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Found 9 results

  1. "Who and whence was the sculptor? From Sikyon. And his name? Lysippos. And who are you? Time who subdues all things. Why do you stand on tip-toe? I am ever running. And why you have a pair of wings on your feet? I fly with the wind. And why do you hold a razor in your right hand? As a sign to men that I am sharper than any sharp edge. And why does your hair hang over your face? For him who meets me to take me by the forelock. And why, in Heaven's name, is the back of your head bald? Because none whom I have once raced by on my winged feet will now, though he wishes it sore, take hold of me from behind. +++ Kairos is "a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved +++ So what is this? Well, it's a story. It's also a puzzle. It's a narrative campaign, and it's something new for our group. The purpose of this thread is to tell tall tales, to try new things from a modeling perspective, to use games to relate the story, and most importantly, have some fun. Our group likes narratives. They really provide the spice for our games and especially motivate me to do things outside of the box. Campaigns get me to try forces I wouldn't normally be interested in, explore new painting styles, model weird stuff, and just let the creative muse take me where she wants to go. In the next few days, I'll be rolling out the foundation of the campaign framework and then Mo, Jefe, Gar, and I will begin the tale. There will also be painting and modeling of the various forces involved, some of which will be from the ground up (especially in my case). I have been thinking about and ruminating and kicking ideas out to our group for awhile now. Some of these ideas are spinoffs and tie-ins from previous campaign stories, some will be out of left field. But the four of us are here to share with you, attempt to intrigue you, and ideally entertain you. If you've ever suffered through some of my storytelling, you know that I don't just lay everything out. I want you to put some skin in the game and wonder, "Ok, what in the world is he doing?" I like to provide parts of the puzzle and let people make a picture out of what they have to work with. So, here is a puzzle piece...enjoy! +++ The Occupant Hidden Content The eyes stared out, unblinking. A snapshot in time, taken more than 1,000 years ago. The figure seemed in the process saying something important, something significant, while his eyebrows crouched together like a pair of great feline beasts. Pale, yet fierce eyes concentrated to his front, now they focused upon a distant point, his words forever captured by stasis never to be heard. The observer sighed as the timer buzzed, indicating that his time had expired. Slowly he stood up and stepped through the open door, guarded by a single golden giant. The door closed with a soft hush and the observer shuffled down the hall. +++ He was known as "The Occupant". It was said that he claimed to have entered the palace from its bowels, though how that could be possible would remain a mystery for a very long time. It was rumored that upon his capture, the Emperor appeared to recognize him, but said nothing. When he was finally allowed to speak, his manner was extremely perplexing. He spoke as if he was "here" and "somewhere else" at the same time. On occasion, he was observed speaking to individuals unseen. He behaved as if his presence was always in doubt, touching random objects as if to confirm their existence. He began to tell stories, lies, for that is all that they could possibly be. Yet he spoke with the calmness of one sure of the truth. He spoke of an approaching madness in an Empire that was lost, a coming time when the word "brother" meant nothing to those once brothers, a Father lost and the unseen seen, a Pantheon un-imagined now manifest in the lives of Mankind, of everything that would be lost during the inevitable fall into darkness. He said there was no future, no end, and no hope. He called himself a Son of Prospero. He would not explain why his armor was an iridescent blue, inlaid with gold iconography and exotic jewels. Nothing like the Legion's true colors. Yet there were elements of its design that were disturbingly reminiscent of the XVth's appearance. When asked who his father was, he said nothing, only sharing a sad smile. He refused to explain himself nor reveal his purpose. He was immune to physical pain. It was shortly thereafter that he was never left alone without a choir of Sisters present, continually shrouding him in silence. His nature prevented from unveiling itself, he remained an enigma to us. I was able to ascertain some information from him without his knowledge. He had a mission. He was tasked with situating himself within our midst, a psychic pebble dropped into the calm of the Imperial pond. He came to incite an insidious and malignant change deep within us. He said he came to be an end of the beginning. He came to put out the light. +++ To this day, his identity remains a mystery. Though rampant mutation infests his DNA, corrupting his geneseed as well as other internal organs, extensive testing verifies his claim. He is a son of Prospero. Which is, of course, impossible. He was produced from the technologies and processes that create an Astartes for the XVth Legion. He cannot exist, yet he does. I come and visit him every day, in some forlorn hope that I will be able to discern some truth from his presence. I discover nothing new, merely reaffirming his impossibility. Now, as Mankind turns its focus outward to the stars, eager to undertake the Emperor's vision, there lies a worm in my mind bordering on treason were I to speak it. Is he the truth? - Malcador, Regent of Terra, 0272999.M29 +++
  2. Dear commanders, Putting together a 3000 point list for a narrative campaign weekend, emphasis on fluff and narrative rather than just smashing face. I haven't played in a tournament so waac has never been my mindset, however I haven't played in an organised campaign either so looking for guidance to create a characterful all comers list. Would still like it to be effective as the wolves should be and don't want to let the side down as it were. Essentially looking for an infantry army composed from the following available models: (i've including their modelling status as if i don't need them i can save time not building/painting them. Everything i do take needs to be painted by end of July) HQs Praetor in Tartaros, tooled for combat. Command Squad in Tartaros (4) Rune Caster in Cataphractii Speaker of the Dead (to be built) Elites 5 Terminators in Cataphractii (can be varagyr or legion termis) (could be increased to 10) Contemptor with Kheres and fist Contemptor with Volkite and fist (bought, yet to be built) Contemptor (plastic battle of Calth, yet to be built) Techmarine 2 Apothecaries Troops (at least 2 of these need to be grey slayers) 20 Grey Slayers Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Close combat weapon, Vexillia, Huscarl with power axe (could be tactical squad instead) 20 Grey Slayers Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Close combat weapon, Vexillia, Huscarl with power sword (could be tactical squad instead) 20 Grey Slayers to be built 20 Grey Slayers to be built 10 Assault Marines, 1 power axe, 1 power sword, sgt with power fist Heavy Support Spartan (could be dedicated for the termis) Sicarian Arcus (bought, yet to be built) Caestus Assault Ram (needs repainting) Lord of War Legion Glaive, needs painting Allies? 25 sisters of silence which could be built in any manner So firstly i am aware this wont all fit in. Don't really want to buy any new units, just the slayer upgrade packs for the remaining squads as would like at least 10 with shields. Other than that I have all the gear to make them. Could build Deathsworn if needed. It's a few months away but don't really want to add any more tanks as I dont have time to build them). The few games I have played so far I have basically been taken apart by leviathans so a plan to crack them would be handy. (Don't want to get one of my own just yet) Any advice regarding composition will be appreciated. Slayer loadouts? Anything too cheesy or non fluffy?
