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The Shattered Heart Warband. Make it louder.


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And so nextly the troops. I'm really pleased with them so far I have managed to include every little trick I've developed up to this point. Hopefully I have done enough to make them proper looking plague marines.


At this stage I need to do some basic gap filling, so hopefully when I'm at it I will find the courage to drill some battle damage and sculpt some pock marks and sores.


Anyway let me know what you think.










Other side




Not sure if I want to mount the horns in the chosen fashion.




Or to use the heads in the trophie fashion




I like the trophie style as it looks very samurai-esque




Bless nurgle and the scope of his vision.

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This will be my first vow. I'll need to check with dragon lover on the points, but it's pretty straight forward.


Nurgle sorc- 75

Dread - 125

5man plague marines plasma in rhino - 150+35

6man plague marines melta in rhino - 164+35


I'll have a look at IA13 when i get home. The dread might be runnable as a Ferrus Infernum.



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This will be my first vow. I'll need to check with dragon lover on the points, but it's pretty straight forward.

Nurgle sorc- 75

Dread - 125

5man plague marines plasma in rhino - 150+35

6man plague marines melta in rhino - 164+35

I'll have a look at IA13 when i get home. The dread might be runnable as a Ferrus Infernum.


Legend. Cheers

You're on a roll, Jim! And you'll definitely be seeing horns on backpacks inspired by your awesome dudes.

Thanks g, I definitely feel like I have my mojo back. I haven't had this much fun with the hobby in a while, plus its nice to see the progress in my ability. Think I've finally found my groove train. I'll give you a hint that i have been practicing making my own horns from paperclips and greenstuff. (got another dreadnought in the works.)

Nurgle sorc- 75

Don't forget the sigil of corruption on that sorc.


Love all the little conversions on these guys. I like the trophy heads, but also the horns - they really make your army instantly recognizable. It's up to you I guess what you go with thumbsup.gif

Cheers again matey. I prefer the chosen style, but i like the modular-ality of the trophie option.

I think in the end I will bloat these squads out to 10 men, I should have enough bits and tricks to get some more done. So I can do a bit of both.

I tend to be very indecisive so its great to have the ETL as a goal and timeline, to force a decision.

Now seems like a good time to briefly outline some goals. In general and for the ETL.

But first,

Ok so im really taken with the plague marines, but im struggling to find the right colour. (im red green colour blind)

I really like using the Primer colours available in the Vallejo Model Colour range. The beauty of a primer that you can paint on with your brush, is that if you decide to do some conversion, you can just prime right over the area and be back at your basecoat.

Sometimes you need some colour to bring things to life a little, to push your conversions along. Its great to be able to convert and paint in tandem (which is how my Lords were brought to life.)

So, I was going to use olive drab for my plague marines. I really like WW2 colours, I keep coming back to them. But now i have discovered this German Gold/Brown. This is the colour we are looking at on the minis so far. I dont even know what it is, but i like it. So i used my common sense (never to be trusted in this topsy turvy wonderland) and i went down to the store and bought the same exact colour in the model range. (not the primer, but the same name!)

However this is not the same colour. It has life! Whatever it is i love it. Its hitting all the right switches for me, Arrakis, Necromunda, Hive cities, what was the name of the hive city in the first Gaunts Ghost novels? all i'm remembering is ochre tanks. lots of ochre tanks.

A similar thing happened when i discovered XV-88, which just happens to quietly be- Terracotta. Which just so happens to be- Baked Earth.

Baked Earth more gives me visions of a dark mechanicus, ad mech, skittari vibe. I used to own The Gothic and the Eldric (please dont ask what happened to it because i honestly dont know sad.png )

So, there wasn't any colour in the book, but it did give me visions smile.png

basically to cut a long story short, I am going to paint my plague marines poo-brown. Thats all there is to it. This will lead into a horde of corrupted cultist, lead by a chaos sorcerer, which will become a renegade guard "lost and the damned", which will become a dark mechanicus, and ill do it all with my poo-brown colour, by the gods!

*Actaully thats just my ego getting carried away. I just have a horde of cultists that really need my attention.

In terms of chaos space marines and the here and now, I have a vindicator and a predator i can gift to the plague force. I actually accidently started painting these guys, I was so enthused about my new colour. I also have two more dreadnoughts I might use. What i really want to add is some plague bikers, maybe 5 with a socerer. But that will do for the plague marines. just need the bikes really, im torn about which ones to use as a base, and there will be heavy converting, so i dont think they will be done for the ETL. (unfortunately)

For the Black Legion, well maybe some other time, too much typing, too many words, brain hurt, tired... But basically the entire CSM range plus a personaly converted Demon Prince (the source of many nightmares)

I think for the first time in my life i might actually paint some testers. I have a week or so to muck around so if anyone has any advice on what colour to use as a base, im all ears. Otherwise things could go sideways msn-wink.gif

here is the colour in question


You can see in on top of the vehicles, the old one on the side of the rhino. It actually looks horrible under my desk light. Rest assured there will be lots of weathering powders...

oh well back to the drawing board!

