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  1. The idea behind this thread is to highlight modeling and painting efforts put into producing a Kill Team. Not that extra effort is required, but if you put some thought into the story of your team, feel free to share those thoughts along with your painted models. +++ So to set the stage, I present The Scar Crusade, which is based on a small crusade (seven figures) accompanying a Mechanicus Explorator fleet, as depicted in the McNeill "Lords or Mars" trilogy. Two of the figures I did not model as one Kul Gilad, Reclusiarch is in Terminator armor and the other Auiden is an Apothecary. The five models I started out with represent the crusade after a specific point in the story line. Given that it would be a small number of figures, I also decided to true scale them using the Doghouse technique of adapting Cataphractii terminators and converting them to Mk. III armor equivalents. I am a big fan of the Mk. III set of armor. The Scar Crusade Brother Sergeant Tanna - He is described as having a beard and a widow's peak, which I thought interesting enough to model. He is the only member without a helmet on. Yael - Described as the newest member of the crusade, recently promoted to initiate, favored by the Marshal, seems to desire to prove his worth to his more experienced brethren. So I tried to give him a slightly different pose, be it impractical or not, as a way to convey his individuality and style. Also, when he sparred with Magos Dahan, he fought with his chainsword and a combat knife. Issur - If I am remembering him correctly, is a recognized bladesman, but did not receive the Emperor's vision and therefore did not get to become the Crusade's champion. There is a certain level of resentment in him about that. I opted to give him a fairly standard pose to represent his "I don't like what happened, but I am still a Templar" attitude. Bracha - I made Bracha the comms guy because I was running out of names and slots for story/game roles. Zion - Not in the story, it seems from battle reports I've seen, this additional firepower would be helpful. Aetius - Another non-story character added to potentially provide tactical options to the team. Besides, it's hard to burn witches if you don't have a lighter. Atticus Varda (Emperor's Champion) - Oddly, he is not the best bladesman in the crusade, Issur is. Yet he received the vision. He is described as wearing more ornate armor than his brethren and a laurel on his helm made out of ivory. He is the only member of the team without battle damage. It was observed by Tanna after a big fight, that although he was in the thick of huge battle they were leaving, he did not have a mark on him. I thought that comment interesting enough to want to model it. Cheers,
  2. So I've started a kill team. For this thread, I'm going to be doing more than one, but for now this is will I'll document my first. I'll be working on this slowly as I have other painting commitments, so I'm primarily using these guys as a "palette cleanser." But I give you my first model: The leader of my Kommando Kill-Team Dagrukk channels the aspects of Gork and is the epitome of "Kunnin' but Brutal." With an uncanny ability (for an ork) to blend into his surroundings, Dagrukk has been known to utilize mud and muck as camouflage. Notable Quotes: "WE'Z A KILL TEAM, NOT REZK-YOO-ERS" "DAT BIGGY'Z RIGHT 'ARD, BUT IT BLEEDS. IF IT BLEEDS, WE'Z C'N KILL'IT!"
  3. With the release of the plastic Sisters I felt the urge to start yet another project, and so bought a box of them along with some other bits and pieces. However, the lack of a modelling space left me with loads of ideas I had no means of actually putting into action. Fast forward a bit and I have my desk and work area assembled, and have since been butterflying from project to project, never getting anything finished as is the norm. Anyway, I finally got round to doing some actual work on the Sororitas, and thought I'd start a log on them in a vain attempt to motivate me to get work done on them. I seem to recall I tried doing that before...twice...but umm, third time's the charm? So first a bit of fluff for them: Anyway, models! I should mention that as this is intended as a warband for things such as Inquisitor, most of these girls are not equipped for Codex-use, and in some cases aren't even based on Codex units at all! For the most part this is an exercise in creating cool models, and the chances of this evolving into a full 40K army are incredibly slim. First up is the de facto leader of the Unbroken, Sister Superior Gaelle Valentina. An exemplar of the Order's virtues of stoicism, charity and utter fearlessness, Gaelle is kind and caring to a fault, always placing the wellbeing of her Sisters first and devoted to them completely. This is not to say she is some kind of pushover or softie however; she is incredibly resilient and will strike down with great vengeance those who would threaten her Sisters. She's armed with a power fist (actually made from a cleaned up OOP Chaos Space Marine