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  1. My place for all things Space Marine! I have started to built a small force for the Horus Heresy, after having abandoned Space Marines for almost a decade now. The Nuncio Vox in the new MK6 kit looks too 40k in my eyes , so I have built my own version, for my two tactical squads.
  2. I've just completed my first White Scars Squadron and thought I'd share some pictures with you guys. These are some of my favourite GW models for a long time and they're an absolute joy to paint up. Rik
  3. From the album: OSS's White Scars

    The army as it stands now......without the recent reinforcements to bring it up to full strength.
  4. Hey Guys A long time ago I made a WS army, but I have (due to corona) not been playing since an age ago. I an currently trying to put together an army which at one time is for fun play and at another time for turnement play. I am hoping for some feedback. ++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - White Scars) [92 PL, 8CP, 2,000pts] ++ + Configuration + **Chapter Selector**: Custom Chapter, Hungry for Battle, Tactical Withdrawal, White Scars Successor Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points) Detachment Command Cost + Stratagems + Gifts of the Khans [-1CP] Relics of the Chapter [-1CP]: Number of Extra Relics + HQ + Captain [6 PL, -1CP, 120pts]: Astartes Chainsword, Chogorian Storm, Jump Pack, Storm shield, Stratagem: Tempered by Wisdom, Teeth of Terra, The Imperium's Sword, Warlord Captain on Bike [8 PL, -1CP, 170pts]: Chapter Command: Chapter Master, Master of the Codex, Storm shield, Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter, Thunder hammer, Wrath of the Heavens + Troops + Infiltrator Squad [6 PL, 130pts]: Helix gauntlet . 4x Infiltrator: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Marksman bolt carbine . Infiltrator Sergeant Infiltrator Squad [6 PL, 130pts]: Helix gauntlet . 4x Infiltrator: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Marksman bolt carbine . Infiltrator Sergeant Tactical Squad [5 PL, 130pts] . 3x Space Marine: 3x Bolt pistol, 3x Boltgun, 3x Frag & Krak grenades . Space Marine Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Power fist . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta Tactical Squad [5 PL, 130pts] . 3x Space Marine: 3x Bolt pistol, 3x Boltgun, 3x Frag & Krak grenades . Space Marine Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Power fist . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta + Elites + Relic Terminator Squad [9 PL, 190pts] . Relic Terminator: Combi-bolter, Lightning Claw . Relic Terminator: Combi-bolter, Lightning Claw . Relic Terminator: Combi-bolter, Power fist . Relic Terminator Sergeant: Chainfist, Plasma blaster . Relic Terminator w/Heavy Weapon: Lightning Claw, Reaper autocannon Terminator Assault Squad [9 PL, 200pts]: Teleport Homer . Assault Terminator Sergeant . . Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield: Thunder hammer . 2x Assault Terminator w/THSS: 2x Storm shield, 2x Thunder hammer . 2x Assault Terminator w/x2LC: 2x Lightning Claw (Pair) Vanguard Veteran Squad [7 PL, 155pts]: Jump Pack . Vanguard Veteran: Lightning Claw, Storm shield . Vanguard Veteran: Lightning Claw, Storm shield . Vanguard Veteran: 2x Lightning Claw . Vanguard Veteran: Storm shield, Thunder hammer . Vanguard Veteran Sergeant: Relic blade, Storm shield + Fast Attack + Land Speeders [6 PL, 140pts] . Land Speeder: Multi-melta . Land Speeder: Multi-melta Outrider Squad [6 PL, 150pts]: Outrider Sgt . 2x Outrider: 2x Astartes Chainsword, 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 2x Twin Bolt rifle + Heavy Support + Devastator Squad [8 PL, 135pts]: Armorium Cherub . Devastator Marine Sergeant: Astartes Chainsword, Boltgun . Devastator Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon . Devastator Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon . Devastator Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon . Devastator Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon Eliminator Squad [5 PL, 90pts]: Bolt sniper rifle . Eliminator Sergeant: Instigator Bolt Carbine . 2x Eliminators: 2x Bolt pistol, 2x Camo cloak, 2x Frag & Krak grenades + Dedicated Transport + Razorback [6 PL, 130pts]: Hunter-killer missile, Storm bolter, Twin lascannon ++ Total: [92 PL, 8CP, 2,000pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe
  5. Hey All- been away for a long time. Forcing myself to get back in by setting a goal to have a tourney-decent list ready for a Tournament upcoming in July 2021. Ticket is paid for, hotel is reserved- so I am committed at this point in order to help motivate me. So, here is the thing: I suck as a general in general- and I haven't played a single game of 9th edition. My successor chapter uses White Scars rules, stratagems, etc.