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Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company re-born - Army log

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On the first 'zerker conversion- what is the metal 'skirting' from? Love that look and would like to use it for my doods.

IP- really impressive output you have consistently going. Looking forward to seeing your take on the skitarri and the guard.

Would love to see your take on the incinerator tanks volkite weapon:)

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Thanks for the comment.


I had today off & aim to try get as much of my own models built & painted during today.  Lot of this was to test out the new Leadbelcher spray & quickly paint up a single Mechanicus model so I can work out how I want the model/unit/army to look like.


Leadbelcher spray


Try this out today, the Bloodletter model being the test model before it went onto the IW Berzerker.  I do like useing this along with the other spray Games Workshop has release.  It only been Khorne I felt was still a little tacky even a hour let it dry on the Bloodthister model & even then it would leave finger print. 


It does come across more like Runefang steel.  But as soon as you start adding the wash there not to much of a differance.  I like useing leadbelcher spray.  15 min after spray this & going to check the IW Berzerker it was ready for painting.  The spray cover the models really great.  I had no issue & I'm going to pick up a few more.
Beyound that, as soon as they run out I've always got leadbelcher paint pots.







Berzerker spray on a stand by base, just make life easyer & glue one one the spray was dry.


Dreadnought just to show painted on leadbelcher/before wash when I got my Contemptor Dreadnought for my birthday last year.







This is just to show the spray painted model next to hand painted model useing Ledbelcher



Just put Nuln oil on the Berzerker.  Also a quick +How I paint IW armour+





Games Workshop purple wash (still getting use to the name change)




Nuln Oil wash.




Dry brush leadbelcher with the Games Workshop tank brush




Drybrush Runefang steel with Games Workshop tank brush.  I do not wash my brush after the leadbelcher, instead going right to runefang steel.  Just to keep the Games Workshop tank brush dry more than anything.




Nuln oil - not to heavy/make sure none of this pool's.




Then a quick photo of my painting stastion from today/today hobby day.  Wanted to get the Chaos Guard models finish today.  As said also to try test out leadbelcher spray & get work started on Mechanius.




Mechanicus model - Just wanted to get start painting this lone Mechanicus model.  Just get idea how I want the models to look.  There still a LOT to get painted on the model.  I'm waiting until the codex is release so I can work out some detail for the robes & squad icon.  Also want to add Chaos star icon in sort of bone colour, but again just chosen how I want this to look on the model.






Use one of the spine part from the Wrack models & added Obliterator virus.  Wanted to try show this as the feel no pain & how they became corrupted/part of the Iron Warriors force.




So there still a lot to get done before these Mechanicus are finish.  Main one waiting for the codex release on Saturday.  But right now I've built the other four memeber of this unit along with some Dark Eldar Wrack part.  Hopeful get them base tomorrow & ready for undercaoting.
I will also be adding weather to the robe once all the icon & squad marking been painted.

The Forge World Techpriest is a model I painted up back in 2012 as part of my Armies on Parade board.  End of the day he a really cool model & that the main thing for me that the end of the day.

The Ranger unit, the other five model I'll be building soon will be sort of the same colour with the hood.



On the first 'zerker conversion- what is the metal 'skirting' from? Love that look and would like to use it for my doods.


There from the Ork Nobz models.  I also use the shoulder pads from this kit for my Obliterators.





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Some excellent work there, mate, just as usual ;) While I am normally not a big fan of the organic weapons from the Skullreaper kit, they are great for communicating your fact that your berzerkers aren't just regular Iron Warriors -- a very clever idea! The (Dark) AdMech test models are also looking excellent!


One question about the Leadbelcher spray can, if you don't mind: Did you use it on the unpainted models, or over an undercoat of Chaos Black?

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Some excellent work there, mate, just as usual :wink: While I am normally not a big fan of the organic weapons from the Skullreaper kit, they are great for communicating your fact that your berzerkers aren't just regular Iron Warriors -- a very clever idea! The (Dark) AdMech test models are also looking excellent!


One question about the Leadbelcher spray can, if you don't mind: Did you use it on the unpainted models, or over an undercoat of Chaos Black?