part!) and bolt pistol. Next is Sister Sola, bearer of the Lantern of Hope. This sacred beacon is an immensely potent relic of the faith, filling the hearts of the Unbroken with passion and courage, whilst striking fear into evildoers. Indeed, Sola herself is ceaselessly positive and is a lynchpin of the team, providing levity and cheer where otherwise there might only be darkness and despair. The Lantern's blessed flame is also utterly anathema to the servants of the Ruinous Powers, and a well placed burning bonk is very effective for banishing the daemonic. Her Lantern is made from a Nighthaunt Guardian of Souls (the one available in Soul Wars, or in my case the Hachette's Partworks magazine) with a skull added to lengthen it a bit for clearence's sake. Then there is Ancient Sister Matilda Berthier, entombed in the holy chassis of an astonishingly rare Mk. IV "Castra-Ferrum Ignea" pattern Dreadnought. As much valued as a mentor as a warrior, when not on operation with the Unbroken she guards the Heroine's Rest, the crypt for the honoured fallen of the Order. Unfortunately due to her sheer age and the questionable nature of the Ignea's neural interface (one of the main reasons the pattern was discontinued after a short production run), her mind is not what it used to be... (which incidentally you could represent in INQ28 by giving her a "poor quality cybernetic head", at least assuming you can find rules to run Dreadnoughts!). Made from a Mk. IV Forge World Dreadnought with Inferno Cannon and CCW, with a few very minor additions in the form of a Celestian helmet in place of the regular head, and a padlock and skeleton key from the Hachette's Spirit Torment. Probably not going to add any further embellishments to her as I don't like overly busy Dreadnought conversions, and also I am utterly enamoured with the slab-sided beauty of the Mk. IV. Finally (for now) we have the Penitent Engine known only as "The Griever". One of only three survivors of the Order of the Gleaming Spear, she was so utterly overcome with survivor's guilt, grief and holy rage that she demanded that she be crucified on this war machine, itself a particularly old example of the type, to better bring death to the foes of Man and avenge her fallen Order. Due to the unusual nature of her request, and the fact that as she had technically committed no wrongdoing she would not qualify for becoming a Mortifier or Anchorite, she is one of the only Sororitas affixed to a Penitent Engine, though the actual device has been somewhat modified. Notably it possesses a conversion field to protect her, and a lot of the guillt and pain infliction devices have been removed as the Sisters Technicia felt it would be utterly unnecessary given the circumstances. Unlike more or less every other Penitent Engine or Mortifier, she is viewed with awe and respect, if a little pity, by her comrades due to the entirely voluntary nature of her crucifiction. To the others, she is pure in the eyes of the Emperor, and is a living icon of piety and zeal. She also exists solely because I found a decently priced metal Penitent Engine on eBay and couldn't resist. I have since primed the Engine itself, and so this photo is out of date, though she remains in those sub assemblies for ease of painting. As a side note I somehow assembled her without a single pin and I have no idea how- she's held together entirely by superglue and faith in the Emperor. More to come...
  4. AKA: How I learned to stop worrying and love the drybrush AKA: Ambitious but rubbish AKA: Lore is more what you call guidelines than actual rules AKA: Paint it any colour as long as it's black AKA: An idea isn't a project log Disclaimer: This is a General 40k log. I can't see myself sticking with one project for too long at the moment. This will be strange. I'll try and stay visually friendly to the 40k universe, but I will bend the lore as required for my projects. After 15-16 years in the hobby I think I'm entitled to! Think surreal stuff and mixed IP, mostly using GW models. I favour tabletop standard models with a weathered style, no pro painted eye candy here, sorry! I'm currently working on a Space Hulk Genestealer Kill Team and (non Space Hulk!) Kill Team Board/Terrain. I've been busy over the last couple of months. I wanted to start Kill Team with a friend in time for the UK COVID re-opening this week. Dithering with colour schemes and hay-fever fatigue has made me miss the deadline. I'm nearly there though! Test model and test base: I have to find every way not to paint something before I can decide on a colour scheme. After trying a few things with the unused half of the Genestealers I circled back to my original idea of Xenomorph style Genestealers in a very under highlighted style. It's just Chaos Black liberally sprayed on with an all over dry brush of Scavenblight Dinge followed by an all over wash of Seraphim Sepia, which is my new favourite magic wash (Move over Agrax!) I've never been a big nids fan, but I was worried I would never finish my kill team if I went for my usual default of