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The great work continues

I have broken the force up into lots for the ETL. I think I will make a few smaller vows, rather than one big one. I want to keep to painting only 3 dudes a weekend, and try to raise my standard. I'll do the rhinos and things as I go. With most of the creative work done, I've started thinking about my Black Legion, The Warband of the Shattered heart. I'm still drawn to the plastic range and any kits I haven't owned before. I think I will grab some possessed and warp talons and do some kit bashing, see what comes out. Also would like to have fun with the plastic demon prince. Maybe some demon allies.

This is mainly just to try something a bit more organic. I also want to convert some termies into obiltoraters.

Anywho today i just did some work to bring along the plague troops.

I attempted some greenstuff on their shoulder pads, I think this is the last WIP we'll see of them before the ETL and painting commences.

Here is my first planned vow


4 lots of work over a month.

the next section


and here is whats left in the house, that i might stuff around with


So I want to pace myself so I don't run out of things to paint.

next just some more close ups and wip.

Here is my work station, the happiest place on earth.


troop types






and the chosen who we know


I also snapped some close ups of the black legion chosen, I was thinking about repainting them, just the shoulder pads got some bad washes and i had the white residue issue aswell.

they are pretty haggard looking.

It helps to note, this is as far as i got, when painting 5 men over one weekend, army painter style. Just not quite finished.






I want to build up a havoc squad very similarly, except using plasma guns instead of Pistol/chainsword. so a bit like a tactical support squad smile.png

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I'm torn between my desire to go away and do something awesome, then come back and show you. Or to update on the fly receiving your advice as I go.


I want to write some legit fluff for my warband, so I will need help with that. I'd like to do a novel revolving around my warband, tracking a campaign which I could build and play around.


But basically it's very simple. A planets local populace falls to nurgle and unleash a plague virus storm. Through the plague sorcerer papa nurgle guides the black legion warband to the planet where they begin consecrating the planet. Some space marines arrive and consequently are defeated by the black legion and fall to nurgle. All hell breaks lose and the black legion reap the glory.


I think I will tell the story through the eyes of a local worker/hive scum who was instrumental in the plague outbreak.


So I was thinking my plague force needs somebody to lead them. A commander type. The sorcerer would be up to his elbows in papa nurgle schemes and is probably responsible for steering the ship through the ether. Whether by human sacrifice or some other foul sorcerery I don't know yet.


But I figure, chaos space marines are still space marines. Even if they fall to chaos they would still carry on doing what they have always done. Whether this is just as simple as daily weapons maintaince, prayer or oaths, or as complex as the chains of command and battle stradegy. Somebody needs to lead these warriors into battle, and have the wit to survive and succeed.


So I have built a commander type. He is very early W.I.P

Nothing really new here, I just wanted to have my own version of a common character type. He should give me something to chew on for the next week or so until painting begins.


I will continue to work on his legs, body, weapon amd backpack as seperate prices until I'm sure I have everything right. Really good to just hammer out the process again.


The photos really help to spot anything that seems off.




I'm using these legs as a reference




His combi bolter




More attitude




With back pack




Thanks for looking, feedback welcome.

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Nice greenstuff detailing on those troops. I'd definitely recommend picking up a box of possessed, there's some absolutely great parts to be found in there.

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Cheers brother. Yeah I like the old school possessed box, and the warp talons too has some great bits. I just don't really like any of the heads and I haven't developed a cool method for converting heads yet. Maybe I'll grab some forge world ones, perhaps the night lords ones. But I've come so far without splashing out on fancy bits, so I'd like to keep the all plastic theme going.


Just gathered some bits for my new lord. Let the chaos begin.




I also called a meeting of the war council.




So they will have names. The dark gods demand champions.

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Cheers venomlust thanks for coming along. Help yourself to the bar. The slaves will be along shortly :)


If anyone could help me out with the points for



Chaos lord combiflamer powerfist

6 cultist


That would be a great help. I sent DragonLover a msg, though no doubt he is busy at his desk painting.

Once I get the points sorted I will make my vow.


Here it is




In the mean time I've just been stuffing around with my lord. Every step of fitting him out involves great ritual and ceremony. I think I have finished him to be honest. I just need to fit the shoulder pads and some bits and bobs.







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So I heard from DL and he is currently rushing to work. Silly me. Anyway alls well that ends well. I'm glad to have the last work done. From here I can settled in to painting and writing. Hopefully I'll brainstorm some new and creative ways to present my work.


Managed to sneak in a chaos face on my lord. And he is done.



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Cheers man. He has been doing the rounds for awhile thats forsure. I think i'll call him Commander Diagon. Lord of the Plague Force Virulent Malaodor.















hes not perfect by any stretch. I have a few complaints about the pose, largely me just rushing. But if something really bothers me i can always address it later.



Holy wow i forget how bigs the photos are here in the real internet. (normally i view on my phone.)

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Thanks for the comments brothers, it really keeps the motivation flowing!