I use the leadbelcher spray over Chaos Black Spray.  Always undercaot my models with Chaos Black spray on my models & purity seal varnish spray.

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Ah, thanks for clearing that up, mate! I'm currently gathering intel on how best to paint my Imperial Knight, so that helps a lot :wink:


Just I've always been advice to use undercoat before apply the basecoat spray.  I'd say it would be best leaving the Knight of the base, unless you apply the base material after painting a model?  Just I always prefer having sand, etc... all there & undercoated my models.

But I like this spray & hopeful be picking up another can when I get my Crusade case :D


Should hopeful have a update later today or tomorrow.  Just a little delay due to not being so great on Wed due to it being way to hot & sunny = headache lasting from 2pm until 6am.  So only got robes & armour basecoat on Mechanicus models before calling it a day.  But hopeful make up for this when I spend tomorrow painting the Mechanicus model & allow me time to check though the codex for more idea, squad marking & Icons.

Also one of my two FW order arrive - MkII IW helmets, they look a lot cooler & I'm going to use one of the part for my Terminator.  Just waiting on my Lost & the Damned book now which was place few days before my IW order.


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I spent a bit of time later today getting the new Berzerker Battle Brother painted that I try the new leadbelcher spray paint on








Fitting in with the rest of the Khorne Berzerker squad




Then the Chaos Guard Veteran that where finish last weekend?




I'm hopeful going to get around & add those finial few tanks to get this as a stand alone army as well.


Then the Mechanicus models - As said there.  I was hoping to get a bit more painting done on Wed.  But as said before, I do not re-act that great toward hot & sunny weather.  Led to me getting headache &/or nose bleds.  By 2pm (headache lasting until 6am Thursday) I had to call it a day.




The other photo of the Vanguard has ended up going funny.  So try re-take them for next update.  With the Ranger I though I keep them as they are.  While the Vanguard, I've use the Dark Eldar Wrack toward the conversion.

The Ranger Sniper was added because he just look cool, it needed to be built & added.  While I got the WD, to be honsty I've not really read any of there rule.


So tomorrow should hopeful pick up the codex & going to look that the squad marking & icon for idea.


Also today saw my Forge World order arrive


Iron Warriors upgrade




Dantioch has better photo of these part over on his Heresy army log



It from seen the once over on Dantioch log that led to me place a order.


I'm thinking useing this for my new Terminator





I just place a order with Bitzbox for a few trophies to add to this Terminator.


Then Armour 13: Lost & the Damned arrive later on in the day along with Iron Warrior Rhino armour plate for my Berzerker unit transport.



Just been reading the background past few moment.  Lot of cool thing.  High chance I'm going to add a Relic Predator in the future, possible aim this for one of my weeks off ether in May or September.



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Thanks for the comment


I'm loving the bezerkers Once I get back on to my iron warriors, I shall 're-do all my zerkers... Where did you get that huge axe from? Was that the new khorne models or the chaos chariot?


The axe are from the new Khorne unit from Warhammer Fantasy, should be a photo a page or so back.  There lot good part & worth picking up.


Dantioch - Contemptor was inspired by Brother Hinerich, Eddie (see ADB blog on Eddie Fallen Angels) & my friend Son's of Horus.  I would like to try add a few more Dreadnought in the future with the formation.  I've already got my Mayhem pack.  But would like to try get the 5x Dreadnought one & have them theme around a Havoc type.

Also been thinking of the Cultist one, convert the cultist using the new Mechanicus models along with Cadain guard model.

Just pick up a few thing today. 

- Another can Leadbelcher.  Unsure how long they will be around & like I've said in the past I'm not all to keen on order stuff as I hate waiting.

- Part convert up another few Berzerker, hopeful get that done tomorrow.

- Terminator.  Part arrive for him today, so hopeful start converting the model tomorrow afternoon as well.


Right now just trying the new Crusade case to carry my army.  So far it been pretty good, but just having to think a bit more for place the models.  Sadily already had a few break.  But so far I think I mange to get in the crusade case


- Warsmith Abhorred Riddick

- Lord Narach

- Sorcerer in Terminator armour

- 45 Chaos Marines, 4 squad

- 4 Rhinos

- 10 Biker

- Iron Havoc unit

- Cypher

- Khârn the bloody

- 8 Terminators

- 4 Obliterators

- Object marker.


