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  1. So as I said in my Drakeslayers thread, while I had stalled out on paint work, I developed a name generator for my Wolves in the vein of GW's, but I find those a little lacking (36 names vs. the 216 I included in mine, without counting the variations in choice) - and I wanted to share it here, in case anyone else might find it useful. The way the first part (given name) works is thus - the number code is the result of three d6s in a row (I personally tend to roll three different colored dice at once and review the three results to see which name seems to fit better). This is separated from the name by the first dash. In the name, you will find a group of letters surrounded by parentheses and separated by forward slashes - these represent choices for the given name, and the resulting name will still have the same meaning, just with different spellings. If the group is in bold, then it is a mandatory choice - leaving it out would alter the name or make the name meaningless; if the group is in italics, then the choice is optional, even as a single letter - leaving it off will not change the meaning. Finally, after the second dash, is the meaning (or approximate) as best that I could find from many sources I worked from (both physical texts and Internet), but I will admit that there are some (to many) that could be off. I typically kept to Old Norse names, but there are a few of Scottish, Irish, Old German, or even made up origins included. 1,1,1 - Ake - ancestor 1,1,2 - Aart - powerful as an eagle, eagle-like 1,1,3 - A(d/dd/th)elmar - noble strength/character 1,1,4 - A(d/dd/th)elram - dark and noble 1,1,5 - Aegir - water giant 1,1,6 - Aesir - god 1,2,1 - (A/Ö)gmund(r/ur) awe or terror/edge or sword-warded/protected 1,2,2 - Agnarr - awe or terror/edge or sword-warrior 1,2,3 - Alari(c/ch/k) - emperor/king of all/all-powerful ruler 1,2,4 - Albrecht - noble and bright 1,2,5 - Al(d)ri(c/ch/k) - wise sage/noble ruler 1,2,6 - Alois/Hlödvig - loud/famous fight/battle/warrior 1,3,1 - Alfhar - elf warrior 1,3,2 - Alvar/Alvge(i/y)r( r) - elf spear 1,3,3 - Anders - manly, brave, strong 1,3,4 - A(n)sg(a/ei)r( r) - god-spear 1,3,5 - Arjac - meaning unknown 1,3,6 - Arlen - vow/oath/pledge 1,4,1 - Arn(e) - eagle 1,4,2 - Asvald( r) - divine ruler/might/power 1,4,3 - Atli - Terrible, violent, wild 1,4,4 - Audun - friend of wealth 1,4,5 - Aun - possibly shortened name meaning ‘friendly destiny’ 1,4,6 - Avang(r/er) - meaning unknown 1,5,1 - Bald(e/u)r - prince/god-son/light-bearer 1,5,2 - Barend - as brave as a bear 1,5,3 - Beoric - bright power 1,5,4 - Bertram - bright as a raven 1,5,5 - B(e/i/y)r(g/gh)(e/i/y)r - one who helps or protects/keeper 1,5,6 - Bj(o/ö)rn - bear 1,6,1 - Bj(o/ö)rnst(e/ei/y)n - stone bear or bear-stone 1,6,2 - Bodvar - battle-army 1,6,3 - Borgen - from a fort town, castle 1,6,4 - Bran - raven 1,6,5 - Bran(d/t/dt)( r) - sword/fIre/torch/burning log or pole 1,6,6 - Brynjar - armored/helmed warrior 2,1,1 - Brynulf - armored/mailed wolf 2,1,2 - Calder - harsh and cold waters 2,1,3 - Canis - dog 2,1,4 - Cord - bold/wise counselor 2,1,5 - Dag - day 2,1,6 - Dagrún - day-secret/lore 2,2,1 - Dol(f/ph) - noble wolf 2,2,2 - Drekken - dragon/drake 2,2,3 - Dren(n) - meaning unknown 2,2,4 - (Dur/T(h)or)fast - firm/strong thunder 2,2,5 - Dvordin - meaning unknown; likely based on Dvergr (dwarf) 2,2,6 - Eberhard - courageous like a boar 2,3,1 - Edvard - wealthy guard/protector 2,3,2 - Ehren - unclear, hidden 2,3,3 - Egil - inspires fright; awe 2,3,4 - Egon - strong with a sword 2,3,5 - Einar( r) - one who fights alone 2,3,6 - Einrid - one who rides alone 2,4,1 - Eluf - eternal heir 2,4,2 - Engir - meaning unknown 2,4,3 - (E/Ei)r(i/y)(c/k/g/gh) - king of all/forever 2,4,4 - Erlend - outsider/foreigner 2,4,5 - Erling/Ernil - prince (Ernil is Sindarin - Tolkein's elven language) 2,4,6 - Eyvindur - fortune’s victor 2,5,1 - Faf(fnr/nir) - dragon 2,5,2 - Félagi - fellow/partner 2,5,3 - Fell - living in the mountains/from the rough hill 2,5,4 - Fergus - man of force/wrath; strong/virile 2,5,5 - Fenr(i/y)(d/k/r/s) - world name/fen dweller 2,5,6 - Fin(n/nr/r) - Wanderer/wandering 2,6,1 - Fjolnir - concealer, wise one, manifold 2,6,2 - Fj(o/y)r - life, spirit 2,6,3 - Forni - ancient one 2,6,4 - Fraridr - the one who rides forth 2,6,5 - Frey( r) - lord 2,6,6 - Fritjof - thief of peace 3,1,1 - Frodar( r) - wise warrior 3,1,2 - Frode/Frodi - enlightened/wise 3,1,3 - Ganglar - wayweary 3,1,4 - Geigor/Greger - watchful, alert 3,1,5 - Ge(i/y)r( r) - spear 3,1,6 - Gilen - vow/oath 3,2,1 - Gn(j)arl/Gnyrll - snarl/growl; twisted up 3,2,2 - Go(d/t/tt)( b )ran(d/t/dt)( r)/Gul(l)bran(d/t/dt)( r) - god-sword/fire 3,2,3 - Go(d/dd/t/th)r(i/o)(c/k/g/gh) - power of god 3,2,4 - Grim( r)/Gri(m/v)nir - grim, cruel; masked/hooded 3,2,5 - Gung(n)ir - god-spear/swaying one 3,2,6 - Gunn(a/i)r - brave and bold; warrior 3,3,1 - Gunnulf - battle/war wolf 3,3,2 - Gunvald - war leader 3,3,3 - Gunvor - vigilant in war/battle 3,3,4 - Hagan - briar 3,3,5 - Hákon/Hakon/Haakon/Hågen - high or highest son 3,3,6 - Haldor - thunder stone/god-stone 3,4,1 - Halvard - rock/stone guardian 3,4,2 - Havard - high guardian 3,4,3 - Harald - army leader/war chief 3,4,4 - Har(e/i/y)(c/k/g/gh) - high sovereign 3,4,5 - Hauk( r) - hawk 3,4,6 - Heimdal(l)( r) - shining god/guardian of the shining bridge 3,5,1 - Helgan - sainted 3,5,2 - Helg(e/i) - holy/blessed 3,5,3 - Hemming - shape-changer 3,5,4 - Hengir - hone-spear 3,5,5 - Hengis(t) - stallion 3,5,6 - Herleif - warrior descendent 3,6,1 - Herulf/Hjorulf - sword wolf 3,6,2 - Hildulf - battle wolf 3,6,3 - Hjalmar - helmed fighter 3,6,4 - Holger - island of spears 3,6,5 - (H)rafn - raven 3,6,6 - (H)r(o/u)l(f/ph) - renown/famous/well-known wolf 4,1,1 - Hr(o/u)lfg(a/ei)r - wolf-spear 4,1,2 - (H)rothgar - famous spear/defender 4,1,3 - (H)rungnir - brawler 4,1,4 - Hund( r) - hound 4,1,5 - (I/Y)ngvar( r) - holy warrior 4,1,6 - Ivar( r) - fighter with a bow/archer 4,2,1 - Jaeg(e)r - hunter 4,2,2 - Jari - helmeted soldier 4,2,3 - Jarlulf - chief wolf/wolf lord 4,2,4 - Jarn - iron 4,2,5 - Jarnulf - iron wolf 4,2,6 - Jarnvid - ironwood 4,3,1 - Jokul(l) - ice, icicle, glacier 4,3,2 - Jólf( r) - horse-wolf 4,3,3 - Jor( r) - wild boar 4,3,4 - Jor(g)(e/i/y)n - farmer/earth-worker 4,3,5 - Jormund - sword-safe/protected from blades 4,3,6 - Jori(c/k/g/gh) - mighty horse/ horse chieftain 4,4,1 - Jorund - battle winner 4,4,2 - (J/Y)otun(n) - jotun/giant/titan/troll/supernatural being 4,4,3 - Kennet - born of fire 4,4,4 - K(a/j/v)(a/y)rl - chief man 4,4,5 - Kjeld - large pot 4,4,6 - Knut - knot 4,5,1 - (K/T)or( r)vald( r) - Thor’s ruler/chieftain 4,5,2 - Kra(gh/k(u)r) - crow 4,5,3 - Krom - Hyperborean (Robert E. Howard's Conan books) god of war 4,5,4 - (K)veld(o/u)l(f/ph) - evening/night/twilight wolf 4,5,5 - L(au/ei)f - son/descendant/heir 4,5,6 - L(au/ei)fvar - heir-guard 4,6,1 - Logan - little hollow 4,6,2 - Lothar - famous army/warrior 4,6,3 - Lukas - meaning unknown 4,6,4 - Nils(en) - victorious/conqueror of the people 4,6,5 - Nja( r)l - champion/giant 4,6,6 - Njord - strong 5,1,1 - (N/T)org(ei/i/y)r( r) - Thor’s spear or god-/thunder-spear 5,1,2 - Od(ai/i/y)n(n) - high-god/chief god 5,1,3 - O(dd/th)var - sharp point guard 5,1,4 - (Oe/A)ngus - powerful/strong one 5,1,5 - Ofnir - inciter 5,1,6 - Ol(a/o)(f/v) - ancestor’s heir 5,2,1 - Ol(i/y)n - hallowed 5,2,2 - Olv(i/y)r - protected/lucky warrior 5,2,3 - Or(i/y)n(n) - light, fair 5,2,4 - Orvar - arrow 5,2,5 - Orven - brave friend 5,2,6 - Otto - wealthy, prosperous 5,3,1 - Ove - full of terror 5,3,2 - Preben - first in