- keeping things simple by sticking with (what little) I know. My goal is so have a list that follows my theme of "Strike fast, strike hard". Also, they are very devout, and always take a Chaplain for every detachment. I have no expectations of winning my battles- I just want to be competitive and play it well- so the simpler the rules/choices for a unit, the better. I am not taking any large vehicles on purpose- both by theme, and to make the army easier to travel with on a plane. I don't have any new/Primaris models purchased- so I need to bring my army up to speed, while hopefully using a good chunk of existing infantry. Ok, be gentle- but open to any and all ideas so I can lock down a list and get paining... Storm Brothers (Fast List) Adeptus Astartes Battalion Detachment ( 3CP - 696PT ) SUB-FACTION: White Scars HQ: WARLORD: Khan on Bike (110) TRAITS: Chogorian Storm Chaplain in Terminator Armour (120) CHAPTER COMMAND UPGRADE: Master of Sanctity LITANIES: Catechism of Fire TROOPS: Infiltrator Squad (120) 4x Infiltrator 1x Infiltrator Sergeant Tactical Squad (123) 4x Space Marine 1x Space Marine Sergeant: Plasma pistol 1x Space Marine: Plasma gun Tactical Squad (133) 4x Space Marine 1x Space Marine Sergeant: Power fist 1x Space Marine: Missile launcher HEAVY SUPPORT Eliminator Squad (90) 2x Eliminator 1x Eliminator Sergeant Adeptus Astartes Outrider Detachment ( 3CP - 565PT ) SUB-FACTION: White Scars HQ: Primaris Chaplain on Bike (115) LITANIES: Canticle of Hate (Aura) FAST ATTACK Outrider Squad (150) 2x Outrider 1x Outrider Sergeant Outrider Squad (150) 2x Outrider 1x Outrider Sergeant Outrider Squad (150) 2x Outrider 1x Outrider Sergeant Adeptus Astartes Outrider Detachment ( 3CP - 675PT ) SUB-FACTION: White Scars HQ: Chaplain (105) Jump pack LITANIES: Exhortation of Rage FAST ATTACK Assault Squad (210) 1x Assault Marine Sergeant: Power fist, Jump pack 9x Assault Marine: Jump pack Bike Squad (210) 1x Attack Bike 1x Biker Sergeant: Combi-grav 3x Space Marine Biker 1x Space Marine Biker: Flamer Storm Speeder Hailstrike (150) Total Command Points: 9/15 Reinforcement Points: 4 Total Points: 1996/2000
  6. I started a series on painting Space Marines using Contrast paints, we are starting with the White Scars! I hope you guys like it: And the subject in all his glory Hope you guys like it!
  7. So, heading to a 2500pts. narrative event for the weekend, does this look completely ridiculous to you? ++ Crusade (Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List) [2,500pts] ++ + HQ + Delegatus: Bolt Pistol, Power Armour, Refractor Field, Power Sword and Scimitar Jetbike with Heavy Bolter Legion Champion: Tartaros Pattern Terminator Armour Combi-Bolter, Paragon Blade Librarian: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Psychic Mastery Level 2, Force Maul + Elites + The Ebon Keshig: 8x Kharash, 8x Power Glaive . Tartaros Pattern Terminator Armour Veteran Tactical Squad, Legion: 9x Bolt Pistol, 8x Bolter, Chainsword, Melta Bombs, Pair of Lightning Claws, 2x Power Axe, 6x Power Sword, 9x Veteran Space Marines, Legion . Rhino Armoured Carrier, Legion . Veteran Sergeant, Legion: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Power Glaive + Troops + Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron, Legion , Compulsory: 4x Heavy Bolter, 6x Space Marine Sky Hunters, 2x Volkite Culverin, Melta Bombs Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron, Legion , Compulsory [230pts]: 5x Heavy Bolter, 5x Space Marine Sky Hunters, Melta Bombs + Fast Attack + Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron: 2x Javelin Attack Speeders with Multi-melta and Twin-linked Lascannon Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron: 2x Javelin Attack Speeders with Multi-melta, Twin-linked Lascannon Seeker Squad, Legion: 6x Seeker Space Marines, 2x Combi-weapon: Plasma gun . Rhino Armoured Carrier . Strike Leader, Legion: Melta Bombs . . Combi-weapon: Combi-weapon: Plasma gun + Heavy Support + Caestus Assault Ram, Legion: Frag Assault Launchers . Two wing mounted: Havoc Launcher + Allegiance + Legion and Allegiance: V: White Scars, Loyalist Rite of War: Chogorian Brotherhood ++ Total: [2,500pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe
  8. I play White Scars and Blood Angels, and I'm having a very hard time right now getting excited about the Sons of Sanguinius now that the new SM Codex and Blood of Baal have both dropped. While I love my Blood Angels the best, looking at both armies, White Scars just seem straight up superior and more fun/tactical/rewarding to play. I was going to make a pros/cons list, but after thinking about it, I'm not sure it's really even relevant because BA seem to lose in almost every category. The only one I can think of really is superior survivability in a mid-field slug fest. (and a few other things, obviously, but I'm talking major themes) I think the biggest thing for me right now is that White Scars can easily emulate Blood Angels abilities (Kar'sarro Khan, Ancient w/ Eagle Banner, Plume of the Plainsrunner) to make an absolutely frightening assault force rivaling BA, but there is absolutely no way that BA can make up for the lack of Advance/Fall Back & Charge, and don't have access to anything like Encirclement or Lightning Debarkation. White Scars feel adaptable; Blood Angels feel static and pigeon-holed into racing to assault. Devastating Charge vs. Savage Echoes is certainly a matter of subjectivity, but I am in the camp that DC is better overall, while acknowledging that SE is better with certain units/weapons. The Stormspeaking Discipline blows Sanguinary out of the water. Additionally, BA miss out on some of the best options Codex Marines get such as: Centurions Thunderfire Cannons / Tremor Shells Chapter Master upgrade Faith and Fury character upgrades Even the vaunted Captain Slamguinius is given a run for his money by Smash-Khan. (I personally think the WS version is better) While this might seem like a crying thread, it's really not trying to be - what I think I need here is some objective counters to my thoughts so I can feel better about Blood Angels right now. What are you excited about? What kind of army are you planning on taking? What are some cool tricks or tips you're interested in playing around with? I'll always love my BA and will continue to play them in narrative campaigns and friendly games from time to time to switch it up. But right now they just feel so predictable and tactically static. Blood of Baal did next to nothing to improve that, IMO. What do you think?