There still some room in one tray which current has the Berzerker.  I've had to remove one tray so I could get my Rhinos safely in the case. 


I try getting the Rapider Artillery unit as well.  But to get them in mean remove another tray.  If I done this would be to remove the Biker unit & Iron Havocs.  But so far everything seem to be safe in there & not move about which was one my main worry.


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Quick update


Spent a bit of time late afternoon converting the Terminator & another Berzkerer








I wanted the Berzerker to look for the next challenge/oppent.


Terminator - The sort of gap on the trophie top left to him, I'm going to add one of the mechanicus ranger for that trophie.  I've also got a Ork trophie to add to the Terminator.  I might swap the Khorne Berzerker World Eater & the Raven guard trophies about to make them a bit more balance.


I've just got three more models to convert up for the Berzerker unit.  Champion, Apothercary & Battle Brother with the servo skull scanner on backpack inspired by design art work/show in the past of GW Devestator concept drawn (shown on warseer a long while back).

Also there Rhino transport.


IW new transport.  I've like this case & so far the models have been ok there.  Before that it usely been the single case - 108 models, never been to keen on the double case GW sold.  I also use to have a skirmish type case by another company but that give up due to wear & tear with it being more sort of back pack material use.

Photos also just help remind me where the units are meant to go/set up in this new Crusade case.












What next


- Mechanicus:  I want to get my current models painted this week & make up for lost time from Wed last week.  I think around May I'm wanting to go & make this a all out army, once the first 10 models are painted just give me a idea.

Like wise I want to get that finish push to get my Chaos Guard army finish with just a handful of tanks to still buy & with the release of the Mechanicus due to some great parts for conversion.


Just one my hobby aims this year was to start a new army.


- Terminators.  With Warhammer World back in May & Throne of Skulls events returing.  I'm looking that units I want to add.  I have been thinking about the Forge World Rapider unit I built last month.  I've enjoyed useing the unit in games.  But right now it just down to carry the models + Armour 13: Lost & the Damned book, travel with that + army + stuff I'd need for stay down in Nottingham for the weekend, travel down by train.  But same time a few friends might also go to Throne of Skulls & might mean I get up getting a lift from them.
With the unit being 160pts (+12pts spare in the list).  I'm going to get a new unit of Terminators converted up.  This will help get my unbound list sorted as well & just so I got the unit there.


Try think of somthing really cool for the theme of the unit, like all other units just to add history & theme.


- Fallen Angel Sorcerer: 
I think I said before, back when I started my Iron Warriors 2001.  There use to be a Fallen Angel who was part of Warsmith Abhorred Riddick bodyguard, along with Lord Narach & Land Raider Transport.  Inspired by the Bloodquest comic & the release of Cypher model.

Since starting this army, it has been one those - I wanted to bring back units I've had in my Iron Warriors force over the years in this version of my army.  From Krull the Sorcerer.  Lord Narach.  My predators.  My core Chaos Marines units all base on models from past version. 
Also because of him led to me adding Fallen Angels unit back in 2009 for Rapid Fire event.  Then seen/inspired by Eddie army (ADB Blog & my Throne of Skulls Sept 2013 update) Fallen Angels & Cypher dataslare seen them return to my Iron Warriors


KrautScientist help with his recent Master of Signal conversion, making great use of the limited ed GW Web site Marine Captain/part to possible use toward the Fallen Angel.



Also Blindhamster Mephiston conversion always inspired/also making me thinking of bring back the Fallen Angel who was part of Warsmith Abhorred bodyguard



I've got a lot of the Dark Vengance Chaplain models spare (from Dark Apostle conversion) & the Dark Angels Librarian from the box set as well, try get somthing along the line of the Dark Angels Librarian art work from the codex (see below).  I've got a week off in May & try spend time around then working out idea/bring back this model.  Ether be a Lord & use my Fallen as allies useing the Black Legion supplament or another Sorcerer for my IW's in my games.




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Quick update


New Battle Brother ready to join Squad: Proeliator led by Sevatar Rauth.








