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  1. PRIORITY OMEGA! Knut and Grimlock are back with episode 2 and this time they are tasked with reinforcing a beleaguered force of Imperial Fists & PDF attempting to stop a Daemonic summoning ritual! Will they stop the summoning or will the planet fall into further darkness?
  2. INCOMING TRANSMISSION *********************************************** The Cicatrix Maledictum has split the galaxy in two. Entire systems cut off from Holy Terra or lost forever in the warp. Or so it seems.... Scylla Quintus, a system thought swallowed by the great rift, has come back into view. With the return of this lost system, what mysteries are held and what threats lie in wait? Are you seeking this system to claim newfound glory, seize forgotten arcaeotech or simply to purify this warp tainted system? *********************************************** So the local group is doing another crusade campaign with a twist, we’re adding the old planetary empire rules as well. Got a bunch of tiles and everything. With the new codex dropping and those new crusade rules looking right up my alley (again) I’m going to do T’au for this. And while some might remember my battlesuit heavy force, this is going to be a better mix. Also allows me to be that guy considering I have lots of the frak off guns already. For this I’ll be using my old Darkwind Cadre. This was an army based off the T’au in the Dawn of War 2 game. So all the units are built (as closely) to how they are in the game. I did add a few units that weren’t in the game, just cause I liked the look or it added to my theme of spamming stealth suits. My starting 60 PL (2 RP on roster expansion) is the following: Commander in XV8 - CIB, MP, Flamer, shield generator, shield drones x2, Through Boldness, Victory, Puretide chip 7 Firewarriors - Pulse rifles Shas’ui - pulse rifle, markerlight 7 Firewarriors - Pulse rifles Shas’ui - pulse rifle, markerlight 7 Firewarriors - Pulse rifles Shas’ui - pulse rifle, markerlight 2 Stealth suits - burst cannon x2, counterfire defense system Shas’vre - fusion blaster, counterfire defense system 2 Stealth suits - burst cannon x2, counterfire defense system Shas’vre - fusion blaster, counterfire defense system XV95 GhostKeel - burst cannon x2, cyclonic ion raker, shield generator, counterfire defense system, stealth drone x2 Hammerhead Gunship - Burst cannon x2, High Capacity Railgun Tidalwall Gunrig - Supremacy Railgun Tidalwall Shieldline I have plenty to add and since I don’t have much in HQs for this army pretty much all my RP is going to roster expansion. I have lots to add including more tanks, pathfinders, a riptide, broadsides and FW flyers. Hopefully this will last longer then the 2-3 months most tend to run in my area. If anything it will be another force to keep records on. We’re supposed to start up in two weeks, the GM is still painting the first two maps. Once done I’ll snap a picture since I’ll be modding the image for territory tracking. Also to tide you over, not sure if I showed these here, but this is a portion of my Darkwind force.
  3. Version 1.0


    These are clean easy-to-print versions of the sheets in the 9e Core Rulebook for keeping track of your crusade army during campaigns. One pdf file is the main roster sheet for the entire army, and the card pdf is the sheet for keeping track of an individual units' progress in the campaign. These files are for personal use only, and not to be sold for profit. Original source of sheets from the Warhammer 40000 Core Book, on pages 328-329, in the Crusade Appendix. Copyright Games Workshop Ltd 2020.
  4. From the album: Lord Commander Scrymgeour's Megiddo Crusade

    Letholdus - Brother First over the wall at the Siege of Megiddo Prime. Gifted with honour, plate of Dain the Zealot. Welcomed as a Watch Brother for the Headsman. Gifted with honour, helm of Quietude. Slayer of monsters at The Battle for Skeldergate Oil Swamp. Gifted with honour, Aurelian Post Spectrum Auspex Infiltrated the Necropolis of the Iron Pretender. Gifted with honour, Chapter serf bearing Relic of Commander Saint Osysth of the Agonising Heart Prayer tokens - Golden Bolter Round for true sight - Blood of the Sun King for faith in brotherhood
  5. N1SB