elaborately kitbashed guard regiments or Inqusition warbands. It also seemed fun to play non Imperial with my 40k newbie friend picking Wolves... I've had the 2014 Space Hulk box for a while (Since 2014) and the Hive Mind Started calling to me. Even I could manage to paint 9 monopose Genstealers right? Being monopose models the main challenge during the build was the basing. A good number of the Space Hulk Genies have amazing bits of er, space hulk moulded onto them. I wanted to retain that, but also make the starship parts seem like a plausible part of the base rather than just stuck on. I have some necromunda/industrial bases but It was hard to make the Space Hulk bits blend in. The largest ones didn't quite fit on 40mm bases so I've obtained some 50mm bases, probably the only innovation from Centurions I approve of . In my day you had 25mm slot bases for troops, 40mm for terminators and 60mm for dreadnoughts (and your kid brother with his WFB had square bases). Now days every man and his dog has a custom base size... In the end I used a mix of sand and chopped up sprue to make fine rubble. After becoming more environmentally concious this year I've decided to stop throwing away used sprues (with no option for recycling them in the UK), and use them for basing or scratch builds. I'm planning to top it with an Ice and Snow wash from precision Ice and Snow. So why haven't I finished 9 models in 2 months? The truth? I spent over a month doing a little bit of de mould lining each evening and not much else. I then decided to start the Kill Team terrain as a parallel project, which is a terrible idea! A great secret I learned from a WHC podcast was that the Kill Team battlefield is a similar size to a standard noticeboard size available in the UK. I already had a cork notice board with only 1cm larger dimensions so I used it to create: Crossroads! I chose to make the road a central feature because thought it would be versatile. Add buildings by the road and you have a small city of death. Add some low rise terrain and the same board becomes a rural battlefield. I got the cork sheet from a cork map of the world I no longer needed and used DIY sharp sand. The areas outside the road are deliberately under detailed so the board is more modular with removable terrain and easier to store. WIP and rather good value laser cut buildings from TC combat: I wanted some more ancient ruins rather than the usual bombed out wasteland, so it was always going to be grass or desert on the board rather than the usual grey or scrapyard vibes you see for 40k. In a bit of a marmite decision I chose a 'Summer Flowers' static grass blend from a model railway provider. My first thought was to use dead grass blends, but to do that realistically would have increased the complexity and time budget. In the end I wanted something that wouldn't depress me to look at in these challenging times and something that's certainly different. The road was painted with art shop greys to save money (which I then wasted by using about
  5. The White Dwarf version of the Kroot Kill Team was extremely disappointing – here's a rework. Full setting introduction and flavour tables for names, adaptations, etc. New or improved Tactics. "Guided Evolution" special kill team rule for upgrading fire teams. Fieldcraft returns on Carnivores and Hounds, for extra survivability in terrain. Expanded specialist options where it makes sense. Model upgrades for Gunner, Fighter, and Tracker. Special ammo (in the vein of the old sniper rounds upgrade) to compensate for a lack of actual special/heavy weapons. Old "charms" return as two model upgrades for extra customization, allowing you to emphasize assault or sniping. The armour+leadership upgrade from the original 3e Carnivores returns, as well – it's on the sprues, for god's sake. Reworked Kroot Hounds limit, bumped Krootox limit to 2. Added a Mounted Gun rule to allow Krootox to make use of its Advance and its gun. Note that this doesn't include anything from Elites or Commanders. It's just core Kill Team.
  6. I was reviewing the book and I wanted some feedback from the community. the point difference between a astrates tactical terminator & an occult terminator is 2 points. Q. Is the point difference fair after you compare the rules between the two elites?
  7. Howdy folks, A little while ago I assembled an painted a five-man kill team for Kill Team. I decided to do dark, dirty metal instead of black for the armor after staring at the dark pearl gray plastic of the Kill Team set itself (seems all the Kill Team stuff is in colored plastic instead of the usual gray). Fluffwise, this team has been out in the field for years, operating on a secret protocol and series of dead drops. The leader knows what it probably means for the Watch Station they are from, but keeps on keeping on because that's what you do in this business. The blackshield is the enigmatic joker, alternating between sage wisdom or inappropriate-for-an-but-what-are-you-gonna-do humor. Everyone else, don't know yet. Click the pictures to embiggen.