I've still got a few things to add.  I've just got a Ork trophie to add to the Terminators which will be glue later today & painted tomorrow.  Also going to try add bit green stuff to the Mechanicus trophie to show the robe all torn like.

Then the usely Blood for the Blood god!!!!


I've painted the yellow & black strip on the Iron Warriors icon/face part.  Just as my friend point out, if I left the FW upgread silvier it would not stand out & look loss on the Terminator w/all the trophies, etc...


I'll be useing more of these Iron Warriors upgread from FW in the near future.










He will be ready paint this week along with the Apothercary memeber (converted this weekend) of the unit












There still a lot to be done for this unit & there still a lot to be work out like icon.  I'm going to see Dave Talyer blog for the Blood pack army he painted a good few year ago to get idea's.


Also bought the Chaos Rhino a few days ago & hopeful start building the model as soon as possible for my Berzerker unit.


Other than that, today just to fix a few models that broke from a game I had yesterday.  Just some of the servo arm caught on the new crusade case when I was trying to rememeber how everything went back in the case.  Also just need to re-arrange a few models.  Beside that the Crusade case has been really great & very helpful.


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Great job! I like those blue hoods on the Mechanicus Rangers! A simple, but very effective idea!


Thanks KrautScientist


For that, it just a while back I painted up the Forge World Tech-priest which was added to my Armies on Parade board back in 2012, painted like the Ranger unit.  Inspired by the Tech-priest in the Night Lord serise by ADB.  Then the model was later standing in as Champion when I started adding Cultist unit to my Iron Warriors force.  Now I'm thinking useing him as the Warlord model, or possible convert up one of the many Tech Priest models I've got kicking about here for the Mechanicus when I use them as a stand alone force.



Terminators - Just spent today getting the new Terminators painted today.  Getting the Mechanicus & Ork trophies painted & adding Blood for the Blood god.  As said he will be part of squad Proeliator led by Sevatar Rauth, bodyguards to Lord Narach Delau, along with Sorcerer Nârik Gharrok, Herald of the 5th Grand Company










Mechanicus - I've still got a bit more before both units are finish.  But I got a bit a painting toward both Mechanicus unit during today while also painting the Terminators just shown there.  I think the models are getting there, having the bigger Chaos start help.  I've just got to add squad marking & just tidy up a few things, so hopeful have both Mechanicus models finish by next weekend.












With the Mechanicus sorted.  I'm going to aim & get a 1850pts army collected.  Like my Knights & Guards, this will be a stand alone army as well as give me the chose to ally them in games.  We may possible see Black Legion in the future, the army that started me on the path of Chaos in 1996.


Also just though I show the diffrent part of my Iron Warriors force.  IW's, Cultist, Chaos Guards, Knight & Mechanicus.




I'm still trying to think about the Nid trophie/adding it onto the Knight just shown there.  Nid banner from the FW Ultramarine Dreadnought & kindly Grotsmasha sent the this Nid so I could use it toward the Knight conversion.  Thinking adding it to the hip area of the Knight model & use FW Barb wire.




Aim to get the Apothercary Battle Brother converted for my Khorne Berzerker unit tomorrow so he ready to paint this week along with the other Berzerker battle brother I posted in last update.

Just gather all the parts for there Rhino transport.  Thinking place another Forge World order for this


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Two new Battle Brother for the Khorne Berzerker squad.  Just spend today painting them


Note - Gutted the first photo turn out to blurry, but that'll be sorted during the weekend once the models are finish






I've still got a bit to go until the unit finish.  After take the photo I've added Games Workshop water effect to the base.  Then during the weekend add blood for the blood god & get any finial detail painted on the two Iron Warriors.

Also just to show how the current squad looking.  Should hopeful have the Champion & finial Battle Brother converted up during the weekend & get them painted next week.








Bitz arrive today



- 3x Khorne Berzerker T face helmet

- 2x Tactical Marine helmets, trophies

- 2x right Space Marines tactical arm's, for chop/hold CCW/pose/aim

- 2x Chaos Space Marines legs for Champion & 1 Battle Brother


- 4x Armour loin cloth from the Orks, there being kepts for my Terminator unit I want to convert in few weeks time.


