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Found 12 results

  1. From the album: WIP

  2. S.k.i.t.t.l.e


    From the album: Random Stuff

    A custom made Kayvaan Shrike

    © Je Suis Un Geek

  3. Whilst on a covert mission on a strange alien planet, the Raven guard uncover a huge egg that is on the brink of hatching a dangerous creature! They also expose an Admech force, led by Belisarius Cawl himself who has his own plans for what lives inside. Enjoy this custom mission guys! Was incredibly fun . We also have a link in the video to the rules so you can also play it. Cheers. https://youtu.be/H9qUS9AAnvc
  4. Hi B&C lads and ladettes, Hoping you might be able to help me out here, trying to find the below artwork without the weird page separation in the middle of it - bit of a long shot but has anyone got a copy of it or know where to find it? Been trying for a good hour trying to get a hold of it. Cheers if you can help.
  5. I've reinvented my home brew chapter (previously the Iron Hawks until a GW employee made them an official chapter). I wanted to alter their colour scheme anyway as I felt the previous colour scheme was a bit dark and I wanted to try out some new painting techniques, so they have become the White Vipers. It was also an excuse to buy a new boatload of minis. Lots of TLDR, be warned sorry. Old colour scheme: First attempt at the colour scheme and weathering was this squad, I decided the camo triangles needed to be darker once weathering was applied. Weathering was done using the Hair spray technique. Lieutenant painted in the same scheme. Again it’s a bit muddled and camo is more of a suggestion, later models would have better contrast. Captain, outlining the camo added a bit more definition to the camo but takes more time to do, I would continue this on characters and display models later but impractical for rank and file if I want to get troops on the table fast. Smash captain kitbash. As my force was to be primaris only I didn’t want to include the older marines due to the scale discrepancy. However I always love melee units with jump packs, so for now hes a counts as. This model forgoes the Hairspray technique for more traditional weathering chipping, I think I prefer the end result but again not feasible to do on all units if I want to get them painted and on the table. My second full squad of rank and file. Using the revised recipe, using the hairspray technique. I think this creates the right balance of contrast on the Camo, without losing the details that occurs with some camo schemes. Reiver squad, this was me putting my skill to the test, I really adore these models and I wanted to make them look the best I could so I went all out. I went with the classic chipping technique. You can also see my chapter markings some of the shoulders. These guys are magnatised (for kill team) so they are missing some shoulder pads, I will attempt to find some bits. Redemptor, not fully happy with this guy, I need to clean him up a bit and add highlighting. He looks too dirty, even by my standards. “Shrike”, of course they were going to be Raven Guard successors, definitely not any other Legion that favours subterfuge and sneak attacks. Eliminators up next: And the first of 3 baby carriers/stealth dreadnaughts (I love these daft models) Librarian is nearly finished, I can’t decide on how I want the sword to look, a glowing sword kinda seems unstealthy, but then again hes a librarian, he probably walks around shrouding himself in peoples minds rather than actively trying to sneak My special project This one is on hold until we get a clearer picture of THAT image. Also to come, 5 Inceptors, 3 Supressors.
  6. Hi everyone, I have made a similar post in the Raven Guard Tactica section, but I'm also interested in the opinion of non Raven Guard players (for they are the ones who'd have to face the following) I have made custom rules for the Raven Guard character known as Sharrowkyn. He is the one that snipes Fulgrim in the eye and beats Lucius 2x in combat and kills him. He is described as having the same wraithslipping ability that Corax does. He is known for his stealth, sniper skills, and his flawless use of jump pack in combat while wielding his Twin Black Gladii. (just google his name if you want some additional info about his lore) Nykona Sharrowkyn 230 PTS WS BS S T W I A LD Sv 6 6 4 4 3 5 5 10 2+ Wargear: - Artificer armour - Refractor Field - Twin black gladius - Jump pack - Needle sniper rifle - Shroud Bombs - Frag & Krak grenades Special Rules: - Legiones Astartes (Raven Guard) - Independent Character - Counter-Attack - Master of the Shadows - Wraithslipping - Deadly Focus Master of shadows: This confers a 3+ cover save (that can never be improved) and the Scout and Infiltrate special rules to Sharrowkyn. Wraithslipping: Any shots taken at Sharrowkyn from more than 18" away, are taken at BS1 with blasts templates always counting as indirect fire. This ability is lost when Sharrowkyn joins a unit. Additionally Sharrowkyn may use his Jump-Pack in both the movement and assault phase and gains the Hit&Run special rule. This is not conferred to a unit he has joined, but he may attempt a Hit&Run move regardless. If successful, he will be separated from his unit. Deadly Focus: This confers the Precision Strike special rule to Sharrowkyn. Additionally when fighting in a Challenge he gains +1 Initiative, his invulnerable save is improved to 4+ and the Murderous Strike of his Twin Black Gladii is improved to 5+. Only Murderous Strike rolls of a '6' spill over to the unit, other wounds are resolved with the normal profile. Weapon Range Str AP Type Needle Sniper Rifle - Quick Shot 36" 4 4 Assault 2, Rending, Fleshbane, Sniper - Focused Shot 36" 4 4 Heavy 2, Rending 5+, Fleshbane, Sniper Weapon Range Str AP Type Twin Black Galdii Melee +1 2 Master-Crafted, Murderous Strike (Note, these are two separate Gladius blades used together as a matched pair and the bonus for wielding 2 melee weapons had already been included in Sharrrowkyns Profile) Some thoughts and considerations: - I didn't want to give him a 4++, but did want to make him solo viable. Since the lore describes him as almost as stealthy as Corax himself, the cover save route seemed like the way to go. A 3+ cover save helps him survive against most