.


I have some necromunda gangs, and some storm troopers as well as some Cadians and cultists. I think I will start to take a look at them to get me in the mood.


The more I finish the plagues marines the more I am hungry to do something else. I can't wait to get them all done and get that army shot



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The flamer guy is looking great, and I think the bare head could be a great option for him! He doesn't strike me as especially Nurgley, though, so will he be joining your Black Legion?


I think the cowl works well in black, so I'd advise going for black or a very dark grey and then drybrush the edges in order to make the cloth look grimy and threadbare: Graveyear Earth of Steel Legion Drab should work rather well for this!


If you are serious about the INQ28 idea, you should definitely check out the INQ28 section over at the Ammobunker for inspiration. Just sayin'...

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@ death spectre - thanks man! Good to see you!


@ krautscientist - whoops! Too late! I decided to go with bone white, thanks though! I'm super pumped to build your gift, I really couldn't have come this far without your help.

I really can't reiterate that enough.



Aha yes you have caught me out, I think I will use him as my first Black Legion Sorcerer, just putting the finishing touches on now.


Yes the guys at ammobunker and iron sleet really are something else, we are blessed to witness such awesomeness. I don't think I could ever do anything like that though.


I tend to wax and wane a lot.















Now I'm just thinking he needs the exhaust from the CSM backpack, they help the profile along. Maybe some horns but I'm not sure. I'm feeling burnt out by the horns tbh.

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You certainly get a lot of mileage out of the old chaos box. And you really nailed the horned look of chaos marines, especially since you put them on everything but the helmets, but leaving them off one or two more prominent models might be a good idea. I'd say you don't need them on the last dude, if he's equipped with that Tzeentch helmet.


Lovely work all in all.

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Thanks Isingren!



Yeah I still think chaos box is the best bit of infantry kit going around, even now. Especially since it lends itself so well to conversion. I think I've discovered my niche here.


I'm keen to grab a few more boxes and do it all again. That's most likely what will happen next.

Thanks for the comment!

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Oh god look at that I can't even spell isengrin's name right.


Okie dokie cookies. Bad news. It seems to be war on all fronts atm.


My phone died. They always do that after a year or so I've noticed. No apparent reason, he just quit life.


So now I have no camera! Now I cannot access the bnc 24/7! What am I going to do?


Forget email, internet banking, paying rent, forget the promise of the progress of humanity, for in the grim darkness of the far future there is only an eternity of war and the laughter of thirsting gods.


Ahh whoops went of a tangent there.


But seriously, I don't want to build krauty's gift until I can document t the process. The parts have arrived.


Right now I'm on this clunky phone they gave me, while mine is being fixed.


Too bad so sad I suppose but it means at least a week or two until I can update. The only thing I can really do is paint my rhinos and strip typhus


I won't build anything u less I can document it. You never know what cool iideas might show up, that you csannot


That's it I give up. I might dump some Wip photos to help pass the time and collect ideas.


This clu nky phone is too much. Also be aware that my t y and o letters on my laptop are not working. You,'ll notice if I attempt to updTe ffrom there


Goodbye friends! I'l l see you in a week or two

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No worries. msn-wink.gif

You've convinced me to grab the dozen or so marines, which I've built and painted ages ago, and update them. I even pulled out the old White Dwarf where they introduced the kit. Good luck with your phone troubles, it will hopefully resolve itself soon enough.

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Yeah buddy I think I have the same one here, glorious. Jive decided to drop tools for the week until things pan out. We'see how long i can hold out.


I was thinking I could grab either the demon Prince and do that or grab another can box and start them from the ground up. It always takes a few weeks to built them up.




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Excellent conversions! I'm particularly fond of the extra weapon accessories and wargear you're strapping to the Marines, it makes them feel that much more authentic.

The way you've cut the legs up and pinned them is almost exactly how I do mine, so much so that when I saw the separated feet I was immediately reminded about how frequently I'm searching for them in the carpet.

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Guys I'm really grateful for everyone's comments, and I would like to make formal replies, and I will. But it's better if we just keep this train moving forward for the time being.