Then I've got another bits order should hopeful arrive tomorrow, from what I rememeber

- Another 3x Khorne Berzerker T face helmets

- more tactical marines helmets for trophies

- 2x Nids Gaunts, for trophies

- few Necrons parts, trophies


Just trying to stock part again after running low.


I've also got there Rhino transport to get built.  I'm just waiting on a few bitz order to arrive & Forge World order to arrive.


Mechanicus - Going to push forward & get this army on the go.  One of my friends where just trying out the new Mechanicus army today, I only just saw turn 1 of the gaming starting.  But the army look really cool when you seen them in a game.  It same with another friend Chaos Guard Armour Company, just look of those armies on the gaming table they look cool & make you want to collect those armies.


Also another - going throught old photos.  Back in 2005 - 2008 I took part in a NQ to HND model making course in Glasgow & enjoyed those three years (apart from a few people).  During that time, I mange to get some hobby theme stuff built for some of our project & well IV legion are my favrout so..........


This was made in my first year of college 2005, can't quite rememeber but we had chose of prop's (movies, etc..), health & safty, sport.  So pick up a biker helmet on ebay for £4 to be the base for this.  There are a lot things I would change but it all came down to time & back then learning the skills, like I would have had the Chaos rune ingrave instead of painted.











Then for my finial year project 2008, we pretty much got to do what ever we wanted as long as the college teacher where ok.  Pretty much proven we could complete the project due to our skills, time keeping & how we where in general.
Again there a lot I would change looking back & everything I've learnt.  Also time was a issue with a lot of class memeber working right up until the end of the year show started. 

We had about a month to get plans & research done.  Then two months building. 

Like wise there where strike on the go in college mean there where days we where not able to go in to get the work done.  Also I was working part time for Games Workshop & pretty much I spend Mon-Friday college (we where in Wed-Friday) & then Sat/Sunday working in GW with a 45 min worth travel/barely that home during the three month.


I base my finial year project on Storm of Iron


Graham McNeill blog before the update

Stuff other people have done.

One of the things that’s really rewarding about this job is seeing how people who read my books have gone on to take my characters onwards and do their own things with them. After Storm of Iron came out, I remember loads of GW store managers telling me – with varying degrees of frustration and/or glee – that the number of Iron Warriors armies in their stores had shot up. That’s just one example, but in recent times I’ve had contact with a couple of guys who’ve done some really amazing things that I’d like to share with you.

Many moons ago I was at Conflict: Scotland, where I met a guy called Jamie Farquhar, who was thinking about going to the Glasgow College of Building and Printing to do a model-making course. We chatted at the event and he showed me his Iron Warriors army, which was very nicely made and had lots of very cool conversions. Anyway, many years later I got an e-mail from Jamie through the website where he told me that he was indeed on his model-making course and that he was going to build part of the fortress from Storm of Iron for his end of year show and could I help him out with the background (where I got my ideas and inspiration from etc). We chatted many times over e-mail and, long story short, Jamie had his end of year show and if you’d like to see some exceptionally cool models of the fortress then follow the links below and you’ll see what I mean:


Comment back in 2005 on my Conflict Scotland discussion on here from a memember of Games Workshop Aberdeen.




I'm that random member of staff who just floated about and didn't really achieve very much!

Even though your army wasn't picked for the painting, it was top 3 and all the judges really really liked it (Graeme McNeill highly amused by the spreadeagle ultramile on your vehicle).

I hope you had a good day, it was an awesome turnout, and everyone did seem to enjoy themselves!





















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Spent yesterday finish painting these two berzerker.











I've just got the Champion & one more Battle Brother to build & get them painted this week. So hopeful get both models built later on today. I've also got there Rhino transport but I'm waiting on a few order from Forge World. I'll hopeful get the plasticard extra armour plate made during the week as well.


Mechanicus - Just spent yesterday adding squad number to the models robes.  I think I'm going to go back & re-paint the white colour on the robes & go a bit more like I've painted Cypher & also check out the Games Workshop painting guide for the mechanicus models, try make it a bit more darker.










