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Found 15 results

  1. +++Unit of the week+++ Rubric Marines This thread is only for tactics for Rubric Marines, not for pictures, there are other places for that. How to best use Rubric Marines? Wargear? Legion? Which stratagems are worth throwing out? Any solid unit combos?
  2. I'm building a Word Bearers army, and I'd like to know: does anyone take assorted Cult Marines (Rubrics, Noise Marines, 'Zerkers and Plague Marines) together as Elites options, do they synergize well and how do they play all together like that? The way I figure it, Rubrics and Plague Marines are the only two who fight for a role (tough power armor unit made for close assault) because Noise Marines are for bunker-busting and tankbusting (if I'm not mistaken) and 'Zerkers are for melee horde control. What's the different roles for each, really, and do they really play nice together for a fun, fluffy army that wants to do okay? Does literally anyone take all four at once? I'd like feedback if possible.
  3. Hey guys, I recently painted up some Rubricae for a challenge on someones blog (painting up a neglected unit of 3+ models). I decided on some of my Rubrics! I just have another two units to go... which at this rate will take about 15 more years. I bought a "tournament ready" army off ebay, they had 3 colours on them... Silver, Blue and Tin Bitz. They have been like that for about 8 years. I've popped a comparison photo there too. Not perfect but better than it was I think. My friend is always getting some love for his Space Wolves... So I thought I should even the balance against our ancient enemies. Let me know what you guys think
  4. Ok, so I'm building my Thousand Sons and I'm deciding what kind of force I'd like to build. While musing and looking over the rules I came across cabalistic focus. It reads "Use this Stratagem before attempting to manifest a psychic power with a Thousand Sons Psyker from your army that is within 6" of at least 2 other friendly Thousand Sons Psykers. You can add 2 to the Psychic test." When looking at the data sheet for Rubric Marines I noticed all of the models share the Psyker keyword. So can a single combat squad of an Aspiring Sorcerer and 4 Rubricae be enough to activate the stratagem? I asked the manager at the local warhammer store about it. At first he tried to say just the sorcerer, but I pulled the data sheet out and then he said the unit would only count as one psyker. I didn't like his answer because if they all have the keyword they should all count. If the Culexus assassin threw a psyk-out grenade he'd get the bonus against any one of them right? Am I crazy? Am I right? Did I miss something in a faq?
  5. "We know our enemy in a way the Inquisition cannot fathom, and we choose to side with the Emperor." - Kazem Eftekhar, Master Interrogator of the Wayward Sons The Wayward Sons are a modelling and lore project I took on because I wanted to run Thousand Sons... but I don't particularly like Tzeentch as a god. So I grabbed a box of Rubricae and thought "hey, I can run this idea for Kill Team, no problem, it'll only take like five models". The project has since blossomed into many, many ideas, namely to expand them to - funnily enough, I calculated this in Battlescribe after coming up with what I wanted to run for the full warband - exactly 1000 points. I started with Kazem Eftekhar, the interrogator of the warband. When running for Imperium, he's a counts-as Dark Angels Librarian with hand flamer and force staff. When running for Chaos, he's an Aspiring Sorcerer in charge of a squad of Rubricae. The Wayward Sons run effectively pre-Heresy Thousand Sons colors (metallic red with gold detailing) and are color-coded by the color of the gemstone on their power packs. I'm color-coding them by the counts-as Imperium version of their squad leader, as well, which is why Kazem's is green (to match the Dark Angels). Future Sorcerers will use deep blue (for the Codex Librarian) fiery red (for the Blood Angels Librarian) baby blue/slate blue (for the Rune Priest) and silver (for Asromiamun himself). Edit: In case anyone was wondering, the recipe for the main armor color is Balthasar Gold with Contrast Blood Angel, and the detailing is straight Balthasar. For the visors, I used Reaper Dragon Blue, I used Abaddon Black for the end of that one flamer, I used Reaper Blade Steel for the Soulreaper Cannon's barrels, more Blood Angel for the runic panels on the guns, Army Painter Warpaints Angel Green with 'Ardcoat over it for the gemstones on the packs, and Moot Green with 'Ardcoat for Kazem's staff. I used unmodified Reaper Leather Brown for the tabards, capes, what have you. Apologies for the utterly garbage photography, I was too excited to wait for daylight.