battle 5,3,3 - R(a/ae/ei)g(e/i)r - heron 5,3,4 - Ragnar - military advisor/war knowledge 5,3,5 - Rand - shield-rim 5,3,6 - Ran(u/o)l(f/ph) - wolf shield-rim 5,4,1 - Reidar - home warrior 5,4,2 - Ri(c/k/g/gh)ard - daring power 5,4,3 - Ri(d/dd/th)ar - warrior on horse 5,4,4 - R(h)uarc - rainstorm/squall 5,4,5 - Run(v)ar( r) - secret lore (magic/rune) warrior 5,4,6 - Runst(e/ei/u)n(er/r) - rune/lore/magic-stone 5,5,1 - Ruri(c/k/g/gh) - famous power 5,5,2 - Rymr - noise 5,5,3 - S(a/o)lgeir( r) - sun-spear 5,5,4 - Sigurd - victory guard 5,5,5 - Sigvald - ruler of victory/victorious ruler 5,5,6 - Skallagrim( r) - grim-skull 5,6,1 - Skander - reaver/raider 5,6,2 - Sk(j)old( r) - shield 5,6,3 - Snorri - attack/onslaught 5,6,4 - Solvar(r/d) - sun-protection/watchful sun 5,6,5 - Stal - steel 5,6,6 - Stef - crown 6,1,1 - Ste(i)n - stone or small rock 6,1,2 - Stian/Stig( r) - wanderer 6,1,3 - Ste(i)nar( r) - stone warrior 6,1,4 - St(o/u/y)rlaug(r/ur) - holy battle-oath 6,1,5 - St(o/u/y)rbj(o/ö)rn - battle-bear 6,1,6 - Sv(a/e)rd - sword 6,2,1 - Svarnir - slayer 6,2,2 - Svart(a)bran(d/t/dt)( r) - black blade/sword 6,2,3 - Svart(a)g(ei/y)r( r) - black spear 6,2,4 - Sven(d) - boy/youth 6,2,5 - T(h)orgil/Korgil - Thor’s/god-shaft 6,2,6 - T(h)or(o/u)l(f/ph) - Thor’s/god-wolf 6,3,1 - T(h)or(ben/bj(o/ö)rn) - Thor's/god-bear 6,3,2 - T(ore/hore/hor/har) - god/great/thunder-strength 6,3,3 - T(h)or(f)in(n/nr) - Thor’s/god-wanderer 6,3,4 - T(h)ormund( r) - Thor’s/god-protection 6,3,5 - T(h)orvind( r) - Thor’s/god-victory/friend 6,3,6 - Troels - arrow of Thor/god 6,4,1 - Trygyv - trustworthy 6,4,2 - Tyge - one who hits the mark 6,4,3 - Ul(f)bran(d/t)( r) - wolf-sword/fIre/torch/burning log or pole 6,4,4 - Ulf - wolf 6,4,5 - Ul(f)ri(c/k/g/gh) - wealthy/powerful ruler; wolf ruler 6,4,6 - V(a/æ/e)(ddr/dher/r) - ram/weather 6,5,1 - V(a/I)li - powerful/strong, chosen 6,5,2 - Veurr - shrine-guard/hallower 6,5,3 - Vid(a/u)r( r) - warrior apart, wide warrior, killer 6,5,4 - Viggo - battle 6,5,5 - Vilmar - strong willed 6,5,6 - Vindar - victorious warrior/army 6,6,1 - Vindler - wind-sea 6,6,2 - Vald(r/er) - ruler, mighty one 6,6,3 - Volund( r) - brave in battle, courageous warrior, skillful blacksmith 6,6,4 - Vygar - powerful warrior/armor 6,6,5 - Yrung( r) - stormy 6,6,6 - (Y/I)ng(for/vard/vir) - divinely protected
  2. I bought a box of the Fenrisian Wolves years and years ago and all that leaping and bounding is not for me, I want a wolf that is stood or at least walking next to his master, so has anyone re-modelled the legs on any of these to that end, any pictures? I don't want to buy another wolf model, just want some inspiration on where to break their legs and make them, stay, stay Stay! Good doggy
  3. Why I’m Switching from Codex: Space Marines to Index: Imperium 1, Space Wolves I’m going to separate this into two parts, one is why I’m leaving the Templars rules behind, and two is why I’m taking on the wolves as their replacement. Section 1: Saying Goodbye Templars aren’t Templars anymoreIt’s sad to say, but the Templars we have now in Codex: Space Marines, aren’t Black Templars, in fact they aren’t much of anything, they’re a shallow shell of the chapter they once were, relegated to 3 special characters and a unique troop unit, this army used to have a number of hugely unique things that set it apart. Crusader Seals, Vows, and Unique Units and Unit mechanics are all gone, and all it leaves is a Space Marine chapter that likes to assault and doesn’t have psykers, and that’s about it. Crusader Seals, Attached to almost every unit, this was the mainstay of the army, and the conversion packs had their own seals to represent these now non-existent pieces of wargear. This helped the unit with righteous zeal, which allowed them to consolidate towards enemies after they suffered