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The Shattered Heart Warband. Make it louder.


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You can tell I'm proud if Noxious given how many photos I've taken off him.


Despite that; all I can see it mold lines and un-finished paint work. There really are a lot of little bits I suppose.


Anyway let's keep moving so we can see how easily things get forgotten around here.


Next I present for your perusal, Lord Commander Diagon, of the Night Lords 18th Battle Comapny - ahem - no, sorry, excuse me: He is a plague marine. I swear! Ahahaha I suppose what really attracted me to plague marines was the idea that I could built whatever I liked and get away with it it. That was lord Noxious. Then after posting here in the forum I was meet with great reception and realised I wanted to do more, and I could do whatever I liked.


So I built up a Lord to lead my forces into battle. All told I am a Berzerker by nature. Whenever I face a problem I just push harder until I break through it. This only works for so long. Part of the reason I enjoy the hobby so much is because it's really teaching me how to slow down. Pull up, instead of pushing through. And I value the lesson and I value the hobby for teaching it to me.


But the Real Lord around here is the Berzerker champ. He seems underwhelming because he only has power axes. But he does have errant armour, and therein lies the problem. I love the look of errant armour neck guards, but I really want to built a berserker lord from the heavy duty chas kits. I'm not even sure if it will look alright, using the berserker upper bodies (though not the arms) with the chaos space marine legs. Conversions non-withstanding.


If you look closely I really can't do kitbashing at all. In terms of mixing and matching armour marks. Just can't do it. The one exception I made was with the bezerkers, who use assault marine mk7 legs. Lots of reasons for this, mainly I wanted to get things going quickly, and I figured it would have been the popular conversion around 3rd edition when I was only young and had my fledging Orlock gang. Also the use of the assault marine legs fed into the faceplate conversion which I am really fond of and is the corner stone of the whole army effect really.


This too is another gem stone I found during my space wolves effort. One of the coolest things about Space Wolves is that if you squint your eyes, they kind of look like Khorne Bersekers. And I'm going old school on this. I feel I need to underline that fact. I'm not talking about World Eaters, or Death Gurad. Not even Sons of Horus. All of those ideas are too heady and grandiose for a humble warrior like me.

I like to keep things simply and I really enjoy chopping up plastic. And I love the old school.


Anyway I get distracted easily. Back to the show.


Lord Commander Diagon, The Steadfast. The Upright. The Leader of the Plague Force Virlent Malador and the only thing keeping its rotten heart from consuming itself. The Plage Marines have fallen a long way from their genetic potential, but there is still some fight in them yet.













Probably the coolest thing I have ever done. Thanks!


Still needs some work though, ill need to look at the big pictures.

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Really pleased with these chaps. The use of the devastation back pack really came out of my desire to built a squad, that could count as both chosen or havocs. I though wouldn't it be cool to use a plasma gun, and run a cable to the heavy back back, so it could count as either a plasma gun or a plasma cannon. Oh darn, chaos don't get plasma cannons. But still the idea stuck. I thought maybe I could do I destroyer style squad, with duel plasma pistols, and cable running to the heavy back pack.


Once I took the idea to plague marine territory, the well broke. I realised that plague marines are elites, they are neither chosen nor havocs. Once I started building I knew to use the horns for the Black Legion and the sprouts form the plague marines.


I already had the face plate conversion for the Bersekers, so things were coming up nicely. I decided to built my characters first, and I will talk more about them as I return to the Black Legion. But once I had the idea to use the heavy back packs to mount bits on, it really just became a case of finding the biggest icon I could, and incorporating that into the back pack.


I will be doing this for Krauties gift, which is the perfect excuse for me to repeat myself and document to process, I may even discover something new along the way!



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Lastly the other stuff.


I'm running out of words and I'll probably go off to bed shortly.












Very close now. Just lots of nick backs and the big man himself. I'm actually really proud and pleased with the army. It's so much better than I expected.


I would do a whole army shot until I'm sure I've finished. I've missed the jump for the ETL this week, which is a shame, so I might as well take the week to bring it home strong.


Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques most welcome.