    40k Campaign Map PoC

    From the album: N1SB Labs

    Helping Brother Ranwolf out, a proof of concept for a 40k campaign map, easier to show than tell.
  6. Hello everyone, new to posting on B&C here and looking for some help with my crusade list. Backstory: My best friend and I are doing a crusade campaign where we start with the 1st Combat Patrol mission and go through all the missions, in order, until we finish out with the last Onslaught mission. For the last several years, he had been beating the ever living crap out of me. I can't remember the last time I won a game against him, and it certainly wasn't with my Blood Angels. We played the first combat patrol mission (25 PL each) in the Crusade part last week and he proceeded to absolutely crush me. Seriously, I had a 5-man squad on Incursors that I set up in cover on an objective, and he proceeds to roll up with a Foul Blightspawn (this was the first time he's used one, so I didn't know what it was) and wiped out 4 of them with the plague-sprayer. Needless to say, the last man did not survive long. Then the Blightspawn's "Revolting Stench" ability really took the wind out of my Blood Angels' sails. By turn three, nothing remained of my proud Sons of Sanguinius but ash and a plague-ridden sludge. We used to get a good chuckle that the reason I lost so much is because he rolls like he made some pact with an evil spirit and I roll like my dice are weighted.... to roll 1's. I did some ole' googling to find some advice on how to beat Death Guard. While this whole campaign is for fun and to get some immersive narrative play in, frankly, it's stopped being fun playing 40k against my best friend knowing I'm just going to get wiped and he's going to have a card up his sleeve to counter every plan I make (seriously, how to hell are the Death Guard going to get to go first in my own fight phase when I charged with 3 different units....?). So, after doing some researching, I realized I'm going to have to play my Blood Angels in a less Blood-Angelsy manner. I completely swapped out my entire Crusade force and chose some specific units for the next game (Supply Drop). Below is my current 60 PL Crusade army that I can choose from: HQ: Librarian Dread w/ Biomantic Sarcophogus and Gift of Foresight. Quickening and Wings (8 PL) Primaris Lieutenant (Indomitus) (4 PL) Troops: 10-man Intercessors Squad w/ grenade launcher (10 PL) Scout Squad w/camo cloaks, 4x sniper rifles, and 1x Heavy Bolter (4 PL) 5-man Tactical squad w/ Heavy Bolter. Probably going to do power sword and plasma pistol for the sergeant (5 PL) *Including the heavy bolters here due to the update they're getting to be damage 2. Figure having some S5 D2 AP -1 shots would be good to have against Death Guard, especially since things like missile launchers tend to miss thanks to the fact that every single Death Guard has some mystical cloud of flies that makes them impossible to shoot.....* Fast Attack: 3-man Inceptor squad w/ Plasma Exterminator (6 PL) Dedicated Transport: Impulsor w/ Bellicatus Missile Array (7 PL) (still haven't built it yet, but would like to hear opinions on missiles vs shield dome. Or maybe even do that orbital bombardment thing....) This brings me to 56 PL, so I still have 4 PL if there's something I really need this moment or to put toward something else later. So, for the next battle, we'll have 25 PL each and I've gone with taking the Librarian Dreadnought (8 PL), 10-man intercessor (10 PL), and inceptor squad (6 PL) [24 PL total]. Thought process behind some of this: Librarian Dreadnought is to help counter the Plaguecaster my friend seems to always take. The biomantic sarcophagus will help make sure I get my powers off and make it easier to deny. The Gift of Foresight is to make it a little sturdier. Additionally, taking a Librarian in Dreadnought form gives me access to Dreadnought/vehicle specific stratagems that will make him even sturdier, such as Armour of Contempt to shrug off some mortal wounds from Smite, or Duty Eternal to make multi-damage weapons (like that plague sprayer and its D3....). Additionally, I can use Wisdom of the Ancients to give him the captain's re-roll 1's to hit if I want to supercharge the plasma on the inceptors or just give the Intercessors a little boost. Intercessors are there to do what intercessors do: hold down some objectives and detract a little bit of the Death Guard's hardiness with the -1 AP of their bolt rifles. I plan to keep them as a 10-man blob until the Death Guard make their way to mid-field. Then I'll use Rapid Fire (and maybe Wisdom of the Ancients) to unload 40 bolt rifle shots into the Plague Marines. Then I'll probably use Tactical Flexibility to combat-squad them and have one team hold my backfield objective, while the other goes for a mid-field. As for the Inceptors, I know these guys aren't known for being that great, but they seem to really hit all the wickets for being anti-Death Guard: high mobility and good damage output. I can bounce around the board with them to get objectives, while still dumping plasma shots into whatever needs it, without getting too close. They're also pretty sturdy in their own right, so they should last until turn 5. Depending where the final objective for Supply Drop is on the final turn, I can Upon Wings of Fire them to grab it, assuming there aren't already Death Guard perched atop it.... Anyways, would love to know what you all think of the above. I know it might get a little CP intensive with some of the stuff I have planned, so hopefully I won't need too many command re-rolls early on in the game. Thanks!
  7. I've pitched an idea to get a return to some evening gaming - Kill Team being perfect for this with fewer models required, and quicker games. With a total of four players (only half with experience of KT) I'm aiming for something smaller scale to get a taster of the game, and the continuous element compared to pick up games. As such I'll probably ditch a few things to get us started like the pre-battle scouting stuff, and I'm not planning on having too many games. The idea is to get a taste and some experience of roster play after all, and we can assess and make plans once we're done with this It'd be nice to have everyone play each other (6 games total), I'd also like to have escalation in points as people get more experienced teams and learn the game but I don't think these will go together without making the campaign longer than I want. So I've come up with the following ideas: Round Robin Everyone plays each other once at 100pts. A final fourth four way game at increased points once everyone has learnt the game? This last game would allow for some more toys, as well as playing with levelling up models. Random Robin Three games, against randomised opponent each time with increasing point values (e.g. 100, 125, 150) before throwing all final lists in to a four player battle. This way lists can expand and experiment with Elite options as a more interconnected set of games. For winning that might be a bit more complicated. Seems simple enough to grant a Victory Point for every win. I like the idea of final game which is a four player grand battle, end on a spectacle as well as get a multiplayer game in. Perhaps this could be worth 2 VPs? That way it gives an option for the top spot to be unseated, but without rendering previous results moot. How do they sound? Are there any ideas from others who have done something similar or ran small KT events? What about tips for managing rosters for these game approaches (I've only played one off KT games so far)? I think I'm leaning towards the round robin for the first stint, keep things a bit simpler to get the ball rolling. Any suggestions and tips very welcome In case anyone is interested, lists will involve some Grey Knights, Tyranids and Blood Angels I imagine. There's possibility for others though, not least in that I've not decided what I might take yet I really enjoyed my TSons team, but I'm finishing up some more Stormies now and have those Skitarii sitting around...
  8. Hello, About 3 years ago I came across an awesome 30K Narrative campaign post, that was pretty detailed had army pics with fluff pieces, and an organisers mission pack. The campaign was a loyalists vs traitors team match, with team captains, and lots of things like the ability to switch sides, unique story missions etc. Looking to set something up for my play group and hopefully inspire them to consider purchasing some 30K, but struggling to find this post (or many others to be honest!), and I'm just looking for help on finding this old mission pack, or if you know of any other resources around on the net, which my Google-Fu was unable to uncover. Cheers!
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