casualties, a rule that is altogether gone, and replaced with reroll charges, a mostly harmless change on the face of things, but the destruction of unique wargear continues all throughout their squatting, holy orb? gone, Adamantine cloak? gone. It’s no surprise, you’re taking an entirely unique army and making them one of 10 options in a book, they will be a joke as far as comparisons to the old rules go. Vows, the most unique mechanic to the army, a prayer said before the battle, giving your army tons of versatility by assigning a different army wide ability based on what you wanted your army to do, of course, gone, squatted with everything else. This is the most egregious, because it is basically what made the army work, the rerolls in combat, or the +1 strength is what defined your army, it gave you power over other armies by having essentially, a chapter tactic, before chapter tactics existed. Now, they’re completely gone without mention. Unique Units, this is the most obvious but the most damning, Templars don’t use devastators, oh just kidding, they do now because they’re just normal space marines. They don’t use librarians, well that sucks because we aren’t replacing it with anything noteworthy, and you certainly aren’t getting any defense against psykers! (Other than a Literal Coin flip Stratagem, which won’t help at all against 4+ smites) In fact! as if to specifically slap them in the face, the Ultramarines gained an Iron Halo that allows them to Deny Psychic powers! ya you know, the Ultramarines, the guys who are so anti-psyker that they have one of the most powerful psykers in the game in their army list? Yeah those psyker haters. It’s just a joke, stuffed in the back of the codex, with everything that made them unique (and viable) gone. No more tactics for Sword Brethren, their just as generic as other veterans. No more Reclusiarchs, just generic piss poor chappies like everyone else has. Vindicators and LR Crusaders? well everyone else has those now so I GUESS you can still use em. The entries for Templars read like begrudging allowances, they barely exist in the codex, and are beaten out by any other chapter in what they do. Their troops die in droves, as their tactics no longer work, the unique mechanisms like vows and crusader seals that made the army function are gone, and now the army is no better than an Ultramarine wannabe, like any other army in that codex. 2. Not an Assault Army Warhammer isn’t an assault game, shooting is and always has been the dominant strategy, that being said, it doesn’t mean assault doesn’t work, in 8th it works better than it has since 5th. It just means assault armies have to work harder for victories than shooting armies. Not by a HUGE margin, but by enough of a margin that it’s noticeable. I mean, compare how many Death Guard sit and shoot lists there are, to say, the amount of Khorne Daemons running around with Bloodletters there are…yeah. That isn’t just cause the Death Guard are the new hotness. If people picked up and played DG, and constantly lost, they would probably stop. But what’s happening is, Death Guard, sit and shoot, is Extremely Potent, and somewhat easy to achieve, which lends to its popularity. But outside of the circumstances of the game, the Space Marines themselves, or at least Codex: Space Marines is NOT an assault army. It just flat out is not, and never will be. The way Codex: Space Marines is designed, is with the intention of an Ultramarines Player. You can see this in the new Primaris Units. Units that are extremely focused on ranged, and are durable enough to get stuck in, then leave combat and shoot, an achievement that only the Ultramarines can do. Space Marines don’t hit hard enough in combat, their footslogging units aren’t durable enough to reach combat, and if they