  9. Ahoy fellow heresy players. I am planning a new White Scars army and would appreciate some feedback. I only have experience playing my Sons of Horus so this is a new venture for me! 2500 Chogorian Brotherhood HQ Praetor, bike, cyber hawk, digital lasers, paragon blade Command Squad, bikes, melta bombs, 2 power swords, power fist Librarian, scimitar jetbike, refractor field, force sword, mastery lvl 1 Troops 6 scimitar jetbikes, 2 volkite culverin 6 scimitar jetbikes, 2 volkite culverin 5 outriders, plasma guns, melta bombs, sergeant, power glaive 5 outriders, plasma guns, melta bombs, sergeant, power glaive Fast Attack 2 attack bikes, multi meltas, melta bombs attack bike, multit melta, melta bombs Xiphon, ground tracking auguries Heavy Sicaran Battle Tank, heavy bolter sponsons, armoured ceramite Sicaran venator, armoured ceramite I'm debating swapping out the standard sicaran for some veterans to outflank, but not sure as I quite like the fast theme the list has. The librarian joins one of the jetbike units. Thanks for reading, suggestions are most welcome.
  10. T he world before me is a barren orb of ash, blood, and mud. It is the fifth of it’s kind we have encountered. Lord Guilliman has tasked us with border security, and the 129th obeys. We departed Macragge four years prior, resupplied by her forges, and reinforced by her scholams. One thousand warriors, bearing the double hammers of Tallassar. Four years since we encountered another warrior of our legion. Four years since any news of Terra has reached us. Six years since the Betrayal. Our connection with Macragge has failed us, the technology used to command us, gone. Lord Fidelitas has split the company, assigning my sub-company to follow up on distress beacons set off by our worlds. It is a thankless job, and we have been chasing shadows, having last fired a bolter in anger over six months ago. Mostly, we find a dead world, arcane sigils etched into the dirt. These we raze, I will not have the shame of them blighting the honor of Ultramar. We find some survivors, but they are rare, and often do not survive more than a week, no matter how much we try. The rest are…broken. The warp has twisted their minds in such a way that we often are forced to put them down. There is no war here. Only death and despair. “Ruminations on Betrayal” Sebastus Ixion -Sub-Tribune, 129th Co. XIII, Legio Astartes The 129th company, following rearmament on Macragge, would be assigned by Roboute Guilliman with hunting down and countering the ongoing Shadow Crusade led by Lorgar and Angron. Captain Fidelitas would opt to persecute this mission by pursuing the Chapter of the Ruined King, led by Lord Allant. This blood feud would last the length of the Heresy, and would conclude over a millennia later, with many of the parties involved remembering little, if any of the reason for the initial vendetta. However, that is a story for another time. This chronicle is instead focused on the exploits of Sub-Tribune Ixion and his veteran elite. Ixion would lead a force of about 100 separate form the rest of the company, dealing with various traitor incursions that might threaten the flanks of the company. This action would see them battle various forces under the banner of Horus, including the Warmaster’s own. Referred to as Strike Force Alpha, the warriors under Ixion were some of the 129th’s best void and terminator warriors, renowned for their first strike capacity and armored assaults on the ground. As such, it was something of a shock when the task force was reassigned to Ixion. What to say of Sebastus Ixion? ‘Lion of Tallassar’, ‘Lord of the Void Born’, he was a decorated, if somewhat unremarkable captain of the Thirteenth. Part of the 129th that had been in orbit during the Betrayal, he repelled three waves of Word Bearer assault forces attempting to take the company’s flagship, earning an Iron Halo he wore with pride until his demise. Soft of voice, Ixion was respected, if not particularly well liked by his fellow officers in the 129th, though this had little to do with his abilities, and instead reflected upon the cult of personality Luciel Fidelitas had built around himself prior to his elevation as Senior Captain. Some murmured that Ixion had rankled at the young man being promoted above him, but closed logs from the deciding vote made it clear that Ixion had nothing but respect for the young man who would go on to lead the company into the Scouring and beyond. This account will pick up immediately prior to traitor incursions into the Hadrius System, and will end immediately following the start of the Scouring. It will include multiple interludes, as well as Character profiles depicting important figures from the campaign. This author will not pretend that this account is unbiased. It is written by a survivor of said campaign, and includes various interview profiles taken from Astartes, mortal, and Mechanicum perspectives. More information is available upon request. +++PICT CAPTURE//XIII.CXXIX.FABIAN+++ +++Note: Many XIII Legio companies had began to move towards alternative heraldry as legion forces dispersed throughout Ultramar. This particular scheme is believed to have referred to themselves as the 'Shattered Suns'. Origin is unclear, though possibly a reference to the death of the Veridian star.+++ +++Laurel and Gladius insignia represents void specialist, not surprising considering armament.+++