Now that things are settled at work, especially considering I am back on day shift, we should settle into a nice routine. I've also got heaps of stuff to paint. Going to need some chaos black spray i think.


I'm keen to try for 5 vows but I still want them to be sizable. I don't want to be seen to be scamming, but I do want maximum effect, so it will be tricky to balance.

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There is still a lot of work to be done. But feel free to shout advice anyway!






There is a lot missing from this one, but I'll not rush him! Good things take time. And practice ;)

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I really wanted to use the forge world vokolite contemplator dreadnought arm whatsee. But this is all I had laying around.


Maybe there will be something more Appriopriate in the helbrute box.


Threw in and extra sword arm for good measure







Now he reminds me of Goro from the orginally Mortal Kombat. Not sure about the second arm.


I may go with horns, or a cowling hooding. He's going to take some time and practice me thinks.


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I think the Prince looked better before the extra additions, but he's still looking good. The green stuff near the assault cannons looks nice and organic and the multiple arm idea is good too, however I think he's just a bit too busy?

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Right, is it safe to reply now? I had something to say earlier, but I didn't want to interrup your stream of consciousness there ;)


So yeah, let's get to it: It's great to see you back in business and also rather fired up, by the look of it. So let's take this from the top:


First of all, let me say that the Nurglite army is really shaping up into something fantastic here -- the painting has improved leaps and bounds over your Black Legion. Granted, Nurgle is a pretty rewarding faction, but it's also the fact that you seem more confident in this project, which has brought the level of your painting closer to the - rather spectacular - level of your conversions.


So, Noxious and Diagon: I just love the dynamic going on between these two: Diagon looks every part the battle-hardened war leader, while Noxious seems more ethereal and wraithlike. At the same time, they share enough visual cues to seem like a really coherent duo. Diagon is pretty much perfect that way, and I'd probably consider him finished. Noxious is a fantastic conversion alright, but seeing him up close now makes me realise he does need something to draw the eye after all. Plus that lamp on his backpack seems pretty unfinished to me. So here's my suggestion: How about painting that lamp, as well as the eyes of the facemasks fused to his armour, in an eerie light blue, will-o-the-wisp-style. That would push the idea of him being more attuned to the warp than his fellow commander, plus it would add some points of interest to his figure without being overwhelming. I am thinking a similar colour to your plasma weapons, only with a slightly paler final highlight.The


Plague Marines are looking excellent! Really good call to change their plasma weapons to blue -- it's such a stunning visual contrast! Please finish that mechanical claw on that one plasma guy, though, so you can call these finished ;)


The tanks are looking very good so far -- they are still WIP, though aren' they? So it won't make much sense to point out the unfinished areas (like the treads), right?


The Dread really needs some love ASAP to bring it in line with the infantry. Looking at it right now is kinda painful, not because it's horrible, but because I so want to see it brought to the level of the other guys. The horns are perfect now, btw.


The cultists are great, like I said earlier. They have this very strong lab/mortuary assistant look that really works (and that I haven't really seen yet either, even though it seems such a natural fit for Nurgle). Very nice!


That new Terminator Lord/Sorcerer seems promising -- I'm getting quite a Word Bearer vibe from that guy, though, or is he Black Legion?


And finally, I agree that you've done quite a number on that Daemon Prince, and I feel kinda guilty now for pushing you ;) Seriously, though: A single sword arm should be enough, and those cannon arms need to go -- they are terrible! As for the rebreather on the head: That might stll kinda work. How about sculpting a bigger version of Noxious' hood and adding it to the DP's head, with the horns punching through it? That would look really cool, I imagine!


Phew, I am tired now. And looking forward to your next update, of course! :)

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Ok so from here on in I will try to make more formal replies (as time allows)


@person73 - cheers man and thanks for the honesty. I knew from the start the demon prince was going to give me grief. My whole intention was to just leave him alone, and try to treat it like a painting project. All that skin area and his wings look good to practice some actual painting on.