  6. What other legions does it make sense to paint up Rubric Marines in? One of the major themes in my Thousand Sons army's backstory is the mission of my warlord, the Exalted Sorcerer Senet, in gathering the Sons of Prospero from across the galaxy once again as one part of Ahriman's campaign to correct his Rubric; which begs the question, where would he actually be finding those Rubricae? I mean, I'm sure you wouldn't find Rubricae with the liveries of the World Eaters, Emperor's Children, and definitely not the Death Guard, and I know the Black Legion definitely uses Rubrics of some type (since one is on the cover of the book of the same name, which I need to read at some point), but in what contexts? Would they be (in terms of fluff) found with the Word Bearers, or Alpha Legion, or Iron Warriors, or Night Lords? What about Renegades? And what fluff exists depicting the "soulless automata" of the Thousand Sons under other banners? Also, from a more hobby perspective, what other legion colors actually work well with Rubricae models? I'm at 50 of the Thousand Sons under their own symbol now, comprising liveries of a standard Thousand Sons blue/gold scheme with a squad each like the Silver Sons, the Crimson Sons, and the Black Legion Rubrics, and as I continue to collect more Rubrics I'd like to eliminate some of the intrinsic gameplay redundancy that necessarily crops up when you get up to that many Thousand Sons Rubric Marines. (And another question: do non-Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerers get access to the Discipline of Change or is that for the Sons of Prospero only?) Thanks! --KiteSenet
  7. A thought I just had was whether Scarabs were actually better than Rubrics? For comparison, a max squad of rubrics is about the same pts as a min squad of SOT's: 220pts = Aspiring Sorc + 8 rubrics with bolters + 1 soulreaper 215pts = SOT Sorcerer + 1 rubric with soulreaper, missile rack, +3 SOT's, 1 staff 4x khopesh + native deepstrike Rubrics have 20 3+/5++ wounds; get 16 bolter shots at 24", 5 soulreaper shots at 24"; 10 models for ObSec SOT's have 15 2+/5++ wounds, get 16 bolter + 5 soulreaper + 2 missiles at 24"; 5 models for ObSec, + native deepstrike When you reduce it you get: Rubrics = 20 3+/5++ Wounds Scarabs = 15 2+/5++ wounds + 2 missiles + 4 khopesh + native deepstrike As I started this topic, I totally forgot about the Khopesh, which probably has a value of 5-10pts per model, right? Initially I thought 10 rubrics would be superior, but I think that would push things in the SOT's favour. Is there a reason you would take ten rubrics over the five SOT's? ------------------------------------- Instead, how about 2x5 rubrics with reapers vs 5x SOT's? 230pts = 2x Aspiring Sorc + 6x rubrics with bolters + 2x rubric with soulreaper 215pts = SOT Sorcerer + 1 rubric with soulreaper, missile rack, +3 SOT's, 1 staff 4x khopesh + native deepstrike Rubrics have 2x sorcerers/casts/CaP's, 20 3+/5++ wounds; get 12 bolter shots at 24", 10 soulreaper shots at 24"; 10 models for ObSec SOT's have 1x sorcerer/cast/CaP 15 2+/5++ wounds, get 16 bolter + 5 soulreaper + 2 missiles at 24"; 5 models for ObSec + native deepstrike When you reduce it you get: Rubrics = 20 3+ Wounds + 5 soulreaper shots + 1 cast + 1 Cabal Point Scarabs = 15 2+ wounds + 2 missiles + 4 khopesh + native deepstrike If you assume the wounds are effectively the same, you can cancel them out also to get: Rubrics = + 5 soulreaper shots +3 staff attacks + 1 cast + 1 Cabal Point Scarabs = + 2 missiles + 4 khopesh + native deepstrike Not to mention the increased board presence from 2 units, one sorc can be doing a psychic action for VP's etc. Is that a more favourable comparison? What do you prefer, 2x 5 man rubrics or 1x 5 man SOT?
  8. ++Thousand Sons Unit of the Week++ ++Rubric Marines++ New codex, new discussions about units! As we already have in other faction sections, I'm starting up a Unit of the Week series for Thousand Sons, where each week we select and dissect a datasheet found in the book, and discuss how we use the unit in-game, favoured loadouts and combos, essentially how to use these units best. What have you found that works, and what doesnt? Please try to stick to the idea of making the unit in question work, as opposed to pointing out other units that might do a better job - we'll get to those in time! This week, we start with the core Troops choice of the codex, and the iconic model in any Thousand Sons army, the Rubric Marine - we'll get to other units in time as we all unpick the codex and get some games in. What are you thoughts, and how best would you use the unit? To compliment a list, or to build a list around? Will the beta rules affect your list(s)? What size unit? Will you be running multiple units? What <GREAT CULT>, loadouts, spell and Stratagems support do you prefer and how much does it depend on the above choices? Are you buffing this unit? If so, how? Uses in Matched, Narrative and Open Play How have they fared for you in-game? Over to you. ++Thousand Sons Unit of the Week Index Link++
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