  11. Hey Bolter and Chainsword crowd! I am new to the forums and back to the game thanks to 8th coming out. I havn't played since 5th ended, and at that point sold all of my armies except for my Grey Knights. I like having options in the primary game I am playing and so now that I am back, I wanted to build a new army that has more options than GK's. One of the armies I had always wanted to do back in the day was a White Scars bike army, however that never came to be. Then when I got the 8th ed SM codex I started looking at some of the successor chapters for WS and found that I really liked the Yellow and Black combo of the Destroyers. While they have little interesting fluff written about them, the fact that they are almost zealously loyal to the mission seemed cool to me. Anyway with that I dived in and started picking up SM stuff, but one thing I noticed was that you could get all the Primaris piecemeal cheaply on eBay, so I picked up a starter box worth of stuff for them too. Then before I knew it I had more Primaris marines than normal. As I am sure your saying now as you read this, I to said to myself, "wait what am I doing, I wanted to build a bike army." So then it kind of became a two pronged project. Bikes and Primaris... so I went back and read the fluff about Primaris and realized that the Destroyers and their zealous nature would make them perfect candidates to receive a Primaris rebuff of troops. Ok cool, so now I am doing Primaris and Bikes, but I had also always wanted to try and do some kind of "build a company of a chapter". So if I am going to do that with some accuracy I better do some planing. So I came up with this break down of 2 companies, one that is Primaris heavy, and one that is bike heavy. I figured too, for fun, that I would choose names of a Russian origin for my the 3rd Chapter, and a Romanian/Brom Stoker-esq names for 5th Company. Progress: Red = Owned, Orange = Built, Green = Painted 3rd Company (Red) “Heralds of Destruction”: Command Primaris Captain “Alexei Chernenko” 2 Primaris Lieutenants “Ivan Skavar” and “Iosef Lennon” Primaris Librarian “Pyotr Yezhov” Primaris Chaplain “” Primaris Ancient “Sgt Sergey Romanov” 2 Primaris Apothecary “” and “” Company Champion “Brother Leonid ‘The Black Knight’” 2 Honor Guard “The Black Knight’s Sword and Shield” 1st Squad: 10 man Intercessor Squad “The Heralds” 2nd Squad: 10 man Intercessor Squad “Brothers Grimm” 3rd Squad: 10 man Tactical Squad “Dead Men Walking” 4th Squad: 10 man Reiver Squad “The Punishers” 5th Squad: 10 man Hellblaster Squad “Immolation Corp” 6th Squad: 3 man Aggressor Squad “Raining Death” 7th Squad: 3 man Inceptor Squad “Black Wind” 8th Squad: 3 man Inceptor Squad “Yellow Jackets” 9th Squad: Ironclad Dreadnaught “Brother Yuri, ‘The Hammer’” 10th Squad: 3 man Centurion Devastator Squad “The Hellfire Club” 11th Squad: 10 man Tactical Squad “The Ebon Cavaliers” (Reserves) 12th Squad: 5 man Scout Squad “The Mad Men” (Reserves) 13th Squad: 5 man Scout Squad “The Shepherds” (Reserves) 14th Squad: Relic Leviathan Dreadnought “Brother Grigory, ‘The Engine’” (Reserves) 15th Squad: 3 man Aggressor Squad “The Purgation Squad” (Reserves) 16th Squad: Redemptor Dreadnought “Brother Dmitry, ‘The Iron Curtain’” (Reserves) Motor Pool: 2 Tech Marines “” Primaris Repulsor “The Reaper” Primaris Repulsor “The Harvester” Rhino “” Razorback “The Black Coach” Whirlwind "" Landspeeder Storm “The Ghost” Landspeeder Storm “The Banshee’s Keen” Stormtalon Gunship “Gargoyle” Xiphon Interceptor “Skaveling” 5th Company (Black) “The Endbringers”: Command Captain on Bike “Vladimir Tepes on Scholomance” Librarian on Bike “Artur Orlok” Chaplain on Bike “” Lieutenant “” Apothecary on Bike “Doc Stein” 5 Company Vets on Bike “Sgt Arlov and The Four Horseman” 1st Squad: 10 man Tactical Squad “The Eternal” 2nd Squad: 10 man Bike Squad “The Dark Riders” 3rd Squad: 10 man Bike Squad “The Huntsman’s Hounds” 4th Squad: 9 man Scout Bike Squad “The Retrievers” 5th Squad: 5 man Sniper Scout Squad “Eyes of the Emperor” 6th Squad: 5 man Sniper Scout Squad “Hands of the Emperor” 7th Squad: 5 man Devastator Squad “Ashes to Ashes” 8th Squad: 3 Attack Bikes “Sudden Death” 9th Squad: 10 man Hellblaster Squad “Dust to Dust” 10th Squad: 10 man Sternguard Vets “Bolters of Vengeance” (On loan from 1st Company) 11th Squad: 10 man Vanguard Vets “The Warbringers” (On loan from 1st Company) 12th Squad: 5 Land Speeders “The Furies” (Reserves) ​ 13th Squad: 5 man Devastator Squad “Soldiers of the Eclipse” (Reserves) Motor Pool: 2 Techmarine on Bike “” Techmarine “” Rhino “” Rhino “” Razorback “Lead Poisoning” Whirlwind "Black Sky" Whirlwind "Blood Moon" Stormtalon Gunship “Thunder” Xiphon Interceptor “Lightning” Xiphon Interceptor "Cyclone" 3 Predators “” So yea, thats a giant list. Not something I will do quickly, or even potentially complete, but its a road map that will help me make sure I am consistent with all my markings and such. And I thought joining everyone here would be a great motivation to keep working on things and sharing them with an awesome community! Without further adue, here are the first 2 marines I painted as a test batch of the color scheme. They are also members of 3rd Company's 1st Squad, "The Heralds". So I also have some custom chapter symbol transfers that I will be adding to the above models along with 4 more marines that I am so close to finishing. Here is a snippet of the sheet.
