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  1. From the album: Primaris Space Marines

    A Dusk Howlers Vindthursar ('Wind-Giants') are a subset of Blooded Claws. This specialist unit is composed of the most headstrong troublemakers from each Blooded Claw pack and are often "rewarded" by reassignment to a Vindthursar Assault Pack and thus serve as the Chapter's equivalent of Primaris Inceptors.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  2. Greetings battle-brothers, I come before you with a conundrum. I have the Dark Imperium, Shadowspear and soon the Indomitus sets and I am wondering if it is possible to fit the contents into a standard codex chapter company? I ask this because I need to figure out which company markings, squad numbers and identifications should I apply on the models and how many upgrade kits and transfers do I need to procure? I think that the Captains are in fact probably the same marine just with different gear loadouts, same for the lieutenants. What do you think?
  3. Okay, so. I just got Shadowspear for Christmas. I already own a Vanguard Librarian because I eBay'd for one during my Blood Angels days and reused the model for my Raven Guard. I still have the new Libby on the sprue... I'm thinking Chaos Vanguard Sorcerer. I can't think of a single reason other than there aren't any yet in lore NOT to convert him up into one. I could even have him be made from stolen Primaris gene-stock and some warp ery. Thoughts?
  4. Quick question regarding Angels Sanguine and Primaris. I read that Cawl stated that all the flaws were removed from the geneseed. No one really knows why the Angels Sanguine do not show their faces. But it is thought that it is a flaw in the geneseed. Scouts obviously wouldn't wear helmets. What about the Primaris though? What are your thoughts on this?
  5. Acquired a Primaris Marine for a painting competition, despite the fact I can't paint worth a damn. However, I did my best and even converted the model a little! Behold, Sergeant "Tiber" Tiberius of the Supernovas! http://i.imgur.com/bnTqHYn.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/2sTj7xl.png http://i.imgur.com/HB9AREE.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/KBFXoCx.png Sergeant Tiberius was one of ten Primaris Space Marines assigned to the Supernovas Chapter in the wake of their Tyrannic War upon their homeworld of Tasal. Initially distrusted, Tiberius slowly began to adapt to the Chapter's ways and customs, eventually becoming a respected and appreciated addition to the Fifth Company's fighting force.
  6. Hi all, Got my first vanguard primaris painted. Hopefully this will be the start of a long-term project. The rest of the squad should be incoming.
  7. +++++++ Gods created their angels not to dispense peace upon the meek, but to bring death to creation's teratisms Gods created their angels not to sit and defend the hearth, but to visit bloody vengeance upon oathbreakers We were created in the image of those very beings by our beloved Emperor Why should we be any different? The Proclamation of the Sanguine Twillight +++++++ >>>>Accessing File 3384772-81<<<< >>>>Please stand by<<<< .... .... .... >>>>Access granted<<<< >>>>Unspooling telemetric datastorage<<<< CHAPTER: The Emperor's Reavers HOMEWORLD: Polybius(Recruitment Planet) & Kula(Main Vessel) STATUS: Operational, nearly at full strength, loyal CODEX ADHERENCE: Divergent in extremis EMBLEM: The Gauntlet Argentum LIVERY: Bisected, aquatic green & dark lilac FOUNDING: 3rd (Officially) PRIMOGENITOR: Ferrus Manus (Allegedly) +++++++ -Lord Inquisitor Colmar, I bring you the geno-screening results. The process has been repeated thrice, as per your request- -Very well, you have my thanks. The results?- -Yes of course. The Emperor's Reaver's geneseed is derived from the line of Ferrus Manus and has deteriorated little. The acceptance of mechanic augmentation is formidable and the displayed zeal and contempt for 'lesser mortals' is comparable to those of the Iron Hands and Brazen Claws. However, divergent strains have been discovered- -Divergent strains, genetrix?- -Yes lord. Not so much impurities, but rather underlying strains of genic material that I was able to discover by manually dissecting and analyzing the material you have provided me with instead of feeding it to the machines. The resulting markers point to the Raiders of Dusk and the Children of the Night, both of Terran stock- -What conclusion do you draw from this?- -There are two distinct possibilities, lord Colmar. Either, I have made a severe mistake in my analysis and accused an ancient and respected chapter of not only muddied blood, but tainted one too- -Or?- -Somebody has manipulated technology and records for millenia in order to hide geno-heresy. I believe later to be the truth, my lord. Who sanctioned and supervised the creation of this chapter?- -Two seals are imprinted upon their chapter history and data-troves. One belongs to a now dissolved coven of genetors that had been put in place by the High Lords- -The other?