What I cannot make up to you with elequent prose, I will attempt to make up with awesome miniatures and art. I had a little bit of a blowout really. I spent too much money on miniatures, I feel that's why the universe took my phone away from me. Balance had to be restored. I'm superstitious like that. ;)


The good news is I have made it. The real work has been kicking my ass lately. It's hardly worth detailing, but sadly nessessary. I got the job! Woohoo! I am now a permanent full time team member. And more importantly I am back on day shift!


The universe has aligned itself once again. I feel it is safe to continue the thread. But I'll keep my guard up this time.


Hoorah! Progress! I just took approximately 43 photos of my plague marine force Virelent Malador. Unfortunately they are not finished yet. Grab your torch and pitch forks! Let's poke holes in this mans army!


Haha please excuse my lame attempt at humour! Sincerely I mean it! Let's do a review of all the work I have done so far. Together we can pick up any loose strands. and I will attempt to bring this army up into a new level of success and awesomesauce.


I really wanted to be done by now. I'm getting tired of looking at the force. I will spent tomorrow painting typhus and hopefully finishing all the miriad little details I missed.

I'm often just not sure what colour to paint things.


Please feel free to comment and critique. There's is a lot we need to catch up on. The Plague Force is only one piece of the puzzle after all.


Here is some favourites that I just took now. Then I will drown the thread with all the pictures of the force so far. It seems silly because they are unfinished. But I'm feeling really burnt out by the project and was hoping to be done by now.










Oh joy. My phone didn't upload the photos in any kind of order. So I will upload them from my laptop in one brutal unloading of green swamp marines.

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Well for example lets just talk about thes two pictures.


Then you'll see why it's better if I don't speak. ;)


Oh wow no there's way too much already. The sorcerer I want to call lord Noxious. Octagon I will probably use for his twins who I haven't built yet.


Noxious carries an Axe that I orginally built for my Space Wolves Rune Priest. When I returned to 40k I orginally went with Space Wolves for reasons of nostalgia. (Some of you may remember.) As soon as I began the converting I knew I was barking up the wrong tree. But I was heavily invested by that time and I wanted to see it through.


However I experienced some real world drama, and the whole space wolves project went under. When I quit a thing, I do not simply put it to one side. I'm a bridge burner in that way. It was nessessary to completely un-build the army. To break it down and sell it off.


I was hopeful once, but now I realise I am old, bitter and broken. I am a chaos space marine.


All of my characters carry some legacy of the space wolves project in some way. That's the reason lord lighting claw carries a space wolf head. And his power fist lighting claw too. Everything about that lord actually is a total reimagine of my space wolves lord.


There is a lot to say on the subject an even pictures I'll get to later.


But back to Noxious. Overall I'm pretty happy. He turned out way better that I expected. Years ago I couldn't even built a Rune Priest, because Noxious was singing to me in my dreams. I heard the great song of chaos beckoning, and now I have finally responded to its call.


I regret not finishing the shoulder pad face plate conversion. But it's nice to see how fine you can cut it. And hopefully the viewer is aware that I can do the job, I just choose not to. He was the first conversion.


In terms of the axe, it was a space wolves hybrid of the thunder hammer with the wolf axe head, which I removed the blade from and replaced with one from the beast man ungors iirc. Then I cut away the wolf detailing and hastily sculpted some bone effect. It seems lame but I really like that as a princple for the project. Cutting away the old and replacing it with something I made myself.


I really should have tried harder with the green stuff around his ankles, just to smooth them out and make it look more polished. You never know until you try I suppose and it's better to have something physical you can make judgement on than just an idea in your head.


That's why I enjoy posting WIP progress photos so much. Really helps me get a handle on the beast.


Hmm what else. Well i really just need to fi is hung painting him: some rust on the axe. Finish the searchlight. I actually forgot to paint his face, way up in his hood, I should have done it first. So that sucks. Hmm yeah more rust and just finishing touches really...


Now the other guy, don't even get me started! There is a lot I want to say! And will, at some other time...

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