  12. _________________________________ For Hatred's Sake _________________ ‘...has been slain. I repeat...’ ‘...all Thirteenth Legion forces in the vicinity are to evacuate immediately, contingency Ultio in effect -’ ‘...belay that, the Primarch still lives! Reroute emergency landers to my position – ‘ ‘...say again, my lord, say again – we’re getting interference across all vox channels – ‘ ‘ – have disengaged, I repeat, XII and XVII Legion forces appear to be disengaging. What in the Throne’s name is happening in the heavens? Talon and Victrix flights report atmospheric disturbance like nothing they’ve seen before – ‘ -vox-chatter fragments c. Second Battle of Nuceria, XIII Legion archival log _________________ The destruction unleashed by the advent of Lorgar’s Ruinstorm was without precedent during the apocalyptic wars of the Horus Heresy. Until the war reached the shores of Sol, no other event inflicted as much sheer chaos or systemic disruption across the Imperium. Whole systems were lost to Imperial records, never to be heard from again, and on hundreds of worlds the skies split apart as the nightmarish denizens of the Immaterium poured forth from the roiling, seething tides of unreality now isolating the eastern domains of the Imperium. For those who populated the Five Hundred Worlds, the nascent empire-within-an-empire carved by honoured Guilliman and the XIII Legion, the infamy and treachery of the Word Bearers and World Eaters Legions was all too clear; in this darkest hour the state of the Imperium-that-Was – and the fate of the Throneworld itself – was unclear. Many in the highest echelons of the Five Hundred Worlds and its protectors believed the Imperium to have been irrevocably sundered. During the fateful first weeks of the Ruinstorm’s creation, the XIII Legion counterattack across the Five Hundred Worlds foundered and ground to a halt. Those planets not flensed of life by Angron’s hounds or sacrificed to malevolent powers were where the XIII Legion focussed their efforts of reconquista. Celerax Magna, a densely populated garden world on the western edge of the Five Hundred Worlds, became the stage for a brief but particularly brutal war in the weeks following the advent of the Ruinstorm. Before the Heresy, Celerax Magna had been a navigatory terminus for Imperial fleets and frequently housed members of the Navis Nobilite. Left relatively untouched by the Traitor advance, the survivors of the Navigator houses fleeing the carnage wracking the Five Hundred Worlds sequestered themselves in Celerax Magna’s teeming utopian cities, hoping to avoid the worst of the wars tearing apart Guilliman’s empire. Such a peaceful dream was as naive as it was false. As the Ruinstorm worsened, XIII Legion reserves drawn from censuria companies and VII Legion survivors of the Phall debacle spearheaded a Loyalist force from several Legions intended to secure the terminus, liberate any Navigators that could be located and with their aid forge a safe passage through the Ruinstorm, if one could be found. It was not to be so. The Traitor Legions arrived in force mere hours after the Loyalist vanguard arrived on Celerax Magna, alerted to the presence of the Navigators by powers dark and nefarious. Knowing that they could not count on reinforcement, and that to fail now would be to doom Imperial efforts to escape the Ruinstorm, the vengeful Loyalists readied themselves for a conflict that would be utterly without respite or quarter. The resulting war lasted for seven days without pause and saw the deaths of more than twelve billion souls. _________________________________ For Hatred’s Sake is a narrative doubles event made for the Age of Darkness supplement for the Warhammer 40,000 (7th edition) ruleset, with myself (BrotherCaptainArkhan) as author. In this event, players form teams of two to take on opposing teams battling for the fate of Celerax Magna. During the chaos and confusion of the Ruinstorm, the members of many Legions from both Loyalist and Traitor allegiances arrived in the domain of the Five Hundred Worlds, some by chance, some by darker design. Teams will face off across three themed scenarios, attempting to decapitate rival forces, capture valuable information that will enable them to locate the Navigator survivors who may be critical to the war effort, and finally enact their escape. This log will document the weekly buildup to the event itself, with army pictures, lore, force dispositions, themed scenarios and finally battle reports detailing the final hours of the garden world Celerax Magna, and the fate of the warriors fighting over it. _________________________________ Belligerents Loyalist force disposition VI Legion Pale Hunters VII Legion Mountainfire Company XI Legion Task Force Cornelius XIII Legion The Black One Hundred [Legion identifier missing] Strike Force Black Mamba [Legion identifier missing] First Sphere _________________ Traitor force disposition III Legion Third Company Elite VIII Legion Pythius Strike Force VIII Legion The Painted Exiles XIV Legion Death Guard XVI Legion Sons of Horus V Legion White Scars _________________ Next update: Event Rules
  13. Getting this project going again I think. My Oblivion Hunters are going to rise from my memory onto the tabletop for LVO 2023! =========================================== Paint Scheme =========================================== Background =========================================== Finished/Wip Models/Units =========================================== Altan (WiP) =========================================== Lists & Ideas ===========================================
  14. It's Monday, so here is a brand new Glacial Geek Battle Report! https://youtu.be/qXfDlmDgvBo But not just ANY Glacial Geek Battle Report, it's my 150th Battle Report! ... But I didn't know it at the time I was filming it so no mention of that fact is made in video! This week my Dark Angels and Deathwatch team up to take on the White Scars. It seemed like any other mission done in the name of the Emperor. The Deathwatch had asked the Dark Angels for assistance in cleansing a planet of Xenos, which they were more than happy to do. All seemed to be going according to plan until their forces came under attack. The white ceramite of the White Scars' armor shone as they sprung their trap and began to assail the Dark Angels and Deathwatch Marines. Little was left but to respond in kind ... Will the Unforgiven and Shield Who Slay prove a potent enough allied force to counter the White Scar assault, or will the Khan lead his men successfully into battle? Watch and find out!