do, they’re lackluster 1 attack doesn’t do much to impress. There is no reason to try and run assault heavy, as the troops don’t do it well, Assault marines are a joke, assault terminators range from Horrendous to Very Situational at best. Vanguard Veterans work great when they charge from a vehicle (Making the reroll charges chapter tactic useless, mind you) but then die immediately after they kill a unit. In fact, the HQs and Dreadnoughts do most of the heavy lifting as far as assault goes, but as both are limited to 4 attacks, even they don’t bring enough to even remotely be considered an assault focused army, but that’s just the thing, they aren’t they never were, and that’s the issue, Why the hell did Black Templars, an assault focused army, get stuffed in a codex about shooting. They would’ve been far more welcome as an addition to any other codex, as we’ll discuss. 3. Generic, and Boring It goes without saying, that Templars have lost a great deal of that unique flair that many found them interesting for. The fun and interesting deviations from traditional marines they brought are gone, and have been replaced with pale imitations or revoked without replacement altogether. Outside of the fact that fielding a 20 man unit of crusaders for 250 points to see them get wiped out without even a glance is incredibly disheartening, and shows that this codex simply wasn’t made for the jammed in Templar flair that it does have, it also shows the problem with Space Marines as a whole, and why Templars like myself, DIDN’T play ultramarines in the first place. Here’s where the Godhand’s advocate comes in. Femto drops down to tell me, oh but but Jaded, why don’t you use Intercessors, they’re super good, and Tactical marines suck this edition. Just use hell blasters, just use the Inceptors…etc…etc… All under the banner of “You’ll win more games” Well here’s a thought. Have you ever imagined that I don’t just want to “Win Games”? perhaps there is a unique style of combat I enjoy engaging in. A cool unit I like to field a number of. Or even an overarching army theme I don’t wanna just fly in the face of for more wins? Put aside my hatred of Primaris for a second, what do I gain by fielding intercessors and hell blasters? Reliable Shooting units that can delete both infantry and tanks respectively. What about that screams templars? one or two of them? perhaps, but that won’t be enough, and why stop there? they are hands down the best units in the book, why not just spam them? no reason not to right? but guess what. Black Templars players didn’t play Black Templars to sit in the midfield and shoot, if they wanted to do that, they would’ve played Ultramarines. But they didn’t, and because of that, this playstyle, the only play style worth a damn in Codex: Space Marines, for me personally, is BEYOND BORING. It puts me to sleep, the thought of even engaging in it makes my skin crawl, as if I would walk through a portal, and a much fatter, zit covered me would be playing that army, as he brags about being a virgin and how it makes him a “Better Gamer”. I can’t stand that playstyle and it IS NOT Templars. The Templar codex was absolutely 100% about assault, getting in and ripping face no doubt, it’s so clear in their rules. “Yeah but any functioning army will have ranged units, fielding ranged Templars doesn’t mean it isn’t templars” Femto adds, ok, but it’s certainly not codex templars, realistically you could reason ANY tactic as being a subsection of the larger army that focuses on that A-typical thing for the army, like an infantry regiment in Iron Hands, or a Heavy Weapons Brigade in the White Scars. Sure They DO it. But that doesn’t mean that’s what I signed up for when I picked up that 4th edition Templar Codex. I find shooting boring, and templars do to, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have played them from the codex, they would’ve played Ultramarines, and that’s a fact. End of Story. Section 2: Why I am Playing them as Space Wolves 1. Templars are Templars again Perhaps a bit presumptuous to say, but the rules for Space Wolves, with regards to 8th edition, far better represent a zeal driven assault focused army, than the rules in Codex: Space Marines, hands down. not only do they represent them better thematically, gaining bonus attacks on the charge, one handing bolters, Sword Brethren having a unique place in the army (not the same unique place mind you, as they’re more tactically diverse with weapon options than they are with special rules) but the same theme of the members of the army Choosing who they fight with and creating family like bonds with their allies, instead of the regiments of Codex Chapters. All of this reinforces the feel of playing templars. honestly, my first game when I played the Wolves, it just felt right, it felt as if I was playing the 4th edition codex again, I was getting in assault and killing units, I was dealing damage when I reached combat, I was footslogging big swathes of crusaders, it was exactly what I had been missing. The Space wolf play style, specifically Blood Claws, Wulfen, and Powerful HQs, as the army base, feels VERY templars, mores than templars have felt in 3 editions of the game. 2. An assault Army The space wolves are an assault army, every model, even the shooting ones can take chainswords, their assault focused models get additional attacks. many of their unique units provide Powerful assault focused buffs to the army, anywhere from reroll charges, to plus 1 attack, the army’s direction and synergies scream “assault force” For anyone who has been looking for an assault Space marine army, that doesn’t like jetpacks, Wolves are the answer without a doubt. 3. Interesting and Exciting The tactics you employ as a Space Wolf player not only feel incredibly thematic to Templars but are also varied and interesting in their own right. Positioning HQs for buffs actually matters because your units actually have attacks and hit hard. Wulfen provide unique buffs that stack allowing for powerful assault combos. The gameplay of Space Wolves is all the best parts of 4th-5th edition Templar Tactics and I couldn’t be happier. FAQ “Codex to Index? you’re pretty dumb for giving up all of those special rules” A: The rules in Codex: Space Marines may be more plentiful, especially without Chapter Tactics or Stratagems, but those tactics are not Templars, and are extremely un-fun. The Index may have less rules so far, but each of those rules is 10x as thematic as the current rules for templars. I would say the idiot is the one that plays the game based on how the company dictates them to, rather than doing it in a way that allows them to have fun. “Templars have rules, why switch them to a different army?” A: Templar rules are weak and barely there, what is there is mostly generic marines shooting focused stuff. It’s not templars by any means. This may be what GW says is templars but I disagree wholeheartedly, and reject the notion that Templars can’t play like space wolves, any more than a Custom Chapter can’t play like a pre-written chapter. “You might just be bad, or lost in the tactics of the past, you’d probably do better if you took primaris” A: I know this is a straw-man argument to an extent, but I’ll just put this here to let anyone know if they say this I have no intentions of associating with them in the future. “If you are willing to use Templars as Space Wolves, why not just use them as Ultras and win more games?” A: I’ll refer you to Chapter 3 of Section 1 “What makes assault so great anyways? You could just play them shooty couldn’t you” A: Why do you prefer white bread over wheat? Automatic over Stick Shift? It’s silly to me to ask why someone would get passionate about a preference of theirs, name a situation in which you would be willing to change how you fundamentally did something you were passionate about without qualms, no? yeah, that’s what I thought.