However this is me we are talking about. Looking at Jian diaz's 40k demon prince, he's got that beasty gun fist going on. That's why I'm so determined to get some kind of gun arm happening. It's really just a matter of choosing the right one. I like the heavy bolters I've used, technically, they have a lot of cool elements, the auto cannon barrels, the belt chain, I like the spliced effect the two of them have.


And yet despite all that, I know they look like absolute rubbish. It's frustrating. They should look cool but they don't.


I thought to try a re-breather to tie him back to the other lords, along with some cable and what not. I wasn't really happy with the head, it's the least crap of the three you get. Plus it's the long and slender one, for the record, I'm quite tall and skinny. I think that's part of why I always push the leg conversions so far, because I'm subconsciously using myself as reference.


Anyway at this stage I no longer have a demon prince.


@ Krauties - Bravo my good man! You did well to take that all in! Jesus Christ mate! Thanks for the review, and the advice as always brother! Honestly mate, I'm still trying to catch up to some of your earlier advice! You left me behind pages ago!


I forgot to say thanks for the spot of advice about Noxious' token skull. Painting a rune or some such in blood would look the business, and certainly isn't the kind of thing I would have thought about on my own. Sadly the skull I've used has a chunk taken out of it right in the centre, and need a still need to sculpt his thumb, much to my embarrassment.


Further more, painting the eyes of the helms in his shoulder pads to match the lamp, in blue, is absolute, mad genius! It seems the perfect solution to brighten him up abit with compromising any of his other elements. He sure is one busy mini, with the shoulder pad faces and hood and skull and axe and lamp! So many little areas all competing for attention, and all deserving some glow, when all I really want his face to be the focus, he doesn't even have a face!


Oh wraith-like that's a good descriptor!


Hearing you talk about the army is getting me all fired up about it. I even napped some extras pictures of Diagon and Noxious, so we could compare the two side by side.










In looking at the two I think I might like to fill out a command squad. I really want to do a fallen apothecary type fellow, again I just need to find the exactly the right narcathium part. I think I could do ok kit bashing the space marine command squad with the chaos space marine kit.


This is largely due to the fact I have just included too many cool ideas in Noxious. I don't really know how I would build another soceror. So I thought I might just build two more who are mirrors of Noxious. All the same ideas but just different details.



But to be quite honest I'll be so happy when I never have to paint it or look at it again. Vowing so much (for me) in one hit was a mistake. I'm too flaky by nature, I like to float around, and I get bored easily. I'm so defeated by this army, I'll be glad when it's over.



The new termie lord has captured my attention currently. He does indeed look like a Word Bearer. The thing I really like about Chaos Space Marines is that I seem to resonate with all of them in some way. Which is ultimately why I choose Black Legion in the end. They seem all consuming, all conclusive.


I think it's even cannon now, (or always has been?) to reswear new vows to the Warmaster and The Long War.


It's tricky because, I would really like to build a token squad of Iron Warriors, or Night Lords or even Word Bearers, and steal all their cool themes. And then just paint em Black. However you get tired of painting black, and so the attraction is to built and paint something else.


Anyway I ramble


@ Krauty again - I haven't forgotten your gift! I recently decided not to cheat the process so I've ordered a fresh set of legs for the operation. :)

I'm really torn as to whether I want to go the whole effort and rebuild the legs completely from Chaos marine legs.


This is actually a personal dilemma about how I want my berserkers to look.


Your guy is going to be like a cross between lord lighting claw and the Bezerker Lord. as I said I'm feeling burnt out by the demon fail, and the army painting in general, normally I'm a really slow operator. So it will be great to sit down and slow down and get back to basics.


I miss infantry. I think I'm going to maybe attempt to built up my cabal. I really just need that one piece that idenifies them as the sorcerer. Sadly for chaos I don't really like any of those bits. All the staffs are too wonky, all the helms are too over the top, the main thing they all have is a tabard or robe, so not sure which one to use....


It's a tricky knot, but I'm sure it will come undone eventually.


Thanks again to everyone who has commented, I tried to reply today but I'm too flattered, all I can say is thanks im really humbled.

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Hey dudes.


I realise it's not very exciting for us but look what I got!