  15. Going to be testing another 30k list with a mate in a few weeks time, he's a competitive chap so I've been thinking about this one for the past week. White Scars + Imperial Militia – 3501 Legion Astartes: Always regroup at normal Leadership regardless of casualties. Swift Action: After any 6” move (12” Bikes/Jet Bikes/Vehicles) gains re-roll to wounds of 1 and +1 Cover Save (Max of 3+). The Eye of the Storm: +1 to first turn/+1 Seize/+1 First Reserve roll of each turn. To Laugh in Death’s Face: Must take Fast Attack choices before Heavy Support Born in the Saddle: Skilled Rider Rite of War: Chogorian Brotherhood Ride like the Wind: Outriders and Sky Hunters as Troops and Scoring Units. Lightning Strike: Hit and Run and Outflank Army-Wide. ​ Praetor – Bike – Power Glaive – Cyber Hawk – Iron Halo – Melta Bombs – Warlord – 180 Damocles - 100 Force Commander –Abhuman Helots (+1 T/-1 I on all Provenance Models) – Melta Bombs - 90 6x Jet Bikes – Heavy Bolters – 2x Volkite Culverins – Melta Bombs –245 6x Jet Bikes – Heavy Bolters – 2x Volkite Culverins – Melta Bombs –245 30x Inducted Levy Squad - Auxiliary Pistols & Close Combat Weapons – Discipline Collar (Stubbon) – Force Commander - 70 30x Inducted Levy Squad - Auxiliary Pistols & Close Combat Weapons – Discipline Collar (Stubbon) – 70 8x Terminators – Combi Plasma – 4x Chainfists – Power Axes – Outflank – Hit and Run – 363 8x Terminators – Combi Plasma – 4x Chainfists – Power Axes – Outflank – Hit and Run - 363 8x Destroyer Squad – Jump Packs – Power Glaive – 1x Phosphex Bomb – Outflank/Hit and Run/Counter-Attack – ​Praetor - 310 4x Attack Bikes – Autocannons – Melta Bombs – 185 4x Attack Bikes – Autocannons – Melta Bombs – 185 Storm Eagle Assault Gunship – Twin-Linked Multi Melta – Hellstrike Missiles – Armoured Ceramite- 265 Auxilia Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter - 200 Sicaran Venator – Armoured Ceramite -210 Sicaran Venator – Armoured Ceramite -210 Fire Raptor Gunship – Reaper Autocannon Batteries – Ground Attack BS 5 – Independent Turret Fire-210
  16. So I love the new Custodes Jetbikes and have just built my first one last night, but being completely honest the Custodes lance really puts me off. It got me too thinking of putting a Primaris marine on top, if possible and using them as counts as white scars jetbikes. My question really is would this work well if I fill another detachment with Primaris Scars, how well people think this army would work, and how hard the conversion would be in the first place? + Edited for tags and grammar +
  17. Origins “Following him is a lesson in futility. His is a war fought on an entirely different level, too fast for the likes of us to participate. But that is fine. He leaves more than enough behind him for the rest of us.” –- attrib. Batukhan The known history of the Guardians begins sometime in the 33rd Millennium, when the Chapter was ordered to the Midas Cluster, far to the Galactic North. This is not, however, when the Chapter was Founded, though very few scraps of information remain from the period before their coming to the Midas Cluster. What little is known of this fuzzy period in the Guardians' past is that the Inquisition had a heightened awareness of the Chapter, with Inquisitorial agents and decrees a constant presence in the initial centuries of the Guardians' arrival. Many in the Chapter look toward their genetic flaw with progenoid gland production as the cause for their paranoid attentions. What little remains of the Guardians' existence prior to the 33rd Millennium are vague, providing little facts. Fragment writings attributed to what is believed to be one Batukhan, the Guardians' potential founding Chapter Master, detail his rise to command a Brotherhood of the White Scars Legion prior to the formation of Chapters, making the Guardians a potential 2nd or 3rd Founding. Whatever the history of the Chapter in that mythical age, the Midas Cluster proved a powerful influence, virtually recreating the Guardians in its image. The Midas Cluster had resisted the scouting forces of the Imperium at the tail end of the Great Crusade. With the horrific aftermath of the Heresy, the Imperium's attention turned inward. For millennia, the Midas Cluster had remained aloof, distant from the greater Imperium. Tasked by the Inquisition, the Guardians were sent wholesale into the Midas Cluster to take it for the Imperium. Though the fleet-based Chapter was a power unto themselves, capable of toppling whole worlds with the boom of their guns and the tread of their boots, the Midas Cluster resisted them at every turn. Wild xeno of breeds unknown, worlds and dangers missed or overlooked by ancient Imperial cartographers, and small bands of human colonies that wanted little to do with the Imperium. The Midas Cluster was rife with them and it proved a heady challenge the Guardians came close to failing. The battle that would have ended the Guardians' struggles was in the Archaegosian System, in orbit over its large, arid third world, whose derelict hives harbored a small but self-sustaining human population. The Eldar, whose presence in the Cluster had been a thorn in the Guardians' side, committed themselves to battle fully against the Chapter fleet. Their Craftworld, formidable in spite of its smaller size to some of the more well-known Craftworlds that have plagued the Imperium, entered the foray itself, turning a pitched battle into what nearly became an open rout. Though the Chapter lost a majority of its ships, it was their habit of taking considerable