- -The Sigillite- +++++++ +++++++ Why is it, that the sons bear their fathers' taints? Why is it, that sin is passed down by blood? Why is it, that where once a rotten apple has grown, ne'r a sweet and healthy one will do so again? If corruption can be passed down, then why not virtue too? How can corruption sprout from virtue, but virtue not from corruption? Is it not the son that understands his father's sins the best? Is it not he that has the greatest reason of all to aspire towards greatness: redemption? I say, it is not blood that taints the sons of lesser fathers, it is the minds of zealots and mongrels. I say, let a phoenix arise from ashes, for the deepest darkness is still cast by the greatest fire. I say, let Dracul's heir strive towards light, for at least he may immolate himself in his gambit for redemption. Greatness and, indeed, purity can be wrested from darkness. If a chance is given, that is. Al'Amir, Pre-Imperial Philosopher, early m3 +++++++ +++++++ Polybius, the frozen jewel of the Segmentum Obscuros. Situated close to the galactic north, a scant few lightyears away from the eternal void, lies the home-world of the Emperor's Reavers. Where Fenris is trapped in an eternal cycle of furious ice and roiling summer's heat, Polybius is a sphere of eternal, silent glaciers so clear, that one can, at times, see miles below oneself. Several great hive-cities dot the landscape, all isolated for decades at times, save for the few traders and smugglers that operate in the ever-hungry wastes. Considering the mineral wealth of Polybius, it is not surprising that the Mechanicus had taken great interest in the planet in millenias past. One hive, a decrepit thing destroyed by glacial shifts, had been given to refugee-priests of forgeworld Shyngar, which had been destroyed somewhen in m33 due to massed orkoid attacks. The chapter allows the since then estabilished coven to practice their faith upon Polybius and mine as much material as needed, provided they use their knowledge and mastery of the iron arts to supply the chapter with a rich variety of weapons, tanks and armours. Apart from this hive, aptly named the Cauldron due the seas of boiling water that had formed around it, the chapter recruits exclusively from the various gangs that have formed in the underbellies of the various mega-cities, much like how the Imperial Fists prefer certain hardied stocks when drawing new blood from Necromunda. +++++++ +++++++ The Emperor's Reavers place little emphasize on personal valour and honour while recruiting from the local gangs. Instead, they search for small groups of individuals, preferably between five and ten in number, which are then collectively subjected to trials of skill, strength and knowledge. It is their aim to create a pool of recruits that already shows an affinity for working together and in tight, gang-like unity; such qualities are desired amongst the Adeptus Astartes, especially chapters that focus on Zone Mortalis and boarding actions, such as the Emperor's Reavers. Armed with sword, axes, and simple stub-pistols, the recruits are sent into the lowest underbellies in search of hidden caches of bolt-shells. Each recruit is to bring one to his future lords. Those who fail, who fall to treason or to the eldritch fauna within the cavernous halls of ice, are left there to rot, their arms and clothes scavenged by their fellow men to ensure better survival. Polybius is a hard world and it breeds cutthroats, corsairs and drug-frenzied berzerks alike. The Reavers welcome all with open arms. +++++++ +++++++ The chapter cares little for the structures laid out by the codex astartes and has faced critique time and time again from both the Imperial Fists and the genealogy of Guillaume. It was during m39 that the Genesis chapter and the Emperor's Reavers had come to blows over an insult that had been voiced by Captain Irilius of the Genesis' second company. Since then, contact has been scarce between the two chapters and the Genesis have been declared unwelcome within the domain of the Reaver's and that no fraternity shall exist between the two chapters, unless Ilius would be willing to settle his differences in a duel. The nine companies of the Emperor's Reavers are expected to function as independently as possible, thus recruiting and providing independently of each other. The chapter master, called Imperial Commander, presides over the company he had led before his election; it is Imperial Commander Ivan that leads the chapter at the helm of the fourth company. Each company has an own cadre of veterans and is expected to keep its suits of terminator armour in battle-ready condition. During the efforts of the Indomitus Crusade, lord Guillaume has brought the knowledge of Primaris creation to the Reavers. What conversations had been held between Ivan and the lord commander were not recorded, but both parties had parted in surprisingly amicable mood. +++++++ +++++++ Indeed, the integration of Primaris Astartes has occurred seamlessly and without the creation of new companies or philosophical strife. Much of the armoury that lord Guillaume had provided, however, had been traded with other chapters or heavily modified in order to fit the Emperor's Reavers modus operandi better. The bolt-rifles have been replaced with the RT-B01 subtype Umbra-pattern bolter, a weapon very common amongst chapters that fight within tight confines as its compact size, decreased weight and high fire-rate have proven to be invaluable in such circumstances, even if it requires more maintenance and is more prone to jamming. Each primaris is equipped with slightly modified mark X armour, usually modifications apply to shoulders and helmets, a bolter and a close combat weapon, be that a knife, machete or power-swords in the case of the chapter's Reaver equivalent, the Bukavac. Indeed, primaris Reavers and Intercessors have been blended together in purpose, as the stripped down mark X armour that Reavers usually employ has proven to be too unstable in boarding actions. Inceptors do not feature within the chapter, for all companies have abandoned such equipment in favour of more common assault formations and tactics. Aggressors, and indeed Gravis armour, are still a heavily discussed topic within each company's strategium, as some argue that with modifications, such units could prove much valuable to the chapter's tactics, while other argue that the material invested in the production of gravis suits should rather be invested in tactical dreadnought armour. +++++++
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