Oh so good, give me another hit.





Oh man that's the stuff! It was only $40! (au)



You know I have never been able to built up and paint a vanilla tactical squad. They are just so boring!!! These guys will go to my little renegade effort.


I'm not really sure though, either way I always build the unit nice and clean first, then look at kitbashing converting after I have all the profiles down.


I think I'm definitely going to busy myself with renegade squads, and just focus on characters for the Black Legion and the Plague Force.

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Today's update is happening because I am having some trouble.

The problem is I cannot get my primer to stick to the horns I have sculpted. I'm assuming this is due to the excessive amount of Vaseline I used, when mixing and sculpting the green stuff.

Has anyone had this triuble before? I have tried scrubbing with just water, maybe I should try soapy water? Perhaps if I had hit the beast with a chaos black spray, that would have stuck?


I really hope there is some solution because I enjoy converting on the fly like this. I'll keep nutting away at it, but hopefully there is some advice?


I brought pictures too :)


Here we are




Here's the trouble




A better shot




The primer just won't stick


Now what else is going on, diligently painting the tracks




I've resurrected my demon prince. Literally trawled through my bin and put him back together. It's always this way your first time with a new mini. He feels more authentic now that he has been reborn. I might go the plague route with him.


There was a satisfying moment when I cut and popped off the green stuff on his face, to reveal his fangs grinning at me.




I'm back!!


But what's this down here...




The end of my vow insight. A death and a re-birth.




man I love the Black Legion paint scheme.




could really use some advice on the Vaseline/green stuff/primer dilemma.


It seems for the ETL the cut off is around Saturday afternoon for here down under. I will paint typhus tomorrow night and Saturday morning and call it a job done.



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Today's update is happening because I am having some trouble.

The problem is I cannot get my primer to stick to the horns I have sculpted. I'm assuming this is due to the excessive amount of Vaseline I used, when mixing and sculpting the green stuff.

Has anyone had this triuble before? I have tried scrubbing with just water, maybe I should try soapy water? Perhaps if I had hit the beast with a chaos black spray, that would have stuck?

I really hope there is some solution because I enjoy converting on the fly like this. I'll keep nutting away at it, but hopefully there is some advice?

I brought pictures too smile.png


Yes your best using soapy water & the undercoat re-acting because of the Vaseline.

The Daemon Prince model looking really cool. Was going to say if your able to get a clear plastic rod from any model store or if you've got the clear plastic rod from the flying stand. That would be cool to add to the model?

Ether way, you got to get him painted :D

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Cheers IP! Thanks for that man. I feel lazy, I should have tried.

But if I take the mini for a serious scrub, I want to varnish the paint job first. Which means I need to finish the paint job first. :)


Yeah I need to get the flying stand for sure. That's what bugs me about flying miniatures. I have some with my DE army but they are not in the house with me. I think it's safer to leave that box alone for a few years.


I should say I have a DE army for the minis, but I wanted to build and play this army for the Fluff. I was just thinking I need to get the codex and get going. I will probably take my minis to the store, simply because I am new in town and have been lurking around the store for a few months, getting paints and what not.


So I need to get a flying stand from eBay. But I have a very long watch list on eBay, I just received some shoulder pads for the renegades. So it's on the list.


Also I need more 5mm cork sheet for my Obilitoraters which I keep forgetting about, the junk store has run out. I discovered a new shop on eBay which has all kinds of fantastic stuff, so I'm saving up for it when I get paid next month.


I'm really anxious about painting the demon prince I think that's why I killed him. But now he's back! I don't know if I want to throw him in with the black legion (who I may spray black and race through for the ETL) or if I should spray him white and try to take myself seriously.


I'm not sure if I want bone colour wings and black skin, or the reverse. Black wings with bone skin.


Getting paid monthly is really helping me prioritise my goals. This weekend will be the end of my vow. And the start of something else.


Thanks again I'll keep cracking on!

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Also should note the final tipping point for the demon prince conversion, was when I saw Paz's one is his thread which is beyond awesome.