risks that ended up saving the Chapter. Rather than retreating, or burning alongside their own ships, the Guardians launched a full boarding assault against the Craftworld. Though the death toll was high for Marine and Eldar alike, the frantic battle concluded with the Craftworld's burning plummet onto Archaegos Tertiary. Though in considerably poor shape, the Guardians succeeded in breaking the backs of their greatest enemy within the Midas Cluster, allowing them time to recuperate their losses and consolidate their winnings within the Cluster. Some in the Chapter believe that the proliferation of their flaw began in this period, when the Chapter took chances with their recruitment programs to rebuild lost Companies. Though the continuing conquest of the Midas Cluster continued at a slower pace, it was declared secured in the Emperor's name four centuries after their arrival. However, the Midas Cluster has never been made truly compliant, and the Guardians, now the Guardians of Midas, have dedicated their efforts for millennia to holding the Cluster intact from xenos and traitors alike. Though they remain a fleet-based Chapter, the destruction of so many ships has forced them to utilize multiple Chapter Keeps scattered across the Cluster on the Six, human worlds the Chapter claims the majority of its recruits. Though many of the Guardians' Brotherhoods have ventured beyond the Cluster to take part in grander Imperial Crusades, the Guardians of Midas have largely dedicated their efforts to the immense Cluster and remained isolated. Home World “There! They are retreating through their portal. Get the damned ready; we won’t have much time before they close it behind them.” -- Ruin Lord Stanko Alfonz The Guardians do not maintain a fortress-monastery upon any one world. Mostly fleet-bound, the Guardians instead utilize Chapter Keeps as recruitment centers, the only land holdings the Chapter maintains. Scattered across six worlds, often referred to collectively as the Six, each Keep serves as the base of operations for a Brotherhood, providing that Brotherhood with an identity unique to the rest of the Chapter. Shalya, where humans locked in primitive tribal cultures hunt across immense salt flats to take down native megafauna and pray to the Eagle-father, the local stand-in for the Emperor. The watery world of Marrune, with its singular, almost ring-shaped continent, where roaming, ocean-floor hives mined the mineral-rich waters. The poisoned world of Geddonia, whose human population is forced to live underground following an apocalyptic attack by Orks. The war-torn world of Navaroik, a land of two kingdoms that are rarely at peace with each other. The moon of Loi, in orbit over Keiran, whose wildlife mirrors that of the planet below, but who have evolved in ways to classify it as a deathworld. The over-sized dry rock of Archaegos, whose landscape is littered with the bright emerald ruins of an ancient war. Each world, though unique to each other, is home to the golden Rocs. Birds of prey large enough to prey upon man, they are not native to these worlds, or to the Midas Cluster. They were brought into the Cluster by the Guardians themselves, and it is believed that they are native to the venerable home world of their Primarch, Choggoris. Legends kept by the Guardians depict Jaghatai Khan, while still young, catching a young Roc, who became a companion to the demi-god, giving the great Khan his nickname among his tribal people, the Warhawk. The Rocs are integral to the Chapter's recruitment trials, and many Guardians wear large red-gold feathers as fetishes upon their armor and weapons. Combat Doctrine “Let them move closer, we’ll strike from below like the manticore serpent, our fangs no less envenomed.“ -– Sergeant Yuto Jian, Brotherhood of the Moon The Guardians are at heart a White Scar Successor Chapter, their love for speed undiminished by time and isolation. Prevalent across the Chapter is a predilection towards tactics that bring combat to a quick close, often seeking to go against odds and take perhaps unnecessary risks. Their approach to the Eldar and the Webway being the perfect example of this demeanor. For most within the Chapter, this is the thrill of the hunt, the heavily competitive interaction between Brotherhoods. For others, this is deliberately intended to cull those who bear the sin of corruption within them. Each Brotherhood embodies their home world not just in culture but in tactics as well. The Brotherhood of the Sea is adept at limiting the destruction of their warrior ways, making of them a scalpel that cuts only where intended; a tactic made necessary by the hive gangs of Marrune, who can ill afford a stray shot penetrating the hull of their underwater vessels. The Brotherhood of the Blood are the most competitive of the Chapter, even within their own Brotherhood, as rivalries created upon Navaroik have resisted all attempts to remove by indoctrination. Organisation “Your competitive nature has served you well, Sea-Brother. It has seen you rise in the ranks of our Brotherhood, but it will not see you join the Brothers of the Hawk. Your rivalries would have no place there. Learn to let it go, or accept your place among us as permanent.” -- Chaplain Kia Iona, Brotherhood of the Sea Due to genetic mutations, the Guardians, in their own eyes, have never operated at full strength, having nearly two companies' worth of ostracized Marines at any one time. Within the proper Chapter, the Guardians are perhaps more Codex compliant than their