non-superheavy shooting, as does the snapshot entry. Cover doesn't work in combat, si that's where this balances out. - To make him a reliable challenge character, the 4++ and improved murderous strike in challenge was added. This way he can match normal praetors and most named characters, but will get shredded by even a small unit of elite terminators or large units. - None of the buffs are transferred to a unit, to avoid OP combo's and to keep the estimated of his worth more simple to determine on face value. - I felt like initiative 6 would be very much justified, but with custom rules I think it is better to keep it toned down. Therefore I limited the I6 to challenge only. - Note his 4++ invul is only in challenge and not all close combat. - For his costs I dissected the all the rules and equipment costs, and afterwards compared him to other characters: 1) Sigismund (same cost), Sharrowkyn will nearly always lose in 1v1 due to Sigismund having Eternal warrior, 4 wounds and forcing reroll invul saves. 2) Eidolon with JP (slightly cheaper). In a charge Eidolon would most likely win due to striking first and his hammer causing instant death with every blow. If Sharrowkyn charges it will be quite an even fight. Sharrowkyn will only hit on 4+ due to sonic shrieker. So the math put him on less than 50% of killing Eidolon before Eidolon strikes. And again, once Eidolon strikes and hits on 3+ he will likely kill Sharrowkyn. 3) A fully kitted praetor (JP, Iron halo, digital lasers, Divining Blade, melta bombs) comes out cheaper than Sharrowkyn and has instant death on all his attacks (making him much more viable vs units). In 1vs1 it will be quite even depending on rolled saves and unit that back either one up. - So on 1vs1 basis I would have put him between 200-215 pts. - Solo playability made me put him around 240 (The snapshots and 3+ cover are still based on dice rolls and without him being able to look-out-sir when solo, a quad lascannon still has a good chance of killing him outright and when he gets closer than 18", he gets even more vulnerable. So I didn't think it was worth much more) - A fully kitted Praetor as described above comes up cheaper, has master of the legion and instant death on all his attacks. This is how I'd run him when house-rules are not allowed. And honestly, I think that praetor would have a higher damage output, would be easier/safer to play and have a better chance of making it to the end of the game. - Losing Master of the Legion is quite a hit for you'll need another expensive character to acces ROW. So I dropped him down to 230pts. - Please consider the risk of running any model by itself. His vulnerability to a single lucky shot, and his limitations vs larger units/characters with bodyguard, when judging his worth. I'm very interested in your opinion. I hope I did a good job to capture his fluff/feel, making him viable in the ways he should be viable, but not making him OP in other ways or feel out of place in the legion/rules set.
  7. Hey, This year I restarted my interest in 40K after a 16 year break. Always loved the Raven Guard, so that's what i'm making. Quite happy with how they're coming along, and as I find myself lurking in everyone else's status WiP threads I thought i'd start my own. I think my Talon is pretty close to finished, and there's my first finished Veteran Vanguard in there too! http://i.imgur.com/zFo9lV1.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QTUaX7N.jpg I had a Land Raider crusader and a few old Predator Lascannon sponsons. I'd really like to field the new Command Tanks that are exclusive to Warhammer World, but I don't live in Nottingham and I personally don't like the models (too many of the latest SM releases are clearly designed with the Ultramarines aesthetic in mind). So i've built up the Twin-linked Las sponsons and adapted a Grav Cannon for the front turret. It needs some highlighting and all that good stuff, but the build is almost done and i'm quite happy with it so far. http://i.imgur.com/SP9A1ir.jpg http://i.imgur.com/d7TaVgX.jpg I was thinking i'd use some of the feathered Dark Eldar Scourge wings to construct the barrier around the back of the commander. Cheers!
  8. Hi guys, so got a doubles tournament coming up in August and decided on Raven Guard, my partner is taking Salamanders. Obviously I have no control over what my partner takes, however it looks solid: Praetor, Cataphractii Armour, Paragon Blade, Dragon Scale Shield 5 Firedrakes 2 x 10 man tacticals Spartan 2 x Predator - melta turret, flame sponsons. My list looks like this currently: ROW: Decapitation Strike + Alvarex Maun - Cameoline -145pts + Contemptor-Cortus - Dreadnought Chainfist, Close combat weapon, 2 x grav guns - 175pts + Mor Deythan - Artificer Armour on Shade, 5 x combi weapon - flamers?, Rhino - dozer blade - 220pts + 2 x Tactical Squad - 10 man, Artificer Armour, Power sword, vexilla - 330pts (165pts each) + Anvillus Dreadclaw - 115pts + Seeker Squad - 10 man, Artificer Armour - 265pts + Fire Raptor Gunship - Armoured Ceramite, Reaper Auto Cannons, Hellstrike Missiles - 250pts Total: 1500pts The plan was for Maun to join the seekers and infiltrate somewhere with good vantage points. 2 Tacticals to infiltrate into cover near objectives to either claim them first turn or wait out/provide fire support. The Contemptor drops in the anvillus first turn, flat outs to cover near one of my opponents big tanks or a priority target. Mor Deythan infiltrate, scout in their rhino, move 6", disembark 6" and use fatal strike to unload 5 twin linked, rending flamers at something first turn Seekers to unload AP2 on any terminators etc Dreadclaw drops the Contemptor 2nd turn to go eat a tank of tie up a difficult unitwhile other elements move into position. Fire raptor comes in 2nd turn (re rollable 3+) and starts smoking tanks and power armour. All this hopefully alongside the inevitable advance of the Salamanders where hopefully (if our opponent is smart) they'll be chucking a lot of firepower at the Spartan. With the option to re roll the dice to see who deploys first/ goes first and a re roll to seize the initative, should cause some havoc across the board as a lot of moving parts and differing target priority. Let me know any opinions Cheers
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