  4. I just recently got back into the hobby and, after building a small Tau army, decided that the Primaris marines were calling out to me. The Wolves have always been my favorite, ever since I read the Ragnar books in High School, and now I can make a lore friendly successor chapter! Thus I have plans to make a "mostly" Primaris army(I might use some of the old Dreads as I really like the Axe and shield dread). As it stands, I've got a color scheme and two small squads painted. I've got Aggressors, a Lieutenant, and a Librarian ready to paint. Here are the basic schemes I'm using , the first is for standard Marines and the second is for the officer class (Wolf lord, Lt., Rune Priest, ect...) Here's the Kill Team and Reivers for a better look. One of the Intercessors was the unfortunate test subject for a different gold trim on the chest wings. The Reivers are in a squad, however the Intercessors suffer from my inability to get the whole squad in the photo. Yeah...inability...totally not laziness. Intercessors Reivers Now my next projects are, as I've said, 3 Aggressors, an Lt., and a Librarian. However I have run into an issue that I'd like to hear everyone's advice on. You see, I have no idea what color/s to paint the robes of the Librarian. I'm at a loss, as he will have the blue arms as seen above. Do I go for simple leather? Blue? Different shade of grey? I'm working with citadel colors so any advice as to what colors would go well with this would be appreciated. He and the Lt. are going to be my commanders for an upcoming Kill Team Campaign (we choose 2, one for points games and one for free commander matches). I'd really like to get the librarian done as I believe he'll cut through the resident Ork Kill Team that beats the tar out of everyone. Thanks for the any advice and even just for taking a look!
  5. Greetings Fraters of the B&C. Here are some pics of the army I'm currently painting up and I apologize for the picture overload, but this is my first time. Be gentle. My Chapter is a Successor from the Dark Angels/Angels of Vengeance. Most of my army is undergoing repainting to get it in line with the color scheme I have revised for my units (New scheme posted): Battle Companies: Normal marine: Vet. Sergeant (can be a Deathwalker Candidate or a former Deathwalker): or Company Vets: Command squads (majority will be former Deathwalkers, one or two may be Candidates that are about to be inducted into the 1st Company) & Company Master: 2nd Company - Boneseekers Normal biker (generally considered "more" veteran): Boneseekers Veterans (similar to the Company Veterans idea - I'm hoping there is a new 2nd Company Vets squad in a new Codex): Vet. Sergeant (will all be Deathwalker Candidates or returning Deathwalkers): or Command squads (per Battle companies) & Master of the 2nd (this will probably be a little more unique than this in some way, but look very similar): 1st Company - Deathwalkers Normal Termie: Sergeant, Command Squad (will look the same, but with a red helm stripe) Master of the 1st (trying to come up with something slightly more unique for him) Current Army Shot (minus WIP Landspeeder): The horde cometh: Predator: Dreadnought: With Missile Launcher replacing DCCW: We don't talk about the poor lone Assault Marine. His greaves and chainsword are still the wrong color and none of his compatriots have had any love (they are all still waiting to be repainted).
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