  8. Members of the B&C are challenged with the modelling and painting a power armoured kill team of Adeptus Astartes from select Chapters that participated in the Third War for Armageddon. The purpose of this challenge is to find imagery suitable to decorate the finished Adeptus Astartes in Shadow War: Armageddon rules that will be published here at the B&C for download. The winning squad will be featured at the bottom of page 12. And the member submitting the winning squad will also receive some other small prizes to be announced later. Below are images showing the Chapters that participated in the campaign. Where known, the progenitor legion is provided to show the Chapter Honours to follow in the linked rules (with regard to weapons and equipment you may include). Click on each image for a larger version: Celebrants (10 companies) Black Dragons (9 companies) [possible Salamanders] Angels of Redemption (4 companies) [Dark Angels] Blood Angels (1 company) not eligible* Salamanders (6 companies) Raptors (5 companies) [Raven Guard] Black Templars (3 crusades) not eligible* Mortifactors (10 companies) [ultramarines] Storm Lords (2 brotherhoods) [White Scars] Storm Giants (5 companies) [possible Salamanders] Omega Marines (9 companies) Space Wolves (5 great companies) not eligible* Angels of Fire (7 companies) Silver Skulls (7 companies) [ultramarines] Marines Malevolent (2 companies) Relictors (10 companies) Sons of Guilliman (6 companies) [ultramarines] Celestial Lions (10 companies) [imperial Fists] Angels of Vigilance (6 companies) [possible Dark Angels] Angels Porphyr (8 companies) Exorcists (12 companies) White Scars (3 brotherhoods) Flesh Tearers (5 companies) [blood Angels] Iron Champions (7 companies) [imperial Fists] Legion of the Damned (?) not eligible** * The "Big 5" Chapters (Black Templars, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Ultramarines, Space Wolves) aren't eligible because we want to focus on other Chapters. Successors of the "Big 5" Chapters are okay, however. ** The Legion of the Damned isn't covered in the linked rules. What to Submit: One image of your power armoured (legacy) Adeptus Astartes kill team, created per these rules and representing one of the eligible Chapters shown above. Your kill team may include up to 1 special operative (but doesn't have to include one, if you don't want). No Primaris Marines! The Third War for Armageddon took place before the Primaris Marines came into play, so we're looking for legacy Space Marine models. Members may submit as many kill teams as they want, but may only submit one (1) image in jpg format of each kill team. The image should be at least 800 pixels across, and should be cropped to minimize wasted space. No backgrounds or terrain are necessary - a different image of the winning kill team will be used in the rules and that will be taken later. You can find tutorials on photographing your miniatures here. E-mail your submissions to @Brother Tyler at . Include your display name in the e-mail. Pictures of entries should not be posted or saved here at the B&C (e.g., in your galleries or in topics, whether within the Forge or your faction-specific forum). Once the members have voted for their favorite, then you can post WIPs and what-not to show everyone how you did it and how it came out. Deadline to enter: Midnight 7 January 2018 (the holidays will probably be busy, so I'll give some extra time). Basically, as long as it is in my e-mail inbox when I log in first thing on Monday 8 January, it will be allowed. The members will vote for their favorite and I'll contact the winning member so that we can discuss the composition of the image that will be used in the finished rules (and it will include either terrain or a plain background, so keep that in mind). In addition to the winning kill team, one or two other miniatures from among those entered will also be included in the finished rules. Selection of these models will be my prerogative, based on variety (i.e., the additional miniature(s) will differ from the winning kill team in terms of colors and lineage, along with whatever I find aesthetically pleasing). I'll also contact the creators of images for the additional Chapter(s) that will be used so that we can discuss final image composition. If you have any questions, post them here. You can see the submissions in this post. Vote by replying (you have through Sunday, January 14).
  9. Greetings brothers Finally started some Deathwatch. Initially they're planned as a kill team, but I'm already considering expanding them into a small strike force for regular 40k. First miniature built was a Blood Angel Intercessor, followed by a Blackshield who also served as my paint scheme tester; I truescaled him easily enough using large bionic legs from Anvil Industry. Here he is pictured with a Carcharodon Astra void brother; and alone; and a trio shot of the completed members so far Next on the painting bench are an Imperial Fist comms specialist and an Ultramarine commander. I've also built this guy, again truescaled with Anvil legs; The Deathwatch shoulder pad is a placeholder for now as its the old style, I have the updated upgrade kit en route. I'm enjoying the project so far, C&C appreciated.