Event - I've recently went back to the Forge World event model & re-painted the flesh. Just before I use the old way I've done it useing bronze flesh, brown ink (still got a few these). But just didn't look right. So re-painted it with Bugman bar glow, brown wash, purple wash, bugman bar glow again, cadain flesh, Kislev flesh, then Karak stone paint mix with medium for the highlight.

This has been a difficult model to try paint the eyes, so leave them white to sort tie him in with the background Forge World have.




Also pretty gutted, while I had a really great game vs Orks during last week there. Sadily this model ended up falling & hitting the floor, the servo arm part being pretty badly damage.




- Should have the Champion & finial Berzerker converted laster today

- Rhino transport.  Try get the extra armour plate cut out from plasticard during this week & get the model ready for next week to paint up.

- Adding more to my Mechanicus, aim get a 1850pts force. 

- Get the new unit Terminators/get all part during the Warhammer World open day & enter into ETL.

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I mange to get some time to get the Berzerker Rhino transport started.  But I'm going to have to wait until Sunday 10th so I can focuse & get the armour plate made for this, just down to time & some stuff, this time of year always busy for me.  But I've got Sunday 10th off & aim get this Rhino built during this day.










Just spent today painting the Champion & 1 Berzerker to finish the unit.  I've still got a few bits left to paint which will get done on Saturday, again just down to time.  Just varnish the models over a hour ago & added Games Workshop water effect to the base when I'd taken the photos.












Pred - Though I take photo of this as I had the Predators models to one side while tidy up. 



I also spent today painting the Nid trophie for my Knight.  There still a lot to get done, this was just being painted same time as my Berzerker, say if I was waiting on paint to dry.







Pick up more Mechanicus.  So this will be my new army of the year & part of my Iron Warriors as well as stand alone force.  From what I've seen in games, they seem like a army that'll suit my style of gaming.



Not sure what will get done with the Walker.  Pretty much going to try out the formation for them.  Ether way going to build this during the weekend & a few Mechanicus models - Ranger, to bulk out my current unit.

I've still to work out a army list, but again that will get done when time permit.  I got a rough idea how I want the army to look.

I've got the Forge World Tech Priest model arrive - replace the broken Servo arm's on the IW I commented last post & convert him for my warlord.


Also ETL starting soon.  I'm going to enter the unit of new Iron Warrior terminators that a back up unit incase I'm useing them for Throne of Skulls.  As said going to pick up a lot of the parts during Warhammer World open day.

Beyound that not sure.  As said this time usely get pretty busy with a lot on the go & adding onto that how I don't re-act well toward hot weather, cause me to pretty much be out for whole days (16 hour few week ago).


But I've got a week off in September for my birthday & want to try get some my own models painted.  Then I have another week planned near the end October/start Nov.

Then my two & a half week's for Christmas which will be focuse on my Call of Chaos vows.  Adding onto the Iron Warriors & possible looking that a ally force like Black Legion, as said before my second army for 40k & help me on the path of Chaos.  Might also convert up the Bloodborn unit from Khârn: Eater of World novel as a small Kill team force, just think be pretty cool & after useing the FW Khorne upgrade, need to get a unit of World Eater converted follow what writen in the Khârn novel




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First up, my Iron Warriors will be taken part in there first ETL



I, Insane Psychopath, rise to the challenge of E TENEBRAE LUX and vow to complete...


  • 4 Iron Warriors Terminators with: 4 Combi Plasma, 3 Power Axe, 1 Chainfist & Veteran of the Long war (rep by trophies) 172pts
  • 1 Iron Warrior Lord with: Mark of Khorne, Axe of Blind Fury, Combat Familiar (Servo arm), Veteran of the Long War (trophies) 130pts




A total value of 302 points on or before August 1st, 2015. Success will bring eternal glory to Chaos in general & to the Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company. Failure will doom me to bear the Badge of the Oathbreaker until the year-end.


Models will be bought during the Warhammer World open day

- Horus Heresy Iron Father x2

- Horus Heresy Khârn the bloody

- Horus Heresy Iron Warrior shoulder pads

- Horus Heresy Iron Hands MkIII helmets

- Horus Heresy Iron Warriors MkII helmets

- Horus Heresy Chainaxe for Terminators


Need to try get Zhufor bolter for my Lord.