White Scar forbearers. Veterans of the six Brotherhoods are collected within the First Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of the Hawk. Though each Brotherhood is responsible for the recruitment programs upon their chosen worlds, the recruits are gathered into a Scout Company, which has never been given a Brotherhood name for it is a temporary station. Once a recruit has become a full-fledged Marine, he is returned to the Brotherhood of his home world, where he will remain until death or advancement into the Brotherhood of the Hawk. Here Codex divergence returns, as each Brotherhood is a self-sustaining Battle-Company wokse make-up is theirs to decide. The Brotherhood of the Land prefers short-range, decisive firepower over long-range guns, fielding more flamers than other Brotherhoods, tactics that were most useful to in the packed quarters of the underground hives of Geddonia. The Brotherhood of the Moon, perhaps reminiscent of their short lives on Keiran Loi, are markedly self-sufficient, under perpetual desire to conserve energy and supplies for when needed most. The ostracized, who have committed the sin of impurity, are gathered into over-sized squads called the Hunters. They are not part of any Brotherhood, but are attached to them and serve as shock troops, the first in and last out. As quality gear is left to the Chapter proper, the Hunters are often ill-equipped and suffer horrendous attrition rates. Only when the Eldar are encountered, whether the space-faring xenos or their darker or more primitive kin, is the true intent of the Hunter squads revealed. They are tasked with entering the domains of the Eldar, of any type, whether it is a portal into the Webway, a Craftworld, an Exodite World or Commoragh itself. They are given only one order, come back with the Khan or not at all. Only then would their corruption be erased, their purity proven. With single-minded abandon, many Hunter squads have disappeared into such covens, never to return. Beliefs “In the air, we breathe thunder. In our chests, it rumbles loud. Salt is in our veins. The ground upon which it spills is nourished by it. Thunder is our father, the salt our mother. For both, we live. For both, we fight. For both, we die.” -- Skyseer Antinanco Who Was Born Whole The Guardians have great pride in their heritage, most especially linked to their Primarch, Jaghatai Khan. This pride is linked to the vast importance they place upon genetic purity, at odds with their own prevalent mutation, leading to the segregation of afflicted Marines. As the Khan is the focus of their beliefs, his absence is a sorely felt hole within them, aching to be filled once more by their gene-father's return. Early in the Guardians' history, during the wars to conquer the Midas Cluster for the Imperium, the Chapter found fleeting clues that their Primogenitor may have been present in ages past, as ever on the leading edge of the Imperium's advance. The possibility of finding the Khan is too great for the Guardians to ignore, and many of their plans and actions are dedicated to his retrieval. For the impure, only by such a discovery could see the stain of their existence purified. As ever, the home worlds of the Guardians have a profound impact on their attendant Brotherhoods. The Brotherhood of Ruin are most of all dedicated to their lord father's return, while the Brotherhood of the Sky share in the more esoteric beliefs of their home world, with an occult attraction to the number three. Gene-seed “This is all we have left of our father, our blood. It is what connects us to him, what elevates us beyond what we were. Our blood is everything. There is no price too high to pay to protect it and keep it pure.“ –- Ramapravin Ottama, Apothecary attached to the Brotherhood of the Blood The Guardians of Midas are of the White Scars genetic stock, with all that entails. Though the Chapter places great importance on genetic purity, with an active Apothecarion that keeps close tabs on their gene-seed banks, it is a permanent shame upon them that they have been plagued with a singular mutation. In the process of maturing, a Space Marine produces two sets of progenoid glands, effectively assuring the survival of the Chapter by allowing for the production of two Marines for every one. Among the Guardians of Midas, for every five recruits reaching this genetic maturity, only four produce the second set of progenoid glands. This leaves twenty percent only capable of producing the first set. Though this mutation has not kept them on the radar of the Inquisition or the Adeptus Mechanicus as tithes have been collected, nor has it impeded their ability to make war in the Emperor and the Warhawk's name, it is enough for the Guardians to look upon those so afflicted as imperfect and corrupted. Though their progenoid glands are removed, the Apothecaries keep careful track to ensure that they are never used for future implantations. They are kept aside for when the Imperium requests its often long overdue tithes. Though this practice is intended to restrict the mutation and prevent it from spreading to healthier gene-seed, it has wholly failed to eradicate it. The Chapter views the Brothers of the Eagle as paragons of virtuosity and purity. Their Terminator suits are kept fastidiously pristine in-between battles, their hammer blows elegant and sudden. Battle-cry "Death is in our eyes, fire in our blood!" -- Battle-cry of the Brotherhood of the Land http://i.imgur.com/KxVzoRz.jpg
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