  10. Hello! I'm curious to hear what people think about kill team setups and army lists. I've found that my results when playing have been extremely varied. I have only played a handful games atm, a couple of 2v2s and some 1-1.5k games. I'll share some of what I've been doing and perhaps people can fill in with what I might be doing right/wrong. Some of the different kill teams I've fooled around have been: boltgun + power sword shotgun + power sword frag cannon (chapter approved arrives) combi-plasma + stormshield combi-melta + stormshield combi-plasma + power axe boltgun + storm shield I found I've mostly leaned towards dropping the frag cannons because they are so expensive, and because I don't find them particularly useful with the limited range (esp. if charged from +8"). If I get charged by something like 30 Tzaangors combined with getting smite'd, I lose too many casualties to really make vanguard + fall back + shoot frag to really matter. I'm having a lot of trouble dealing enough damage with my kill teams before they just get wiped out. Mortal wounds is really a big problem, so I've ordered the DW Termie librarian so use as an HQ. Previously I've been using Watch Master + Artemis as HQs most of the time. My next plan is to try to use two 10-size kill teams where every model has a storm bolter + chainsword. Jumping out of a Corvus with 10 dudes and shooting 40 attacks, followed by a charge for up to 32 attacks seems like a good idea to me. Alternatively I might do 6 boltgun+storm shield and 6 storm bolter+chainsword, for 2 squads in 2 corvuses. The Corvus seems like a must-have, I tried to leave it out and used a land-raider crusader instead, but I found the land raider to be almost useless because it cannot fall back and shoot. I'm getting a second corvus now. Thoughts?
  11. With the new release, and the all the blogs/plogs/and hobby threads starting up, I think we can agree it's a great time for.... Let's get right into the heart of the matter: Xenos must die, and the Deathwatch need you to help fill the ranks. How to Participate: There will be 3 ways of participating, and 4 (to be made) Banners celebrating your accomplishments providing you fulfill your Deathwatch Vow! Inductee. Anyone can find this entry level into the Deathwatch a good place to start. Simply enter the painting challenge with a single (legal) Deathwatch figure. This can represent your favorite chapter, or perhaps your foray into the Deathwatch Chapter. Watch Captain. To reach the rank of captain you have to be able to complete any Kill Team Formation from the Black Spear Detachment. These are all outlined in the Codex: Deathwatch. (An example would be a simple 5-man Kill Team. Or perhaps a more elaborate Aquilla Kill Team.) Watch Master. This would be the requirement of Watch Captain, plus any additional requirement from the Black Spear formation. (A Dreadnought, or even a Corvus Blackstar, etc.) There is unfortunately a 4th badge you can earn..... Xenophile. If you make a painting vow in this challenge, and cannot/do not complete it (no matter the reason), you will be required to adopt the failure badge of "Xenophile" for your failures! The Timeline: For the next 2 Weeks (Monday August 29, 2016 - Monday, September 12, 2016) you must take a vow stating one of the 3 goals for completion. From Monday, September 12, 2016, until November 12, 2016, you will be expected to complete your Vow or wear the shameful tag of "Xenophile"! "I <insert name> will Vow to complete the requirements of <choose from: Inductee/Watch Captain/Watch Master> by completely painting the following models: " List the models that meet the above criteria and add a "Before" picture to validate your entry. You can do that within this thread and I'll keep track of entries. Restrictions and Rules: You only have to take the Vow for next 2 weeks and provide a "before" picture which can be assembled (or not) and cannot include more than primer. And then the Vows are Locked. At that point you will have the following 2 months to complete your vow, and attain your badge of rank and honour within the Deathwatch Chapter. To complete your vow you must provide a picture showing completion. WIP Pics are NOT necessary, however feel free to link within your vow post to your BLOG/PLOG/Hobby Thread, etc. Basing is not required to fulfill your vow, but a 3 colour minimum is. Please contact me with any additional questions, or ask them here in this thread. Now more than ever the despicable Xenos have become bold, and arrogant, pushing their way into the heart of the beloved Imperium. But they do not know the fury with which we will strike, and our weapon with be the Deathwatch. Good Luck and stay ever Vigilant! Master List of Deathwatch Participants: +Demonknight - VOW: Watch Master : Completed +mithrilforge - VOW : Watch Captain : Incomplete +Kurama - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Stormborn - VOW : Deathwatch Inductee : Incomplete +Reynen - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Thunder_god - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Mehman - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +leth - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Biohazard - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +CrimsonReign - VOW : Watch Master : Complete +Brother Callidan - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Thunder_god - VOW : Watch Master : Completed +Vash - VOW : Watch Master : Completed +fedratsailor - VOW : Watch Captain : Incomplete +Black Cohort - VOW : Watch Master : Completed +Rashbold - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +war009 - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Kraad Belak - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Prot - VOW : Watch Master : Complete +CaptainCaveman87 - VOW : Watch Master : Completed +Halandaar - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Robbie - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +MrKeef - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +deusmex - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +TempestBlade - VOW : Watch Master : Completed +Rob451 - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +morsla - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Instar-Nine - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Raychu - VOW : Watch Captain : Completed +Icechiang - VOW : Deathwatch Inductee : Completed +Alyssis - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Masked Thespian - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Crom's Will - VOW : Watch Master : Incomplete +Vel'Cona - VOW : Watch Captain : Completed +Paladin Corswain - VOW : Watch Master : Completed +APHEXTWIN - VOW : Watch Master : Completed Discussion: Although we want pictures, and some vows shown here, please move most of the WIP, and discussion to this thread: The Deathwatch Painting Challenge Gathering of Forces. Banners: A very special thanks to Grotsmasha for tolerating my tweaks and requests for making these great banners! Inductee Banners: Watch Captain Banners: Watch Master Banners: The dreaded.... Xenophile Banners:
  12. "Iron Within." resonated like a hiss in the machinery room lit only by candles. A deep voice replied, "Iron Without." "Did you call me, my Lord ?" "Yes, Zakerioth" pronounced the Warpsmith emerging from the half-light. "He who speaks to the warp revealed to me some of the things I want you to take part in." Zakerioth's pincers opened and closed rhythmically. "I'm listening to you, my Lord." "As you know, we are heading to support a group of Word Beares that orbits around Sigholith IV. They want to put their hands on an imperial relic for their weird rituals. The agreements are that if we help them in the siege of the planetary capital, they will give us access to its forge. You also know that the Imperial Guard is launching aid messages for some days and that some groups in Astartes have responded." The Warpsmith's servo hands moved excited in the dark. "There are also the Fists." Zakurioth, the Turingah's butcher, smiled sharply. "While we will be busy fortifying the landing area, I want you, Zakerioth, to lead one of the two kill teams that will deal with the Fists. You will also have about twenty battleslaves to use as you'd like." "It will be an honor and a pleasure." "Exterminate them, be the retribution of their arrogance. Now go, gather your brothers. Good hunting."
  13. A Murder of Crows Time for yet another plog from the Monkey. More marines, coz that's what I do best, but also my first attempt at actual Primaris marines, not just scavanging their bodies to make truescale armies. This willjust be a little project (to begin with anyway) but its something I'vereally wanted to do for a while. I want to make an all-Phobos Kill-Team with a shamanic/tribal feel that has a very strong crow motif running throught. Not Raven Guard, Crows. The Murder. This idea came to me a good while ago and I've been slowly building up a littl bitz box of trinkets and things to make them out of. It started when I first saw the Corvus Cabal models for Warcry. I absolutly love them and my first thought was they'd be great as RG scouts or something. But they're too grisly and dark for RG I felt. I shelved the idea in my head and went back to other projects. The idea kept popping up every now and then and when that happens I know at some point I have to put knife-to-plastic and build something. So I got a bunch of Phobos marines, a box of Corvus Cabal and scrounged for several sets of the trinkets from the RG upgrade frames. First up is my leader, a Lirbrarian. Mainly because I think the model is a great fit for my theme and also because I really wanted one for that shamanic feel I was trying to capture. Here are his begginings: Super please with the feel so far.I want to actually do a lot more trinkets, do-dads, what-nots and feathers on him but I didn't want to use up all my bitz on the first model. Once I get a few more up and running I'll do a second pass on him and go to town a little more. I also want to all a lightning effect to his hands with wire but it's something I've never attempted before so I'm hesitant to start. What do you think? I've made a little head-way on the first of my Reivers and Eliminators too but nothing worth showing off yet. Keen to see what they other guys turn out like so should be a few more birds popping up here soon. Till then. CAW! PHM
  14. After nearly a decade away from the hobby, 9th edition and a kid old enough to be interested has rekindled by interest, so I decide to ease myself back in with a Kill Team, and I liked the look of the Genestealer Cult (who were, uh, not a thing last I played). So here's the first half of the core of the Team. I will eventually (probably) expand the Kill Team to a Combat Patrol and I wanted the Kill Team to look distinct from the regular Neophytes, so I combined the Orlock gang with the Cult upgrade sprue to produce these jokers. Colour scheme was limited to the paints in the starter paint kit as my old collection have thus far resisted my attempts at necromancy, but I like the yellow anyways so it works out.
  15. From the album: Black Legion

    new balefire acolyte for my chosen/legionary kill team
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