Ork armour plate loin cloth use though out my army

Trophies, got a local wargaming event next Saturday & check out the bring & buy for any bitz



I'm hopeful going start work on my ETL models in a few week time.


Also here the Berzerker Champion finish along with the finial Berzerker.  Just need the Khorne mini shield.







Also though I'd show photo of a recent game my Iron Warriors had vs my friend Daemonkin army yesterday.  Game ended 6pts v 3pts for the Daemonkin in big guns never tier.
Just this was a epic moment for me when Lord Narach Delau, Sorcerer Nârik Gharrok, Herald of the 5th Grand Company with squad (Terminators) Proeliator led by Sevatar Rauth where in combat from turn 3 (oppent turn, I went first) after arrive by deep strike until finial turn 5 (due time).  With just Sorcerer Nârik Gharrok being the last out of the unit to still be there & on a single wound.


Pretty much

- Lord Narach had slay the Daemonkin Lord in a Challenge, only for them to turn into a Bloodthirster (let them borrow my model)

- Then it was Lord Narach vs a Bloodthister in a challenge.  Made over 14 Inv save, but in the end the Axe of Blind Fury had forsaken me in the last two round combat :( 
- In combat there was

- Unit of Berzerker (left over after Combi Plasma the unit when my unit arrive by deep strike)

- Unit of Cultist

- Unit of Bloodletter

- Unit of Bloodcrusher

- Second Bloodthister who'd shown up from blood point after the photo was taken.


Endurance psychic power was a big help for me from Bio.







I'm running a monthly hobby challenge over in the Chaos forum, Daemon Forge (see Chaos area) & this month theme is Helbrute.  So take some new photos of my Helbrutes from my warband/grand company.












I'm thinking of converting up another Dreadnought for my Iron Warriors for the Cultist formation.  For the cultist try useing part from the new Mechanicus with the Cadain models.  I'd still like to try & convert up the 5 Dreadnought formation theme around Havoc unit.
But right now this will be kept aside for Call of Chaos.


I'm going to build the Mechanicus models later today & tomorrow so there ready paint this week.  Then I've got next Sunday off which I'm going to get the Berzerker Rhino built.  Week after that going to start my ETL models.

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Five Mechanicus models I painted during today, just bulk out the unit of Ranger I started last month.  While the other five models from the same box set will be use to add to the Vanguard unit. 

Be honsty I've still to read the Mechanicus codex & plan out my army to 1850pts so I can start getting some games.


I've just to add Games Workshop water effect onto there base & highlight the Chaos icons.  But this will have to wait for a while due to being really busy this & next weekend.  While I do have Sunday off, I'm wanting to try get the Rhino for my Berzerker unit built & ready for painting next week to met deadline for a tale x gamer type thing me & a few friends are take part in.  Then Warhammer World open day, when I return beside recovering, day going be spent building the models I will buy for the ETL










Also Assassin from the new box game.  I'm take away the Imperial Icon.  Right now I'm planning on useing my own Iron Warriors in this game, my Sorcerer, 15x Cultist & 3x Iron Warriors.  Idea being add background to my Sorcerer, this is maybe the moment when he help summon  Kar'Voth the Fallen to the 5th Grand Company.  With the Assassin's join Chaos or slay in there mission.




Pretty much right now


- This weekend:  Getting Berzerker Rhino built & undercaoted, paint next week.

- Next week:  Build my new Terminator unit & possible HQ for ETL, pick up a lot of Forge World models from the Warhammer World open day.

- As said get the Mechanicus start, hopeful going spend time reading the codex next week & write up a army list. 


Also just seen this on the GW web site.






Just more given me idea as I'm still wanting to push forward & get my Knight army complete.  I'm hoping to pick up a Knight kit around Sept or Oct time & hopeful use the week off I have plan during one of those months to paint the model.  But as said just have to wait & see.  Week off in Sept led up to my birthday & then a week off Oct as a break after painting 2x 1850pts armies for two friends to use that a local tournament in October.

As said before one this to be ally to my Iron Warriors as well as a stand alone army as the Knight models are really great to build & paint.  Possible get a 5th one for Call of Chaos if they are allowed? 

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