Looking at the demon prince legs I think this is the most "natural" conversion, but I wasn't certain it could be done until I saw Paz's one. and I'm only guessing his use the same legs.


I was mighty tempted to make him stand up. But I knew I would want to remove the extra knee and try for some power armour legs. Which I feel is beyond my reach currently.


Plus I really just want to paint him asap

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Alrighty dudes lets just power through some image spam to bring us up to speed, after receiving some advice, I was able to complete the army, and with it, my vow.






Warm soapy water ehh? Who knew? At least after this I won't forget again :)




Getting distracted




Back on track






















It's been nice getting back into the swing of things with my camera. Next up -> Army Shots!

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@ Venonlust - thanks man! I really couldn't have imagined they would look so good all together! All those little fiddlely elements really help to pull it all together, I'm wrapped!


& Insane - thanks matey! And thanks again for your advice, really saved the day! I'm not sure if I'll make another vow, after 7 weeks of working on the same thing, I'm enjoying the freedom of working on whatever takes my fancy. I'm much more of a hobby butterfly than an army painter. But making my vow really helped to get this done, so there is something to be said for exercising some disciple now and then. And for the support and encouragement offer by the community. Really happy I started the thread, as I said the army has really taken a life of its own, and is levels beyond what I could have achieved working in isolation.


I will in all likelihood just vow the remaining Black Legion elements I have. I'll need to check the points, and I want to grab the codex, so I'm not sure, I'm just chilling at the moment. I might do some time lapse shots of the Plague Force to help celebrate my victory. :D


In the mean time, I felt like a scene change.






I will probably have this dude finished up tonight. I might not though. :)

Also thinking about familiars, what a cool unit I could convert or kitbash to counts as Familiars? Also looking into chaos spawn and Chaos demons...

I keep coming back to the crypt ghouls kit, seems like a good place to start. I'm also think about bikes for the plague force.


I'm really stuck with the Black Legion. I want to finish their Transports, but I need the ForgeWorld doors and SD's chaos armour upgrade. So that's roughly the price of a whole bother rhino! I'm resentful that I cannot just buy one box and have it be done. I feel like I've inherited a 20+ year old problem here, there are lots of great solutions for jazzing up chaos rhinos, so we'll have to wait and see.


I'm just the kind of person, I can't buy more troops until they have a transport, and I like to build a character to lead them, and maybe some support elements. Hey presto a whole new army!


We'll see! I want to show some old photos of my Space Wolves army, before I start making more characters, I'm not sure if that would be Appropriate for the chaos forum, or if I should start a thread in the WIP section.


If I came to the chaos forum and saw a whole bunch of wolves, well, that would be naff.

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Ok everybody, strap yourselves in, and hold on to ya butts.

I'm going to do some time lapse photography magic. I just want to make sure that everybody is a sick to death of this army as I am. (Hah, you get it? Sick to death? Plague marines?)

Need to do it from my laptop































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I'm working on the Black Legion Sorcerer who I will call Lord Valerion. I'm kinda just ruining him at this point, in terms of paint job. I attempted to highlight his helmet arms with silver, but the paint was too thin and just went everywhere. Also a stray hair go stuck in his face plate and spoilt the area a bit. I'm open on suggestions as to how to finish him up some more. Maybe some vows/oaths and chaos runes on his tabard? I need to do the horn on the weapon and I just noticed I missed washing the face on the weapon also. I was going to highlight the gold, but after the faceplate I think I'll call it quits.


In terms of conversion I am really pleased. He marks my return to the Black Legion and has all the tricks to show for it. He's got the face plate conversion, the converted weapon arm, the plastic tube legs, the empty hand (which j haven't spoken about yet, and an attitude that's says I do want I like. Haha. The only thing he is missing is the bone horns. I want to practice this on the sump marine renegade, I want some kind of ethereal bone arms/horns that could either be wings or some kind of exo-skeleton, the mark of demonic corruption/elavation.


Yes Lord Valerion, Sorcerer to the Shattered Heart Warband and Keeper of its Secrets. He is the Flame Incardium and Master Illusionary.














Still missed some bits :/

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