I wasn't planning Commander Diagon (other than vague impressions of gaps in the army aesthetic, - i needed a stock standing gunner guy - I hadn't done one yet)

So i really feel he came out of my enthusiasm to be posting on the B&C again, and at getting such a warm reception here for the army. So in a way he is a product of the thread (forum) a gift, if you will. Im quite pleased with him.

So i decided my sorcerer needed his back-pack jazzed up a little, to be on par with Diagon. Then I briefly re-visited the other lords. The white residue in my earliar washes is really killing the hobby for me. I want to address it asap.

I just picked up my paints for the plague marines. I went with the most common colours mentioned after a quick google search. However I opted to go with the vallejo game colour range, as i am trying to move away from citadel paints. They wont be much special, but i'll have fun with them and that was the whole point to doing plague marines.

I've had a lot of fun going way over the top with my kit-bashing, but it was nice to revisit The Black Legion, who are more subtle and stylised.

More rambling in future episodes. I have big plans for the black legion.

Anyhoo here are some pictures. Im really excited to start painting, my goal is to not leave the house all weekend. smile.png








There is definitly a story weaving between these characters, I just need to put it into words.

Im really torn between getting photoshop and tinkering with that (for backgrounds) or going oldschool and legit building some terrain.

I also stopped at the gaming store and it seems there is a pretty healthy 40k crowd, so i might actually get this force on the tabletop.

Very exciting times!!

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ok so first my vow 



I BrotherJim, Warlord of the Black Legion Warband known as The Shattered Heart, rise to the challenge of the E TENEBRAE LUX.

For the Glory of Chaos i vow to complete the following,



Typhus 230

Plague Sorcerer with Sigil of Corruption 100


6 cultist 64

5 plaguemarine, plasma, rhino 185


6 plaguemarine, melta, rhino 199

Dread 125


Total points 903


On or before 15th of August 2016. Success will bring the Blessings of Chaos to the Warband and the Forum, failure with compel me to wear the badge of Oathbreaker until years end.





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So I think I got my colours sorted.


First I went on a basecoat bonanza





Using a 50/50 mix of heavy green and dead flesh, I began dry brushing. All hail the mighty drybrush!







At this point I ran out of brown paint! Whoops! Had to duck out and get some more!





Here they are awaiting washes. I decided to pack up early and make some plans.




I'm really pleased. Hooray for drybrushing! I think some washes will help a lot.


I'm on pretty good track to keep my vow. Once I get rolling it will be fine. I cannot anticipate anything going wrong, aside from some difficulty getting to the post office to pick up my rhino doors. I may have to leave work early one day next week.


I decided to vow it as one big lot, I didn't want to look like a weakling in front of the other chaos lords :D

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thanks again dudes.


I dont know what to say anymore. I built another dudesman. He has his place, in the grand scheme of things. This is the very end of my space marine collection. I cannot build anymore squads without spending some dough. I'm really bummed about the old space marines kits going away. The new kits just arent working out for me. I need that nostalgia punch.


I'm not saying I wont collect the new "bigger" space marine range. Im just seriously lamenting the loss of the old kits. Now rumour has it that the chaos range is on the way out too, i'm really anxious about the future of the chaos space marine range. Thank god we have Forgeworld. 


I'm really pleased i've managed to built this army, just the way it is. It will be my army forever more. I want to finish and expand the Black Legion quickly, but i was hoping to take a break from infantry for awhile. Two more CSM kits should see me through. 


Anyway forget all that. I have been building towards this for awhile, and finally the well broke. The pieces all came together nicely. I wanted to build a renegade squad of space marines who could double as raptors and regular troops. I decided to commit them to Raptors and they will serve as the fast attack shock troops for my Plague marine force. I do love assault marines. Soon I will get some bikes for the plague cause, but for now, these guys will serve.


I built a hero to lead them an he has a lot of cool ideas in him. Hes like an aquanaut, sump-marine. An intrepid explorer of inter-dimension underhives. Or some such.

He doesnt need to make sense, and thats the point.
















I'm really determined with this poo-brown colour. I'll build a whole nother army if i have to! oh but wait, I dont have the parts!


Ive been eyeing off the old spacemarine battleforce on ebay, the chaos one too... I was going to grab the demon prince and some posssessed for my BL, but now im not as certain. At least now i can settle into painting while i decided what to do next...


Thanks for looking, feedback welcome, have a good week!

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You have an incredible eye for conversions, and there are so many cool kitbashes already on merely 2 pages -- very nice! The Plague Marines, the BL champions and that latest guy with the (brilliantly realised) open faceplate are probably my favourites.


Just because I'm a mean bastard, however, I cannot help pointing out that your painting is not yet on the same level as the quality of your conversions -- and I do think it wouldn't be all that hard to elevate, say, your Black Legion Marines to the next level with a few touchups here and there: Some facial highlights, maybe a bit of red cloth ahere and there, and a different colour for the power weapons and plasma coils instead of that pretty boring dark green. Just a bit more pop all around, really.


I am not saying this because I want to demoralise you, but rather to show you that it would be easy to bring your painting much closer to the coolness of your conversions -- anyway, I hope you'll be taking this as constructive criticism, the way it was intended!


Keep up the great work! :)

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