  3. Hello, About 3 years ago I came across an awesome 30K Narrative campaign post, that was pretty detailed had army pics with fluff pieces, and an organisers mission pack. The campaign was a loyalists vs traitors team match, with team captains, and lots of things like the ability to switch sides, unique story missions etc. Looking to set something up for my play group and hopefully inspire them to consider purchasing some 30K, but struggling to find this post (or many others to be honest!), and I'm just looking for help on finding this old mission pack, or if you know of any other resources around on the net, which my Google-Fu was unable to uncover. Cheers!
  4. Whilst on a covert mission on a strange alien planet, the Raven guard uncover a huge egg that is on the brink of hatching a dangerous creature! They also expose an Admech force, led by Belisarius Cawl himself who has his own plans for what lives inside. Enjoy this custom mission guys! Was incredibly fun . We also have a link in the video to the rules so you can also play it. Cheers. https://youtu.be/H9qUS9AAnvc
  5. PRIORITY OMEGA! Knut and Grimlock are back with episode 2 and this time they are tasked with reinforcing a beleaguered force of Imperial Fists & PDF attempting to stop a Daemonic summoning ritual! Will they stop the summoning or will the planet fall into further darkness?
  6. Hello! Had a game with a friend who doesn't enjoy the basic matched system of 9th, so we whipped up a little narrative blast instead. Glacer's Creek, aka Rorke's Drift from the19th century Zulu wars, is a delightful classic and seemed a good fit for the amount of miniatures we had at hand. The core of the scenario is simple: 1000 points of defenders sit in a hastily fortified location, in this case a remote bio-research facility, trying to survive 3-5 waves of varying enemies coming to get them. If half of the attacking models die, a wave ends. Defender's casualties are rolled for between the rounds, they can either die, return to the ranks with a band-aid or get put in a makeshift hospital to see if they can be patched up later. Should there be any defenders left at the end of the final wave, they win. With that in mind, let us set the scene! The Battle for the Bio-Labs At the distant backwaters of the galaxy, there exists a diminutive, discreet shadow empire ruled by their post-human Astartes overlords. Calling themselves the Echoes of Eisenstein, these marines consider themselves the true heirs of the XIV Legiones Astartes, the Unbroken Blades who never fell to the fell embrace of the Plaguefather. Though loyal to the cause of humanity, the millenia have not been kind and by the 41st millenium, their lot is that of open secession in all but name as far as the Imperium is concerned. Dour and stoic as ever before, the Death Guard however take this in stride and carry on with their clandestine wars. Bitter is the hate festering in them, seeing how the rotting Imperium they were made to protect slowly crumbles into further insanity and self-destruction as it ever pushes them further away, but for which they must still take up their arms and die if there should ever be a better tomorrow. Their bloated, fallen kin in the darkness of the Eye stand as an unforgivable example of what awaits, should they ever again become so lofty as to think nothing of the little people sheltering behind their might. Even if there is no hope, only slow decay and eventual collapse of it all, there is no despair and struggle, no such humiliation by the words of their erstwhile allies, that they won't endure to keep the unthinkable dream alive. The futility of it all is grimly amusing for their warriors, almost a point of pride even. In one of their many secret holdings, Captain-Commander Erasmus and his terminator guard have come to meet the apothecary doctor running an important gene-engineering project. Situation around the planet has become increasingly dire with alien lifeforms making planetfall, requiring immediate bolstering of existing facilities. Abruptly, the radars start screaming. There is no time, the xenos are already here. Barrels and crates are thrown to makeshift barricades as men scramble to firing positions. "Prepare the labs! I will stop them here!" Erasmus growls. Meanwhile, in the falling dusk, the alien monsters creep closer... The first, exploratory wave is quickly cut down in a storm of bolter fire. Though the xenos are pushed back, a rampaging carnifex manages to down one of the terminators and couple of lesser men. The second wave takes a suicidal charge from one of the terminator teams sallying out of the facility to break, but is likewise thrown back in tatters in short order. While the Doc manages to patch some of the terminator brethren back on their feet, the approaching third wave thunders closer with much more force. Hulking monsters and massed smaller nightmares scitter on the dunes and charge forwards from the darkness. As fighting heats up on the trash heap side, at the other side the second terminator squad sallies forwards under covering fire from the rooftops to take the fight to the enemy, crushing raveners, rippers, gants and the heavier fire support beasts as they charge over. While that side gets taken care of, the central square is overran. The few terminators there cannot hold against the psionic might of the leader beasts and get mopped up by 'stealers in rapid succession. The auxiliaries don't fare much better and are unceremoniously cut down.
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